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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Get enough people together during difficult times; tempers will flare up.
Many thanks to Leif for quickly betaing this chapter so quickly.


Harry sat and listened to the updates from everyone. Voldemort had been busy over the past twenty-four hours. It bothered him that so many Muggles had perished in the attacks. He could tell the Muggle authorities around the table were rather irritated that the magical people were not making any plans to stop Voldemort.

“There is nothing we can do at the moment,” said Arthur. “He is surrounded by protectors and hidden in our Ministry or some other location. If you go out and start attacking places randomly than he will lead us into a trap. We must move cautiously.”

“He is killing our people without hesitation and you expect me to sit by and do nothing,” screamed Hopkins. “You tell us what building this bloody Ministry is in and we will make a crater and dust. That will stop this maniac.” Hopkins was now standing up and pounding his fist on the table.

Harry was becoming increasingly irritated at this Hopkins. It was understandable that he was upset that people he may know were in danger, but to suggest what he was saying was completely mental.

“Are you bloody mental,” said Kingsley Shacklebolt putting a voice to Harry’s thoughts. “The Ministry sits in the middle of London. To destroy that building you would kill thousands.”

“We will block off the streets,” shouted Hopkins. “Evacuate the area. It can be done. We have the technology to destroy a single building while leaving the ones all around it standing. Give me the address and within an hour it will be gone.”

“It won’t work,” said Alastor. “I could give you the address and you would never be able to find it. It has Muggle Repelling Charms on it.”

“It must have a street address,” shouted Hopkins. “Give me the address and I will show what can be done.”

“That would be an extremely bad move for the future,” said Remus calmly. “You won’t be able to destroy Voldemort and it will push even more wizards and witches around the world to his beliefs. This mistrust and hatred of Muggles is ancient from a time when witches and wizards were put to death. You destroy the Ministry and anyone who was not inclined to follow him will become a staunch supporter.

“The only thing we can do at the present time is capture his followers and frustrate him,” said Kingsley. “Hopefully, he will make a mistake and we can use it to stop him.”

“All the while he and your kind will be killing my friends and you expect me to do nothing,” Hopkins said. He was now standing up and pacing back and forth.

“We are trying to formulate a plan that can save everyone,” Harry finally said. “The thing you need to understand is that you cannot kill him. It is impossible.”

“Hah, stop this..,” Hopkins had reached for his gun. His hand was wrapped around the handle of the gun and it was partially pulled from its holster, but Hopkins had stopped there. It was obvious to Harry that he was petrified by a spell. He had seen a slight flash as Hopkins froze. Hopkins’s eyes were moving around frantically and yet he stood there motionless.

“Good spell work Harry, you didn’t even use a wand,” said Arthur, who had his wand halfway drawn.

“I didn’t cast the Charm. Did any of you?” Harry asked the sorcerers around the table. They all looked at each other. “If none of you did, then who cast it?”

“I think it was the house,” said Ginny. “He was going to shoot you. That would be a violation of the promise ‘to not harm a Potter’.”

Clyde was looking at his fellow security guard. “Can you reverse it?”

“I have no idea, maybe if I tried Finite Incantatum,” Harry said. He noticed that Hopkins seemed to flinch slightly before becoming frozen again.

“He was going to harm you, Harry. I say leave him frozen there the rest of the war,” she said to him through his thoughts.

Harry smiled at Ginny’s comment. It was obvious that Hopkins had lost control of his emotions. He must have thought that he was faster than magic. The problem is that the other security guards were getting irritated that their fellow guard was now frozen in place. There were more guards calling for freeing Hopkins from the spell. Moody had no sympathy for the irrational git.

“Let him stand there,” shouted Moody. “He was going to pull his gun to harm Harry. He swore an oath not to try to harm Harry and his friends and family. We don’t need traitors like him.”

“Hopkins wasn’t a traitor,” shouted a large ruddy looking guard. He was so large that he probably didn’t need a gun. “Our fellow Brits are dying out there and you expect us to just laugh it off.”

“You blokes have no clue what you are facing,” shouted Moody right back.

“We killed several of your invincible magical folks. We can easily kill some more,” the ruddy guard shouted back.

“You caught Voldemort’s followers by surprise. You won’t do that again. He is far too smart to make the same mistake twice.”

“I don’t believe you,” shouted the ruddy guard. The other guards were now standing up and all calling the ruddy guard, Mike, and telling him how right he was.

“What is going on here,” said a soft voice. It cut through the mayhem and all the Muggle guards stopped shouting and they all stood at attention. The Queen walked into the map room. She moved slowly as she looked around. Her eyes finally fell upon Hopkins.

“What is wrong with Hopkins?”

“He tried pull a gun on Harry, and the Charms on the House froze him in place,” Arthur said calmly.

“Can you defrost him?” The Queen was standing right in front of the statue staring at Hopkins. She touched him with her index finger. “He is still warm.”

“He is petrified, your Highness,” Harry said, as he bowed his head to the Queen. He had seen pictures of her and also the occasional glance on the telly. He never imagined that she would be standing in front of him.

She turned from the Petrified Hopkins to stare at him. Ginny was still sitting there staring at the Queen. He tugged at Ginny’s sleeve, but Ginny didn’t bow to the Queen.

“Pardon my rudeness, but who are you two?” the Queen asked.

“I am Ginny Potter and this is my husband, Harry,” Ginny said casually and she stood and extended her hand to the Queen.

To Harry and everyone else’s shock the Queen shook Ginny’s hand. “Pleased to meet you, but I must say I was expecting you to be older. You may rise Harry Potter. Why did you bow to me? I was told that your society doesn’t recognize my status.”

Harry stood up. His face must have been a bright red, because it felt warm. “I was raised in my Aunt’s house. They are Mu- nonmagical.”

“Your relatives are Muggles?” the Queen asked with apparent surprise.

Harry was shocked that she knew what a Muggle was.

“I have learned a great deal about your society from Mr. Weasley.” She nodded towards Arthur. “Now that you are here, I would like to ask two favors from you. First is to restore Hopkins. I know he has a hothead at times, but I feel much safer with him around me. He is extremely loyal to a fault.”

She sat down across from Harry and stared at him.

“I didn’t Petrify him. The blood wards did, when he tried to pull the gun on me. As long as he intends me harm, he will remain Petrified.”

The Queen raised an eyebrow at him. “Interesting, if I were to command him to not harm you and adhere to the oath we had to swear could you unfreeze him?”

Harry wasn’t sure. That sounded almost too simple. “I could try?”

“Very well,” She turned on the chair that she was sitting in and stared at Hopkins. “I command you as your regent to not intend harm to Harry Potter or any of his family and friends. Hopkins, if you want to be unfrozen, you need to obey.”

Harry stared at the Petrified guard. “Finite Incantatum.” Hopkins almost fell as the spell released him. He caught himself before he fell to the floor.

“Thank you, Mr. Potter. Now the second thing won’t be so easy,” said the Queen. “How can we capture this Voldemort and put an end to this war.”

Harry dropped his eyes so he was staring at the table. How do you stop and destroy someone who was immortal? He was extremely intelligent and cunning; a true Slytherin. “I am not sure. We were working on something, but his overthrow of the Ministry changed that plan.”

“We are working on another plan,” Ginny said brightly as she grabbed his hand.

He looked at her out of shock. Everyone must have noticed, because there was a smattering of laughter in the room.

“What is this new plan?” asked the Queen politely.

“It is still in the early stages, so it wouldn’t do any good to announce it until we get all the details,” Ginny said confidently.

“Your Grace, they have no plan and don’t want to formulate a plan,” Hopkins said.

The Queen looked at them. “Is that true? Are you lying to me?”

Ginny glared at Hopkins. “No! I am not lying to you. I need to do some research, but I think I have discovered a way of defeating him. It won’t be easy and will probably cost some of us our lives, but we must defeat him.”

Hopkins snorted at Ginny’s comment. Harry was again irritated with him. The Queen didn’t seem to be pleased with Ginny’s statement, as she stared at her.

“You think you can come in here and insult my sister and her husband,” shouted Bill at Hopkins. “What the hell do you know about us or any of this? We have been battling this for years to protect your society. You want to face off with a couple of wizards. I, Sirius, and Remus will take you on. You can use your bloody guns. They won’t do you any good.”

“William Weasley,” Arthur hissed at his son.

“Oh aren’t you bloody brave,” scoffed Hopkins. “Three against one…,”

“No,” shouted Alastor. “Two of us against all of you. Sirius, are you up for a bit of fun. Bill, the wards would activate if you joined in.”

Harry was staring at the Queen. “Are you going to let this happen?” he asked her.

“I was going to ask you the same thing, Mr. Potter. My guards are the best fighters in the land. We have already killed several of these dangerous wizards. I would think that you would be afraid for your friends.”

Harry was surprised at the Queen’s response. “Mad-eye, no Crucio or Avada Kedavra. Are you going to have this fight on these grounds?”

“I will create a bubble where they can duel without the wards activating,” said Bill. Everyone was getting up to leave the room. The room was filled with energy at the possibility of a battle.

Harry was getting irritated at the Muggle authorities. He was going to tell Sirius to sit this battle out so he could join in, but Ginny caught his arm.

“No! Don’t show off,” she told him rather bluntly. “I have confidence that Mad-eye and Padfoot can give them a good demonstration. I need to go upstairs. Xenon is being fussy for Mum. I think he is hungry.”

Ginny disappeared in front of Harry. He was wondering how she knew about Xenon being fussy and was going to ask her, but her Apparating inside of the manor shocked him. They could never do that before. He looked around and saw Arthur looking at him in shock.

“Xenon is hungry,” he said over the crowd.

Arthur waited for Harry to reach him. “I thought you couldn’t…,”

“I didn’t think we could either,” he said. “We never could before.”

“Master Potter, Master Potter,” said an anxious Phillipe. The head House Elf from France was chasing Harry down through the throng of sorcerers and Muggles. “You are needed in France, Master Potter.”

“Not now Phillipe…,”

“She is most upset, Master Potter. She says that she has information that is most important,” Phillipe said frantically. “Phillipe said that it may take some time for Master Potter to return, but she insisted that you or Mistress Potter talk to her. She refuses to take any Potions.”

“Who Phillipe? Who is acting like this?”

“She won’t give her name Master Potter. Please forgive me, she is upsetting the other patients. Nurse Pomfrey insisted that I come and get you.”

Harry watched as everyone was walking out the front door. He wanted to make sure that Sirius and Mad-eye were going to be alright. However, there was someone needing to talk to him in France. It was someone with a Portkey. He had no choice now. He had to go to France. With a sigh of disappointment, he walked towards the stairwell that led to the transportation vault.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny appeared in her Mum’s room with barely a pop.

“No?” screeched her Mum as she clutched Xenon tighter to her chest. Her Mum had turned and made a lunge towards her wand without looking at Ginny.

“Mum, it is me. I think Xenon needs fed.”

Her Mum turned around and looked at Ginny. “How did you Apparate into here? I thought that was impossible.”

Ginny had just actually realized what she had done. She knew Xenon was hungry from two floors below and Apparated up here when she wanted to come to him. “I am not sure. I knew that Xenon was hungry and I came up here.” She stopped and thought a little more about what just happened. “I didn’t even turn. I just wanted to come up here and here I am.” She snapped her fingers to show how fast it happened. It reminded her of how some of the House Elves snap their fingers when they Apparate. A thought just occurred to her. Had the other Xenon transferred more powers to her than just his ability to heal with magic and the ability to read Atlantian?”

She took her son from her Mum and sat down in the rocking chair. It only took her a couple of seconds to get Xenon to start feeding.

“You have learned how to do that so quickly,” her Mum said with pride.

“It is only natural,” Ginny said.

“Yes, it is but many new mothers take a long time to become comfortable with it.” Her Mum had turned to look out the window to give them a little privacy. “What is Bill doing out there with everyone else?”

Ginny snorted at the question. “Those ruddy Muggles are accusing us of being afraid of Voldemort.”

“We have good reason to be,” Her Mum said quickly.

“They think we should march right into the Ministry and kill him. They also think they could drop a bomb on the Ministry and destroy it and kill everyone inside of it.”

“Kill everyone inside of the Ministry!” shouted her Mum. “That is murder.”

“They believe it will end the war and destroy Voldemort. They feel we are not acting fast enough to stop the deaths. Mad-eye basically told them they didn’t know what they were talking about and the bomb idea wouldn’t work. It started a big argument and now Mad-eye and Sirius are going to duel against all the Muggle guards.”

“What did their Queen say about this duel?”

“She seemed to have agreed with her guards. I hope no one gets hurt. There is one guard that I don’t trust.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Sirius watched as Bill finished creating the opening in the wards. He cast one more spell marking the circular area.

Mad-eye laid his hand on his shoulder. “You remember your training?”

“Yeah, I do. I used it to start teaching Harry and Ginny.”

“Good,” Mad-eye whispered. “We will use technique number seven for being outnumbered, but instead of retreating we will attack.”

Sirius thought about what technique number seven was for several seconds. It suddenly returned to him. It was a brilliant plan. “Yeah, that will give them a taste of what magic can do.”

“You two can get more help, or we cannot use guns,” shouted Hopkins. “It hardly seems fair or smart to kill two of our allies. There is no way you can defend yourself against us.”

“Uncle, are you sure you don’t want us to go and get training gear?” asked Clyde.

“I am so sure that I’ll even allow you all to surround us and raise your guns at us in the middle of this circle,” said Moody.

Sirius smiled at Moody’s suggestion. He saw several start to do that, but Hopkins shouted at them. “Don’t do that. It is a trap. They can disappear and reappear. They are hoping we shoot each other. We will form a straight line right here at the edge of the opening.”

As the guards were moving to where Hopkins was placing them. He smiled at Moody. “I bet you thought you could lure us into a trap didn’t you.”

“You are a smart one you are,” shouted Moody back at the arrogant guard. He leaned to Sirius. “Same plan, only we don’t have to worry about them seeing our spells. Get ready I suspect he won’t give us any warning before he fires.”

Hopkins looked at the line of guards. “Ready,” he shouted to them all, and they raised their pistols. He waited several seconds, before saying the second command. “Aim!”

Sirius was ready, because he saw the look in Hopkins’s eye. The guard started firing before he said “Fire”. Alastor was right about the git. It wasn’t a problem, because he was ready. A large piece of turf turned itself up vertically between them and the guards. Sirius had actually loosened it and had it hanging there ready to be Levitated.

As soon as, he Levitated the turf. Moody cast a Duro Charm on it turning it into a slab of stone. The bullets ricocheted harmlessly off it. Moody and he quickly cast Dissillusionment Charms on themselves and Apparated away.

Sirius adjusted his location because of the way the guards were aligned. It would have been harder for them to do this had the guards been in a circle. He landed between the two outer guards. Moody had landed on the other end. The guards were actually in a straight line. Sirius Stunned the two guards beside him. He quickly went down the line. The guards were so focused on firing through the stone slab that they didn’t noticed their companions dropping to the ground until there were only three of them left.

Hopkins and Clyde tried to dive out of the way of the Stunners, but Moody and he were too fast and accurate for them. Seeing that all the guards were Stunned, Sirius and Moody dropped the Disillusionment Charms.

“Ten seconds, Black,” shouted Moody. “I was hoping for five.”

“There was no way,” Sirius shouted back at him. The sound of cheering reached Sirius’s ears. He looked around and saw the Order members were cheering their easy victory. After waving to everyone, he started Ennervating the fallen guards. He and Moody met in the middle. The guards were all stumbling around groggy from being Stunned.

“You were lucky,” complained Hopkins. The other guards looked at him. “You knew when we were going to attack.”

“You were lucky. We waited for you. The next time Death Eaters attack your troops, they won’t be as gentle as we were. You think this is bad. There is a spell called the Entrail Expelling Charm. The name describes it well. It was created for cooks to process animals, but it can also be used on humans with terrifying results. There are many more Curses and Spells that can be used against you. If you want to fight with us against Voldemort. You will need to learn about these things and understand how to recognize them and defend against them.”

As Moody was talking he had turned to address all of the guards. His back was to Hopkins. Sirius couldn’t see Hopkins clearly, but he saw him raising his pistol and aiming it at Moody’s back.

“No,” Clyde screamed before the retort of the gun was heard. Moody fell forward and Sirius had a clear shot at Hopkins. With a swipe of his wand, he knocked Hopkins’s gun and hand up in the air where the next bullet fired harmlessly into the air. He wanted to make an example out of this git. He silently cast the Imperius Curse.

“Moody, are you all right,” Sirius shouted. He looked down when he realized the Curse had taken affect. Hopkins was standing there staring forward with a blank expression.

“Clyde,” screamed Moody ignoring Sirius. “Clyde, hold on. I’ll get you to some help.”

Sirius stared at Clyde. There was blood coming from his mouth and he was barely breathing. It looked as if the bullet had punctured his left lung. “Go I got things here,” Sirius barely said, before Moody had activated his emergency Portkey.

With Moody and Clyde gone, Sirius returned his attention the git that created all these problems, Hopkins. He was still standing there with a blank expression on his face. “All right, it is time to deal with you,” Sirius said as he stepped towards Hopkins.

“Stop where you are at,” said a guard from behind Sirius. “Whatever you did to Hopkins, undo it, or I will blow your ugly head off.”

“Don’t you idiots ever learn,” Sirius sighed. He could feel the guard’s gun at the back of his head.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry arrived in France. He didn’t want to be here, but he also wanted to find out what this woman had to say. As he was walking through the last room before the infirmary, he realized he didn’t have any guards with him. What if this was a trap? His wand quickly leapt into his hand. He must be careful. Opening the doors to the infirmary, he saw the woman pacing by a group of children all huddled together.

The lady was tall with long dark hair. She wore older clothes that reminded Harry of what the Weasley’s wore. The children all turned to look at him. They appeared to be all under the age of eleven. Two of them resembled the woman, but the other two looked different with reddish blond hair. The children reminded him of someone.

“Harry Potter?” asked the woman. She started towards him.

Harry was going to raise his wand, but Phillipe created a shield blocking the woman’s path. She stopped abruptly and looked around. She didn’t pull her wand or try to do anything openly aggressive. He was wondering who she was, because he doesn’t remember creating a Portkey for her.

“Who are you?” he asked her.

“I-I am Marie Cattermole,” she said. “My husband gave me this hairclip and said if the family is ever in danger to gather everyone together and break the clip. It would Portkey me to someplace safe.

“Reg hasn’t been home since he —he took over the Ministry. I was so afraid for Reg when I heard the Ministry had fallen. He didn’t come home, but I couldn’t wait any longer for him. I had to get my children out to make sure they were safe. The Dark Lord is demanding that all children must report to the Ministry for training. He wants to turn our children into little Death Eaters.

“Please you must help me. Please tell me that you can get Reg out of the Ministry. If you make another Portkey and take me back to England. I could give it to Reg and we could both be safe. Please, I am worried for my husband. The children are crying for their Father. Please help me,” she broke down in tears.

Harry stared at the hair clip that she held in her hands. He remembered making it. Reg had told him that he wasn’t much of a fighter, and if the Dark Lord took over the Ministry. There would be no way he could get out, but he wanted his wife and children to be safe. Harry admired this otherwise mousy man. He knew there was a chance that he would become a victim of the war, even if hadn’t joined the Order. He wanted his loved ones to be safe, even though he may suffer for it.

“Your husband knew this might happen. He wanted you and his children to be safe above his own safety. He could have had me create a Portkey that he wore, but he chose the hair clip because it would guarantee his loved ones’ safety. I could make another Portkey, but getting to him could tip off the Ministry that he is involved with the Order. It might be safer for him if we didn’t try to get a Portkey to him. I am sorry, Marie. Your husband is a very brave and loving father and husband.”

She hung her head and cried. Harry felt helpless standing there watching her cry. He was curious if there was other information that she could share with him, but he didn’t want to ask her in her present state. Her children came over and sat around her and tried to comfort her. He looked at Phillipe and he dropped the protective barrier.

“I am sorry about your husband, but you are welcome to stay here until we all can return to England safely. Why don’t you get something to eat and find a room to stay in? Phillipe can help you with that.”

Marie looked up at him with red swollen eyes. “Thank you. We are sorry to be a bother.”

“No bother at all. Tell Phillipe what your favorite foods are and he can have the kitchens send them up to you.”

The children all looked excited at the prospect at getting their favorite foods. The youngest seemed to have even forgotten his mother and was begging for pudding.

“How can I ever repay you,” Marie asked.

“There is no need to think about that. Your husband has been helping us with this war.”

“Reg?” she asked obviously surprised. “He hates violence.”

“He told us that. He was helpful in letting us know what was going on in the Ministry.”

“My Reg was a spy against the corrupt Ministry?” she asked in awe. “I don’t believe it.”

“Yes, he was.” Harry saw a possible way of getting further information from her. “Was there anything else that you wanted to tell me about what Voldemort is doing?”

She looked at him. “He is also asking that all magical citizens report to the Ministry tomorrow morning.”

“Is that to bring their children?”

She looked at him for several seconds. “No, I know several older people who received a summons. Their children are all grown.” She stopped talking and stared at her children for several seconds. Her complexion seemed to turn ashen. Turning back to Harry, she whispered so her children couldn’t hear. “There are rumors that Voldemort is demanding all magical citizens’ pledge their fealty to him. Anyone who doesn’t will be hunted down by Fenrir Greyback and his pack. I was too afraid that I would be detained if I went to the Ministry. I am Muggle born.”

Harry stared at this scared woman. If Voldemort was using Greyback and his pack of werewolves to hunt down dissenters, then the Weasley children traveling from Hogwarts would be in terrible danger.

“Thank you for telling me about that. We will have to plan on a way to stop the werewolves, or at least Greyback.”

There was a loud thud beside Harry. He jumped back as two people appeared beside him.

“Poppy! We need your help,” screamed Moody. He was sitting on the floor clutching onto his nephew Clyde. Clyde was pale and had blood on his face and his clothing.

“Poppy!” screamed Moody again.

“Just a minute, I am attending another patient,” Madam Pompfrey shouted from the other side of the infirmary.

“I don’t have a bloody minute,” Moody shouted back at her.

Two House Elves that worked as assistants in the infirmary appeared beside Moody. They looked at Clyde in Alastor’s arms and grabbed the injured man and disappeared with him Leaving Moody sitting there. “What the hell…,” yelled Moody.

Harry could see the House Elves reappear further down the ward. They were getting Clyde ready for an examination by Poppy. “Don’t worry they are taking good care of Clyde. What happened?”

“That Hopkins tried to shoot me in the back and Clyde jumped in front of the bullet. You need to get back there and kick all those Muggles out. They act like we are there to serve them and do their bidding.”

“What did the Queen have to say about this?”

“I didn’t wait around to hear what the old bird had to say. She seemed to like that Hopkins. She ain’t my Queen. I don’t serve no ruddy Queen. You need to kick them out.”

Harry had helped Moody get off the floor while listening to him. “I’ll go back and try to sort all of this out.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Arthur glared at the Muggle Queen. She stood there staring out at one of her guards holding a gun to Sirius’s head after another had tried to shoot Alastor in the back. Clyde had jumped in front of the bullet to protect his Uncle. The Queen didn’t seem to react to any of what just happened.

“Are you just going to stand there and not tell your men to stand down?” Arthur asked her in disbelief. “Mr Ferndock had been shot, and you don’t even care about him?”

“I care Mr. Weasley. It’s just…,”

The Queen didn’t finish her sentence because Ginny had suddenly appeared beside her on the other side opposite of Arthur.

“Why are you just standing there,” Ginny hissed at the Queen. “You are here because of Clyde. That wizard that has a gun held against his head is Harry’s godfather. If he is killed you will be lucky if Harry just kicks you off the property.”

Arthur stared at his daughter. She was still feeding Xenon and had a long flannel cover the baby’s head and the left side of her chest. The Queen stood there staring straight out the window at the standoff on the lawn.

“Are you just going to stand there?”

“I thought your wizards were invincible, and yet, you are afraid of this Voldemort. Why is that, and don’t lie to me anymore. I can always tell when someone is lying,” the Queen said with a rather bored voice.

Arthur was finally angry at the Muggle Queen. He went to open his mouth, but Ginny cut him off.

“We are afraid because we know how powerful he is,” shouted Ginny. Xenon fussed under the flannel.

“Your baby needs attended to,” the Queen said rather dismissively.

Arthur looked at his daughter. She had a look on her face that made him afraid for the Queen.

“If you want your guards to duel against each other to their death, then you can go right ahead. We don’t do that in our society. I can’t imagine standing here watching someone getting hurt without ever displaying any emotion towards them. I am starting to wonder if we should be preventing Voldemort from wiping out your society. It might create an improvement.”

“Ginny,” Arthur said her name trying to stop her from offending the Queen any further than she already had.

“Understand that here you are nothing,” Ginny said to the queen. “Beyond these wards you are a Queen. We don’t recognize your authority here. You want to have people duel to the death, then we will send you off to your old palace. You can resume your duties as the head of state.”

“Why do you say that Voldemort can’t be killed?” the Queen asked Ginny.

“Because he can’t. He has Horcruxes planted in various areas of England.”

“What in the world are Horcruxes?” asked the Queen.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Sirius stood there waiting for the man to shoot him. He just hoped that the big brute of a man was not slow on the pickup. He didn’t want to kill him. The last thing he wanted to explain to Harry how this demonstration ended in a blood bath. If only those two ruddy Muggles were more accepting of them.

“Why are you blokes doing this?” Sirius asked the guard holding the gun pointed at his head. “Mike, that’s your name isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s my name,” said Mike. “Hopkins and I don’t trust you and your friends. You exist in OUR country without OUR knowledge. Now you make your presence known. You blokes may be the actual enemy.”

“If we are the enemy than you are being bloody stupid,” shouted Bill Weasley. “You are surrounded and you may be able to kill one or two of us, but all of you will die.”

“Bill,” shouted Sirius. “He has a gun pointed at my head. I really want to see my promise through.”

“Afraid to die, coward,” mocked Mike. “I am not afraid to give my life for my Queen.”

“You realize Mike that if you do this the Queen and the royal family will be left unprotected,” said another one of the guards. “You will be failing to do your duty, because you will actually be endangering the Queen and the royal family, so lower your weapon.”

Sirius looked up at Hopkins. He had never put anyone under the Imperius Curse before to do harm, so he wasn’t sure if this would work.

“Mike lower your weapon and walk away,” said Hopkins with a listless voice.

“Hopkins,” said Mike with surprise in his voice. “Are you all right?”

“Lower your weapon,” said Hopkins again, while raising his handgun to point it at Mike. “Now, Mike.”

Sirius could sense Mike moving the gun away from his head. He dove for the ground and started to roll over to Stun the guard. He saw flashes of red above him and Mike falling to the ground. He quickly tried to stop Hopkins from shooting the Stunned guard. When he stood up, he was glad to see that Hopkins had lowered his weapon.

Bill was running to him, while the other guards were restraining Mike. It appeared that the threat was over. He looked over at Hopkins and had him drop his weapon and walk towards the other guards before kneeling down and placing his hands on his head.

“Could you tie him up before I release my spell,” Sirius shouted at the other guards. Two of them looked at Sirius with puzzled expressions before securing Hopkins’s hands behind his back. Sirius canceled the Imperius Curse. Hopkins immediately started shouting and screaming at him demanding to know what he did to him.

“Imperius Curse?” asked Bill.”

“What did you do to Hopkins?” asked the one guard that had taken control of the situation.

“It’s called an Imperius Curse. I had complete control of Hopkins’s mind. If I wanted him to kill the Queen, he would have done it. Unless you are very strong magically and have experience with being put under the curse, you have no defense against it. I imagine Voldemort’s followers will use it the next time he confronts your soldiers. It would be easy to cast from a distance and have several of your own soldiers start killing the others around him.”

The guard a middle-aged man with a dark rugged look and salt and pepper hair shook his head in disbelief. “I guess there is a lot of things we need to learn about fighting wizards.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry was a bundle of nerves as he stepped out of the transportation vault. He had been getting a wide variety of emotions from Ginny over the past fifteen minutes. Ginny’s emotions went into overdrive at the same time that Moody showed up with Clyde. He could only assume that Clyde getting shot coincided with Ginny’s anger. If Harry wasn’t so concerned about what had happened with the Muggle guards, her emotional swings would have been rather funny. They went from being blissfully happy, to frustrated and confused, to absolute anger. She did not speak directly to him, so he must assume that her mind was preoccupied with the events at the manor. There was also the possibility that there was too much distance between them to communicate through their bond.

“Master Potter,” exclaimed the House Elf, Jamison. “We has problems…,”

“I know the Muggles are not being very cooperative,” he said cutting off the House Elf.

“No Master Potter, the guests were being bad, but it is the goblins. They came to do battle.”

“Goblins? How did they get in here past the wards?”

“They came likes you did,”

Harry picked up his pace even more. He was running up three steps at a time to the main floor. Why would Grins be coming to do battle. If he was coming to join Harry in the fight against Voldemort, Jamison wouldn’t be so concerned. If he wanted to hurt anyone who was under the blood ward protections, then he would be immobilized. Jamison ran even faster than him and led the way through the hidden door to the entrance hall of the manor. Harry stopped running at what he saw.

There in the middle of the hall was a ring of fully armed Goblins. The outer ring were the trained guard goblins. They were kneeling while holding their long handled battle axes outward forming a ring of razor sharp steel. Inside of their circle stood a fully armored Grins Gringotts. He was standing there looking even more intimidating than Harry had ever seen before. He also held a battle ax in his one hand. As Harry took all this in, the front door opened and Sirius and Bill led the Order and Muggle guards into the building. They all stopped at the sight of the Goblins. Bill looked panicked. Harry turned his attention to the staircase as he felt Ginny walking down the staircase. She was accompanied by the Queen, her parents, and she was carrying Xenon.

“Harry Potter, the Head of the House of Potter, I demand that justice be served,” shouted Grins Gringotts. “I demand the lives of forty sorcerers in return for the lives of the forty goblins that were killed under our employment.”

Harry stared at the head of the Gringotts family. Order members were talking to his left and he could hear Bill trying to quiet them. He went to say something to them.

“Don’t look away from him, Harry,” Ginny’s voice said in his head. “Remember everything that Bill taught us about Goblins and their sense of justice. You show weakness or say the wrong thing and we could have them as an enemy.”

Harry did remember the lessons with Bill about dealing with Goblins. Their sense of justice was cruel and final. He knew that Grins would not be content until forty witches or wizards died at the hands of goblins. He also knew that it could start a second war within his society. He had to be very careful with what he said. Goblins take verbal commitments as seriously as written contracts.

“What say you, Head of the House of Potter,” shouted Grins.

“What Goblins were killed under your employment?” he asked Grins. His entire insides were a bundle of nerves. Generations of peaceful coexistence was at risk with every word he said. He spoke with Grins on several occasions over the past several years, but he had Bill to guide him before the meetings. He was on his own and a possible war with the goblins was resting on his every word. He just hoped that Grins couldn’t sense his fear.

“The Dark forces attacked our bank,” said Grins. His cold dark eyes showed anger as he spoke. “They demanded that we submit to the them and hand over control of the bank to them. When we refused, the cowards started killing unarmed goblins, before we could get the armed guards to protect us. They now control the building above ground. We retreated to the caves to defend ourselves and to protect the vaults. They are still fighting to get through our wards. Soon they will break through our wards and drive us from our caves.

“They killed forty of our clerks and accountants. They did this in violation of our treaties. I demand that we have the right to seek justice upon the magical community. I come to you because of the ancestral vow between our families and our alliance with the bank. The goblins that were killed were also your employees. Are you going to allow justice to be served? A life for a life is the goblin law. What say you?”

Harry took a deep breath before speaking. He had to speak to Grins and try to keep him from killing forty innocent people. He was so nervous.

“The act of these dark wizards and witches was a violation of both goblin and the laws of sorcerers. Justice must be done. Is it justice to kill people who are not responsible for the deaths. It was not the entire society of wizards and witches that caused the death of our employees, but a group that I am fighting against. Join forces with us to fight this dark force and you will have justice.”

“A death during a battle is not the same as a death without means to defend one self, Master Potter.”

“I realize that, but if the Goblins wage war against magical society, it will weaken my forces to defeat the dark forces. The same dark forces that killed the unarmed goblins. We must join together to become stronger than our foes and defeat them. That will be the only way a peaceful justice will be reached.”

“What of the forty lives taken outside of battle, Master Potter. You have not accounted for them. They need to be avenged.”

“When we win this war, the goblins may have their vengeance on the unjust. It is your right to have vengeance.”

“The dark forces are still trying to enter the vaults of our bank. If you want us as allies, you must send forces to help us in this battle,” Grins demanded.

“I shall do that, Grins Gringotts Head of the House of Gringotts. Do we have an agreement?”

“Yes, we shall join forces and fight together. We will wait for the final outcome to seek our vengeance. I shall return to the caves now. I will leave four of my guards by the vault here. Each one has the ability to operate the vault to bring our forces into the caves. I shall expect them within the hour.”

“Good job, Harry,” said Ginny through their bond. “Bill was looking nervous until the end.”

The guard goblins raised their battle axes and stood up. They filed out in two columns with Gins walking between them. Harry watched as they left. As soon as they disappeared, Bill approached him.

“I will take about fifteen Order members with me to the vaults,” he said quickly. “Good job in dealing with Grins. I was nervous that we would be at war with the goblins.”

“So was I,” Harry said. “Do you think fifteen will be enough to stop them?”

“Actually, there are some traps that I learned in Egypt that I want to try. I may be able to stop them by myself, but Grins won’t be happy with just one wizard. He will expect a group of us.”

“All right, you take care of that, and thanks for all those lessons about Goblin culture,” he grabbed Bills shoulder.

“Thanks for remembering them, Harry Potter Head of the House of Potter,” Bill said with a smile on his face. He knew Harry didn’t like to be reminded of his title.

“Prat,” he said to his brother-in-law as he walked away.

Harry looked at the two Muggle guards that were restrained. He needed to find out what had happened here and decide what he needed to do about it. He didn’t like the idea that two guards had to be restrained or that the Queen had spoken for the one guard.

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