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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
This chapter is a group of small segments or fragments of what was happening with the Order and Voldemort. The chapter runs in a parallel time line as the last two chapters. By the end of this chapter, you will get an idea of what the Order is doing in response to Voldemort's plans. I will warn you that there is violence and death of characters in this chapter and future chapters.
Once again I would like to thank Leif for his timely and excellent Beta work.


Arthur Weasley stood nervously outside of Potter manor in England. He felt like his skills were being wasted here. He should be in the battle. Everyone had always considered him to be rather mild mannered. He may not have Molly’s temper, but he still wasn’t afraid of a fight. He had accounted for himself rather well in the past skirmishes with Death Eaters. However, here he stood waiting for people to try to Apparate onto the estate without Harry and Ginny’s approval.

He originally worried that he would make a mistake in trusting someone who was actually a Death Eater. He was reassured that the blood Wards would sense the person lying and actually notify him and the liar. He should trust Bill and Ginny. They assured him that he wouldn’t make any mistakes. He just hoped that he didn’t need to allow anyone entrance. That would mean the fight was going poorly.

His thoughts moved to Amelia Bones. He hoped that she was able to get to the Magical Transportation Department before the Death Eaters could gain control of it. He admired her for her selflessness. She knew it was a suicide mission, but one that must be accomplished. If she gained control of the Portkey tracking system and the Floo Network, the Order members and their sympathizers could relocate without being tracked. If they could get one or two days after the Ministry fell without being tracked. The Order might stand a chance of mounting a serious resistance with the help of the Potter family estate and resources.

He never thought that he would be fighting alongside one of the wealthiest and influential families in the magical world. He had always figured that the wealthy families would support the pure blood agenda of Voldemort. It was ironic that he was now a blood relative and a representative of that family. A person who was known for his character and lack of money.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Voldemort walked with Lucius Malfoy into the office of the Minister of Magic. It was unimpressive. He wanted something grander more regal. He didn’t want an office to do work. He wanted a place from which he could reign.

“Lucius, before you leave to liberate Hogwarts, call all of my Inner Circle to me. You will be excused because of your assignment.”

“My Lord, Rookwood will be occupied with rebuilding Hogwarts. I was going to use many of the inner circle to take Hogwarts. The Muggle-lover is a very formidable wizard.”

“You may take Crabbe and Goyle with you. They are not intelligent enough to take an assignment on their own. To defeat Dumbledore, you only need to use the children. He is so weak. He would rather die than harm any of his school children.”

“My Lord, you want me to attack Hogwarts with Crabbe, Goyle, and under age children?”

“Crucio,” he shouted. He had pulled his wand and punished Malfoy for his insolence. He stopped the punishment to speak. He waited until Lucius was able to come to a kneeling position. “You can choose from anyone else that helped us. I want that school. There are other things I also want accomplished immediately. Now, leave me.”

“Yes, My Lord,” rasped Lucius. He stood up shakily and staggered as he left.

Voldemort watched Lucius leave. He was walking rather shakily for only being held under the Cruciatus Curse for a few seconds, evidently he was becoming weak. Ever since Lucius helped him regenerate, he had been rather easy on him. He will need to correct that oversight. He needed strong people around him, if he was going to rule forever.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“The Dark Lord wants all of his inner circle to meet him in the Minister’s office. I need to find Rookwood to tell him. You can all go ahead,” Lucius Malfoy said shakily.

He looked more damaged now then after the battle. Severus could only assume that Malfoy had angered the Dark Lord.

“Did he say why he wanted us?” Severus asked nonchalantly.

“How dare you question your master,” shouted Bellatrix. “If he calls you don’t ask what he wants, you obey.”

“He is going to reward us,” said Macnair.

“He has assignments for all of you. I have already been assigned mine,” said Lucius. “I am to take Hogwarts for the Dark Lord. I must mount an army to root out that Muggle Lover. Crabbe and Goyle will be assisting me, and as many of these healthy warriors as I can find,” he said with a sneer on his lips.

“I’ll come with you,” said Antonin Dolohov.

“No, I am only allowed to take Crabbe and Goyle from the inner circle,” replied Lucius.

“Why don’t you go and assemble your army. I will find Rookwood,” said Severus. He hoped that Lucius would agree to it.

Lucius looked at him for several seconds, before speaking. “That would be helpful, thank you.”

“If the Dark Lord tells you to do something, you should do it without question,” snapped Bellatrix.

“Did the Dark Lord specifically say that you are to bring Rookwood to him?” asked Severus.

“No, he told me to announce to you about the meeting and to send Rookwood to him,” said Lucius with smile. “I am not violating anything that the Dark Lord has demanded of me.”

Severus left the group of Death Eaters as soon as possible. He needed to assess the damage to the castle. He had been impressed by the Order’s resistance. It was foolish to think one could survive a battle with the Dark Lord and his most faithful followers. The Order had almost turned the tide of the battle. Potter was a great deal stronger than he had ever let on to be, and yet in the end it didn’t matter. The Dark Lord had out maneuvered them and defeated them. It was true. Love was a weakness. Ginny Potter should have never left the formation to save who she thought was her father. It led to Potter’s death and the Order’s ultimate defeat.

He saw the Headmaster leave unscathed, but he would be busy reinforcing Hogwarts against Lucius and his army. The Auror Moody also was able to leave without injury. He could contact him, but Moody never trusted him. It left him with no choice but contact the Headmaster. He only hoped that no one was in the office with him when Severus’s Patronus appeared to him.

Severus stepped into the only operable lift and took it to the next floor down. He stepped out and looked around for Rookwood. He couldn’t see or hear anyone in the nearby offices. Stepping into an office he sent a Patronus off to the Headmaster. He had to warn him about the upcoming attack on Hogwarts. He also assumed that Voldemort would quickly try to take the fight to Muggles. He didn’t know what the Headmaster could do to protect Muggles, when he would be fighting for his life.

Satisfied that he had done everything he could to warn the Order, he went to look for Rookwood.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Albus Dumbledore had just arrived in his office. He had called for Minerva, when Severus’s Patronus appeared in front of him.

“Headmaster, the Dark Lord is preparing to send Lucius Malfoy and an army of followers to Hogwarts to take it from you. He also has plans for all his inner circle members. You must prepare the Order to hide. I think the Dark Lord is ready to purge the magical community of you and your followers. I think he also plans on attacking the Muggle community.”

The doe Patronus turned to vapor, as Severus’s voice stopped. Albus smiled at Severus’s announcement. Everything that Severus had warned him about, Alastor had already predicted would happen. He did need to notify Arthur and Alastor that the at-risk children will be coming led by Minerva.

Lifting his wand, Albus sent off a Patronus to Arthur Weasley. He hoped that Arthur wouldn’t be grieving too much to hear the Patronus.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Arthur stared at Alastor. He couldn’t believe what Alastor had just said. Harry was dead. If Harry was dead, Ginny was going to die very soon, would her child die too. He was having a hard time believing it. How could that happen?

“Where is everyone?” asked Arthur.

“We got out of there,” said Alastor. “Many of them used the emergency Portkey to leave. Sirius and Remus took Ginny and Harry away using it. At least I would assume they did. I don’t see them here.”

“They couldn’t use the Portkey’s. Harry created them. If he is dead, the Portkey’s wouldn’t work?”

Alastor stared at Arthur for several seconds. “Bloody Hell, you are right. I saw Harry get hit with a Killing Curse.”

“I am not saying you are lying, but if Harry dies, so will all the protections and blood wards that have been set up on all the estates.”

A bright light appeared in front of Arthur causing him to look away from Alastor. He quickly recognized it as Albus’s bumblebee Patronus.

“Arthur, stay at Potter Manor and prepare for possible attacks. I don’t know what type of wards you can set up, but you may be attacked. I am planning on having Minerva lead your children and other at-risk children to Potter Manor. Voldemort has taken control and plans a starting a reign of terror.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The lift doors opened to the Minister’s floor. Severus had never been on this floor before so he didn’t notice any changes. Rookwood had been here before, and it was obvious that he did notice something.

“I see the Dark Lord has made some changes.”

Severus assumed Rookwood must be referring to the green and silver walls. The Floor appeared to be one large hall. A wall stood about three quarters of the distance across the hall. He could see several fellow Death Eaters standing by the wall. It surprised him that John Dawlish was also there.

“The Dark Lord has been waiting for you two,” shouted Amycus Carrow.

“If we are late, we will apologize to the Dark Lord, not you,” hissed Rookwood.

They walked up to the wall and saw on the other side was a throne. The Dark Lord sat there and stared at them. The throne was on a three step dais so one cold kneel at his feet on the bottom step. The arms of the throne were formed out of the body and head of a snake. The Dark Lord’s hands rested on the top of the snakes head.

“Rookwood what is the condition of the Ministry?” asked the Dark Lord.

Rookwood walked forward and fell to his knees on the bottom step of the dais. He stared down as not to stare into those scarlet eyes. “The Ministry will take some time to repair my lord. I could not get to the Department of Mysteries. The entrance had been collapsed. The Magical Transportation department has been completely destroyed. It appears that the Order made their last stand there. The rest of the Ministry is in good shape. There is evidence of spell damage, but nothing that can’t be repaired in a day or two. I am having a difficult time locating many of the maintenance workers. I am positive that we can have the Atrium repaired in three days.”

“Why can’t you find the maintenance workers?” asked the Dark Lord.

“I do not know. I was told that when the fighting broke out they ran like cowards,” said Rookwood.

Severus could feel Rookwood’s fear, and the Dark Lords anger.

“You are excused for now,” said the Dark Lord. His voice was soft and cold. Some might think he was not angry, but all the Death Eaters knew he was about to torture or kill someone. Rookwood stayed on his knees for several seconds, before standing up and moving back with the rest of the inner circle. Severus could hear him exhale in relief.

“Dawlish, come forward,” ordered the Dark Lord.

Dawlish strode forward and stood in front of the Dark Lord. Severus held his smile. He was sure that the arrogant Auror was going to suffer for this action.

“What happened with the planned attack? Savage and you were to deliver me the Ministry without damage. I hear that the Department of Mysteries is blocked from our access and the Magical Transportation Department had been destroyed.”

“Amelia Bones must have organized the resistance…,” Dawlish started to explain, but the Dark Lord cut him off.

“I thought Madam Bones was supposed to be killed, before the attack started?”

“She must have been tipped off by someone, because she Stunned me before she opened the door to her office. I was Ennervated by Savage, after he took control of the Aurors.”

“Where is Savage now? I would have expected him to be here.”

“He is dead. We were trying to take the Magical Transportation Department when Bones killed him.”

“Madam Bones killed Auror Savage?” asked the Dark Lord with surprise in his voice. “I can’t believe it. The next thing we will hear about Dumbledore is using the Killing Curse,” he laughed.

“She killed him alright,” said Dawlish. “She used the Killing Curse of all things. She got hers though. We blew her up along with all the other Muggle Lovers.”

“Who was fighting with her?”

“I don’t know. I never saw any of them before.”

The Dark Lord stared at Dawlish for several seconds, before speaking. “Rookwood, you take Yaxley along with you to clean up the Magical Transportation Department, bring me Madam Bones’ body.”

“Dawlish, you are the new Head of Magical Law Enforcement. You shall organize the Hit-wizards and the Aurors to secure the Ministry from threat outside and within the Ministry. After doing this, you shall report to me and wait for your next order.”

Dawlish stood there and stared at him for several seconds.

“Crucio,” He shouted. He watched Dawlish crumble to the floor with a scream. He lifted the Curse. “When I give you an order, you shall execute those orders immediately. You and Savage were to kill Madam Bones before she could raise a resistance, and you failed. You are fortunate that I didn’t kill you. Leave!”

Dawlish pushed himself up off the floor. He could barely stand up and walk out of the room. Voldemort didn’t say anything until Dawlish had disappeared in lift.

“Bella, you may teach Dawlish what it means to serve me, when he returns.”

“Yes Master,” she said.

Severus could see her excitement at getting a chance to torture someone.

“Come forward, Severus, and kneel before me,” said the Dark Lord.

Severus strode forward. He needed to exude confidence as he knelt down so he stared intently at the hem of the Dark Lord’s cloak.

“You have served me well, Severus. Without your information about the Potters, I would not have devised my plan to defeat them. You have deceived the Muggle Lover for years to help me achieve this victory. You may look up at me now Severus Snape, my faithful spy.”

Severus raised his face towards the Dark Lord with confidence. While the Dark Lord had been speaking he had reinforced his Occlumency wards. What he didn’t expect was to be staring at the Dark Lord’s wand point and that deadly flash of green.

“Avada Kedavra!”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Voldemort stared down at the body of Severus Snape. He had fallen back off the dais and lay with one leg turned to the side and the other still pointing straight towards him. His arms were splayed out to his sides.

“My reward for you Severus Snape is to reunite you with that Mudblood that you desired so much. You have served me well, but I have no need for a spy now,” he said to the corpse.

Looking at the rest of his inner circle, he smiled. They were all standing still staring at him with impassive expressions. They all knew that their future depended on their usefulness to him.

“Severus was useful to our cause, but he also aided the Order. I could not take the chance that Severus would ply his craft for anyone else. Urquhart, come forward,” he said calmly. Urquhart walked forward with his eyes downcast.

“Yes, Master,” he squeaked out.

“You work in the Magical Transportation Department. Severus Snape has a Portkey on him. Find it without activating it.”

“Y-yes Master,” he squeaked. The coward pulled his wand and started casting spells over Severus’s dead body. His wand hand shook as he worked to find the Portkey.

Ignoring Urquhart working to find Severus’s Portkey, he stared at the rest of his inner circle. He could not sense any discord amongst them. He could sense fear. Fear was good. His followers need to fear him.

“I have assignments for all of you,” he announced.

“It is time to let the filthy Muggles know we will no longer cower in the shadows. Dolohov, I want you to visit the Muggle Prime Minister and kill him, when you finish him return here for your next assignment. The rest of you shall visit the Muggle Parliament and kill as many as you can, before releasing Fiendfyre. Return here for your next assignment.

“Fenrir, I have very special assignment for you. You shall go back to your pack and organize them. In three days, I shall give all of Britain a choice. They shall either come here and get branded with the mark of Slytherin, or you and your pack shall hunt them down and kill them.”

The Werewolf smiled with a vicious expression.

“You may all leave,” he said to them. They all started to leave, including Bella. “Where are you going, Bella?”

“I am going to Parliament, Master,” she said with her eyes downcast.

“I want you to stay here with me,” he said to her. “I need someone next to me that I can trust. I know I can trust you.” He watched as she walked back to stand beside him with a smile on her face. After turning around, her expression suddenly changed to a scowl.

“What are you waiting for,” she shouted at her husband who had stopped walking to stare at them. “You have an assignment.”

Rodolphus stared at him and Bella for several seconds before leaving. He would need to remind Rodolphus who was the leader and always took what he wanted. Putting the coming confrontation with Rodolphus in the back of his mind, he stared at Urquhart working to find Severus’ Portkey.

“Have you found it yet?”

“Yes, my Lord, I am being careful so I don’t activate it,” the reedy voiced wizard said.

“How much longer before you have the Portkey and have the activation figured out?”

“It may take me another hour, my Lord. If they used a spell to activate, it will take me longer to find the spell without activating it.”

Voldemort leaned back in his throne. He had killed Potter and overthrown the Ministry in one day. The Ministry had always been there for his taking, but without Potter and Bones’ death it would have been a tenuous reign. Dumbledore was old and many people stopped trusting him after the last war. It didn’t matter because he would soon be dead. There was no one left to be the head of the resistance without them. His plans had worked even though he had incompetent people working for him. He was about to rule for eternity.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Dolohov stepped out of the fireplace of the Muggle Minister’s with his wand raised ready to start firing curses. He was surprised to see the office was unoccupied. There was a light burning on the desk of the Minister. It appeared that the Minister had just stepped out of his office.

Walking around the office, he noticed that there was only one door leading into the office. Should he go out and find the Minister. Dolohov realized he didn’t know what the Minister looked like. He walked over to the desk to check if there were any pictures of him. The desk had a picture of a woman and three children but no picture of a man.

He had no choice but to wait for him to return. If he knew more about the Muggle’s government, he would go looking for him. Resisting the urge to destroy the office and return to the Dark Lord, he Disillusioned himself and stepped back against a wall that would allow him to access the fireplace after killing the Minister.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ten Death Eaters appeared by Westminster Palace. They stood there glaring at all the Muggles who were pointing fingers at them.

“Confrigro,” shouted Barty Crouch Jr. His spell collided with the Big Ben’s face blowing a hole between the six and the five. “I always wanted to do that. Let’s kill us some Muggles.”

They started firing off Curses at the surrounding Muggles as they quickly walked towards the nearest entrance to the building. The Muggles were falling to their left and right. None of them were really aiming. They didn’t need to; the crowd of Muggles was so thick that each spell would be guaranteed to hit one of them.

The pathetic Muggles tried to close the doors of the entrance they were walking towards. With a laugh, both Lestranges blasted the doors off their hinges. Walking through the wrecked entrance, they continued to fire spells at the Muggles. Now they had to aim, because the Muggles were running in fear.

“Run, you stinkin’ Muggles, Run,” cackled Alectro Carrow. She had hit one rotund man in a light grey suit with a Cutting Curse. His blood discoloring the suit as he lay on the ground.

“This way,” shouted Macnair. “The House of Lords is this way.”

Everyone followed Macnair as he walked quickly the same direction that the sign had indicated. There were sirens echoing in the building and outside. It was only part of the noise that filled the air. The screams of agony, pain, confusion, and fear seemed to encourage and strengthen the attacking Death Eaters. They were laughing and shouting insults at the Muggles even though by this time all the Muggles were hiding from them.

Without any human prey in sight they started firing Curses at the surrounding walls and pictures. The Lestranges seemed to prefer setting off minor fires as they walked. Barty Jr. kept blasting every door he passed. Yaxley would quickly fire several Cutting Curses into the blasted door. Several times he would hear a grunt or a scream from the other room.

The Carrows were cackling and walking ahead shouting. “Prepare, you filthy Muggles. The Dark Lord shall destroy you and your filthy world!”

They walked up a set of stairs when it sounded like twenty or more wizards Apparating. The Carrows, whom had reached the top step, spun around and fell down several steps with blood pouring out of their ruined faces.

“Take that you filthy Muggles,” shouted Barty Jr., as he ran past the Carrows bodies and fired off a Blasting Curse. There was another rapid series of pops and Barty spun around in a half circle as blood sprayed off his body.

“Release Fiendfyre and get out of here,” shouted Rodolphus.

Rabastan and Macnair started the incantation to create the deadly fire. They cast their spells in opposite directions. The Fiendfyre that Rabastan had cast down the stairs had started forming into a dragon. Macnair’s must be forming on the upper landing because they could hear the Muggles screaming.

“Let’s leave,” Rabastan shouted. The remaining seven Death Eaters all Disapparated.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Dolohov was not a patient man. When he wanted to do something he wanted to do it immediately. The only reason he was waiting here or anywhere was because the Dark Lord had ordered him to stay. The problem was he couldn’t wait any longer. There were sirens outside. He could only assume that the attack on the Muggle Parliament had begun. If they destroy that building before he tries to kill the Minister, the Muggles might hide him. Time for waiting was over. He needed to either find the Minister or someone that could lead him to the Minister. It wouldn’t be hard to loosen some Muggles tongue with the Cruciatus Curse.

Dropping the Disillusionment Charm, he walked to the office door. He turned the knob and flung it open with his wand raised. Stepping through the door he saw the strangest dressed Muggles he had ever seen in his life. They were all dressed in black with thick padded vests and hats. They all had strange things stuck in their ears.

One of them shouted. “Stop and drop your weapon!”

“I don’t take orders from you Muggle,” he replied. He cast a cutting hex at the Muggle enjoying watching him fall with a groan. What Dolohov wasn’t ready for were the flashes from the other Muggles and the searing pain in his chest and abdomen.

He tried to cast another Curse, but he couldn’t speak and his arm wasn’t moving properly. His legs gave out under him as the Muggles gathered around him pointing these strange objects at him. They didn’t look like any of the firearms that he had learned about in Muggle Studies. He tried to speak but only a gurgling sound came out of his mouth. One of the Muggles stepped on his wand hand to immobilize it. It didn’t matter. He couldn’t use his arm anyway. He tried to move but his body would not respond to his wishes as everything went black.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Voldemort stared at the returning Death Eaters. Three of them had died at the hands of Muggles. The remaining seven were kneeling in front of him. They had released the Fiendfyre and killed and injured scores of Muggles. However, there are so many more Muggles than magical people that they could not be losing that many each time they go on a mission. He had not heard back from Dolohov. He hoped that he was successful with his mission and the country was without an actual leader. He never thought of going after the Royal Family. They couldn’t give orders to kill people so they were without power.

At his feet on the lowest step of the dais was a braided lock of red hair. It was Severus’ Portkey. How appropriate that he sent Severus to be with the Mudblood, since he carried a lock of her hair. The thoughts of it repulsed him. No one should be that weak.

“Rookwood, you may return to your duties of fixing the Ministry and take Yaxley with you,” he said. “Find out what happened to the maintenance workers and get them back to work. I want the Magical Transportation Department opened up and operating as soon as possible. Yaxley that is your responsibility. Rookwood, the Department of Mysteries most be opened up and inspected. After they are opened up, work may begin on the Atrium. I do not care if these maintenance workers need to work without sleep for the next week. You may leave now.”

He watched Rookwood and Yaxley leave. He hoped that Rookwood understood what he wanted protected in the Department of Mysteries.

“Macnair, take some of your workers from the Magical Creatures Department and go to Gringotts. I want those Goblins to acknowledge me as their ruler. Make sure they know their place in our society. You may leave, now.”

“The rest of you will have another assignment. Urquhart found Severus’ Portkey. It is laying there on the bottom step. He believes that it is strong enough to carry ten people. Find five more people and go to the Order’s hiding place. Your first assignment was to keep the order busy. They will be trying to protect the Muggle government and protecting Hogwarts. When they return to their home base, I want you to kill them. Kill them all.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Arthur paced in the den or map room of Potter Manor with Alastor beside him. He was concerned about his children now that he heard about Hogwarts. Why would the Headmaster send his children and many others off on a trek across Scotland? Certainly staying at Hogwarts would be safer. Alastor had quickly organized everyone here. Alastor was watching the map trying to track all of the Death Eaters that had a trace. A few minutes ago, Severus Snape’s marker fell off the board. That can only mean that he was dead. It was in London. So it is possible he was discovered and killed for divulging information to the Order.

All of the Death Eaters that they had traced over the past year were all in London. It would make sense that Voldemort would call all of his troops together for this attack. Arthur just wished he could leave this estate so he could find out what is happening in France. Is Harry still alive? He must be since the Portkeys were still working. He was almost tempted to activate his emergency Portkey, but he promised to stay here. He just wished he knew how his family was doing.

Several Death Eaters moved on the map. It wasn’t much of a move. They just rearranged themselves over the city of London.

“Let’s see if all that stuff that Lupin has been studying has helped,” mumbled Alastor under his breath.

“What did you say?”

Moody looked at him with a sheepish expression. “I’ve been reading and studying those Muggle psychology books with Lupin. If everything we think will happen with Voldemort’s attack happens we will be doing pretty well and we will be prepared.”

“Like Harry getting killed?” he asked the old Auror.

“Actually, Arthur, I figured I would be the one to get killed. I am sorry about your son-in-law. He was a good man.”

“Yes, he was, and he still is. I believe.”

“Arthur!” someone shouted from the foyer of Potter Manor. “I need your help.”

“I am coming,” he shouted as he ran. “What is wrong?” When he cleared the doorway he saw Nymphadora Tonks running towards him.

“I need to get a lot of people inside of the wards. I can’t bring them in.”

“Have you tried?” he asked her.

“Yes, the Portkey was set to drop them on the lawn, but I came through and they didn’t. Come on we must get them inside of the wards before the Muggles recognize them.” Tonks tried to Apparate from inside of the manor.

“You can’t Apparate from inside of the manor house,” he happily said to her. If people couldn’t come through the wards then Harry and Ginny were still alive.

They ran outside of the building and Tonks side-along Apparated him to the people. There were about thirty Muggles standing there. Several tall well-built men were looking at him suspiciously as they were trying to protect an older lady wearing a wide brimmed hat. She saw them and spoke up with authority.

“Where is this place where I and my family are to hide,” she asked him.

“It is right behind me, but you won’t be able to see it because you are Muggles,” he said. He heard Tonks cough and felt her elbow him.

“Your Grace,” she whispered.

Arthur was unsure what she was saying for a few seconds. “I am sorry, your Grace. I can take you through the magical barrier, but it may take some time to get everyone over by Apparition. There is a passageway through the hedgerow but we will need to walk a bit.”

“I don’t see a hedgerow or any place for a safe house. I think we need to get out of here and fast,” said one of the large men. He was reaching inside of his jacket.

“Stand down Herb,” said another of the men. “He isn’t lying. Why don’t you go with him and see what is on the other side of the wards. You may want to Apparate him over and back.”

Arthur looked at this second man.

“He is a squib, Arthur,” said Tonks.

“I am Alastor Moody’s nephew,” he said.

Arthur smiled at him. “Herb, take my arm and get ready for a strange feeling. Whatever you do, don’t let go.”

Arthur turned on the spot and Apparated Herb onto the grounds of Potter Manor. Herb looked rather green. “I am going to ask you a simple question and you must answer it honestly. Do you intend any harm to Harry and Ginny Potter, any of their family, friends, or associates?”

“I don’t know any Harry and Ginny Potter. Why would I want to harm them?” Herb replied.

“Answer the question,” Arthur demanded. He was starting to grow tired of this man.

“No, I don’t intend to harm them,” he said. He suddenly looked around.

“Did you just feel a weight lifted off you?”

“Yeah, what was it?” Herb asked.

“Magic,” Arthur said. “It is time to return.” He offered Herb his arm. The man looked at it with obvious apprehension. He did take it, so Arthur could Apparate him back to the rest of his group.

They appeared in front the group again. Herb was rather green and he held hand on his stomach. Everyone looked at them with inquiring expressions.

“Well, what did you find?” asked the Queen.

Herb looked in the direction of Potter Manor and his eyes widened. “Bloody Hell, it is there.”

“I take that as a yes,” responded the Queen. “What are we waiting for, lead the way young man,” she said to Arthur.

“Yes, everyone will need to hold hands,” Arthur said holding out his hand to the Queen.

She looked at it for a second than grabbed hold of it. “I suppose there is a reason for this?” She stuck out her hand to her husband who in turn grabbed another’s hand. Soon they had a long line of people moving to what would look to a Muggle observer a rocky sea shore with violent wavers crashing against them. One by one the disappeared from view. Soon the entire entourage was gone.

“When you said there was a hedgerow, I had no idea it was this large,” the Queen said the Arthur.

“It has been growing for over four hundred years. It has been maintained by House Elves so it didn’t get too wild.”

“What are House Elves?”

“They are magical servants. In most houses they are nothing more than slaves. Some owners will even kill their House Elves if they see fit. The Potters have for centuries treated their House Elves as equals and employed them. They are one of the few families who even allow the House Elves to eat at the table with them.”

“Your society condones Slavery?” The Queen had stopped walking and made everyone else stop too.

“The section that we are fighting against feel they are superior to all others, including nonmagical and other magical sentient beings. They feel that everyone should serve under them and do not hesitate to kill and torture those who oppose them.”

The Queen looked at him for several seconds. “How long has this been going on?”

“Centuries, more than a thousand years,” said Arthur. He was feeling rather ashamed of the magical community now. “We must make it through the hedgerow. Can we move along, and I will be happy to answer your questions for you.”

Arthur led the long group of people through a hidden passage through the hedgerow and out to an area where they could see the manor house. He heard several gasps behind him. He turned to ask them the security question. “I must ask you a question. Answer it honestly and we can proceed to the house.”

“I don’t think I can walk that far,” said the Queen.

“Answer the question and I will think of something,” said Arthur.

“I need everyone’s attention,” he shouted. “You will need to answer this question before you can continue. Do you intend any harm to Harry and Ginny Potter, any of their family, friends, or associates?”

He almost laughed when several people asked who the Potters were. Eventually, everyone said no to the question. Each person reacted the same way when they answered the question. They all looked around to see what was different. Arthur leaned toward the Queen. “You just felt the magical ward lift off you.”

“Magical ward?” she asked.

“If you had lied and intended to harm anyone in this compound. Well, let’s say bad things would have happened.”

“What, I would be turned into a frog?” she said half joking.

“No the person would either be totally paralyzed or we think in some cases the ground will swallow them up,” he said seriously. The Queen and everyone else around him stared at him with shocked expressions. “We could sort you out, if we would want to, but it won’t cause any serious damage. Now, let’s get you something to make the trip to the manor easier.”

Arthur started cutting pieces of the hedgerow off and transfiguring it into a large carriage that could seat the entire royal family. He smiled at their expressions of shock that he could do such a thing. He had just completed the carriage, when Alastor’s Patronus appeared. It wasn’t for him it was for Tonks.

“Nymphadora, you need to go back to London. I just got a Patronus from Robards. The Death Eaters released Fiendfyre in Parliament.”

The Patronus vaporized leaving a stricken Tonks. “I need to get back Arthur.”

“You be careful, Tonks,” said Arthur, as Tonks Apparated away. The thoughts of anyone trying contain and extinguish Fiendfyre was scary to him.

“What is Fiendfyre?” asked the Queen.

“It is a cursed fire that can’t be extinguished by any means except magic, and even then it is difficult. The worse thing is any burns from the fire can never be healed.”

“That is horrible, who would do such a thing,” exclaimed the Queen. Her eyes looked to be filling with tears.

“Evil people your Grace that is why we are fighting them.” Arthur waved his wand and the carriage moved forward with the entire royal family on it. Their guards and he walked along beside.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Rodolphus Lestrange landed hard on the ground. It had been the longest Portkey trip he had ever taken. His head was spinning and he felt half sick. Form the looks of everyone else in his party they all felt the same. As they all stood up from the ground, the first thing he noticed was the dry heat. There was no way they were in the England. He noticed that the construction was of sandstone, and the buildings looked as if they were in Egypt.

“Where are we?” asked Rabastan.

“I think Egypt,” Rodolphus responded. “It looks deserted. Look around and try to find where the Order has its headquarters.”

“I say we surround this place. It must be their landing area,” said Tormund, one of the newer Death Eaters.

“He has a point brother,” said Rabastan.

“Yes, Tormund, you are right, but in the meantime while we are waiting it would be good to be sure we are not out numbered. There might be a hundred Order members hiding here.”

“The Dark Lord said that there are only about thirty Order Members,” countered Tormund.

Rodolphus thought about eliminating one of their numbers, but his wand might be needed. “If there were only thirty Order members, then where did they get so many to counter us at the Ministry? There had to be about a hundred.”

“You only think there was a hundred because you are a coward,” shouted Tormund.

“How dare you call me a coward,” Rodolphus shouted. “I have gone to Azkaban for the Dark Lord. You have done nothing.”

“Stop it you two,” shouted one of the new recruits. “We have company.”

Rodolphus looked around to see they were surrounded by Goblins. They weren’t the normal looking goblins that one would find in Gringotts, but these ones were wearing plate armor and carrying long handled battle axes. The goblins had formed a circle around them. There were two goblins for each on them.

“Where did these come from?” Rodolphus asked.

“I don’t know we were too busy watching you two argue like an old married couple to pay attention,” said one of the new recruits.

“Leave now or pay the consequences,” shouted Rabastan waving his wand in their direction.

None of the goblins even flinched at his shouting. They acted as though they were not afraid of wizards. “I suggest we teach these goblins who their superiors are,” growled Rabastan.

He along with several other of the Death Eaters stepped towards the goblins. He pointed his wand at one of them and shouted. “Avada Kedavra!”

Nothing happened! None of their wands produced any spells. They each tried again, but again their wands didn’t work. Everyone started trying to cast spells, but none of their wands would produce any magic.

“We need to get out of here,” shouted Rabastan. He turned as though he was Apparating, but he didn’t disappear. “What the hell is happening?” He screamed at Rodolphus.

Rodolphus was confused. It was almost as if magic doesn’t work here. Why would the Order use this as their safe location? The realization hit him as the goblins started to close the circle around them. They were raising their battle axes as they stepped forward.

“Snape knew that he would be killed. This was a trap, the filthy traitor,” Rodolphus said, as the air was filled with screams of wizards and witches.

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