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Reviews For Fires of Time

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.01.16 - 06:42PM Title: Crack in the Rock


I had to laugh at the idea of Hermione eventually killing Ron for being so dim :) Ginny trusting Cadmus is a bit disconcerting. I understand her thoughts on the matter and can only sincerely hope her decision is not misguided. So, where are Dolohov and Mulciber? Part of me suspects they are merely hiding, but then I wondered if they could have traveled to another time or place. Anyways, great update! Looking forward to reading your next chapter ;)

Author's Response:

Yes, when it comes to Hermione's rare but deadly temper, I always think back to the Oppugno incident in HBP. It's not made clear in this AU whether Hermione has ever had call to act quite so frighteningly, however I think somewhere in his earthy (i.e., well buried) wisdom, Ron would be wary of crossing certain thresholds.

Regarding your trepidation about the way Ginny handled Cadmus, I think the safest response is that nobody, neither friend nor foe, is destined for a restful chapter for a while.

Good question and speculations regarding Dolohov and Mulciber. I will not answer your question with anything approaching directness, but will rather suggest that the reason things went dark at the very end of the chapter has (as will be stated explicitly later) nothing to do with any exotic Peruvian powders...

Thank you very much for some stimulating musings, Kimberly!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.01.16 - 03:03PM Title: Crack in the Rock


I hope somebody knows what is going on, because I think I am lost in a time warp. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Author's Response:

First of all, I'm grateful that you've stuck through the confusion!

Secondly, I can (as of a careful mapping session a few days ago) state with moderate confidence that the authour, at least, has a pretty good grasp of what's going one. Beyond that, perhaps all is a bit vapourous. I believe that there is one person who has a comparably good understanding of the situation. That person is probably not any current reader, and nor is it Dumbledore or Voldemort. Not even Duff. That person shall be introduced soon, though.

Thank you for the review, Dad!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.01.16 - 02:52PM Title: Crack in the Rock


To add a fifth stone...I forgot Harry was carrying the one into the forest as well! Ch.8 indeed!

If it doesn't just resurrect stuff...hrrmmmm. Seems Cadmus used a bit of quick logical deduction that it COULD resurrect...but that doesn't appear to be its prime purpose in his mind's eye. Ron Weasley is proven right, even if the presentation of what he ascertained made Hermione cringe. Somewhere Brennus is wringing his hands knowing that Ron did something useful, cheers. This is some truly fascinating Hallow mythology you have cooked up for us here.

The sulfurous vapor emanating as Ginny (via Annisgwyl) approached the forge put me on pins and needles. Smells like the approach of a working of Solomon if I put an old T spin upon this. The Death Eaters have become unseen in the area of the glowing (fading?) Spectre...Duff (YAH!) is comatose, the flames are frozen, Ginny and Gemina both see him in the their throes of death. Has he been trapped in...a rock...albeit an extraordinarly explosive one? I wonder if he trapped himself or if this is the machinations of an outside force. Then again, I'm not sure if really there is a difference all things considered, lol.

I am getting close to the purpose of the stone...for now it remains just beyond my perception. Well done, my friend.

Author's Response:

Regarding the Stone count, you may wish to quickly check my second reply to Cosmo on this topic for my own personal count. Note that I always do listen to readers when they arrive at unique impressions, though. Also note that (via a plot twist that I just arrived at a few days ago) the sane, intelligent stone-count will ultimately be off by one. No further spoiling of that for now.

You are, of course, following Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Cadmus all onto a fruitful path of speculating just what the R-Stone is good for. More, for now, shall wait 'til late.

Solomon / Old Testament. Good thought. I do not delve as deeply into the history/mystery of the Forge as one might. Readers are welcome to freelance on that.

Needless to say that Duff is critical indeed. His life and fate are irrevocably bound to the Hallows, now, and the Hallows are inseparable from the outcome of FoT.

Yes indeed, you are getting closer to the stone... and the stones are getting closer to each other... On that obfuscating note, thank you for some inspiring discourse!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.16 - 02:36PM Title: Crack in the Rock

Hark! Another great chapter appears to bring joy to us who follow! So many questions along the way and so few answers at the end! Good to know Ron(Rob) is somewhat confused in both timelines although he occasionally gets it right! (Note: I googled Anorak for kicks and saw it's a parka like coat that the Caribou Inuit invented for hunting in the Arctic - I could've used one this morning when I woke up to 8 degress fahrenheit with a -12 wind chill!) Loved Ron's apt "Old Snake Nose" name for Moldyshorts! Wonder how Cadmus can be Ginny's half-brother when she didn't have one in her world? Gotta love google translate (Audaces fortuna iuvat)! While reading this chapter, I suddenly got a weird impression I was in a scene in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, but I couldn't tell if I was on Tatooine or Endor! (I am proud to say with Last Jedi I have now seen every Star Wars movie on opening weekend since 1977) Okay now I'm confused - is Cadmus Ginny's half brother, Annisgwyl's half brother, Ginny's distant uncle or none of the above? Good to know Ginny is confused too! Rob and Hettie seem confused with their find as well! Now that I have reached the end of this stellar installment, I have five burning questions begging for answers! 1)Where is Harry? 2)Can a fissure, a cleft, a chasm, a gorge and a crevasse be the same thing(I suspect yes in Websters Collegiate)? 3)Is everbody in this thing as confused as I am? 4)How many stones are there or are they the same stone? And 5)what in the name of Old Snake Nose's Bermuda shorts are Wonky Wekas? I think I need another glass of the Dom Pergnon I had for New Years Eve! Champagne anyone! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

And hark again! Now let us talk mysterious plot points!

Firstly, who is the gent that Ginny is tasked with managing? He is, to her, truly a very distant relative of the oncular variety. However, Cadmus knows that he accosted Annisgwyl (his half-sister) and has not yet clued into the fact that the personality and cognition currently inhabiting Annisgwyl is anyone other. Thus, he persists in addressing her as a close relation and Ginny (who is proud of, and makes frequent use of her acting/affectation skills) plays along for fairly straightforward reasons.

Where is Harry? Some place that makes him smile. Purely platonic, I assure you.

How many stones are there? I can assure you that Harry has one in his pocket (inside the Snitch), and Hettie has one in her bag. Cadmus seems to have one woven into his hem. Those are the definite ones. At a certain point in the story, they could conceivably have all been the same stone, merely being possessed by different people at different times. At a later point, that gets a bit confusing. If you would like to torture yourself in personal development, you might read a bit about Brane Theory, which is a membraneous extension of String Theory. According to physicists (who are even more whacked than the authour), multiple distinct projections of the current universe may exist as distinct, parallel branes. Under the right, or wrong, circumstances, there are actually scenarios under which these branes and cross and overlap. You may think about that a bit if you wish. Or you may resort to something stronger than Dom Perignon. While you're at it, I suppose you might be able to explain to me the science underlying those pesky Midichlorians -- a topic you may (or may not) have a great appreciation for after 8 SW epics.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.16 - 02:36PM Title: Crack in the Rock


Hark! Another great chapter appears to bring joy to us who follow! So many questions along the way and so few answers at the end! Good to know Ron(Rob) is somewhat confused in both timelines although he occasionally gets it right! (Note: I googled Anorak for kicks and saw it's a parka like coat that the Caribou Inuit invented for hunting in the Arctic - I could've used one this morning when I woke up to 8 degress fahrenheit with a -12 wind chill!) Loved Ron's apt "Old Snake Nose" name for Moldyshorts! Wonder how Cadmus can be Ginny's half-brother when she didn't have one in her world? Gotta love google translate (Audaces fortuna iuvat)! While reading this chapter, I suddenly got a weird impression I was in a scene in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, but I couldn't tell if I was on Tatooine or Endor! (I am proud to say with Last Jedi I have now seen every Star Wars movie on opening weekend since 1977) Okay now I'm confused - is Cadmus Ginny's half brother, Annisgwyl's half brother, Ginny's distant uncle or none of the above? Good to know Ginny is confused too! Rob and Hettie seem confused with their find as well! Now that I have reached the end of this stellar installment, I have five burning questions begging for answers! 1)Where is Harry? 2)Can a fissure, a cleft, a chasm, a gorge and a crevasse be the same thing(I suspect yes in Websters Collegiate)? 3)Is everbody in this thing as confused as I am? 4)How many stones are there or are they the same stone? And 5)what in the name of Old Snake Nose's Bermuda shorts are Wonky Wekas? I think I need another glass of the Dom Pergnon I had for New Years Eve! Champagne anyone! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Hark, indeed! I suspect that what the British regard as Anoraks might not quite stand up to the sort of cold you're experiencing! They're rainproof, and generally fairly ugly. I believe some of the HP characters in some of the later versions were spotted wearing them in less clement weather, hence it's my go-to garb for weather that the Weasley metabolism can't quite handle alone.

While we're on the topic of definitions, a wonky weka is basically a bird with a problem. A bird (i.e., avian) from New Zealand, to be precise. But, to be more precise yet, it is but the latest installment of 'Epithets According to Hettie'. I believe she would like us all to know that a clean vocabulary need not be a boring one.

Finally, for a response focusing largely on language and the use thereof (a topic I love), I do tend to juggle synonyms around a bit, and the chapter title was both a consensus definition as well as a semi-deliberate double entendre, the nature of which I leave as an exercise to anyone who is either bored or curious. I admit that swapping amongst synonyms might get a little confusing or distracting (Is the gorge in the paragraph the same as the chasm half a page back?), there is a bit of method to the madness. Whenever I repeat a given word a lot (rather than use synonyms) that tends to be part of an intended effect or message. Witness the use of 'obvious' in the first scene of the chapter.

Anyway, thank you for your ever-insightful discussion!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.16 - 09:14AM Title: Crack in the Rock


That's sad news, only five or six more Tuesdays to look forward to, and the fun is over.
On the other hand, maybe I can take advantage of the situation and bother you with my latest creation when you've completed this gem.

I must admit that I missed the hint in the last chapter why Fenrir travelled to the wrong timeline. However, going back and doing a bit of re-reading, did the charm.

Has the damn stone something to do with the fires? ... as a kind of burning glass, to be used together with some other artefact? ...and the flames are frozen because the stone is missing? ...frozen the moment Harry used the stone on Ginny for a moment?
I hope you're enjoying my guesswork. ;-)

I hope Annisgwyl's father was right when he told her that her half-brothers will help her to a certain extent. But deep inside, I have my doubts, big DOUBTS.

A klaxon? They didn't get hit by the Knight Bus, did they?

Let's hope that Gemina is behaving in the meantime. I'm afraid it would cause problems when Ginny comes back and she's snogging Harry.

Author's Response:

Primeiras coisas primeiro, thank you for the kind words with respect to your weekly anticipation! I really should ride my current momentum to closure on this story, though, and hopefully find the energy to get back to a few Trix chapters and hopefully steer The Flying Circus past their date with the Portuguese Nationals (hence my choice of opening phrase).

That said, though, do feel free to toss drafts my way whenever inspiration hits!

I think I can answer a bit of your question about the stone without giving away any big surprises. Thus, I can tell you what you (and Hermione and Ginny) already know -- the stone is critical to the plot but (what none of you have yet guessed) the stone does not cause the fires. They arise in part because of one force that everyone can guess, in combination with another force that (I think) nobody would have guessed. And, no Albus, the answer this time is not 'love'. :)

One suggestion regarding the eldest two brothers Peverell -- doubt everything, including doubts. Trust not their loyalty; trust not their treachery.

No, the Knight Bus did not take a wrong turn in the Appennines. Blame the noise on poor quality jinxes.

Finally, I think we can trust Gemina, despite the whirlwind forthright life she leads, to find the right level of discretion for the one life encounter than means so much to her. You will find out next week :).

Thank you very much for the 'Tour de questions'!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.01.12 - 11:44AM Title: Disruptions


First time we have seen dual spell casting from the same body since Splinters. Of course the host was one of the two casting in that case.
Now we have two visitors acting through one unconscious (?) body.

Who is this dark wizard though? Antioch helped Annisgwyl arrive in Italy, Ignotus is who Annisgwyl seeks(now we start connecting). Now, in the future we have three variations of acquiring a Hallow, one near canon and two others that seem similar, but one of those two had already happened, and the other was about to happen before Fenrir had his arm exploded by Hettie. Now the Hallow that all recollections have in common(and that also sits in Hettie's bag...a 4th possibility?!?) is the stone...and Annisgwyl (with G/G present)and Hettie and Rob are all in the same rough geographic area, even if separated by nearly two millenia. Which one of the three brothers would seem most likely to be involved here I must ask... must be Cadmus who Ginny and Gemina roughed up via Annisgwyl! Or maybe it's not!

Harry has somehow reconnected with Ginny, because she and Gemina left the flame? Uhhhhhhhh....where is the old man(we do NOT speak his name)...if Voldemort has a master plan why is he even so damned confused about the ring and its three(actually 4 apparently) fates?

Yes, I am reviewing in a fevered pitch today :)

Author's Response:

Guesses and guesses!

First of all, you know in your heart who the subdued wizard was. And this shall be confirmed in chapter 12.

Secondly, the old man whose name you do not speak will also make his entry in chapter 12. Apparently lots of 'not-so-secrets' are on the verge of being revealed!

Thirdly and lastly (for 'nowly'), you speculate (in a very Splinter-y way) about the number of stones... Before you lock into to your count with too much finality, I would advise you to think for a moment about the meaning of the lurches for which chapter 8 takes it's name. Does that, in any way, complicate the counting?

Anyway, my sincere commendation for hitting so close to the mark on multiple targets!

Reviewer: AuntieMuriel Signed Date: 2018.01.11 - 05:49AM Title: Disruptions


Oh, dearie, I'm glad to hear that Murietta is still alive. I'm sure Robert can tell only good things about his Auntie Murietta, after all, he will inherit her fortune when she's gone. Although I've heard she's bossy at times, but that's good for a young man like Robert, it prepares him for later life. He needs a woman in his life who tells him what to do.

I hope young Gemina doesn't take advantage of the situation, her all alone with the Potter lad. She'd better tell him to move his arse. Time is running out.

Author's Response:

A beautiful little irony in the way you honed in on Murietta being alive. Gemina, too, has something to say on this (I think it'll be in Chapter 13) which, I swear, was drafted before your latest note.

Yes, actually, I rather agree that both Rob and Ron are men who are at their best when prodded by strong females.

I believe you'll find that Gemina bequeaths herself both honourably and usefully in the opportunity provided. More on that to emerge soon!

Ironically, implications of your very last point overlaps with impetus emerging relative to your first statement. I realise that's a fairly obscure way for me to phrase things, but I feel a need to preserve an element of mystery.

Thank you most graciously for your feedback, Muriel!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.09 - 02:22PM Title: Disruptions

BTW, in reference to the word 'poofty' that Hettie used to describe Rob, which definition was she referring to?

Author's Response:

Wow, I had no idea I pulled off a semi-viable double entendre!

By 'sound a bit poofty', I actually *did* mean gay. I had originally written 'sound a bit Nancy' in there (effeminate), but most of Hettie's vernacular is Kiwi/Aussie by this time, so poofty it had to be. And that, of course, was why she had a difficult time keeping a straight face.

Now as to the second definition (lover of old music), there's clearly lots of irony there given the way I set it up... but no. Not the original intention.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.09 - 02:16PM Title: Disruptions


(Educational note: when Gin110881 said Vielen Dank für ein weiteres großartiges Kapitel, it means, Thank you for another great chapter, to which you reply, Vielen Dank, which means Thank you very much!) Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts, Greyback is missing an arm and teed off, the Malfools are scared and confused and Moldyshorts is in another of his frequent snits, this time about a missing ring which may just be the Slytherin ring Horcrux! No wonder Ron and Hermoine are having a hard time trying to figure out what they saw! Great to see a reunion of the three timeline Ginnys and especially between Ginny and Harry! And with a surprise pop in by Gemina to boot! Seems to be a lot of popping around in this story! Nice job by Ginny and Gemina taking out whoever that was - a deathgulper perhaps?! While reading this chapter, I got the sudden feeling I was in the series, "The Chronicles of Narnia" in the story, The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe" but nobody seems to know the way back to the wardrobe! If Prince Caspian shows up in this thing I might just scream! Egads, did Hettie say 'poofty'? That means she either thinks Rob is gay or likes to listen to old fashioned music! (per the Urban Dictionary) When Dolohov spoke to Mulciber in that accent, I'd have sworn it was Viktor Krum, except he's not in this story - I think! Hopefully we'll soon know who is out of place - them, us or your readers! Bring den nächsten! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Merci pour les conseils utiles Allemands!

Whew, a far more basic language. As I recall, we can thank Napoleon for such simplicity -- proof that the crazy Corsican was actually useful for something other than blowing up German castles.

Your comments reveal a remarkable grasp of this crazy story -- my sincere compliments! I will hint that the adversary that Ginny and Gemina subdued is more important than your run-of-the-Mühle deathgulper. Beyond that I will not spoil.

Narnia! Over the holidays, I had some relatives working their way through some documentary about the philosophical and theological implications of some discussions between J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis. Unfortunately, I have no patience for sitting in front of any screen that I can't type things into, so I'm not sure what was said, and I know rather little about the Chronicles (other than the the lion dude is supposedly a god-like caricature), so I don't think Prince Caspian will come riding through. Ditto for Krum. Of course, nothing is certain in a bonkers story like this.

Cool review -- thank you! In Engelsk, even!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.01.09 - 09:17AM Title: Disruptions


Well, I can certainly understand Hettie's confusion! Traveling through both time and space would leave anyone a bit disconcerted. The fact that Mulciber and Dolohov seem to have no concrete understanding of where and when they are is typical of Voldemort. As usual I'm concerned about Annisgwyl. Is she merely unconscious or in a more damaged state? Also, I must say I love the phrase 'whingingly nasal yet deathly perilous.'

Author's Response:

Yes, interestingly, the current track approaches a state that is both simpler (multiple story lines condensing) yet more complex (lots of characters with rather odd cause/effect status). And yes, Voldemort is fairly pleased to be unique in his understanding of the intricate plot. For all those readers who are shaking your heads, blame Riddle ;)

I am wrestling with a practical matter of, under current draft, only bringing us back to Annisgwyl in Chapter 13. I prefer to not leave a thread loose for that long, but... the scene sequence is tricky to alter or interrupt. In any case, perhaps I can say for the time being that her story is unique and may prove surprisingly, despite a series of little clues scattered about like biscuit crumbs behind a small child.

How's that for the gratuitously silly analogy of the day?

Oh, and with respect to your kind compliment, I read once that liberal use of adverbs is something akin to being complicit in the moral degeneration of culture and society and... yeah, whatever. Obviously, I scoff. Profusely. Feistily. :)

My continued gratitude for your thoughtful readership!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.09 - 08:40AM Title: Disruptions


Ah yes, there're new things (hopefully) worth pondering. Greyback has stolen Cadmus' ring...but in what timeline? Or did he steal it more than once?

Wow, Voldy is in the possession of multi-time-dimensional portkeys. I wonder who invented these and if there might arise a possibility to knick one of those.

Wow, to be honest, I'd never guessed that I'd receive the most extensive knowledge of all of this right out of Voldemorts mouth.

Wow, we had the very first mixed scene with Gin&Gem&Any, they're a force of their own, aren't they? May I hope for more?

Too bad, if Harry had called for Ginny merely two seconds later I'd know who the strange Roman Blokey was ... and if he was in the possession of such a portkey amulet.

Wouldn't it be funny if Ginny memorises all the new expressions she learns from Gemina? I'm pretty sure Harry would appreciate it, lol. May I even hope for a Gemina-Harry conversation in the next chapter? Maybe Harry will manage to memorise a few words, too?

And again, you've caught me on the wrong foot with my lack of Latin knowledge. Unfortunately, in my school days, our superiors thought that Russian is more important than Latin. The consequence is that I speak Russian just as well as Latin today, lol. Fortunately, there always is google translate, isn't it? :-)

Oho, Hettie suspects that 'someone is out of place'. Maybe my question in my first comment wasn't so stupid at all.

Obviously, we're slowly sliding into the action part of the story.

Vielen Dank für ein weiteres großartiges Kapitel.

Author's Response:

Zunächst einmal, vielen Dank für die Veranschaulichung der richtigen Verwendung von Großbuchstaben. Eventually, I shall learn suitable attention to detail. It's rather like learning SMS in reverse :)

Some rather interesting postulates -- thank you! I shall not delve into the first yet, however I will suggest for backstory (wrt your second paragraph) reconsidering the blithe assumption toward the end of Splinters that it was harmless to let Mundungus knick the drained Cupla. In any case, yes, Voldemort was for a brief moment being uncommonly transparent.

I find myself skipping daintily past your paragraph 4 (er, okay, I can't risk say that Gin&Gem together on the same side of any fight just isn't fair :), and progressing onto point 5, to which I say this -- you'll have too wait until chapter 13 for it, but yes, you do catch the tail end of a Harry / Gemina conversation and, needless to say, what Harry comes away with is not all fluff!

As far as Ginny picking up a few choice Geminisms -- great idea. An idea that it's not too late to implement. Thanks!

Russian? Are you from east of the wall, or were there interestingly pragmatic sociopolitics at work in the shadow of the curtain? In any case, I know no Russian, but fortunately can generally read Cyrillic -- a byproduct of having made the effort to learn all the Greek characters for my math / science pursuits.

Eighth comment -- indeed, things are screwy! Causality is, at best, jumbled right now. Good luck to those analytical sorts who seek to diagram this plot when it's all done :) It is actually mostly consistent (in a high dimensional sense) but I assume that sane readers will have more pressing matters ;)

Anyway, you're welcome for the chapter, and I thank you for continuing to spice up not only the writing experience, but actually the writing as well!

Reviewer: AuntieMuriel Signed Date: 2018.01.05 - 05:07AM Title: Southern Slopes


Oh, dearie, they're all running around like crazy chickens, the Gravener lass and the Briton birdie around Mount Vesuvius, the Potter lad around the Hogwarts grounds. I just hope the Potter lad will soon move his arse. Asking the Granger lass if she'd make him a Portkey to Herculaneum seems to be a good idea to me, at least better than staring into frozen flames.

Ah-yes, frozen flames, these remind me of the fabulous burning ice cream at Fortescue's. Do you happen to know the recipe?

How are the negotiations with Flourish & Blotts going?

Author's Response:

Hmph. Negotiations at Flourish & Blotts have rather stalled, as the manager is of the opinion that a biography of the sort might be too inflammatory, and a bit ill-timed. I shall try some counter-arguments next week.

Yes, the crazed chickens on Vesuvius will only multiply, however a Granger-crafted Portkey might not be the best solution since that would deliver Harry on site in May 1998, which would be somewhere between five months and nineteen centuries too late. He might have to either borrow a trick from the enemy, or get lucky. Time will tell which.

Fortescue's fabulous burning ice cream requires a smidgen of saliva from a Swedish Short-Snout (I know, 'yuck'. Wish we'd never asked, eh?) which is clear evidence that Florian is more courageous and sturdy than most readers gave him credit for.

Thank you for the thoughtful comments, AM!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.01.04 - 11:43AM Title: Southern Slopes


Did I detect an unseen guest with Annisgwyl as she journeyed to find the Forge? A remnant of the her titillating tryst with Traianius? A necessity to ensure the Cupla connects... just before she drank from the water...just the barest hint....or just another confundo

I consider the frozen flame, if the two G's step out does it remain frozen? What happened to the old man? Holding a frozen fort I could surmise.

Peripheral path perception...right after Harry's attempt to Cupla connect..via a bridge? Swaying with no breeze, it was just a dream...go towards that door. Repetunitis....Publican....Traianius.

1st and 3rd scheme

Will Hettie ever notice the bird in her bag? Will we find out this scheme of Voldemort to meddle over the lines? There is no hint given of much surprise after the appearance of a one armed werewolf.

A clever deek by the way. I thought the glimmer Annisgwyl was seeing might have been Briton's last hope under a cloak, before she saw the the tall spindly sum..... nevermind. :)

Author's Response:

Many interesting points and questions! I will actually answer a fair number of them!

First of all, you are asking, as euphemistically as possible, whether Annisgwyl is pregnant, and whether that is important to the story (in the way such an occurrence factored into Splinters)? The answer to the first question is that this is an astute thing to wonder, and I have vaguely already considered that myself, but at the time of this reply fate has not yet decided. This indecision kind of tips the hat to your second question; Annisgwyl's status is indeed important to her long-term story, but it is not crucial to the resolution of the FoT plot. Excellent thinking, though.

Step out of the flame? Let me say that there will come a point in a few chapters when the flame no longer poses a barrier. This happenstance will be a major (very tenuous) development. For the time being, however, Ginny and Gemina are limited to cerebral journeying.

Harry's attempt to connect via Cupla; swaying without a breeze; trembling; forge; fire... Go down that path.

Hettie and the bird in the bag may be stuck playing phone tag (or family album tag if you prefer) for a while.

Will we find out Voldemort's sneaky plan? Yes indeed. A right bastard he is!

And yes, a good guess on Annisgwyl's peripheral flicker, but that would only happen in an alternate-alternate-AU :)

Thank you so kindly for a rather fascinating set of thoughts!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.02 - 05:16PM Title: Southern Slopes


Frohes Neues Jahr, tatsächlich! Vor allem mit einem neuen Kapitel um es zu beginnen!! Glad I still remember alot of my Deuche vocabulary from when I took German in school! When I saw the title of this chapter I immediately thought of the Glen Campbell song, "Southern Nights", and now I can't get it out of my bloody head! Close but no cigar on Ginny reaching Harry! I have to hand it to you - I don't think I've ever heard of Deathmunchers being referred to as a "pack of punky plonkers" or "perplexed poxy pea-brains"! You must have had a sudden thing for P words(I think the only ones you missed were Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers)! I have to agree with Herr Martin - I am now more confused as well! I'm also curious - who or what is a " Briton birdie" - Hermoine, Fawkes, Hedwig or someone's patronus? Will be interested to see if Annisgwyl does indeed produce another cupla(a path I guess but I never assume anything since that usually leads to trouble)! Strange, but while reading this chapter I suddenly began to think that I was in a scene from " Alice in Wonderland", but I couldn't tell if it was the Madhatter's tea party or the Queen of Hearts Croquet tournament! Annisgwyl would've made Euel Gibbons proud with her breakfast from the wild! Wonder what she would think if she realized she was on top of a volcano, which incidentally, has a whole lot of power bubbling underneath?! Nice little cliffy you left her with not to mention a possible case of vertigo! Glad to see Rob is finally getting the boyfriend/girlfriend thing! Hope Ron is having similar success! You must have spent some time with Google translate and a Roget's Thesaurus while writing this chapter! One final question I just have to ask, who were those 2 owls heckling? Looking forward to your next foray! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- the Teutons and their affliction with capitals. This is why I have urbane multilingual readers!

Ah, there were many possible directions to run with 'southern'. My condolences with the Repetunitis -- you might need one of those cliche Queen anthems to break it. We will we will rock you! We will we will ROCK YOU! Feel any better?

Regarding the P-preponderance, I believe it's analogous to the Repetunitis, except that Hettie likely passed the affliction to Gemina, who then infected Ginny. Dangerous stuff.

Your non-assumed guess is reasonable. An answer is soon forthcoming.

The two owls are likely heckling each other. If you've never heard such an occurrence, then you might live in too urban an area, or else you tend to sleep soundly at hours that normal people, well, sleep soundly. I do not, therefore I write. If you read a bit of twisted Descartes in there, you're onto something.

Anyway, I spent way too much time on the road today, and it's badly compromised my sanity. Hopefully next time you'll find me more coherent. Either way, thank you for the review!

Author's Response: Oh, I forgot to answer a simple question: 'Briton Birdie' is synonymous with 'Celtic Chick'. Gemina, you might surmise, is rather sick of Annisgwyl, and nicknames help sustain her. Admittedly, given how many alternating characters there are, it's a bit perverse of the authour to add nicknames into the mix.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.01.02 - 08:12AM Title: Southern Slopes


Ohhh! Love the ending! Rob figuring out the 'boyfriend-girlfriend' thing is perfect! So, back to the angst, Annisgwyl seems to be in a situation almost as desperate as that of Harry and Ginny. Is she actually seeing what is before her or before them? Is she sensing magic they are experiencing or being struck down herself? And if it is one of the other two, which one? Too many questions I realize, and I am likely asking the wrong ones. I'm also thinking of Annisgwyl's longing for Traianius. Does it mean more than the obvious? Okay, stopping now :)

Author's Response:

Ah, goody goody! Great to hear that you enjoyed the little exchange at the end :)

Yes, Annisgwyl has reached a point where Amaethon has (at least figuratively) intervened. Her quest is suddenly far more than just *her* quest. Things veer in an unexpected direction for her -- a wrinkle that I have carefully hinted at, but that few normal, logical people would guess. You shall see. I feel the need for a second emoticon :)

I should address your additional question about whether her vision refers to something that affects her personally, or is something referential to Ginny and Harry -- a wonderfully imaginative thought! You are not all that far off, but perhaps not in the way you imagine.

In any case, wonderful questions that keep me hopping about in my quest to traipse the line between leading and misleading. Thanks Kimberly!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.01 - 07:14PM Title: Southern Slopes


Great to see another update, an update whose goal it seemed to be to increase the confusion of the reader. I must admit that I'm just as disoriented as Annisgwyl was on her trek, lol. And again, I'm quite curious how many different mysterious dark figures are moving around Vesuvio in the different timelines.

Furthermore, I'm curious when Hettie will find out how Ol' Tom lets his people travel between the timelines.

I wonder if the Legilimency scene from the last Chapter of Splinters (Annisgwyl vs. Harry and Ginny) might become important at some point, e.g. as a mean to get in contact with each other or to let Annisgwyl act like a cupla.

As you can easily see, I'm wondering about quite a lot of things, lol.

Author's Response:

I believe the most useful saying, here, is, "The night is coldest, just before the dawn."

We have reached the point where the disparate stories are moving fairly quickly toward a unifying crisis. If we had only two story lines converging, then it would be simple to just interpolate two lines to a single point, however there are (according to my count) roughly 'six' different threads (including two antagonist plots) coming together, which means that you have a fairly complex multidimensional landscape to try to map out. I suppose that might make 3D chess seem pretty tame :)

How many dark wizards can dance on the head of a volcano? An interesting rhetorical question that shall be answered in 'time'.

As far as Annisgwyl is concerned, I suspect you will be a little bit surprised by several developments as that plays out.

My sincere appreciation for your 'wonder'ful review, Martin, und frohes neues jahr!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.12.27 - 04:27AM Title: Thimble and Block


Definitely an important scene between Hettie and Rob. They managed to be both incredibly depressing and sweetly hopeful. No one could ever accuse them of just giving up! Well done!!!

Author's Response:

I'm very glad you liked the way this turned out -- thank you Kimberly!

In the first draft, I addressed the same material, but in a much more light-hearted way -- more irreverant; less contemplative. However, although this pair is capable of being funny, I realized during this past round of edits that this was not the time for frivolities. Hence a fairly comprehensive rewrite.

In any case, I'm grateful for the feedback!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2017.12.25 - 02:45PM Title: Thimble and Block


Nice to have a little fluff chapter between two of my favorite AU characters.

Hettie's throwback to Splinters reminded me of the desolation of that world, which (surprise surprise) had slipped my mind!

I have a great appreciation for the delivery of the wand. Given the circumstances, and who was handing it over, I was expecting it to be colored as though it were yew....

To the shared Winter Solstice, cheers to the author and my fellow reviewers.

Author's Response:

Indeed! And here, then, are (still current) cheers to Yuletide, and belated to Yalda Night, and the many other names and manifestations!

I'm astonished that you said 'yew'. Are you like Hermione, gathering bits of ringing insight from whither you do not know? Don't answer that -- you keep your secrets and I will try to keep mine... until I give all mine away, an then I shall want yours.

Yes, there was an earlier draft of this that was actually much fluffier, however I decided to amplify the 'desolation' and reduce the frivolity... The result is 80% indistinguishable from the original. But, however much I enjoy silly banter, I'm far more pleased with the intense symbolism and personal growth. Hettie obvious has become a witch, and the depth of her 'depth' is further underscored, but Rob too in increased, regaining the quiet virility that he had in Splinters.

Thank you very sincerely for another mind-boggling review!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.12.25 - 05:54AM Title: Thimble and Block


Wow, Hettie proves she's a smart girl. Now that she has, just like Ron, a wand, she's even a smart witch. I'm curious what she'll do with her wand.

Moreover, I'm quite curious who's in charge of the fire project. I can't imagine that it's Ol' Tom himself, the hard work usually is beneath him, isn't it? Since the fires probably have nothing to do with potions I guess Snivelus Snake's is out of scope for this job, too.

I wonder if Hettie has given us a short impression of the end of the story. I do hope so.

Thank you so much for this great little interlude. I wish you peaceful and stress-free holidays.

Author's Response:

Peaceful and stress-free holidays -- a wonderful wish, indeed! I hope to live up to that, but that will take some cooperation from the other motorists I expect to see over a busy week starting tomorrow. Regardless, the thought is mot thoughtful!

An interesting question you raise! Keeping in mind that un-lucky Luce rather bungled things in Splinters (though perhaps managed to seed for himself a bit of insight to learn from), one wonders what role may be left in the hands of ever-present 'Malfeasance'. One may also wonder whether there is anyone else competent enough to leave this in the hands of? JKR did not conjure up a whole cadre of evil geniuses...

In the spirit of this wonderful day, I will [*SPOILER ALERT!!!*] confirm that Hettie's plucky optimism is not without merit :)

Thank you for your kind readership, Martin!

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