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Reviews For The Veil

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2017.11.24 - 11:18PM Title: Chapter 3


I have just caught up with this story.
I am enjoying it. I like that Harry is researching something interesting and having Ginny help him.
Looking forward to the next update!

Reviewer: Trucker Signed Date: 2017.10.23 - 05:44PM Title: Chapter 3


Your story is holding my interest. :)

One little error: "No, you good. The Statute of Secrecy kicks..."

I believe you meant "goof" there.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.10.23 - 03:25PM Title: Chapter 3


This was an interesting chapter! Harry and Ginny seem to be getting right along with the potion! Never understood what Ginny saw in a jerk like Dean! I can see where she'd be a bit touchy about money matters tho! Glad she ends up with Harry! Can't wait to see what you do next with this! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.10.12 - 05:37AM Title: Chapter 2: The Awakening


Great chapter! I loved reading Lily's perspective as she made her way through the house. The nickname Petal is something I have never heard before and so sweet. Sirius did well coming up with that one!

Author's Response: I love writing from Lily's perspective, but it was sad to write that way. I have a very Sirius obsession, it plays its way out in interesting ways. Thanks for reading and reviewing, MNF

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.10.11 - 10:23PM Title: Chapter 2: The Awakening


Kewl chapter this was! Really liking this concept! Glad to see Harry at the end!
Anxious for the next one! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope you continue to. Another chapter will be up soon. MNF

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.10.11 - 03:54PM Title: Chapter 2: The Awakening



Author's Response: Thanks, I think, MNF

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.10.10 - 06:01PM Title: Chapter 1: Questions


Great start to this story! Having been born during the witching hour of Samhain, I love reading stories that focus on the magical power possible during Halloween! Very curious to see where this goes....

Author's Response: Being born then must be so cool. Some of what will be in this story will be fact, I have great respect for the Celtic/Druid/Pagan faith of ancient Britain; some will be magic of my own making. It's been a while since I've done a FF which need research. It might go past Halloween, but Samhain is vital to this story. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. MNF

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.10.10 - 04:03PM Title: Chapter 1: Questions


Good to see a new one from you, Mutt! This one has an interesting concept! Can't wait to see where you go with this! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad to be back. I needed to get some creative juices flowing, and this story is the way. Hope you enjoy the future. MNF

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.10.09 - 01:42PM Title: Chapter 1: Questions

"short" not "shot". Whoops!

Author's Response: No problem. MNF

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.10.09 - 12:59PM Title: Chapter 1: Questions


A bit shot, but I can see where it is going. .Did you really mean second year for Ginny touching death more intimately than Ron or Hermione?

Author's Response: Yes, it's a bit short, but it's only beginning. I did mean the mess in second year for Ginny. She could hear the voices when the others couldn't and she was cold and her life slipping away when Harry found her in the chamber. As for why it's important, you'll just need to read more. Thanks for reading and reviewing, MNF

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