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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
This chpater will explian why the goblins are so interested in Harry's soul bond. Hopefully, I have covered all the requirments for the challenge. I have left the stroy unfinished. I am thinking about where to take it from here, and may still finish it.


They had reached Bill’s office in one piece. Bill had clothes for Harry and he also had some bread, cheese, dates from Egypt with him. They all ate the strange breakfast too shocked and nervous to talk. Hedwig didn’t eat any of the meal, even though she must be starving because they had no owl treats for her.

Harry was now dressed as a wizard. He was feeling better about himself even though he was completely overwhelmed by everything that had happened to him in just the past two days. They were now standing in front of a waterfall in the middle of the bank. It hid a hallway that Bill said was the entrance to the offices of the most important goblins in Gringotts. On each side of the waterfall were two mean looking goblins in armor and holding long battleaxes that had spikes sticking out of the handle down to where the goblins held them. The battleaxes were almost three times as long as the goblins were tall.

Harry was holding Ginny’s hand, though he was still confused by why this happened to him. How could someone so beautiful care about him? Bill had mentioned something about the soul bond needing a great deal of love for it to form. He could only think that this love had come from Ginny. How could he ever be capable of loving anyone that much when he had no idea what being loved was like?

“Are you ready to go?” asked Bill.

“We are going to get soaked,” complained Ginny.

“No, we are not. The waterfall is magical. It will wash away any deceptions or disguises you may be under. You will appear on the other side dry and looking like your real self.”

“Will I be eleven again?” asked Harry.

“No, you are who you are, Harry,” said Bill. “Lets get moving.”

Harry gripped Ginny’s hand tighter for courage and stepped forward. He walked through the waterfall unchanged. There were four more goblins on the other side. They walked through three other magical barriers intended to stop anyone conceling weapons, dangerous creatures, and finally anyone wishing to harm the goblins. They stopped at a large plain oak door.

Bill knocked on the door and spoke something in a strange gutteral language. Harry heard the language spoken on the other side of the door.

“It’s Gobblygook the goblins’ native language,” whispered Ginny into Harry’s ear. The warmth of her breath and her close proximity caused strong emotions to rush through Harry.

The door creaked open to reveal a hallway with several doors. They walked past the other doors and to the end. The door was again heavy wood without decorations. Bill knocked this time, and spoke.

“It is Bill Weasley with Harry Potter and Ginny Wea — er — Potter.”

Harry’s eyes bulged to hear Ginny addressed as Potter. It reminded him that this beautiful woman was his wife. He was eleven years old and married to probably the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“Come on you two, don’t just stand there and blush all over each other,” laughed Bill. He stood in the open doorway.

Harry walked in and looked around the office. It was well furnished without being lavish.There was a large desk filled with scrolls. The desk was wide but lower then what he had expected. Behind it sat the same goblin that announced their soul bond.

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter, please have a seat,” offered the old goblin.

Harry sat down still holding Ginny’s hand. He could sense that she was just as nervous about this as he was.

“I see the sould bond has started to work its magic. That is good because it shows it is a strong bond,” said the goblin with glee. “You may wonder why I am so interested in your bond. The answer is actually two-fold. The goblins have always kept with the ancient ways of magic. Soul bonds are that type of magic. Secondly, it concerns you Mr. Potter. You are now an adult and therefore you need to be informed about your inheritance.”

“I —I lost my key,” he stuttered.

The goblin looked at him with a strange expression.

“Your key? You mean the key to that vault you had from your father?”

“Yes, it is at my Aunt’s house….”

“Do not worry about that trivial amount. It will be included with your other accounts now that you are an adult.”

Harry gulped as he thought he had a lot of money in that vault. The goblin looked at Bill than at Harry.

“I and my family have a long standing relationship with the Potter family. I personally have handled your grandfather’s accounts ever since he died nine years ago.”

Harry was shocked at that statement. “My Grandfather Potter was alive when my parents died?” He almost shouted.

“Yes, he was most devastated that Albus Dumbledore took you from him and hid you.”

Harry was upset by this, but the emotions coming from Ginny were even more intense. He could almost feel hatred coming from her. It was hot, intense, and almost electric. The goblin stopped talking and stared at the two of them. He seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing.

“I see you two are sharing emotions. That is good. Your bond is indeed very strong.”

There was a knock on the door. The goblin didn’t even speak, before the door opened and in strode Albus Dumbledore.

“I understand that you are meeting with Harry without me present, I protest this arrangement,” he said. He stopped talking and stared Harry and Ginny. It was obvious he was confused by their mature appearances. “Where is Harry?”

“I am right here,” he snapped at this man who kept him from his grandfather to place him in an abusive home.

The old wizard regained his composure. “I insist that you come home straight away. You must go back to your Aunts home….”

Ginny released her grip on Harry hand. She flew past him as her temper raged out of control. “Harry will never go back to that house. You placed him in a house where everyone hated him and abused him. You had no right to take him away from his grandfather to send him to a place to be treated him like that. Did you know they had made him live in a cupboard under the stairs.They called him a freak. They beat him. They made him feel unworthy of being loved. He will not go back there and you will not cause him anymore pain. Ever!” she screamed at the man.

With her last exclamation, Albus Dumbledore was propelled out of the door and the door slammed shut. Harry stared in shock at what happened. The entire room seemed to be too shocked to process what had happened. Ginny hadn’t used a wand.

She was the first to move, as she returned to his side and took his hand. He looked at her. He could tell she was slightly embarrassed, but she also truly felt everything she had said. Without thinking about it, he kissed her cheek. He could feel his face flushing again and hers quickly did the same.

“That was impressive,” stated the goblin.

A knock was heard on the door again. “May I come in and explain my reasons?” asked Albus Dumbledore from the other side of the door.

“Do you want him in here?” the goblin asked Harry and Ginny.

Harry thought about it. He wanted to know why he did what he did. “Yes, I would like to hear his explanation.”

“Enter,” shouted the goblin.

Albus Dumbledore entered the office again and sat down on the other side of Bill.

“To begin with Harry, I placed you with your Aunt because of the sacrifice your mother made for you. She wasn’t supposed to die that night, but she wouldn’t let Voldemort kill you. When he killed her, her blood sacrifice of love protected you from dying. You didn’t stop Voldemort that night. Your mother’s love did.

“I placed you in your Aunts house because she was the only blood relative of your mothers. I enacted old magic that would protect you from Voldemort.”

“I thought he was dead,” interjected Bill.

Dumbledore glared at Bill for a second before continuing his explanation. “I have reason to believe that he did things to defy death. There was a spy amongst the Death Eaters that informed me of his boasting that he was almost immortal. I had to protect Harry from him and his followers.”

“He cannot return to that house, now,” stated the goblin. “That type of magic will only work until he is an adult, as you can see he is an adult now. Your plans have failed, Dumbledore. If you have nothing else to say, I would suggest you remain silent. Mr. and Mrs. Potter can I continue with the reading of your grandfather’s and father’s wills?”

“Yes, please do,” said Harry. He didn’t blush this time. He seemed to be getting used to hearing Ginny called Mrs. Potter.

“As the sole heir to the Potter estate, you now have ownership of the Potter Family vault at Gringotts. We will place your father’s vault back into the main vault and also the small vault that was left for you. You will inherit all the properties that your family has acquired over the years.

“I have been overseeing these properties even before the death of your grandparents. They are all empty and are being kept up by House Elves. Do you wish me to continue?”

“Yes, I guess,” he replied. “Excuse me, what are House Elves?” Harry knew it was a stupid question by everyone’s reactions.

“I’ll explain later,” said Bill.

“How many places did Harry inherit?” asked Ginny.

“You and Mr. Potter have inherited eleven homes in eight different countries. There are three here in England, two in France, one in Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Morocco. Their value very greatly from the house that was used by your parents in Godric’s hollow to an expansive estate in Turkey. All together they are worth more than ten million galleons in today’s financial market.”

Ginny and Bill all gasped at the same time. Harry had no concept of what that was in British Pounds, but it had to be a lot.

“Over the next twenty minutes, the goblin that Harry learned was the head of the bank, Grins Gringotts, explained to him about his wealth in business and real estate holdings. It was all so overwhelming for him. He had no idea that his family was so wealthy.

When the goblin had finished reading from the scrolls, he bent down behind the desk and picked up a large shallow stone basin and set it on the desk in front of Harry and Ginny.

“I will need your help with this part Mr. Weasley,” said the goblin.

“I have experience with Pensieves,” said Albus Dumbledore.

“I want Bill,” spat Ginny. The old wizard cowered back into his chair at her exclamation.

The goblin opened a vial of some type of silvery liquid. He poured it into the basin. It moved like a congealed vapor. In the basin it swirled to form silvery storm clouds. Bill stood up and stuck his wand into the basin and swirled the vapors. The vapors started forming something above the basin.

Harry was shocked to see the form of an old man and woman appear out of the vapor. They both had silvery hair and deep wrinkles on their sad faces. Their eyes were dark and sunken, yet they also had the appearance as though they had both been very good looking in their youth.

“Harry, my darling grandson,” spoke the spectral image of the man. “Louise and I just buried your father and mother two days ago.” He stopped as emotion overtook him. The woman appeared to be unable to speak as she just sobbed into his shoulder.

“We were told that we can’t see you for yours and our safety by Albus Dumbledore. He hid you from us. We could protect you in ways he could only imagine.” He practically yelled this statement.

“Anyway, if you are seeing this than one of the Gringotts is showing it to you, if it is Grins than I would like to thank my old friend for taking care of things for us. Thank you, Grins for all that you have done. Harry, trust the Gringotts family of goblins. I am sure that they will explain it to you.

“I am not sure if you know of your wealth or the responsibility that comes with it. Being as wealthy as you have just become doesn’t mean you have no responsibilities to anyone else. It means you have even more. We were so concerned that your father didn’t realize that fact. We were very old when he was born. A bit of a late in life miracle,” he said with smile. “We overindulged him, and he became a bit of — of….”

“Oh say it Maurice, he was a spoiled brat,” laughed Louise. “Your mother changed him into the man we wanted him to be. We will ever be grateful to your mum for that. So, please remember others in your decisions. I hope you find a wonderful woman to marry, like your father. We love you Harry James Potter.”

The images dissolved into mist and sank back down into the basin. Harry was almost openly sobbing. He couldn’t tell if Ginny was getting angry at Dumbledore for putting his grandparents through such torture or if the emotions were entirely his own. He tried to hold his tongue as Bill siphoned the memory out of the basin and placed it in the original vial, but was unable to contain his anger.

“How could you do this,” he hissed.

Even though Harry hadn’t mentioned Dumbledore, he answered. “There were still Death Eaters roaming England looking for Voldemort and you, Harry. I knew you were safe by being at your Aunt’s house.”

“Why was it so important for me to be safe?”

Albus Dumbledore pulled his wand. Harry, Ginny, and Bill all jerked wondering if what he was going to do. He placed his wand to his temple and pulled a silvery thread of vapor out of his head. At this time Harry didn’t even think it was that strange of a thing to do. Dumbledore placed it in the basin and swirled the vapor. A strange looking woman with large glasses, wearing a ratty shawl, and an excessive amount of beads rose out of the vapors and started speaking in a strange hoarse voice. She finished and sank back inside of the basin.

“That was a prophecy that tells of you being the only one to destroy Voldemort. One of his Death Eaters had also heard a part of it. He told Voldemort, who in turn made it his personal mission to kill you. You see Harry. You are the reason your parents are dead. They died protecting you. I am only trying to protect you. Your well being is of the upmost importance to me.”

“Is his well-being important to you, Professor? Or do you see him as a weapon to use against your enemy?” questioned Bill.

“Do you believe that goblins are interested in Harry’s well being,” countered Dumbledore.

“My family is,” said Grins Gringotts. “Centuries ago during one of the wizards’ purges of my race, an ancestor of the Potters put himself at great risk to rescue the clan Gringotts from persecution. He used a family heirloom to save us, which I do believe is still in your possession.

“He did this because he believed that our race had the right to live peacefully with his. He never asked anything from my ancestors. That impressed my ancestors so greatly that they swore an oath that no Gringotts could ever harm or allow harm to come to a descendant of a Potter. In fact, it was this ancient descendant of Harry’s that helped the Gringotts clan to start this bank. So you see I owe Harry a life debt, as does my children, and my grandchildren.”

Bill let out a low whistle at Grins statement. The goblin gave him a stern look and looked at Dumbledore. “I want that Cloak back here at the bank tomorrow morning. It is Harry’s and if you don’t I will have you prosecuted as a thief. Now if there will be no other interruptions, I have another memory for Mr. Potter. You can remove your memory first, Headmaster Dumbledore.”

He waited until the Headmaster had removed his memory before pouring another memory into the basin, which Bill stirred. A young couple rose out of the basin. They were holding a baby. Harry recognized his parents from the picture in his home.

“Hi, Harry,” said his father. “If you are viewing this than we are dead. Please don’t grieve for us, because you gave us the greatest joy in our life.” When his father said this, his mum hugged and kissed the baby.

“There are some things you need to know, son. I hope that the future isn’t as dark as our time is, because it is so hard to know who to trust now. We are hiding from an evil wizard. He believes that you are the only one who can defeat him.

“We are hidden by a Fidelius Charm. Your mum cast the Charm. However, the Charm needs a Secret Keeper. Originally, Professor Dumbledore wanted to be our Secret Keeper. We considered this option, but beside you, Professor Dumbledore is probably his main target. We told Professor Dumbledore that we were going to use one of my best friends, Sirius Black.

“When we went to cast the Charm, Sirius decided it would be best if we didn’t use him. He said he would most likely be the first person that they would come after. They have ways of extracting information that eventually Sirius would have revealed us, before dying. He was so sure he would be targeted that he suggested Peter Pettigrew.

“Sirius would hide Peter, and then check in with us every two days. If we didn’t see him, we were to go collect Peter and hide him with us. Sirius was willing to be tortured to death for us, for you, son. If he does die that way please honor him for the hero that he was. I hope you don’t have to see this, but if you do. Then you will need to choose who to trust carefully. If Sirius is still alive, you can trust him, and he is your godfather. Remus Lupin is another person you can trust, even if he doesn’t trust himself, because of his furry little problem.”

“Oh James, you are such a —oh, never mind,” said his mum. “Remus is a werewolf, Harry. He is a nice man and hates what happens to him every month.”

“You just need to have secure location for him on the full moon. He is totally trustworthy, Harry. Peter is also but if we are not around then he probably won’t be either. We love you son,” shouted his dad.

“We love you son,” said his mother.

“Marry a redhead,” shouted his dad as the image faded away.

Harry was once again crying, but he was also laughing about his father’s statement of marrying a redhead. He could sense that Ginny was also laughing about it.

“Merlin, what have I done,” whispered Albus Dumbledore. As everyone’s eyes focused on him, he explained further. “Sirius Black is serving a life sentence in Azkaban for killing Peter Pettigrew and twelve other Muggles. He kept saying that Peter was alive and he was the one that killed the Muggles. It was my testimony that Sirius Black had betrayed your parents that convinced the Ministry to send him to Azkaban without a trial. All the time, it was Peter Pettigrew that had betrayed your parents.

“Harry, can I have your permission to take that memory to the Ministry. I want Madam Bones to see it and get an innocent man out of that horrible prison.”

Harry stared at the old wizard. He seemed genuine enough, but could he be trusted? “You can have it, but be sure to return it with the cloak that Mr. Gringotts talked about.”

“Thank you Harry, I will have both of them back to the bank this afternoon,” Albus stated. He quickly siphoned the memory out of the basin and placed it in the vial. “I know you don’t trust me, but you can be assured I never wanted to cause you any harm. I was only doing what was best for you and the community. There are many things you need to know and learn. I remember Mr. Weasley as being an excellent student, but there are many things he may not be able to teach you.”

“I trust him, and I think I can learn a lot from him. You may have been only doing what you thought was best, but was it really what was best over all?” Harry questioned him.

The Professor smiled at him while peering over his half moon glasses. “You have matured much in the past two days.”

Harry watched the Professor leave the room. Everyone seemed to be waiting on him to say something. He looked at Grins Gringotts, Bill Weasley, and then Ginny. They were staring at him.

“I supposed you think I was wrong for allowing him to have the memory?”

“No, Mr. Potter,” started Grins Gringotts. “Albus is correct. You have matured. I am glad to see that the Potter family is once again led by one such as yourself and your grandfather.”

“Harry, I passed my NEWTs with high marks, but there are many things that I don’t know,” stated Bill.

Harry looked at Ginny waiting for her to say something.

“Say what you feel Harry,” she reassured him.

“I would like to have Remus Lupin and Sirius Black help you, Bill. If for no other reason, I can get to know my parents better.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry was once again sailing along on the tracks deep under London in a cart driven by a goblin. The difference was he was sitting in the back holding Ginny with Hedwig’s cage squeezed between them and the head of Gringotts bank was the one driving the cart. He kept smiling as they twisted and turned.

“Have you ever flown?” shouted Ginny to be heard over the rush of the wind and noise of the carts casters.

“No, I have never been in a plane,” he yelled back to her. He received a piercing stare from her.

“I meant on a broom,” she shouted back to him.

“Of course not.”

“You would love it. I can tell you are enjoying riding on this. You will love a broom. The freedom you feel while soaring through the air…,”

“I didn’t think you were allowed on a broom yet, Gin-Gin,” shouted Bill from the front of the cart.

Harry could feel an emotion that he could only call smug satisfaction.

“I’m not,” shouted Ginny.

The cart suddenly started slowing down. Grins and Bill started talking in Gobbleygook, while looking to their right. Harry looked that direction. He noticed a wizard and a Goblin at a vault. At first he saw nothing wrong with the scene, until he noticed that the wizard had a wand pointed at the goblin.

Bill turned around in his seat. “I need the two of you to get out and stay behind me. Above all else, keep holding each other’s hand.”

Harry looked at Ginny. She was just as puzzled as he was by these orders.

The cart moved to an intersection of the tracks. They changed their direction and approached the vault where the wizard was holding a goblin at wand point. As they approached them, Bill pulled his wand and Grins pulled a short sword or a long knife.

Their cart stopped and Grins and Bill jumped out. Ginny leapt from the cart pulling Harry with her. He wasn’t ready for her to jump like that. He was amazed how agile she was. The wizard finally saw them approaching and shot some spell at them. It ricocheted away halfway to them.

“Drop your wand. You are in violation of Gringotts rules,” shouted Bill.

The other wizard laughed a high pitched evil laugh that made Harry’s skin crawl and his scar thud with pain. The goblin that had disappeared inside of the vault ran out and started towards Grins and Bill. There was flash of green and the running goblin fell onto the ground.

Harry knew the goblin was dead.

Bill fired a curse at the wizard. He was just able to block it, but it collided with stone wall and exploded while driving the wizard from his feet. The explosion created a shower of stone. While he was trying to right himself, Grins threw the short sword at him.

The wizard saw it a split second before it sunk into his body. Then something confused Harry, black smoke billowed out of the wizard’s hood and gathered above the slumping body.

Everyone stood there staring at the sight. The smoke suddenly formed a face, and screamed as it rushed towards them. Harry was scared. He knew it wasn’t only him but also Ginny. This wasn’t any type of magic that she was familiar with. All he could think of was protecting her.

A silver dome appeared around all four of them. The dark apparition collided with it. It seemed to scream out in agony before flying off into the vast tunnels of Gringotts.

“What was that?” asked Ginny.

“I don’t know,” shouted Bill over his shoulder. After the silver dome disappeared, he ran towards the wizard who was slumped against the stone walls of the cavern.

Harry and Ginny followed him as they were directed. The wizard was barely alive. Bill pushed his black hood off his face. Harry gasped.

“That’s Professor Quirr — Quirrem. Oh, I don’t know how to pronounce his name. He was supposed to be teaching at Hogwarts.”

“Master, don’t leave me,” the wizard wheezed out. “Master, please save me.”

“Who is your master,” demanded Bill.

“Master, help me.”

“Who is your master?”

The wizard was pale and obviously dying. He looked at Bill with clouded eyes. “I serve the Dark Lord,” he said with his last breath.

Bill let the wizard’s head unceremoniously drop onto the stone floor. “Dumbledore was right. We need to get Harry and Ginny to safety. If he had been given the chance, he would have killed you two.”

By this time there were multiple carts filled with goblins arriving, they all had swords like Grins. He looked at them and shouted out orders in their language. He turned to Harry and Ginny.

“We need to get you to safety,” stated Grins.

“Can we stop at our vault?” asked Harry. He was curious what it was like. He knows they should leave, but he needed money. There was also a feeling he was having that he needed to go into the vault.

“Yes, there are books and records there that Mr. Weasley will need,” stated Grins.

They were back in the cart and flying along the rails. They passed through the same protections they had walked through earlier in the hallway, before coming to two huge steel doors guarded by six goblins with battle axes. They had no numbers on them. One had a letter “P” ornately etched into it, and the other had some symbol etched into the front of it.

Grins stepped out of the cart and walked to the door with the “P”. “Place your hands on the door and state that you are the Master and Mistress of the House of Potter. It may take a few minutes for the Charms to identify you.”

Harry and Ginny walked forward and placed both of their hands on the door. They said what they were told to do. Harry felt a strange sensation wash over him as if he was being touched by invisible fingers. He looked at Ginny and realized she was feeling the same things. After several minutes of this strange feeling the door shifted with a boom and a hiss. Dust rose from around it as it moved away and into the wall.

If Harry was surprised by his vault yesterday, he was shocked beyond thinking at the sight of this vault. It was as high as Aunt Petunia’s house was tall. It looked like one could fit two of her houses inside of it.
There were stacks of gold Galleons as high as him and stretching for several yards and looking to be several yards wide. There were artifacts in there that Harry couldn’t believe. Shining coats of armor from various centuries, various types of medieval weapons many of them golden or silver, swords with large gems in the pommel. All the armor seemed to be in pristine condition except one. It was battered chain mail armor. It had a large accompanying shield with several nicks from swords in it. The chain mail was covered over by a white tunic that had a single large red cross on it.

He went to step into the vault but Ginny held him back. He looked at her and realized that she was still staring in awe at the vault. He looked and saw Bill also staring at it.

“You’ve seen vaults like this before, haven’t you?” he asked Bill.

“Are you barkin? I have never seen this much wealth in one area,” he said while still staring at it all. “I need some books.”

Bill stepped into the actual vault. He was looking around and shouted like he found something special.

“A seven lock box, this is great we can store everything we need in one place,” Bill shouted. He found a set of keys and started to open the various locks. Harry marveled as one compartment after another appeared out the box, each one seeming to take up the entire area of the box. Bill started stuffing books and scrolls into one of the compartments. He closed it then put in a variety of weapons in another. He grabbed a leather bag and filled it with various coins and dumped it in another.

Harry looked at Ginny who was still wide-eyed staring at the contents of the vault. Her gaze was fixed on something off to the left. He followed her gaze and saw what she was looking at. It was a dressing area that had a wardrobe filled with silk and lace gowns. Beside it was large armoire filled with sparkling jewelry. Harry was surprised at the amount of jewels just piled up on the top of the armoire.

He tugged at her hand and moved over to the armoire. He had a strange feeling that the special thing he needed was in there. With his free hand he looked through the jewelry. While he was looking he came across a blue sapphire pendant surrounded by diamonds on a gold chain. He hung it around Ginny’s neck.

“Harry, I can’t take this.”

“It is ours, Ginny. All of this is ours,” he said waving his hand around the vault. He went back to finding whatever it was that was calling him, He pulled drawers out, each one filled with more ornate jewelry of expensive stones. There were emeralds, rubys, sapphires, and diamonds of various shades and sizes.
He stopped looking when he opened one drawer. He pushed aside several large gaudy necklaces to find a mahagony box. He picked it up. He knew looking at it this was what he wanted.

Pushing the lid up with his thumb, he saw three rings inside; two gilded bands of gold and large diamond ring. He turned and looked at Ginny. As she stared at the rings, she seemed to look confused. He could also feel her confusion and wasn’t sure why she was so confused.

“Those were your grandparents, Harry,” said Grins. “They gave them to me to give to you. They would be honored if you wore them.”

Harry looked back at Ginny. Why was she so confused and it felt almost like she was upset about something. He placed the ring box in his pocket.

“We will eventually,” he said to Grins. He could feel Ginny relax a little, but there was still the feeling of anxiety and confusion.

“All right everyone, it is time for us to leave,” shouted Bill from across the vault. He was Levitating the seven lock chest with his wand. On top of the chest was Hedwig nervously flapping his wings as the balance of the trunk shifted.

“Follow me,” ordered Grins. He started walking out of the vault.

After they left the vault, the door moved out of the wall and sealed up again. Grins walked towards a door that Harry had not seen earlier. It was small, barely taller than Bill and himself. The door was steel and there was a worn path leading to it.

“Your great-great-great-grandfather helped us make this when we expanded to other countries, Harry,” said Grins. He opened the door and inside was a large empty room.

“Follow me, you two,” stated Bill, as he walked into the vault.

Harry and Ginny followed his orders. They were confused by what was happening. Why were they inside of this empty room and what was so special about it?

“Which bank should I go to?” Bill asked Grins.

“This is connected to the Potter residences also; all you need to say is ‘the Potter Residence’ and the country where it is located. You will be in their lowest level of its basement. For France and England you will be sent to the manor house in each country.”

“Brilliant,” exclaimed Bill. “Do you two care if we go to Morroco? I have always wanted to go there?”

Harry and Ginny looked at each other. She was just as confused as he was.

“Sure,” they said together.

“All right then, we are going to Morroco. Grins send Remus Lupin and Sirius Black through as soon as possible. I have a plan that will ensure their dedication and Harry and Ginny’s safety.”

“I shall,” said Grins as he closed the door.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny paced back and forth in front of the mirror above the sinks in her and Harry’s bathroom. Her nerves were out of control. So much has happened over the past thirty-six hours. Yesterday as she left her ramshackle home, she was the youngest out of seven children of a poor family. Within hours she would soul bond to Harry Potter, the most famous young wizard alive. She was now married to him because of the soul bond. Not only was he famous, he was now the Head of the House of Potter, which could possible the wealthiest family in the magical world.

The soul bond had caused other things also, not only was she considered an adult, but she was physically an adult. Harry also physically matured into an adult, even though he still acted at times like the eleven year old he was.

So here she was pacing inside of her bathroom afraid or nervous to leave and go to her bedroom. This day had been a whirlwind of activities. She discovered she was a full grown woman, Harry desperate for comfort and help had pulled her across England to him, Bill had grabbed onto her and also met Harry, Bill had been sent from the head of Gringotts to help her and Harry, Grins Gringotts read Harry the will of his grandfather and father and discovered they were extremely wealthy with homes all over magical Europe, they went into the tunnels under Gringotts to discover a man trying to steal from a vault. They fought with him and discovered he was possessed by the spirit of Voldemort, then they saw the vast wealth that was theirs, Harry had picked out an engagement ring and wedding bands that were his grandparents from the vault, they magically transported to Morrocco, and they spent the rest of the day looking around this magnificent home. The home was large expansive and airy set on a hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, they shopped and bought all brand new clothes for themselves without ever once caring how much they spent, she bought her first wand, and had a sumptuous dinner on the terrace watching the sun set in the Atlantic.

She looked up at her reflection in the mirror. It was amazing her head had not spun off her shoulders with a thirty-six hour time period like that. On top of all those things, something else was bothering her.

Harry had come out of the bathroom after getting ready for bed. He looked every bit the wealthy aristocrat. They had purchased pajamas of white silk. The climate here was warm and flannel wouldn’t be comfortable on warm nights. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. He was so bloody handsome.

It was then her turn to get ready for bed. She came into the bathroom of fine white, pink, and green marble, but she was afraid to leave. They were both considered to be adults. They both looked like adults. However, she was still a ten year old on the inside. She wasn’t sure if she can do this. She had no idea what she should do. She had an idea, but she didn’t even know the proper Charms and didn’t have any potions. Yesterday, that wasn’t important; she was still a scrawny unmarried ten year old girl.

What would he think?

When he found his grandparents’ wedding bands, he wanted her to put them on, but she said no. He seemed to be slightly hurt by this response. She had always imagined a formal wedding where all her friends could gather around and watch them exchange vows.

A feeling of anxiety washed over her. It was Harry. One of the effects of the soul bond was they could sense each other’s emotions and sometimes their thoughts. She stared at herself in the mirror. They are bonded. Nothing can change that. Hopefully, he will understand.

She stepped into the bedroom. She looked at the large canopy bed with its white flowing hangings. Harry wasn’t in the bed. She looked around the bedroom at the sitting area by the fireplace. Again he wasn’t there. Hedwig’s cage was empty. Stepping forward she noticed him on the balcony staring out over the ocean at Hedwig flying in the moonlight. His feelings of anxiety were still present. There was something about this that bothered Ginny.

She walked quietly across the scarlet and gold rug that covered most of the floor of the bedroom to the opened French doors of the balcony.

“Harry, is there something wrong?”

He turned and looked at her with sadness reflecting in his eyes. There were so many emotions running through his expression right now that Ginny could not read him.

“Are you happy?” he asked softly.

The question shocked her. She hesitated before answering him. He turned away from her.

“Yes, I am happy. Everything is just a bit overwhelming. Only yesterday I was a poor ten year old witch who only wore second hand clothes. Today, I am married. I have grown into a woman. My incredibly handsome husband is one of the wealthiest wizards in the world and I can buy anything I want now. We are standing on a balcony of one of our eleven homes, which is more incredible than I could have ever considered a home being. I’d be barmy if I wasn’t happy. Confused, would describe my feelings right now.”

She finished and saw him staring at her.

“You think I am handsome,” he asked in that boyish charm he had.

“Yes, you are.”

“I was afraid you regretted having bonded to me. I still don’t understand all of this. To tell the truth I have trouble understanding any of it. Two days ago, I didn’t even know I was a wizard, then to be married to you.”

He stopped and stared at her.

“You are so incredibly beautiful, Ginny,” he said while looking away. “I can’t figure why you would love me enough for this bond to happen. It had to be you. It couldn’t have been me. I have no memory of what it is to love and be loved. All of this is because of you.”

He stopped talking and looked at her before blushing and looking away. He seemed to be extremely nervous about something. He turned suddenly towards her.

“Thank you for loving me so much that we could create this bond and I love you,” he spat out so fast that Ginny could barely understand it.

It was the last three words that caught her attention. She realized that she had never told him that she loved him.

“I..,” suddenly her throat was tight and dry. Her hands became damp with sweat. “I love you, Harry,” she squeaked out.

“You do?” he exclaimed.

They both broke out into giggles. They were both acting their actual age. Almost all of Ginny anxieties had been relieved. There was only one that still bothered her.

“Harry,” she started out nervously.

“Yes love,” he answered.

Ginny was taken aback by the term of affection. She smiled up at him, amazed.

“I know we are considered to be married, but there is one thing I was hoping we could wait a while to do?” she asked him. His face fell. It was obvious he was disappointed.

“It’s all right. I understand,” he answered while moving slightly away from her.

Ginny became nervous at disappointing him like this. “I’m sorry, Harry, but I am not ready for sex. I don’t even have…,”

“SEX!” exclaimed Harry. He looked peaky and shocked beyond belief. “I —I just wanted to be able to kiss you good night. I will even go to another bedroom. I — I never…,” he stopped talking and ran his hand threw his raven locks. “No Ginny, I never. You can’t do that until you are married.”

Ginny giggled at him which made him glare at her . “We are married according to law.”

“But we never had a ceremony,” he countered.

“I know, but I do think of myself as your wife. Are you comfortable with being my husband?”

“Yes, I am so happy to be your husband, but I wasn’t sure if you were.”

Ginny looked at him. “Was it because I didn’t want to put on the wedding rings?”

He nodded his head, yes. “I will get other rings for you, if that is what you want. Tell me what to do to make you happy.”

“You already did that. You told me you loved me. You are a gentleman and you respect me. I will wear the rings. I only said no earlier because my head was still spinning, and I always wanted a ceremony. However, we already leaped right over that and went straight to forever after.”

“You mean happily ever after, don’t you. I am happy and believe it will be that way forever with you,” he said blushing.

There was something about his proclamation that took Ginny’s breath away. He was heads over heels in love with her. She lifted her left hand.

“I will take those rings now,” she said to him. To her surprise, he pulled the case out of his pajama bottoms pocket.

He opened and lifted the engagement ring out with shaky hands. He looked at her hand and then at her. She realized that he wasn’t even sure which finger the ring went on. She lifted her ring finger a little. With a smile he slid the ring onto her finger. It magically sized itself as it moved over her finger. He took the wedding band out and again gently placed it on her finger. He stopped and looked into her eyes. His own were filled with unshed tears and emotions.

Ginny grabbed the box from Harry. He seemed a little surprised by this action. She took out the other wedding band. Harry stood there clueless. So, she took his left hand and picked it up so she could slide the ring on his finger. He smiled at her as the ring sized itself to his finger.

“I bind my magic and love to you forever,” she whispered up to him.

“I bind my magic and love to you, forever,” he said back to her.

They slowly moved into each other. Several times hesitating to look at each other unsure if what they were doing was right. Finally their lips touched. It was a soft gentle loving kiss, yet one that held them captivated. If they hadn’t been so caught up in their first kiss, they would have heard the thud and felt the entire estate vibrate by the sealing of their love.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Bill Weasley sat in the lowest basement of the Potter estate in Morocco. Across from him sat Remus Lupin the werewolf. He looked older than what his age would indicate. His clothes were worn and the luggage he carried showed years of abuse and neglect. Yet, he seemed like a good bloke, but Bill had to ensure Harry and Ginny’s safety. So he could take no chances. Remus Lupin had to leave his wand in England before Grins would transport him here.

The steel door of the transporter chamber rang out. The other was here. Bill stood up to walk to the door while keeping a watch on Remus Lupin. He fumbled with it because he was watching Remus. After grabbing the handle, he pulled it up and the steel door opened.

Out stepped Sirius Black. He was a gaunt skeleton of a man. He had sunken eyes that had a haunted look to them. The clothes he wore were new but they didn’t fit him well. He looked emaciated.

“Where is he?” demanded Black. “Where is my godson?”

He stopped talking when he saw Remus Lupin. “Remus, my old friend. Did you finally figure it out that it had been Peter all the time?”

“No, I must apologize to you, Sirius. I had always thought it was you.”

“James Potter had sent a memory to Harry to be read with his will. He told everyone what had happened. It was because of that memory that you two have been asked to be here,” stated Bill.

“Who are you?” asked Sirius.

“I am Bill Weasley. I work for Gringotts as a curse breaker. I have a personal investment with this also. Harry is soul bonded to my sister.”

“I thought soul bonds were myths,” said Remus.

“I hear that all the time. They are real and Harry and Ginny are bonded. They are also considered to be adults under Ministry Law. Before I say anything else I am going to ask you two to make an Unbreakable Vow with me.”

“What we will be vowing to do?” asked Sirius looking at Remus suspiciously?

“I want you to vow to protect Harry and his secrets with your life, and assist me with his magical education. You will also be protecting and teaching Ginny because they…,” Bill never finished what he was saying, because Sirius and Remus had thrust their left hands out.

“If you want us to vow to protect Harry, I will make that vow. I would die for him. I failed James and Lily. I won’t fail him,” growled Sirius.

“I will also make that vow,” stated Remus.

Bill grabbed their hands and cast the Charm while swearing an allegiance that all three of them will protect and teach Harry and Ginny.

Bill looked at the two men. They had suffered much in their lives. He felt that maybe he had tricked them. He needed to confess something to them.

“I hope you will forgive me, but I may have deceived you a little,” said Bill apologetically.

“How? What did you do?” growled Sirius.

Bill was shocked. Remus was supposed to be the werewolf, but Sirius had that feral dog look in his eyes.

“We may have to protect them for the rest of their lives.” He said. He saw Sirius relax at the statement. “The goblins have kept records of old magic such as soul bonds. In the past, couples who were bonded by this method were used by other wizards.

“When they form the bond and — and consummate it,” he said thickly as he realized what that meant for his baby sister. “They increase magical powers; not only for themselves, but for all who are within close proximity of them. In the past, many of them had become captives of power hungry wizards who used this phenomenon to destroy all who opposed them.

“Some bonded couples realized this and disappeared from the magical community.”

“Are you saying that if I were to stand next to Harry, I would become more powerful magically?” questioned Sirius.

“Yes, it is already happening and they haven’t even consummated the bond. It doesn’t matter if you are friends or enemies. If the Death Eaters discover this, before we can teach Harry to fight for himself.”

Bill didn’t finish the statement. Both Sirius and Remus understood what he was implying. Harry and Ginny could be used by the Dark Wizards that they hate.

A thud was felt throughout the estate. Causing Bill to react and pull his wand. He waited for a second for the security wards to activate, but when they remained silent, he sank back into his chair. He didn’t want to think about what caused it. She was only ten after all. It didn’t matter how old she looked.

“What was that?” asked Remus.

Bill let out a long sigh before answering. “I am guessing that they just consummated the bond.”

“Yeah, that’s my godson,” exclaimed Sirius.

Bill glared at him.

“Tell me,” questioned Sirius. “Is she a redhead like you?”
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