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Happy Birthday Ginny! by Pottermum starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 9]
** Winner of the July 2018 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best One-Shot **
it was supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway to celebrate Ginny's birthday. It did not end how Harry expected it to.
R - Post-Hogwarts - Fluff, General - Warnings: None - Words: 5426
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2018.08.11 - Updated: 2018.08.11 - Hits: 987

The Ablution Solution by BrianMcLyr starstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
Single point divergence from the end of OOTP, evident in the first 100 words, strung up on Jo's scaffold.
PG-13 - Post-OotP - Action/Adventure, Romance - Warnings: Sexual Situations - Words: 19303
Completed: No - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2018.05.11 - Updated: 2018.08.07 - Hits: 2166

Truth And Consequences by ginnyweasley777 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 47]
Harry and Ginny spend some time alone the night before Harry leaves on the Horcrux hunt. All actions have conseqences, as they find out.
R - Alternate Universe - Angst, Fluff, Romance - Warnings: Sexual Situations - Words: 14115
Completed: No - Chapters: 8 - Published: 2011.06.28 - Updated: 2018.08.03 - Hits: 10671

The Dark Lord's Apprentice by Loveobsession starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 99]
“The one with the power to equal The Dark Lord approaches, born to those who have thrice defied him. He shall rise as the seventh month dies, and the Dark Lord shall mark him as his equal and he shall raise him as his own. For together they have the power to overcome all who face them…”
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Rape, Violence - Words: 42210
Completed: No - Chapters: 15 - Published: 2016.07.17 - Updated: 2018.08.03 - Hits: 15550

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