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Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2018.07.20 - 08:27AM Title: Chapter 1

Hahahahahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing at what happened to the hateful annoying bookworm. I hate her since book 1 and Ron is lucky to be free.

Reviewer: crystaltips1 Signed Date: 2018.06.01 - 09:14AM Title: Chapter 1


Well! I doubt anyone would have guessed who the killer was or why lol. So kudos for an original story - I thought Ron took the news that his wife was a serial killer who turned into a pregnant cat very well. Thank you ! the story made me laugh.

Reviewer: melindaleo Signed Date: 2018.05.22 - 03:24PM Title: Chapter 1

Uhm... I don't know what to say! I think I liked it though, in an inane, wtf sort of way? LOL - well done, and thanks for the laugh!

Author's Response: I take confusion as a compliment, so thanks.

Reviewer: ellen Signed Date: 2018.05.20 - 04:08AM Title: Chapter 1


Funny in an evil sort of way. Surprising as its rare for Hermione to be the villain of the piece. Wouldn't want to meet those kittens either!

Author's Response: Those kittens may be lurking around somewhere.

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.05.19 - 11:28PM Title: Chapter 1


Very entertaining and unexpected!

Author's Response: Thanks.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.05.19 - 03:35PM Title: Chapter 1


That was certainly a dark look at life.I do not know if I enjoyed it, but I would not have missed it.

Author's Response: Thanks. I've always described my writing style as a train wreck; you don't want to stop and gawk but you can't help it; so it's nice to know I have the desired effect.

Reviewer: indywriter Signed Date: 2018.05.18 - 02:12PM Title: Chapter 1


Actual thoughts as I read this:

Intriguing set up.
Ooh, interesting...
Poor Hannah.
Slytherin connection, of course
Poor Hannah!
Poor Ginny!
What the?
Poor Neville.

This cracked me up! I sure hope you have more stories to share.

Author's Response: Looking back at my notes, I had those same thoughts writing this. Thanks for the review and I do have a few HP stories at the outline phase, but the two I have a rough draft of aren't Harry/Ginny centric (actually one's Neville centric since I thought he deserved something after this story) and I'm not sure I cam submit them here.

Reviewer: JJamieDupane Signed Date: 2018.05.18 - 10:59AM Title: Chapter 1


Weird... Nice but really weird... You writing skills are realy good and the way you throw out your plot and character strikes a chord with my emotions. I liked how you approached this story and the way you presented it is as I menioned before, marvelous. The story is still weird though... ;)

You have done a wonderful job with this captivating story... Good amounts of eaths and a decent ending. You could have done better with the ending. I mean plot wise it was good enough but you could have approached it better... I don't know how else to put it... nonetheless, keep up the good work and hopefully soon you will have stories with awesome endings...

J. Jamie Dupane

Author's Response: Truthfully, I wasn't happy with the ending either. But it was the one that I felt fit the tone of the story out of the possible endings I wrote. This was initially meant to be a twelve thousand word three part story with the Harry/Ron conversation as an epilogue. Fortunately I realized I would have to bog the story down with a lot of filler to do that and cut it down to the finished product. But I wanted to keep the epilogue because I enjoyed writing it.

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2018.05.18 - 06:23AM Title: Chapter 1


Lol. You have a dark sense of humour. I am speechless!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think...

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