Harry Potter, MI-13 Agent Extraordinare by Milarqui

Summary: *** Winner of Best Overall, Characterization, and The People’s Choice Award in the Harry Bond 007 Challenge ***
Harry Potter, MI-13 Agent, is tasked to infiltrate Draco Malfoy's ball when rumours of Death Eaters trying to resurrect Voldemort become known. For this task, he is partnered with fellow Agent Ginny Weasley.

Sparks will jump between them before the mission is through, though...
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Briefing
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Preparations
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Mission
Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Conclusion

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Briefing

Author's Notes: I've written this one in three days. The reason I'm on this is because I'm stuck with HPATUV and Prodigy: Born Again.

Anyway, this story is probably a bit different from all others in this challenge, with a change in the backstory when compared to canon Harry Potter.

Also, there's a lot of characters I would have loved to write in but didn't, mostly because they would have little to no bearing to the story. For example, Neville and Luna would be married and working as part of the R&D department.

Anyway, I hope you like the story!

1: Briefing

Harry woke up, grateful that he had not chosen to drink in celebration of another successful mission the night before, because it would have (a) left him with a huge headache that would become worse with the Alarm Charm and (b) probably put him in the very unwelcome situation of hooking up with yet another girl. Not that the idea of sex was uninteresting, or repulsive, but rather he knew that then said girl would always hound him to seek a repeated performance, and he did not want to use Memory Charms to make sure she would not be interested in him any more.

Besides, any woman that might try to go after him could be a liability in future missions if they recognised him.

Making a gesture with his hand to grab his wand, he turned off the Alarm Charm and jumped out of his bed, ready to begin the day. He had to meet with M in two hours and a half, and he would rather do so with a full stomach and well awake.

After a short shower and a good breakfast made of orange juice, bacon, eggs and toast, he felt ready to get on the road, so to speak. With a few wand waves to ensure everything was clean, and after casting the wards that would made it impossible for anyone but him to get into his flat, he Disapparated.

He appeared in the foyer of one of the most secretive offices of the British government, so secretive that Muggles only knew about it through a comic that did not even get on the reality of it all: MI-13, the intelligence agency in charge of watching over the British magical society and making sure that any would-be Dark Lords were nipped in the bud before they became too much of a danger.

MI-13 was a relatively young agency, which had only appeared in the 1970s after Voldemort destroyed the Ministry of Magic and nearly broke the Statute of Secrecy. The British Muggle government, with the support of the Ministry workers that had survived the attack or had not been there, had established a new Ministry of Magic directly under the control of the Prime Minister, and a complete revamping of the entire system had allowed the defeat of Voldemort. The last casualties had been James and Lily Potter, Harry's parents, who had been caught by Voldemort in dire straits and had managed to destroy him at the cost of their own lives when Harry was nine. Harry ended up in the care of by his father's best friends, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, and had eventually joined the same agency his parents had been founding members of.

Harry walked directly towards M's office, greeting those co-workers he encountered, and finally reaching the last obstacle before he could enter.

“Hello, Hermione,” he says with a grin. “Did you have a good time last night?”

Hermione Granger, a Muggle-born witch, was M's secretary, but that did not mean she was just that. Having one of the sharpest minds of the magical world, as well as an inquisitive personality and the ability to distinguish fact from fiction just by looking at a document or newspaper, she also moonlighted as an interrogator, researcher and, sometimes, as a field agent when her particular talents were required. Already enamoured with the James Bond films, she had taken to the job like a duck to water, especially after Harry recommended her to M, and her input had changed many things around for the better.

It was this Hermione Granger that glared at him while her cheeks reddened.

“Harry James, you do not want to go that way.”

“Well, right now I do sort of want it. Given the way you had put your legs around Ronald's waist the last time I saw you, I'd say it must have been interesting.”

Hermione grabbed her wand and fired a hex at him, which he easily stopped with a Protego Charm.

“Ugh. Can't I enjoy some quality time with my husband of two months without someone butting in?” she asked.

“Hey, hey, you know that I'm happy for you, I just wish you had taken your time to get into a private place, it is not good for my mental health to see my best friend having sex with someone, even if it is her husband.”

“Do I need to fire another one, Harry?”


“Good.” Hermione put away the wand and pressed a button. “M, Potter has just arrived.”

“Let him through,” the witch at the other side answered.

“You've heard our boss, Harry.”

“Thanks, Hermione,” he replied, moving for the door and pushing it open.

At the other side, he found the office he had been in so many times already since he became a member of MI-13, mostly to get some briefings about his missions and a few other times to get scolded for screwing up something. It was quite austere, with the only decorations being a few portraits and photographs, including that of Her Majesty Elisabeth II. The only furniture was a table and three chairs, one of them already occupied by the current head of MI-13.

“Potter, take a seat,” M said, pointing at one of the chairs in front of her.

“Thanks, M,” he replied, looking at the witch.

M was only the second head of MI-13. The first, A (more known to the general population as the famed Sorcerer Albus Dumbledore), had suffered a fatal heart attack nine years before. M (real name Minerva McGonagall) had, before the establishment of MI-13, been the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, but had decided to follow Albus in his adventure in the world of espionage and become his deputy, replacing him after his death.

“So, what is it that you need me for now, M? I thought that, after managing to break up the third reincarnation of the Knights of Walpurgis, I'd be given a couple of days of rest.”

“I know, Potter, but you know that, in this world, there is little rest and too many threats. There is something that has just come up, something that could get us in the worst problems of the last decade, and you are MI-13's best agent, so we need you on the field now.”

“What is it?”

“A few days before he died, Albus had some people at the Research Department begin to work on something that could be of supreme importance. It was a project that was held in the utmost of secrets. It wasn't until last night that they told me about it, and that they had been able to confirm what Albus had asked them about.”

“They spent nine years on whatever Albus told them to work on?”

“Yes, Potter. Imagine how important and difficult it is that it took many people nine years working in the utmost secrecy to be able to confirm.”

“What is it, then?”

“Have you ever heard about Horcruxes?”

“I have heard something. Isn't that an Egyptian charm used to store a soul in a container?”

“Yes. When Bellatrix Lestrange was finally arrested ten years ago, an investigation was launched into the magical artefacts that were found in her private vault. One of them was found to be a Horcrux, but it was not known who made it, and Research had to do a lot of work to determine the truth.

“Potter, the Horcrux was made by Voldemort. And we think that the Death Eaters are reviving and trying to find a way to resurrect him.”

The only reason Harry's jaw didn't fall open was that his training allowed him to contain those feelings. He did, however, raise his eyebrows.

“How do you know that? The part about the Death Eaters attempting to resurrect him, I mean.”

“Snape told us that he was contacted by one of his old partners.”

Harry glared at this. Severus Snape had once been part of the Death Eaters, Voldemort's followers and main tool to spread panic. Snape had never been one of the raiders, though, but a spy, and had, at some point in the 1970s, become a double agent. Harry's dislike of him was of a more personal variety, though: Snape had all but stalked his family for years, supposedly as part of his job as Voldemort's spy, but mostly because he was obsessed with Lily Potter, and hated James Potter for marrying her. He suspected that Snape might have been the one to tell Voldemort where his parents would be, but could not prove it, and the only reason he had never gone after Snape was because Dumbledore had forced him to take an oath never to do so.

“Which one?”

“Augustus Rookwood.”

“Rookwood? The former Unspeakable?”

“Yes. He has apparently come out of hiding and has sent messages to all those that he feels would be interested in his idea. Of course, most of them would be the children of the former Death Eaters, but we have no proof of actual involvement.”

“What do you need me for, then?”

“Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy's son, is hosting a great ball in three days, supposedly to celebrate the end of the War, but we suspect it is to cover a meeting between the Death Eaters. We do not know how exactly they plan to find a way to resurrect Voldemort, but Research indicates that Voldemort made several Horcruxes, so it is possible that Rookwood has somehow managed to find another Horcrux. In summary, we want you to infiltrate that party, bug their meeting and discover what they are up to.”

“You want me to go as my “Wayne” identity, right?” Harry asked. The “Wayne” identity had begun on a joke made by Dean Thomas, a Muggle-born that worked on Surveillance, referring to Bruce Wayne's double identity as millionaire Bruce Wayne and hero Batman, but MI-13 had taken the idea and used it for most of its agents, to be used as covers for their true activities. In Harry's case, he was an investor and owner of several companies, as well as purveyor of many appliances that had been developed in the last years, such as the “Prodigy Box”, a computer that worked completely with magic and that had become the beginning of what was called the Magitec Revolution by some people.

“Yes. You are quite fortunate that people cannot recognize you in sight, you can easily use that.”

“Uh, wait a moment,” Harry said, realizing something. “You said “Ball”. I do hope you won't...”

“Yes, Potter. You need a date, and we can't risk someone not in the know to get into a mess. We are assigning you a partner.”

“Come on, M, don't you remember the mess Chang got me in when we went together to bust Umbridge's slave ring? Or when Greengrass chose to run right behind me into Fudge's hideaway even after I told her to wait for me?”

“Yes, I do remember, Potter, there is no need for you to shout about it,” M replied. “As chronically unable to work with a partner as you are, circumstances force me to put you with another female partner, and I'll just hope Merlin will keep an eye on you two.”

“M, Ginny Weasley has arrived.”

“Let her through, Hermione.”

“Ginny Weasley? Hermione's sister-in-law?” Harry asked, vaguely remembering the woman. He knew she was the star Chaser of the Holyhead Harpies, and had won the league twice with them. He had met her during Hermione's wedding with Ronald Weasley, had in fact danced with her once, but he would have never thought she was another MI-13 agent. Another example of a flawless “Wayne” identity, apparently.

“Yes, Potter.”

Harry turned around and saw the red-haired woman that had just spoken enter the room. She had looked beautiful in her dress during the wedding, but now, wearing looser dark clothes, her hair wild instead of pulled into a ponytail, and still with those freckles that persisted despite her age, she looked impressive. Not to mention that spark in her eyes that denoted her strong personality.

Well, he also had a strong personality. At least, that's what many people told him. So, either they got on really well, or this would be come crashing down on them.

“Good, you know each other, that will save us the presentations.” M waved her wand as she explained the situation to Ginny Weasley, using an Attractor Charm to call a map and several documents to her from one of the wardrobes at the side.

“This here is a map of Malfoy Manor. The main reception for the ball will take place here,” she said, pointing at the biggest room of the building. “And we believe the Death Eater meeting will take place in this other room,” she pointed at other room, “as we have gained independent confirmation of special wards being placed here in this room over the last few days. We need you to plant a couple of bugs in that room, so that we may be able to learn the truth about their planning.”

“How formal is this ball going to be?” Harry asked.

“Old fashioned. So, yes, Potter, you'll have to wear dress robes.”

“Ugh.” If there was something Harry hated about the magical world, it was the absurd fashion code that had been prevalent before Voldemort. Robes? Merlin's sake, it made him feel like a monk or worse.

“Possible allies?” Ginny asked.

“We may be able to infiltrate a couple of extra people in there. Tonks is a probable candidate, as is Dobby.” Dobby was a free house elf that had come to work for Harry several years ago, but, since Harry did not give him a lot of work, he had taken to work for MI-13 for extra money, not that he actually needed it now.

“He was the Malfoy's elf, right?” Harry asked.

“Yes. He is the one that was able to catch on the warding of the room.”

“What is the actual situation with the room?”

“Weasley, your brother William should be more than able to provide you with the complete schematics, as well as how to cancel them for a few minutes without activating them. Best if you go down to Research after you get out of here, they have communicated me that they want to give you several things for your work.”

“Anything else of importance?”

“Please, for Merlin's sake, avoid trying to kill or arrest any of them unless it is completely necessary, we do not need them to change their plans all of a sudden and leave us without a trail.”

“Don't worry, M. We will act with the utmost care.”

“Good. I hope so. Now, you can go.”

Harry and Ginny stood up and, after shaking hands with the old witch, left the office.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Preparations

Author's Notes: Here is chapter 2! This is where I intended for Neville and Luna to appear. They would have probably been caught in the middle of some "fun action" by Harry and Ginny, and it would take a few minutes for the two of them to get back in track with the whole "give H&G important objects".

Let's hope you like it!

2: Preparations

“So, how did you meet Hermione?” Ginny asked Harry while they were taking the lift down towards Research Department.

“We met ten years ago. I had gone with my godfather Sirius on holidays to Paris, and we met by chance with a couple of dentists and their daughter. Hermione slipped and mentioned she had been going to Hogwarts, and we became friends.”

“So, any juicy details in that friendship? Kisses, sex, anything?”

“You're seriously asking me if there something between me and your sister-in-law?”

“Yeah. It's mostly so that I can needle her, don't worry.”

“Well, I am sorry, but you will feel disappointed in knowing that there was never anything between us. Sure, she is beautiful, but I never felt anything beyond friendship for her. It would have never worked between us. Plus, she's not my type.”

“Oh? What's your type, then?”

“Well, it is difficult to say. I like... passionate women, with a spark, fiery if you will. Smart. Not too tall. Willing to get herself in risks. Women that shine in the middle of the night.”

“Funny, that's what they say about me,” Ginny replied, moving her eyebrows in a flirty manner.

“Really? I am glad about it, Miss Weasley. But, you know what makes a woman really shine in the night?”

“Do tell me.”

“I've heard a roll in the hay makes wonders for that.” She seemed surprised, and he grinned at her. “It's fun! Roll, roll, roll in ze hay,” he said with a Germanic accent, grateful for having watched that film. It was the hardest he had laughed in months.

“I zink dat should haf bin my sentence, Doctor Fronkensteen,” she replied with a matching smirk and accent.

“Ah, a fellow admirer of the classics, I really like that as well.”

“So, would you like a film marathon when we finish this mission, Potter?”

“Along with any other marathon you may think of, my dear,” he replied with a wink.

The two of them kept bantering the whole way towards the Research Department, where they were met by a pair of identical looking twins.

“Ah, F and G, nice to see you again,” Harry said, grinning. The two of them were yet another showing of the greatness of the “Wayne” system. Out of MI-13, they were Fred and George Weasley, the famous owners of the “Weasley Wizard Wheezies” chain of joke shops, but here, they were F and G, two of the foremost inventors Research had. All in all, they were the resident Q's of MI-13.

“Oh, Harry Potter, good chap, nice to see you here,” one of them — Fred, Harry thought, looking at the F in his lab coat — said happily.

“And accompanied by our sister dearest, Ginevra Weasley, nonetheless!” George said.

“Do you want to remember the feeling of your snots flying out of your nose, Georgie?” Ginny asked, in a very sweet tone that Harry felt was quite dangerous. And sexy. George raised his hands.

“Sorry, sorry, Ginny, won't happen again, I swear. “

“So, what do you have for us?”

“Well, the usual. Short wand for infiltration, some Decoy Detonators, Instant Darkness Powder...” Fred said, piling a bit of each thing on their arms. “All of it hidden in your dress robes within undetectable expanded pockets, naturally.”

“The fun part begins now. Here,” George continued, giving Harry a small ball.

“What's this?” he asked.

“A Stunning Sphere.”

“I guess it shoots a Stunner, so what's the special thing?” Ginny asked.

“Oh-ho, young sister, it does not shoot a Stunner.”

“It shoots Stunners in every direction at the same time!”

“Although, take into account that it has a very short range.”

“Three metres, give or take.”

“Can be useful if you are in a pickle, though.”

“They are charmed not to affect whoever threw it.”

“They do sound quite useful,” Ginny interrupted. “If you get us a few, we will give them good use.”

“Great! Now, have this, it's a modified Muggle gun that can shoot certain spells at a very fast rate, much faster than what you can do with a wand.”

“It uses an amplifier to use as little magic as possible, and it requires to be recharged after one hundred shots, but it does good work.”

The twins continued showing many of their inventions, making both Harry and Ginny wish they had their undetectable extension bags with them.

“How do you plan for us to carry all of this, guys?” Harry said, interrupting them.

“We told you already, undetectable expanded pockets.”

“OK, you two, enough,” an older, equally red-haired man interrupted.

“Hi, Bill,” Ginny said, smiling.

“Hi, firebug,” Bill Weasley, the elder of the Weasley siblings, replied, giving her a one-armed hug. “Nice to see you again, Potter.”

“Same to you, B.”

“So, I guess you want the schematics for Malfoy's wards, right? Best if you drop all of those things on a table, don't want to cause chaos in our lab,” Bill said, pointing the two field agents towards the laboratory. Unlike many others, Bill Weasley was one of the few that worked full time for MI-13, even if he had a cover story as an independent curse-breaker and a marriage to a beautiful French witch called Fleur Delacour, whom he had met during a joint French-British mission.

After Harry and Ginny got rid of everything the twins had piled on them, Bill led them to the creatively named “Wards Lab”.

“OK, you two pay attention. I'll give you a written review later so that you may revise it before infiltration, but it's best if you learn this now. The room in question has been warded with the usual anti-eavesdropping wards, as well as anti-Apparition wards, anti-Portkey wards, Accounting wards...”

“Accounting wards?” Ginny asked, surprised.

“Takes count of how many people cross the wards and have entered the room.”


Bill listed a few more things before moving onto the next thing.

“Fortunately, they haven't created invasive wards, nor made them permanent, because then it would be a whole lot more difficult for you two. That's why we have made this,” Bill said, handing Ginny a small object that looked like a torch. “It's a ward nullifier. Can make holes into wards through which you can get through without activating the wards. The hole should be big enough to help you two through, although it is experimental, so do not rely on it.”

“Don't worry, Bill. Now, how are we expected to bug the room?”

“We have a couple of ideas, most of which are, unfortunately, not very useful, as they would still require to retrieve the bugs back. The twins and a few others are working on a bug that can transmit through radio waves, but so far there's no luck, they either blow up or only send garbled sounds.”

“What we have that works sounds better than nothing.”

“We can either infiltrate an Animagus, which is something Malfoy has not taken into account, put a Recording Charm on an object or a charmed quill to write on a piece of parchment.”

“Either of the former two is best. A moving quill would be easily seen,” Harry said.

“Best yet, we use both of the former two. Best we have some redundancies, don't you think?” Ginny suggested.

“Good. I don't know who will be assigned to be the 'bug', but you will get the Recording object the morning before the ball.”

“Great. Anything else we need to know about?”

“That you'd better be careful when you get in there. Draco Malfoy may be a little bastard, but he has still managed to get around him all Death Eaters that managed to get scot free. So, good luck!”

Harry and Ginny smiled, and left the room, intent on getting everything they would need for their mission.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Mission

Author's Notes: This is chapter 3! The mission becomes done. I had ideas about Harry getting tortured for information, like it happens to Bond so many times in the films, but I decided that I wanted to write something funny and light, and thus the result is what you can see.

Enjoy the chapter!

3: Mission

Harry got out of shower and started to get dressed for the occasion.

Tonight, he would be infiltrating Malfoy's ball, next to Ginny Weasley, both of them on their mission for MI-13. On his dress robes, he carried everything he might need to make sure the Death Eaters were caught. So would Ginny Weasley.

In regards to Ginny Weasley, in the last two days they had met several times. It was an attempt to establish a cover for why they would go together to the ball — after all, two people don't just up and go to a great social event together when they don't even know each other — but it also allowed them to meet each other. And the more Harry met Ginny, the more he thought she was one of the loveliest women he had ever met.

He vowed to himself that, after the mission ended, he would work on knowing her even better than now, so that he might check if she could be a long-term companion for him. He was interested in her, and could see himself growing old next to her.

But, first, he had to get through the mission. And that required dress robes. Ugh.

He had finished up putting the last touches — some light cologne and checking everything was in its place — when the doorbell sounded.

Harry went towards the door, and when he opened he was greeted by the lovely sight that was Ginny Weasley in a strapless green dress that accentuated her natural curves without looking too much.

Then he also saw Hermione and her husband, Ronald.

“We wanted to escort Ginny here,” Hermione said with a smile.

“Besides, I wanted to tell you a couple of things,” Ronald said. “First thing first, please, take care of Ginny.”

“Ronald, I can take care of myself,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes.

“I know that, but I — and our brothers and parents — would feel a whole lot better if Potter makes sure nothing happens to you.”

Ginny rolled her eyes again, but chose not to comment.

“Now, a warning. If you ever hurt Ginny, you can be sure that you will have the wrath of all of us Weasleys behind you.”

Harry smirked. He had faced lots of horrors and enemies, so such a threat did not scare him. However, he chose not to comment on that fact.

“Do not worry, Ronald, your sister is in the best of hands.”

“I hope so. Did I mention that my brother Charlie is friends with a couple of big nasty dragons?”

“Hermione, take this idiot out of here, before he gets reintroduced to his own bogeys,” Ginny said.

“Come on, Ron, best if we let them go their own way,” Hermione said, pulling her husband along. “Good luck, and be careful. Both of you.”

“Thanks, Hermione,” Harry said, as he watched the couple leave. He then turned to Ginny. “Sorry I didn't say this before, but you look magnificently beautiful.”

“Thank you, kind sir. You don't look half bad, either. Although, I'd say normal clothes fit you better.”

“So, is there anything that you are wearing that you might miss if it gets ripped?”

“There might be, depending on why you ask.”

“Because I think that, maybe, if you are willing, I might rip all of your clothes after we finish the mission so that I can put you on the bed and have my wicked ways with you.”

“You might find that there is not much to rip, Potter, and if you are a good boy, you might not even have to do any ripping.” Ginny's eyes became two hazel rocks, burning with desire.

“And a very dirty mind to boot,” Harry replied, trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to push down his own desire. “I find myself liking you more and more as time passes.”

“Good. Shall we, then?”


The two agents Apparated at the same time to the strategic Apparition point near Malfoy Manor, from where they took off towards the imposing and decadent mansion.

The first hour of the ball were a bit boring, especially as there was no one they knew. Things got a bit more animated when Ginny found that a couple of her partners in the Holyhead Harpies had been invited to the ball as well, so she dragged Harry towards them and they engaged in a lively conversation involving several things, most of all Quidditch, but also Harry's presence — with the two girls needling Ginny over her getting hooked up with one of the richest people of Magical Britain — and other events that have taken place recently.

It was three hours into the ball, with things rolling in position, that Harry and Ginny made their move.

Ginny transfigured her heels into more comfortable shoes, and both of them sneaked out of the ballroom, disguising it as an attempt to get some “alone time” with each other, but actually moving upstairs, towards the room they sought.

Harry used the ward nullifier to open a hole for Ginny to pass through, and then he slipped inside as well with the nullifier so as to not raise the alarm.

It was then that Ginny took a jar out of one of her pockets and opened it, letting a beetle out. The beetle transformed into a forty-something old woman with short blonde hair and green electric make up.

“Thank Merlin, I was getting bored in there,” she said, dusting some imaginary dirt from her robes.

“OK, Rita, I know you hate this, but it's back into your bug suit before Malfoy and the others arrive,” Harry said, putting the Recording cube under one of the armchairs.

“I know, I know, sorry for transforming back for a few seconds,” Rita Skeeter, journalist-turned-spy, said sardonically, before once more turning into her Animagus form and flying to hide in somewhere where she would not be seen.

“We are good, Ginny, let's get out of here.”

However, when he activated the nullifier, something happened. Or, more like, didn't happen.

“Damn, it's not working,” Harry said.

“What?” Ginny asked, incredulous.

“I said...”

“I know what you said, Harry, I'm not deaf. What are we going to do, then?”

“We'll have to hide in here,” Harry said, wishing his and Ginny's Animagus forms were small enough to hide, but a wolf and a horse were quite hard to hide in this room.

“Do you have your Invisibility Cloak?”

“Yes. But it will only cover one of us.”

“Not if we sit very, very close.”

Damn, Harry thought, and for a very different reason as before. The idea of being so close to the object of his desires did not do much to his thinking processes, and looking at Ginny, he could see that she was in a similar situation.

“Our best bet,” Harry said. He went to the most out-of-the-way corner, pulled out his one-of-a-kind Invisibility Cloak (that had charms on it that made it far more useful than others) from one of his innumerable pockets and sat on the corner, looking towards the centre of the room. Ginny sat on his lap, and between the two of them they managed to cover themselves with the cloak.

“Don't you look cosy in there?” Rita said, breaking cover for a second before turning again into a beetle. And right on time, because soon Malfoy and his fellows were entering the room.

The meeting between them lasted forty minutes, forty of the most torturous minutes of Harry's life. He was struggling to concentrate on something that was not Ginny's delicious curves against him, and his hands were fighting to not wander away from their positions around her waist. Not that she had it easier, because every touch of Harry, by his hands or anything else, were making her heart beat at double the normal rate, and heat was pooling inside of her because of his hot breath over her shoulder and neck.

Things ended quite abruptly, though. As the Death Eaters were leaving, Ginny started to feel tickles in her nose. She tried to cover her nose to stop it, but it was too late, and she sneezed.

“There's someone here!” Draco Malfoy shouted, bringing all of the other Death Eaters into the room again.

“Where?” one of the other Death Eaters asked.

“They must be invisible. Homenum Revelio!”

For a second, Harry was scared, but then he remembered his Invisibility Cloak protected him from that kind of charms. Still, he got his wand and a Stunning Sphere out of their pockets, and Ginny did the same.

“Are you sure about it, Malfoy?”

“Yes, I heard someone sneeze! Aguamenti!” he cried, shooting a stream of water with his wand. Knowing it was going to hit them, Harry pulled the Cloak from over them and threw his Stunning Sphere in the direction of the Death Eaters.

“Potter?” Malfoy and one of the other Death Eaters (Nott, apparently) seemed surprised to see him in the room. Their distraction served Harry well.

Protego!” Harry and Ginny (who had also thrown her own Sphere) shouted, right on time, because the Spheres explode and a red wave surged from them.

Ginny stood up and pointed her wand at the fallen Death Eaters, which was a lucky move, because it turned out not all of them had been struck, and those that were awake were now trying to strike at Ginny. Harry was faster, though, and jumped on his feet, using a Shield Charm to cover Ginny while he pulled his gun out with a fast move, shooting Stunners wildly towards the still awake Death Eaters, resorting to a Explosive Charm once in a while to force them back, and hoping the people at the ball would not hear the struggle.

It was his lucky day, though. It took them both ten minutes, but in the end all of the Death Eaters in the meeting (about thirty or more) laid on the floor, stunned and tied up.

“Not bad for our first mission together,” Harry said.

“Indeed. What do you suggest we do, then?”

“Well, we have more than enough to put them all in prison. Between the Recording and what Rita has witnessed,” he turned around, seeing the beetle was flying down from her hide away, “there should be no problem at all. You ready, Rita?”

“Sure, Potter. Give me a Portkey and I'll start to give my testimony,” she said. Harry fished around in another of his pockets and gave a yellow marble to the woman. “Have fun bringing all those people to MI-13.”

“Have fun writing the forty minutes of meeting,” Ginny replied. Rita stepped out of the warded room and activated the Portkey. “Well, what do you want to do now?”

“How about we put all of these Death Munchers in a jail, write a report and go to a fish and chips? I'm hungry,” Harry suggested.

“Sure. And then we start with the marathon?”

“Oh, that's a definite one. Or two.”

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Conclusion

Author's Notes: The final chapter! Everything gets wrapped up, Ginny becomes the best Potter girl (or is it Harry that becomes the Ginny Weasley boy?) and a little cliffhanger for the end.

Enjoy, please!

4: Conclusion

Harry woke up. But this time, he was not alone.

He looked at his side, and saw a red-haired woman with bed hair, sleepy eyes and a soft smile.

“Good morning, Harry,” Ginny said.

“Hi, Ginny. Did you sleep well?”

“Oh, yes. You wore me out.”

After they put the Death Eaters in prison and wrote the reports, Harry and Ginny had gone to buy some fish and chips and gone to Harry's flat, where they had started watching several films. By the time the last one had ended, they were necking like teenagers in a date, and when Ginny straddled Harry to deepen the kiss, he had taken her to the bed, which they had proceeded to nearly destroy in a display of total lack of care for what others might think (if it were not for the fact that Harry's bedroom was completely soundproof, both the Muggle and Magical ways).

“You did the same for me.”

“Happy to be of service, then.” Ginny put a hand on his chest. “So, do you want go have some food, or do you think you are up to a little morning session?”

“Tough choice. Though, I think that some exercise before breakfast might be interesting.”

“Great.” Ginny kissed him and straddled him again, increasing the hold she had on him.

— Harry — Ginny —

“I see you have done a job much better than expected, Potter and Weasley,” M said, looking at the two. “Not only have you cut this on the nip, but also helped to find the last few Voldemort Horcruxes that still remained around.”

“What will happen to those Horcruxes?” Harry asked.

“They are being destroyed as we speak. They hope the destruction won't cause too much of an explosion, but just in case they are doing it in a special room.”

“What did Voldemort use as Horcruxes?”

“A book that apparently was his diary when he was a teenager, a tiara that once belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw, a locket and a ring that were owned by the last of the Slytherin line and a cup that had been used by Helga Hufflepuff. We think that he planned to make a sixth Horcrux with the murder of your parents, Harry, but obviously that did not happen. Voldemort's spirit has already been forced to go on to the next life.”

“So, no further threats on that front, right?”

“Correct. Though, now Malfoy and all of the others are raising hell over what they proclaim was an illegal arrest and demand their freedom. If any one of them gets out, then it would be like opening a can of worms.”

“They have no legal standing, M. Given the boatload of proof we have, they'd be lucky if they get out of prison on good behaviour before twenty years,” Ginny said.

“That's what we are counting on. You won't have to worry about this, our Legal Department can handle any lawyer that tries to do it. Now, I have another mission for you two. There's talk of a would-be Dark Lady in the Bahamas, and given your success at working together, I think you can do well with this.”

“The Bahamas?” Harry said, looking at Ginny. The idea of being able to see Ginny in a bikini was quite tempting. After all, it they were to remain somewhat inconspicuous, they could not do better than to enjoy some quality time in there. “If my partner has no problem with it, I'd say we accept.”

“Sure. Would love to visit there. And kick some asses, too,” Ginny replied.

“Good. Make sure to be here and ready before 1 PM tomorrow, you'll be picking an international Portkey that will drop you in the Andros International Apparition Point.”

“Of course. Do you mind if we leave now? That way, we can be sure that we will have everything we need,” Ginny asked.

“No problem. Take some time to rest as well, you have earned it.”

Harry and Ginny thanked M, and left the office, not without greeting Hermione on their way out.

“So, Miss Weasley, you ready for some debauchery, fun and arse-kicking in the Bahamas?” Harry asked with a grin.

“Of course, Mister Potter. I would love some of that debauchery and fun before we go to Bahamas, though.”

“Glad to be of service, then.”

As the lift doors closed, Harry grabbed Ginny's head and started snogging her.

— Harry — Ginny —

Two days later, Harry was sunbathing under the Bahamas' sun. His glasses had been replaced with contacts and sunglasses, and his normal clothes with shorts and a t-shirt that had been discarded, showing off his physique.

Next to him lied Ginny, wearing a skimpy bikini that made any man that passed by drool, especially as her skin slowly became more golden due to the effects of the sun.

“So, have you heard anything around about this Dark Lady?” Harry asked.

“Not too much. There's been a couple of unexplained assaults against prominent wizards that were found tied down to their beds, and so far no one's been able to understand what's going on with those men. My guess is that it was a Veela that attacked them.”

“A Veela? You sure about that, Miss Weasley?”

“Quite sure. I do have some experience on Veelas, you know.”

“Yeah, on the quarter-Veela that married your brother. That's not a lot of experience.”

“So, you think you have more experience.”

“Yeah. One of my first missions was to the Veela colony in Bulgaria. They had asked for MI-13 help because they were being attacked by a Dark Lord that thought he would be able to extract their essence and use it on himself to make men and women pliable to his will. It was quite an ugly affair. Also, I had to take a cold shower every night to manage to get through with the night, which was the big torture.”

“Oh, poor Harry, he had no one to help with his physiological needs,” Ginny replied, caressing his chest. “So, you never got around to sleep with them Veelas?”

“No. Sure, a couple of them tried to jump me, but I wasn't interested, even when they were doing their best to make me jump them.”

“Good answer, Potter.”

“Though, there is one Veela I did sleep with,” Harry said

“Yes?” Ginny asked, a small tone of anger in her voice.

“Yep. She is red-haired, has a few freckles in her face that make her very cute looking, and she is the best partner I've ever worked with at my job.”

“That answer was even better, Potter,” she replied, approaching him. “So, I am a Veela?”

“Oh, yes. A thoroughly dangerous Veela. I might have to check that more... deeply... tonight. To make sure that you have no untoward intentions towards other men.”

“I'll be glad to show you that I only have untoward intentions towards you, Harry Potter.”

“Great answer.” They kissed, and for a few seconds there was nothing else in the world but them. They would have to keep with their mission soon, but right then the only important thing was them.

And that suited them quite well.

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