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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
A special thanks to my Beta, Cognitur, for catching all my mistakes.


“A soul bond. The strongest of all four bonds, has not been witnessed in over 1700 years. Gringotts will prepare for them.”

Harry stared at the ancient goblin that seemed to appear on the street of Diagon Alley. He had just come out of Ollivander’s with his wand and was admiring his new owl that Hagrid purchased for him. Now he was in the middle of the street surrounded by gawking wizards, witches, and this cryptic goblin.

This new world was so strange to Harry. He wasn’t sure what to think about it. What was a soul bond, and why were all the people on the street looking at him?

He suddenly realized that he had his arm around someone. Looking to his left he was shocked to see a young redhead girl staring at him with an equally shocked expression. At the same moment he heard the voices of everyone around him. It was a roar of voices assaulting his ears. One voice rang above all the others. It belonged to a matronly looking woman with red-hair. She was short and stout with a flushed face that matched her angry voice.

“I don’t care if he is Harry Potter himself. He cannot just bond with my daughter. She is only ten years old!”

The girl finally spoke up. “Are you Harry Potter?” she asked him in a whisper that he was able to barely hear above the noise of the crowd.

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

He never received an answer as her chocolate brown eyes became as wide as the galleons in his pocket, just before she became faint.

He was able to catch her and pull her to him to keep her from hitting the ground. He had never held a girl in his arms before. He never had the desire to hold a girl before, but she was different. It felt right to hold her.

Strong hands pulled his arms away from this beautiful girl and removed her from his grasp. The absence of her touch unnerved him.

“Leave my daughter alone,” ordered the angry mother. “She is only ten years old.”

“Technically, she is not your daughter anymore, Molly,” said a reedy female voice from the crowd. An old woman, who was so frail and bony she looked like she must creak when she walked, stepped forward.

“Who are you,” demanded the mother. “She most certainly is my daughter.”

“I am Cassandra Waffling from the Ministry’s department of records. To be more precise, I oversee records of marriage bonds. Thirty minutes ago, I saw a golden flash above the book of marriage bonds. This never before happened, but when I looked I saw the entry: Harry James Potter bonded to Ginerva Molly Weasley by virtue of a soul bond.”

Harry was confused by what this old woman was saying. It almost sounded like he just got married. That was impossible.

“No, that can’t happen,” responded the distraught mother. “Those things are myths, just something told as romantic tales of magic.”

“I am afraid they are real Molly,” the old woman replied sadly. “I too thought these were just myths, but it has happened. What further complicates things is that Ginevra is no longer under age. She and Mr. Potter here are technically adults in the eyes of the Ministry. They cannot attend Hogwarts, because Hogwarts won’t accept married couples.”

The frantic mother, Molly, looked at a tall wizard in purple robes with long silver hair and beard wearing half-moon glasses. “Is that true, Headmaster?”

He didn’t answer straight away, but when he did his voice was sad and thoughtful. “Yes, Molly, the bylaws of the school prevent married students from attending.”

“It isn’t only the bylaws, Albus, it is woven into the magic of the school. Headmaster Dippet had informed me that I couldn’t get married before my seventh year because of the restriction of the magic of the school. I was betrothed to my wonderful late husband, but we had to wait until I graduated.” The old woman stated sadly.

“Do not worry about this, Molly,” reassured the tall man. “I will investigate and find a solution to all of this.”

“Thank you Headmaster,” sighed the distraught mother who was still cradling the unconscious Ginny.

“Why don’t you take your family home, and attend to young Ginevra. I want to talk to Mr. Potter,” said the tall man.

“Thank you Headmaster,” said the mother again.

“Please Molly, you are no longer a student. Call me Albus,” chuckled the tall man. “Everyone run along now, there is nothing to see here. Just a misunderstanding,” he said to the surrounding crowd. The old woman went to protest, but the tall man silenced her with a stare.

Harry was absolutely confused. Twenty-four hours ago he didn’t know magic existed. Now he stood in the secret section of London that only magical people can see, he was also famous in this secret society, and now it sounded like he was married. His head spun with everything he had just experienced. He looked around to the only person he actually knew for longer than an hour, Hagrid.

Hagrid was standing in the street holding the cage with Harry’s snowy owl. He had a look of absolute shock on his face, or what part of his face Harry could see.

“Hagrid, I don’t understand. What just happened?”

“I dunt know ‘arry,” answered the bewildered man. “But yer can trust Perfesser Dumbledore. ‘e’s a great man, ‘e is. ‘e will sort everything out, ‘e will,” said Hagrid.

“Who is he?” asked Harry. He was pretty sure it was the tall man, but he had lost track of everyone in the confusion.

“Well ‘arry, its ‘im,” said Hagrid pointing at the tall man, who was now looking at Harry over half-moon glasses.

“Yes, Harry, I am Professor Albus Dumbledore. I was hoping we could introduce you to our world a little more calmly, but I am afraid that didn’t happen. Hagrid please take Harry to the Leaky Cauldron for me, and ask Tom to get us a private spot to talk. I will be along shortly. I must go to the Ministry and a few other places first.”

“Will do Perfesser,” stated Hagrid enthusiastically.

Without responding, Professor Dumbledore twisted and disappeared with a loud pop, leaving Harry standing in the middle of the street with Hagrid. Harry stood there for several seconds not believing what he had just seen. The man disappeared in front of him.

“Well, we best be getting up to the Leaky, then ‘arry,” said Hagrid, as he started walking.

When Hagrid moved, Harry saw Mr. Ollivander standing there. He had that strange smile on his face as he stared at Harry with his watery blue eyes. He almost laughed as he spoke.

“Great things indeed, Mr. Potter, great things indeed.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry sat in a secluded booth in the dingy pub. He finished his meal of beef stew and something called Pumpkin Juice. He was confused. How did he go from the freak of the Dursley family to being this quasi-celebrity in a hidden society? How did he end up with his arm around a girl in the middle of street? She wasn’t only a girl but his new wife.

“Why did you do it, ‘arry?” asked Hagrid who avoided talking to him until now.

“Do what, Hagrid?”

“Why did you go and hug her?”

“I was wondering that myself,” said Albus Dumbledore. He was standing at the opening to the booth.

“I don’t know why. I don’t even remember hugging her. I remember walking out of Ollivander’s and admiring my owl, then the next thing I remember that goblin was announcing we were bonded. What happened to me?”

“According to the Ministry, you and Miss Weasley are now bonded for life which makes you both adults. I have magical monitoring devices in my office at Hogwarts. They all indicated a strong surge of magic occurring in Diagon Alley. I arrived to see you and Miss Weasley frozen in an embrace behind a magical shield. I do not understand how this happened, but I will investigate it and find how to correct this,” said Albus Dumbledore. “Harry there are many things you need to know before you can make the decisions of an adult. There are also many dangerous aspects to our society. Without proper training and preparation, you may fall into a trap.”

“Could you teach me the things I need to know?” Harry asked.

The Headmaster smiled warmly at him. “I was hoping to do that, but recent events have complicated things. I think the best thing to do at the present time is for you to return home. I shall contact you at a later date.”

Albus Dumbledore then addressed Hagrid. “Please wait here with Harry, until Minerva arrives. She will take Harry back to his home in Little Whinging.”

“I can do that,” stated Hagrid.

“Until we meet again,” stated Albus Dumbledore. “And Harry, please be careful who you hug.”

Harry looked up at the tall Headmaster. He wasn’t in a joking mood, so the humor of the Headmaster’s comment escaped him.

“I am sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing. I am sorry I caused everyone problems, especially that girl,” he apologized.

He was used to being the cause of problems at his Aunts house. He guessed that it was a trait he would carry with him forever. Now he didn’t only destroy his life he also destroyed the pretty girl’s life.

“Things happen that are beyond our control Harry,” said the Headmaster. “However, I must caution you about talking to anyone from our society, and above all else do not trust the goblins. Goblins and wizards have a long history of mistrust and misdeeds. I shall see you again soon.”

Harry watched Albus Dumbledore leave. He felt terrible not only emotionally but also physically. The stew he ate must not have been good, because he was feeling a little queasy and warm. He also noticed that all his body ached.

“Hagrid what did I do back there. I mean it when I say I don’t remember anything between stepping out of Ollivander’s to admire your present to me, and when the goblin made his announcement.”

“I dunno ‘arry. You got this funny look on yer face, ya see. Then ya walk out into the street and ‘ug this girl. Not just any girl, mind you, but a Weasley.”

“What was wrong with her being a Weasley?”

“They are a big family and she ‘as a lot of older brothers. I don’t think they will like that you married their ten year old sister. You two started to hug and then this large silver dome surrounded the two of you. Well, no one could get inside of the dome. Even the ‘eadmaster tried several times, if ‘e can’t break through, no one can. The two of you stayed like that for a good thirty minutes, before the dome dropped and ol’` Grins Gringott announced that you are now soul bonded. That is about it.”

Harry sat there sipping on his pumpkin juice for several minutes. He could not fathom why he doesn’t’ remember any of what Hagrid described to him. How did he create such a protective dome? Why her? Why did he choose or bond with this pretty girl with lovely chocolate brown eyes and silky red hair?

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny Weasley sat at the kitchen table of her family’s home. She was staring blankly at the scrubbed wood table. She was tired of being questioned by her family, and thinking about what happened today. She still doesn’t recall how she ended up in the middle of the street with her arm around Harry Potter’s waist.

She had her arm around Harry Bleeding Potter. Now she supposedly was married to him by virtue of a soul bond. How and why this happened was beyond her ability to understand. She heard of soul bonds, but they were only myths.

The only story that she actually remembers is of a couple in ancient times that were getting bonded, but during the ceremony they actually bonded their souls. Within a year, they disappeared from magical society never to be heard from again.

She looked up at her four brothers in the kitchen. They were all with her when it happened. Ron has not said anything since they returned home. Fred and George started to tease her about trapping Harry Potter in the soul bond to ensure she married him. She had always wanted to marry Harry Potter when she grew up. Percy just paced at the other end of the kitchen and “tutted” and “tsked” to himself. It was obvious that he was upset because she had done something that was improper.

Her parents were in the other room arguing about what to do. Her mother was the most vocal about the situation. She kept insisting that Albus Dumbledore will set things right and get the bond dissolved. Her father insisted that the bond cannot be dissolved because of possible repercussion on her and Harry’s magic.

She took another sip of her herbal tea. Her mum had given it to her to settle her stomach and make her feel better. It wasn’t really helping. She was feeling warm and everything hurt. It felt almost as if she had caught the flu.

She smiled at the irony of the situation. She had met the person she admired most in the entire world, bonded for life with him, and got sick.

Her mum returning to the kitchen brought Ginny out of her thoughts. Her mum quickly bustled over and placed a hand on her forehead.

“Oh my dear, you are burning up. Off to bed with you.”

Ginny complied because she was too tired to fight and too sick to argue.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Bill Weasley sat deep within the bowels of an Egyptian pyramid. Even thought it was late at night, he was working through the ancient runes that magically protected this area of the pyramid. He never realized that being an expert at ancient runes would lead him to Egypt and discovering treasures.

He studied the etchings in the stone wall and then wrote down a rune. The ancient wizards were incredibly clever. This group had hidden their runes in with hieroglyphics. There were some stuck between the hieroglyphics. There were others that were formed by the arrangement of the hieroglyphics. This group he was looking at was formed by the outline of hieroglyphics. It was tedious and tiring work, but getting it right the first time was usually the difference between a person’s life and death.

“Mr. William Weasley,” croaked out a grating voice behind Bill.

“Yes,” he replied to the goblin.

“Stop your work and come with me?”

Bill stared at the goblin. He was going to protest, but noticed that it was the Goblin in charge of the Egyptian branch of Gringotts, Gratch the angry. Not wanting to lose this job, he closed his log book and left with the goblin. He couldn’t figure out why they would want to dismiss him. He has made more progress on his digs than anyone else for the past two years. He was even getting better. They should be promoting him.

As Bill thought about those things, they kept walking out of the pyramid. He noticed that they had passed Gratch’s office and was continuing out of the pyramid. Bill hadn’t realized that it was already dark. They walked past his and all the wizards and witches living quarters, a group of canvas tents.

He saw a short dark creature up ahead. When they reached the figure, it turned out to be the head of all of Gringotts banks, Grins Gringott.

“You wanted to see me?” asked a nervous Bill.

“Yes, I did. I must apologize for the conditions of our meeting, but I have more faith in this location than in there where the walls have ears,” said the Head Goblin indicating the temporarily erected housing for the goblin workers and magical humans.

“Mr. Weasley, do you know about soul bonds?” asked Grins Gringotts.

“I thought they were myths repeated by the romantics,” replied William.

“No, you are like so many others; relying on the magic of wands to survive. We goblins have always believed in older magic, and soul bonding is one of the most important. When one bonds their soul to another, it indicates a level of dedication and trust beyond anything else one might experience.

“It changes the couple involved. It makes it impossible for them to betray the other. They can never reverse or dissolve the bond, or they will die.

“Many of the goblin wars were actually started because of the wizards’ insistence of the wand being supreme and the goblins refuting that claim. It saddens me to know that many goblins of my generation believe that using a wand makes one superior to non-wand users.

“However, I did not come to Egypt to discuss the weakening magical structure of Goblin society. There was a soul bonding in England yesterday. I need your help with getting the two to come to Gringotts so we can help them.”

“Why me, why not some other wizard?” asked a puzzled Bill.

“Because the bond was between Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley,” said Grins Gringott.

“No that is not possible. My sister is only ten years old. She cannot bond with anyone without my parents’ permission,” insisted Bill.

“A soul bond does not know anything about age. It relies entirely on the couple’s heart. Their age is a problem. Now that they are bonded, they are seen as adults in the Ministry’s eyes. They may not be able to attend Hogwarts.

“There are other things that may happen. There has only been one soul bond between two people so young. It happened ages ago and no record of what happened to the couple was recorded. According to what records we have, the couple will become adults upon bonding.”

Bill was expecting something much worse to be said about Harry and his baby sister. “Well the Ministry will regard them as adults. You already said that.”

“Yes, the Ministry will regard them as adults, but that isn’t what I am talking about. They will grow quickly into adults.”

“What?” asked a shocked Bill. “You mean that they will magically become adults? How long will this take?”

“A day or two,” answered the goblin. “Magical society will not be ready for them. They will not be ready for this. We, Gringotts, must take care of them, or I am afraid all will be lost.”

Bill stared at the ancient goblin. Goblins are not known for their cheerfulness and charitable work, but Grins seemed more worried about his sister and Harry Potter than the possible cache of Egyptian gold and jewels.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you helping my sister and Harry Potter?”

“Because without them the magical world may soon be engulfed in darkness, it could be the ruin of our two societies, goblin and man.”
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