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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Harry was taken by someone disguised as Percy and tortured. Ginny had screamed out in pain as this torture was felt through the bond at the end of the last chapter. Lucius Malfoy's plan looks like it will work to bring the Dark Lord's body back.
As a change from canon, I have Lucius say the incantations in Latin. The actual translations are at the end of the chapter. I need to thank Leif for the wonderful Beta work that found my mistakes and made me think about different aspects of my writing.


Lucius Malfoy stood beside the iron cauldron waiting for Judson and Potter to appear. This was a last gasp effort to resurrect his master. He had killed the last unicorn to fill this cauldron with its blood. The Dark Lord had lost his patience with him several times. He wanted to be brought back to his full glory months ago, but every attempt to capture Potter had failed. Potter’s appointment as a teacher’s aide at Hogwarts had further complicated things.

Their plan was high risk, but it was their only shot at getting Potter before Christmas. Lucius knew he couldn’t withstand any more torture from his master. Nagini had eaten all the sheep that Lucius had bought for it to feed on and started eating House Elves again. This had to succeed; Judson had to successfully Portkey Potter back here so they can capture him and use his blood to resurrect the Dark Lord.

“How much longer, Lucius?” hissed his master.

“I do not know my lord. We don’t even know if Potter was in the village.”

“This cannot fail. This body is failing me.”

Lucius looked at his master wrapped up in a bundle of cloth lying on the ground beside the cauldron. He was even more disturbing to look at now than when he was first born. His flesh was starting to become scaly and his arms were becoming increasingly immobile. He was turning more and more reptilian every day.

“When Potter arrives I will be ready.”

“Judson needs to set the wards so no one but my servants can come through,” ordered Lord Voldemort. “When I regain my body, I am going to call everyone back to me. Then I will kill Potter in front of them and leave his body for Dumbledore to find.”

“Will he know to look here for Potter?”

“He will figure it out soon, but Potter will be dead and I will be building my armies once again. So be ready when Potter arrives.”

“Yes master,” Lucius dutifully replied.

He turned back to look over the graveyard they stood in. Lucius had never realized before that his master was a half-blood. However, they were in this Muggle cemetery so they could use a bone from his father’s grave.

The sun was starting to get warm on this sunny day. It beat down on him and his black robes causing perspiration to bead on his forehead. It could also be what Lucius had to do to resurrect the dark lord. It bothered him that he had to cut off his right hand, his wand hand, but his master had commanded it.

A thud to his right brought Lucius out of his thoughts. He had to take several steps to his right to look around the massive headstone with a Muggle statue of the grim reaper. There on the ground was Judson with Harry Potter.

“Crucio,” shouted Lucius, as soon as he saw Potter.

The spell collided with Potters chest. He had just started to stand up to get his bearings. He let out a scream and fell to his right side and started to twitch from the pain.

“Get his wand,” he ordered Judson.

Potter somehow had been able to fight through the torture and blasted Judson away. Judson collided with the massive headstone with a crunch. Lucius had to move as Potter tried to hit him with a spell. He could only move so much without releasing the Crucio. He didn’t know if he could defeat Potter in a straight out battle.

“Judson, do something help me,” he shouted.

Several pops of Apparition sounded around him. “I need help here!” he shouted and dodged another spell from Potter. How anyone could fight off a Crucio and be able to fire off Stunning spells, he did not know.

“Tie him up,” he shouted to one of the younger members of the raiding party. The stupid fool was so shocked by what was going on, his spell missed Potter and he tied up another member of the raiding party.

“Crucio,” shouted Macnair from beside Lucius.

Potter screamed again and fell on the ground twitching.

“Grab his wand,” Lucius ordered the young raider again.

He ran to grab Potters wand, but Potter rolled away so Lucius had to stop his spell. Potter had used the young raider to block Lucius’s spell. Fortunately, Macnair was able to keep his spell on Potter. However, Potter had recovered enough to Stun the young raider by him. Lucius had to block another Stunner aimed at him. Potter tried to Stun Macnair, but the experienced Death Eater was quick enough to avoid the spell.

Potter was struggling to his feet while firing off random spells at everyone around him. Lucius stopped and stared at this man. He should be immobile writhing on the ground. Instead, he was standing and fighting off six other people.

Lucius came out of his state of shock and fired an Incarcerous spell at Potter. The magical ropes wrapped around him for only a second, before he cut through them with his wand. He looked for Judson to help with Potter, but he was setting the wards. He had to control Potter to resurrect the Dark Lord.

He saw one opportunity. While everyone else was firing spells at Potter, he moved himself back towards a large headstone. If Lucius could get behind the headstone and stab Potter from behind, he could get enough blood out him to complete the ceremony.

“Use Crucios on him!” he yelled at everyone else.

Lucius moved quickly around the headstones. He knew that the young raiders were not up to his level for inflicting pain, but they should be able to contain Potter enough for this plan to work. He smiled as he saw Potter forced against the headstone screaming in pain. His left shoulder was exposed.

Lucius lashed out and tried to stab through his cape, but the knife didn’t penetrate the strange leather. Potter didn’t even acknowledge that Lucius tried to stab him. He had to get Potter’s blood. Reaching out he grabbed the edge of Potters cape and pulled it back. He swung the knife with all his might sinking it deep into Potters shoulder. He couldn’t tell if Potter reacted to the stab or if he was writhing from the torture. Blood poured out of the wound when he pulled the knife free. Potter didn’t seem to even notice so he pressed the vial against the wound so the blood flowed into it.

Potter finally realized he had been stabbed. He turned to face Lucius pulling his shoulder away. Lucius jumped back behind the headstone. He couldn’t afford Potter hexing the vial out of his hands. He quickly pulled the vial behind him and pointed his wand at the edge of the headstone, where he was sure Potter would try to attack him. He waited for the attack. When it didn’t happen, he looked to the other side of the headstone, but Potter wasn’t coming around that side either.

“What did you do, Lucius?” shouted Macnair.

“I did what was necessary. Have you controlled Potter?”

“Potter is gone,” shouted Macnair. “He just bloody disappeared! It didn’t even look like he Apparated.”

Lucius ran around the Headstone and looked to where Potter was standing just a minute before. This couldn’t be happening. He was supposed to hold Potter until the Dark Lord was resurrected. He would suffer for this, but he still had to resurrect his master.

“What are you planning on doing now, Lucius?” questioned an angry Macnair. “Was this all for nothing; just another failed mission to find the Dark Lord?”

“No it wasn’t a failure for that reason. It was a failure because we couldn’t keep Potter,” replied Lucius. “I have work to do.”

He strode past Macnair and the rest of the attack group. He had Potter’s blood, which was the final ingredient. With a flick of his wand, he lit fire under the cauldron. Everyone from the raiding party stood and stared at him. He didn’t have time to explain to them what he was doing. By the time he reached his master lying on the ground, the cauldron was boiling.

“Did you capture him Lucius?” hissed his master.

“I have his blood, Master.”

“Good, we must begin,” the Dark Lord hissed.

“What’s going on over there?” shouted Macnair.

Lucius ignored Macnair and lifted the Dark Lord up and removed the cloth that covered him before dropping him in the boiling unicorn blood. Turning he pointed his wand at the earth by the Riddle headstone.

"Os patris tui, capta insciens,"(1) he chanted as he summoned the thigh bone from his masters father. The bone erupted from the ground and flew towards him. He waved his wand and redirected it into the boiling blood. The blood hissed and popped for several seconds.

“Carnem dedit volunt servi tui,”(2) he chanted. He placed his wand inside of his robes and lifted his right hand up. With his left hand he gripped the razor sharp dagger, he cut into his wrist. The pain shot down his arm and almost made him sick. The blade hit bone and sinew and would not cut cleanly all the way through. Fighting through the pain, he moved the blade back and forth until his severed right hand dropped into the cauldron. Once again the blood popped and hissed, it also turned blood red then black before calming down to a boil. He took a cloth he had the master wrapped in and wrapped it around his bloody stump.

“Sanguine tuo, fortiter hostibus captus,”(3) he chanted. He lifted the vial up and poured Potter’s blood into the cauldron. It nearly erupted as it boiled out of control changing from silver to red and black. Lucius stepped away from it waiting to see his master rise from the cauldron. Everything stopped, the fire had gone out and the blood stopped boiling. He became filled with fear. Had he failed his master again? What punishment would he endure for this failure?

“What was supposed to happen, Lucius?” asked Macnair.

“I was going to resurrect the Dark...,”

The contents of the cauldron exploded in a flash of bright silver light. It was so bright that everything seemed dark after the flash. The cauldron lay in shards on the ground and standing in the middle of its remains was the Dark Lord. He had regained his body.

He was tall, thin, and pale. His skin seemed almost translucent and his veins shown through his skin like purple spider webs. His fingers were long and thin as he stretched them out. His face similar to its previous appearance, except his nose was flat and shaped like a snake’s. His eyes, which had been bloodshot before were now completely scarlet with vertical slits for pupils.

“Lucius, my robes,” he commanded.

Lucius quickly grabbed the robes he had purchased for his master with his left hand. He was having a difficult time draping them over his shoulders. Macnair knelt before the Dark Lord.

“Master, may I help?” Macnair begged the Dark Lord.

“Yes, Macnair, you may assist.”

Lucius looked at Macnair. He had wanted to be able to robe the Dark Lord by himself, but he was too awkward with his severed right hand. Between him and Macnair, they had robed their master. Judson, by this time the Polyjuice had completely worn off and changed back to his true appearance, stood and stared at them. The rest of the raiding party did the same. They were the six youths that Judson had used to attack the Weasley home. None, but Judson, had ever seen the Dark Lord and his previous intimidating presence. He was even more intimidating now in this present form than before.

“Where is my wand Lucius?”

“Here it is my Lord.” Lucius removed it from his robes and handed it to him. The Dark Lord took the wand and caressed it lovingly. He might have held it and used it before it his hideous state of half man half serpent, but he seemed to be even more enthralled now he held it with actual human hands.

“Where is Potter?” he asked.

“He escaped my Lord,” said Macnair.

“How could he do that with all of you here?” he hissed soft and deadly.

Lucius cowered and knelt to his master. He had heard that tone before and if you were lucky you only received a few minutes of torture. If you weren’t lucky, you would die slowly and painfully. Macnair was also cowering on his knees in front of the Dark Lord.

“Potter is one powerful wizard. It would take a miracle to control him,” responded one of the six arrogant young wizards. He defiantly stood there defiantly and stared at the Dark Lord.

“Do you know who I am?” asked the Dark Lord.

“Yeah, you’re the Dark Lord.”

“Avada Kedavra,” shouted the Dark Lord.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The excruciating pain had stopped as everything folded in around him. Harry could feel Ginny’s presence even stronger in his mind and his body. The pain was replaced with the warmth of her presence, before he reappeared in her arms. At the same time he felt her arms wrapped around him, he heard the noise of people shouting all around him. He looked up to see Sirius and Remus staring at him. He was so near to collapsing from the pain that he could barely make out anyone else in the crowd that surrounded him and Ginny.

“She did it,” Remus shouted with joy.

When Harry had reappeared, he had been standing, but he could feel Ginny collapse dragging him down with her. He reached out with his left arm wincing as pain shot down his arm. He never hit the ground as something that felt like a heavy leather chair collided with his side.

“I gotch ya, ‘arry,” said Hagrid. Hagrid’s large hands gently picked him and Ginny up together. “I’m takin’ ‘em to Madam Pomfrey.”

“Yes, and don’t wait for us,” said a voice that Harry recognized as the Headmaster’s.

Hagrid took off on a full out run for the castle. His stride was long and bounced Harry and Ginny with each footfall. The jostling bothered Harry a little, but he was in so much pain that he didn’t mind since it meant he would be getting to the infirmary sooner. His head was now throbbing in excruciating pain worse than his body.

He realized that Ginny still hadn’t said anything to him. She was holding onto him, but her grip wasn’t that strong.

“Ginny, are you all right?” he asked as he tried to turn despite his pain to see her. Hagrid had to reposition his hold on them as Harry turned to keep from dropping them.

Harry saw Ginny and was filled with fear for her. She was extremely pale and looked to be unconscious.

“Ginny, please say something,” he pleaded with her.

Her mouth started to move, as though she was going to say something, but it twisted in a grimace as tears started to flow from her eyes.

“I thought I was going to lose you,” she said barely above a whisper.

“Who do you have there, Rubeus?” snapped the unmistakable voice of Madam Pomfrey.

“’arry and Ginny, they are hurt bad.”

“Put them down on this bed.”

Hagrid gently placed both of them down on a single bed. Once free from Hagrid’s grip, Harry turned and grabbed Ginny’s hand. She was so weak that it frightened him. He knew that she had connected with him to pull him back to her. So she must have felt the torture that he had gone through. It was probably her mental connection that allowed him the strength to fight back against the torture.

“Madam Pomfrey, help her please. She is so weak,” he pleaded with the nurse.

“I will, but you must lay back yourself and don’t touch her.”

Harry pulled away from Ginny. She reached for him, but he reassured her by whispering to her as Madam Pomfrey waved her wand over her. While the nurse was examining Ginny the hospital wing was filling up with people. They were all asking him questions about what had happened. He didn’t want to answer them right now; he wanted Ginny to be healed.

“If you cannot be quiet, then please leave and allow me to work,” snapped the nurse.

The hospital became quiet suddenly. Even in his weakened state, he could tell that someone had cast a Silencing Charm. As Harry watched the nurse work, he wanted to be able to touch Ginny again. He even believed that it would help her. He did not have her power to heal with his magic, but he knew that she always felt better when he was touching her.

“Mrs. Potter, I am going to give you a Potion to start the healing process. You must drink it. Can you drink it?”

“Yes,” Ginny said barely above a whisper.

The nurse bustled off to her office and quickly returned with a tray which held three large flasks and four glasses. She set the tray on the stand beside Ginny’s side of the bed. She took the largest flask and half-filled a glass with a golden looking Potion.

“Here drink this all down,” said the Nurse gently.

Ginny was so weak that she could barely lift her hand. Harry grabbed the glass from Madam Pomfrey and gently lifted Ginny’s head so she could drink without choking on the liquid. He held the glass against her lips allowing her to sip the Potion out of the glass. The pain exploded in his head again. He almost dropped the glass, but he had to help her now, since she saved him.

It hurt him to know that she had become so weak because of him. His arms were starting to shake from holding the glass and her head, but he wasn’t going to let go of her until she had finished the Potion. She was just about done with the Potion when her eyes opened. He could see it was helping her already. She looked around then focused her eyes on him.

“What are you doing, Harry? You are the one that was tortured.”

He leaned down and kissed her lips gently for a second. “Yes, but you helped and saved me, by taking the pain away,” he said to her. “You are my savior.”

“What do you mean you were tortured but she took the pain away?” asked Madam Pomfrey.

Harry looked around the hospital wing. “Are we the only ones here?”

“Yes, except your friends and family over there.”

“Harry lay back. I’ll explain it,” stated Ginny firmly.

When he lay back, he realized just how tired he was. His left shoulder was throbbing in pain with every heartbeat. Madam Pomfrey was over him waving her wand. “Go on explain.”

“We are soul bonded. I am mentally connected to Harry and he is connected to me, except my mental and emotional connection is stronger. I can also help people, not only Harry, by taking their pain away and even slightly healing them, particularly if the damage is from magic. When Harry was taken away with a Portkey, I was able to sense him and help him fight off the Crucio curses he was getting.”

Madam Pomfrey stopped waving her wand over him and stared at Ginny. “You were able to take his pain away from miles away?”

“Even wards can’t stop our connection.”

“Did you experience muscle spasms as if you had been actually tortured?”


“That was very dangerous thing for you to do considering your condition.”

Harry thought the way Madam Pomfrey phrased that statement was a little odd. “What do you mean by Ginny’s condition?”

The nurse looked at him then at Ginny for a second. “You will need to drink the same Potion as Ginny.” She said walking towards the tray.

“Why are you not answering me?” Harry asked the nurse. He looked at his wife. “Ginny, what did she mean?”

Ginny blushed a little as she opened her mouth to say something, but Madam Pomfrey interrupted her.

“Wait, Mr. Potter needs to drink this. Finish it just like your wife did.”

Harry took the glass from the nurse. He knew what they weren’t telling him. He just didn’t want to think about or maybe acknowledge what it meant. He drank the potion with little effort. It might be the only Potion that was actually pleasantly flavored.

“Ginny,” he said to her as he pushed up on one arm to stare in her eyes.

“We are going to have a baby, Harry,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Harry stared at her for a second, before collapsing back onto the bed. A horrible pain pulsed through his head. It felt like his head was going to explode and his stomach was roiling as if he was going to get sick. A small hand pressed against his forehead. The pain was starting to subside with her efforts. After a few seconds, he was able to open his eyes. He saw Madam Pomfrey with a puzzled expression on her face as she waved her wand over Harry and Ginny.

“Just relax love, I’ll take the pain away,” she whispered in his ear. “I wanted to tell you today, but things got so crazy this morning. We wanted children, didn’t we? I — I thought you wanted children.”

He was going to be a father. He had a group of murderers out to kill him at any cost, an entire society depending on him to save them, and now he was going to be a father. Several pulses of pain shot through his head. He could feel Ginny dulling them. He felt terrible. Not from the agony that he was enduring, but because he hadn’t responded to support her. She deserved support, not to have to take care of him.

“I am sorry,” he whispered.

“Shh, be quiet, remember I know what you are about to say,” she whispered to him.

He looked up and saw her smiling at him. She was so unbelievably marvelous. “What are we going to name him?”

“I thought Beatrice would be a nice name for HER.”

“Beatrice, he would be teased without mercy all his life,” he said as he pulled her close to him and kissed her.

A scraping noise and the sensation of magic made Harry glance up, he saw Madam Pomfrey create a screen to close off their bed.

“Why don’t you two get some rest,” the nurse said before slipping out.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Silencio,” said Albus Dumbledore with a wave of his wand.

“Albus will they be all right?” asked a nervous Molly Weasley.

“Poppy will be able to heal the after effects of their ordeal,” he told her. He wasn’t sure what had happened. The past thirty minutes had been so confusing and he needed to hear what actually happened. “Now that Harry and Ginny are both safe, does anyone know what exactly happened?”

“Ginny said something about a fake Percy and a Portkey,” offered Bill.

“I can only assume that a Death Eater had used Polyjuice and changed into Percy to get close enough to use a Portkey to take Harry away. I wonder where they took him.” Albus looked at the rest of the people standing there waiting along with him for any answers.

“Ginny was under too much stress and pain to get much else out of her.” Bill said apologetically.

Severus Snape opened the doors to the infirmary. He made eye contact with the Headmaster. Albus knew this was something important.

“Excuse me, I need to speak with Severus,” he said as he left the others waiting in the infirmary.

He closed the doors as he walked past Severus. The former Death Eater fell in beside him as they walked away from the infirmary. They walked a short distance, before stepping inside of an empty classroom.

“You needed to say something, Severus?”

“What happened to Potter today?” questioned the Potion Master.

“He was abducted for a short time period.”

“Were they able to use him to locate the Dark Lord?”

“I cannot see how that would be possible.”

“Something is happening,” Severus hissed. He pulled up his left sleeve to show the dark mark changing colors and writhing on his arm. “It is getting stronger by the minute. It is almost as if the Dark Lord has returned.”

Albus didn’t respond to Severus at first. He clasped his hands behind his back and started to pace. “Did Lucius tell you how he was going to locate the Dark Lord when he had captured Harry?”

“No, I assumed he would use torture and Leglimency.”

“He didn’t mention any ceremonies involving Harry.”


“Have you noticed Lucius acting differently recently?”

“Lucius Malfoy wouldn’t waste his time on someone of my social standing. Any associations I have with him involved missions for the Dark Lord.”

Albus didn’t respond immediately. He didn’t want to tell Severus about the Horcruxes. He didn’t want him to have that information in case his cover gets blown or Voldemort would be able to penetrate his mental shields. He kept pacing as he thought about the wound on Harry’s arm. Had Lucius discovered the secret about Lily’s sacrifice or should he ask the question; did Tom figure it out?

“Headmaster,” gasped Severus. He had his sleeve pulled up on his left arm. The Dark Mark almost looked to burning with a black fire. Severus’ was twitching from the pain. “The Dark Lord calls.”

Albus closed his eyes. That was a sentence he never wanted to hear again. They were making marvelous progress with dissecting Tom’s history and figuring out where he might hide his Horcruxes. Harry had the right idea: destroy the Horcruxes before Tom regenerates his body.

“Headmaster, I must go to him if I am going to maintain his trust.”

“Then go, if you are prepared for what awaits.”

Severus’s sallow complexion paled as he stared at Albus. He knew this would be a painful reunion.

“I will update you when I return.”

Albus watched as Severus left the room. There was nothing he could do now for Severus’ fate was in the hands of Lord Voldemort. He had to see what was going on in the infirmary. He wanted to know where they had taken Harry, and what happened to him there.

When he returned to the infirmary, there was a screen around Harry and Ginny’s bed. Everyone was still there waiting for him.

“Poppy said they needed to get some sleep.” stated Alastor Moody.

Albus knew better than try to override Poppy’s decisions within her infirmary. He needed to discuss what these people knew. “While they are asleep, let’s discuss what happened today.”

“All the students were able to return to the castle unharmed,” stated his Deputy Headmistress.

“The Death Eaters weren’t very good,” stated Alastor. “I swear some of them were still in school. They showed no experience in combat.”

“These were not the inner circle followers,” said Remus. “They were not even casting that many advanced spells. I agree with Alastor. They may have been out of school for only a year or two. They were able to hit the students with minor jinxes like Leglocker Hexes and other simple spells. I realize that they were actually creating a diversion, but I think the fifth and sixth year students could have taken them.”

After Remus had finished no one else said anything for several minutes. “Does anyone have anything else to say?” he asked the members of the Order of the Phoenix. No one spoke up. “I guess we will need to wait until Harry and Ginny wake up to get more details of what happened today.”

As Albus was walking back to his office, he was also thinking about what Severus would tell him. Was Voldemort back in the flesh? If he was, then it was a good thing that Harry insisted that they start the Order of Phoenix this past summer. If he was; how did he do it, or how did Lucius do it? Did they use Harry’s blood to regenerate the Dark Lord? If Tom realized that Harry was saved by a blood sacrifice, then he would want to use his blood to override the protections. A small smile formed on Albus’s lips as he thought about the possible ramifications of that simple little act.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry woke up with his wife in his arms. He had bad dreams again. His forehead ached as if the scar had been cut into his skin again and was healing. The dreams were strange. He had glimpses of wizards in long black robes with skull like masks covering their faces and they were bowing to him. He loathed them all, because they all failed him. He remembered the torture he subjected them to and hearing them scream for mercy. The thing he remembered that disturbed him the most was seeing his hand point the wand and deliver the curse. Even though it felt like his hand, it wasn’t his hand. It was pale as bone, and the fingers were long and spidery.

“Good Morning,” Ginny said in a breathy whisper.

“Good morning, Mum,” he replied with a smile. She looked at him and practically beamed with happiness.

“You are not upset?”

“No, love, I thought we decided to have children now instead of later.”

Ginny rolled and was on top of him. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him passionately. Harry was caught up in her passionate actions, until he remembered where they were at.

“Ginny, maybe we should wait until we are in our room,” he whispered, as he pulled away from the kiss.

She blushed prettily at his comment, before rolling off him and curling up next to him. “I supposed we should tell Madam Pomfrey that we are awake.”

“I guess that would be the proper thing to do, but I don’t want to take any more Potions.” He stopped talking as the screen around them rattled for a second, before Madam Pomfrey opened it.

“You two didn’t sleep long,” she said as she pulled her wand and started to wave it over Harry. Her brow furrowed and she muttered something under her breath. She walked over and to Ginny and repeated casting diagnostic charms. She looked even more concerned as she checked Ginny’s status.

“What is wrong, Madam Pomfrey?” asked Harry.

“This can’t be right,” she said. “Are you two holding hands?” She looked at them and realized that they weren’t. “Budge over Harry.”

Harry moved as far as he could away from Ginny, and she did the same. The nurse started casting diagnostic charms again. The entire time she was doing this she had that strange look on her face. With a huff, she stopped checking Ginny and went to Harry. She stood over him waving her wand, but her expression changed from confusion to disbelief. She stopped casting the diagnostic charms and put her hands on her hips.

“You have been asleep for only two hours and by all my tests you two are completely healthy,” she said obviously surprised. “Only two hours ago, both of your nervous systems were on overload and your magic core was unstable. What happened in two hours?”

“Ginny’s powers,” Harry stated with a smile. He saw his wife blush at his comment.

“I don’t know much about soul bonds, but I suppose any type of magic that can make you two age like you did could heal you so quickly. Don’t get any funny ideas about doing anything dangerous for the rest of the day. I want you two to take it easy and stay in your quarters. I also want you to take two more doses of that Potion I gave you.

“Finally, I want to see you, Mrs. Potter, tomorrow morning. We need to start your prenatal care,” stated the nurse.

“I’ll be here,” said Ginny.

An hour later, they were sitting in the Headmasters office meeting with the Order of Phoenix. Albus was sitting behind his desk, while Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were fussing over him and Ginny. Remus, Sirius and Bill sat calmly to his right, while Professor McGonagall was standing by the fireplace. Hagrid was standing by the door. Alastor Moody sat beside the Headmasters desk. Staring at Harry and Ginny.

“I am glad you are both in good shape and out of the infirmary,” stated the Headmaster. “Your healing seemed rather remarkable.”

“They should be back in the infirmary, Albus,” stated Mrs. Weasley. “I can’t believe Poppy would release them this early.”

“We are fine, Mum,” said Ginny exasperated. “Let’s get this over with so we can relax.”

“Harry, what can you tell us about what happened to you?” asked Albus.

“I was standing by the entrance to the Warded area protecting the students as they ran from the village. A person looking like Percy ran up to me and said they needed me in the village to help with the attack. I told him that I couldn’t leave my post, when they grabbed my arm. He had a glove on his hand and it must have been a Portkey, because I was immediately transported to a cemetery by Little Hangleton.

“There I was attacked by several people. They were trying to hold me, I guess. They started off by hitting me with Crucios then tried to tie me up. I was able to fight them off, but during that time period someone stabbed me in the shoulder.

“I think it might have been Lucius Malfoy. I turned and thought I saw him before he ducked behind the Headstone I was standing against. He seemed to be trying to save my blood in a vial or something. When I turned, the cloak blocked some of the curses effects and Ginny was able to pull me to her.

“Does that seem right?” he said to Ginny.

“Yeah, the best that I can remember,” she replied.

“Percy’s certainly not working with the Death Eaters?” asked a shocked Arthur Weasley.

“No, it was one of them using Polyjuice. I think it was Judson. Malfoy called for Judson to help him after I first arrived and the person who looked like Percy responded,” he explained. Arthur and Molly physically relaxed.

“Why would they transport you to a cemetery at Little Hangleton, and can you take us back there?” asked Moody.

“I know where it is Alastor,” said the Headmaster. “I would like to go there and investigate; Alastor, Bill, Remus, and Sirius would you accompany me there? Harry and Ginny please return to your quarters and rest, you two had quite the ordeal today. I will contact you when we return. Molly and Arthur can you stay with them to ensure they actually rest. Minerva, the school is yours until we return.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Albus walked past the Anti-Apparition wards of Hogwarts. He turned to address the other four people with him. “I will lead the Apparition and the rest of you will link arms. I am going to take you to a spot away from the cemetery. Be ready to fight. Severus was called away by Voldemort. We may be Apparating into the meeting of Voldemort and all his followers.”

“Well that is just bloody wonderful,” growled Moody.

“Yes, Alastor I agree,” he said to the group. “Alastor grab my arm and everyone grab an arm and let’s form a line; ready, one, two, three.”

They all disappeared with one distinct pop. They reappeared at the edge of the woods surrounding the cemetery at Little Hangleton. Albus looked out over the cemetery and saw the Riddle house standing tall against the setting sun.

“Bill, can you check to see if there are any concealment wards,” Albus whispered to him.

“I know spells that will do that, but they will reveal our location too.” Bill whispered in return.

“Let’s take the chance. If they are close, they would have heard the Apparition.”

Bill stepped forward and waved his wand in a circular motion above his head with his eyes closed. Pulses of blue light emanated from his wand, they flew out in large blue arcs away from them in all directions. After about the fourth pass of his wand Bill opened his eyes. The last arc glided away from him. It passed through solid objects, and kept going. If there had been a ward, the blue arc would have returned to them.

“It looks all clear,” Bill announced to everyone.

“Follow me, and keep your wands ready,” Albus told them. The tension among them was so thick that he was afraid that they may hex some innocent person walking through paying respects to their dead relatives. “Alastor, you need to be at the ready. Remember Constant Vigilance,” Albus teased the grizzled old Auror. Moody just grumbled under his breath, while the others chuckled at the humor.

He led them along a path to where he thought Tom’s parents had been buried. His eyes were darting from one side to the other waiting for a spell to be shot at them. They walked through the oldest section of the graveyard past headstones so weathered that the names were no longer legible. Albus’ nerves were getting to him. The graveyard was quiet, too quiet. They should be hearing birds chirping, or some other sounds, but everything was quiet as death.

They walked up a small hill to a newer section of the graveyard. It was still old dating back fifty to a hundred years, but much newer than the section they had just walked through. There ahead of them was a large ominous headstone. The Riddle family was murdered over fifty years ago, by their estranged son/grandson, Lord Voldemort. The Headstone with the carved statue of the Grim Reaper added to the fear and mystery of the incident.

Albus raised his hand to stop everyone else. They all stopped without a sound. He listened carefully for any sounds from anyone waiting for them. When he didn’t hear anything, he started forward. They came upon a strange, grisly scene.

There were seven bodies lying on the ground. They all appeared to be dead, apparent victims of the Killing Curse. By them was a large scarred area, it appeared that an explosion had scorched the grass and left small pieces of metal everywhere. By the Riddle headstone, the ground was torn up like someone had dug something up out of the ground.

“What do we do now?” asked Alastor.

“Investigate it like it was a crime scene,” replied Albus. “Alastor try to determine how they died. Remus, Bill, and Sirius move out and look for any other evidence.”

“I’ll find where Harry was at,” said Sirius. He kicked off his boots and cloak before changing into his dog animagus form. Bill and Remus moved outward in different directions looking behind headstones with their wands at the ready.

Albus looked at the scorched area. He cast a couple of minor charms and noticed something strange. The metal seemed to have unicorn blood on them. He looked at some of the pieces of metal and noticed that it may have been a large cauldron. He noticed more blood and a discarded vial in the grass under the some of the broken metal.

“Bloody Hell,” shouted Alastor. “They are Inferi!”

Albus turned around and saw the seven corpses rising up off the ground. Their movements were jerky and wooden. Alastor was walking away from them. Bill and Remus had turned around with their wands raised.

“I guess we should burn them,” said Alastor.

The Inferus that had been Judson raised his arm and pointed at Albus. Its mouth opened but didn’t move as the voice of Voldemort was heard. “You will die Dumbledore. I, Lord Voldemort, will destroy you, after I kill Harry Potter.”

The Inferi started moving towards them all going in different directions.

“Incendio,” said Alastor. The Inferi burst into flames. They kept moving woodenly as flames consumed them. Within minutes all of the Inferi were smoldering piles of ash on the ground.

“I guess there isn’t any doubt that Voldemort has been resurrected,” said Remus. “What are you doing?” Remus asked Padfoot as he walked past Remus with his nose to the ground.

Padfoot continued over to the remnants of the cauldron and sniffed around for several seconds, before turning back into Sirius. He put his boots and robe back on before speaking.

“I didn’t know we were going to have a campfire,” Sirius said indicating the burning Inferi. “I found where Harry was, and some strange things. I was able to pick up the scent of his blood over there and follow it back here to this burn mark.”

“It appears that Voldemort used Harry’s blood to resurrect himself in a dark ritual,” said Albus. “It was as I feared. Lord Voldemort has regained his body. I don’t think we will find anything else useful here, let us return to Hogwarts.”

“I am going back to headquarters,” said Alastor. “I want to see where everyone is at. I bet that is where he is.”

“Alastor, move with caution and don’t do anything rash,” Albus advised his old friend.

“You know me, I am the epitome of caution,” laughed Alastor, before Apparating away.

The rest Apparated back to the Hogwarts and returned to Albus’ office. When he opened the door Severus Snape was waiting for him.

“Someone, please, get Harry and Ginny,” he asked.

“I’ll be right back,” said Bill. He took off running down the stairs.

Albus moved to his desk. No one spoke as they all found seats. Severus looked in terrible shape. It was obvious that he had been tortured. He was sipping on something as he sat there. Occasionally he would glance over at Remus and Sirius, but he didn’t speak at all.

“Do you need Poppy to bring you anything?” he asked Severus.

“I have what I need here,” he said indicating a silver goblet of something.

“When Harry and Ginny make it here, we can start our discussion of today’s events,” Albus said to everyone in the room. The minutes that it took them to make it to his office seemed like hours. Albus wasn’t sure how Harry and Ginny would react to everything.

The door opened and Harry, Ginny, and Bill Weasley entered. As they were taking their seats, Harry and Ginny were looking around the room assessing everyone. Ginny’s gaze seemed to be locked on Severus. Harry sat down, but Ginny walked over to Severus. She reached out and touched his forehead. He reacted by pulling away from her.

“Let me heal you,” she told him.

“I have everything I need here,” he replied.

“I can stop the pain faster, let me heal you,” she said again.

She reached out and touched his forehead. He reacted to her touch and even looked hesitantly at Harry and the others, but he didn’t pull away from her. Albus watched as the effects of being tortured seemed to melt away from Severus. Within seconds he looked normal, and Ginny pulled her hand away from his forehead.

She didn’t say anything else to him, but went and sat down next to Harry on a chair that magically expanded to be a settee as she approached it.

“Thank you,” said Severus. He looked unsure of what to say or how to react. Albus knew of his past and sometimes wondered if he had ever had someone treat him with kindness other than Lily when they were young.

“Let’s recount everything that happened today. So we all know the same facts,” stated Albus. “The attack on Hogsmeade happened as predicted to capture Harry. No students were hurt, but they were able to get Harry, by using Polyjuice and a Portkey. Harry was taken to a cemetery where he was attacked, but Ginny was able to save him from that and return him here.

“I went to the cemetery with Bill, Remus, Sirius, and Alastor. We found the place where they had taken Harry. It appears that a dark ritual was performed to resurrect Lord Voldemort. Judson, who Harry believes was the person who had used the Polyjuice, and the six who had attacked the Weasley home were found dead at the scene. When we were investigating the scene, they became animated. They were made into Inferi. They gave me a message from Voldemort. He said that he was going to kill me after he kills Harry. We destroyed the Inferi and returned here.

“Severus, what do you have to add?”

Severus looked around the room again. It was evident he didn’t like everyone hearing what he had to say.

“It is true. The Dark Lord has returned. His appearance is different than before. He is thinner. His skin is so pale and almost transparent. His eyes are scarlet with slits for pupils, and his nose is flat like a snake’s. He is still very strong magically and as cruel as ever.

“He called all his remaining followers bearing the Dark Mark together. He tortured them individually according to what he deemed necessary, and then he gave us each an assignment. He is intent on raising an army of dark wizards, witches, and creatures to take over.”

Severus sat there and stared straight forward not saying anything or making eye contact with anyone. Albus knew there was more, but he didn’t want to say it.

“What were you assigned, Severus?”

“He wants me to remain a spy in the Order of the Phoenix.”

Albus was tired and didn’t have time for Severus’s hesitance. “What else, Severus?”

The Potion master looked at him and around the room before speaking. “I am to devise a plan to kill you. He wants it so that the students in Slytherin house actually are the ones to carry it out. He wants the school to be overthrown so he can be in complete control of it.”

Remus and Sirius started protesting. Even Harry and Ginny were commenting about how he can’t do that. Albus ignored all of them. He rose from his seat and walked to a window in his office that looked out over the school. He ignored the conversation behind him everyone seemed to be arguing, but no one was actually disagreeing.

He stared out at the school. It was night and the windows of Hogwarts were sparkling in the night. After all these years the school was just as beautiful as when he first saw it. Then he was crossing the lake in a boat and he was looking up at it in wonder. His perspective of the school has changed over the years, but his love for it and the students within its walls have not.

“I realize we cannot have the Headmaster murdered by his own students. I must have a plan. No one fails the Dark Lord without punishment or losing their life.”

“You owe him your life!” shouted Sirius.

“Silence,” shouted Albus. Everyone stopped talking and stared at him. “He wants to kill Harry first. We will protect him, and that will delay my death. Severus, you must devise a good viable plan for Voldemort, and if necessary carry it out.”

The room erupted with disagreements again. Albus raised his hand to quell the noise. “I have always known that he would come after me. I am not afraid of Death. Severus, promise me that you will not allow a student to destroy their soul, if there is still hope for them. If need be you must kill me. The most important thing until Voldemort is finally destroyed is that you, Severus, be one of his favorites. You can protect the students of this school when I am gone.”

(1) Bone of thy father unknowingly taken
(2) Flesh of thy servant willingly given
(3) Blood of thy enemy forcefully taken

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