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Reviews For Fires of Time

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.02.18 - 03:37AM Title: Chilling Flames

Well, I'm back ... finally. It has been a bit tops you-turvy in real life and the thin ice that has been supporting my emotional strength couldn't support the weight of the immediate potential loss of Ginny. I know, sick to become attached to the fate of fictional characters, especially one-removed in the world of fan fiction, but there you have it. I've learned the hard way that the loss of Harry, Ginnt, or H/G is not a destination at which I care to arrive. But you have very skillfully left open the possibility that Ginny may not actually be lost or, if lost, that Annisgwyl's mission to retrieve Ignotus may set things right. So, I am back! I'm pleased and honored that you would consider allowing me an advance look at anything you write. I'll make the time if you ever make that decision.

Author's Response:

First and foremost, I must express some concern, and very much hope that you have surmounted those challenges life has sent your way!

Yes, the beginning of this story is harrowing for many, and life has sent some huge 'fictional' challenges into the page of our protagonist, however I believe it's safe to tell you that, by the end, this is very much a Harry/Ginny story, and that the early anguish does give way to encouragement, heartening growth in confidence, and eventually brash certitude, with some spice and humour along the way. It is a story that, having now completed the full body (at least in draft form) I am very pleased with, even though I know it will not be one of my most popular stories in the end.

Anyway, thank you very much for returning! And my apologies for the delayed response (have just returned from exhausting but satisfying travel).

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.01.31 - 06:39AM Title: Chilling Flames


Just reread Splinters and thought I'd start on this. Really wild opening - a bit like Splinters (really awful image, then you get whisked back in time) but even crazier?

Author's Response: I had not really thought of it that way, but yes -- both stories start with a hard punch, followed quickly by a bit of semi-delirium. Perfect way to kick things off, right? As to whether this is crazier, yes definitely. Half of Splinters was very near canon, but about 80% of this is way out there. Anyway, great to have you as a reader, CoffeeGuy!

Reviewer: she123 Signed Date: 2017.11.05 - 07:54AM Title: Chilling Flames


Wow, this is gripping! Think I need to re-read Splinters though. One thing I noticed is that this is all in the present tense. I think that's quire rare, right? It does flows nicely!

Author's Response:

Glad you're intrigued, she123! And yes, a moderate refresher of Splinters may help in reading, although I think I've been dropping short prompters on Splintery plot points whenever this story references them.

The official reason for relying on present tense in this narrative is that time is so relative (i.e., messed up) that a simple standard is far preferable to waltzing through different tenses. I still recall Douglas Adams talking about time-twisted grammar in one of his novels -- amusing to ponder, but ridiculous to try to write :) The truly honest reason how the present tense got started was that this all grew out of a little plot bunny that was never supposed to expand to a full story. When one recounts simple plot shells, present tense seems sensible. Then, the ultimate clincher was that once I got going with it, the tense seemed both liberating and natural.

Nuff said. Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.11.02 - 12:46AM Title: Chilling Flames


Fascinating beginning, and I am so glad to see a return to this world. I suspect it will be a bit of a twisting, turning ride through time! I will trust your teaser and hang on tightly for the ride!

Author's Response:

Ah! You know, over the last while I had thought maybe to approach you to see if you wanted to preview / alpha-read any of this. I ended up settling with my two usual victims, but am glad you have confidence in the basic premise. It starts rather bracingly, but then settles in to something of a flow. I have yet to write the real whiplash parts leading up to the end, but will tackle that soon. Still trying to massage a few implausible details :)

In any case, it's great to hear from you. Privileged to have you on board!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.11.01 - 05:30PM Title: Chilling Flames


First, I'm so pleased you are writing a sequel to Splinters!!! It was one of my favorite stories, and the first story I recommended to my niece when she became interested in Harry Potter fan fiction. Second, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???? Okay, enough of the Molly style ranting, but seriously, Ginny is sacrosanct. Having said that, though you warned us that this is not a 'once upon a time... they all lived happily ever after' type of story, I still have complete faith in you. Greatly looking forward to the next chapter!!!

Author's Response:

Before I address the kindness of your first bit, I obviously must speak to the harrowing introduction I bequeath to the readers. As a writer, and a softie at that, it was a very difficult decision to follow through with a plot like this. And it was equally difficult to mess with something like Splinters. To explain that, let me walk you through a bit of the mind-set: Splinters was a fairly hard-nosed story whose grim edge is not too far off some of JKR's more jaded books (i.e., 4-7). Thus, I could not have followed it with something light or funny -- it would have seemed jarring. Also, the core challenge of HG romance was surmounted in Splinters, so there's no conventional boy-chases-girl (or girl-chases-boy) tale to tell, unless I pull a real meanie and tear them (temporarily) apart. All that argued against ever messing with the end of Splinters.

Unfortunately, as a fair number of people gently pointed out, there is this little matter of Gemina, Hettie and Rob. I never realised (but should have) that these characters would grow into something more than expendable alternate-AU versions of Ginny, Hermione and Ron. So guilt weighed upon me; enough guilt that I had to mess with a sacrosanct (your word -- thanks!) ending in order to give my creations their due. And indeed there were other loose ends, such as what really happens with the three brothers (plus one sister), and how ultimately does V-mo get taken down?

So there you have it -- a difficult choice to make, that has now been made. Yielding a most unconventional story. Albeit one that produces a happy 'outcome'.

Note that I do not exactly say 'ending'. You will eventually see why not :)

Thank you very sincerely for a great review!

Reviewer: AuntieMuriel Signed Date: 2017.11.01 - 05:33AM Title: Chilling Flames


Oh, what happened to young Ginevra? I've told Molly again and again that she needs to take better care of her brood. But she never listens to me. The Twins already were too much for her, and with young Ginevra it got even worse. That girl was just too stubborn and reckless. Now all we can hope for is that the Potter lad can save her. Yet again.

Author's Response:

Oi! Clear the broom closet; stash the liquor; Auntie Muriel is loose on the site! And here I was scared when Augusta L. started poking about in the potions cabinet...

Nay nay nay. Just joshing. Most grateful for a new character to liven up my day! As far as what happened to young Ginevra, and how/whether that Potter lad can mend the mess -- it will all be a twisty road that AM might approve of, in terms of her secret love of old Victorian novels such as she has stashed (under concealment spells) in her night stand.

Thank you much for the review!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.10.31 - 06:18PM Title: Chilling Flames


Strong beginning, the start about Ginny broke my heart. I hope it gets happier.

Author's Response:

I apologise for a brief response at this moment, but I am just about to rush away.

That said, however, I can offer a bit of encouragement, perhaps, in saying that apart from a little bit of bittersweetness (of the sort that I can never fully avoid) this story ends with a degree of cheer that exceeds Splinters. In fact the epilogue (already written) actually is 'fluff'.

Thank you for chiming in, Dad!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2017.10.31 - 03:59PM Title: Chilling Flames


First and foremost, Happy Halloween to anyone reading reviews, especially GHL. My heart is filled with joy to see the continuAnce of Splinters. Now then, onto the review.

Ignotus, for the Brittania of today...for the Brittania of tomorrow. The third brother is being seeked out by one scorched in the fire, the fourth child of (who would be known as) Peverell. This is the legend of foundation, for all that this Sight, and the others like it stand upon. The RighT3rantZ stamp of approval had been given. This is VEry good looking.

Hettie and Mr Wilsey, together already? Autumn of '97? Spring of '98? My goodness. You all can have your high brow brews and fermented grapes. I'm going for the Russian potato clear malt. Maybe some OJ to drive the point into my unique, but lovely dome?

GHL has cooked us up a masterpiece here. Slight changes for every read, as expected. I also believe in the authour. Ginny can't be dead, but she certainly will need some help from some form of our favorite scar headed hero!

What has become of the Publican's other two sons? What of the leftover Splinters? I love it.

Author's Response:

As always, there is a ton of insight sewn into a review like this, which complicates matters for a writer who wishes to reply with integrity, but not give away the farm :)

For this reason, I shall focus only on part of the review now, although other shreds I will address in review space from time to time, at odd intervals. Anyway, for today, a brief chat about the three brothers Peverell. First of all, in his wonderful annotations of Beedle the Bard's tales, Albus Dumbledore spoke of the extent to which the Tale of Three Brothers was likely to be apocryphal, based only loosely on real historical happenstance. This story, thus, is (among other things) an attempt to outline a possible historical context from which such apocrypha could have been symbolically spun. Thus, yes, all three brothers make their presences know in this story. All three have interactions with 'Death' (potentially symbolic) in ways that gets the Hallows (real) distributed in a way that enables canon to later happen. The importance of the hallows in this story (plus Splinters) differs from canon, however. And the roles the some of the brothers play in the story (I believe) will surprise just about everyone.

More, at this point, I shall not say.

Thank you most kindly for alpha reading the story, RighT3rantZ, and thanks for the detailed thoughts!

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2017.10.31 - 02:34PM Title: Chilling Flames


Wow! How dark and depressing. And mysterious. And funny. And mysterious?I want to hug Harry, and Hermione, and Ron. And I want Ginny back. And I want Gemina to turn around and blast the crap out of whoever snuck up on her. Is that asking too much?And I love Hettie and Rob. I think that about sums it up. When is the next chapter?

Author's Response:

Darkly depressing and mysteriously funny? Sure, I'll happily accept all that. :)

I believe I will likely expend quite a few keystrokes reassuring readers that a living (and indeed, 'enlivening') Ginny is very critical to successful resolution of this tale. The keenest-eyed readers might have noted that I did indeed make sure that the 'Harry/Ginny' character tag was applied to the story. All that said, though, I can't guarantee that Ginny's triumphant return will be... quick... I shall not keep everyone hanging forever, but I shall rely, for a while, on readers' faith.

Next chapter shall be early next week. I have drafts of 10 chapters completed, and expect perhaps another 5-7 more. Editing takes time too, but with luck I'll be able to hew to a chapter a week.

Thank you so findly, SF!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.10.31 - 01:48PM Title: Chilling Flames

Great to see a new one from you, GHL!! To say this one is unique would be an understatement! In reading this, I for some reason thought of the old TV show "Lost in Space"! (You weren't having a toddy when you wrote this, were you?) Really can't wait to see what you do with this Fantasia like hodgepodge! Knowing you, there has to be method to the madness! (BTW, I hope you let us readers know Ginny is OK pretty quick because I can only shield you from the killing curses so long)! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Since your 'submit' button (or mouse click, depending on the technology) was kind enough to review twice, I shall reply twice!

Most importantly, I appreciate your magnificent 'Contego' spell, which has saved my hide so many times already! As far as assurances of Mlle. Weasley's well being, I will be cagey on timeline, however I can point you to the header graphic on my authour page for some evidence of her (very much alive) role later in the story.

In any case, thank you for many kind words, and for reliably livening up this site!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.10.31 - 01:48PM Title: Chilling Flames


Great to see a new one from you, GHL!! To say this one is unique would be an understatement! In reading this, I for some reason thought of the old TV show "Lost in Space"! (You weren't having a toddy when you wrote this, were you?) Really can't wait to see what you do with this Fantasia like hodgepodge! Knowing you, there has to be method to the madness! (BTW, I hope you let us readers know Ginny is OK pretty quick because I can only shield you from the killing curses so long)! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Ah, I can definitely assure you that there is madness to my method. Er, I mean... well, you know what I mean.

Lost in Space? It's fascinating how, in reading something new, we all find some prior context in which to place the material. From such context, it can be possible to see what colour cravat the villain is wearing or, in this case, what sort of toddy the authour may or may not have been drinking. In this case, to be honest, it was probably a wheat beer...

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.10.31 - 10:27AM Title: Chilling Flames


Ah, the splinters feeling is back giving me goose bumps whenever I read the name Gemina. It doesn't happen often that Harry is right and Hermione is wrong, however, I've enough confidence in the author to believe Harry when he says "She's alive."

It's an intriguing idea to give the three brothers a sister never mentioned in the tale.

The time rift is an intriguing incident, too. I think I still need to ponder a bit about its consequences, and of course, what could have caused the rift.

I'm looking forward to the new adventures of our heroes, no matter the actual character they're in. I just hope that this time Gemina will at least get a wee happy ending.

Your new profile picture is quite the eye-catcher.

Author's Response:

Ha -- good observation about Hermione! It occurs to me that I've written her to be more brave, more impetuous and more frequently 'wrong' than is truly justified by canon. I suppose this could be the effect of having to have taken a second-fiddle role to Ginny in this AU. Anyway, there are aspects of Hermione (and Harry) that still mirror the canonical 17/18-year-olds, but subtle differences as well. In later chapters, Ron does more as well, and he is perhaps even more changed.

All questions and speculations about the nature of time in this story are encouraged, with the critical caveat that this will be about the last key plot point to be explained.

And finally, yes, a happy ending? Poor Gemina, Hettie and Rob rather got the short end of the splintery stick. Is this story some way to make it up to them?

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