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Green Light by Cait starstarstarstar [Reviews - 12]
In the late hours of the night, Ginny sites alone...she thinks.
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Angst - Warnings: Death - Words: 626
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2003.08.08 - Updated: 2003.08.08 - Hits: 3024

Grey Maiden I: Philosopher's Stone by Chris Widger starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 129]
Taken from the lifeless arms of his mother on Halloween, 1981, Harry's life is forever altered. Lily Potter's best friend, a legendary ex-Auror with a tragic and dark past, has pledged her life to raise and protect Lily's only son. But how will an entirely different upbringing change the Boy-Who-Lived? Because whatever Harry has become, it's much different than what everyone expected...
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Angst - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Violence - Words: 84389
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 15 - Published: 2006.04.24 - Updated: 2006.04.25 - Hits: 53547

Grey Maiden II: Slytherin's Heir by Chris Widger starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 189]
After saving the Philosopher's Stone, all that Harry, Hermione, and Daphne want is an uneventful year. But yet another Weasley, a crazed house-elf, and a series of strange occurences destroy any chance of that. But as students begin to be attacked by the mysterious Heir of Slytherin, Harry finds himself one of the primary suspects. But as the attacks mount, and with them, the coincidences, Harry is forced to answer the most difficult question: What if they are right?
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Angst, General - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Violence - Words: 124870
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 19 - Published: 2006.04.25 - Updated: 2006.05.25 - Hits: 59713

Grey Maiden III: Servant of Darkness by Chris Widger starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 197]
As Harry slowly recovers from his ordeal in the Chamber of Secrets, he is forced to confront both his actions and those of his guardian.An overheard conversation leads to a revelation that shocks him to the bone, and makes his destiny clear.With his best friends standing firmly beside him, Harry slowly begins the momumental task of becoming the leader the wizarding world needs him to be. New allies and friends will pave the road to victory, but it is a long and difficult road. But as the first stones are laid, Harry is forced to deal with a ghost of his past, a maniac who seems set on his destruction...But as it always is with the Boy-Who-Lived, things are not always how they appear to be...
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Violence - Words: 182261
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 21 - Published: 2006.05.25 - Updated: 2006.10.12 - Hits: 88419

Grey Maiden IV: Darkness Rising by Chris Widger starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 181]
Harry's training has begun at last, as has the difficult task of gathering allies. Daphne and his friends will prove invaluable in this job, but then Harry finds himself hurled into a legendary and deadly competition against his will. As the Darkness gathers, he is faced with his greatest test yet. And the penalty for failure might just be death.
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance, Tragedy - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Violence - Words: 247202
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 25 - Published: 2006.10.23 - Updated: 2007.10.18 - Hits: 102524

Grey Maiden V: Sacrifice by Chris Widger starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 114]
After 13 years, Lord Voldemort has risen again, and set his sights on conquering the Wizarding world. All that may stand in his way is Harry Potter, who must heal, train, and learn the lessons of life on the fly, while friendship, romance, alliances, and his own life hang in the balance. On top of all of this, Harry must cope with the consequences of his guardian’s inevitable fall into Darkness, and a Ministry determined to bury the truth.
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, General, Romance, Tragedy - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Violence - Words: 199358
Completed: No - Chapters: 21 - Published: 2007.10.22 - Updated: 2011.09.06 - Hits: 69978

Grey Street by Pokie4389 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
An angst/song fic in Ginny's POV based on the song by DMB. Follows Ginny's thoughts after the final battle.
PG-13 - Post-OotP - Angst, Tragedy, Drama, Songfic - Warnings: Death, Violence - Words: 1186
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2004.06.09 - Updated: 2004.06.09 - Hits: 2735

Grief and Recklessness by EROD37 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 13]
This story takes places after the events in the story "Loss". The quartet retrieved the Hufflepuff cup, but lost a teammate in the process. Read how things go for the new "trio".
PG-13 - Alternate Universe, Post-HBP - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Humor, Tragedy - Warnings: Death, Disturbing Imagery, Violence - Words: 14841
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2009.12.01 - Updated: 2009.12.01 - Hits: 3216

Grieving is a Painful Thing by Pink Lizard starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 55]
*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated since 2005 ***

*Story being Revised, some chapters may have changed a little*

They stood there, just staring at each other for a while. Stilled, clinging tears on both of their cheeks. Harry's hand still cupping one cheek. Ginny was mesmerised by his glowing eyes. Then like clockwork Harry staring to lean downwards and Ginny upwards.

(a/n) Please Read and review!!!

Love Pink Lizard x

PG-13 - Post-OotP - Angst - Warnings: None - Words: 14120
Completed: No - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2004.12.27 - Updated: 2005.06.16 - Hits: 16386

Grimmauld Christmas Presents by MuggleBeene starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 8]
It is Harry’s first Christmas at Grimmauld Place. Ginny is back at The Burrow on holiday from Hogwarts, but will he be able to give her the present he’s been saving for her after his Auror trainee assignment? Who gets an assignment on Christmas Day?
PG-13 - Post-DH/AB, Holidays - Romance - Warnings: Mild Language - Words: 8775
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2011.12.19 - Updated: 2011.12.19 - Hits: 4596

Growing Closer by ginnyweasley777 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 19]
Post OotP. It’s the summer before Harry's sixth year, and he's still dwelling on Sirius' death. Harry and Ginny are growing closer as Harry stops blaming himself for Sirius having died.
PG - Post-OotP, Alternate Universe - Fluff, General, Humor - Warnings: None - Words: 3504
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2009.03.18 - Updated: 2009.04.17 - Hits: 7074

Growing Pains by AccioRon starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 4]
*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

It is the night before James' first day of Hogwarts. Harry worries about his son, while Ginny assures him that perhaps it is Hogwarts they should be worried about.
PG-13 - Post-DH/AB - Fluff, Humor - Warnings: None - Words: 2038
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2008.02.08 - Updated: 2008.02.08 - Hits: 3195

Growing Up Kneazle by Manatoc Fox starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 356]
** Winner of the July 2012 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Comedy **
On the cusp of Harry's third birthday an impressive display of accidental magic will change his life forever. When Harry is rediscovered nearly nine years later, what will become of our intrepid hero when he finally attends Hogwarts?
R - Pre-OotP, Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Humor - Warnings: Death, Extreme Language, Mild Language, Violence - Words: 209684
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 40 - Published: 2011.03.21 - Updated: 2012.08.29 - Hits: 126476

Grudge Match by Saint Paul starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 20]
*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated since 2006 ***

The Gryffindor Quidditch team has been messed with by the Slytherins for the last time. They're not going to take it anymore and it's time to hit the Snakes where it hurts... on the pitch. AU 5th year
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, General, Humor - Warnings: None - Words: 8838
Completed: No - Chapters: 4 - Published: 2006.02.16 - Updated: 2006.09.05 - Hits: 9198

Gryffindor Boys, Reunited! by Pottermum starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 10]
Seamus has gathered his old dorm mates for a night at the pub, intending to make an announcement. With Ron running late, Seamus prompts his mate to confess something very personal.
R - Post-Hogwarts - General, Humor - Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 2306
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2016.06.27 - Updated: 2016.06.27 - Hits: 2441

Gryffindor...It's Just A Name by casually_a_weasley starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 7]
*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated since 2005 ***

An 8 part ficlet, one chapter for each seventh year Gryffindor character.

Eight different people, Eight different problems. Each takes the time to take a look at themselves and discover what it really means to be a Gryffindor, and whether or not they've got the means to make it. Parvarti, Seamus, Dean, Lavender, Neville, Hermione, Ron and Harry explore their pasts to explain their present and to help reconfigure their future.

G - Post-HBP - Angst, Drama, General - Warnings: None - Words: 1389
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2005.10.11 - Updated: 2005.10.12 - Hits: 2536

Guarding Ginny Weasley by rupert22 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 33]
Someone has been lying to Ginny Weasley. When two Aurors, one of them astonishingly famous, appear at the Burrow and tell the Weasley family that they may be an unwilling ingredient in an uprising of Dark wizards, Ginny's life is turned upside down.
PG-13 - Alternate Universe, Post-Hogwarts - Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance - Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 9423
Completed: No - Chapters: 6 - Published: 2009.05.23 - Updated: 2009.06.11 - Hits: 13932

Guilt and Innocence by Cassie Payne starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 49]
Harry and Ginny spend a happy hour by the lake and Harry deals with his feelings of guilt over their deepening physical relationship. (The "R" rating is just being very cautious!)
R - Post-HBP - Fluff, Drama - Warnings: Sexual Situations - Words: 5283
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2005.08.22 - Updated: 2005.08.22 - Hits: 7995

Hagrid by Pottermum starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 7]
To celebrate the return to Hogwarts on September first, a story on our favourite half-giant.
G - Post-DH/PM - General - Warnings: None - Words: 3352
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2016.08.30 - Updated: 2016.08.30 - Hits: 2260

Hail Odysseus by Brennus starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 369]
** Winner of the September 2014 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Drama **
After believing that Harry Potter died in a house fire at the age of ten, the Wizarding world is shocked when he returns out of the blue, just in time to attend his seventh year at Hogwarts. They're even more shocked when he's Sorted into Slytherin.
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure - Warnings: Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence/Physical Abuse - Words: 154883
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 17 - Published: 2014.08.25 - Updated: 2014.11.22 - Hits: 73296

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