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Reviews For Fires of Time

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.04.01 - 06:26AM Title: Today is the Day


Fascinating chapter that draws the clear distinction between the order of JKR's closed loop and the chaos of modifying what happened in history. Very cool.

Author's Response:

Thank you -- that is a most astute observation! I believe that Rowling made a very wise choice (early on) in deciding to wipe out all of the Time Turners, so as to not threaten the rest of her exceptionally well conceived plot-line through DH. Then later, of course, came Cursed Child, but I won't go into that.

Anyway, in Splinters the loop may have mostly appeared closed, but I did hint at some remaining loose ends... which ultimately provided the ill-minded inspiration for, as you say, chaos.

Anyway hopefully, after another 15 chapters, you can assure me that cause-and-effect have been mended, and that histories and fate are healed :)

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.01.31 - 06:43AM Title: Today is the Day


Love the alt-characters! Interesting back-story from Hermione. And Harry is so.... Harry. Well done!

Author's Response: Well, I can't really deny it, but this story is very much a chance for the alternate universe versions of Hermione, Ginny and Ron to have a *real* story of their own. A few Splinters readers requested it, and it was a request I had difficulty saying no to. Great to hear that you enjoyed the 'real' Hermione and 'real' Harry segments. Thank you again!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2017.11.15 - 01:02PM Title: Today is the Day


Fun reviews!?! As you wish, my friend.

AotL and Fantasy Island? What has that bloke's wine been cured with I wonder? Maybe he was hanging out Auclair... I suppose for a time random story can trigger a random pop culture reference. Being an initiated reader of GHL's comes with a price, paid with the ferrous currency.

For example, that manilla envelope has some significance now. It did come from Dunbarton. Duff from Splinters has been up to his usual (outstanding)shenanigans, if I had to postulate a theory. Hettie can't be blamed for passing over it though, those blue-hazel eyes of Mr W. will draw even the most resolute time traveling Hermione consciousness in...

Gemina/Ginny stays in limbo for now, reframing herself, then to Rome and back to the fires that burn, or the hand that kills... Can't wait to see how many times she loops through until she (hopefully) emerges to join sometime.

Good stuff.

Author's Response:

Ferrous currency? As in modern coinage that is made primarily with non-coinage metals? Or, is this a reference to the not-so-well-known fact that the ink on some western nations' bills contains enough iron to make it a weak electrical conductor? Either way, I will need a bit of careful reflection to process the implications of what tribute I exact upon devoted readers. Damaged brain cells perhaps.

You said a name, well known from the prequel, that I have been carefully avoiding mention of thus far. I shall not mention it now...

How many times will Ginny/Gemina cycle through alternate times and realities before emerging to kick tail? Good question. Another that I shall not answer ;)

Sincere appreciation for a fine tour through the polychromatic landscape!

Reviewer: AuntieMuriel Signed Date: 2017.11.15 - 11:29AM Title: Today is the Day


Merlin's beard, I'm afraid that Arthur has to expand his hut again when the timelines are merged at the end. Otherwise there won't be enough space for all the Rons, Robs, Hermiones, Hetties, Ginnys, Gemini, and that Potter lad when they’re back home. Molly will need a larger kitchen, too. Fortunately, I'm spared the extra Arthur and Molly. One Molly alone is hard to bear, isn't she?

Oh dearie, don't forget to tell us what happened to Auntie Muriel in the other timeline. I suppose she’s called Auntie Murietta then, won't she? I'm afraid, however, it is like always, nobody cares about the elders, well, unless they need help...

Enough chattered, you have to write the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Ah! When they're back home, you say? I will share with you a secret, which is that a few weeks ago, in a fit of can't-help-its, I sat down and (blithely ignoring a bunch of intervening chapters still to be written) dashed off nearly the entire epilogue.

Putting that aside for a moment, wouldn't it be a wild mess to juggle even a one-night party of all of the aforementioned characters under one roof? Surely some of the saner folks would run for the hills! However, having written the epilogue, I will hint that such a party (or any longer term cohabitation) will not happen. This will happen for a reason that I believe you (and hopefully other readers) will enjoy. [Writer turns, and smugly walks off to get a drink]

Oh, and a brilliant suggestion on Auntie Murietta, by the way! This shall come to pass; I need only to come up with the right setting.

Thank you, AM!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.11.15 - 06:10AM Title: Today is the Day

String theory, really? Kudos, but I do not envy you. Without Ginny or Gemina such books must be quite boring. ;)

Maybe your next story should consist of the margin notes Ginny and Hermione would write for such a book, like the half-blood prince's drinking book. OK, Luna could be sure to contribute too.

Unfortunately (or luckily?) I've been spared such highly scientific books after graduation. At that time, mathematicians were still regarded as an all-purpose tool, knowledgeable in all imaginable areas, for which one needs very special courses of study today. I took advantage of the situation, and that's why I've had nothing to do with complex analysis and measure theory for decades anymore. They're just good old memories for me.

Funnily enough, one of my maths professors once said, just for fun, of course (well, maybe half of fun only), that some areas of physics look like a kind of witchcraft to him. That does fit quite well with the Fires of Time, doesn't it?

It may not be important for FoT, but will we learn what has changed in the Hettie / Rob timeline as a result of the events in Splinters? (Besides the time shift, of course) Why did Rob come to New Zealand not until after Christmas in Splinters, and left UK immediately after Gemina's supposed death in FoT? Does that mean that things are even worse in Wizarding Britain than before? Well, as I said, maybe it’s not so important, I'm just intrigued and, as always, a nosy bugger.

I'm sure you knew exactly that I wouldn't be able to resist, lol. In fact, I once noticed briefly that Hermione knew things that Hettie should have known, but it didn't bother me because I thought that I'd simply already forgotten something from the previous chapter. However, apparently that was intentional.

Oh, and I agree with you regarding Hettie/Hermione, they're both great characters, almost as great as Gemina/Ginny ;-)

Author's Response:

Even the driest text may be brought to life (albeit sometimes farcically) when spoken aloud in affected accents. My favourite affectations, which have now carried me much of the way through the string theory book, include a general Slavic, an Irish, an American Appalachian and, what I will refer to merely as, my Sir David Attenborough. Francais is sometimes passable, though Italiano and Deutsch tend to fall flat. Anyway, the one other saving grace of this reading is that Ginny, Gemina and a spicy array of other magic are all hiding off the fringes of the extradimensional intersections. Your maths prof was quite likely onto something, of course.

On a more topical front, the changed landscape of Rob's / Gemina's Britain is indeed important backstory to FoT and intertwines with the dystopic collapse of reality that Hermione walks us through in this most recent chapter. Oh - that reminds me that I forgot to address an important point of Kimberly's. Anyway, your question shall get addressed at some point.

As far as margin notes, I believe Hermione would have the sharper insight, but Hettie is the most clever writer. Too bad she can't collaborate with Ginny. Luna (or Lucy Lovelace who is, in fact fully interchangeable; alternate realities need not 'alternate' for Luna/Lucy) would be a decent choice. Gemina would not have the patience for something of this nature.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.11.14 - 06:35PM Title: Today is the Day


Noooo!!!!! Hermione seems to be accurately dissecting what is happening just seconds too late. She is correct in focusing on stopping Harry and finding Ginny. How disappointing that Minerva did not suspect time related foul play when Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were confused by Albus's precipitous death. On a brighter note, Gemina suddenly appearing before Rob and Hettie seems like a positive development. Now if I can just meld this in my mind with the truly distant past... or, I may simply have to await more information in the next chapter! Well done, indeed!!!!

Author's Response:

Great thought-provoking review, thank you Kimberly!

Yes, I did throw a nasty little curve there at the end, didn't I? However, as you pointed out, Gemina's contact with Rob and Hettie is indeed a positive development, because it provides a basis for useful information to begin to be shared. Also, Hermione rousing herself from the ghastly doldrums of the Great Hall is a favourable sign as well, even if she is a step behind. The main wild card, as you intuit, is Harry. What, exactly, is he rushing toward? Does he do anything worthwhile with that glimmer (in chapter 2) of vindication of his faith in Ginny being alive?

Chapter 4 will indeed shed a little light on some of these concerns... and will raise new ones. I promise ;)

Author's Response:

Forgot to address your point about McGonagall. It is certainly a valid disappointment. On a base level, one might suspect McGonagall of being too harried and fraught at this point to have much energy for intuition... however on a deeper level this is actually part of a plot-relevant condition upon which a bit of light shall eventually be shone.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.11.14 - 03:28PM Title: Today is the Day


This was another imaginitively interesting chapter! The first part kept making me think I was in an episode of "Fantasy Island" and I kept expecting to hear Tattoo yelling "De Plane De Plane!" However, I don't think Mr. Rourke could've come up with anything like this, so kudos to you! Good to see Gemina has red hair - with her reaction to the birdie I wonder if Rob happens to have messy black hair and green eyes?! Enjoyed the trip to reality at Hogwarts although it seemed alittle wierd with the Dumbledore thing, or was Hermoine playing with her Time Turner again?! Intriguing ending for sure! Looking forward to next chapter - hope you don't leave us in the dark long! ;)

Author's Response:

There will be glimmers of twilight at times, but it's possible the gloaming woodlands may not brighten for you until the sun rises over the Grampian crags east of Hogwarts. Then again, you've proven able to glimpse a surprising amount already, including some wisdom perhaps inspired from the golden age of television. I have to admit that the Fantasy Island imagery did not occur to me, however the visual of Hettie drifting in the tree-filtered evening sun on a pretty, late-spring New Zealand evening is probably not that far off! The 'plane' will come soon, however I believe it will be a Qantas Boeing 767, so if Tatoo ran out to meet it he might get blown through the hedge.

Hermione ought to know more about the perils of time trips than anyone, but this episode is 'mostly' not her fault.

Although I greatly admire your bravery in tackling this deranged story as a non-initiated reader, I do think I should advise you on one thing, otherwise things could get rather awkward in ensuing chapters. Rob's hair is decided auburn and his eyes are blue/hazel. He is, in fact, Gemina's slightly older brother. If she was uncharacteristically non-abusive to him in their encounter in this chapter, it is perhaps because a) she's spent weeks going out of her skull in Gaul, and b) she and he are about all each of them has left...

In any case, I greatly value your comments and all of these visual analogies that expand my somewhat limited imagination :)

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2017.11.14 - 11:31AM Title: Today is the Day


This is one of those special stories you just have to wait for the next chapter. You think you might know where it is going but then it is very easy to confuse yourself. Power to your slate/quill/pen/computer.

Auth or's Response:

It is an honour indeed to receive the word 'special' in a review. Thank you!

As far as knowing / not knowing where things are headed, I suspect that this may prove to be my most whip-lashy story ever. It is loaded with false starts and shoe-skidding course corrections. Fortunately, however, there's a bit less angst in the road ahead. Still plenty of drama, but I think the soul-rending is tempered by the characters getting jazzed with the challenge of trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Hopefully true for the readers too :)

Thank you wholeheartedly for a wonderful review!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.11.14 - 10:06AM Title: Today is the Day


Fabulous chapter, simply brilliant.

If I were Hettie, I'd also be surprised to be back in a timeline, she'd helped to decease, moreover at a completely unexpected time. I decided to stop pondering about this time shift. That’s Hettie’s, or Hermione’s job, isn't it? It's more fun to watch the two of them pondering than doing it by myself.

As soon as magic is involved, thinking in mathematical relations is somewhat fuzzy, at least for me. To me, it looks a wee bit like physics. For things that can’t be explained mathematically, physicists like to invent magical constants to make the equation work.

Oh, I just noticed that this time Ron probably left UK after Gemina died. Maybe I knew it before and forgot about it. It's probably not important, but I'm happy about every fact I find out by myself. ;-)

Fortunately, Hermione also remembers that Dumbledore has been alive recently. Otherwise, she certainly would have given Harry and Ginny a hard time. Hermione seems to have realized that both, Ginny and Gemina, have disappeared close a mysterious fire. I’m curious what conclusions she’ll draw from it.

Have I ever told you that your works are an infinite source to expand my vocabulary?

I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter...

Author's Response:

First of all, thank you sincerely for the kind words -- not only in general, but also regarding things like vocabulary. This story might, in general, slant a bit more to basic words. I am attempting, with some difficulty, to pursue simple words to mellow an insanely complex plot. Of course that doesn't always work and there are times when the less trafficked phrase is the only one that works.

Fascinating that you should mention physics, since my son and I are currently reading a book on String Theory. I must state that I was well into writing FoT before I ever started thinking about String Theory, however as I make my way through it, I am led to believe (more and more) that there's nothing in this story that some variant of strings (and especially branes) could not somehow explain, partially because (yes) string theorists are even worse about inserting new constants every time they need to corroborate an observation but, even more important, they insert new dimensions, within which it's way too easy to hide alternate realities and time lines. Those physicists are worse than fiction writers!

Speaking of time lines, it occurred to me in re-reading the chapter than Hermione's gradual elaboration of the collapse of her reality is a little scattered (two weeks before this; four weeks after that; two days ago, etc.). If you plot it out, I think it actually makes sense. However the sanest route may be the one you chose -- let her figure it out. She's good at that stuff ;)

Perhaps more salient, plotwise, is your observation that Rob did indeed (in this story) leave London the very day after Gemina's 'death'. This differs from Splinters, where he stuck it out in the UK until after Christmas. Much that is different.

I am going to share one insight with you... however if you would prefer to discover it on your own, then please avert your eyes and do not read the next line...

The secret is (last chance to look away) that although Hettie and Hermione are barely aware of a connection in this story (since they're generally not in contact with Cuplae), there is tremendous synergy. Hettie keeps learning odd facts, and Hermione keeps being able to put those facts into context.

Needless to say, I love my two 'smart girls' (Hermione / Hettie) nearly as much as I love the two spark plugs (Ginny / Gemina). However there are key roles for their male counterparts to play too.

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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