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Truth And Consequences
By ginnyweasley777

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Rating: R
Reviews: 47
Summary: Harry and Ginny spend some time alone the night before Harry leaves on the Horcrux hunt. All actions have conseqences, as they find out.
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Author's Notes:
Sorry for the delay posting this chapter - between internet trouble, obsessive Home And Away watching, and spending all week figuring out how to repair the tractor I've been a bit busy! I've made a few changes to previous chapters, and probably will make more as I keep writing. Please let me know what you think. :)


Truth And Consequences
Chapter Three: Like the sands of time

It was with a great sigh of relief that Ginny boarded the Hogwarts Express for the start of the Christmas holidays. The train was full as no one had signed up to stay at Hogwarts over the holidays; it was little wonder as the Carrows stalked the corridors like predatory beasts, preying on everyone but Slytherins. She had had to be extra careful near them as she knew they had been waiting for the merest excuse to punish her severely. She hadn’t given them the opportunity though, no matter how much she had wanted to; her child came first.

‘Come on, lets find a compartment,’ said Neville as he and Luna followed Ginny onto the train.

After searching several carriages, they finally found an empty compartment. Ginny sank gratefully into the seat and looked out of the window. Snow was just beginning to fall, huge fat flakes which settled heavily on the ground where they landed. She hoped that wherever Harry, Ron and Hermione were they were safe and warm.

The only news on Potterwatch had been about the raid at the Ministry months ago and it was widely speculated that it had been the trio who had helped the Muggleborns to escape. Nothing had been heard since and the only glimmer of hope was that if Voldemort had caught them then he would surely have been crowing about it.

Ginny desperately wanted to see and hold Harry again, to sink into his embrace and feel safe and secure as she had in that stolen hour the night before the Bill and Fleur’s wedding. She wanted to be able to tell Harry all about the little life that was growing fast inside her and to tell him that she loved him, because she did and wanted him to know it. More than anything, she wanted their child to grow up with a father.

Ginny pulled herself back to the present and started leafing through the latest issue of The Quibbler as the countryside flashed by window, the snow growing ever worse. Some time later she dozed off.

The loud crack of Apparition woke her with a start and she quickly pulled out her wand and rose, Neville and Luna did the same. Loud voices shouted further down the train and Neville eased open the compartment door; many others were doing the same.

The voices came closer and several dark figures entered the carriage, searching every compartment as they went - Death Eaters. They were clearly looking for someone and Ginny was positive it was her; they had somehow found out about her and Harry. Fear rose in Ginny and she clutched her wand tighter. She couldn’t let anything happen to her baby, she just couldn’t. Her hands grew slippery with sweat as she stood nervously in the doorway with Neville and Luna.

The tall, cold figure of Lucius Malfoy marched towards them. Neville fired off a stunner which just missed the side of his face. Malfoy raised his wand and sneered at him.

‘We’ve come for the girl,’ he said, the other Death Eaters closing ranks beside him.

Ginny raised her wand and prepared to fight for survival. Malfoy sneered again, his eyes black as marble as they stared coldly at her.

‘We’ve not come for you…yet.’

A huge Death Eater Ginny didn’t recognize seized Luna’s arms.

‘No!’ screamed Ginny.

It was pandemonium in the seconds that followed as Luna struggled and Ginny and Neville fired off curses. The Death Eaters fired back several stunning spells which shattered the glass in the surrounding compartments before Disapparating with Luna held firm between them.


Ginny couldn’t have been more glad when the train finally pulled up at Kings Cross. The remainder of the journey had been fraught with tension and fear, fear for Luna and fear that the Death Eaters would change their mind and come back for her.

She stepped off the Hogwart’s Express and was immediately enveloped in a hug by her mum.

‘We know about Luna,’ said Bill briskly. ‘Come on, it’s not safe to stay here too long.’ He quickly shrunk her school trunk and put it in his pocket and then pulled Ginny to him. Within seconds they had Apparated from the platform to the Burrow.

‘Can the Order get Luna back?’ asked Ginny as soon as they’d entered the house.

Bill took her trunk out of his pocket and enlarged it back to its usual size on the floor before he replied. ‘We’ll work on it, and so will the Aurors, the few that aren’t on the Dark side anyway,’ he said wryly and sighed. ‘They’ve taken her to stop her father from printing the truth in The Quibbler…to be honest, it’s not likely we’ll be able to get her back, or at least not right away…Ollivander has been missing for ages already and we‘re still no further forward with finding him. I’m sorry, Ginny.’

He pulled her close and hugged her. She fought back tears and wiped her eyes surreptitiously. Meanwhile, Molly bowed her head and busied herself with the kettle, worry for her family threatening to overwhelm her. She didn’t like feeling so helpless…Death Eaters taking a student off the train…and she certainly didn’t like to think about what else had been going on at Hogwarts in the past months; there was a haunted look in Ginny’s eyes that hadn’t been there before, and she worried about what had caused it.


Christmas passed into New Year and still there was no word on Luna. Ginny sighed as she stared out of her bedroom window She‘d never felt as scared as when Luna had been taken off the train; she‘d honestly thought it was all over. She was due to go back to Hogwarts in a few days and she had now become fully aware of her predicament. She had to stay safe and she didn’t think she could face the Carrows again.

There had been several times over the Christmas holidays that she had nearly told her mum about the baby, but then had changed her mind when she saw how worried she already was. She didn’t know what to do. If she told her family and any of them were captured or tortured for information then she would forever blame herself, and it would make it even harder for Harry to complete his mission of killing Voldemort. She couldn’t do that to them, no matter how alone she felt right now. But she was just so scared that everything would backfire right in her face.

A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts with a jump. ‘Come in,’ she called.

Mrs Weasley opened the door and looked at her only daughter with a worried expression. ‘Are you okay now?’ she asked.

‘Yes,’ replied Ginny, ‘I just needed a lie down.’

Concern furrowed Mrs Weasley’s brow. ‘Are you sure? You’ve been so tired these last few days and spending so much time up here alone… What’s wrong? Did something happen while you were at school…the Death Eaters?’

Ginny bit her lip hard. ‘I just wish it were all over.’

Molly crossed to her and hugged her tightly. ‘We all do, Ginny, we all do.’

A loud crash from downstairs startled them both and Ginny grabbed her wand off the bedside table.

‘Mum! Dad!’ shouted Bill from the kitchen. ‘It’s time to move to Muriel’s! We’ve got to go now!’

Ginny looked at her mother, worry mirrored in their eyes. ‘Come on, we’d better go and see what has happened.’
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