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Reviews For Fires of Time

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.01.31 - 08:14AM Title: Spirits


Wow, an almost eerie return for Ginny! Definitely makes me wonder what her true state is? Meanwhile Gemina, Hettie and Rob make for a lively AU Ginny/Hermione/Ron trio in Harry's absence. Can imagine they'd get into interesting adventures on their own, if you wanted to spin off. Anyway, fun chapter; wacky story!

Author's Response: Yes, I guiltily admit that Ginny's first appearance is 'not' reassuring, is it? Fortunately Gemina, Hettie and Rob are intrepid under any circumstance, and help to keep the spirits up. Anyway, I do appreciate your thoughts. Cheers!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2017.11.22 - 03:02PM Title: Spirits


Two reads(not counting the preview) this time around. I noticed the slim, tall wizard lost description in this version. Interesting. I've seen this wizard(the one in the preview which I still juxtaposed in this version) in other writings.

So, in this of them....that Harry recalls, I see a few things. Dumbledore was previously believed to be alive, but McGonagall disagreed.
Harry holds that Dumbledore (supposedly) dueled Voldemort on the astronomy tower and (I'm guessing) won the Elder Wand. At this point then in the walk in the forest Harry would only be master of 66.6% of the Hallows. Harry facing an Elder wand that was not won from Malfoy changes everything.

Cadmus stole the stone? This is a delineation from canon. Another interesting bit.

Ginny's form that appeared from the stone. Seems more substantial than the mother and the Marauders, I ponder what this could mean.

I admit chapter three was easier to fall into a meta reading state, although there was an in and out with the thoughts on spirit from Annisgwyl and Traianius that I found subtle, yet in my own thoughts, undeniable

On brain damage. I'm pretty sure I did plenty before I started reviewing your writings. Maybe brain damage is a prerequisite, not an effect. ;)

I know my favorite character approaches. The Ta-Tas. I hope you would agree as much.

Author's Response:

Ah, now did I take out some description of the wizard in the woods? I did take a crack at trying to trim the chapter down, to keep it thin (like the wizard). Of course, by the end of the cutting, I'd probably added 400 words. Kind of like when jolly old St. Nick tries dieting... Anyway, just because I trimmed some adjectives does not mean that the wizard isn't tall and spindly. At best it may mean it was too dark to get a good look at him.

So, among the other things that you've noticed: a) Yes indeed, Harry still remembers Dumbledore having been alive recently and (you'll notice) Harry has the Snitch/stone as 'proof' of his recent encounter. b) Yes, as far as the history that people like McGonagall would know, Voldemort really did earn the Elder Wand. However, if you get bored, you might revisit the last scene in Splinters where we actually see someone use the Elder Wand. c) Ginny's form is indeed more substantial than canonical Lily or the Marauders.

Anyway, we do indeed have at least one person who is beginning to sniff out a few subtle aromas from the smoke, I see. Good luck, and thank you for the review!

Reviewer: AuntieMuriel Signed Date: 2017.11.22 - 04:00AM Title: Spirits


Oh dearie, I know everything about magical spirits. The magical spirits I prefer are made by elves and are best served in bottles and goblin made crystal glasses. Of course, you are right, after the second or third glass, these magical spirits find their way into your head, and your eyes get a magical glimmer. After the fourth or fifth glass, you often get the feeling your vis-à-vis is looking back with more than two eyes. That Annisgwyl lass is right, of course, she should learn to accept those spirits and live with them. Mostly they are a pleasant company.

It's high time for the Potter lad to move his arse, don't you think so?

Oh ducky, thank you so much for sparing me the family gathering after they’re all back home. I was told that Murietta woman is an abrasive, gossiping-loving hag, no pleasant company for decent people.

Enough already, old chap! I have better things to do. Now go, and write the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Methinks you could do a pretty sharp parody. Or perhaps you already are ;)

Elfin brandy is mighty fine -- far preferable to the aptly named Fire Whiskey.

Time for Potter to get a budge, yeah? I shall oblige, of course, but please don't blame me (too much) if he goes storming off in the wrong direction. For every wrong turn, there is a right twist.

Yes, I too have heard that Murietta is a bit of a harpy (and we're not talking Holyhead). However, as it shall be told, an abrasive gossip-loving hag is better than no hag at all.

Thank you oh so much for another very spirited little chat, AuntieMuriel!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2017.11.21 - 08:39PM Title: Spirits


Okay, I'm not even going to try to guess at what exactly is going on here! Every idea I have is as unlikely as the previous. I will say that I love the way you can write about multiple characters in vastly differing times and places. Annisgwyl makes my heart ache with worry. Gemina causes me to smirk and shake my head. And, Harry, well there really are no words. I have yet to forgive JKR for his suicidal walk into the forest. Anyways, letting that go for now, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and am looking forward to the next!

Author's Response:

As usual, those are wonderfully evocative thoughts. Thank you Kimberly!

I believe this is the perfect chapter to say that you're bewildered. I liken this story to taking a jigsaw puzzle out of the box: In order to prepare for the challenge, we decouple a bunch of pieces that are accidentally stuck together in the right way, and a bunch of others that are incidentally stuck together in wrong ways, and then we spread everything out, prepared to start putting everything into place.

The pieces are now all spread about as far as they can be.Now, with Hettie picking Gemina's mind; with Harry squinting at a Hallow; with Hermione rushing out of the castle convinced that Ginny must be found; with Annisgwyl thinking of spirits and fate... now we are in the very earliest stages of putting things back together again.

It will take a while ;)

Thank you so very profoundly for empathising with my characters. They are my children, in a sense, so your words bring a smile to my face.

Harry's walk into the forest... I chuckle that you should bring that up. As you shall see, I do not believe it will be possible for Harry to have a more nonlinear walk to the forest :)

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2017.11.21 - 04:46PM Title: Spirits


Einauldi eh? An accomplished Italian pianist for sure, but Harry Connick Jr. or Count Bassie are more my speed! I could definitely sympathize with Annisgwyl as I too had many strange, foreign images crossing my mind while reading this! I've noticed that these chapters tend to bounce around more than a ping pong ball in a table tennis match! I very much enjoyed what seemed to be an exploration into spirits and the world of the occult! It made me think I might be in an episode of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"! However, Trainius seems to have more class and magical mysticism than Captain Daniel Gregg did! For the record, I liked Numpty in Noozy-land over Gormless in Gaul! Refreshing trip back to reality with the Harry and Ginny bit with a cliffy to boot! Can't wait for the next one! BTW, speaking of spirits, I must admit I was sipping on a glass of excellent Austrailian Shiraz wine while composing this! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Fascinating! Touring through the landscape of aesthetics is always interesting when accompanied by some very different perspectives. Beginning with the question of 'score', I do sometimes think about what music would fit best as background to a given story. I could definitely imagine reading Kezzabear's "Finding Us" to Harry Connick Jr. I think I could do Duke Brymin's "Girl on the Bench" to Count Basie. My selection of Einaudi for this chapter was because his music has the right mind-altering quality that (I think) makes the ping pong bounces seem somehow... well, kind of groovy...

Anyway, yes, I think the ping pong analogy is a good one. Perhaps the best way of thinking about it is two (very sharp) players keeping three ping pong balls on the go all at the same time. It may seem chaotic, but the balls never leave the table and, somehow, you have faith that those sharp players are going to find a way to bring everything into harmony. Either that, or the table explodes :)

Speaking of analogies, 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir' is an excellent one that had not occurred to me -- thank you!

And speaking of 'excellent ones', have you ever tried the Jaraman Shiraz that everyone is talking about? I'm quite partial to Adelaide Hills. Or, especially for this story, Craggy Range's 'Le Sol' -- not only is it from New Zealand, but it's spiced with that rich volcanic soil. Yes, I know that the Kiwis are cultured (or stuffy) enough to call it Syrah...

Wow, I can't believe the array of topics we've just plowed through! Music, sports, drama, mysticism, wine -- we've gone past the requirements for a cultural grand slam!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2017.11.21 - 08:48AM Title: Spirits


Obviously, the magical spirits are trying to contact to each other. Does Annisgwyl have two magical spirits, Gemina and Ginny? At least she felt two presences. At the moment, the most important interface seems to be the one between Gemnina and Hettie. I guess the two of them are going to set the wheels in motion.

Interesting, it almost sounded as if Ffodion also had a visitor two years ago, at least Annisgwyl thinks so, and Ffodion had the suspicion that his mother was not dead, but kidnapped by the Roman Death Eater order (Back in chapter 2, I already was quite positive that Lanossea isn’t dead.). I'm quite curious if a magical fire was burning nearby when she disappeared.

Hopefully, Ginny's presence will give Harry the strength to keep going.

As always, those are only my silly thoughts while reading, I'd never ask for spoilers, because they'd spoil the fun.

iven --> given

Author's Response:

Great little points -- thank you Martin! Thank you also for catching the keyboard misfire.

Yes, Annisgwyl is sort of able to detect 'multiple' spirits. Presumably two. And Gemina also noted in Chapter 2 that she sensed another spirit, who was very anxious to commune with Traianius's possessor. But, also yes, the Hettie/Gemina conduit is (for the time being) a far more valuable source of info to readers and characters alike.

Yes, 'at least Annisgwyl thinks' that Ffodion had a visitor two years ago. Well put. More I shall not divulge for the time being. However, regarding the princess, I shall tempt you with one very simple phrase. 'Not fire'.

As far as Harry's reaction to the twist revealed, and the twist to follow... I believe it may surprise some, and shall not dismay.

If people reading this response are caught somewhere between confused and intrigued, then I have done my job ;)

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