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Truth And Consequences
By ginnyweasley777

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Rating: R
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Summary: Harry and Ginny spend some time alone the night before Harry leaves on the Horcrux hunt. All actions have conseqences, as they find out.
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Author's Notes:
Sorry about the delay posting this chapter...I'm having problems with my internet and it's driving me insane :(


Truth And Consequesces
Chapter Two: Secrets and Lies

As the days passed into weeks and the baby continued to grow inside her, Ginny yearned for Harry. She lay awake at night thinking about him and wondered if he was thinking of her too. She missed him far more than she let on to anyone but it was a small comfort to know that she had a part of Harry with her all the time.

There had been no news of Harry, Ron and Hermione at all recently, not even on Potterwatch, but she supposed that no news was good news - Voldemort would surely have been crowing about it if he’d caught them. That's what she told herself anyway. Wherever they were, she just hoped they were safe. She rested a hand on her stomach and felt the bump there, larger now as it seemed to grow each day, and hoped with all her heart that her baby wouldn’t have to grow up without a father.

Madam Pomfrey constantly reminded her that she had to stay off the Carrow’s radar and she tried her best to ignore them. The hardest part was to come up with a reason to explain to Neville and Luna why she was no longer insistent on causing havoc for Snape and the Carrows. They had been quick to pick up on her reluctance to take part and she was sure they didn’t believe her when she said that she didn’t want the Carrows to retaliate against the younger students because of what they’d been doing with Dumbledore‘s Army.

‘Come on, Ginny,’ Neville had pleaded, ‘we’re going to put another sign on the wall in the third floor corridor tonight. You’ve got to come with us.’

‘No, Neville,’ Ginny had replied firmly, ‘just look at what the Carrows did to that girl the other day. They’re starting to take it out on the younger students because they haven’t caught us…I don’t want to be responsible for that.’

‘Fine, you’re probably right,' replied Neville with a sigh as Ginny looked away, not catching the worried look he exchanged with Seamus.

It had been the close call when Snape could easily have sent them to the Carrows after catching them breaking into his office that had really made her realise just how careful she needed to be. There could be no more throwing caution to the wind when it wasn't just herself she needed to think about - she was responsible for a child even though it was yet unborn. She just hoped she could keep the lie and keep things hidden.

It was times like this that she wished she could confide in someone, just to know that someone other than Madam Pomfrey knew, to know that she wasn't alone in this. Her thoughts turned quickly to Harry again and she imagined what he would say if he knew. She thought - hoped - that he would be over the moon at becoming a father as it would be the chance for him to have the family he's always craved.

With a sigh, Ginny finally succumbed to sleep, not knowing that many miles away Harry was sat in a tent watching her dot on the Marauder’s Map and thinking of her, thinking that she was safe.


Tiredne ss washed over Ginny during her waking hours and some days she found it a struggle to keep her eyes open in class. Madam Pomfrey told her it was the pregnancy having an effect on her, but Ginny knew it was also the constant worry. She was afraid for her family, afraid for Harry, and especially afraid of someone finding out about the baby.

She was terrified of the Carrows finding a reason to torture her which would harm the baby, and if, Merlin forbid, they knew, then she knew they wouldn't hesitate to take her straight to Tom himself. For Tom it would be the icing on the cake - the ultimate prize and the best way possible to get to Harry.

‘Miss Weasley!’

The loud shout of Professor McGonagall jerked her sharply awake. She cursed herself silently for falling asleep in Transfiguration as she lifted her head to look at her head of house who was glaring at her.

‘I really expected better of you, please stay behind at the end of class,’ said Professor McGonagall sternly.

Ginny managed to stay awake for the remainder of the class and dutifully stayed behind at the end.

‘I don’t need to remind you just how important this year is for you, no matter what else is happening, Miss Weasley. I expect you to be setting an example to the younger students, not falling asleep in my class. Please try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

Ginny nodded.

‘Alright then, you’d best be off to lunch.’

Just as Ginny bent to gather her things, Professor Snape strode into the room. ‘Ah, I couldn’t help but overhear, Minerva.’

‘I bet you couldn’t,’ replied Professor McGonagall icily.

‘To be quite frank, I can’t believe you’re going to let Miss Weasley get away with just a few stern words; she is here to learn and not sleep in class, after all,’ he said smoothly. ‘I’m sure you know that as headmaster I can give her a suitable punishment if you won‘t.’

Ginny froze and her breath caught in her throat, sure that his punishment would be to send her to the Carrows. Her fingers trembled as they gripped her schoolbag and a sick feeling settled in the pit of her stomach, a gnawing ball of worry. Surely this would be the moment everything came unravelled and turned to hell.

Professor McGonagall was taken aback. ‘But I-’

‘Really, Minerva, it isn’t like you to be soft. Anyway, Miss Weasley, you are now banned from anymore Hogsmeade visits. Perhaps now you will think twice about your actions. You may leave now.’

Relief coursed through Ginny, a heady rush that caused her to stumble as she hurriedly headed for the door. Her heart beat ten to the dozen as she fled from the classroom before he could change his mind, but still his words floated back to her through the open door as she slumped against the wall before her legs buckled completely.

‘Just so you know, Minerva, I’m reinstating the decree which forbids gatherings of three of more students, so make sure you let me know who breaks it.’

‘I really don’t think-’

‘I am headmaster of this school and I will do as I see fit! I do not need to constantly have my decisions questioned by you!’

With that, Snape stormed out of the classroom, his robes billowing behind him. He glared at Ginny, his black eyes narrowed in disgust. ‘Move along now or you’ll have more than just a Hogsmeade ban.’

Ginny shifted her schoolbag higher on her shoulder and hurried in the opposite direction to find Neville and Luna, still unable to believe what had just happened.

Finally, after having to take a different route because Peeves had flooded a corridor, Ginny eventually found Neville and Luna in the library. She dropped into a chair and sighed heavily.

Neville studied her with concern. ‘Luna told me what happened. What did McGonagall say?’

Ginny shrugged and rubbed her eyes tiredly. ‘Nothing much. She was going to let me off but Snape overheard and banned me from all Hogsmeade visits.’


‘No, listen, there’s more. He’s just told McGonagall that he’s banning gatherings of three or more students - just like Umbridge did.’

‘Dumbledore’s Army will keep recruiting anyway,’ said Luna, looking around with her perpetually vacant expression.

Neville scratched his head, a frown creasing his brow. ‘Ginny, are you sure you’re okay? You really don’t look well and you seem…well, different somehow.’

‘I’m fine, Neville, it’s nothing to worry about,’ she lied.

Luna looked at her quizzically with her protuberant eyes. ‘I expect it’s because its so hard carrying a secret like that around with you all the time.’

Ginny’s heart pounded so fast she thought it was going to beat right out of her chest. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, everyone thinks you and Harry broke up but you obviously didn’t.’

‘We did,’ hissed Ginny, casting a furtive look around crowded the library, for many seemed to think that it was the safest place next to their common rooms, luckily no one was paying them any attention.

‘My mistake,’ said Luna airily, opening her Charms book and flicking through the pages.

The tension in the air was obvious as Neville looked from one girl to the other with narrowed eyes, not sure what was going on. ‘Ginny-’

‘I’m fine, Neville, will you please stop asking me!’

Neville looked taken aback. ‘I was only going to ask if you know how that Hufflepuff third year is after the Carrows had him in detention.’

Ginny rubbed her face tiredly, her mind still on Luna‘s words. ‘I’m sorry, Neville, I didn’t mean to snap at you…I’m just so tired all the time.’ She stifled a yawn. ‘He still didn’t look well but Madam Pomfrey says he’ll be okay in a while - no permanent damage at least.’

Neville narrowed his eyes again. ‘What were you doing in the hospital wing?’ he asked cautiously.

Damn, Ginny thought, cursing her stupid slip-up while searching for a suitable excuse, since when has Neville been so perceptive? ‘I haven’t been sleeping well recently so I asked her for some Dreamless Sleep Potion,’ she replied blithely.

Neville nodded, satisfied with her answer, and then looked at his watch. ‘Crikey! I’d better go - I was supposed to meet Hannah five minutes ago to help her with her Herbology homework.’

He left the library quickly, leaving Ginny and Luna alone at the table. For once an uncomfortable silence stretched between them for several long minutes. Ginny still couldn’t get Luna’s words out of her head. I expect it’s hard carrying a secret like that around with you all the time.

Ginny knew that Luna understood a lot more than most people thought she did; she wasn’t loony at all. But surely she couldn’t know about the baby…or could she?

‘Luna,’ said Ginny quietly, conscious of the many other people in the library.

‘Hmm,’ replied Luna absently, sucking the end of her quill.

‘What did you mean by what you said earlier?’

The quill came out of Luna’s mouth and she stared at Ginny. ‘I know you broke up at Dumbledore’s funeral but I thought something must have happened between you and Harry since then; you seem as though you’re carrying a great weight on your shoulders.’

Ginny gripped the edge of the table so hard her knuckles turned white. ‘Oh?’

‘I just assumed that you’d got back together and it was the stress of keeping it a secret that was getting to you, but I suppose you’re worried about him anyway. Daddy says stress isn’t good for people you know; it really affects their aura.’

Ginny laughed softly at that and let out the breath she‘d been holding; there really was no one else quite like Luna.


Ginny tried hard over the next few weeks to keep her head down and not slip up anymore. She actually thought she was doing a good job but, unknown to her, her friends were not so convinced.

‘Luna,’ whispered Neville one day in the courtyard while they waited for Ginny to return from the toilet, ‘what do you think is up with Ginny? Do you think she’s…given up or something? She doesn’t seem to want to fight anymore or have anything to do with Dumbledore’s Army - I didn’t dare tell her I’d been out again last night with Michael to do another sign.’

‘No, I don’t think she’s given up,’ replied Luna seriously.

‘What then?’

‘I think she’s got other things on her mind…and I don’t believe for a second that she and Harry have really broken up.’


‘Here’s Ginny,’ said Luna pointedly, making Neville close his mouth abruptly.

‘Sorry,’ said Ginny breathlessly as she hurried up to them, ‘I had to go the long way round to avoid Amycus Carrow on the prowl.’

Neville glanced pointedly at Luna while Ginny was looking the other way. Luna shook her head and him and he shrugged.
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