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Escape from the Storm
By meganhopwood

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Category: Post-DH/PM, Holidays
Genres: Fluff, General
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Summary: Harry and Ginny run into each other in the Kitchen at The Burrow, both seeking escape from the storm
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Author's Notes:
First attempt at Fan Fiction, please review and all that :) DH spoilers


"Oops." whispered Ginny, as she heard the stair creak. It was the third stair from the bottom; she knew that stair creaked, seventeen years at The Burrow had taught her to jump it every time, but her mind was elsewhere. She paused and held her breath, but the steady snores of her family continued. Breathing a sigh of relief, she shuffled into the kitchen to make her hot chocolate.

Her mind was, of course, on Harry Potter. It rarely strayed from him these days.

It was Christmas; it had been almost six months since the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny had spent almost every day together since then, lazing around The Burrow and occasionally visiting Muggle London. They had decorated The Burrow together, they had baked, and they had played Quidditch almost every day, Harry being acutely aware of her desire to join the Holyhead Harpies. This holiday was such a change from the Christmas breaks they had at Hogwarts; those were rushed, determined to fit as much fun as they could into those short weeks. She smiled sadly as she thought about Hogwarts; she missed it, but couldn't help that her mother wanted time with her "remaining children" as she so delicately put it.

Ginny crept through The Burrow towards the kitchen, and grinned sleepily as she remembered those past months with Harry; sweetly drawn out days; long, horrible nights without each other and quick, stolen kisses while her family weren't looking. Not that they didn't know she and Harry were in a relationship... But, Ginny thought with a smile, it's always better to not flaunt these things infront of her brothers.

Tonight, however, her mind was also on the raging storm outside. She loved her house, except when it came to storms; the windows rattled and the rafters shook, making it impossible for someone who feared storms to sleep. Trying to ignore the rain hammering on the windows, she reached up to take what she needed from the cupboards, thinking hard. She knew the charm, it was very simple and her hot chocolate would be ready in mere seconds. She was of age, after all... But it was much too lazy, her Mother would have a fit if she knew.

Ginny looked up as she heard a loud creak and shivered, wishing the storm would let up. She guiltily looked at the mug and decided in a split second. She liked risks anyway, and the sooner she was back in bed, tucked up away from the storm, the better. Raising her wand, she began the incantation when a voice made her spin round, straight into Harry.

"I'll tell." said Harry quietly, wrapping his arms around her and smiling. Ginny wriggled out of his embrace and scowled up at him.
"What are you doing awake at this hour?"
Harry murmured something about being unable to sleep, then glanced at the mug on the kitchen counter.
"Why Ginevra, we weren't planning on taking the lazy route were we?" His face broke into a wide grin, as Ginny was one of the least lazy people he knew. Ginny looked up at him and smiled.
"You do it then, Potter." She gestured to the mug.
"Yeah, alright. Um.." Harry was flustered, wracking his brains for the correct spell. Hermione was much better at these kinds of things. He, too, had been seeking escape from the storm, but not in the shape of Ginny.

Despite the fact that they had spent hours, days, weeks together since the Battle, his girlfriend still had the annoying effect of rendering him incapable of speech sometimes.

Ginny looked innocently up at him, her eyes wide, and a smile playing on her lips.
"But surely you know the spell, Harry?" She was teasing him, boasting about her ability at household spells. "Defeat the greatest Dark Wizard of all time, yes. Warm up a cup of hot chocolate, no?" Her eyes danced as they pretend-mocked him, she grinned up at him and swung his hands in hers in a moment of playfulness.

"Fine, Weasley. You can clean a pot in seconds, but do you have your very own Auror's office?" Harry said smugly. This was a rhetorical question, he knew only a handful of "Chosen Ones" could manage to get their own office. He was still grateful Kingsley had managed to secure him this luxury - despite the years he'd spent in the wizarding world, people still felt the need to stare at his forehead. Harry let his mind wander as he watched Ginny dance away from him and around the kitchen. Although, ever since Kingsley Shacklebolt had become the Minister of Magic, there had been many changes. Harry's favourite was that there was no longer a 10,000 Galleon reward hanging over his head. That, and the ridiculous Pure Blood mania had been washed out.. Or at least diluted.

Making an attempt to grab Ginny and embrace her again, watching as she delicately danced around the kitchen, Harry thought about his luck to procure such an advanced job at the tender age of eighteen. Harry had been given the freedom to start his job as an Auror whenever he fancied it; He'd also been allowed to bypass the training. Ginny stopped dancing and smiled. She could see the pride in his eyes and knew it was reflected in hers. She pointed at her mug, still smiling.

Harry, still dazed from his lack of sleep, waved his wand wildly and promptly turned the mug into a rat. Ginny squealed and waved her wand, restoring normality.
"Well look at that Potter, who's the better Wizard, eh?" Harry glanced at the floor, his cheeks turning red, and grabbed Ginny into another hug to hide his embarrassment.
Ginny stayed in his arms this time, hugging him back.

Ginny broke free and pointed at a rickety old chair at the kitchen table, the one they used when they weren't having the whole of the Order of the Phoenix over for tea. Harry sat, still stinging slightly with embarrassment, and stared at his knees until his cheeks returned to their usual pale. He listened to Ginny getting another mug out and quietly clattering around making her drink. He dimply became aware when the noises stopped, and glanced up to a sea of red waves, as Ginny placed the rat-mug infront of him.
"There," she said gently, sitting down next to him and cupping her own mug, "I know you don't like storms either."

Harry just gazed at her. She paid more attention to him that he had realised. He remembered briefly mentioning his dislike for storms almost two years ago, back at Hogwarts during the first phase of their relationship; by the lake, as they had lounged against their favourite tree and watched the giant squid breaking the surface of the water. There had been a storm the night before and Ginny was telling him how Demelza Roberts had run screaming from her dormitory. "I mean, I'm scared of storms too but I'm not silly about it!" Ginny had laughed and curled into his side. Harry had agreed she was silly, but said that storms were 'horrid things'. That was the only time he had ever spoke about storms to Ginny, yet she had remembered.

He couldn't tear his gaze away; her hair, the exact same shade you thought of when you pictured Autumn, hung to her elbows, resting on the table. She was beautiful. He could hardly believe he got to call her his girlfriend. He could hardly believe he was here to sit in the kitchen at The Burrow with her; it was something so normal yet so special. She was staring at him too, with eyes at scarcely hid curiosity, her brow furrowed slightly. She grinned, breaking the moment, and he smiled back. He wanted to smile every time he saw her, but as he quickly learned, outwardly expressing his feelings for their little sister did not endear him to her older brothers.

Ginny leaned over and looked across to the window.
"Look, it's starting to snow!" Ginny exclaimed, eyes bright with anticipation. Harry only nodded in agreement, still smiling. She was quite right, tiny drops of purest white were hitting the window gently. He was a little surprised, he hadn't even noticed the rain stop.
"It's Christmas Eve tomorrow, what do you want to do?" He asked absently.
"What about a bit of last minute shopping? We can apparate to Hogsmead tomorrow. If the snow sticks, we can have a snowball fight!" she said, laughing. Harry laughed with her, and agreed to do whatever she wanted tomorrow, so long as he was with her. Ginny smiled at his soppiness, stood up, smoothed his hair (to no avail, but she liked it better that way) and kissed his cheek.

"Night Harry." Harry, though used to her touch as he was, still touched the place on his head where her hand had been in wonder. He bade her goodnight as she skipped up the stairs, jumping the third.
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