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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Ginny takes her family to Egypt after leaving the Vault at Gringotts.
I would like to thank Seekers Destiny for Betaing this chapter.


I hope no one is afraid of ghosts,” said Ginny, as she smiled at her family. They had just transported from the London’s Gringotts to Egypt’s.

They were all staring at her with blank expressions. They had all been at Hogwarts and were used to the ghosts there. However, these ghosts were different. She just hoped none of her brothers become too cheeky with the guards, or they may need to do some emergency repair work on them.

They had arrived at Egypt only a few seconds ago, but already the icy air was creeping through the door into the vault making it unbearably cold. Her family was pulling their robes tighter to them and shivering. Their breath was forming a mist in the icy cold air.

“I thought Egypt is supposed to be unbearable hot?” asked Percy.

“Outside it is, but we are deep underground,” said Bill.

“I say we get outside,” said Charlie. He said it as though he was trying to get people to all cheer in approval of his idea.

“All right, but be respectful of the ghosts,” said Ginny.

She pushed on the steel door that separated them from the catacombs of the Library of Alexandria. A creak of protest from the hinges, and the door swung open exposing hundreds of ghosts standing in the hallway.

They all turned and formed a phalanx. They were blocking anyone from exiting the vault. To prevent anyone getting past them, they all brandished short spears with broad bronze tips and a curved bronze blade on their hips.

“Bloody hell,” said several of her brothers in unison.

“They can’t actually stop us can they?” asked Percy. “They are just ghosts.”

“Yes and no,” said Bill. “They can actually stop you, and no they are not exactly ghosts. They are spectral images bound to protect the library.”

“The Potter’s employ ghosts like this to protect their personal library?” asked Arthur.

“No we don’t,” stated Harry.

“These soldiers were sworn to protect this library for all eternity,” said Ginny. “They were here for centuries before the Potters found it. The Peverell brothers came here on their journey. Cadmus took a stone from these very walls to create the Resurrection Stone,” said Ginny.

Her father looked around at the spectral images moving about. “If what you are telling me is correct, the stone from these walls can be used to resurrect dead souls.”

“That is partially correct,” said someone from outside of the vault.

He was a tall regal looking ghost. He wore a gold helmet, a bronze breast plate, and cloth of bleached cotton fabric. Ginny recognized him as the high priest, when the library was supposed to have been sacked the first time.

“This museum of magical knowledge was threatened centuries ago by Hellenic invaders. I was charged with protecting it from destruction. They attacked so swiftly and with such great numbers that I couldn’t repel them, so I was forced into drastic measures. Not only was I responsible for the protection of knowledge I was a student of it. I cast spells that created this very hall. The stone that makes up the walls keeps my army at the ready for all of eternity. As the Spartans and the Athenians killed my warriors, they reappeared here. Soon I had no soldiers to kill, but an army that couldn’t be killed. The Hellenic forces believed that they destroyed this place, but it was only a spell that I cast.

“On other occasions, powerful sorcerers had discovered this museum. Twice I had to destroy the soldiers and cloud the minds of their leaders so they believed they had destroyed this treasure of knowledge. The non-magical people thought that there had been some great fire that partially destroyed the library when first the Hellenic than the Roman sorcerers attacked with their armies.

“The Peverells were different. They came to learn and preserve. They had brought with them copies of magical texts from far distant land. They allowed us to keep the information here. It was for that reason they were allowed to leave with the knowledge they had gained.

“The line continues to respect knowledge and keep the secret of this museum, until now,” he said staring at Harry then Ginny.

“They are my family,” responded Ginny. “I brought them here to understand what it means to be a Potter.”

“The Peverell’s have shouldered a burden for years,” said the High Priest. “Can these others also bear the weight of knowledge without revealing it to those who are unworthy of it? They are wand wavers.”

“They know no other way,” said Harry. “Knowledge of the ancient ways has been forgotten.”

“Why do you call us wand-wavers?” asked Arthur. “All magicians used wands.”

“No, not all,” replied the High Priest. “There are many things that can be accomplished with potions and spoken spells. The wand was invented and perfected for one reason, to kill. We could cast spells over an adversary, but it took the wand to actually take their life with magic.”

The High Priest grabbed a spear from a soldier beside him. “This is a nobler way to take one’s life than to use a wand and magic.”

“I can assure you that neither I nor anyone in my family has ever taken one’s life with a wand,” answered Arthur. Molly had become nervous and placed a hand on her husband’s arm.

“I can see that you are speaking the truth, but you only know part of the truth about wands. If these Peverells had been educated by your teachers, they would have been unable to create the bond they share? You teach your children that they should only preform magic with a wand. In doing so, you rob them of the subtleties and wonders of ancient magic.”

“We only teach them to use a wand, because that is all we know,” answered Arthur.

“Very well, you may enter with my approval,” stated the High Priest. “You must not take anything out of the restricted areas and you must be respectful of the other creatures’ writings.”

“Other creatures’ writings?” repeated Percy.

“There is a section here that is reserved for goblins and a section reserved for House Elves,” said Bill.

“Goblins and House Elves? Why would they need anything in a library,” asked Ron.

“Do you think Goblins just come into being like you see them at the bank? They must be educated somewhere. There is a section here that is dedicated to them,” stated Bill.

“What about House Elves? They are really just mindless creatures doing others bidding,” replied Ron.

“The ancient Atlantians were an affluent and powerful race until their lands were destroyed,” said the High Priest. “It only took about a generation until they became more and more stooped and mindless. It was rumored that they derived their power from the very structures and buildings on Atlantis. When it was swallowed by the sea, the ones left behind slowly became the decrepit creatures you call House Elves.”

Ginny stared at Ron’s shocked expression. She understood how he felt. She had been raised with certain beliefs about House Elves and goblins. Now she realized that those views were not necessarily true. It would be like judging all wizards by looking at Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

The High Priest gestured for them to follow him as the spectral soldiers parted to allow them to proceed.

“Shall we go?” Ginny asked her family.

They followed her as she walked towards the upper levels of the library. They walked past room after room of catacombs where the dried bones of the spectral soldiers lay. She could hear her family mumbling behind her, but she just kept walking. She assumed Bill, Sirius, and Harry could explain what the rooms were to her parents and family.

They came to a set of marble steps that led up to the next floor of the library. They would need to go up two more floors to reach the ground level before the High Priest would leave them.

After leaving the catacomb level they reached the ancient scroll area. The bitter cold of the catacombs was gone, but they still had not reached the heat of the Egyptian day. She smiled as goblins were walking into their area of the library to the left. She could only imagine what her family was thinking. Their reaction was evident soon, as Harry called for her to stop walking. She turned to see them staring into the area filled with goblins of all ages. Not only was this the main library for goblins throughout the world, but it were also a school for them. Her family was standing there staring at the young goblins.

“Never saw a young goblin before?” she asked them.

“Are they teaching in there?” asked Percy.

“Yes, they are. It is also a school for them,” said Bill. “I never thought about working around here all these years, but they must have young ones and educate them somehow.”

“How fascinating,” said her father?

“Over here is the library for the House Elves,” said Harry.

Everyone looked at that side of the building; the library much smaller than the large expansive room used by the goblins. A marble statue of a tall stately person stood in the doorway. He was wearing clothing similar to the High Priest with a long robe. His head was slightly larger than most people along with his hands and feet. The statue also had pointed ears and a long pointed nose. Behind the statue the room had shelves filled with tubes of tarnished silver and gold. There were only one or two torches burning in the room. One was over a small desk, which had a silver tube laying on it and a scroll unrolled beside the tube.

Ginny saw the lone occupant of the library walk around a set of shelves. He was taller than a House Elf with a more human looking head and hands, but one could also see a resemblance to a House Elf and the statue in the entrance way. He wore the same clothes as the statue, except they seemed too long for him.

“Is that a House Elf?” asked Percy.

“He was and still is the librarian of the Atlantians,” said the High Priest.

“I thought their lands were destroyed and the Atlantians became the House Elves,” replied her Father.

“When the lands were destroyed, he stayed in there. He has not left that room for thousands of years,” said the High Priest.

“How can he survive without food?” asked Molly.

“There is powerful magic protecting the library,” said Harry. “He may be living off the magic of the library. He may actually be the source of the magic. No one knows for sure. No one can enter that room unless they are an Atlantian or House Elf.”

“When I was young and training here,” said the High Priest. “He looked different much like the statue you see of the Atlantian. As year turned to decades, decades turned to centuries, and centuries turned to millennia, his appearance has changed. If he hadn’t then I would conclude that he was a magical image. I was told that the Atlantians were as old as time. They were almost immortal.”

“House Elves get old and die,” said Percy.

“The creatures that you call the House Elves are not the Atlantians. They may have evolved from them, but they are not the same anymore.”

As the High Priest spoke the ancient Atlantian walked to the entrance of the library. He stood there and stared at them with bright pale green eyes. This close it was easy to see his wrinkled skin and the stooped nature of his frame. He was staring at Harry then Ginny with a crooked smile on his wrinkled lips.

Ginny stared back at him. He had only done this twice in the memory of the High Priest. The last time was when Harry and Ginny had first come here and looked into the library. Everyone stood for a minute staring at each other.

“Has he done this often?” asked Percy.

“In all my years, this is only the second time,” said the High Priest.

“When was the first time?” questioned Percy.

“The first time when I and Harry saw him,” said Ginny. She started to feel a little nervous at this Atlantian taking an interest in her and Harry. “Can we move along, it is getting near lunch time and I am hungry?”

They all mumbled a response and turned to walk along. As they passed by the ancient archives of the Egyptians guarded by more spectral soldiers, no one spoke. She could still feel the eyes of that Atlantian Librarian staring at her.

They reached a staircase leading up to the ground main floor of the library. The High Priest stood aside.

“This is as far as I will lead you. My duty remains down here. Be well family Peverell, until we meet again,” he said with a great deal of ceremony.

“Until we meet again,” said Ginny and Harry together.

Ginny and her family ascended the steps to the main floor of the library. The Egyptian heat hit them full force. Ginny had become used to it over the past two years, but her family was used to English weather and they immediately started to look flushed. Her mother started to cast Cooling Charms on their robes. She turned to cast one on Ginny’s but she just shook her head no.

“Bloody Hell,” gasped Percy.

He had noticed where they were standing. There were shelves of manuscript stretching up forty feet tall around them and several hundred feet in every direction. There were scrolls, heavy leather bound books that were hand copied, early forms of printed material, magical and also Muggle books stacked on shelves. There seemed to be no definite pattern to the books as they were all mixed up on the shelves.

“Welcome to the Potter family library,” said Harry.

“I thought your library back in Morocco was large,” said Arthur.

“All our libraries in all our estates are connected. All we need to do is write on a magical parchment at each location and we will receive the corresponding manuscripts or scrolls. You just need to careful what you ask for or you will receive more than you could possibly read in a life time.”

“Many of these books are new. Who bought them all?” asked Percy again.

“The Potter family has contracts with both magical and Muggle publishers. We receive a copy of every book available to be sold. We receive hundreds of books a day. Most of them we will never use, because they are trashy romance novels.”

Ginny’s stomach grumbled loudly announcing to everyone that she was hungry. “My stomach said we need to eat. So follow me.”

She smiled at her Father’s comment about being a true Weasley. She led them through the maze of book shelves to the exit. She could hear the tell-tale sound of weapons clashing in mortal combat. She had never considered the possibility of the goblins training the guards today. It normally didn’t happen more than once a month.

She squinted as she stepped out into the brilliant mid-day Egyptian sun. The heat was rising from the stone and sand in waves distorting her vision. The clang of steel on steel was louder now. She could hear her family asking what the noise was. Bill, Sirius, and Harry weren’t talking right now. She started to move to the right to avoid the amphitheater were the battle was taking place. She wasn’t sure how her family would react to the sight of the tests for guard goblins.

“Is there a sword fight going on over there?” asked Charlie. He turned to the left towards the amphitheater.

“Charlie,” shouted Bill. When Charlie stopped and turned to look at him, Bill continued. “Don’t go over there. The goblins don’t look at things the same as we do.”

“What is going on? You four seem to know something.”

“The goblins are testing two candidates to become a guard goblin,” said Bill.

“Oh, that sounds interesting,” said Percy.

A loud screech of a goblin in pain echoed from the amphitheater. It was followed the unmistakable fall of a heavy ax on flesh and bone. Ginny cringed to hear it. None of her family said anything, but Charlie pulled his wand and took off running.

The entire family followed him. Bill was faster than everyone else and quickly caught Charlie.

“Stop you ruddy idiot,” he growled at his younger brother. “This is a sacred rite of passage for them. We don’t have any right to stop it no matter how barbaric we think it is.”

“What are they doing, son?” asked her Father.

Bill took a deep breath. “The goblins must fight to the death. The winner becomes a guard goblin.”

“They kill each other?” squeaked a shocked Ron.

“Yes,” Bill said softly. “They view it an honor to die that way. They even honor their dead.”

Everyone stood there under the torturous noon day sun. Charlie put his wand away and turned to walk towards the amphitheater. Bill quickly jumped in behind him. “Charlie.”

“I want to see what they do,” he said over his shoulder. “I never realized this type of thing happened. I want to see what is going on. I am not going to try to stop anything.”

Charlie continued to walk around the corner of the library that hid the goblins’ amphitheater, with his entire family in tow. When everyone rounded the corner, they all stopped at the sight of the amphitheater. There were rows of stone benches filled with goblins in armor. The center circle was white sand stained red with the blood of the goblin that failed the test.

“If this is a rite of passage, why wasn’t anyone cheering,” said Ron.

Nearly all of Ginny’s brothers had turned their heads to stare at him. They had noticed that all the goblins in the stands were dead in various states of decay.

“The one’s that lose are placed in the stands to cheer on the next candidates,” said Bill softly.

“They are all dead,” Ron spluttered out.

“Yes, they are,” said Ginny. She was annoyed because everyone was standing and talking. She didn’t want the goblins getting angry at them for watching one of their more sacred rites. She also wanted to get to the dining area and get something to eat. “Can we discuss this over lunch?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Charlie.

Ginny took the lead for her family towards their living space. It was an old temple that had been converted to a small library, before the Peverell’s converted it into the manor house. She walked up the short set of marble steps between two rows of columns twenty feet high and five feet in diameter. It felt like walking through a marble forest. The manor house had only four rooms in it; the large common room, a bath, and two bedrooms. She wondered what the sleeping arrangements were for the three Peverells. Somehow the idea that two of them shared a room seemed a bit creepy.

There was a table in the dark back corner of the courtyard. She could see that the house elves were already placing various types of food and drink on the table. They must have figured that she and Harry would be stopping by to eat.

No one said much of anything as they sat down next to the table. Ginny started to giggle as her family tried to figure out the seating arrangements. They were trying to slide the long bench type seat with one raised arm up to the table. Bill, Sirius, Harry, and she all waited until the family to try to get situated before they sat down. Everyone else treated the lounge chairs as though they were short wide benches. Everyone shared a bench with another member of the family.

Finally, Ginny, and the three other people who had used these before, angled the lounge chairs to the table. They laid down on them so their right arm could reach the table. The shocked looks on their family’s faces were priceless.

“This is weird lying down like this,” complained Ron. “Do the Egyptians actually eat like this?”

“Not all of them, but some still do,” said Bill.

He seemed to enjoy watching his family trying to get comfortable. Ginny was enjoying watching her brothers look uncomfortable, and even to some extent her parents. She still held affection for them, and didn’t want them to be too uncomfortable.

“I want a normal chair,” stated her Mum.

Ginny watched as her Mum tried to transfigure the lounge chair into a normal chair. The spell coming from her wand was weak.

“Harry or Ginny will have to do that for you,” said Sirius.

“Why, what is wrong with my wand,” exclaimed the frustrated Weasley matriarch, as she waved her wand more violently with each casting of a spell.

“Because wands don’t work here,” said Ginny. “Harry, you change them.”

Harry stood up from his lounge chair and raised his hand. One by one the lounge chairs shifted into heavy high backed chairs.

“He was able to do magic. Why wasn’t I?”

“Because, Mum, there is a spell cast over this entire area; library and adjoining grounds. The spell blocks wands from preforming magic,” explained Bill.

“Bloody annoying it is, but it can be useful also,” said Sirius.

“How can it be useful? I see nothing useful about not being able to perform magic,” snapped Molly.

“Only Harry and I can perform magic of any magnitude in this area. The spell also makes the goblin guards out there rather formidable, not to mention the spectral soldiers we encountered, to any wizard trying to overthrow the area,” Ginny said.

“Are we safe here?” asked her Mum.

“As long as there is a Potter in the world we are safe,” said Harry. “The goblins oaths are like law and Gringotts family practically rules the goblin world. If we ever needed a place to hide from Voldemort and his Death Eaters, we would hide here.”

Ginny watch her parents visibly pale and look to each other. Her mum was nearly in tears. She didn’t even need to feel her emotional state to know what she was thinking. To her Ginny and Harry were children and shouldn’t be considering something like setting up safe areas from an army of homicidal maniacs. However, it was a reality for Harry and now also for her.

“We were going to talk to you about Portkeys for the family,” said Bill. “They would bring you to this stronghold, and you would be under the protection of the goblins.”

“Do you think we need them?” asked her Dad.

“It was only two days ago that Death Eaters attacked your home, because they knew Harry was there,” said Sirius. “Your entire family is now endangered.”

“Sirius, don’t talk like that in front of the children,” shouted Molly.

“Why? It is the truth. They need to realize this. All of you will need to be extra cautious while dealing with your friends. You never know whom might be a Death Eater or sympathetic to their cause. I lost two of my best friends, because we were careless.”

“Please don’t scare the children, things are different know,” Molly shouted even louder.

“Think about this, if you don’t want me to tell your children the truth,” hissed Sirius. He stood up and stared at her. “You had a Death Eater living with you and your children for eleven years. If it would have benefited him, he would have turned you all over to Voldemort.”

The entire room went silent after Sirius’s statement. No one was eating they were all sitting there staring at the platters of food. Ginny looked around at them all and felt their uncertainty and vulnerability. It bothered her to feel her family like this, but it was necessary to get them to realize how real this impending war was and they were in the middle of it.

“I have a question,” said Charlie breaking the heavy silence that blanketed the room.

“What do you want to know?” replied Harry.

“If the only thing that is keeping the goblins under control is the pact between the Potter and Gringotts family, what will happen if Harry is killed?” Everyone stared shifting in their seats.

“Charlie, please be polite,” ordered his Mum.

“This is not the time to be polite. It is time to be straight forward and honest. How safe would it be for this family to be here at this compound if there are no more Potters? If what I have been hearing is correct, if Harry or Ginny die the other will die shortly after.”

“Charlie please,” shouted his Mum.

“He is right Mum,” said Harry calmly. “The Gringotts are bound to the Potter family. However, they also realize that if Voldemort would take control over the magical world they would be hunted like wild animals and killed ruthlessly. Having the goblins on your side would increase your chances of winning the war, but they would also extract a high payment for the support. They may be brutal by our standards, but they do value honor and honesty highly.”

The table once again fell into an uncomfortable silence. Ginny sat there and tried to sort through the various feelings. It was hard to get past her Mother’s instinct of protecting her children against all pains and injuries. There was a sense of fear in everyone, but there was also a sense of determination. It heartened her to feel her family coming together like they seemed to be.

“Can I discuss something else?” asked Ron.

Everyone chuckled at his comment. It was just enough to relieve the heavy tension in the room.

“Sure Ron, what do you want to know?” asked Harry.

“What is this stuff and how are we supposed to eat it?” Ron was looking at the various foods on platters before him. There were pocket breads, seared meat, vegetables, hummus, olives, and dates laid out for him to eat.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny snuggled in closer to Harry. It was very warm in their room, but she didn’t care. She wanted to hold her husband close to her. They laid there without saying anything for a long time. It was moments like this that amazed her most about being bonded to someone. You didn’t need to do anything or say anything to be gloriously happy and content. At night, before they would go to sleep, they just laid next to each other, with Ginny basking in the happiness coming from Harry.

A smile stretched across her face as she felt Harry’s breathing slow and become deeper. She would many times wait for him to fall asleep first, but her smile tonight was for something else.

This day had been a whirlwind of activity. It started out with them in Morocco and then they went to London so Harry could tell her family about the Potter family history. They then came here to Egypt and learned more about the importance of the Potter family to keeping the peace in the magical world.

Lunch was extremely tense, but the afternoon was very enjoyable. Bill took everyone to see some of the tombs he had opened as a curse-breaker. They took a magic carpet tour or several ancient sites, before everyone except her parents had a pickup game of Quidditch out in the Sahara Desert.

Tomorrow they will be going to Turkey to see the sprawling complex they have there. By the end of the week they were going to visit Spain, France, and finish up in England, by going from one estate to another. She hopes her family enjoys the rest of the time like they did this afternoon.

She was getting ready to close her eyes, but a feeling of despair caught her attention. Sitting up she tried to reach out and feel where it was coming from. She could sense it was Ron and he was sitting in the great room by himself.

Easing away from her husband, she slid out of bed, grabbed her house coat, and started towards her brother. Her bare feet were silent on the marble floor. The only sound she made was the soft whisper of her silk house coat. She entered the great room and sensed Ron sitting at the table on the far side; the feeling of misery washing off him in waves. She had been concerned about him recovering from his possession by Voldemort. She wove her way to him past her brothers and Sirius sleeping in camp beds.

When she finally saw him in the dim light of the great room, he was sitting with his head down staring at the table. She walked up to him and he didn’t raise his head towards her. Not wanting to scare him, she decided to call to him.

“Ron, is everything all right?” she whispered trying not to wake everyone else up.

“WHAT!” he shouted and jumped back into his chair nearly toppling it backwards.

Ginny had to resist laughing at his actions. Sirius popped his head up, but saw her and lay back down. “Are you all right? Why are you sitting here all alone?” she whispered to Ron.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. I’ll go back to bed,” he mumbled without looking at her. He started to get up and walk away, but returned to push his chair back under the table.

“Don’t go, we could have some tea and biscuits,” she said trying to get him to stay.

“Too hot,” was all he said.

“All right, how about some iced Pumpkin Juice?”

He hesitated for a second before nodding his approval.

“Follow me to the kitchen.”

Ginny reached for his hand, but he seemed to pull his hand away from hers. She walked in front of him around a corner out of the great room to a wall that looked solid, but was charmed to be like Platform 9 ’s. She passed through to the brightly light kitchen, but Ron stayed on the other side. She stood there waiting for him. Stepping back through the magical barrier, she saw him staring at the wall.

“It’s just like Platform 9 ’s, Ron.”

“Yeah it is isn’t it,” he said to her, before stepping through it.

“Have a seat,” she said to him indicating a stool by the one work counter.

Ginny walked over one of the ice boxes and grabbed a pitcher of Pumpkin Juice. She stopped at cabinet to remove a tin of biscuits. When she turned around, she noticed Ron was watching her, but he quickly looked away when she looked at him. She didn’t let this action worry her. She placed the tin of biscuits down in front of Ron and opened it. Summoning two glasses from the racks in another part of the kitchen, she filled two tall glasses with the iced Pumpkin Juice.

“So big brother, what’s bothering you or were you just hungry from the day’s activity?”

Ron snorted to himself about her comment. “I don’t feel like your big brother,” he mumbled under his breath.

Ginny could tell that he never intended on her hearing the statement. “Are you going to talk to me or am I going to need to break your nose like I did three years ago?”

The last year they were home together, before she bonded with Harry. Ron was being a massive git talking about how great he was going to be when he gets to Hogwarts. She of course told him he would be a great big prat. An argument ensued that ended with Ginny punching him in the nose and breaking it. Even though Ron towered over her, she was strong and not afraid to defend herself. He had been so embarrassed at her breaking his nose that he made their parents swear to keep it from the twins. She had to do all the laundry and the dishes for the next month, but it was worth it. He was actually afraid of her after that.

His eyes got wide at her comment with a look of fear. “You remember that?”

“Yeah, I remember that. You remember having make-believe duels with each other while only using sticks?”

Ron started laughing at the memory. “We would always end up fighting over who actually won,” laughed Ron. He suddenly became sad again.

“Ron, what’s wrong?”

He stared at the biscuit in his hand neither eating it nor talking to her.


“Hogwarts wasn’t what we thought it would be,” he said to his biscuit. He stayed silent for a while before talking again. The entire time he was staring at the biscuit in his hand.

“Even my first year was difficult. I thought that after hearing all our brothers talking about the school it would be a breeze for me. It wasn’t. There were so many students that were so much smarter than me. The only thing that I seemed to stand out from the crowd was my height and my red hair. At home I am just another person in the crowd. The only thing that makes me different at home is how much I can eat. Bill is the handsome Curse Breaker and former Head Boy, Charlie the rugged Dragon tamer and Quidditch star, Percy is Mr. Perfect Prefect, and Fred and George are the jokers of the family.”

“Then there is you,” he said looking up from the biscuit at her, before looking down again.

Ginny was slightly affronted by his action, but it revealed what was bothering him.

“You are jealous of me. Why?”

“That’s a stupid question,” snorted Ron. “You are famous for doing something that hasn’t been done in 1700 years. The person you soul bonded with is probably the wealthiest person in the wizarding world if not the entire world. You two are practically the king and queen of magical society. I bet you could almost overthrow Fudge, and half the magical Ministries in Europe, if you wanted to. I am sure there are other things I could say, but that seems like a pretty good list.”

Ginny had to resist yelling at the huge prat of a brother sitting in front of her. It would do no good and not make him see what type of life she was experiencing. Instead, she took a deep breath and tried to explain it to him.

“First of all, we have no desire to oust Fudge and his cronies,” she said harshly to him. “What would that get us? It could strain relationships that we have to get what - a position of power that would set us up for failure.

“Do you realize that our wedding is only the second time that Harry made a real public appearance in the magical community? The first time we bonded. I stand corrected. The second time we risked our lives to save you. The third time we were attacked and nearly killed.”

She stopped talking when his expression was similar to the one when he was being berated by his Mum. She realized that she let too much of her own pent up emotions out, and needed to be easier on him.

“Ron, you look at the life that I live as exciting. I look at it as scary. There is a death sentence hanging over our heads. We study and practice magic ten to twelve hours a day seven days a week. Even on our off days we still get about four hours of training in before we relax. If we don’t than we will not be prepared to face Voldemort. If we don‘t defeat him, then our entire world magical and the Muggle world could be plunged into darkness. That is a huge weight to bear on our shoulders. Bloody hell, we are actually only twelve and thirteen.

“I have not been on a broom for more than an hour a week until today. This past week has been like a huge vacation for me and Harry. We are constantly moving from one estate to another to ensure no one can find us. We are not much more than prisoners in a fancy prison.”

“A bloody fancy prison,” interjected Ron.

Ginny looked at Ron and saw a crooked smile on his face. She knew their discussion had helped him.

“If we survive, we will have a wonderful life together.”

“Why wouldn’t you survive,” countered Ron. “You two are very powerful separately and together almost unstoppable.”

“A Killing Curse will kill a person no matter how magically powerful they are,” she said sadly.

“Harry survived it once.”

“He may not survive it again, or it may be me who gets hit,” she said bluntly. “Harry would soon die after my death. He may not be able to destroy Voldemort in that time period. It is our responsibility to stop him once and for all.”

Ron looked at his biscuit again for several seconds before eating. “I guess you don’t have as good of a time as I thought,” he said as he chewed. “I guess I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself.”

He stared at the table as Ginny could feel him deciding if he should try to talk about something that has been bothering him.

“He told me that everyone thought I was worthless. He was my only true friend,” Ron said to the table. “I certainly misjudged that situation.” He added bitterly.

Ginny reached out to him. She placed her hand on his forearm. She tried to pour good feelings into him. He looked at her hand and then at her. “How do you do that?”

“Magic,” she said cheekily. “It is not your fault, Ron.”

“Thanks, I just hope everyone believes that when I get back to school.”

“I thought they already forgave you.”

“Yeah the Gryffindors, but no one else has really talked to me,” said Ron.

“Don’t worry about anyone but your friends and family. We all love you.”

Ron blushed at her comment. “Thank you, I guess I better try getting back to sleep. So we are going to Turkey tomorrow and see the battle grounds for Troy?”

“Yeah, we are and play some Quidditch,” Ginny said as she sent everything back to its proper place in the kitchen with a wave of her hand.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Judson looked at the runes he had written on a piece of parchment using the light from his wand. It was nearly midnight. He had been here at the Weasley’s hovel trying to figure out the wards that had stumped him two days ago. It was actually beneficial that Arthur had gone on a vacation for a week. He should be able to find the key for the wards before the family returns and notices him outside of their perimeter casting spells.

There were runes that he had never seen before. His higher education had been for teaching and learning ancient runes. To find runes that he was clueless about was perplexing. He was tired from a full day of work then Apparating over here and casting detection spells. Every time he thought about giving up, his Dark Mark would pain him something terrible. It was almost as though Voldemort was alive and controlling the Death Eaters again.

He didn’t think that was possible, but he didn’t want to take chances. He remembered what happened to people who displeased their master. He didn’t want the Dark Lord hearing he didn’t do what he was supposed to do and punish him.

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