Dimensions of the Soul by ShawdowWriterMSP

Summary: The war was won, but everything was lost. Now Harry is alone with nothing but the ringing in his head reminding him of what he lost. But when a dimensional rift appears in his living room, he may just find a way back to her. To his soul mate. Only in this new dimension, war is still raging. Will Harry be forced to fight once more? (Soul-bond fic, dimension-fic. As seen on fanfiction[dot]net)
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Published: 2018.01.10
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Dimensions of the Soul by ShawdowWriterMSP
Chapter 1: Harry's Past
Author's Notes:

Nineteen-year-old Harry James Potter collapsed backwards onto his narrow bed. He stared blankly at the ceiling above him as was habit now upon getting back to his apartment of a night. He had spent another day in meetings with the entourage from the American Magical Congress, MACUSA.

Once Voldemort had finally been destroyed nearly six months ago, MACUSA sent their own Aurors over to see what state magical Britain was in after the war. What they had found was Harry, face-down in a battle field magically drained and the remains of a huge magical discharge. After they had finally revived Harry, they asked where everyone else was only to receive a blank look and a monotone voice telling them there was nobody left.

As MACUSA informed the larger international magical communities, they began to send in envoys from various countries to help the few refugees that had survived and to hunt any straggling Death Eaters. Once August had rolled around, they started repairs on the ruins of Hogwarts in the hope they might have some usable class rooms and dormitories to use for the new Muggleborn students that had been, for the most part, left untouched by the war.

Throughout all of this, Harry Potter was always invited to bring his opinion forward though he rarely spoke to anyone. What nobody said aloud was that three separate Mind Healers had recommended keeping him occupied as possible. He was classified as a high risk of giving up and attempting to join his family and friends in the next great adventure.

Nobody had said this to Harry, but he knew of the worried look people cast at him. How someone would always show up to his door of a morning to ensure he was still there and alive.

He had wondered if their fears were founded. He would be able to see them all again. His parents, Sirius and Remus would all be there. He would be able to see Sirius laugh again, hear his mother's voice. Seen Remus smile shyly at Tonks as she teased him mercilessly.

Then there would be all the Weasleys, his unofficial family. He would be able to joke with the twins, chat seriously with Bill, talk Muggle technology with Arthur and enjoy Molly's cooking.

Also there would be Ron and Hermione. They had been with him for so long in the war only to fall in a trap to Voldemort's own killing curse. It had nearly destroyed Harry. They had only been unofficially married for a month before their lives had been snatched away.

The only thing that had kept Harry going at that point had been Ginny. His sweet Ginny. After Ron and Hermione's deaths she had given him the time and safety to recover, making sure they moved frequently to avoid detection and ensuring he still ate correctly. He had been immeasurably grateful to her once he had finally come out of his mourning and realised how much she had done for him. Ginny had never pushed him to talk, but quietly held him as he cried and never gave up on him or lost her temper.

It had taken them both by surprise back in Harry's sixth year when, upon starting a romantic relationship, the soul-bond that that been simmering out of sight their whole lives had suddenly activated. It had been a confusing few weeks as their minds started to link and they found themselves in need of a certain amount of physical contact with one another every day. After many hours of research into old bonds, and several loud shouting matches between Ginny and her mother, Harry and Ginny had finally been moved into the Head Boy's rooms so as to actually get any sleep and fulfil the need for several hours of contact as they slept.

From then on, Harry and Ginny had been inseparable and were rarely ever seen without the other. Ginny had been accelerated into Harry's classes, using her newfound access to Harry's memories, and they had come to realise they were a team in everything they did. If one of them was in a bad mood, the other would also be in a sympathetic rage. They never raged at each other though — there seemed little point shouting at a piece of yourself. And when emotions had turned sad, they would turn to each other for comfort only their soul mate could provide. Harry and Ginny had discussed after Dumbledore's untimely death that they would stick together through the whole war. Even until death, if that is what it took.

But while their minds had linked closely, their magic seemed to remain mostly separate. The reason for this eluded them until, in the first battle of Hogwarts, they found the truth of Harry being a Horcrux of Voldemort's. After they realised what it meant, Harry walked into the Forbidden Forest to meet his death. Ginny only stayed behind to ensure Voldemort would be finished before inevitably joining him. What neither of them had anticipated was, upon the loss of Riddle's soul fragment in Harry, the block on their soul bond had been removed, effectively summoning Harry's soul back to his body. Upon returning, he had been teleported to Ginny's side in a flash of light, alerting Voldemort to his failure at having killed The Boy Who Lived yet again.

From there, Harry had discovered 'the power he knows not'. The soul bond had merged Harry's and Ginny's magical cores together and enhanced the result to such an extent that they could overwhelm most Death Eaters on pure power. Unfortunately, it had taken too long to recover from surviving the killing curse a second time and Hogwarts had fallen along with most of the students who tried to fight.

As Harry and Ginny had grown confident in their stronger magical core, they had begun to overwhelm previously impossible odds without requiring any particular skill. They simply overpowered their own shields whilst simultaneously overpowering their spells to smash through the Death Eaters' shields.

It was this lack of technique that had cost them dearly, however, when they finally cornered Voldemort on the ground of Hogwarts for the final fight. It had not been the great epic battle between opposing armies one might expect with Dark creatures on all sides and hundreds of spells arcing through the sky. There simply wasn't enough people left on either side. In the end, it had been Harry and Ginny against Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy, the other Death Eaters either unconscious or dead.

Ginny had just finally reaped her vengeance upon Malfoy for the incident with Tom Riddle's Diary, all those years ago, when it all went wrong. Her momentary elation had flooded Harry through the bond filling them both with the confidence that, now alone, Voldemort was as good as finished. They had Riddle on the back foot, but still he fought, firing as many destructive spells in rapid succession as he could to ensure they both remained on the defensive.

Just as Harry thought he had started to go mad, with every spell being rejected by a shield, he suddenly lashed out with the killing curse. Even the strongest of shields couldn't block that spell and it had hit Ginny before either of them had time to even flinch. The resulting magical discharge resulting from Harry's anguish and the severing of the soul bond had blasted Voldemort back, knocking him unconscious, leaving Harry to catch Ginny as she fell, lifeless, into his arms. All he could hear was the echoing nothingness in his mind as he screamed out for Ginny to respond. All he could see was her face, with eyes already glazed and lifeless. All he felt was despair and emptiness, feeling alone for the first time since they had first bonded.

Harry felt tears slide down his cheeks as he remembered that day, clear as if it were still happening. He had finally remembered Voldemort and had looked up expecting to see his death approaching, to welcome it. At least he would return to Ginny. But instead he saw Voldemort, his wand disintegrated, laying several meters away with blood seeping from where his head had hit the ground.

Harry barely remembered what happened next, except he had eventually came to, finding himself standing over the remains of Voldemort's body, panting with the exertion, and feeling thoroughly drained.

Harry stood quickly and started moving mechanically about his flat, anything to distract himself from the dark memories that threatened to consume him every day. He didn't understand why he was still trying to live. Of all recorded soul bonds throughout history, if one member died, the other usually followed within a matter of months, if not days. And yet here he was still, alive, and with a sense that he was waiting for something.

After tidying himself up from the day, and eating a meagre dinner, Harry collapsed back into bed and soon drifted off to sleep. He hadn't slept well since Ginny's death. Nightmares plagued his every night, ranging from the early deaths of Cedric and Sirius, up to the most recent of Ron, Hermione and, of course, Ginny.

Tonight however, something different happened. Harry jerked awake suddenly, senses on full alert, as if something had woken him. He lay perfectly still, breathing slowly, straining his ears to identify any noises in his flat. When he heard nothing, he reached out with his magic, feeling for any unusual signatures that might indicate somebody else inside. What he found instead was a magical disturbance in his own living room. It didn't feel like any kind of living creature but part of it, ever so faintly, felt familiar.

Harry got up quietly, threw on his black dragon-hide cloak and boots, collected his invisibility cloak and his wands, and moved out into the corridor. He stowed the Elder wand in a hidden holster in his left arm while holding his repaired Holly and Phoenix feather wand out ahead of him. Sneaking slowly down the hall, Harry came to the door into the living room which he inched open with the tip of his wand. What he saw was a light show.

In the middle of the room, swirling and sparking, was a sphere of brilliant light, throwing bright patterns onto the walls, floor, and ceiling of the room. Harry looked at it in shock. This was powerful magic, the likes of which he had never seen before. And why did it seem familiar to him?

He reached out again with his magic to try and identify it and nearly fell backward in shock. He could feel Ginny. The soul bond seemed to hum for the first time since her death, the echoing emptiness in his head took on a higher frequency. Harry stared, wide-eyed at the sphere of light. Was this a portal to the afterlife? Would he finally be reacquainted with his friends and family?

Harry looked around the room briefly, thinking about what was left in the world. The answer - not much. And if he died, well, maybe he would find some peace. He straightened up, gripped his wand tightly by his side and strode forward towards the light.

And Harry James Potter ceased to exist in this world.

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