SIYE Time:22:30 on 21st October 2018

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.10.21 - 07:23PM Title: Wolf

I think your original answer seemed right on point!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.10.21 - 02:44PM Title: Wolf


Obviously, not only the Light Side meets in and around House of Wolfe, but all survivors of the magical world of the UK. Bonnefoi Sr. is as arrogant as ever. I guess it'll be his downfall. I'm curious if Dobby is still around and rescue someone from the dungeons of the House of Wolf. well, I don't expect we'll see Dobby, but the thought came to me when I read the scenes in the cellar.

A Portal? I suppose it's the entry to the way leading to the room with the mysterious painting. Or is the painting itself the Portal? - I guess we will see.

Author's Response:

Portal, painting, perturbations? Someone has been popping brainy-pills, I see! I think I still have a surprise or two for you in that department, but time will tell.

Dobby? I'm afraid not -- no surprise last-minute entries to bail out the kids; they must somehow prevail on their own merits.

To bring up Dobby, though, furthers a discussion I'd started earlier today with Ed, which ultimately focuses around 'what has been lost'. In the fifteen years since the collapse of British magical society, many magical things have been sundered from our survivors -- Hogwarts, Hogmeade, Platform 9 3/4, MoM, Malfoy Manor... and virtually all of the Magical Creatures. Instead, we are mostly just left with the magic of human will, plus a very small number of residual mysteries.

Bonnefoi's arrogance? Good call! His attitude will, indeed, be on prominent display!

Great review -- thank you most kindly!

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.10.21 - 01:35PM Title: Wolf


Love how Lucy/Luna just walks in a creates chaos. Exactly what every stuffy restaurant needs!

Author's Response:

Ha, yes! That was definitely Lucy's star shining brightest. She still has some key service left to render, though, so stay tuned.

Thank you for chiming in, SF!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.10.21 - 12:12PM Title: Wolf


"Tromping on the clutch, she slammed the auto into gear." In England an auto is a car with an automatic gear box, so no clutch. Use automobile or just car. Still getting really exciting. Waiting for the goodies to sort it out.

Author's Response:

Ah, subtle catch -- thank you, Dad!

Things will get a bit wilder before they sort out, but we're on the home stretch now.

Reviewer: snapelover Signed Date: 2018.10.21 - 09:25AM Title: Wolf


I think the bits about Harry and Ginny handling these tricky situations as magical novices is unique and interesting. How do you carry a body through narrow confines? What do you do when you're invisible, but don't have room to get out of someone's way? These aren't your every day fanfic sorts of drama, but they still make for real pulse thumping. Good job!

Author's Response:

Thank you! Actually yes, I think I am kind of resimulating a Rowling-type setup, but with different starting conditions. Her books were great examples of incremental problem solving, where the scale and scope of problems mounted in line with Harry's growing ability and maturity for coping with such problems. This story, however, combines the magical naivete of twelve-year-olds and the emotional maturity / common sense / strength of early-twenty-somethings. At the very least, it's a fun thought experiment!

Appreciate the comments and thoughts!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.10.21 - 04:49AM Title: Wolf


Nicely done! Somehow you have believably pulled the widely dispersed members of the Light (whether knowingly so, or not) together, entering the trap that was set for them four days ahead of the full moon and while, it appears, Greyback is not at his own residence/place of business. I suspect no single group of them would possess enough magical power to prevail against the Malfoy family, Dolohov, Greyback, and others, perhaps they have the cumulative strength to manage to snatch victory out of the prematurely interrupted midst of their trap! Hopefully the previous descriptions are sufficiently complex to do justice to the assembled plot twists with which you have graced us, your small but loyal cadre of readers at SIYE! I have seriously enjoyed the way you have brought together these fragmentary elements of a well crafted whole! Thank you for sharing this with us, and I look forward to the concluding chapters, in which I am certain will be yet a handful of further twists and turns before you reach the final resolution! Outstanding!

Author's Response:

Such a kind review, thank you!

Amidst a flurry of things to be discussed, let me pull out one to lead with -- will the previous descriptions be sufficiently complex to do justice to the twists I'm bombarding you with?

Keying in your word, 'previous' I believe the answer is likely to be 'no'... but I think that as the dust settles in chapter 24, most readers (including the many less patient than yourself) will be sated. To prime you, consider the seven books of canon. There is Deathly Hallows, where Harry (and carefully attentive readers) has everything figured out in advance of the climax, and there is thus a feeling of preparedness and inevitability. Then there are the other six books, where there is a real 'wtf' sense of chaos, confusion, and characters not knowing what to be prepared for, let alone actually being ready to face challenges that only luck, pluck, and unexpectedly useful abilities, will shepherd them through. Well, let's just say that this story is 'not' of the DH mode :) Fortunately, the epilogue is jammed with more than just flippant frippery; rather it's a way of saying that, over the next 16 years, the characters gradually came to understand what they accomplished.

Regarding Greyback and 'house of residence', yes, your impression is largely accurate. To some extent, you can use the analogy of what happened with Malfoy Manor during the last two years of canon -- that it was commandeered by someone stronger. Well, Voldemort may have been stronger than Malfoy but, in this (and most other) rendition, Malfoy is stronger than Greyback who, albeit a brutal killer, is hardly a refined, functioning human being. Now why would the Malfoys have wanted a relatively modest property such as House of Wolf? That will be touched on in the epilogue.

Anyway, yes, the hour is nigh and the gang's (nearly) all here. Time to rumble!

Thank you for your thought-provoking words!

Author's Response: In re-reading your comments, I'm pretty sure I misinterpreted your implications on the 'previous descriptions' bit. Sorry! However, it was a fine excuse for me to say something I was hoping to get a chance to say :). Thanks!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.10.11 - 03:10PM Title: Motion


Ronnie's degree in "college" should be an excellent help to his dilemma. I loved how Appleblum did the cold approach with a warm reception.

Interesting title you gave for the chapter. I wonder, do you name your chapters before you write them, somewhere during the writing, or after you have finished a rough draft or first edit? Everyone was definitely moving. Now if I was someone like you I would have put some kind of a deal that would overlay the story on top of the map(maybe a little box in the top corner of the one of those annoying ads that follows you on a page as you scroll...except this wouldn't be annoying.) Then whatever paragraph was in the top or middle you could have a character coded dot displaying the location of the characters. Maybe I need to get my train back on the rails here(even a self aware train, with a nomadic engineer:)

Mione and Lee, Bing-Bong about summed it up well. I sure hope ol' Ronnie doesn't screw up their chemistry. So much will remain unsaid, but understood.

Interesting social media communication, thanks for sharing a, b, and c...f and g too for that matter.

I can't get enough of Lucy (Luna) in this story. Watch that weather, show that insight.

P.S. I am getting caught up on my reviews so now I am in the right week. Had to get a few things put in order yesterday, but today is a new day. Cheers, my man.

P.P.S. I had no idea Cheap Trick was the first to do the The Flame either. Weird. Cosmo is an endless vat of musical wonderment.

Author's Response:

A cold approach with a warm reception -- brilliant turn of phrase! You've outdone me on that one!

Chapter titles began to take on a special significance to me during FoT, and are continuing to do so. The title usually emerges sometime between the 2nd and 4th edits, at which point the poignant wheat has separated from the prosaic chaff. Sometimes I will only arrive at the title just before posting but, if there are a few edits in between, I will sometimes find a few subtle tweaks to make to accentuate the impact of the title.

If I may make a subtle spoiler, I will suggest that Ronnie will be too busy with his own organic synthesis to mess with other people's chemistry.

You know me too well -- I had not gotten to the point of a futile exercise in trying to embed an Active-X floating box inside a SIYE page (hint: it's impossible to even do HTML5 tricks in SIYE, alors fuggedabowdit) but I seriously did consider trying to embed an update map with character-specific coloured dots to begin each subsection. However, time a short.

Lucy! I think you'll enjoy some of her further antics.

Indeed, I have learned more 20th century music from Cosmo than any other single source. A perk of this little research project cum novel.

Social media? Oh no, what on earth have I posted now? I thought I had gone quite silent on most social media fronts recently. Except for the responsibility I have for making sure Jenny feels adequately pestered.

And no worries about a minor leg on reviews. A week here and there, and my ego can stagger along.

My appreciation for a thoughtful and highly cogent review! Not that I dis-appreciate the more obfuscated ones; just that my brain is not quite so nimble tonight as at some times.

Author's Response:

Wow, my Toshiba Satellite keyboard truly sucketh!

update map == updated map
time a short == time ran short

Author's Response: Social media: finally figured out that you meant the Tumblr post on Indie resources. If you read that and appreciated, I'm wondering if you've been writing music? If so, give a shout.

Reviewer: snapelover Signed Date: 2018.10.11 - 07:29AM Title: Flames


Great action! So, "ironic drama" you said? Sort of like odd coincidences, and unexpected interactions among the different characters? I see what you mean. It works!

Author's Response:

Thank you, SL! Yes, that's very much what I meant with my odd turn of phrase. One of the other reviewers used the phrase 'critical mass', which is also a good way of putting it. Basically, you cram enough good guys and bad guys into one geographic area, even if they're unaware of each other to begin with, collisions are bound to occur. I likened it once to the original Blake Edwards 'Pink Panther' movie, with the costume party in Rome...

Anyway, appreciate the encouragement and readership!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.10.09 - 06:22PM Title: Flames


Loving the characters, especially as they begin to hook up. I can only imagine the sort of discussions that will take place when different people realize they're all showing up at the same place. Fun!

Author's Response: Great to hear that you're enjoying the exchanges!

By 'hooking up', I assume you mean the fact that they're running into each other (as opposed to unexpected romances, though a bit of that may happen as well). If so, yes, there will be lots of mixing and matching as things get all stirred up. I'm not done crafting it all, but the next two chapters were certainly fun to write!

Thank you very much for the kind words, CG!

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.10.09 - 03:42PM Title: Flames


Hopping hopping chapter. I'm almost dizzy trying to keep up with it! And there were, what, two cliff hangers?

Author's Response:

I suppose so, yes. Two cliff hangers a hundred feet apart. To be honest, the next couple of chapters are going to seem a bit like Tarzan leaping from cliff to cliff. It's become a right sill story in that way.

In any case, your starry assessment seems to suggest that you've forgiven me for all the stress? Either way, thank you for chiming in!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.10.09 - 12:59PM Title: Flames


Great to see another thrilling episode from the great one! Always makes my day! BTW, what if I don't gamble? The title of this one made me think of "Flame Trees" (Cold Chisel 1984)! I wouldn't trust Pansy any further than I could spit her (which would leave a bad taste in my mouth), especially if Dra-..., er, someone she knows is potentially involved! OK, now I'm curious as to what Tonk's surprise for Kingsley,er, Kingston is! I don't blame Appleblum - that name Foi-Black reminds me of Hmmmm too - especially if you replace the Bonne with Mal - Hmmmm indeed! For some weird reason this reminded me of "Shadows in the Flame" (Judas Priest 2008)! And just as Harry and Ginny are making their move we get a whiff of ferret! Drake Bonnefoi - where do you get these names from(although you left Pansy Parkinson as is)? Leave it to the Malflunkys to be involved in this mess! An Aston Martin Vanquish - now that's class! Looks like our groups are about to find each other and a fight ensue - which means either "Burning With Optimism's Flames" (XTC 1980) or "Shot Down in Flames" (AC/DC 1979) could end up being apropos! One thing is for sure, things are definitely 'heating' up in a hurry! Break out the fire extinguishers! I decided a good way to end this review,especially with Harry and Ginny in mind, would be with some lyrics from "The Flame" (Cheap Trick 1988):
"Wherever you go, I'll be with you
Whatever you want, I'll give it to you
Whenever you need someone
To lay your heart and head upon
Remember, after the fire, after all the rain
I will be the flame
I will be the flame"
Can't wait for the next installment in this ongoing masterpiece! And Cheers(this time with a glass of Rum Collins made with Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum, Grenadine, lime and Sprite on the rocks - Yum - good sipping cocktail)! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

What if you don't gamble? Well, in that case you'll simply have to accept either chapter 24 or 25 as it comes. I suspect your stress level will be lower... although the Rum Collins will already be helping that.

Names, names, names! There is actually some madness to my method in this department ;) The quick rundown is that some names got altered by circumstance (e.g., Ron and Ginny being taken in by old Mrs. Smith, who may have been an old squib aunt of Zacharias) and many others got obfuscated for purposes of disguise, but familes with common names (e.g., Dean Thomas; Pansy Parkinson) saw no need. Hermione knew nothing of the magical society until long after it collapsed, so she would never have really thought to change her name for survival purposes. The 'Mione' diminution, perhaps, came about from a socially awkward girl deciding to do something about her even-more-socially-awkward name.

Ah, now the Aston Martin Vanquish is indeed the *surprise* that Dora had for K. A bit of a step up from a range rover with the remnants of ethnic carryout littering the seats and carpet.

Damn! Love the play-list this week! By gum, it 'really was' Cheap Trick who first recorded The Flame. How many slow dances have I done to that one? The mind boggles! I'm also imminently familiar with Bon Scott's cackle in Shot Down in Flames. How many slow dances have I done to that one? Heh heh. Shall definitely have to ring up the Judas Priest and XTC to refresh my memory; have likely heard the songs, but the grey matter is misfiring. And all that reminds me that the Rock & Roll HoF nominees were announced! Interesting list. Have tried to warm up to Radiohead, but no great success yet. More comfortable with Def Leppard, The Cure, and Rage Against Overly Long Band Names...

... Fond fond memories of The Flame and a few other late 80's ballads before old Rock died. Might have to weave it into chapter 25. Will contemplate that, over a 2nd or 3rd Rum Collins.

Author's Response: Almost missed 'Flame Trees'. It's now also on the list!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.10.09 - 11:36AM Title: Flames


Love the sudden surge of unknowingly coordinated activities on the part of the remnant of the Light. And so, the scraps begin to come together. I guess my distrust of Pansy appears misplaced though, with your hands on the keyboard, one can never be sure! More good stuff! Thank you!

Author's Response:

A compact review, flush with insight!

Firstly, if you enjoyed the uncoordinated complements in this chapter, I think you'll get a kick out of the next, where uncoordination meets permutation :) And yes, this is the remnant of the light that D and K would never have imagined coming together; the underestimated achieving the near-unimaginable -- a concept that I think I must have borrowed from OotP, which I think was Rowling's best 'power of the people' allegory.

Yes, Pansy has spurred a fair bit of anxiety, hasn't she? It's clear that she takes over from Dean in the 'ambiguous character' department. I think you can read Machiavellian ambivalence in her schemes but with the turn of every card, she must eventually commit to a suit...

Anyway, great comments -- thank you!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.10.09 - 07:35AM Title: Flames


It's wonderful to see another great update.

The Slytherin is shining right out of Pansy's a*se. Let the others do the work and take the risk, and reap the benefits afterwards. I wonder if she's acting on behalf of our beloved ferret!boy. ...ah, well. Obviously not.

It seems the critical mass of magical people in and around the House of Wolf is almost reached and will soon trigger a chain reaction.

I wonder if the shitty weather will play a role in the end, and if it is the weather in the first place...or Dementors? If I'd been forced to make a bet, I'd say it's the weather. Anyway, maybe the weather will help to keep the Tf13 away until they all disappeared from the House of Wolf...ah,'s all guesswork, and I never was good at it.

So, five more chapter? I'm already a bit sad that it'll be over so soon. It feels as if had just begun. On the other hand, please be forewarned that with the imminent Grand Finale of this story, I'll soon bother you again with the question if you're willing to look over my recent scribblings...and it's a few k words more than the usual.

Author's Response:

Chain reaction! Brilliantly intuitive, my friend -- with any luck, it should soon begin to feel a little like someone has gotten artful with dominoes. Until the very end of this chapter, the motion was one of mime combat (an endless series of near misses), but now the accidental half-collisions begin.

Yes, Pansy is certainly a Slytherin in this one, though she too has some accidental half-collisions coming up.

Dementors -- second time tha't s been commented upon. I think the general mood (determined, fairly serious, yet with a bit of levity) suggests otherwise, however it's a point that I believe should be touched upon. Thanks!

The weather, to some extent, is already affecting things, yet it's definitely astute to wonder, 'how much'? That question shall, in the end, be answered.

Fair to guess that it may inconvenience someone at some point, but I will not say who, or when.

Some impending writing? Great -- please send it along whenever!

Author's Response:

Oh, and I forgot to mention (and you probably noticed) that some of your missing plot points from chapter 19 actually do appear in this chapter -- the slap-dash last minute planning that H, G & P do out in the rain on Saint John Street. That little lurch back to reality was actually planned in this way; it's a way of suggesting that these AU Harry and Ginny are impetuous Gryffindors rather akin to Harry's canonical character all through the books, plus Ginny's brief stint of fiery bravado in OotP. In any case, there are probably many more astute questions that a Mione / Hermione character would have asked Pansy before approving a plunge into action... but she's making her way onto the scene from a different part of town, so you end up with a highly improvised adventure :)

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.09.28 - 06:36PM Title: Motion


So much to keep track of, but the action is great. I really enjoy the characters too. So lively. Thank you for a great chapter!

Author's Response:

Busy, busy chapter, yes. Chapter 20 is even busier, but hopefully this one will get you in the flow. *And* the sequence is semi-logical; hopefully that will help.

Very heartening that you're getting a kick out of the characterisations -- that's often the most fun part of writing.

Definitely appreciate your taking the time to comments, SF!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2018.09.27 - 12:31AM Title: Motion


"In Motion" indeed!

Especially "Professor McGaladriel"...

P.S.: that was a nice simple inclusion for "Lucy".

Author's Response:

Ah! I was wondering if I could get a rise out of one of my LotR-named reviewers! Bombadil didn't bite :)

But seriously, though, I needed a bit of savant-type input from Lucy, and the very next day (news-wise and calendar-wise) will be Peter Jackson's first time before a major podium for a Fellowship of the Ring award, so it just seemed fitting :)

And yes, I am priming Lucy (along with Langley, Ronnie and Angie) to rise to the occasion :)

Thank you very much for the prompts!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.09.26 - 05:05PM Title: Motion

Fascinating stuff. Funny, even as the lone writer to allow Pansy redemption, I just cannot bring myself to trust her! Allowing her to potentially trap them in the basement of the House of Wolf does not seem like a good plan. Hopefully a little reading on defensive spells will prove useful. Got to run ... I am risking missing an appointment, but I had to read and leave at least a token review. Great, great stuff! Oh, and despite having been to London several times, I am quite grateful for the map!

Author's Response:

Let me start, not, at the beginning. The map. You are mot certainly welcome. Personally, I love maps, and I spent way too much time poring over maps for Fires of Time and Splinters. Especially the latter, where I juggled modern maps, topographicals, hydrologicals and, of course, maps of Roman era viae and towns. This chapter, however, was the first time when I figured it would mean a lot to the average reader too. So I did, and it was fun to prepare (Google, of course, plus a fair bit of hand-editing).

I slap myself for forgetting that you too had done a major Pansy rehabilitation. I thought I was the only one (with TPC and Trix, as Martin pointed out). Anyway, I'm trying not to say too much about her yet... but I think you'll find the next chapter interesting.

Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful thoughts on your way out the door, Ed!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.09.26 - 04:22PM Title: Motion


Fascinating stuff. Funny, even as the lone writer to allow Pansy redemption, I just cannot bring myself to trust her! Allowing her to potentially trap them in the basement of the House of Wolf does not seem like a good plan. Hopefully a little reading on defensive spells will prove useful. Got to run ... I am risking missing an appointment, but I had to read and leave at least a token review. Great, great stuff! Oh, and despite having been to London several times, I am quite grateful for the map!

Author's Response:

Deliberately and subtly sneaking a second short response here in the duplicate comment and that is to say, Ed, that if Pansy is possibly to be trusted in this story, it might be more likely to be reasons akin to the self-serving rationale that she displayed in your story, and less for the political expedience that she showed in TPC. Purely hypothetically, of course.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.09.25 - 06:35PM Title: Motion

Ah yes, the missing moments. I know that you'll let us know the details when the time is ripe (or should I say, when you think the time is ripe ;-) ). However, I couldn't resist making that comment when Ms P.P. somehow persuaded our beloved couple that she'd care for Deaners...and without knowing the tale she told, I didn't know if I should trust Harry's and Ginny's judgement, or my mistrust against Ms P.P.

Somehow I never trusted her, although you sometimes had a weak spot in your heart for her (see TPC and Trix). However, another story is...another story, isn't it?

There is something I forgot earlier. Ron's backstory made me pondering how Ron would have ended in canon a) as Harrys best mate but without Hermione, or b) without both, Harry and Hermione. I think option b) fits very well with your description of Ron's life without Hermione and Harry. Option a) certainly would have been a disaster for both, Harry and Ron.

Ah well, I'm babbling. Seems the free Grappa Barolo Riserva I got from my favourite Italian has been one too much. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Oh, those missing moments! Well, I'm pleased to say that you missed nothing in the roughly 20 minute lapse when we tuned away from Harry, Ginny and Pansy. A bit more motive is revealed as the three of them set out for Islington, and Pansy enters the circulation as a participant from this point.

You give me pause here on the question of whether she is, once again, a protagonist. There are nuances here. I think I won't say more because they might actually trend toward spoilerisms...

And yes, if canon is a reference, I'm not certain I can really justify multiple stories in which she ceases to be a complete nasty bitch. In TPC/Trix, there was the justification of Matt having set up for a Slytherin detente... so many enemies became friends. This case is different.

Finally, yes, I must agree that Ron is a character very heavily influenced by the company he keeps. The scenarios you list would indeed produce characters much different than we saw through most of canon. Harry and Hermione both had both bad and good effects on canonical Ron. In this case, however, we have a Ron who is devoid even of older brothers. It is possible to argue that the absence of successful, dominating older brothers could, again, produce either positive or negative consequences, or a mix of both... Anyway, finally, I do agree that Ron as Harry's best mate but without Hermione would not have ended well. Hermione was roundly criticised by readers of the first two books, but I think the flying Ford Anglia incident would have been only the start of Ron/Harry disasters in her absence.

A Barolo Riserva would be wonderful about now, as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the chilly.

Anyway, appreciate the extended chatter!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.09.25 - 04:25PM Title: Motion


I am deeply touched that I inspired you in some way on this chapter - you made my day! The title of this chapter made me immediately think of "The Locomotion" (Little Eva 1962) but I also thought of my favorite version of that song "The Loco-Motion" (Grand Funk Railroad 1974)! Interesting start with an appearance by Ron, who is really down on himself!
Will be fun to see if he perks up and there are any fireworks when he meets Mione! Strange to see Dr. Appleblum meeting his train! Judging from Ron's hangover, he should have been listening to something like "Time and Motion" (RUSH 1996) during that train ride! So Dora attended Hogwarts - and mourning it's supposed disappearance - hmmmmm - can't imagine the Ministry & Diagon Alley being gone either! I wonder how many people know that the Grampian Mountains are a real range in Scotland?! You know, with so many things on the move in this chapter it made me think of "Houses of Motion" (Talking Heads 1981)! I don't know I'd ever use the word "smutty" to describe Mione, but that bit with Lee was "TMI TMI TMI"! I'm sorry, but I'm one of those who believe Mione belongs with Ron! For some strange reason that made me think of the song "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" (THE RIGHTEOUS BROS 1964)! Pansy Parkinson wants to help Harry and Ginny over Dean's apparent abduction & possibly being subjected to a crucio? YIKES, is the world ending! Your mention of the Lambeth Bridge naturally made me think of "Doing the Lambeth Walk" (form the Me and My Girl Musical 1937)! I'm sure Neville would appreciate the last name Langley instead of Longbottom but I'm not sure Luna would approve of Lucy Lovelace! Meanwhile, back at the ranch to the west, oh wait, that's another story! The Mounties have nothing on the impressive group gearing up to rescue Dean from the Carcasschewers(I love that term)! Considering all our characters are currently in motion toward their rendezvous, it seemed apropos to end this review with some lyrics from "Operation Rescue" (Bad Religion 1990):
"The rectifying troop is here, the ones we've needed all these years
To stop the heinous wrongdoings and verify our moral benevolence as a people
Operation, Operation Rescue,
They're here to right our fall, they've heard a troubled call,
Operation, Operation Rescue,"
Thanks for a really 'moving' chapter', G! And Cheers,
(This time with a glass of 2015 Tabali Talinay Chardonnay)! Until the next time! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Admittedly I'm supposed to be doing something else right now, but I could resist being defiantly irresponsible and throwing a quick response onto the page.

Great musical selection, my friend! My special kudos to your feature hit for today -- Bad Religion! That's just the sort of defiance I'm feeling right now, and a perfect accompaniment to efforts for a while. I don't know why, but there's something truly bass-kicking about some 40-something dudes knocking off smooth punk. They're a contradiction at every turn... as if all the Sex Pistols cut their hair, got middle management jobs and cozy little quarter-acre plots in the suburbs, then decided to form a (really good) garage band...

Well, a Granger who's taken to watching old Melrose Place reruns and thumbing through Cosmopolitan-type glossies is clearly a frustrated Granger and frustrated leads to... initiative taking. I know that you were hardly the only one who hoped that Ronnie would sweep across from Wales soon enough to alter the trajectory but, in fact, I blame Duke Brymin for setting this particular Lee/Mione match in motion. In a story or his from quite some time ago, he paired Hermione and Fred and I rather found the match... intriguing and fulfilling. Ron/Hermione may work for lots of people, but I get weary of the bickering, and I can kind of see Hermione/Mione ending up with someone older and a bit sharper. *HOWEVER*, all that said, I honour your preferences and won't rub your noses in this particular match. Though you will have to ensure seeing Ronnie matched unconventionally as well.

Rush / Time and Motion. Ages since I've listened! For a chapter with very few musical references, I've certainly amassed some good recommendations for the week!

In any case, thank you again for carcass-chewing-colloquialism-confabulat ion! And thank you also for the chardonnay -- a perfectly nutty bit of refreshment for a fresh autumn day!

Author's Response:

Forgot to respond that by taking canon ages from HP Wikia, Tonks would have been in Hogwarts for three complete years before the school went defunct after summer '87. Kingsley's precisely age is left a bit in doubt, but HP Wikia maintains that he is no younger than Tonks, so I'm going to assume that Dora and Kingston were at Hogwarts together, with Kingston a year or two ahead of Dora.

Also, in my first response, my intended word 'endure' came out as 'ensure'. Knowing that may help make things sound a bit more sensible.

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.09.25 - 03:53PM Title: Motion


I can certainly see why you included the map. Sneaky writer: every time group decides A to visit group B, group B decides to leave for point C. Just a little disorienting!

Still, a huge build-up chapter. Fun!

Author's Response: Well, too true -- the map, and disorientation, will both reappear in chapter 20, so bring along your gravol and compass :)

And a build-up is quite the way it was all intended. Thank you, as always, for perking up my day, CG!

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