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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Here is where this story takes a sudden left turn deep into the Alternative Universe. Hopefully, everyone will like it. I must let everyone know that this chapter is actually occurring at the same time as the end of the last chapter. The next chapter, which I am working on at this time, will also be in the same general time from. There is so much going on that I couldn't pack it all in one chapter.
I would like to thank Leif for taking time out of his busy life to Beta this chapter for me. I always appreciate his comments and corrections.


Molly Weasley smiled at the gobsmacked expression on Poppy’s face.

Harry brought them to the French estate, but didn’t take them directly to the hospital wing. She and Poppy walked through the manor house with Phillippe, the head House Elf. Poppy had brought her medical bag from Hogwarts. When they reached the dining room, Poppy stopped walking and stated that they could make this room work. Molly smiled when Phillippe told her that they hadn’t reached the hospital wing. They continued through the manor and had just stepped into the wing. Poppy had stopped walking when she saw the thirty bed hospital wing.

“Why would someone build a hospital wing on a manor like this?” Poppy asked.

“The Potter family have been planning for this war for generations. This manor was originally built 300 years ago,” said Phillippe.

“I thought the same thing, when I first saw it,” said Molly. “We best get prepared. The battle could be starting any time.”

“Yes, I must get ready,” said Poppy. She found the nearest counter and set her bag down. She pulled a bottle with a dropper cap out of her bag and shook it. “I only have a half a bottle of Dittany so we will need to be cautious in using it.”

“All the beds have a full bottle in their cabinets,” said Phillippe. “They also have Strengthening, Pain Relieving, Blood Replenishing, Skin Regrowing, and Skele-Gro Potions.”

Poppy stared at the House Elf for several seconds. “All the beds have those Potions?”

“Yes, they do. They are all fresh. Potion Master Slughorn has brewed them all in the past few months.”

Poppy looked at the hospital beds for a few seconds. She put her bottle of Dittany back into her bag. “Show me more about this hospital. Do you know where the people will be appearing and what other provisions do you have at this facility?”

For the next thirty minutes, Phillippe explained all the medical supplies they had available at the estate. He introduced the other House Elves that are trained to assist her with treating the patients. They could change bandages and even monitor the patient’s conditions. They were not permitted to actually treat the injuries by international law. Poppy had a strange expression on her face after hearing Phillippe talk. Molly recognized that expression. The nurse was shocked at all the preparations the Potters had made for a war that they would never fight. There was nothing for her to do until the injured arrived. Within five minutes their first patient arrived.

There was a slight bell announcing the arrival of the Portkeyed patient. It was a wizard holding his severed wand arm with his other arm. His wand was still in the hand of the severed arm. Poppy immediately asked for a Pain Relieving Potion. Molly turned to get it from the nearest bed. One of the House Elves had already retrieved it with a vial to give the patient a dose of Potion.

Poppy gave the wizard the Potion. The House Elf Levitated the wizard to the nearest bed. Poppy waved her wand over the severed limb. “I can’t reattach your arm, because it was severed with a Dark Curse. I will save your life.” She turned to get Potions, but the House Elf had already filled vials with Blood Replenishing and Strengthening Potions. Poppy cast several spells on his bleeding shoulder before giving the wizard the potions. She went to cast a spell to bandage the wound, but another House Elf had already wrapped a bandage around the shoulder.

The next two victims appeared. They were bleeding from several locations. Molly quickly jumped in to help determine what was wrong with them. The House Elves assisted them with Potions. Molly and Poppy almost didn’t need to say what they wanted or how much before the Elves handed to them.

The victims kept coming. Soon there were ten beds filled with hurt wizards and witches. Molly was starting to worry about the outcome of the battle. They had never had this many injuries in any of their other confrontations with the Death Eaters.

The bell sounded again. Molly turned and almost fainted there lying on the floor of the hospital wing Remus and Sirius lying on top of two other people. Their clothes were cut and torn. There was fresh blood soaked in the clothes around many of the cuts. Even their dragonhide cloaks were damaged. It was the people lying under them that shocked her, not their appearance. Ginny was laying on top of Harry and he looked as if he was a victim of a Killing Curse.

“Ginny, Oh Ginny,” she shouted as she ran. Everything else in the room disappeared. All she could see was her daughter clinging onto her husband. Her dragon hide cloak also showed damage. Ginny let out a cry of pain as she writhed while clutching desperately to Harry. Molly recognized that reaction. Her daughter was having a contraction the baby was on its way. She grabbed onto Ginny’s shoulder and tried to pull her away from Harry. Harry laid there limp. If he was dead, then Ginny didn’t have long to live. Molly wasn’t going to let her grandchild die along with her daughter.

“Ginny, let go of him. We must save your baby,” Molly shouted at her daughter as she tried to pull her away from Harry’s dead body.

Molly was suddenly pushed away from her daughter. There was a silver dome surrounding Ginny and Harry. It was just like in Diagon Alley three years ago.

“Molly, Molly, What happened,” shouted Poppy.

Poppy’s voice broke Molly out of her trance. There were people appearing all around them Remus and Sirius were sitting and staring at Harry and Ginny under the witches and wizards.

“Harry is dead,” said Remus. He was staring blankly at the silver dome which separated everyone from Harry and Ginny. Ginny pulled her knees up and grabbed her bulging belly.

“Is she having contractions?” asked Madam Pomfrey. “We must get her to a bed and….”

“We can’t get to her,” said Molly. “The same thing happened to them in Diagon Alley. There is no way of breaking through that Shield. We can only wait until it falls, when Harry dies.”

“No,” shouted Sirius. He stood up and was ready to cast a spell at the Shield, but Remus grabbed his arm.

“If that is their protective Charm, nothing will break it,” Remus said.

“We can’t give up Moony. We must save them.”

The door opened from the manor. In walked a creature that Molly never thought she would see here. It was the Atlantian from the Egyptian estate. Everyone in the ward who wasn’t injured raised their wand at him as he strode slowly through the door. He looked like a tall House Elf, but he appeared ancient in age. What hair he had was wispy and white. His skin seemed to hang on him in loose wrinkles off his arms and face.

With a wave of his hand, everyone’s wands went flying from their hands. He awkwardly walked towards Ginny and Harry. When he reached the silvery Shield, he walked through it as though it didn’t exist.

Molly screamed and ran forward to grab him. He may have Banished her wand but she wasn’t going to let him hurt her baby.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny clutched to Harry. They had landed awkwardly on the floor of their French manor. The pressure of Remus and Sirius landing on top of her caused her to have another contraction. She grabbed tighter onto Harry’s cloak to find the strength to survive the pain of the contraction. She could feel Harry’s life was still close to her. She could sense his light lingering just below the surface of his lifeless body. The light was pure now. There wasn’t the taint of darkness that had existed before. The splinter of Voldemort’s soul must have passed beyond the vail, but Harry’s soul had not yet passed.

His soul was still pulling on hers, but she wouldn’t let him pass through the veil just yet. They had a war to win. They had a child to deliver, and she wasn’t going to let him stop the birth of their child.

Someone pulled on her shoulder, she didn’t know who it was, but she couldn’t let them pull her away from Harry’s body. If she lost contact, he would pass through the veil. She wouldn’t allow that to happen. The person stopped trying to pull her away from Harry. She felt as if she was alone with Harry. She could now focus completely on saving Harry’s soul. The only thing distracting her focus from Harry were her contractions. They were coming only about a minute or two apart.

“Harry, I can feel you,” she whispered to him after a particularly strong contraction. “Fight to come back to me. You don’t have to die right now. I need you. I need you to help me to deliver our baby.”

“Harry, I love you, please don’t leave me now,” she cried out as another contraction hit her.

Something caught her attention. Someone was close to her. She looked up and noticed that she and Harry were surrounded by that silvery Shield that Harry always made to protect them. The sight of that shield gave her comfort, because it had always been Harry that produced the Shield.

What caused her concern was the sight of the Atlantian walking slowly through the Shield as though it wasn’t even there. He had his hand raised. She wanted to move away from him, but she couldn’t. He lumbered forward towards her. His hand finally touching her forehead. It was warm and comfort flooded through her, just a second before images of another land filled her consciousness.

Magic flowed around him as he concentrated on absorbing it. He had to wait in this rejuvenation chamber. The magic was pulled into this chamber at the base of the pyramid by its very construction. The mixture of the finest marble cut to precise dimensions and geometrical shapes helped to concentrate magic. It would flow down the pyramid to the base where the chamber was located. The walls and floors of the chamber were constructed of small pyramids of various colored marbles; white, pink, green, and even the rare black. The design made the magic flow to the center of the floor where he was kneeling absorbing it.

He had a task set before him that he would need all the magic his soul could hold. He had spent the last three hundred years learning to be a healer. It took him fifty years to learn to heal a simple laceration. Another fifty years to heal minor magical damage from miscast spells. Each stage took him fifty years to master. He was now going to attempt to reach a level of a healer that hadn’t been accomplished for nearly two thousand years. He was attempting to become a Master Healer.

He had been kneeling here for four hours, and yet he wasn’t feeling any pain. He had only experienced pain through other people. He had been born a natural healer. In the society of Elves, they were born into their magical vocation. Some are Potioners, Herbologists, Creaters, Healers, and Diviners and each reveal their vocation within the first twenty years of their lives. In their immortal society, twenty years are barely a blink of the eye.

Within the time that he started to become a healer, the mortal world had gone through so many changes and generations. Growing up, he always wondered how mortals could accomplish anything in the short time that they lived. How could anyone have time to learn all there is to learn in only fifty to sixty years. The people who have shown magical abilities seemed to live longer than the nonmagical mortals.

He had asked his teachers how mortals could capture and learn to use magic. He was told that magic existed everywhere in the world. It didn’t just exist on Atlantis. The Mortals are not that different from them. They just don’t have the ability to control magic as easily as the elves. The mortals that can use magic must use some method of concentrating the magic.

He remembered the look on the faces of many of his fellow students, when he asked if a mortal would live on Atlantis, would he become like an Elf. Would the magic that pulses through our land change the mortal to an elf?

The teacher didn’t respond to his question for several minutes. No mortal had ever set foot on Atlantis. The elves had left the mortal lands thousands of years ago, after they had destroyed an ancient evil. Many of the original elves had perished in the battle against evil. The ones that survived swore to never allow an Elf to return to the mortal lands. However, many had ventured from their island to discover what the mortal word was like. Most of them who only stayed a few years before returning, did not change much. The ones that had stayed for more than a century changed. They started to lose their noble graceful nature. They still possessed magic, but their nature started changing.

Several even started to live and bring up offspring in the mortal lands. The children started to age similar to the way mortal’s age. An elf doesn’t reach maturity for nearly one hundred years of age. The elves born on the mortal lands reached maturity more quickly, usually by their twentieth year. He had even heard of those elves dying of old age, something that had never happened on Atlantis.

The teacher said there was no way of knowing what would happen if a mortal would come to live on Atlantis. He stated that the Elves had developed ambrosia to keep them strong and help in their longevity. He assumed that the mortal would live longer here on this island, but he would never become an immortal. The mortal’s very body is different from the elves. Their body could never regenerate itself and remain young like the elves. The reason why Elves who leave Atlantis age differently and their magic changes was that those lands breed evil. There was a source of evil that affected the lands to the very stone that it was made up of. In Atlantis, there was no evil, the light never wanes, Atlantians never grow old and die, because they have driven the evil out of their lives and lands.

“Xenon, it is time for your trial,” said a Cyclops guard. He stood nearly ten feet tall and had shoulders a third as wide as he was tall. The Cyclops had been guards on Atlantis since the elves had domesticated and trained them. They were not immortal and were natural warriors, so they were made into guards and laborers after being tamed.

Standing up he walked out of the chamber. He had absorbed as much magic as possible. He only hoped it was enough. The past three Healers to attempt this final trial had died when they had extinguished their magic. At least he didn’t need to worry about killing his soul mate like the other three had done. He had never found a soul mate. It bothered him because having a soul mate made ones magic even stronger. He could only hope that he was strong enough to survive the trail. He had never been told what the trial would involve. He would find out in a few minutes. Three hundred years of studying, practicing, meditating and waiting, and he will find out if he can become one of the few Master Healers.

The path out of the Pyramid was long. It seemed longer leaving than when he had walked in to meditate. The magic present in the path made it glow like the noon day sun. The island had often been called the land of eternal light. It was never dark here, because the magic made the marble pyramids glow with a golden light. The most beautiful sights were the night skies, when the stars came out. The light from all the pyramids didn’t brighten the sky, so one could lay and watch the stars move through the dark night sky, while the area around them was fully illuminated.

Stepping out of the Pyramid of Meditation, he followed the Cyclops past several other pyramids that were for living quarters. They were full of life. Families were attending to their needs. He could smell the delicious odor of Ambrosia being prepared in someone’s home. It only needed to be brewed once month, but someone was always brewing it on the island. He could hear children playing and parents correcting them. He wanted to have two children, but without a soul mate, it wasn’t possible.

They finally arrived at the place of the trial. It was the royal court. The Queen looked down from her Throne of pure black marble at him. The King sat beside her on his matching throne. They both smiled warmly at him. They were the symbol of elfish perfection. A soul bound couple with incredible magical powers. They were both tall long-limbed and graceful with their every move. Their long silver-blond hair shimmered in the light of the pyramids and noonday sun. They were also incredibly patient and kind.

The court was formed by the royal Pyramid on one side and three smaller pyramids. The smaller pyramids were short with the top two-thirds missing leaving a flat top, where gardens were planted. All the pyramids were stepped so people could sit on the steps when the court was being held for the public. This trial was not for public viewing.

He saw his trial: a large ox. The ox was nearly six feet at the shoulder and its chest was so probably eight or ten feet in girth. Standing beside the ox was the head of the guards, Bractus. Bractus was twelve feet tall. His large single eye was set in a head that looked as if it had been carved from brown marble. His entire body looked like it was a carved statue, instead of flesh and bone. His skin was a chestnut brown. His shoulders wide and strong. His arms were knotted muscle.

In his large meaty hand he held a ten foot long hunting spear. The spear’s wooden shaft was nearly two inches in diameter of ebony. The head was made of a specially cast bronze. It was nearly indestructible and razor sharp. Its head started at the eight foot area of the shaft. There was a foot of heavy bronze, before the point started to form. The point was two points in one. With each point six inches wide at its base and set at right angles to the other point. They tapered to a point as sharp as a needle. It would make a huge “X” shaped hole that would be difficult to heal.

Without saying a word, Bractus lifted the spear and thrust it in a single quick stroke through the ox’s chest piercing the heart. He pulled the spear back out making a squelching sound. The ox fell with a loud thump onto the marble courtyard. Its life blood flowed out covering the marble of the courtyard. In a single stroke, Bractus had destroyed bone, flesh, and vital organs.

Xenon now had to heal them all with his magic before his magical reserves were extinguished.

Moving quickly forward. He went to the side that had the exit wound. He waved his hand and the ox rolled exposing the massive wound. There were stripes of muscle and fragments of bone hanging out of the wound. He started casting healing spells silently. He had to work quickly if he hoped to survive this trial. It took him longer to place the muscle, sinew and bone back in their proper places in this part of the wound. He could already feel his magic starting to wane.

He waved his hand and the ox rolled back over so he could lay his hands on the wound from the entrance side. He closed his eyes and tried to reach deep into the chest of the ox. The damage appeared in his mind; the heart was nearly destroyed. He couldn’t think about how impossible the task was. He had to heal and bring the ox back to life. He started knitting the veins back together around the heart and in the shoulder the next thing he started working on was the bone. He could see the shattered shoulder blades reform. He was starting to feel faint. He was using up so much magical energy to heal this amount of flesh. He started to reform the heart. The shredded muscle of the heart reformed slowly. He tried to search his memories of how an ox’s heart was formed both the interior and exterior. His thoughts were wavering in and out of focus He pulled from all of his magical reserves. The heart was finally reformed. He only had to weave the muscle and skin together enough to keep the ox from bleeding to death. He had done that in less than a minute. He quickly located the reserves of blood in the ox’s liver and started to duplicate the blood until there was enough to fill its veins. Finally, with his magical reserves so low that he could barely breathe, he gave the ox’s heart a jolt of magic. It didn’t restart with the first jolt. It took three more jolts before the ox’s heart started to beat.

Xenon fell away from the ox. His magic was nearly spent. He could barely see. Everything was getting dark, and he could barely hear anyone talking. He saw the ox raise up off the ground on it four hooves. He had succeeded in healing the ox.

Large hands gently lifted his head and leaned a cup against his lips. The delicious taste of Ambrosia touched his tongue. With each gulp, he could feel his strength returning. As his magic and health returned, he felt joy fill him. He had accomplished something that so many before have failed. He had become a Master Healer. He was only the third elf to reach that level in the history of Atlantis.

“Arise, Xenon,” said the gentle voice of the Queen. “Arise, Master Healer Xenon. For you have accomplished a great feat this day.”

Xenon was finally able to stand up. He stared up at the Queen and King. The Queen had a sad look on her face. He wondered why she looked this way. Shouldn’t she happy and proud that he had accomplished this feat. The King was one of the other two master healers on Atlantis. He looked concerned as he stared over at his soul mate, the Queen.

They were the only elves in the courtyard. Bractus led the wary ox out of the courtyard. The ox was trying to keep as far from the large Cyclops as its leash would allow it. The sight of the scared ox made Xenon smile.

The Queen smiled at the actions of the ox. She looked at the King, who rose and smiled at Xenon before leaving. The Queen gracefully walked down the steps of the Pyramid. As she reached the courtyard, she cleaned up the ox blood with a simple glance at the massive pool. Thousands of years using magic allowed her to do magic that others would have had to put greater effort to accomplish.

“Xenon, my beautiful son,” the Queen said as she walked up to him and wrapped him in a hug,

“Did I please you mother?”

“You have always pleased me, my son.”

“Then why are you so sad?” He could feel her react to his question.

“Walk with me my Son,” she said avoiding his gaze. She started walking towards the raised gardens.

Xenon followed her without talking. Something was bothering his mother. Being a child of the King and Queen of the Elves he had become accustomed to the weight of their duties. Living in a wonderful kingdom such as this troubles came only once or twice a century, but for an immortal that was a frequent occurrence.

They stopped at a bench in the middle of the garden. They were surrounded by flowers of all types. The fragrance was relaxing, and yet his mother seemed to be nervous about something. Xenon was getting worried about his mother, he had never seen her this nervous before in his life.

“Sit with me for a while,” she said in a soothing tone.

He sat down beside her and followed her gaze out over the fields of Atlantis. The cyclops were tending to the fields and orchards collecting the grains and fruits necessary to make Ambrosia. The remaining grains would be for making breads and feeding the cyclops and animals. The land was covered with green forests and large expanses of green fields divided by swaths of golden grain. Beyond the forest was the Mediterranean Sea. He could only see a small portion of it, because a perpetual fog bank was maintained to hide the island from any sailors who happened to sail by it.

To call Atlantis an Island was actually a misnomer, it may be a piece of land completely surrounded by water, but it was not secured to the ocean floor. His Mother and Father would often relocate the island, especially if a vessel would happen to sail through the fog bank. They would cast spells to confuse the sailors’ memories, then they would move the island. It would not be unusual to for the island to be moved once a year. It had been happening more frequently over the past hundred years as the mortals maritime skills improved.

They sat staring at the bucolic countryside surrounded by a rainbow of colors and sweet fragrances from the flowers. He still had the glass of ambrosia that he had been sipping on. His magical levels seemed to be up to normal.

“Are you feeling better, my Son?”

“Yes, I am. What is bothering you Mother?”

She seemed to tense up for a few seconds before speaking again. “I have had visions over the past century.”

“You are a Diviner. Have they been more disturbing than usual?”

“Yes, there have been visions that have upset me. The mortal world will eventually fall into darkness unlike anything we have seen before.”

“After all the sacrifices our race made to eliminate the darkness that existed,” he said to his Mother. She and his Father were amongst the Elves that had fought an evil society of sorcerers. So many immortals had lost their lives during that time, but they did prevail.

“We can once more help prevent the evil from overrunning the race of mortals,” she said with sadness. “All it would take is one of us to make the ultimate sacrifice. It would need to be one who could heal someone even if they have one foot through the veil of death. However, that Elf shall die. Even if the Elf would not perish while saving the mortal sorcerer, they would never find our land again.

“The time for our people to exist among the mortal world is coming to an end. The mortals are advancing as a people, soon we will not be able to hide from them while we remain in this plane of existence. Our people and land must become legend to the mortals.”

She took his hand and held it lovingly. He knew why she did this. It all became obvious to him why she was so sad. The vision she had pertained to him. He had just proved that he had the magical ability to bring a person back from near death. He also realized that it would be most logical if it was him. He had never soul bonded with anyone in his six hundred years of life.

“Will I ever find a soul mate, Mother?”

She hung her head and he could see tears glistening on her eyelashes. “No, you never do.”

“Your vision was of me making the sacrifice.”

“It wasn’t of you specifically. I could not recognize the Elf in the vision. The time away from our Island of Light had ravaged him of his noble nature. He was old wrinkled and had wispy white hair. He saves a young mortal couple. They are young even by the mortal’s standards, but they had created a soul bond much like I and your father had formed. The man has been hit by a dark and deadly curse, and the woman is trying to save his soul from passing through the veil.

“The Healer must help the woman, but by doing so he must release his physical existence. Even if the elf doesn’t relinquish his existence. Your Father and I shall move the island from this plane of existence. We will reside permanently in a place between the solid world and the shadowlands of the afterlife. It is the only place where we will can remain undiscovered.”

Xenon thought about what his Mother had told him about the fate of the Healer. “If we don’t send a Healer to save this couple. What becomes of the mortal world?”

“The mortal world will descend into darkness. Led by a creature, a man who appeared as a snake in my visions. He shall destroy all that is good in the world. He will make it his mission to pit man against man. Cruelty will be the standard not the exception.”

“Why can’t we save them as we have before?”

“Mortals are becoming more intelligent. They are learning from previous generations. Their problem is they don’t have the wisdom of years to soften their ideas. If they only lived twice as long, more of them would realize what wrongs they are doing to each other. If we would try to interfere they would attack us. Soon my Son, we will only exist in legend and tales of bygone days.”

“When will I need to leave, Mother?”

“Not for a few more years. We will need to prepare a place for you to stay. A supply of ambrosia for you to eat, and scrolls so the ones you save can learn from us. If you want to perform this task, I only ask that you spend the next year with me, for we will never meet again after you leave for the mortal world.”

“How will I know who to save?”

“They will be young. They will also have a bond as strong as your Father’s and mine.”

“How could that happen? They are mortals!”

His mother pulled him close to her. He leaned his head against her head. He suddenly realized that she was starting to mourn him. It was a rare occasion to hear of an elf dying. No one knew how to cope with the situation. His mother the Queen of the lands was no exception.

They sat in the flower garden staring out at the distant sea for hours. Time didn’t matter now. It was important to him to let her know who much he loved her and she him.

The following year he oversaw the preparations for his stay in the lands of death. He wasn’t scared of the finality of the mission. He was concerned about not lasting to the end. They prepared thousands of golden tubes of ambrosia for his stay. A single tube could last nearly a month if he didn’t use magic. If he spent his time meditating and reading to keep his mind sharp, he wouldn’t need more than two large spoonful’s a day to survive.

They took three months of boat trips to the upper kingdom of Egypt. There was a large library there that was perfect for his needs. He took a large section of the one basement. Employing many of the elves that had left Atlantis years ago, he lined the room and built shelves with magic infused marble from the island. With the room lined with marble, he filled the shelves with twenty thousand tubes of ambrosia. He could survive for thousands of years with that supply. The way his Mother spoke. His job would be in the distant future. He couldn’t be sure how far into the future it was.

It took another three months to organize the shelves and cast the proper Charms on all the tubes in the library. One late afternoon as the sun was starting to sink into the western desert he felt a strange pulling in his chest. He walked out of the library and climbed the highest tower that he could find. From that location, he could see all the mariners floating on the listless sea. In the distance, he could see a fog bank. It was Atlantis. As the sun sank into the horizon in the west. Atlantis faded away in the north. As the fog bank slowly dissipated revealing only empty horizon, he felt an emptiness in his heart. All that he had ever held dear was now gone from this dimension.

He walked down to the library that they had just completed. He stared at the statue that the elves born in this mortal world had made. It was of him. Those elves had already lived here for several generations. They had lost their elegant stature and noble bearing. They were becoming shorter and hunched. They still had the pointed ears, but the ears looked more pronounced as their stature shrunk. They were amazed at the appearance of the Elves of Atlantis. They carved the statue without being asked. It made them proud to be descendants of such a superior race.

Xenon sealed up the entrance to his section of the library. He had convinced the Egyptian magicians that he was protecting ancient scrolls from Atlantis. He lied to these mortals. He spun a tale of an island that was unstable. The magic that had created it was also tearing it apart. Soon it would break apart and sink into the sea. His job was to protect these ancient scrolls so the knowledge of the Elves of Atlantis was not lost.

A feeling that Xenon had never felt before overtook him. I was sadness. He had been afraid in the past like the time he had to heal the ox. This feeling was different, there was something missing from him. He spent the next three years thinking and meditating on it, before he realized what it was. He missed the magic of his parents. Their soul bond was so strong that it lifted everyone up around them. One might even say that the King and Queen’s soul bond pulsed throughout the entire island filling the land with love and happiness.

He now knew who he was looking for. A young couple that would fill all the area around them with love and happiness.

He started spending time reading the scrolls that he had brought with him. He would read a scroll while maintaining himself by eating ambrosia. Upon completing the scroll, he would go into deep meditation. His mind would think about all he had read while in virtual hibernation. It was not uncommon for elves to meditate for up to ten years. They would come out these meditations when they finally had memorized a scroll or when they had solved a problem. They would always be weak and had to eat large amounts of ambrosia to rejuvenate their bodies. He had meditated for ten years after actually reading two different scrolls about the origins of magic.

He awoke more puzzled than when he had started his meditation. He had never awakened from a meditation without solving the problem he was meditating to solve. The next month he wrote about the questions he still had on the nature and origin of magic. He had always been told that magic is a natural occurring thing and an elf was born with the ability to control and manipulate it. It didn’t explain how mortals with no elfish ancestors can perform magic. He felt that the answer to this question was important to his quest.

He spent the next three hundred years working on this problem. As he spent time meditating and studying about the origin of magic, the world around him was changing. The head priests had changed about every ten to fifteen years. Without contact with the outside world, he had no idea what the present priest’s name was, but it didn’t matter. He had another mission to fulfil, and the mortal world will in time depend on him.

Xenon was getting ready to meditate again, when he felt a shift in the magic around him. It felt darker. He could sense death in close proximity. He walked to the entrance to see what had happened. Had he missed his assignment? Had the world become dark?

He could feel the present Head Priest casting spells on the very stone that surrounded him. The stone was conflicting with the marble from Atlantis as though it was a taint where it contacted the pure marble. What was that Priest doing?

Clanging of metal made him to look to his right. He saw warriors fighting with swords of bronze and steel. Many of the lesser Egyptian Priests were fighting and dying as the opposing forces pushed their advantage down the staircase. The battle reached the entrance to his area. Ten of the invaders turned to attack him. The all crashed against the defensive wards to be repelled. They attacked the ward time and time again, until something else caught their attention.

Egyptian Priests were mounting a counter offensive. Xenon had to look twice at what he was seeing these were not living Priests, but dead spectral Priests. They were able to wield weapons and kill their enemies. The invaders fled from the sight of the spectral priests. The idea of bringing people back from the dead repulsed Xenon. What were they defending that was so important that they would defy the natural order of the world?

With a heavy heart and concern over the state of the world around him, Xenon went into a meditative trance. He spent the next two thousand years contemplating the question of this world he was trying to save. The section of the library that he was staying in hadn’t changed since the day the High Priest had cast the spells to raise the spectral priests. He could feel magic had shifted too. It wasn’t so dark now.

The years ran together more now. Xenon couldn’t tell whether he had meditated for six months or six years. He started to notice changes in him. He was getting old. It was something he never thought would happen. Was it because of what the High Priest had done? He started to doubt if he would survive to complete his mission. He had been writing about his thoughts concerning the source of magic. He may have actually come upon a revelation.

He had seen three brothers come into the library. The spectral priests were going to attack them, but the brothers had convinced them they were not a danger. The brothers spent weeks in the lower levels of the library. They left to return several years later.

Several years later, another race of magical being moved into the library. He recognized them as goblins. He had heard that they were a difficult race. They were not inherently evil, but they were vicious in their justice.

Sometime later, another race made its residence in the library. It was the descendants of the elves. They were now small and appeared to be subservient to others. They didn’t even realize what their origins were. He could sense their curiosity at seeing his statue. It saddened him to see what had happened to his distant relatives.

Close to a thousand years later, something woke Xenon out of a trance. His trances had lasted longer each time he meditated. He hadn’t come to any conclusions, but something had called to him. It took him several seconds to recognize it. It was a soul bond like the one his parents had. He stood up and walked towards the entrance. They were in the library. He could feel them. The feeling he was getting from the soul bond was making him long for Atlantis. The young couple appeared in the one end of the library. They were being escorted by the spectral High Priest. The female was short with flaming red-hair. The male wasn’t much taller and he had black hair and wore strange objects on his face. Yet, Xenon could feel the soul bond between them. He could also see the bond. Their bond was so strong that they flexed the magic around them. It was so obvious to him now. These were the ones he had to save.

He could not spend any more time meditating. He need to be ready for when they needed him. Even after they left, he could feel the effects of the soul bond no matter where they went in the world. It was strange for him to be able to sense them. Did they actually change the flow of magic in the world with their soul bond? In his studies, he realized that the world was thousands of times larger than Atlantis. His parents maintained the island with their soul bond. How powerful was these mortals’ magic that they could manipulate magic that he could sense here in the basement of an Egyptian library?

An epiphany occurred to Xenon. The question that had been bothering him for more than three thousand years had just become obvious. Pulling out a sheet of parchment, he started writing. In a few days, he had written down his thoughts. He realized that this was important. It would be something that the bonded couple would eventually need. His entire life now made sense to him. This was where he needed to be, and he could make a difference in the fate of this world.

Over the next two years, the young couple would return. Each time, their bond would be stronger. He could even feel when they were going to arrive days before they appeared.

One day when Xenon was finishing his daily portion of ambrosia. He felt a horrible rift in the magic of the world. The warmth that he had felt upon the appearance of the bonded couple was now wavering. It was time for him to accomplish his mission.

Walking had become increasingly difficult for him over the years. His body ached as he walked through the ward that had sealed his section of the library. The decrepit descendants of the elves saw him along with the goblins. They all seemed to be surprised at him leaving his section. He couldn’t pay attention to them. He had to find the bonded couple.

Closing his eyes, he transported himself to where the young couple was located. He found that he had missed the spot by several feet. He forced his aged body to move. It protested with every step. The anguish of the bonded couple was palpable. It was causing him more pain than he should be feeling. The same reason that his parents bond uplifted Atlantis, the anguish of this couple was causing him pain.

He moved through the door entering the room that held the young couple. There were other mortals there trying to stop him from getting to the couple. He flung their magical sticks away making them harmless. There was a ward around the couple. It was the same type of ward he had used in the library in Egypt. Stepping through the ward. He saw the young girl was trying to prevent the death of her bonded. It was amazing that she was able to delay her bonded’s death. That was a level of magic mortals should not possess.

He focused on healing the young couple. He was able to sense with his magic what he needed to do, and what it would cost him. He will die to save them. However, it was for the greater good for they are the future of the mortal world.

Ginny opened her eyes. The thoughts of the Atlantian had been passing through her along with his healing powers. She saw him slowly fall to his knees, as his hand dropped from her forehead. Her attention was drawn away from this ancient elf. Harry was starting to move beneath her.

He suddenly revived and grabbed her in a hug. She could not stop the tears from pouring out of her eyes. They were tears of joy, but that joy would be replaced with pain, as she had another contraction.

“Ginny, what is wrong?” Harry asked her.

“What’s wrong?” she snapped at him. “What do you think is wrong? You nearly died and I am in labor.”

Harry smiled at her. “Thank you for saving me.” He hugged her.

“I didn’t save you,” she said. She turned to look upon the dead body of the Atlantian Elf, but all that was left of him was a pile of dust. Another contraction hit her and she let out a groan. “You need to drop the Shield so Poppy and my Mum can help us deliver this baby, unless you want to do it alone.”

Ginny smiled as the Shield disappeared and Harry picked her up.
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