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Memoirs of a Red Headed Witch
By My Wicked Quill

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Category: Pre-OotP, Post-OotP, Post-HBP, Post-Hogwarts, Post-DH/AB
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Humor, Romance, Songfic
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Ginny Weasley was always overlooked. Always the youngest, always the smallest, and was never really given the chance to let her voice be heard. But sometimes the best insight comes from those who were always in the background. Her story of redemption, loyalty and love, proves that she was never just the Weasley brothers' little sister.
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Author's Notes:
And, Here folks, is the return of Mr. Potter.


"A warning to the people, the good and the evil, this is War
To the leader, the liar, the honest, the victim, this is War
To the prophet, the pariah, the victim, the messiah, this is War"
“This is War” 30 Seconds to Mars

I hated the term, calm before the storm. It just sounds so sad that all the good that comes from with the calm destroyed by said storm. Just like when I was dating Harry right before Dumbledore died and everything went straight to hell. I also equally hated the term, the eye of the storm. That we only have a few moments of peace to catch our breath in a sea of turmoil is just sadistic. But my time at Aunt Muriel’s before the final battle was just that.

The Burrow was the farthest thing from safe. At least that is what my parents told me when I landed in the center of Aunt Muriel’s sitting room from the unregistered port key I had just taken.

It was no better than the place I had just flooed from, Hogwarts the prison. Out of one hell, and into another. The only consolation I had was Fred and George staying at Muriel’s as well. However they were not there when I arrived.

My mother was frantic when she saw the dried blood on the side of my head, and I of course couldn’t hide what happen for longer than fifteen minutes. They sat me down and headed me a cup of warm tea and had me explain everything; from re-opening the D.A. to the sword and finally the attack I pushed through the whole story. I knew they were not going to be very happy with all I’d done, but yet again I was in for a surprise.

My father had gone pale from the mention of the cruciatus curse and my mother was oddly silent. Only Muriel expressed any opinion as she pursed her lips and muttered under her breath.

When I finished I sat waiting for the explosion that was sure to come. I shifted under the uncomfortable gazes and the only sound came from the squeaking of the plastic that covered my great aunt’s sofa.

“Well,” said my ancient host, “this just goes to show the bad impression having so many brothers can have on a young girl. Running and fighting and acting out, how crude. It’s no wonder you could never get a second look from that Potter boy. You had no business trying to take care of this mess. An expulsion in the family! And after those disruptive twins decide to drop out, and Ronald runs away before he could finish! One with hair long enough to question his masculinity, and another living abroad working with dragons like a barbarian! Honestly Molly, your only success as a mother has been Percy, I expect-”

“Enough,” my mother snapped, breaking her silent stupor. “I won’t sit here and just listen to you criticize and insult my children and how Arthur and I have raised them. If you hadn’t realized Muriel I have the most successful children of all. Bill just got married- to a Veela from the Delacour family no less- he has a wonderful respectful and well paying job, Charlie is living out a passionate, happy life in a stable home in Romania. Ron is off saving the world with his best friend Harry Potter, and Fred and George have the most successful store, the most popular brand and franchise in the nation right now. Ginny had the top marks of her class and is obviously a natural born leader and fights for what she believes in. It takes a special kind of person to have an entire school risk their lives to follow her lead.

“The only child I can barely get an owl from, let alone get home for Christmas is the work obsessed Percy who turned his back on his family a while ago. So Aunt Muriel you concern is appreciated but completely un-necessary and your comments are not welcome.”
My mouth by that point was dangling. I mean, it had parted a bit in shock when Aunt Muriel had made the comment about not being able to catch Harry’s eyes but my jaw practically unhinged when my mother interrupted Muriel’s speech. Dad was staring proudly at his wife and my aunt was startled at my mother’s daring interlude.

Her bird eyes were narrowed as she tried to understand what had just transpired. No one ever handed Aunt Muriel what she dished out.

“Now Ginny,” said my mother, “it’s been an extremely long day, it is nearly three in the morning!” There were still hints of tears in her eyes but mum collected herself and standing, she took my cup of tea. Grabbing my hand tenderly she led me to my new room.

It was tight and pink, smelled of perfume and cats and was a bit drafty, but I didn’t complain. The bed was like my own at home but it lacked the warmth; it was bare save for one crisp white sheet.

“Mum, I-”

“It’s late Ginevra.”


“No buts, unless it’s yours getting into that bed.” She helped me into my night dress making sure to heal my head and random cuts and bruises. All while we remained silent. I stared at her as she worked on me. It hit me that my mother was truly one of a kind.

Not that I didn’t already appreciate that, but it was a moment where I could really see how many shades of compassion she had. Just when you thought you’d seen all the sides of Molly Weasley, and you thought you could predict her nest move, she up and surprises you. The way she spoke of my brothers and I…it made me feel that even though everything was hell I had a place and a person who worried and cared and loved me. Though I couldn’t be certain if I would be safe, I could be certain of that.

After always going on about Bill’s hair, Charlie’s dangerous choice of profession, Fred and George’s uncongenial life style, Ron’s too frequently dangerous adventures, my stubbornness- like Harry’s- to find trouble when it takes too long to find me, she was proud of each of us.
I should have known. We all believed there was no way she could ever understand us, but she understood more perfectly than we could have dreamed.

“Mum I-”

“No need to say anything. I want you to know that though I think what you did took a lot of courage and I am proud of you for standing up for yourself, you must understand that sometimes things are much bigger than you are. I know you want to believe that you could do anything with enough nerve but the fact of the matter is, we could have lost you. What would have happened to us if we lost you? To your brothers? To Harry? He’d be even more lost Ginny.”

“Mum, Harry probably wouldn’t have cared to find out until he returned and Voldemort would already be gone so he’d be too happy and relieved to pay something like my death too much mind,” I replied defiantly. In truth, I was annoyed that she kept pushing the Harry thing when I already knew he didn’t feel the same.

She stared at me for a moment before she shook her head. ‘I’m going to blame it on your exhaustion because otherwise I would be so disappointed.”

“It’s not like it isn’t true mum! He left in August; it’s April and I don’t even know if he’s alive!”

“You are young, you are still blind to the things I can see, you and Harry…you’d know if he were dead sweet heart. I’m not saying you should wait for him because that would be unfair to you, but do not think that he would be unaffected by something as terrible and Merlin forbid your death. He would be distraught. I love Harry as yet another son, and I can’t be any surer of that.”

She got up to leave and I couldn’t think of anything to say to her. Before she turned the corner out of the room she said, “And don’t let you brothers know anything I said down there. Alright? They don’t need any more encouragement and I have a reputation to uphold.”

The first night at my aunt’s house was the first of many sleepless nights. That first night, I didn’t think of Harry, I thought of how nine hours ago I was with Neville getting ready to leave the common room. I thought of Snape and what- or who- he really was.

I was trapped-indefinitely. I was drowning in the hell that was my Aunt Muriel’s. The only thing that kept me somewhat sane was the fact that I was able to listen to Potterwatch again. I argued with my mother about that; I wanted in on Potterwatch- I wanted to work with Fred and George. They had asked if I was interested in doing an on-air interview about what was happening inside Hogwarts, but mum wouldn’t hear of it. She didn’t want me exploited, and didn’t think what I went through should be public knowledge.

Then she broke down in tears, locked herself in her and my father’s room and did not emerge for the rest of the day. I knew my brother had no intentions of having me exploited; they were just looking for some intel from the insade, for the sake of unaware parents. But alas, it was too much for my mother.

“Bloody hell, I wasn’t expecting her to go off her rocker.”

“Yeah, didn’t mean for her to start yelling like that.”

“We usually know when we are headed for trouble.”

“Yeah, and that’s on purpose.”

I shrugged. Annoyed at everyone’s antics I went to my room as well.

Days went by slowly and I waited, and waited- not sure what I was waiting for exactly.

Hopefully something to get me out of the limbo I was in. I was detached; I was bored; I was mostly alone. Fred and George were gone most of the day. I did chores with no one to talk to. I read books alone in the sitting room, and I listened to boring small talk. I listened to Muriel’s criticism at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner.

Finally just as I thought pulling my hair out would be a worth-while pastime, my mother told me some very interesting news.

“I don’t want you to over react, and I don’t want to try to be reckless, I’m telling you this because I believe you deserve to know.”

“Mum, what is it?”

“Harry, Ron and Hermione are with Bill and Fleur at Shell Cottage.” Shell Cottage being their home. Shell Cottage being my brother’s home.

I didn’t react, I just blinked.

“They showed up a few days ago, bloody and stricken, with the real sword of Gryffindor, Dean Thomas, that goblin Griphook, Ollivander the wandmaker, Luna, and the poor body of the house elf Dobby Harry cared for so much. They buried him that night,” she continued.

I continued to breath, I continued to blink.

“Bill doesn’t really know much yet- they are still all adjusting- but apparently the three of them rescued all the others from Malfoy Manor. What happened there and why, none of them will tell. And Bill still doesn’t know.” She took my unresponsive hand, “The point is they are all safe-well not that poor soul Dobby- but they are all safe, Fleur is feeding them and caring them and tending to their wounds, she says they all need fattening up. But since we have one extra room here and they are tight as can be there, we decided it would be best if Ollivander stayed here with us for the time being. It would be a much better place to rest and recuperate.” Mum smiled encouragingly, but I wasn’t really paying attention to her.

Many things were being thrown at me in one sitting.

My mind was racing at all these pieces of the puzzle, that somehow did not fit together but in my case, all affected me.

They were all safe.

The missing ex-boyfriend.

The kidnapped best friend.

The wand maker that disappeared almost a year ago.

The house elf that was not in the kitchens a few days before.

The traveling brother.

The abroad almost-sister.


Th ey were all together. They were all safe.

In my head I calculated something that clicked, when I was in the kitchens a few days before and I briefly wondered where Donny was, he was in fact being laid to rest at my bother’s home.

Way too much information all at once, and after a moment it really settled in. I stood.

“Ok, let’s go,” I said, finding my trainers and slipping them on.

“Go where sweetheart?”

“I stopped and turned to my mother, “What do you mean where? We must go see them of course.” I found my reflection in the mirror above the mantle and began fixing my hair.

“Ginny, we are not going to Shell Cottage.”

“What? Why not?”

“Well for one, it is nearly mid-night-”

“Alright then first thing in the morning.”

“No Ginny, you need to stay here.”

“Stay here? Stay here? And do what? Lose my mind, or what’s left of it? Mum you have to be joking. Ron is home and you don’t’ want to go see him?”

“Calm down, dear, I know how much you’ve missed them but it is not a good idea. Everyone needs to stay where they are and when all this is over they will still be there.”

I let out one harsh laugh, “Are you insane? Do you honestly think they are back for good? If they were then this war would be over by now! They’re going to take off any moment so we need to take advantage!”

“You need to relax, I will not have you yelling at me do you understand-“

“No I do not understand! Up until about five minutes ago I thought Luna to be dead. My brother, my two best friends, my ex-boyfriend and my…well Harry are all in one safe spot after months of worry and you won’t even let me see them? How could you expect me to sit in this house and listen to my own mind until it blows up?!”

“Ginevra Molly Weasley do NOT use that tone with me, I’ve made up my mind and you will NOT question me nor my motives. You WILL stay here and that is final. Now go to your room.”

“I am sixteen years old you can’t keep treating me like a child!”

“Go to your room NOW!”

“AH!” I screamed in frustration and slammed the door to my room with all the might I could muster.

There was really no point in pondering anything, no point to even think or consider, I was going to Shell Cottage. Even if I had to sneak out.

And that is precisely what I did.

Ollivander arrived a few days later, skin, bones and a practically translucent complexion. I almost couldn’t believe that he apparently looked much better than he did when he first made it to Bill and Fleur’s. HE was a sweet man, he was quiet and kept to himself. A very curious man indeed.

It took about a week but I managed to get the floo connected. I didn't have Fred and George as brothers for nothing; of all the times they sneaked out of the house I learned a few things.

And magic outside of school? Since it went that the ministry could only track magic as a whole in a household a home with so much magic as mine went rather...over looked. Fred and George took that as a life moral and guideline, while Ron and I were more hesitant. But at sixteen, in the middle of a war, after all I already risked, magic to get the floo connected was the last thing that flickered through my mind, so it wasn't hard to get Fred and George to help me.

"Maybe we should go with you,"

"It would be fun,"

"We haven't been to the cottage yet,"

"And we'd love to corrupt it!"

"Oh no," I said, "You need to stay here and cover for me. Mum and Muriel would definitely notice if you were missing for a few hours."

They could only agree.

The only thing I briefly considered was the dangerous risk I was taking by traveling by floo. But I ultimately didn't care, didn't care if my aunt's floo was being monitored at that moment.
Without looking back, I threw the powder into the fireplace and didn't look back.

"Ginny?" I heard Bill's voice, "Oh my- Ginny!" I stepped out of his floo and Bill swooped my into his arms, "What are you doing here? It's dangerous! Oh bullocks- it's great to see you! Are you alright? I heard about school. Does mum know you're here?"

"Bill- I can't breathe-"

He immediately released me and I surveyed the cottage. It was two stories, quaint and cozy, homely and simply lovely. It was embellished with sweet and elegant furnishings, it had a touch of French style and Bill's adventurous taste. There were photos all over of the Delacours and several of my family. It was perfect.

My heart began beating as I realized Harry could descend those steps any moment.

"To answer your questions: I came because I was going crazy in that house, I came because I want to see my friends. Mum doesn't know, I don't care of it was dangerous and I'm alright. School was a nightmare but I survived," I said in one breath.

He watched me with a raised eyebrow and I returned his look with one of defiance. "Where is everyone?"

"Ginny you shouldn't have done this."

"Where are they Bill?"

“You need to go home-”

“HERMIONE! RON! LUNA!” I yelled up the stairs ignoring my brother. He pulled me back and used his hand to clamp my mouth shut.

“Ginny, Griphook is resting!”

“Then just tell me where they are, I want to see them.”

Bill frowned, “I can’t Ginny, I’m sorry!”

“How can you do this to me Bill, I thought you of all people would understand-”

“Ginny you don’t understand they-”

“They’re gone, Ginny."

I snapped my head up to the new voice, Luna was on the stare case starring down at me alive and well.

"Luna? Luna!" I cried and ran to hug her but then came to my senses and stopped. "Wait, what?"

"Harry, Ron and Hermione have left."

"No-" I objected, "No. That's not possible they just got here. I made sure to make it here on time!"

"Ginny they'd been here for three weeks."

"What? No! Mum only told me a week ago! Mr. Ollivander just got settled and Muriel's!"

"Ginny, it took a while to get the information out to you, love," Bill said. "They left a note just this morning. You just missed them."

Tears sprung in my eyes as I realized just how close I had come. I was feeling as though Harry had just been there beside me, like I had just missed him, as though he was smoke that I would come so close to but just couldn't grasp.
"" I shook my head, "he was right here..." I succumbed into tears, and Bill grabbed me again.

"I know Ron was right here, and he was okay and he's going to come home-"

"She's speaking of Harry, Bill."

They both led me to the couch and sat me down. "Oh..." He said quietly. Bill obviously couldn't make any assurances for him.

"They're almost done, Ginny," said Luna. "I just know it. Time is running out, I feel the climax coming, don't you?"

All I felt at that point was yet again the sting of heart break. They had been so close and yet they didn't even think to let me know, to see me or anything. I was right, I wasn't important anymore.

"They didn't leave a message for me did they?" I tried, hoping for perhaps one last shot.

Bill looked down, sad that his answer would hurt his sister's heart. "I'm sorry."


I looked up at the sound of yet another voice. It was Dean at the top of the stairs. I cleared my throat, "Hi Dean."

"Are you... Are you alright?"

"I'm just fine, or well, I will be." I smiled apologetically, "I'm so glad to see that you're okay, I was so worried when you didn't return to school."

Dean smiled and but didn't come any closer.

"I'm going to reach mum," Bill finally said standing up, "I'll tell her that you'll be spending the night at least, is that alright?"

I wiped my tears, "That would be wonderful."

"Okay then, Luna, Dean, she's all yours."
I didn't take Bill long at all to reach mum. Apparently Molly Weasley spit on the rules when it came to her children; she made a risky floo call that the entire house heard. Bill managed to reassure her that I was safe to stay the night, and finally consenting, mum saw it best to send the twins over as well. That made me laugh. While she might have thought her reasoning was good enough, according to her have three brothers here to keep me in check and in one place as opposed to one was a better bet, but I knew she was really sending them over because they were driving Muriel to an early grave. Well, not so early I suppose.

Either way, it was nice to be in a house full of content and safe friends and family. It felt like an eternity since I'd last experienced that. My only wish was for my mind to quit wondering after Harry, Ron and Hermione every blasted ten seconds. I didn't very much care to let it show, however.

"Neville really misses you, you know. He was so frightened- we all were, but Neville just about lost it," I said taking a bite of the dinner Fleur had just served.

Luna smiled, "Oh how nice of him to worry, I just hope he keeps tabs on what he almost lost."

Bill looked at Luna as though she had grown another head, I guessed he still wasn't used to rare charm.

"Well yes, I guess I made sure he kept it in a safe place," I replied with a chuckle.

George grinned, "I should have known,"

"Lovegood and Longbottom!" exclaimed Fred.

"It's perfect."

"Yes our names do fit perfectly. Something like that is rather significant don't you think?"
I laughed the first laugh I'd had in a long time, "I guess so Luna."

"Anyway Bill, did Harry ever even come close to mentioning what they spent so much time discussing with Griphook?" Dean asked, "I know it's a long shot but it's just I heard odd things when I would pass the room they were always locked in."

I looked up to my brother engrossed in whatever he was about to say.

"No I'm afraid not Dean, I tried though. I spoke to Harry privately about all the time they spent with Griphook. I actually told him that it was less dangerous to break into Gringotts than it was to trust a go goblin."

Dean choked on his pumpkin juice.

"Nargles in your throat Dean?"

"Er... No it's just, that's precisely what I heard them discussing one time. That is why thought I would ask, it seems farfetched to believe someone planning to break into Gringotts. Even if it was Harry Potter."

"Is that really what they were talking about?" I asked just as unconvinced as Dean was.

"Yeah, I also heard something about them finding something... I really didn't hear much."
Bill shook his head, "I love Harry like a brother and I have full faith in him in whatever he has to do... but I really don't think he would be daft enough to break into Gringotts, you are right Dean, I think that that is beyond possible. Even for Harry. You must have heard wrong."

The other continued eating while I felt a large lump in my throat. Something told me that what they were trying to find was a Horcrux and that there was one hidden in a vault inside Gringotts. The others didn't know Harry like I did. He was more ruthless than they gave him credit for. And if he spent so much time with a goblin... he had a better reason for it than just a social conversation.

I decided that I might as well take another chance.

"While they were here, did you happen to hear anything about a Horcrux?"

"Ahh!" Came a screech from the doorway, "Not in my 'ome!" Fleur dropped the tray she was holding and clamped her hands against her ears. “De toutes les mauvaises choses!” she muttered in French, “Lui pardoner, benisse cette maison!”

“Sweetheart!” Bill cried as he rushed to her side. “What is it? are you alright?”

"Blimey, is that was French sounds like?"
"It's not nearly as attractive as I had heard it was!" the twins joked, but no one paid them any mind.

The blonde veela was whiter than her usual snowy complexion. “No- I am not! Please do not speak of such dark magic! It is an abomination; it is a curse upon zis ‘ouse!” she pleaded, “Ne parle pa ces forces terribles de la magic noise!”

“Bill what’s going on?”

It took a few minutes to calm her down, but finally my brother was able to coax her into a chair.

“I am terribly sorry Ginny,” she said, “it eez only you much watch what you say, especially if you do not know of what you speak.” She took a sip of the water Dean passed her. “You spoke of ze darkest magic zere eez.; ze worst zing in ze universe.”

I swallowed, “Fleur, please, if you know- please it is so important- could you tell me what it is please?”

“Ginny, don’t-”

“It eez alright Bill,” she whispered, as she looked me in the eyes. “Une june ame ne duriat pas connaitre de telles choses.”

“Please Fleur, none of us know French!” I begged.

“I do not zink you should know. To be so young and hear of such zings…”

“I am only four years younger than you are!” I kneeled down to meet her eye level.


After so long wondering, feeling so confused I finally had my chance, I could get my answer.

She continued to stare me down for a moment before closing her eyes, “Alright, Ginny and I must speak in private.”

Completely confused, Luna and Dean made their way up the stairs.

Fred and George began to object, "But-"

"NO BUT!" They ran upstairs after that, smart enough not to cross an angry french woman.

“Bill, you as well.”


“NO. BUTS. I mean you as well. Zis is between us.”

He begrudgingly left, and I was quite surprise, Fleur and I usually avoided being left alone together.

“Let me light a candle. To speak of zis, our breath must be burned as to not spread around ze ‘ouse.” I said nothing as she did her ritual thing, I just waited at the edge of my seat.

“Ginny,” she said, sitting down again, the candle now glowing between us. “You must understand, I lost my calm because for days ever since ‘Arry, Ron and ‘Ermione arrived ‘ere I ‘ave ‘ad a suspicion zat zis all had to do wiz…’Or-‘Orcruxes,” she stuttered. “’Earing it out loud was ze confirmation I did not want to ‘ear. I know I was right, it ‘as to do with ‘orcruxes because where would you get an idea like that, if not from them three in ze first place? Non? Am I right?”

I nodded, “I heard them talking about horcruxes last summer.”

“I will only tell you because I know you are strong, I know you love ‘Arry, and I know ‘ow it feels to be left on ze sidelines worrying about those you love. You deserve to know.”

I never thought I would ever appreciate Fluer as much as I did in that moment. That was when I began regretting my animosity all those years. That was when I began to truly love my sister-in-law, and not just tolerate her.

“If my zeory iz indeed correct, zen zis war iz much more dark than we thought it was. If my zoery iz right, what ‘Arry, Ron and ‘Ermione are doing iz ze most important task in zis battle against darkness. I fear for zem.”

“Fleur, what does this have to do with horcruxes?”

She took my hand in both of hers; her blue eyes clouded over. “A ‘orcrux, Ginny, iz an object in which you place a piece of your soul into. It could be anything. For a person to rip ‘iz or ‘er soul is black magic, Ginny.”

“A piece of soul?”

“Yes, az long az you ‘ave a ‘orcrux you can not die; you ‘ave a piece of yourself hiding somewhere else. You are immortal.”

My world was slowly crashing down around me as everything fell into place. “So when you die, your soul will come alive again through the horcrux…”

“Yes, Ginny,” she nodded as tears welled in her eyes.

I couldn’t breathe well at all, “And this horcrux… to become alive again…it needs someone, doesn’t it? It needs to feed off of someone else doesn’t it?” I stated more than asked.


“How do you create one?”

“By performing ze very act zat rips your soul in ze first place. You must commit a murder.”

I began to cry along with her, but neither of us took much notice. “So your theory…”

“Yes, my zeroy eez zat You-Know-‘ho ‘as a ‘orcrux, and zat ‘arry and the other two are searching for it.”

It all made perfect sense, that was how Voldemort kept coming back. The diary- Tom Riddle’s diary- Dumbledore had told me held a piece of Voldemort’s soul. Tom fed on me to gain strength; he poured himself into me to regain full power. I just didn’t know that is was called a horcrux, I just didn’t know how dangerous and dark that was, I didn’t give what Dumbledore told me a second thought because I didn’t know any better, I was young and just took it at face value. I didn’t realize that it meant Voldemort was immortal. It all added up.

Except for one thing.

“Can someone have more than one Horcrux Fleur?”

She was startled by me question, “I suppose it could be possible, but I do not know. Do you zink ‘e ‘as more than one Ginny?”

The diary horcrux was destroyed; Dumbledore assured me, and I saw it with my own eyes. So unless someone stole the diary that has been decaying for the last five years, then there is another horcrux that the trio is looking for.

And if you could have two…then why not have more? Tom has killed so many people, he could have hundreds lying around. And Dumbledore left Harry the mission to search and destroy them. They could be anywhere, or anything.

“I don’t know Fleur…I just don’t know.”

Oddly enough I let Fleur help me get into bed as though she were me mother or something. Luna was already asleep while Fleur and I stayed up a while longer talking and occasionally tearing. I explained to her everything that had transpired between Harry and I, and she listened.

"I do want you to know one zing Ginny. I do not weesh to disturb 'Arry's privacy, but I zink it will affect your decision zat 'Arry does not care about you." She handed me a cup of tea as I propped myself back onto my pillows. "Ze nigh before 'e left I was walking by 'is room- on my way to give Mr. Ollivander 'is midnight dose of potion and I 'eard 'im tossing and turning. I figured 'e was 'aging anozer nightmare- 'e 'as zen very often."

I nodded, unsure if I wanted to hear the rest.

"Well, zen suddenly I 'eard 'im say your name- and please forgive me, but I first zought zat 'e was with you," said Fleur blushing, and I realized what she was implying. "You must understand for a moment I believed the sounds of tossing and turning were... Well anyway usually I would never 'ave interfered because you both would 'ave been completely in your own right- 'Arry 'as been so sad, it would 'ave meant... sorry, I am getting off ze point. I would not 'ave I terfered but I know Bill would have been very upset and with Ron zere, you two would have been being very risky." She smirked, "Not zat being risky is not fun-"

"Fleur-please." I begged dying of embarrassment.

"Yes well, I knocked on ze door and nothing happened, I cracked ze door open and zere where no sounds of scuffle or bed springs and so I poked my 'ead in. 'Arry was sleeping peacefully, wiz a small smile on 'is face. 'E sighed your name again and I realized that 'Arry was 'aving a nightmare but you, or well ze zought of you had only just taken it away."

I had so much information to deal with that night.

I refused to look much into what Fleur had said. I did not allow my thoughts to stray to Fleur's little story. It didn't really mean anything.

The Horcruxes, They meant something.

Plus the idea of Snape still bothered me as well; was he good or was he bad? He killed Dumbledore, didn't that make him evil? And then with the sword-


I had forgotten, in all the commotion, that mum had told me Harry arrived at the cottage with the sword. I wondered how that was possible- if Snape was supposedly the only one who had the sword...

Could Harry have broken into the school and gotten it? Done what we had failed to do? There was a pang in my heart when I thought he might have done that and not bothered to check on me or let me even know he had been there….

Then I remembered how Snape had turned to the portrait of a sleeping Dumbledore when he thought I had left the room. He had asked Dumbledore why he didn’t know…he was so surprised to find out that the sword had been left to Harry in Dumbledore’s will; it was as though Snape thought it was pertinent for him to know. Then suddenly Harry does have the sword?

Somehow the possibility of Harry returning to Hogwarts seemed a foolish thought.

Had Snape been the one to send the sword?

Who the hell was Severus Snape?


If you asked me now, years from when all this happened, what day in my life would I remember the most it wouldn’t be the day I got engaged, it wouldn’t be the day I graduated from school or the day I became a professional Quidditch star, I would tell you May 2nd. The day that changed our world forever. Of course, anyone reading this would already know that. History was made on May 2, 1998.

I had been at Muriel’s for weeks already before that night at Shell Cottage. I read sappy romance novels my aunt had in her library, I read my charms book from cover to cover and I helped my mother with the cleaning, I spoke with Fred and George only when they arrived in the evenings, and I listened to my great aunt’s endless nagging.

At night I would awake from my nightmares and wonder what Harry was doing.

Over all when the sun fell on May 1st as i stayed up thinking in my brother's home, I had no reason to believe that the next day would be any different from the last.

I was awakened by a warm sensation in the palm of my hand. Disoriented from sleep, I pulled my hand out from under my pillow and opened it to see that I had fallen asleep clutching my D.A. coin after staying up speaking with Fleur. After she left the room, I pulled out the coin that I always kept on me and thought about all I had learned. I held it in hopes of feeling some kind of connection with those still at Hogwarts as I considered the choices I made and wondering what was happening at school. I guess it was a great coincidence that I feel asleep with it that night, because in all the time I had been away from school the coin had not once showed sign of life, and that night, it did.

I blinked a few times and in the soft light from the moon I saw that it was the middle of the night, or many would argue-early morning. Fleur had been in the room not four hours before, meaning I had barely slept. Sighing out loud, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, for I was much too curious about what the message meant, and it was a shame. I remember that that was the first night I had gone without a nightmare; too bad I couldn’t have enjoyed it.

Wrapping the bath robe my sister-in-law lent me around myself tightly to defend against the drafty old house, I descended the stairs. I took the coin with me, turning it over in my hands feeling my heart start to pound when I began thinking of what this meant. The D.A. was together, obviously, and the coin had fives on it, were they fighting?

Was anyone hurt?

What was the emergency?

I drank some water and sat at the kitchen table trying not to cry. I wished I was with Neville right then; I hated not knowing what was happening. I felt neglected, forgotten, isolated and so alone. The house was eerily silent, while I sat there, and I didn’t bother creating light and so the dark was oddly chilling.

If only I had known what was about to happen…

The stairs stared creaking and I jumped in my seat, whispers were growing nearer and I recognized the noises of the twins. I didn’t move hoping that if they didn’t notice me I would get to hear why they were up at such a ghastly hour.

“The Hog’s Head? Are you sure that was what they said?”

“Positive, apparently it’s the only way in.”

“Should we wake Bill and Fleur?”

“Do you think we should?”

There was a short pause, “They’d probably, you know,”

“Over react,” They said together.

“And Ginny?”

“I…don’t know.” I had never heard my brothers sound so unsure of themselves, or so serious. I could just make out their profiles at the foot of the stairs.

“She’d hate us forever if we don’t wake her.”



“We can’t.”

“She’s better off here.”

I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I was already upset. If they thought what they were going to do was something I’d hate them forever for…then it was big. They knew I could never stay mad at them for long. Fred and George were serious. That’s when I started getting scared. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to interrupt and demand an explanation of just stay there and try to hear more, but I ended up staying where I was because I was too nervous to do anything else. I wondered if that had anything to do with the D.A.

“Alright. Alright. We’d better get going; Lee is probably waiting for us already.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Neither of them moved a muscle.

“This is it isn’t it?”

“Maybe…George, whatever happens…”

George finally let out a soft chuckle breaking the mood a bit, “Stop that, Fred. It’s not like us, if anyone heard us know our reputation would be ruined.”

“I think your reputation should be the least of your worries,” I finally said.

They both squealed and whirled around, “GINNY!” said Fred.

“Have you been there this whole time?” asked George with a loud gulp.


“So you heard everything?”

“And by everything we mean...well everything?”

I could see their nervous faces in the dim light. “I definitely heard enough. Where are you two going?”

“Er… no where-“

“Sleep walking-“

“And talking.”

“I didn’t know you did that. In my 16 years of knowing you two you’d think I would have picked up on it.”

“Yes, it’s a new habit-“

“Just started a few months ago-“

“Where are you going?” I asked again.

They stared at me for a moment, “It’s… top secret information-“

“Need to know basis-“


I stood from the kitchen table and made my way to look straight at them, make sure they knew I was far from joking. “Sorry stopped working a long time ago. Now tell we what is going on before I get upset.”

“Ginny, we can’t. Why don’t you go back up to bed?”

“What are you doing down here anyway? Nightmares again?”

I rolled my eyes, “Actually not tonight, tonight I’m awake because I’ve gotten a message from Hogwarts and I haven’t the slightest clue as to why, or what it means. Tonight I’m awake going insane wondering what is going on outside these bloody walls because I feel I deserve to know. And so you can imagine that when my brothers come down the stairs in the middle of the night whispering suspiciously, the same night I get an emergency message from Neville, I must assume they know something I don’t.” I lowered my voice dangerously, “So don’t try and distract me with talk of nightmares, because it won’t work.”

Fred then attempted to save face, and regain their usually light and amusing air, “She’s a tough one Forge-”

“Those were biting accusations to say the least, Gred.”

“Oh how she’s grown!”

“Not the same little girl we used to know-”

“More like Mum every day.”

“Stop,” I snapped. Their grins fell from their faces and any act of humor went with them.

Fred and George looked at each other considering whether or not they would tell me. And I took that chance to really look at my brothers. In the few weeks I had been at Muriel’s they had constantly been in and out, leaving early in the mornings and returning late in the evenings, so we were left to only fleeting moments and quick conversations. Before that I was at school and hadn’t seen them since the summer, so I hadn’t give them a good look over in a very long time.

They were older: their faces, though rather gaunt and shadowed from war, were more refined, hair shorter, and bodies even taller. My brother’s were handsome. Oh together they made quite a team, and I loved that they drove me crazy. I loved that you never saw one without the other, and I even loved that any serious circumstance was an opportunity for a joke.

Fred- who I knew was Fred by his more prominent eyebrows- fixed his grey-blue eyes on me, “Well I guess it is true, you do deserve to know-”

“The the golden trio-”

“Have returned to Hogwarts.”

My knees gave way and I leaned onto the breakfast table for support. “Wh-what?”

The fact that they were at Hogwarts, I understand you would not realize why that seemed to affect me so. After all they had returned to Shell Cottage. But as I told my mother I knew that they were not going to stay there for long. But we all felt, the D.A., my family and I, that even though we never said it out loud, when Harry, Ron and Hermione returned for good, it would be back at Hogwarts. McGonagall said to me that Hogwarts was not big enough to fight a war.

I think even she knew she was wrong.

“Yes, just heard from our contact at Hogwarts, the trio is back.”

“It’s time to fight-”

“So we thought we’d go without bothering anyone.”

“So now you know-”

“And we’ll just be on our way.”

They tried to make a break for it, rushing for the door.

“WAIT!” I yelled. We all winced, praying my outbreak did not disturb the rest of the oblivious household.

“Er…what?” George whispered.

“You think you are just going to leave me here? Just like that?”


“Yes,” they both replied together.

“Are you out of your minds? Well more so than usual? You are taking me with you; Merlin help me I am not staying here alone!” I stomped my foot.

“Well, then-”

“Since you stomped your foot-”

“We’ll have to say,”


“Please,” I begged, “Don’t leave me here. I’ve earned the right to be there! I fought at the ministry, I fought at Hogwarts- I fought Voldemort by myself for a whole year for crying out loud! I need to be there when it ends.”

The twins were uncomfortable by my direct mention of my first year, “Ginny,” Fred sighed, “this time is much too dangerous. The stakes are different; they’re higher.

“We can’t be worried about you Gin.”

I flinched in reaction to the use of the name, “Don’t call me Gin.”

The twins smiled, “Sorry we forgot-”

“Only Harry can call you Gin.”

“Harry would agree that I should be there,” I said not sure if I believed it myself. “Don’t you know what I can do? Haven’t you all seen enough? I am perfectly capable of handling this! After all I’ve done and been through, what more must I do to prove myself?”

At this the twins seemed at a loss for words, and oh what a sight to see that was!

I, Ginny Weasley, managed to render the Weasley twins speechless. It was an honor.

Fred cleared his throat, “Well…I…”

“We, um…”

“Mum would kill us…”

“And since when has that ever stopped you?” I asked with a sad smile, “Since you picked up the habit of sleep walking?”

I wasn’t really mad anymore, I was tired and at my wit’s end. I need them to understand, how could I stay behind while my family fought a war I’d been fighting since I was eleven? I wanted to see Harry. I wanted to see him so badly it hurt, after my constant nightmares and feeling him so close to me when I woke up…after almost getting to him at Shell Cottage…I just wanted to see him. To reassure myself that he was still real. It was like chasing a myth.

“She has a point, Fred.”

“And it’s a good one too George.”

I felt a little more hopeful, “Well?”


“Let’s go.”

I ran up the stairs to change back into my own clothes, knowing that I could trust my brothers to wait for me. I looked into the mirror as I left, and I stopped to fix my waist length hair from its bed-head state. I suddenly remembered the time I ran down the stairs with my hair a sleepy mess and wearing my night gown to find Harry in the kitchen. That was the morning after I heard my brothers leave in the middle of the night because they refused to let me go with them; partly my fault, for I didn’t not fight them enough. It was rather ironic, the situation at the present.

Because this time, I wasn’t making the same mistakes.

I held onto my brother’s arm as they rushed me outside and past the house wards, in seconds I was being side-apparated into the ratted old Hog’s Head pub. We met Lee Jordan and were told by the old barman that he had the only passage into the school that wasn’t blocked, or known. One that lead straight into the Room of Requirement. I got the odd feeling that I knew the man from somewhere…but I didn’t have time to contemplate anything.

My heart was beating again, just as it had at Bill’s home, just as it was when I was close to seeing my brother, best friend and of course Harry again.

When we stepped out of the portrait and in the Room of Requirement I could see that there were already many people in attendance. I was watching my feet to make sure I wouldn’t trip, and when I looked up I was caught completely off guard. I wasn’t expecting such an amount of familiar faces blinking at me, faces I haven’t seen in at least a full year.

But most of all, the man standing in the center of the room, the man it seemed everyone was facing before they turned their heads. He was tall and seemed extremely sunken, he had long dark hair, pale complexion and an awed expression. The man standing there was staring directly at me, his awe; the wonder of his face was in reaction to me. His shocking green eyes pierced mine.

The man was Harry.

Harry Potter.

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