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Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.08.12 - 09:21AM Title: Disappointment


Yes, I can see a bit of angst and chippy attitude. But luckily everyone is twenty-something and not prone to the nasty squabbles that are everywhere in canon. With Rowling, you still knew that everyone cared, but here it's nice to see that, for the most part, the characters still show that they care.

Author's Response:

Ah, well yes. I like the way you look at it -- our friends are indeed a bit edgy, but nobody is stepping too far out of line, and they still show consideration. And yes, that may well be something you could ascribe to a few more years of mellowing experience.

Thank you for the positive feedback, SF

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.08.08 - 01:41PM Title: Disappointment


The new theme is sticking more often now. This is the first review page that has held it without forcing me to manually change the URL(not that I would bother, too much work, lol). In my imagination there is a NULL void somewhere that has all the site's messages out of order with no context.

Already to chapter 15? That opening dialogue metastasized throughout my brain quickly. I had to stop reading for a second and realize this may be your last hpff; fitting that you had those bitter chips being handed back and forth between the girls ;)

OK, confundo on me. Appleblum kinda reminded me of whom I hazarded a guess in my last review. Maybe it should have apparent that I needed to...hmm Pinch myself...either way great obfuscation. It really caused me to dig my teeth in, but now I realize I may have lost my teeth. Never mind, I just checked the mirror, they are there. Better late than never. (If you are reading my review, just ignore this last part:)

I started thinking Ginny had been made a resident advisor. She lives off campus, so it made no sense. Strange where the mind goes. I wonder if the new RA position will help combat the Real IRA. It reminded me of a Kpop song I haven't heard in a over a year. I can't remember a single lick of the tune or the lyrics, so I can't really mention anymore about it.

Seems the band is going to allow a mole into the midst. Curious that Lee was nearly ignoring Dean considering all the downright inconvenience he caused Lee in gig scheduling. Also Lee and Hermione haven't connected in a while, it feels like. Could cause a personality disorder in one of them.

I guess it has been awhile since I left a discombobulated review, but not anymore. Also AOTL just suggested a blood wine I think, lol. Cheers!

Author's Response:

Yeah, it may be that the entire SIYE PM system is actually an old vacuum tube that shoots things down into a nest of gremlins, who then decide which, if any, to forward along to whom (and in what order). Odd, though, that the theme is glitching. That may actually be a browser issue. And perhaps I'm already on record as having suggest that. Although it may just be the gremlins.

Discombobulated, you said?

Ah yes. Appleblum. Intuition. Stay tuned.

Erk. I guess other plausible university RA acronyms might exist. Salient to this discourse of simply 'Research Assistant'.

Last hpff? Probably, yes, except for finishing Trix. Unless, of course, you wanted to further your creative hand in finishing it? I could give you the general skeletal outline, make myself available for non-intrusive consulting, and just cheer you on. My own personal difficulty with Trix is not the story itself, but rather the fact that the writing is kind of pulp fiction. Not sure if I can write another ten 10K chapters in my current state of perfectionism. It takes me 1.5 times as long to produce a 4-5K chapter now as I used to take for 10-12K.

Still, I may finish it. Time will tell.

Astute observations about Lee and Mione. You, and others, have caught onto my wiley ways.

I think I will not dwell upon your teeth issues, other than to say that I used to have the occasional bad dream like that.

Since you have not chosen to enhance my play-list in this review, and since there were no artist-specific musical references in the last chapter, let me share a slice of my psyche and advise you to check out the young punk pop band 'Arbors Lane'. If you need a specific song recommendation, I'd suggest 'Shiver' which, despite being their most popular song, may actually be their best (go figure). Depending on your reaction, I may share (off-line) a screen-shot of a (silly) twitter interaction I recently had with their lead singer.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.08.08 - 10:31AM Title: Disappointment


I feel badly for Lee. Harry was being a bit dismissive about his interest in the books. At least Harry realized at the end and will hopefully find the time to read sooner rather than later. Perhaps Hermione will begin reading, become excited, visit Lee to discuss the text and manage to put a smile on his face!

Author's Response:

Not the easiest chapter for either Lee or Mione -- very true. And, quite possibly, your powers of prognostication prove prescient!

Great to have you back. Hope you have a bit more summer left to enjoy.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.08.08 - 09:21AM Title: Whole


Delighted to find two new chapters to read! I suspect Ginny is correct about keeping Dean close while they attempt to learn what is going on. I'm even somewhat hopeful that he may not be an evil character in this story. The idea of Pansy as a waitress was amusing - she definitely does not have the needed temperament ;) Harry and Ginny need to read the books! I wonder how accurate they truly are, and are those four books all that have been written? All that occurred? Off to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response:

Welcome back, K!

Dean! Yes, in the original sketch for the story I had him only for a minor role, but he has grown and will continue to do so. And time will tell how much 'character' he has.

Indeed House of Wolf (at least this fictional version thereof) has some staffing issues, and Pansy does not exactly lift all boats...

The books available to Lee (and others) are mostly as per their release dates, which would have seen GoF have made its appearance in summer 2000, while OotP would not emerge until 2003. 'Mostly' as per release. You'll see.

Thank you so very much for review 1 of 2!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.08.07 - 04:40PM Title: Disappointment


I was ecstatic when I saw this new chapter, and it was certainly no disappointment! Of course, the title made me think of the song "Disappointment" (Cranberries - 1994)! Who would have ever thought that Ginny would win a battle of logical reasoning with Mione?! Mione certainly proved to be a true friend in her willingness to help Harry and Ginny in a potentially dangerous situation! Which of course made me think of "You've got a friend" (James Taylor - 1971)! I suspect the something stronger and more sinister than the bequilement that Ginny suspects is affecting Dean is none other than an unforgivable Imperio Curse! Interesting that Ginny thinks she can sense magic and magical spells - wait til she finds out she's a witch! For some reason that bit with Dean being under a spell and Ginny being sensitive to it made me think of "I Put A Spell On You" (Screamin' Jay Hawkins - 1956)! Ratman? Do I smell Wormtail afoot? (BTW, I got a big kick out of the term, 'dark dorks' :D)! Guess Mione suddenly got a case of 'foot in mouth' disease with the Lee and Harry moving in bit! Can't help but wonder what caused Dean to almost freak out when he saw that HP book! Deja vu perhaps?! Book research without Hermoine? Egads - the world may be ending! Wonder if she'll recognize Ginny and herself when she reads "Chamber of Secrets"?! I'm curious about those books Harry and Ginny are going to research & what will happen when they start reading the Potter books! For some weird reason I suddenly just thought of the song "Memories" (Barbara Streisand - 1981)! Strangely, The word 'obliviate' keeps coming to mind as I read this! This story has more twists and turns than a roller coaster! This one left lots to think about, especially if our heroes will discover who they really are! And so, I decided to end this review with verses from something alittle upbeat and mellow, "Sunshine" (John Denver - 1971):
f I had a tale that I could tell you
I'd tell a tale sure to make you smile
If I had a wish that I could wish for you
I'd make a wish for sunshine for all the while
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost all the time makes me high
Thanks for another great ride, G! And Cheers ( this time with a glass of 2016 Domaine de Barons de Rothschild Légende Bordeaux Rouge - a nice little cabernet-merlot blend I found)! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Verily, but I shall be most pleased to sip a fine Bordeaux. You've been rather spoiling me of late.

You're also spoiling me with the musical selections! I will have to do a bit of a search for the Screamin' Jay Hawkins, but the others are all well known to me.

I agree that Mione had a bit of a rough chapter at Ginny's hands although, very much to Ms. Granger's credit, she handled it very positively. There would have been times that the canonical Hermione would have been rather frosty... although the canonical Hermione did mature substantially as the books went on.

As I mentioned in an earlier review, the title for chapter 16 is 'Books', so I will let that be the primary mode of replying or responding to literature-related points right now, although I will drop a little hint that not all will be as epected :)

Regarding rat-man, a very astute comment! This issue will be addressed. Though you may have to wait a bit...

Deju vu perhaps, you ask regarding Dean? If you take the rigorous French transliteration then, yes, that is quite accurate! And certainly yes, Imperius is a fairly logical guess!

I believe that's all I'm allowed to comment on now, other than to say that it is, as always, wonderful to have these post-chapter chats. Especially given the refreshments served!

Reviewer: snapelover Signed Date: 2018.08.07 - 02:24PM Title: Disappointment


Is it my imagination, or are the characters just a bit touchy? There's some wit in both the Ginny/Mione and the Harry/Lee scenes, but everyone seems a bit angsty too. Like stress is starting to wear people thin? Anyway, still a great chapter!

Author's Response:

That's a very good point, and is one that was perhaps adventitious in that, yes, this is a time within the plot when people are not at their happiest. Although fortunately Ginny and Harry are getting along exceptionally well, which is crucial, because they are going to work well together is some fairly high stakes action.

In any case, I suspect the contentious tone arose in part because I had a hell of a week while drafting that, and a bit of my chippiness perhaps came through. Still, it did fit the circumstances.

Thank you very much for your thoughts, SL!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.08.07 - 01:01PM Title: Disappointment


Definitely an atmosphere building up, but still not sure where it will end. Steady updates.

Author's Response:

Thank you most kindly for your words of encouragement, and for your patience with the updates. I'm not sure I deserve your 'steady' rating, but at least the updates are toughly when predicted.

As to where it will end, that I *have* a pretty good idea. Your questioning is perhaps valid, as not all will go quite as expected. Although the ending will, for the most part, be on up note.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.08.07 - 09:06AM Title: Disappointment


Salt and vinegar of the worst experiences of my life, lol.

So, Dean had been imperioused, or something like that. Seems, they're using Dean to gather intel by using a Pensieve. I wonder if they've already gotten something of interest.

Ginny is able to sense magic. It's the thing I was looking for for a while now...the reason she run away into the dark of the night when she was near Dean, twice? But why do those dark-hooded jerks only attack in the night, and outside? Seems, there are protections we don't know of (yet?).

Hmmm, 19 Hazelbank Terrace, the flat JKR gave to a friend in April 2002? Honestly? I don't think this friend is Dr Appleblum. I'm pretty curious about Dr Appleblum intentions by more or less forcing Harry and Ginny to catalogue those books. Maybe, it's time to ponder the real identity of Dr Appleblum?

They are getting better and better with inventing excuses to not read Lee's book, lol. Maybe, Appleblum's job is the alternate plan to push them to have a closer look into the books. It's like nobody is able to tell them who they really are, so they need to read it by themselves, like a kind of Fidelius.

A blackcurrant juice with soda on the rocks would nice to help to survive the ever-present heat. Swapping my desk with a shady spot in a beer garden sounds like a great idea, too.

Thanks for adding the photos of Camden Palace.

Author's Response:

Yes, those particular crisps are going to set most people's teeth on edge. Have been known to bleed the gums too. Although, I can recall a time when I sort of liked them... Sort or.

Yes, so you caught the Pensieve allusion, and yes, there are protections to be revealed.

Digging deeply, and inferentially, you likely have seen some comments and responses that hint at Appleblum's identity. The name, itself, is not a great help. The nature of the books will become apparent in Chapter 16 (title: Books). Ah yes, I feel for you and the oppressive heat! Alcohol truly does help (colonial Brits understood that well enough), as long as you also keep yourself hydrated (colonial Brits sometimes remembered that). Love the Blackberry & soda idea. A bit of vodka too, if you want to start your body's own natural air conditioner.

Thank you for the review and for turning hidden gems into such an attraction! They don't get a huge number of comments, but I've never seen so many old members logging back in again as has been the case recently.

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.08.07 - 08:08AM Title: Disappointment


This is getting wickedly intricate! The threads all seem to kind of fit together, but who knows what they're all weaving into?

Author's Response:

Ah, well chapter 16 will shed light on some threads, and split a few others into quirky curls.

As to who might know the overarching pattern, I know someone who had a general idea, but in truth nobody yet knows all!

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the great reveal, and thank you also for the review!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.08.03 - 07:21AM Title: Whole


Intriguing little reveals!

Author's Response:

Yes, when working with smart characters, it's always more satisfying to follow the paths of discovery, rather than merely being told. Chapter 12 was necessary from a plot perspective (i.e., Dora needed to prove herself, and doling out sensitive information was the ideal way to do so) but adventitious discoveries in this chapter are much more satisfying to write.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.08.03 - 07:19AM Title: Smiles


Loving it so far!

Author's Response:

Very encouraging words are very appreciated. Thank you CG!

Reviewer: snapelover Signed Date: 2018.07.31 - 12:15PM Title: Whole


So, after all this time, Harry and Ginny turn into sleuths? A great little stakeout in the House of Wolf! And I think their cagey decisions about Dean are intriguing. Great chapter; great change of pace!

Author's Response:

Yes, I had envisioned both Harry and Ginny as being good observers; better judges of people than was evident in canon. I consider it a bit of an 'orphan' persona. I know that Harry was an orphan in canon, but perhaps his atmosphere wasn't conducive to acquiring the standard orphan toolkit, which is geared toward having senses well attuned to the people around you, as a means to best navigate troubled waters that are often slanted against you.

Anyway, thank you for the encouraging thoughts!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.07.30 - 07:13AM Title: Whole


You know, I decided to change my colour theme on this site, and it intermittently keeps reverting back. Oh well. One of the little quirks that make the site so lovable. Speaking of which the 'private' messenger has dumped everything, lol. Really though how private is it if this site still doesn't use https...

Hmm, I thought it was the old transfiguration professor in the....erm... Wash Closet was it? I detect a twist forth coming(or a nod). Fetid perfume though, that was an odd addition. What is hiding behind your hand this time I wonder? I have Never been disappointed...

Atomic Kitten? I had never heard of them before. Kinda wish I still had not. As mentioned previously this time frame didn't exactly produce much music of any tangible quality.

A 50 spot to the host at the restaurant? Not bad for a musician that moonlights as a library clerk. I would be worried Pansy might spit in their food after sending back that spotty wine glass. Harry and Ginny being prepared to forgive Dean is a head scratcher, but I am interested in seeing where this is all leading.

Author's Response:

Yes, I have to admit that there are poltergeists lurking in the metacode underlying this site. Strange things happen at random. The same correction administered three times will give three different results.

The security associated with the PM system is that your message is hidden from other users, from administrators, from you, and from your intended recipient. There is no chance of privacy lapse if absolutely nobody every sees what you've written.

Trust me, yes, there are plenty of twists left to unravel. However it is also possible that the occasional detail here and there is a diversion.

Atomic Kitten? Yes, forget about it. That said, though, the great thing of 2002 is that it was the great cusp. Napster had just sewn the seeds of downfall for all the old music empires, and from thence came an era of great creativity. Who knows what grows from the ashes of inferno? The only safe bet will be that what follows will look little like what came before.

Fifty pounds is indeed a bit of a shocker. Keep in mind, though, that Harry has an inheritance stipend. It's insinuated that he uses it judiciously to keep himself and Lee afloat, but real day-to-day income had recently spiked.

Are Ginny and Harry 'forgiving' Dean, or are they more intent on choosing a prudent path?

One of the better conversation-starting reviews in quite a while. Great gratitude!

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.07.30 - 01:59AM Title: Whole


Well, I was really hoping for Sirius. Perhaps that was Bellatrix? I was a bit worried when Ginny went exploring - thought for sure she would be caught. It will be interesting to see what exactly is going on with Dean. Was he trying to break them up? Why? So many questions!! Can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response:

Too true -- for any AU story that hasn't found a way to keep Sirius in the action, it seems a missed opportunity. Unfortunately, I did instead choose to give him a big role in the blurred back-story. I'll have to see if I can engineer a flashback or something to give him his due.

I think it *is* fair to assume that Dean was hoping to disrupt the developing romance, as you suspected. The next question is, what *else* is going on with him? How much does he know about anything? Another clue will drop in Chapter 15.

Thank you so much for all that you do, Sharon!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.07.28 - 11:11AM Title: Whole


Great chapter! Dean continues to puzzle, though his motivation seems less clear to me. At first I just thought he wanted Harry iout of the way, both to grab the spotlight he thinks he deserves, and the girl he desires. Surely, now, he must realize that whatever endangers Harry will endanger Ginny. You continue to puzzle me with names! We don’treally know what last name Pansy is using, but based upon the text, it could be Parkinson ... or not! Lee seems to simultaneously know everything ... and nothing! Then, of course, you gave us Bonnefoi rather than Malfoy, and the woman who I assume to be Narcissa, is graying! Her continuing antipathy for James and the entire Weasley clan makes me question how the war was resolved, or where it was heading when Professor D stepped in with his sad plan.

In short, I am truly impressed with your ability to build mystery within mystery ... to use omission as well as inclusion in the process. Truly, a job well done ... at least so far, and I have no reason to suspect it to fly off the tracks! Hooray!

Author's Response:

Dean, indeed! His situation and his ambiguities are fairly key to the plot going forward. As a result, I will say nothing more about his here and now. Ditto for Lee, and his book-derived knowledge. Chapter 15 will shed a little more light on that, and it will continue to build.

One item that I think would not hurt to divulge at this point, because it is subtle and not absolutely critical to unraveling of mysteries, is the matter of names. In case you would like to work this out on your own, I will insert a bunch of spaces to safeguard against wandering eyes (thus, you'll need to scroll down a bit for it).

Anyway, thank you much for a wonderful review!

Name obfuscation: after the end of hostilities, there were reasons for combattants and major leaders to fear reprisals. Name change often seemed prudent, though mostly just for families and/or individuals who played major roles in the struggle. In canon, Hermione Granger would have had no idea, ca. 1987, that she was a witch. People like Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan were from ambiguous half-blood families with at best weak associations with the Magical community. In this story, we can infer that the Parkinsons and Jordans likely didn't feel a great need to go deeply underground; this is drawn from canon where we never actually meet or hear anything about any Parkinson or Jordan relatives.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.07.25 - 09:18AM Title: Whole

And a brilliant addition it is! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Now, where would we be without good reviewers and the power to edit :) Thanks!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.07.24 - 08:41PM Title: Whole


Glad to see you have returned G! As the singing cowboy once sang, "I'm Back In The Saddle Again"(Gene Autry 1941)! Hate to say this, but when I saw the title of this chapter I'm afraid my first thought was of "Whole Lotta Love"(Led Zeppelin 1969)! (With apologies to Atomic Kitten)! Okay, was it just me or did anyone else groan at the pun about Ginny's stomach and 'gut instinct'?! Looks like Dean has gotten himself into a real mess but the question is what the mess is? Guess for now it'll remain a real mystery, which of course made me think of "Mystery Man"(Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1976)! Interesting to see Pansy Perky-Pants, er Parkinson er whoever show up in this thing! Wonder if she realizes how far down the toilet she just flushed her tip from Harry? Leave it to Ginny to put her in her place! Aw Oh, Lee let loose the D word! And right after introducing our favorite couple to the Harry Potter Books! This one is getting really, really interesting! Given the blooming love between Harry and Ginny, I decided to end this review with a tribute to them using verses from "Love Me Tender"(Elvis Presley 1971):
"Love me tender
Love me true
All my dreams fulfilled
For my darlin' I love you
And I always will"
Cheers to your return G!(This time with a glass of Riesling Spätlese Grünlack 2014, a nifty German Riesling I am currently sipping on)! How's that for a drink! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

First and foremost, thanks for the glass! You would have noticed, in Ginny's order, that she took one of your old recommendations? Anyway, today is a fine day for a good Riesling.

Whole Lotta... Ragged Breathing. I have debated whether there will ever be an R-rated missing moment from this story? The Jimmy Page guitar riff is enough to inspire one.

Yes, that pun was enough to make me grimace a bit too. I may go back and change it when inspiration hits.

Not to spoil anything for anyone, but Dean's mess is going to get messier. And yes, Lee's little pastime of reading children's books may actually prove useful at some point.

A suitably reverent nod to the Presley tune as I sample that Spätlese. Thank you for a brilliant review, Cosmo!

Author's Response: Figured out how best to deal with the daft pun! Little addition made to the end of the capsule.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.07.24 - 12:10PM Title: Whole


I can not decide what the bad guts are really up to. Keep it coming.

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- villains these days! Erratic by design? Or from incompetence? :)

Thank you for the words of encouragement, Dad!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.07.24 - 11:25AM Title: Whole


It's great to see another update! To be honest, yesterday afternoon I thought to myself...hmm, he said it might be August before we'll get the next update, but maybe...just maybe...August comes early. And it did!

I must admit that I didn't see the connection between Harry's first appearance in the press and things heating up ... though with hindsight it seems logical. I always thought in the line that things heated up because Harry met Ginny and someone (whoever) noticed. Maybe it was both...

The attacks happened after the clashes with Dean, but why? Because something happened to Ginny in these situations that made her run into the dark night alone?

It seems that Wolf's eatery will not become one of my favourite London restaurants. I usually prefer something cosy.

Long straight, grey-streaked blonde hair? Relative to a silver-headed ferret fart?

Are James and the Weasleys the key to awakening Ginny and Harry's interest in Lee's beloved books? I'm curious who'll have the first look into the books. I bet it's Ginny. The closer the two of them are, the less Professor D 's spell seems to affect them, at least the part distracting them from searching their past.

I've been wondering for a while how exactly I should imagine Harry's performance on Camden Town stage. Can you give a youtube reference? But only if it doesn't take so much effort, but something tells me that you have an accurate idea and probably had an appropriate clip in your mind when you wrote this scene.

Great chapter. Thank you so much!

Author's Response:

True -- scheduling is always a bit fluid; an ephemeral entity contingent on the battle between discipline and impatience :) Technically, if I had held out another week while drafting chapter 16, it might have made the overall story better, but discipline broke down.

It sounds as though you re-read the Palace concert recently, and hence the (perfectly reasonable) notion that aural sparks between H&G at that concert were a key ignition. However if you read things through very carefully, you'll notice that Harry vaguely detected not only Ginny, but multiple aura signatures that night. So, one may surmise that some interesting (and interested) people were in the audience. Perhaps for some reason 'other' than the music...

House of Wolf: when it shut down (in 2014? 2012?), the last online review in one major rating service had some horrible things to say about the service. So I figured, no harm in kicking a corpse... Then I discovered in May that it was re-opening! I presume it is under new management, in which case you may well consider it, if you like quirky food and quirkier drinks. I don't think it will ever be 'cosy' though. Colonial / Victorian schtik is typically tailored to stiffen the spine.

Blonde hair -- think descriptions from the 'books' rather than the movies. So, close guess, but not 'relative' in the formal sense of the word.

I like your thinking on who might overcome the ingrained resistance and actually read the books... but the answer may be neither H nor G. However, yes, Ginny has obviously wrestled more with her past than Harry has.

Regarding Camden Palace, the scene is in part from having been in the venue back in the early 1990s, though the dramatic lighting is mostly imaginary. That said, though, let me 'attempt' to post a couple pictures to give you a bit of an idea. Shall attempt that in a separate response.

Wonderful discussion -- thank you!

Author's Response:

< i>Author's Response:

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.07.22 - 01:54PM Title: Smiles


The drunk phone call was super cute and funny. I think we've all lived one of those ;]

Author's Response:

Aha -- glad you got a kick out of that!

I've obviously made a bit of a habit of working through one-sided phone conversations in this story, which is also something we've all lived. I find it quite liberating to write. Hopefully a reasonable number of readers enjoy the liberating experience of imagining precisely what sort of statement was made to provoke some of the responses...

Thank you for the review, SF!

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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