All My Heart by ginnyweasley777

Summary: A distraught Harry disappeared from the Wizarding World, but what happens when he returns to Hogwarts for Ginny's seventh year?
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Published: 2018.01.08
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All My Heart by ginnyweasley777
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Surprise
Author's Notes:

All My Heart
Chapter One: Surprise

Ginny Weasley clambered out of the carriage with Luna when it pulled to a halt outside the castle. She shuddered as she walked past the Thestral that pulled it, remembering why she could see the large sketal creature and wishing that she couldn’t.

The sky was growing ever darker and there was a chill in the air that gave the promise of the winter to come and a few fat drops of rain fell down as they walked up to the huge front doors along with the rest of the students.

‘This is it,’ she said to Luna, as they walked across the threshold, ‘our last year at Hogwarts.’

‘Yes,’ replied Luna, ‘I hope I can find a Flibbering Nargle for Daddy before I leave; they’re very rare and are supposed to live in the castle but I haven’t found one yet.’

Ginny stifled a laugh and was excited but apprehensive as she entered the Great Hall for the start of her final year at Hogwarts; it was scary to think that it wouldn’t be long and she would be finished at school for good, not to mention that for the first time in her life she was the only Weasley there. Last year she’d still had Ron there, but that had been a strange year in itself…

She gave herself a mental shake as she separated from Luna and sat down at the Gryffindor table; this year was about looking to the future, not dwelling on the past again. They’d all had to try to move on with their lives, no matter how hard it was, no matter how much they all still wondered what had happened to…

Her best friend in Gryffindor, Evelyn Walker, sat down next to her with a smile. ‘Hi, Ginny! Sorry we didn’t get much chance to talk on the train…Zak is already talking his Head Boy duties way too seriously and he wouldn’t let me get away for long! I’ve told him I’m not patrolling with him all the time just because I‘m Head Girl!’

‘Hi, Evie,’ replied Ginny, smiling at her, ‘don’t worry about it. How was your summer; it sounded like you had a great time from your letters?’

‘I did,’ exclaimed Evie, tossing her hair over her shoulder impatiently, ‘I spent three weeks in Australia with my aunt over there and that was just amazing! How about you, you didn’t say much when we met in Diagon Alley?’

‘It was pretty quiet,’ she admitted. ‘Bill and Fleur got married, just a small ceremony - you know how they put it off last year...’

‘Yeah, I know,’ nodded Evie sympathetically.

‘Ron got accepted into the Auror programme though,’ she said brightly, ‘so he was really pleased.’

‘That’s great! Is Hermione still nagging him all the time?’

Ginny laughed. ‘Yes, but he loves it in their weird way!’

‘Well I suppose they can’t change the habit of a lifetime, can they,’ exclaimed Evie with a roll of her eyes.

‘No, and it certainly took them long enough to get together.’

‘I know, if they hadn’t finally got together when they did last year then I swear I was going to lock them in a broom cupboard and not let them out until they’d snogged.’

‘That might not have been a bad thing, then I wouldn’t have had to see it when they finally did…I kept finding them wrapped around each other all over the place at the Burrow this summer; it’s been like Lavender all over again,’ she joked, scanning the staff table as she spoke. ‘I wonder who’s going to be the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor this year…I can’t see anyone new up there yet.’

Evie shook her head. ‘I don’t know, I just hope they’re better than the idiot we had last year.’

‘Yeah, he was nearly as bad as Lockhart,’ she replied. She noticed the first years filing in through the door. ‘There’s a lot of them this year.’

‘Jess starts this year,’ replied Evie, waving to a small girl with long black hair who’d just entered the hall, looking just as nervous as the rest of the first years. ‘I hope she’s in Gryffindor.’

‘I’m sure she will be,’ replied Ginny quietly as Professor Flitwick set down the stool and Sorting Hat.

After the Sorting and the feast, Professor McGonagall rose to her feet and waited for silence to fall as the last of the food disappeared from the tables to the kitchens below. ‘I’ve just got a few announcements to make before you may all go to your common rooms,’ she said. ‘All students are reminded that the Forbidden Forest remains just that - forbidden.’ A few students laughed but quickly disguised it as a cough as Professor McGonagall glared down at them. ‘There is only one new staff appointment this year, and that is for Defence Against the Dark Arts…again.’

Ginny and Evie exchanged glances at this as no new teacher had arrived throughout the meal.

‘He has been delayed tonight,’ said Professor McGonagall with a disapproving frown, ‘but I assure you that he will be here bright and early for your classes tomorrow and will introduce himself then, I am sure. Now, prefects, please lead the way for your new students, and you may all head off to bed now.’

‘This new professor is certainly a bit of a mystery,’ commented Evie as they made their way up to the Gryffindor common room.

‘Yeah he is…well at least we know it’s a man now,’ replied Ginny.

‘Odd that she didn’t tell us his name though, but maybe he is like Lockhart and wants to make a big entrance in the morning.’

Ginny laughed. ‘I hope not! I wonder who’ll have his class first in the morning?’

‘Probably Slytherins,’ replied Evie, pulling a face, as they arrived at the portrait of the Fat Lady.

‘Password?’ she asked looking down at them.

‘Godric,’ replied Evie.

The Fat Lady swung forwards and they clambered up into the Gryffindor common room.

The next morning Ginny and Evie waited as Professor McGonagall walked along the Gryffindor house table handing out timetables. Ginny looked down at hers once she’d received it. ‘We’ve got Defence first,’ she said.

‘Great,’ replied Evie, looking over her own. ‘It’s nearly time anyway, shall we go now?’

Ginny nodded her agreement and picked her bag up off the floor.

There was a ripple of excitement among the students as they filed into the classroom just as the bell rang. There was still no teacher and Evie shrugged at Ginny as they sat down at the second row of desks.

The door snapped shut and a tall, dark haired man walked into the room. He reached the front and turned to face the class, allowing Ginny to get a good look at his face. She gasped in recognition; it was Harry.

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