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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
It is Christmas time, and the Potters are spending Christmas with the Weasleys. It has been almost a month since the last chapter. Things have been quiet in the magical world, but that won't last. Many thanks to my Beta Leif for catching all my silly errors. It seems the faster I write the greater my SPaGs.


The wind whipped through Albus Dumbledore’s beard and long hair as the cart sailed along the tracks. It had been years since he had been in the vaults of Gringotts. He was with Harry, Ginny, Bill Weasley, and they were all going to the Potter vault. Albus was curious what would be in the vault. Harry told him about information concerning the creation of the Deathly Hallows.

He had been in pursuit of the Hallows since he was a teenager and a student at Hogwarts. He and Gellert thought if they could bring all the Hallows together that they could help improve the world. At least that what Albus had thought. Gellert had another idea. He wanted to use the Hallows to gain control over the magical and Muggle world.

Albus looked at the wand in his hand. He won it by defeating Gellert in a duel. It was supposed to be an unbeatable wand; the Death Stick, the wand of destiny, the Elder Wand. He wondered if Gellert had come to terms with what he had done with his magical abilities. Gellert was one of the most intelligent and powerful wizards he ever met. To the magical world he was the last Dark Lord; to Albus he was so much more.

The cart slowed down and caused Albus to stop thinking about the past. What had happened could not be changed; he now had to focus on what he can do to stop the present Dark Lord. He needed to keep in mind that Harry was now the leader of the Light. It was difficult to relinquish control that he had for most of his life. However, Harry had proven to have an uncanny ability to make the right decision and he also had the type of personality that made people want to follow him.

“We are going to go through several screening processes before we go into the vault area,” said Harry.

Albus looked at where they were. The tracks ended and the only door visible was guarded by six goblins in armor. There were also three screening areas that they had to walk through. It looked like the same series of tests one had to pass through to get to Grins Gringotts' office.

After passing through the three tests Harry and Ginny knocked on the metal door. Albus thought it was a strange thing to do to access your vault. When the door opened, he saw more goblin guards. He was getting more puzzled with each layer of security.

Stepping though the steel door, Albus was faced with the two largest vault doors he had ever seen. One on the right had an ornate script “P” engraved on the door. The other one had a letter engraved in Goobleygook. There was another steel door that was significantly smaller. It was larger than most vault doors, but only about a tenth of the size of the other two doors.

Harry stepped up to the door on the right. He placed his hand on it; the door slid up exposing a vault almost as large as the Great Hall of Hogwarts. It was filled with such wealth that it shocked Albus. He was never wealthy, but he never imagined anyone possessing that much wealth. There was a wall of Galleons. He had no idea how many Galleons were in this wall of gold. It was more than most families in magical Great Britain had combined.

“I assume it didn’t cause you too much financial difficulty to buy all the bicorn horn,” Albus said with a smile.

“No, we didn’t have to worry about having enough to eat,” said Harry with a cheeky smile. “We are here so you can look over some of the family history and research what is stored here. We cannot leave you here, because of the enchantments placed on this vault to protect it cannot be undone.”

Bill walked past Albus. “I need to start researching a way to make accepting people to the manor easier.” He went to a set of bookshelves about halfway back the vault and started looking over books stored there.

“I am assuming that is where I need to go for my research?” Albus asked Harry.

“Harry, I need this book,” shouted Bill.

Harry turned and smiled at him. “Only Ginny and I can remove things from their storage areas. If you try to remove anything, you will be stuck to the object and to the shelves or vault walls or floor. You should probably start with the book on the desk. It is a history of the Potter family. It also reveals some information about the creation of the Deathly Hallows.”

“I think you will find it very enlightening,” said Ginny with a smile. She then went to remove the book that Bill wanted and placed it on the table beside a large leather bound tome that had the same ornate letter “P” on it that was on the vault door.

Albus waved his wand and created a tall comfortable chair to sit in as he read this tome. “I might as well get comfortable. It looks as if I will be here for a while.”

“Gringotts will be sending food down at noon,” said Harry.

Ginny sighed, “That long, I’ll starve.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Sirius and Remus watched as the Hogwarts Express steamed away, taking almost all of the children back to King’s Cross Station. The Christmas holidays had begun. They climbed on a thestral-pulled carriage to take a relaxing trip back to Hogwarts. Before the carriage could pull away, Professor McGonagall climbed on it.

“Mind if I ride along?” she asked.

Remus looked at the Deputy Headmistress. It really wasn’t a request.

“Not at all Minnie,” replied Sirius. The carriage rocked as the thestral started pulling it.

Minerva lifted an eyebrow at Sirius. She discreetly waved her wand. “We can talk now. What is Albus doing with the Potters today? What is so important?”

Sirius stared at her. Remus felt a nervous twinge. They wanted to make Dumbledore doubt his absolute authority and perceived perfection, but they didn’t want people to start doubting him that would never have until they resurfaced.

“They are researching ways to rid the world of Voldy-shorts,” said Sirius.

Remus smiled at Sirius. He noticed that Minerva wasn’t smiling. “There are old books in the Potter Family vault that he wanted to see. They cannot be removed from the vault.”

“What is he looking for?”

Sirius sat up and stared at Minerva. Remus looked at his friend. He looked agitated. “Why are you asking these questions?” demanded Sirius.

The Deputy Headmistress sat up straighter and stiffer at Sirius’s comment. Remus didn’t think that was possible until now. He also noticed that her lips had practically disappeared, again not a good sign.

“Since you five have returned to the magical community, I have seen things that I thought were not possible. I remember James and his father from their Hogwarts days. I never knew they were as affluent as they were. Amelia has been asking questions about the Potter family too. Alastor has been investigating the manor house and claims that it has stronger wards than even Hogwarts. Why would the Potter family build a house like that and never live in it? Why would any family build a house like that?”

Sirius looked at Remus. “You want to tell her or shall I? She won’t like it.”

“Why won’t I like it?” snapped Minerva.

“Because they built the house and did many things because of several prophecies,” said Remus.

“Prophecies?” asked a shocked Minerva. “Certainly, intelligent people wouldn’t put so much faith into someone spouting rubbish.”

“I told you Moony,” said Sirius.

“I didn’t disagree with you,” said Remus. “The Prophecies were told by a highly reputable Seer. Many of them have already come true, and several more have almost come to fruition. The Potter ancestors put faith in these prophecies and created buildings like Potter Manor to help the Prophecy come true.”

“So the Headmaster took this day off to go read someone’s ramblings,” snapped Minerva rather waspishly.

“I am sure he will be reading more than that,” said Remus. He smiled at Minerva. Her bias against Divination was obvious to almost a comical level.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Albus Dumbledore pinched the bridge of his nose. They were traveling back to the surface. It was getting late and Harry and Ginny wanted to get home and relax. He chuckled at that thought. How could two young people like them relax with everything that has been piled on their shoulders? Within the first hour of his research, he was shocked at the history of the Potter family, or as they should be called Peverell. As he read the various prophecies and blood bonds between the Potter family and goblins, the Potter family and house elves, he was amazed at the responsibilities that Harry and Ginny had to deal with. Even though they are thirteen and twelve in actual years, they were as mature as any wizard and witch he had ever met. He felt ashamed that he ever doubted their ability to be the leaders of the Light.

The cart lurched as it stopped by a set of doors. “This door leads directly to Diagon Alley. The bank is now closed. You may leave here,” said the goblin.

After everyone stepped out of the cart, the goblin made it speed away. Bill waved his wand.

“We can Apparate from here,” he said. “Harry, are you two going back to Potter Manor?”

“I want to sleep in my own bed,” whined Ginny.

Harry took his wife’s hand, and shrugged while smiling at Albus, who smiled knowingly back at him. “It is the holidays. It’s time to slow down, relax, and enjoy the company of family,” said Albus. “I will be at Hogwarts for the next two days. Can we meet again on Boxing Day to look over more books?”

“Sure, we will meet you at Hogwarts in the morning,” said Harry.

Albus watched as Harry, Ginny, and Bill Apparated away. He needed to go to Hogwarts and see what type of a day Minerva had. With a quick turn he appeared in front of the main gates of Hogwarts. He slowly walked up the lane to the castle. He ignored the cold Scottish wind as it whipped across the grounds. It had been a dry December, so the only thing that blew in the winds was dry leaves.

Albus didn’t notice anything as he walked. He mind was focused on the information that he had learned about the Elder Wand. The wand actually had a sentient core. It could remember every spell it ever cast and also many of the memories of its owners. For years, Albus thought the voice of temptation to use the Dark spells were from his past. He could hear Gellert’s voice whispering to him to not be afraid of the power of the Dark Arts. It was the same as when they were teenagers in Godric’s Hollow reading and learning about magic. Gellert would always try to get him to learn the darker forms of magic. When the wand would whisper to him and tempt him to give in to its dark past, Albus thought it was his guilty conscience. He never imagined that the wand would speak to him with Gellert’s voice. However, Gellert had possessed the wand longer than most of the wizards that had possessed it. It probably knew Gellert better than any of its other owners.

He pushed the large oak doors open and stepped into the entrance. It was empty, but the noise of people eating in the great hall drifted out to him. Albus decided to stop and get something to eat before retiring to his office. The tables were rearranged so there were no individual house tables and a head table. There was only one long table. He saw Minerva sitting with an open chair beside her. He walked over and sat down beside her.

“How was your day, Professor McGonagall?” asked Albus.

“It was uneventful. Even the Weasley twins behaved themselves,” replied Minerva.

“I guess we should check the school for traps,” said Albus with a chuckle.

“How was your day?”

Albus hesitated for a second. “Humbling, Minerva. At this point in my life, I never expected to find out how many things I had wrong.” He looked over at Minerva to see her staring at him with her mouth slightly open.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny, Harry, and Bill appeared outside of Potter Manor. She was hungry, tired, and just wanted to eat, put her nightgown on, and crawl into bed. They stepped into the Manor, to be greeted by the Brandenburgs’ little girl.

“It’s the Potters,” she squealed with delight.

Ginny smiled back at the excitable little girl. “Yes, we are back. We are going to get a bite to eat then go to bed.”

“We need to talk before you go to sleep,” said Bill.

Ginny rolled her eyes at Bill. She didn’t want to sit around and talk. “You and Harry can talk all night as far I am concerned. I’m going to sleep soon.”

Ginny ignored their comments as she went into the kitchen to put together some dinner. She was happy with a couple of roast beef sandwiches and some pumpkin juice. She didn’t even wait for Harry to put together a dinner before she walked away to go to their bedroom suite. She smiled at Ashley Brandenberg as she ran around the foyer. She was such an energetic young girl. She reminded Ginny of herself when she was young.

The idea that she wasn’t young hit her. She was only six years older than Ashley, and yet she felt as old as her mum. She remembered what her mum said two years ago when she bonded with Harry about having her youth stolen from her. It was a sobering thought, but not one that hadn’t occurred to her before. When she returned to England, she realized how mature she was compared to her older brothers. The only one that didn’t seem younger than her was Percy. That certainly was a sobering thought to be compared to Percy in anything except test scores. Yet, with all the change in her life and all the responsibilities that have been heaped upon her because of her and Harry’s bond, she never wanted to go back to the way she was. She was happy, because she was something that so few people ever get to be. She was complete because of her and Harry’s bond.

Ginny felt Harry walking up behind her as she ascended the stairs.

“Thanks for waiting for me,” he said to her. “Don’t forget to take your potion before you go to sleep.”

“Yes, Mum, I will remember,” Ginny said, while smirking at him. “I’m sorry for being so tired; I just hope that this fatigue I have been feeling is just temporary.”

“I’m sure it will go away in about six months,” he said with a smirk.

Ginny was about to punch his arm for saying something like that, but she would have had to set down her food or the pumpkin juice and she didn’t want to do that.

“I think I found a possible way to make entrance to this manor easier,” said Bill as he caught up to them on the staircase. They were presently between the second and third floor. “It may cause some inconvenience, but nothing as severe as you two not being able to leave.”

Ginny had been listening to Bill, but she didn’t respond. She had realized that she couldn’t open the door to her bedroom suite. “Harry, can you get the door?”

She heard Harry and Bill laughing behind her. “I was wondering when she would realize her shortage of appendages,” laughed Bill.

“If I wasn’t so tired, I would wait it out until she put something down,” said Harry. “However, I also want to get to sleep.”

The door to their suite opened revealing Remus and Sirius. “You two are acting like an old married couple,” laughed Sirius.

“Out of my way,” huffed Ginny as she pushed past Sirius into the sitting area of her suite. She ignored everyone and placed the pumpkin juice on an end table and sat down in a large wingback chair and proceeded to eat.

When Harry came over to pour a glass of pumpkin juice, she slapped his hand away. “Get your own. You want to make fun of me? Fine! Get your own bloody pumpkin juice.”

She could help but crack a smile when Harry knelt before her and everyone else in the hall “oohed” at her comment. “Oh, stop it. How can you change how people are accepted into the manor?”

Bill’s face lit up at her question. “These are blood wards; we will need to expand the family blood line.”

“I am already doing that, and it is taking a long time,” she said.

“It involves you Gin-Gin,” said Bill. “It involves our family. I think we can create a permission statement that would pass some of the authority to the Weasley family: just our immediate family, no cousins, aunts, or uncles.”

“I could see how that would work,” said Remus. “As long as one of your family members are present they could admit people through the wards. Harry and Ginny could still go out hunting for Horcruxes or whatever other missions they need to perform.”

“Like giving birth,” said Ginny. Everyone else chuckled at her comment.

“When do you think we could transfer this authority?” asked Harry.

“I need to do more research, and I want to consult with Albus on this idea. I am hoping before we go back to school at the end of the holiday. There is a possibility that we could destroy or severely weaken the wards on the property if I muck this up.”

“I appreciate your caution, Bill,” she said to her brother. “I have all the confidence in the world in your abilities and knowledge. If we do destroy the wards, could we just use a Fidelius Charm to replace them?”

“Yes, that is possible, but then we would need to worry about the Secret Keeper getting caught,” said Remus.

“They will need to stay on the premises,” said Ginny. “As much as I am enjoying this skulling session, I need to get to sleep. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I promised Mum that I would be at the Burrow at 7:00 AM to help bake and prepare everything for the holidays. Harry, you are coming with me.”

Harry looked at her with a strange expression. “You sound like I was going to pull a bunk on you! Of course I will be there with you. The next two days are for you and your family.”

“I supposed that means we will all be going at 7:00 AM,” groaned Sirius.

“It won’t be that bad, Padfoot,” said Bill.

“I enjoy your family, especially the twins,” responded Sirius. “I just wanted to have a lie in. I need my beauty sleep.”

“Were you planning on sleeping until we go back to school?” asked Remus.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The Burrow was filled with the delicious odors of baked bread, biscuits, and fruit pies. Ginny, Harry, and her mum were spending today baking these and leaving tomorrow for the main meal. Her father had all the male members of the household decorating the sitting room and outside of the house, except of course, Harry.

He helped his aunt in the kitchen growing up. Ginny objected to the term “helped.” She insisted it was more forced, but enjoyed Harry helping her and Mum with the baking. The male members of the household also enjoyed seeing Harry in the kitchen with an apron. It was fresh fodder for teasing him. Sometime in the afternoon, his name was changed to Harriet. Ginny let them get away with teasing her husband for now. It was the Christmas holidays and she was enjoying baking with her mum and husband. She hoped that if Harry and she somehow survive this war they could do this with their children and grandchildren.

Dinner that night was roast chicken and boiled potatoes. It was a rather small meal considering there were twelve people in the house. Charlie had returned from Romania in the late afternoon. After dinner was over, Harry and Ginny stood up to clean up the dishes.

“No, you two sit down. You worked hard enough in the kitchen today,” said Mrs. Weasley. “Ron, Fred, and George you can clean up the dishes and put them in the sink.”

“We worked hard all day,” whined Ron. “They were in the kitchen all day, that isn’t hard work.”

Ginny smiled at Harry before looking at Ron. Everyone in the room realized the young man’s mistake. Molly Weasley didn’t say anything for a second or two, and then she unleashed her temper.

“So you think that working in the kitchen all day making enough food to feed a small army because you eat enough for three isn’t hard work? I guess I should never be tired! I’ll tell you this it is hard work, just as hard as anything you have been doing all day. I guess it is time you learned what that is like. You can clean the table by yourself tonight and tomorrow. On Boxing day, you can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Ginny smiled at Ron’s shocked expression. The poor boy had just opened his mouth and brought the wrath of Molly Weasley down on him. She felt sorry for her thick-headed brother, but not enough to help him clear the table. If he was so thick to insult his mum, then he needed to be taught a lesson. Ron became even more furious when Fred and George thanked him for taking their share of the work.

They all moved to the sitting room while Ron cleared the dishes. Mum stood in the doorway to make sure he did everything correctly. Ginny had been so busy in the kitchen all day that she didn’t get a chance to see the decorations. The sitting room sparkled with fairy lights. There were boughs of pine and holly strung across the ceiling and the tree took up more than its share of the corner of the room. In fact the room seemed to bend so the tree could stand upright. In a house that was held together with magic, that seemed a rather dangerous thing to attempt.

She pulled Harry to a chair by the tree, pushed him down in to it, and flopped onto his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed his temple as she stared at the tree. The tree and the corner of the room started to quiver. The tree was bending and flexing as the room expanded and contracted.

“Harry, Ginny, stop that,” shouted her Dad. “Your bond is affecting the magic in the room.”

Ginny quickly separated from Harry. She watched as the tree and the room stabilized. “Sorry, I forgot,” she said sheepishly.

“Sorry Arthur,” said Harry. “It was just a perfect moment.”

“That's all right, you two are going to need to get your emotions under control while you are in this house.”

Harry and Ginny slept at the Burrow that night along with Remus and Sirius. He had expanded Ginny’s childhood bed to allow them to sleep together. They both wore heavy pajamas to resist the possibility of exciting their bond. They didn’t need to wreck the Burrow because they got randy in their sleep.

Remus and Sirius got stuck sleeping on camp beds. They shared a room with Bill. Charlie got to sleep with the twins, who originally wanted to share a room with Sirius and Remus. Molly Weasley was keen on keeping the four pranksters as far apart as possible.

Ginny woke up early on Christmas morning. Through her bedroom window, she could see large snowflakes falling down and covering the ground with white blanket of snow. It was so perfect for a Christmas morning. She turned to see green eyes staring at her. He smiled that crooked smile that made her heart leap. This morning it also shook the house.

“Bloody hell,” she cursed. She grabbed Harry’s hand and Apparated them outside into the orchard. It was within the wards to keep them safe, but far enough away from the house that their bond shouldn’t affect it.

“Happy Christmas, Mrs. Potter,” Harry said to her before capturing her lips. They stood there in the fresh fallen snow giving each other a good morning kiss.

Ginny didn’t want it to end, but it had to eventually. “I think it should be safe to finish this later when we go back to the manor.”

“Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea,” he said in a low husky voice. “I suppose we woke everyone in the house, so do you want open presents?”

“Sounds like a brilliant idea.”

They held hands as they walked back to the Burrow. Everyone was awake. It was the one morning all year that Ron actually was a morning person. He was sitting at the kitchen table anxiously waiting for a chance to open the presents. Molly had just put some scones in the oven to bake, which meant it was time to open presents. It was just like before Ginny had bonded with Harry, when she was still a little girl.

They moved into the sitting room and Bill took over the duty of passing presents out to everyone. The next thirty minutes was spent tearing open presents and thanking each other for them. The room quickly became cluttered with torn wrapping paper and broken ribbons. It was a mess, but it was a glorious Christmas mess.

After all the presents were opened, her mum brought out fresh baked scones and tea for everyone. They sat and ate while admiring each other’s gifts. Time passed quickly as soon it was time to start cooking the meal. Ginny helped her mum prepare the meal.

Even though they didn’t do anything except sit around and talk and eat, time seemed to slip away. As the day dimmed to night, Ginny started to get sad. She had missed two Christmases with her family after bonding with Harry. It wasn’t his fault, but there was something special about this day. Even though they never got that many presents, her family never seemed to fight over who got what.

When it was finally time to go, Ginny was almost crying. She hugged her mum and dad fiercely for maybe longer than she should have, but they didn’t seem to mind. She could feel Harry’s support of her and his understanding of her emotional state through their bond. They could have had her family to one of their estates for this Christmas, but Harry knew how much she missed having Christmas at her family’s home. He was so understanding of her need to stay connected with her family. It really had been a perfect day.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Amelia Bones sighed at her sister-in-law, Millicent, and her niece, Susan. They were all she had left of her family. Voldemort had killed the rest of her family for opposing him. She shouldn’t be thinking about things like that because it was Christmas. It had actually been an enjoyable day. Susan’s infectious excitement about the fall term at Hogwarts had lifted Amelia’s spirits. She spoke about the Defense classes that she had taken with Professor Weasley and his assistant Professor Potter.

Amelia was trying to figure out who Susan was crushing on; was it Harry or Bill? She could understand why a young third year girl would fall in love either one. They were both handsome gentlemen. Millicent stared at Amelia until they made eye contact, and she rolled her eyes at about Susan’s glowing praise of the two male Professors.

“My goodness, Susan, it sounds like you may have a crush of Professor Potter,” said Millicent.

Susan’s face turned as red as her hair. “He’s married, Mum. Ginny, his wife, is gorgeous. I hope I can find someone even half as nice as him. All the boys in my year are such…,” Susan stopped talking to try to think what to call them, “…boys. They seem so clueless as how to be nice and polite. All they talk about is Quidditch or about how wonderful they are,” she said with a dramatic sigh and roll of her eyes.

Amelia had to bite her tongue to not laugh at her niece’s dramatics. She was such a normal young girl. Amelia never remembered being like that, but as she aged every other third year seemed to act the exact same way.

“Are you ready for pudding, dear?” she asked Susan.

Susan looked down at her half eaten plate of food. “Of course, Auntie, that would be brilliant.”

Millicent went to say something, but Amelia caught her eye before she reprimanded Susan for not finishing her meat and vegetables.

“It is Christmas, Millicent.”

Amelia stood up to get the triple chocolate pudding cake that was a Christmas tradition in the Bones family. A loud gong ringing through the house stopped her.

“What was that?” asked a scared Susan. The sound was so loud that it rattled the windows.

“Susan, you remember that necklace I gave you,” said Amelia forcefully.

Susan nodded her head affirmative.

“You and your mum need to use it. You grab onto her and break the chain. It will take to safety,” she ordered her niece.

“What about you Auntie?” pleaded Susan with tears in her eyes.

“I am going to stay here and defend our home.”

Amelia wasn’t sure if Susan heard what she said as the front door exploded. Amelia turned and saw him. Voldemort was standing in the blasted out hole where the front door of her family manor used to be. Standing beside him was Bellatrix Lestrange and her assistant from the Ministry, Melvin. She had been betrayed by the mole that Fudge had planted in her office.

Taking a deep breath, she gripped her wand in her hand. She was not going to go down easy.

“Time to have a family reunion Madam Bones,” hissed Voldemort.

Amelia flicked her wand and fired off a Blasting Charm. Voldemort deflected it and it blasted her assistant off his feet. Voldemort and Bellatrix both fired off red spells at her. She started to dodge them to the left, but a hand grabbed the back of her robes and she felt a tug behind her navel.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Voldemort stood there in a rage. He had just watched his prey escape from him. He wanted to get rid of Madam Bones before he tried to overthrow the Ministry. She was the only Ministry leader that could actually rally people against him. Without her the Ministry would crumble like a house of cards. He turned to look at Melvin. The Blasting Charm had hurt him, but not nearly enough.

“Crucio,” hissed Voldemort. He watched as the Ministry worm screamed and squirmed on the ground.

“Why didn’t you warn me that Madam Bones wore an emergency Portkey?”

“I didn’t know,” he cried. “Please don’t hurt me anymore. Please!”

He hadn’t intended to curse him again, but he hated weak and whiney people. “Crucio!”

He held the curse on Melvin. “Bellatrix, repair the home. I don’t anyone to know we were here. We will need to find another way to get to Madam Bones.”

He lifted the curse on Melvin. The worthless wizard laid on the ground crying and whimpering. A thought occurred to him. “Severus,” he said. He turned to see Snape walk forward and kneel before him.

“Yes, Master?” Severus said as he turned his face up to make eye contact.

“Does the Order have emergency Portkeys for their members?” he hissed out. He sensed the fear from Severus. The man didn’t even have to answer him. “Crucio!”

He only held the curse for a few seconds. He wanted Severus to be able to answer him. “Why didn’t you tell me that they had emergency Portkeys?”

“I am not sure who was issued Portkeys, Master,” Severus wheezed out. He knew not to cry or whimper in his presence, like Melvin. “Each person was to bring an object to be made into a Portkey, no one knows where their destination is, or who else has the same location.”

“Do you have one Severus?”

“Yes. Master, do you want me to activate it for you?”

He had to think about this. He wanted to eliminate Madam Bones, but Severus’s Portkey may be more useful later. The noise of Melvin whining and crying was breaking his concentration. “Avada Kedavra.”

“There I have some quiet to think. Save the Portkey Severus, I may want use it another time. We will need to rethink our assault on the Ministry. Someone hide that,” he ordered pointing his wand at the lifeless body of Melvin. “Yaxley!”

The blond Death Eater moved forward. “Yes, Master.”

“Go to the Ministry and use your influence to find where that Portkey went.” Voldemort didn’t wait for an answer before Apparating away.
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