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The Other Side
By sanidad

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Category: Alternate Universe, The Interview Challenge (2009-2)
Genres: Drama, General
Warnings: None
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Rating: G
Reviews: 19
Summary: ** Winner of Best Drama in The Interview Challenge **
An outsider's introduction to the famous Chosen One.
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Author's Notes:
I added the following to my challenge: 6) Finally give in to the plot bunny that's been hounding you, three hours before the challenge entry is due. You won't get to use a beta. You're flying without a net. Go!


The Other Side of the Chosen One
by Darius Jenkins, Staff Writer

Like most celebrities, Harry Potter chooses to avoid the spotlight of the public eye whenever possible, and the interview granted for this article was no exception. No less than five portkeys, triggered to activate five seconds apart, were used by each person invited to attend a private birthday celebration for the Boy Who Lived. Most people would call such security measures excessive, but as much as he protests otherwise, Mr. Potter is not like most people.

The party was noticeably ordinary for someone whose name graces the pages of international newspapers with reluctant regularity. Held at the home of a family friend, it was nothing more than a small gathering of nearly two dozen people for a simple, yet delicious meal, composed of Mr. Potter’s favourite dishes. Everyone sat at three long tables with benches on either side, and lighting was provided by enchanted girls and boys made from plaster and dressed like Quidditch players. As an outsider, it was difficult to assess whether the low-key decorations were intentional, so as to project a sense of humility, or if they were a true reflection of the celebrant’s personality. The guest list contained no one of note, save Hermione Granger, whose name has appeared beside Mr. Potter’s numerous times in less reputable publications. As the most outspoken of his friends and schoolmates, she agreed to be interviewed first.

Unfortunately, despite her reputation as a font of knowledge, very little was gleaned from her words when asked about the events at the Ministry of Magic last month — events which forced the Ministry to finally come to terms with the fact that He Who Must Not Be Named had in fact returned. Given every opportunity to vindicate her best friend, who had been proclaiming the return of the Dark Lord for nearly a year, however, she merely said, “Lives have been lost because of the Ministry’s inaction. If we are to turn back those who would do evil, we will only do so because of people who choose to do what is right, regardless of the consequences.”

When pressed to reveal who had already fallen victim to You Know Who, she deftly changed the subject and began eating some birthday cake.

The third member of Mr. Potter’s inner circle, Ronald Weasley, also agreed to be interviewed and made up for his lack of eloquence with boyish enthusiasm. He seemed to relish in revealing that his friend receives good, but relatively normal, marks in school and leads an unremarkable social life. If Mr. Weasley is to be believed, Mr. Potter had never even approached a girl romantically until a few months ago. That revelation earned him a glare from several pairs of eyes around the table, but he continued to prattle on, oblivious to their angry stares.

As Mr. Potter’s best friend, it should have been no surprise that his outpouring of information would dry up once the more interesting questions were posed. He too would offer no explanation as to how six students who were supposed to be at Hogwarts ended up in a battle with Death Eaters in the bowels of the Ministry of Magic. He nervously stroked his arms, unusually covered by long sleeves in the middle of the summer, when rumours of the Hall of Prophecy in the Department of Mysteries were brought up, but otherwise volunteered nothing of note.

The only person who did not end their interview abruptly was Mr. Weasley’s younger sister, Miss Ginevra Weasley. With a maturity that belied her nearly fifteen years, she answered several, but not all, questions in a forthright manner.

She confirmed that Sirius Black, the notorious fugitive, was now deceased, and that he had met his end protecting his godson. However, she would not go so far as to say that he was involved in the mysterious event at the Ministry last month.

On whether Mr. Potter was the Chosen One, and if he was in fact prophesied to rid the world of the recently resurrected Darkest of wizards, she had this to say:

“I think that people are scared and that they want someone to get rid of the evil thing out there that has terrorised our lives for so long. They want to believe that somewhere out there is someone who is as good as Voldemort is evil. Naturally, they picked Harry, the only person who’s faced him down before, and who has now done so four times and lived to tell about it.

“He hates it, you know. It’s difficult enough being an orphan, and Muggleborn, and famous for something he doesn’t remember doing. He doesn’t need to be a saviour too. And yet, as much as I’d like to give him what he wants, I can’t think of anyone better to believe in. Despite all the difficulties life has given him, he still became the most decent of human beings. Someone who always puts those he loves before himself. Someone who won’t cower when faced with a burden most of us would shy away from.

“Yes, he’s just a teenage boy, who feels and hurts and loves like everyone else his age at Hogwarts. But if your readers want to believe that there is a good out there as great as the evil they fear, tell them to go ahead and do so. I know it exists, because of Harry Potter.”

And so, despite spending over two hours with Mr. Potter and his closest friends, few conclusions can be made about the famous Boy Who Lived. Had he consented to be interviewed as well, it may have been easier to discern if he was worthy of the words spoken by his friends. Time will tell if his humble manner will eventually give way to the hero some of us hope for him to be.

Harry sighed as he put down the yellowed piece of newspaper. On the one hand, it was quite comforting to read about the past, to be lost in the memory of being surrounded by loved ones. Then again, it was just as difficult to face the fact that he could never go back to that life again.

I should have had this published in the The Daily Prophet -- or at least the Quibbler, he thought to himself.

“Oi! Potter!” called out one of the guards. His words almost sounded like more of a bark than a human voice. “Visitor for you!”

Harry rose from his bunk and stood by the bars of his cell. It must be nine o’clock. She had not missed a day since he was put in here.

His breath caught as he saw her step through the last door to enter the corridor. Despite seeing her every day for the past two years, he never got tired of watching her, even as the act of doing so made him regret the length of time it took for him realise what she meant to him. She held her head high and with dignity, despite the rude remarks and catcalls from the other prisoners. Finally, she reached his cell and grabbed the outside of his left hand, the one wrapped tightly around one of the corner bars. She closed her eyes and leaned her head into his touch as his other hand stroked her soft red hair.

With a small sigh she opened her eyes and looked longingly into his. “What do you want to hear about today?” she asked.

“Anything. Just tell me what’s happening out there on the other side.”

Reviews 19

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