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Reviews For A Battle with Fire

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2016.07.18 - 07:31AM Title: Epilogue

To snuggle with the person you love is the best medication....Love it

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2016.07.18 - 07:21AM Title: The Recovery

A nice way to recover lol

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2010.10.30 - 05:52PM Title: The Restricted Section

" Absorbs all life’s energy from victim like shorting a battery."

Rather unexpected note in the magical book oO

Reviewer: potterwatch97 Signed Date: 2010.08.08 - 05:44PM Title: Epilogue


I absolutely love this story. I find it very romantic.... plus when Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis came on my iTunes while reading the epilogue it just added to the touch. lol

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 06:37AM Title: Epilogue

Ugh never do like endings and I think this one no there isn't really loose ends to tie up since whole point of story was to study the unforgivables though i do think you could put this in a year long fic and continue on and that is what I hope you did

Till nesxt time (hopefully on a sequel)

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 06:33AM Title: The Recovery

nice didn't think he could do use the killing curse but did think he could against old Tom but guess not I can see it both ways so not going to fuss about that. Once again very nicely done

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 06:23AM Title: The Killing Curse

Hmm got to a evil cliffie I must say though I do like it I hope you have a sequel to this story since I don't see how you can end this good of a stroy in 2 chaps with no loose threads

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 06:11AM Title: The Consultation

I really like how you put this added depth to the story the whole can you kill do you want to kill thing it made it interesting to read and I pondered on it awhile myself trying to answer that question I really like that alot

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 06:01AM Title: The Practical Test

hmm not much to report on the front lines. Just keep going the way your going and I won't stop reading your that good

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 05:55AM Title: The Room of Requirements

I like it I personally feel that there should of been a battle at the end of DH not I the I am the master speech of the items. I like the idea of a battle and I am quite happy you have Harry fighting fire with fire

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.10 - 05:46AM Title: The Restricted Section

trying to actually review every chap even though it is completed. It is a very good start I have to say im very sad that this story is only 7chaps long you have me that hooked now that im dreading reading it to fast since don't know if you have more after for me

Reviewer: GinnyMyLove Signed Date: 2008.02.11 - 11:46AM Title: Epilogue


Well I always love a little heated H/G especially when it goes from light and fluffy to HOT and fluffy, but you did a remarkable thing, you were able to bring all of that about, without selling out and making a H/G Porno One Shot. You actually had a well developed story and I enjoyed it for the most part.

Do not think I didnt notice the major Star Trek thing going on here. First of all, the Earl Grey tea. I suppose you actually meant for us to picture Jean Luc Picard as his instructor? And the way you used the Room of Requirement was a little too much like a holodeck. I do not know that the RoR could be used to crate outdoor scenes that move and such. But I cannot base that in fact, just a suspicion.

Other than the heavy reliance on Star Trek type "technology" it was overall a very acceptable story. Thank You

Reviewer: BioHazard82 Signed Date: 2008.02.09 - 07:05PM Title: Epilogue


No Review

Reviewer: Aethonan Signed Date: 2007.09.10 - 04:46PM Title: The Room of Requirements


I am not going to continue reading this story. I believe that Harry would never sink so low as to PRACTICE the torture curse, that goes against all of his morals and makes him just like Voldemort. I admit he MIGHT study the killing curse but he would never PRACTICE it. I think Harry is very OOC.

Reviewer: griffindorechicky101 Signed Date: 2007.04.06 - 12:33AM Title: Epilogue


it eneded so soon how about a sequel im not shure on hwat just something

Reviewer: mysticalmilli Signed Date: 2007.01.14 - 06:02AM Title: Epilogue


oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh does that realy have to be the end

Reviewer: Rowena Ravenclaw Signed Date: 2006.06.17 - 04:16PM Title: Epilogue


Well. Everyone loves to snuggle. A truly fun read. Thanks

Reviewer: Elizabeth Anonymous Date: 2006.02.21 - 12:24AM Title: Epilogue


Loved it Harry and Ginny are so cute together

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Reviewer: Silly Old Bear Anonymous Date: 2005.12.20 - 10:36PM Title: Epilogue


Well I thought that was really lovely. It was very fluffy but I think that's a good thing. And it wasn't too fakely dramatic, and it was comfortable, and it wasn't chock full of everythinghthathappenedallatonce sort of thing. Jood Gob.

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Reviewer: Dumbledor Signed Date: 2005.11.27 - 08:47PM Title: The Restricted Section


you've give a real good insight into how the Dark Arts really affect the user as JKR has hinted at. I do like how Ginny invited Harry to sit with her in the common room. that's a comfortable position to be in with the one you truly love. You've got a good touch for detail. thanks, for being a good writer.

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