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Reviews For Fires of Time

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.03.08 - 01:26AM Title: Eyes and Rainbow


Please excuse me for taking so long to work through this increasingly compelling story. I was already feeling hopeful before you slipped the lovely surprise in at the conclusion of this chapter. Thank you for helping Harry (and me) push away the gloom and glimpse the magic of the rainbow!

Author's Response:

No apologies necessary! I believe I still haven't left the intended reviews for the last chapter or two of your story, so I know where you're coming from!

And yes, the rainbow is there, with its promise. That promise may take a while to come to full fruition I must caution, but you likely know that I can't sustain angst for very long. I can do a fair job of creating it, but 'hope' is far too important to me in any story.

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate the kind words!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.03.06 - 05:07AM Title: Sunrise, Sunset

Just in time Tuesday morning, I automatically started watching the site, awaiting the new chapter to pop up ... and then the realization hit me like a brick, there will never again be a new chapter for this story. Fortunately, there is still Darkness II...and a few new challenge stories.

I just hope you don't get bored because you don't write a story for us. ;)
Have a nice week!

Author's Response:

Withdrawal! Yes, that sort of thing does seem to go with the territory, does it not? Well, I'm somewhat flattered and a bit saddened empathetically to hear the perspective!

From the writer's perspective, finishing a long (or longish) story is an interesting experience -- an odd blend of the thrill of accomplishment with a gradually growing melancholy of a withdrawal not too different from what you describe. I can say from experience that it is not at all the same as finishing a marathon or other long distance athletic challenge. The marathon runner does not get glum later, sitting in the bar, wishing he or she was still out pounding the pavement :|

Anyway, for a while, there are suitable diversions for pent-up energy. At times in the past I've celebrated the completion of a story by writing music. This past week I've thrown those extra hours into pursuing some special extensions in work. Thoughts invariably turn back to writing at some stage, though, and I did very recently get a prompter in Trix, which I will likely act on soon.

Anyway, there;s always something out there to stir the writer, and there is plenty of fresh fiction out there (new, or old but awaiting rediscovery) for the readers.

Thank you for note, and a happy Tuesday to you!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.03.02 - 06:13PM Title: Sunrise, Sunset


Well GHL, you have wrapped up another one. The first thought I had after finishing was a reference back to the beginning. "For the Brittania of today, for the Brittania of tomorrow." I suppose the bloodline may be the true savior of Britain. Especially considering that the The Druid is confirmed dead...for now.

The boomerang arc of Voldemort's curse was a nice touch. I am a little surprised we didn't end up watching the battle in the Great Hall. Odd, after all the visions I thought for sure the action would turn up there. Yes, I suppose the placeholder was apt. You see, the voices in my head I am fairly certain confer with the voices in your head, perhaps when we disassociate form the mundane, just a guess. I doubt we pick up on more than 10% of the conversations between said voices. However, it should be taken into consideration that I Am well versed in reading your writings. 2015 especially proved a crash course, Splinters too, lol. It s no small task keeping track of 3 or 4 timelines that end up converging into one story. No small task as the reader, and certainly no small task for the writer to convey so much on fly. I believe someone(MollyandArthur perhaps) said your style is haunting. I concur. Especially when you are engaging the senses.

I was both glad to see Annisgwyl still 'keeping in touch' with Traianius (that name, the top five for sure,) yet disappointed she was yet to be with child. I always imagined Ginny/Gemina were descendants of Anni's maternal line once she was introduced as Ignotus's twin. There is a rather touching element that the twins lines would eventually re-converge. It would be a bit like the Princess and the Publican reuniting a couple thousand years later.

Voldemort bringing Duff back from the dead was pretty fucking dumb, lol.

Of course Ginny was the master of the wand.

Yeah, I noticed Hettie consonants we're loosely band on my own meanderings, go figure. :)

Is it not fair you do n't know my name? There are too many sequential diphthongs in the pronunciation to Bear sharing it. I still don't know if I should pronounce yours with hard or soft invocation.. I noticed the Druid never spoke his True name either. On a site like SIYE, that is about what I would expect. I imagine I will continue dropping phrases in your head for you to loop. I gotta be me.

One last thing....what the hell happened at Malfoy Manor? It was intense enough to make Harry/Ginny start taking the left hand path....Hmmm....

Author's Response:

As expected, many fine points!

Yes, the Britannia statement is no accident, and was definite foreshadowing of the role that Annisgwyl and Ignotus would play in securing Harry's and Ginny's safe return. The lake itself is key in other myths of the motherland, including legends where the fate of Britannia is called into question, however writers over the years have tended to paint a view of there having been multiple (perhaps many) ladies of the lake, each with different demeanour and purpose.

Yes, it is indeed 'surprising' to you and to the characters that the final confrontation did not take place in the Great Hall. The authour might have twisted it otherwise, but as the plot began to converge, it seemed more important to me to let Ron, Hermione and Gemina succeed in keeping the battle out of Hogwarts. In the end, acceding to their very correct desires seemed more important than sustaining an old symbol, especially when the story has gone to such lengths to show how things 'have changed' from how they ought to have been.

Note that the little bit about H&G learning how to Apparate to where they were 'needed' is a nod to the fact that the shift from an expectation of a Great Hall battle.

Yes, I have to admit to have also considered (and been enamoured of) the thought of Annisgwyl bearing Traianius's child and having the blood of emperors blending with the magical line. It would indeed have been a great place to divide the lineage between Harry's ancestry and Ginny's. You realise, of course, that what very little I've actually written doesn't fully preclude this possibility, right?

Yes indeed, regarding the Druid. I think I did not properly convey this, but his living presence and knowledge was crucial for the prospective temporal coup to work, however he clearly had no interest in having something that drastic succeed. And, verily, he has never been 'named', for Duaff is but a monikor he said he disliked. As far as who, exactly, he is -- there are many possible interpretations. I like your Solomonic interpretation very much, though I believe he also has 'some' elements of a Norse Loki in him as well. He may be an Earth spirit; a rare one that takes real interest in the affairs of humanity, though with a moral code that is not an exact match to ours.

And regarding your name -- most intriguing to hear that it's one that is ill-served by limited typewriters. That only adds to your mystique!

And finally, what the hell happened at Malfoy Manor? That's a hell of a good question! I actually don't know all the details yet, but it sure must have been a seminal experience and you can bet it bloody annoyed Malfoy!

Anyway, great thoughts! What a ride it's been!

Reviewer: AuntieMuriel Signed Date: 2018.03.02 - 05:18AM Title: Sunrise, Sunset


Oh, dearie, I'm glad the Potter lad finally moved his arse, even if it needed a good deal of support from his better half. Lads sometimes are as thick as a brick, but somehow they can't help it.

How are your negotiations with Flourish & Blotts going? It would be a pity if your wonderful story would be available for Muggles only, wouldn't it? It should be included in the Hogwarts curriculum. I'm sure young Gemina would enjoy reading it.

I'm looking forward to reading your next novel. Never say never.

Author's Response:

Ah! Great to hear from you again, AM!

Well, I generally try to balance the heroics between our two favourite protagonists, which typically does give Ginny a fair bit more to do than in Rowling's fine stories. She (Ginny) did indeed end up in a position that took a protracted effort to pry her loose, but then she obviously made up for lost time. As far as Harry's getting her sprung loose, I think it was all in keeping with a story-long sub-theme which might be phrased, 'every misstep has a purpose' :) Makes for frustrating reading, but is fun to write :)

The proceedings with Flourish and Blotts are encouraging, however we are having problems with dict-a-quill transcription that keep interposing Weasley with Wilsey, and vice versa, and also have a tendency to write flowery asides such as the fragrance of Hettie's hair and the hard glint in Rob's eye. The daft feather must think this is 1950's Hollywood or something...

Thank you most kindly for your encouraging words!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.03.02 - 04:48AM Title: Sunrise, Sunset

You imagine an ordinary life for Gemina and Henry? I like this idea very much, and I'd like it even more for Ginny and Harry. They deserved a better life than JKR gave them. I'm pretty sure it would have made their stomach churn if the Ginny and Harry from the books knew that they're condemned to a life on the front pages. It went against everything we knew about them!
Sorry, sometimes I can't suppress my dislike of the post-Hogwarts canon. Your mentioning of a ordinary life let my emotions rise again.

Author's Response:

I have to admit, I have still not seen or read Cursed Child for those reasons. I've read the remarkably complex synopsis and concluded that such complicated, difficult lives may make for compelling fiction, but do not seem to be a just reward.

But yes, for Gemina, Henry, Henrietta and Rob, here is what little I've been led to glimpse. I believe that some odd twist (in some pre-Hogwarts backstory) will now have brought both Riddle and Malfoy to unexpectedly untimely ends. Henry will be successful and a charmer, but will almost certainly have an unpleasant time in store from him from an aggrieved Severus Snape. Gemina will be balancing head-of-class magical abilities with a tendency to attract detention, and as Henrietta wanders the castle, she will have odd visions of another, stranger world. And Rob will be Rob. In another legendarium, I suppose that might not be considered boring.

Does that help to alleviate the stress of HG canon? :)

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.03.01 - 09:28AM Title: Sunrise, Sunset


I would not have missed it for a fortune. Unique style. Brilliant ending.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Dad! That is very kind of you to say!

I must admit that I love to write endings. And especially epilogues. There is something immensely gratifying about giving those hard-working characters their due. And it is a great place to drop lots of sly innuendos and allusions, without so much concern about setting up the next scene. Very liberating!

In any case, I greatly appreciate your thoughtful comments throughout!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.28 - 08:49AM Title: Sunrise, Sunset


Oh, what a wonderful ending.

Seems, I have to go back and check how and when Ginny became the master of the Elder Wand.

Oh, Gemina. What a perfect surprise. I love the idea to let everything play out again for her, right from the beginning at platform 9 3/4.
Honestly, Henry did it again. Poor boy, if he only knew that he'll never get out of Gemina's clutches again, lol.
I wonder if Hettie is the only one who seemed so. On the other hand, maybe Henry knew, too...he seemed to be quite determined.

So, if you, by all means, know more about Henry and Gemina, please don't hesitate to tell us about it. ;-))

Yeah, you know, there's a saying, he offered his little finger, and he took his whole hand. I just hope you'll stay with us for a long time, and that you'll, every now and then, forget your intent to not write another novel-length story. It would be a bitter loss.

I never thought I'd ever write a story, and I want to let you know that you're part of the reasons I eventually did it. And now I'm sitting here, seriously considering to write a longer story, a sequel to my recent one, which will probably have about 20 chapters, a project that will probably take me almost a year. Insane, if you ask me...

Author's Response:

Very glad that you enjoyed it!

So, you may indeed go back to Splinters to resolve your question about the wand, but I can make it a bit easier with a bit of interpretation. In particular, there is this running theme throughout Splinters how the Coritani Druid was intrigued with Lanossea having 'two hearts'; how he foisted the Elder Wand on Boadicea even though it as pretty obvious that it would never bend to the Queen's will; how every time Lanossea came into contact with the wand, awesome, frightful magic would occur, but it was unclear if Lanossea was using the wand, as opposed to the wand using her. Anyway, toward the end of the story, like a trainer with a maverick, the desperate situation requires Ginny to confront the wand and force it to bend to her will.

And yes, for all the many non-tragic endings you tried to imagine for Gemina, I actually did manage to catch you off guard. An somehow even managed to keep it a secret :)

Yes, I do think that Hettie is the only one who really holds onto the full story and background. In Fires, I think I sewed some very loose seeds to suggest that Gemina had a slightest, faintest sense, though it is far more likely that she is merely feeding off Ginny vibes, rather than truly 'remembering'. As far as Henry Paulter, I think you, and any other reader, should be free to interpret as inspiration hits, although personally I see Henry as a quietly confident person who has been raised (as an only child) by parents who have encouraged him to understand what he wants, and then pursue it. This is opposed to an 11-year-old Harry Potter, who is motivated half by a desire to escape his terrible upbringing, and half by a willingness to go with the flow.

As far as what happens to Henry and Gemina? It may actually turn out that they are accorded an existence that is rather more 'ordinary' than the splinter-y or fire-y scenarios. Ordinary may be a better for 'living' than for being featured in a story. But, we shall see.

In any case, it's great that you're considering a substantiative work! They can certainly be very rewarding!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 09:17PM Title: Sunrise, Sunset


Lovely ending to a story that took me on many highs and a few lows! I'll admit to having wet cheeks at the moment. Ginny's pain, Hermione's words, the possibilities in the other world are hopeful and poignant. An innocent Gemina able to experience a different life, Annisgwyl finding peace and acceptance among her family, and Harry and Ginny celebrating their love, planning their future life together. You pulled it all together beautifully!

Author's Response:

Thank you ever so much!

To be perfectly honest, I rather suspected you would like the epilogue capsules. This little journey has reminded me the sort of scenes I most like to write, and has also happened to reveal to me that they also happen to be the ones you seem to enjoy. I speak, of course, of the cameos, or word paintings.

I began the story with a bunch of cameos, and scattered others throughout. Frankly, I probably would have tried to make the whole story out of them, but they tend to lose a lot of readers. I'm not sure exactly why it is that some people seem to really enjoy that format, while others tend to pass them over almost before they've begun. I assume it's the difference between people who walk through an art museum glancing about dutifully, versus those who drift into a gallery, are pulled in by a piece, and must pause until that piece has been given its voice to speak the message it must convey.

Anyway, this extended writing experience has been a wonderful experience, made all the more special by a handful of great readers. Thanks!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 05:59PM Title: Sunrise, Sunset



The way you wound down the action was cool and well written, but those little epilogue pieces at the end are amazing little portraits! I'm not sure I can remember another 'mourning' scene as vivid as Ginny coming to grips with Fred's tombstone. Hit me pretty hard!

Author's Response:

Ah! I will be honest and say that the action did have to be resolved, and sense did need to be made of 17 chapters of prior struggling, however such postcard encapsulations of epilogous outcomes aare far easier and more joyful to write. They are nearly prose poems and, in one of my earlier writing lives, I was a bit of a poet.

Thank you for your full slate of reviews, CG!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 05:55PM Title: Fire and Water


Fascinating alt-characters. They're very 'human' -- Hettie trying desperately to remember and communicate the strange information she was given; Gemina struggling to hold it together when the world itself seems to be breaking her down. Both situations pull at the heart strings. I see why you brought them back for another round after Splinters!

Author's Response:

Thank you! In all honesty, I have done my best to avoid super-hero magnitude characters throughout Splinters and Fires. Even Gemina has human frailties, and each of the others face weakness and uncertainty. There are a fair number of fanfic stories where the top protagonists have truly superior traits, but Rowling basked in the human condition and, in many of my stories, I try to at least partially emulate the model.

In any case, I'm very heartened that you recognised the struggle and sacrifice. Such 'character' strength I admire much more the ascendant physical or magical powers.

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 05:52PM Title: The Wand


Aye! And this is where the tension mounts. It's been interesting to watch this all slowly come together!

Author's Response:

Yes indeed -- this is the beginning of a 2.5 chapter carnival ride to the finish line. Great to hear that you've enjoyed the progression!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 05:43PM Title: Sunrise, Sunset

I than you for your thanks, though I don't deserve any. I almost didn't review this story, but I have read it. So I feel indebted to you. Bit I have had real hardship trying to understand it. I am not he best with action scenes, in literature or film. I get confused. But anyway I enjoyed it.

Author's Response:

Thank you for leaving a note Silvia!

Sorry, I had no intention of making you feel obligated in any way. You had left a review earlier on in the story, and I ultimately end up acknowledging most people who do. That was my only motivation.

As far as following the progression of this story, it's likely easier to handle in a single shot (rather than on chapter a week, for 18 weeks), however even still it is (as I cautioned at the start) a very challenging melange of plots and interdependencies. Not the sort of reading experience for everyone. So, I understand.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 04:23PM Title: Sunrise, Sunset


The Westminster Abbey Chimes rang out in joy with the arrival of the long & much anticipated crescendo of this marvelous adventure! (Thanks for the nod at the end, G!) Oh No! More confusion - this time a question of whether this ends in the glade or elsewhere! (I was already really confused so glad to see it was the glade!) And the fact that Voldedork and the 3 stooges are slavering isn't a good thing! Fortunate those two stunning bolts of light showed up - Harry and Ginny - to the rescue of Ron, Hermoine and Gemina! Strange, I didn't think old Snakeface's eyes could bulge! Harry sure did a great job of letting the hot air out of Moldyshorts boxers! Holy switcheroo, Batman! Ginny is the master of the wand this time! While reading this chapter, I got the odd feeling I was in a scene from the movie "The Neverending Story", but I didn't notice Bastian and the giant dog flying around in this thing! Can't help but wonder if when Voldytwerp saw that monstrous tongue of toxic green execration(I just had to use that) coming for him he dirtied his drawers!?! Meanwhile, back at the Burrow, beautifully whimsical words indeed! Glad to see you didn't leave Hettie and Rob in the lurch, but Henry Paulter? Crabby crawfish! At least they found Gemina! I have a question that needs an answer: who the heck is Airell Paternas? Glad to see Annisgwl is at peace beside the lake although her Iberian Prince is somewhere else(another story perhaps?)! Nice ending with the the blazing ruby(Ginny's hair or the ring) and the sparkling rock on her finger(still no intense snogging - sheesh!) I congratulate you on the end of a story that I found a billion times more magnificent than the Resurrection Stone but not Ginny's ring! Thanks for the terrific ride you took us on G! I toast this epic tale with a glass of Yellowtail Shiraz, my favorite red! Cheers! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

I have definitely heard of Yellowtail Shiraz, though I have not yet imbibed. Shall have to look for it on the next trip to the store!

'The Neverending Story'! I have not read nor seen it, but the title itself seems like it belongs happily in a review for this one. I must look it up!

I do not have a whole lot of data on Airell Paternas, but the first name is of Gaelic origin, and the second (presumably middle) name is a fairly standard Roman monikor (it was also the name of the Publican, from Splinters). And, at the time of that capsule, Airell goes around acting as though Ignotus is his father, and that Antioch and Cadmus are uncles. Any more intel on him will have to be provided by creative readers.

Er, well, with respect to Lord Soildeshorts and any pre-mortem accidents he may have had... well, technically there is a brief mention of a bit of a stench. Regardless of the precise nature of said smell, thankfully a breeze freshened things up.

In any case, you are most welcome for the ride, and my exceptionally sincere gratitude for pointing out all the roadside attractions en route!

Reviewer: zorica Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 04:01PM Title: Sunrise, Sunset



Author's Response:

Thank you very sincerely, Adelinda! This story was so far outside the mainstream, that I wasn't certain how many of my stand-by readers would follow me on the adventure, but I'm most gratified that you did. Thank you!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.02.23 - 08:01AM Title: Fire and Water


Intense chapter! From the fear and fire at the beginning to the purification in the calm, cool water at the end, I enjoyed every scene. I'm also glad Harry and Ginny were able to have some time alone indulging in a bit of affection. They undoubtedly needed it! Brilliant Hettie said just enough to tip off Harry, and Gemina is quite simply a force of nature unparalleled :)

Author's Response:

A wonderful encapsulation of what I very much hoped the chapter would convey. Thank you, and I'm very gratified you enjoyed it!

Now how to figure the best way of presenting the last 1.5 (could be 1; could be 2) chapters.

Reviewer: Prongs I Signed Date: 2018.02.22 - 02:05PM Title: Fire and Water


Great story, a bit like three-dimensional chess, each player has 30 seconds to make his move, 5 seconds less for each following move.
However, some fields of the chessboard seem to be invisible, and some pieces tend to change its colour. It's wicked, isn't it?
I like the name of the chapter, Firewater.

Author's Response:

What a spectacular analogy! For the vast majority of chess players (myself included) one is often far into the match before one has a real sense of how it will end up, and frequently it's rather difficult to project more than a couple moves ahead. The same, obviously, is true for this story, in that the best one can do is retrospectively see how one got to this point.

Firewater -- good one! That hadn't occurred to me, though a good splash of the hard stuff is probably not a bad idea. I do suspect I've driven a few readers to drink ;)

Well, thank you very much for livening up the review page!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.02.21 - 04:57PM Title: Fire and Water


By the artist's rendering of that non-burly bovine:)... time, space and chance have criss-crossed us to...this place?...or is it that place? What a journey, truly.

Melancholy I feel for the Druid, summoned back, for his trek of existence. Although summoning a man of such great, if not terrible, destiny like that could bring a seven fold curse for Horcruxes... I guess that means the proclamation at the end of Splinters was not merely rumour and innuendo. Once, and again and again through the lake for the bringer of death.

Three resurrection stones, two into burned bacon crispies, and then there was One.

H&G's arrival, the lake that burns the impurities away, yet soothes. Fair Lanossea, fated Publican, ancestral connections. Gemini as an escort, interesting.

Gemina's force fading away, while spectral Harry remains. A couple placeholders, so to speak, I wonder. Ginny did notice the RoR on her way to the Lady, will the turn around offer her a chance to revisit. Watery flames, reborn.

The lake is above it seems, with the stars and wanderers. The aether of...something within a somewhere, sometimes.

The hints were there within reads and reviews. Coolness, indeed. Gives new meaning to quenching the thirst.

Author's Response:

Yes, some wild, woolly wandering! We've very nearly sorted everyone to their proper stations, though, so the journeys are almost done.

True, that the Druid has wound down a troubled existence. Or has he? In any case, just like the Duff(s) in Splinters, he sought to heal the chaos of his impetuous younger days, and he gloried in mending the most frightful messes. Perhaps, a bit like Loki, that was what he lived for. I am still curious about the inspired analogy to Solomon, though, who was less of a mischief-maker. I need to think more about that, as it could be a fascinating back-story.

'Gemini'! Verily, for that is what A&I are -- true and through!

And, as you will very soon learn, your use of the word 'placeholder' is exceptionally apt. The true participant list for the Forbidden Forest battle is about to be finalised. Finally.

A wonderful set of conclusions -- thank you!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.02.21 - 02:02PM Title: Fire and Water


So now we have two Elderwands, or is it two Wands of Destiny? Even Molyshorts is confused! And there's that pesky crevasse again! So we appear to have 3 resurrection stones which apparently triggered the volcano(is it Versuvius?) to finally erupt(but in which time frame?) Apparently Harry, Ginny and Cadmus made it out but now you've left us to worry about Rob and Hettie and her compact! Do you suppose Malflunky and the other Deathkibblers figured out their loyalty to Tom Twiddle may have been misplaced when he left them to deal with the lava - maybe? While reading this chapter, I got an odd feeling I was in an episode of the old Saturday morning TV series, "Land of the Lost"(which could be a good alternate title for this story)! But Rick, Will and Holly Marshall only had to deal with a falling raft, a small ape named Chaka who couldn't pronounce Holly's name, a T-Rex named Grumpy, their own volcano and weird creatures called Sleestak! Pretty tame compared to the mess all our heroes and heroines are dealing with in multiple timelines! Come to think of it, Moldyshorts does kind of resemble a Sleestak! Okay I'm confused again - is Harry(Greeny) with Gemina or with Ginny? I don't blame Harry for not being sure of where they are or what he saw - I'm not sure where I've been or what I've seen reading this thing! So, with Harry having lost his scar, it seems we are on the presipice of a stunning and exciting conclusion to this tantalizing tale! Hope those red-glowing clouds aren't from the volcano, which wouldn't be likely in England, or something more ominous! ! And dang it, you still didn't let Harry and Ginny share a snog! Only thing to do is toast this chapter with a margarita made with DonJulio 1942 Limited-Edition Anejo Tequila - on the rocks no salt - with nachos! Cheers! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Ah yes. Elder Wand / Wand of Destiny. I suspect that Moldysnorts would prefer the grander sounding name.

That is indeed a good question about the Vesuvian eruption. Given the gist of my earlier chat with Martin, the action could have occurred in either the 1998 or A.D. 78 time. My money is on the ancient timeline, given that the August time frame is in line with the big Pompeii / Herculaneum bashing blast, and also given that it is the ancient folks who have been hearing all of the tremors throughout the story.

Yes, I did indeed leave Hettie and Rob in the lurch. Please stay tuned for an update on that!

Well true. The predawn kiss in the lake was not an outright snog, per se. I tend to think of passion as being a bit, erm, cavalier when people run the risk of dying. A little too like that awkward Ron/Hermione/House Elves sequence in DH. Well, I shall have to give you something fuller in the epilogue, after the earth is smoothed and the tears have dried.

'Land of the Lost' -- I have never heard of it, but you are absolutely right that it would have been a wonderful title to have co-opted here! Way too appropriate, eh?

Nachos! Absolutely! Tequila? Okay, you've talked me into it. I have had bad experiences, but not with a fine limited edition, so must be fully open-minded!

Thank you for another wonderful cultural exchange, Cosmo!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.21 - 01:24PM Title: Fire and Water


It would be interesting to know how much time passed between the beginning and the end of the chapter. I'd bet it's less than I needed to read the whole chapter, lol.

Gemina is slowly fading away because she's in the wrong universe? I'm curious if she can even die when she's in the wrong universe.
Harry's scar is gone. Does it mean he was a Horcrux? Since I didn't remember if there were any Horcruxes in this story, I did a quick check. It revealed that the word actually occurred four times in the story (in Splinters once). Well, now that the last Horcrux is gone, nothing is gonna stop Harry now as long as Ginny remains by his side. I wonder in which timeline Final Battle in the Great Hall will take place.
If I remember well, the scenes in the Great Hall back in Splinters looked very much like the 'no-Harry time'.

Tommy Boy, Master of Time or not, your seconds are numbered. It's the time all the Malfoys of the world usually trim their sails to the wind so they can later claim to be innocent.

Thank you so much for another chapter extraordinaire.

Author's Response:

Ha! Yes, time truly does bend and twist in a story that has currently spanned, depending on your frame of reference, either 19 hundred years or about 5 hours. As far as how long this chapter covers, I'm guessing 10-15 minutes :)

It is a brilliant leap of philosophy to question whether Gemina can die in this world. It is equally important to wonder that about Hettie and Rob who, if anything, are in even greater peril. Hettie, you'll note, kept resisting attempts to save her. Might she somehow understand something we do not?

So Horcruxes. Yes, early on in the story, Harry does allude to the list of objects that Dumbledore wanted destroyed. And yes, this AU retained rigourous canonical compliance until early in OotP, so Horcruxes are real.

The question of timeline is tricky, because the authour makes things so damned complicated, but ultimately when things led up toward the final climax, the December 1997 timeline never quite made it out of late afternoon, while the A.D. 78 lurched into night, and the May 1998 timeline has always been making its slow trek through the darkness. In the torrential evacuation from Vesuvius, I think the ancient and 1998 timelines diverged... So we are heading toward daybreak, in May 1998.

The authour (and Ginny and Harry) have all set some expectations for a showdown back in the Great Hall... though several tiny things here and there in this story have proceeded a little differently from expectation ;)

Thank you, Martin, for another wonderful review!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.02.18 - 03:37AM Title: Chilling Flames

Well, I'm back ... finally. It has been a bit tops you-turvy in real life and the thin ice that has been supporting my emotional strength couldn't support the weight of the immediate potential loss of Ginny. I know, sick to become attached to the fate of fictional characters, especially one-removed in the world of fan fiction, but there you have it. I've learned the hard way that the loss of Harry, Ginnt, or H/G is not a destination at which I care to arrive. But you have very skillfully left open the possibility that Ginny may not actually be lost or, if lost, that Annisgwyl's mission to retrieve Ignotus may set things right. So, I am back! I'm pleased and honored that you would consider allowing me an advance look at anything you write. I'll make the time if you ever make that decision.

Author's Response:

First and foremost, I must express some concern, and very much hope that you have surmounted those challenges life has sent your way!

Yes, the beginning of this story is harrowing for many, and life has sent some huge 'fictional' challenges into the page of our protagonist, however I believe it's safe to tell you that, by the end, this is very much a Harry/Ginny story, and that the early anguish does give way to encouragement, heartening growth in confidence, and eventually brash certitude, with some spice and humour along the way. It is a story that, having now completed the full body (at least in draft form) I am very pleased with, even though I know it will not be one of my most popular stories in the end.

Anyway, thank you very much for returning! And my apologies for the delayed response (have just returned from exhausting but satisfying travel).

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