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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Voldemort declares his intentions to the British magical community.
Many thanks to Leif for work on this chapter.


Harry took Xenon from Ginny. She had just finished feeding their baby. It seemed like the only thing he did was eat, sleep, and fill nappies. Harry was always given the privilege of gassing the baby after he was done eating. Ginny told him it was a perfect opportunity to bond with his son. He was sure it was so Ginny didn’t have to Scourgify her back when Xenon spit up. He didn’t mind too much, because he could hold his son.

Harry and Ginny looked towards the door, as someone softly knocked on it. “Did I hear my grandson awake,” said Arthur from the other side of the door. It was nearly four-thirty in the morning, and he was obviously listening.

“Yes, Dad you can come in and hold him,” Ginny said with a laugh.

It was decided that Harry and Ginny would return to Egypt so she could continue researching the magic of the Atlanteans. Harry wanted to reach an agreement with the goblins there to act as jailers for the people they captured. He just hoped that they could destroy Voldemort before They filled his Egyptian manor with Dark Wizards. The most important thing would be to ensure they don’t destroy the library.

“Here, it should be safe now,” Harry said, while handing his son to Arthur. He looked over his left shoulder and saw a trail of spit up down his back. That flannel that Ginny gave him was not big enough. With a wave of his wand he cleaned his back up. Ginny came over and Scourgified another place lower on his robes.

“Does this boy get anything to eat?” asked Arthur. “It looks as if he just spits it all back out.”

“Trust me Dad, he has the Weasley appetite,” said Ginny slightly mournfully.

Arthur sat down in the high backed rocking chair. He pulled Xenon snug up to his chest and started rocking. Harry walked over to the settee by the fireplace and sat down. Ginny came over and sat beside him. She leaned against his side. It felt funny to him. A week ago he felt complete sitting like this with Ginny, now he could actually feel the absence of their son. He started getting jealous of Arthur holding him.

“You will have plenty of time to hold him later on today,” Ginny said to him through their bond.

“I just don’t feel complete anymore with just you sitting beside me…,”

“Oh, I am not enough for you anymore, Mr. Potter?”

Harry could feel that she was taking the mickey out of him. “Yes, you are but there is more to our family now.”

“Yes, there is.”

The feeling of contentment from Ginny washed over him like a warm ocean breeze. There was love here like he never known existed before she came into his life. Now that her family had come to accept him and love him too, he couldn’t ask for anything more in life. If only there wasn’t a Voldemort in the world.

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Mr. Weasley, you are requested to go to the map room,” said a nervous messenger from the other side of the door.

Arthur looked at the sleeping baby on his chest and up at Ginny. It was obvious he didn’t want to move. If he had his choice, he would spend all day holding and rocking babies to sleep.

“I guess bring him,” Ginny said to her father. “If Moody starts shouting and wakes him, he will have to rock him to sleep.”

Arthur’s face turned red as he tried to suppress a laugh. Alastor Moody the famous Auror who had captured more Dark Wizards than any other Auror was afraid of babies. He almost ran in fear from Xenon when Arthur had handed him to Moody.

As quietly as they could, they all left the bedroom suite and headed down to the map room. Molly was waiting for them in the hallway. She tried to take the baby from Arthur, but he refused.

“You will be getting plenty of time in Egypt while Ginny is researching. It is my turn now,” Arthur whispered to his wife.

Molly smiled at him and didn’t say anything else. Harry was wondering why they were all called to the map room. They met Sirius and Remus halfway down the stairs. No one said anything since most of the rest of the house was sleeping.

They walked into the map room and saw Bill Weasley sitting there holding a large glass of what looked like Firewhiskey. He looked exhausted and dirty, but he was smiling. Ginny was the first to gasp and grab Harry’s arm. He hadn’t noticed what Bill had sitting in front of him on a table: Helga Hufflepuff’s cup.

“Courtesy of the Gringotts,” Bill said raising his glass.

His voice was too loud as Xenon fussed and squirmed in Arthur’s arms. Molly glared at her eldest son and crossed her lips with her finger to tell him to be quiet.

“Congratulations, Bill,” Harry whispered.

Ginny reached out with her right hand and drew it down over Xenon’s body while still in Arthur’s arms. As she did, a shimmering shield went up over him. “There we can talk now,” she said aloud.

“What did you do?” whispered Molly. “Can Arthur move his arms?”

“The shield blocks sound, and it is rooted to Xenon. You can set him down if he is too heavy for you, Dad.”

“It won’t harm him, will it? Where did you learn this spell?” Arthur asked.

“Oh that…,” Ginny stopped talking.

An image showed up in Harry’s mind. It was a tall elegant elf casting the same charm over a young baby so it could peacefully sleep. It was in a building constructed of the same white marble that made up the Atlantean library.

“That’s elf magic,” he told them. They all stared at Ginny.

“I am sorry. It just comes naturally to me now,” Ginny said apologetically.

“Don’t apologize Ginny,” said Remus. “You have been given a great gift. Bill, I want to know how you got the cup and is it a Horcux?”

“It is a Horcrux. Grins personally opened the Lestrange vault for me and there it was on a high shelf in the back.”

“I didn’t think Goblins were allowed to do that,” said Arthur.

“The Lestranges and all the families who are following Voldemort have now given up the right of protection from the goblins. They are now the goblins sworn enemy. All previous agreements are null and void….” Bill told them about the battle that had lasted all night.

He had set up one ward in front of the attacking dark wizards, and then Apparated around behind them and set up another ward. He essentially trapped them between two deadly wards. Macnair had led the attack. Bill couldn’t recognize many of Voldemort’s followers. The trick was to get the ward in front of the dark wizards to collapse temporarily to only reestablish itself in another location five minutes later. It was a block that Bill had run into in Egypt. Many Curse Breakers died because they thought they had dropped the ward only to walk into it a few minutes later. The fighting lasted most of the night. It had only finished up about an hour ago. Bill had asked Grins to open the vaults of the Lestrange’s and then Rookwood’s because they may contain a magical object. The cup was sitting in the Lestrange’s vault.

“I want to destroy it,” Bill said. His speech was a little slurred.

“Young man, you need to go to bed. We will talk about destroying this in the morning,” Molly said going into full mother mode.

“Mum, it is morning. When I wake up, I want to destroy it, but in the mean time we need to hide this,” Bill said pointing at the cup.

Ginny pushed her hands forward with the heels together and the fingers spread out wide. A pulse of energy emerged from her hands and surrounded the cup before disappearing inside of it. “There we can pick it up without fear of the Horcrux and curses on it.”

Bill grabbed it in his hand and looked at it. He had a strange smile on his face. “I hold here a part of a person. A totally evil person, but a person just the same. Magic is so strange at times.” He knocked back the rest of his drink before putting the cup in his robe pocket.

“Excuse me,” said a Muggle guard.

Harry wasn’t sure what his name was. He had been one of the replacements for Hopkins and Mike White. It was decided that Hopkins would relinquish his control over guarding the Queen while she was here. Clyde was given control over the guards with the Queen in the magical world. Hopkins would look after her when she returned to the Muggle world.

“There is something going on that you should look at,” the new guard said again. He was now pointing at the board that tracked the Death Eaters

“I’ll go look,” said Sirius. He stood up and grinned at Bill. “You need to get some shut-eye William.”

“Oh piss off,” Bill said to Sirius’ retreating back. He turned his attention to Harry. Bill stared at him for several seconds and then down at the cup. “Can you feel it?” He asked.

Harry couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel the presence of Voldemort’s shattered soul inside of the cup. He was starting to feel that the cup might not be a Horcrux.

“Hey everyone,” shouted Sirius from the Tracking board. “You need to see this.”

Everyone who was standing around Harry and Ginny all looked at the board. They didn’t waste time asking questions about what Sirius was seeing. The Death Eaters that were flying over Britain were going to London. It was strange the way they were flying. They would fly from one location to the next until they reached Cardiff. They would then go directly to London. Some of the Death Eaters had been at London when the first of their group had Apparated there.

Harry looked around and everyone was confused at what they were seeing. Sirius on the other hand seemed to be happy.

“Sirius, they are probably reporting to the Ministry. This is supposed to be the day that all magical people go to the Ministry to meet their new leader. They will be up in the air again after the meeting is done.”

“Harry, my boy,” shouted Sirius. “We finally have our breakthrough. It doesn’t matter that they will be up in the air. We know that they have a definite pattern to follow. We also know that they can’t communicate with each other while they are doing the rounds.

“If we can locate their base, I am assuming it is in Cardiff, we can capture two shifts worth of Death Eaters.”

“How do we do that,” asked Moody clumping into the room. He was followed closely behind by his nephew Clyde.

“If we can capture Cardiff quickly. The other shift won’t know it. It is obvious to me that they are not communicating with people on the ground. That is why they all went to Cardiff before going to London for an important meeting today.”

“How can we find their base in Cardiff?” Moody questioned Sirius. It seemed to make Sirius smile even larger. “It could be any building; a two story house, a back room in a store, or an abandoned building.”

“I know Alastor,” said Sirius calmly. “The one thing that I can guarantee. It will have Muggle Repelling Charms on it.”

Moody started to laugh and Harry was wondering what was so funny.

“We just need to have a Muggle guard walk along beside an Order member. If they get a sudden urge to go home and do their laundry, we will know where the base is located.” The old Auror barked out a hearty laugh. “This was a lucky break.”

Harry knew it wouldn’t be that simple, but it was a break just the same. He just needed to figure out a way to get inside of the Ministry and deep into the Department of Mysteries.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Come along children,” Minerva urged the students. “The sun is coming up.”

The students from Hogwarts started out on their journey in the daytime, but she quickly realized that was a mistake when a band of Muggles tried to attack them. One of the House Elves was injured when the Muggles started shooting at them. It took Minerva, Filius, and Pomona every trick they knew to get the children and House Elves to safety without anyone else getting shot. She was finally able to divert the Muggles attention from their group when she created an illusion of a duplicate group moving another direction while Filius cast Muggle Repelling Charms around their group.

They remained hidden the rest of the day and started moving again last night. They hadn’t met any resistance throughout the night. So after moving through the night in the strange countryside, the advanced scouts, Fred and George, had come upon this clump of trees and decided to make it their camp. It was stuck in the middle of several fields, but it didn’t appear to have any signs of Muggle activity. The advantage was it had a small stream flowing through it, so they had fresh water. The disadvantage was that the ground was swampy.

“Percy, try to get everyone to set up their tents someplace dry and get ready for a meal. I would like everyone to get as much rest as possible today. Everyone must be exhausted; after the problems we ran into yesterday.”

“Yes, Professor,” Percy replied. “Justin Finch-Fletchley would like to talk to you.”

“What does he want to talk to me about?”

“He wants to contact his parents, Professor,” Percy said. “He thinks they could help him and some of the other Muggle borns get back to their parents.”

“Very well, after I finish casting the Muggle repelling spells, I will speak with him.”

“Thank you Professor,” Percy said before leaving her.

Minerva started casting Muggle Repelling and Notice-Me-Not Charms. Filius was responsible for casting the Anti-Intruder Charms to warn them if someone was trying to sneak into camp. Pomona wasn’t as proficient at spell work, but she could find things to eat anywhere they went as long as there were plants. It took her a good thirty minutes to finish the spell work. She was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sit down eat a meal and go to sleep. She hadn’t slept more than an hour yesterday, after not getting any sleep the night before, and moving all last night. They had crossed large expanses of fields that she was sure someone had seen them, but luckily they hadn’t been detected. She guessed they hadn’t traveled more than ten miles last night. At this rate it will take them more than a month to get to Potter Manor.

“Hey Minerva,” said Pomona, as she handed her a plate. “Eat up and then get some sleep. I know you didn’t get any sleep yesterday. You are too old to go that long without sleep.”

“I am the same age as you Pomona!” she snapped back at her friend, as she took the plate.

“I know that is why I know you need some sleep,” Pomona said with a smile.

Minerva was so tired that she started to laugh at her friend’s comment. Pomona was right. She needed to sleep, but she also had to listen to Justin and any other student with concerns. She lifted her fork and looked down at her plate. There were two eggs, some fried potatoes, sausages and two pieces of toast. She looked at Pomona. “Eggs, where did we get eggs?”

“I was surprised too. I guess the House Elves raided the kitchens at Hogwarts. Those bags they are carrying might have all the food from school.”

Minerva took a bite of the fried potatoes. “Bless those industrious House Elves, I certainly needed this.”

“I’ll be back with some Pumpkin Juice,” Pomona said, as she started walking away.

“I would prefer some strong tea,” Minerva shouted to her friend.

“No, Pumpkin Juice, you need to get some sleep,” Pomona shouted back to her.

Minerva smiled at her friend’s retreating back. She took several more bites from her plate, before Justin appeared at her tent.

“Professor, I need to talk to you.”

“Hello Mr. Finch-Fletchley, Mr. Percy Weasley mentioned you wanted to speak to me. We can talk if you don’t mind me eating my breakfast.”

“I would like to call my parents,” he blurted out. “I don’t know where we are going, but I would feel safer at my parent’s house than any place we could possibly be going. We live in a gated community and have security.”

Minerva finished eating a bite of toast, before responding. “How would you contact your parents? I will not allow you to wander around the county-side by yourself.”

“I could go and contact any constable. They would be able reach my parents and they could pick me up.”

“I told you that I won’t allow you to leave this group on your own. Tomorrow, we will try to camp closer to a town. If you want to go into the town with a couple of the older Muggle born students, we will arrange the trip. I am sure you are not the only one wanting to go home.

“The other thing you need to keep in mind is we don’t know what has happened. We don’t know if Voldemort has been attacking the Muggle government. You may be safer with us.”

Mr. Finch-Fletchley had look on his face like he had just smelled something rather foul. “He couldn’t overthrow the British government. That is just not possible.”

Minerva stared at the young boy. He was clueless at how powerful and ruthless Voldemort truly was. “I don’t put anything past Voldemort. He may not be able to physically overthrow it, but he could control the leaders. There are spells that would give him that ability.”

The young lad had gone very pale. “That isn’t possible is it?”

“Can you explain why we ran into those Muggles who wanted to kill us?” she asked him. It bothered her why the Muggles would act the way they had.

“I-I don’t know,” said Mr. Finch-Fletchley. He looked as if he was going to cry.

“Mr. Finch-Fletchley, I promise you that I will do whatever I can to protect you and if possible aid in stopping Voldemort. Why don’t you get some sleep? We will try to find a camp site closer to a town tomorrow. We need to discover what is happening in this country.”

“Thank you Professor,” the young Hufflepuff said, before walking away.

Minerva went back to her plate. The food had gone cold, but that didn’t matter to her. It still tasted delicious. She had just finished her last bite when Pomona returned. She was holding a glass of Pumpkin Juice, just what she needed before a kip.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Voldemort stood staring at the destruction in the Magical Transportation Department. He wanted this place to be operational by now. It clearly wasn’t. That was one thing that was bothering him. The other was Amelia Bones’s dead body was missing. She was supposed to be dead; buried under the rubble that had been cleared away.

“Where is she?” he asked John Dawlish.

“We don’t know, my Lord,” Dawlish said with a shaky voice.

“Have all the bodies been identified?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“And…,” said Voldemort.

“Her body wasn’t among the dead that we uncovered.”

“Did I not ask that she die?” he said to this worm. “That was a simple request. Kill Amelia Bones before we start the overthrow of the Ministry. Rookwood, you understood that order.”

Rookwood bowed to him. “Yes, my Lord. That was a very easy order to understand.”

“Do I not speak loud enough for you Auror Dawlish?” he asked the quivering man. He hated spineless people. Particularly, if they are supposed to be working for him.

“Madam Bones is a most resourceful and powerful witch. She had help…,”

“Silence!” he shouted at the Auror. “Are you telling me that you are not resourceful? If you are not resourceful then you are of no use to me.”

“I-I am resourceful,” he squeaked out.

“Good, go and find Amelia Bones and bring me back her dead body. If I ever see you again before I see her corpse, you will become a corpse…,” he stopped talking and smiled at the weak man. “…eventually.”

Dawlish stayed kneeling in front of him. “How many Aurors can I take with me, my Lord?”

“None. You go alone. A resourceful man like you shouldn’t need anyone else. Now go!”

Dawlish stood up and nearly ran from the room. He bumped into several of the maintenance workers who were also waiting there. Rookwood had come to contact him an hour ago to give him an update of what work had been completed in the Ministry. Almost everything had been completed as expected except this department and the Department of Mysteries was still buried.

“Urquhart,” he called out. He waited for the next failure of a man to kneel before him. “Why is the Portkey tracking board not completed. Rookwood told me that he had this area cleared last night. That should have given you enough time to reactivate the board.”

“I tried to activate it after reassembling it, but it isn’t working.”

“I can see that, you imbecile. Why isn’t it working? You told me that you were the person in charge of running the board. Did you lie to me?”

“No!” Urquhart screamed. “I didn’t lie. I do run the board, but the board isn’t working. When they blew it up, it canceled all the Charms on it. I looked in the manuals for what to do, but the manuals are all missing.”

“Does anyone know what Charms are needed to get the board working again?” Voldemort said. He was getting extremely irritated. Once again the Order had thwarted his plans, they must have had a spy in his ranks. He started rolling his wand between his fingers while staring at Urquhart.

“M-m-my cousin knows them. He helped cast them the last time the board was expanded.”

“Why haven’t you called your cousin in to fix the board?”

“He is trapped in the department of Mysteries, my Lord. Please, I am doing all I can to get this board running. Please, don’t hurt me. Please,” the worm cried at his feet.

“Rookwood, have the maintenance people go to the Department of Mysteries and open it up. I must go address the magical community.” He stopped and whispered to his faithful follower. “Give that piece of slime some incentive to ensure he gets the board operational by morning.”

Voldemort started walking away from the Department of Magical Transportation. Bella was at his side. The screams of Rookwood punishing a failure echoed until the door to the Department of Magical Transportation closed behind them. He came upon the group of maintenance workers waiting for a lift to take them to the entrance of the Department of Mysteries.

“You would think that bloke would give us at least eight hours to get some sleep. No, he says we must work for three bloody days without sleep.”

The maintenance worker stopped talking when he saw that everyone else had eyes the size of galleons staring over his shoulder. The man slowly turned around and was staring in his eyes.

“You want to rest,” he said to the maintenance man. “Avada Kedavra!” he shouted as he killed the maintenance worker. “Don’t let it be said that I can’t be merciful. Do any of you have any complaints?” He addressed the rest of the workers

They all stared at him tightlipped.

“Good, enjoy your day of work,” he said, as he stepped into his private lift.

He had decided that he wasn’t going to share a lift with anyone when he wanted to move around the Ministry. He posted two guards at each floor to ensure that no one used his private lift. He was on his way up to the Atrium to address everyone in the magical community. It was time that they recognized him for what he was; their regent, the King of Magic.

“Bella, have you heard from your husband since he went on assignment?”

“No my Lord, I haven’t,” she said with her usual downturned face. “I would have demanded that he report immediately to you.”

“I know you would have. You are the one person who I trust completely. If you get word from him or anyone that went with him let me know. I hope nothing befell him.”

The lift doors opened and he looked out to see if the guards were in place. They were standing in their proper places, he passed his wand over his face before stepping out into the Atrium. The platform that he had ordered to be built was complete. He would stand above the crowd where he belonged. He strode calmly along without making eye contact with anyone in the Atrium. It seemed very quiet for holding all of Britain’s magical community. He had calculated that there should be nearly five thousand witches and wizards in the Atrium.

As he slowly walked up the steps to the platform. He looked out over the crowd. He couldn’t count everyone that was there, but he was sure that there were not close to five thousand. With each step he took anger built up inside of him. He was willing to lead these people to victory, and they choose to ignore him. This war was not going as well as he had hoped. He will be victorious. It may take a little longer than he had originally planned.

“Greetings Magical citizens,” he said using the Sonorus Charms that he cast silently was making his voice echo off the Atrium’s walls.

“I have come to address you about the future of our society, and the end to the deceit that has been spread throughout it. Long have we suffered under the weak and spineless leadership of Albus Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge. They have allowed us to be subjugated by the Muggles, because they were too weak to stand up for our rights.

“It is our right to be the leaders of this world. We possess magic to run the world as it should be run. The Muggles don’t have Magic. The ones that say they have it actually stole it from us. The Muggles use machines to live without magic. They tear up our land, pollute our water and air with their mechanized contraptions.

“We need to stand up and put a stop to this destruction. If we are going to save this world for future generations, we will need to stop the Muggles from destroying it. It won’t be easy. It won’t happen quickly, but It will happen. I guarantee it. I have dedicated my life to stopping the Muggle pestilence that is destroying our world. The weak and uninformed have opposed me. They tell people that I am to be feared. They were wrong. I am to be respected.

“No one needs to fear me except those that want to suppress our birthright. No one needs to fear me who wants the Magical Community to rise up from under this rock that we have been hiding. No one needs to fear me except those that are lazy and don’t want to succeed.

“The only reason you need to fear me is if you hate magic and magical people!

“Who among us feel they need to fear me? Who among you agree with me that the magical community has been suppressed and treated like vermin long enough. I am not vermin. You are not vermin.

“The Muggles are the vermin. They are a disease upon the earth. We must eradicate them to save our world. We must rise up and use this power we have to take control of this world before it is too late.”

He stopped talking and looked out over the crowd. Many of them were cheering, but there also many that were looking around nervously at their neighbors.

“Albus Dumbledore told you that he is your friend and I am your enemy. That was a lie! He was the real enemy of magical peoples everywhere. He has tried to make our society weaker so that we could not fight of this Muggle scourge. He even went so far as to destroy the very school that he claimed to care so much about, because he didn’t want me and Madam Lestrange to finally teach your children how to be strong. Over the generations that he has been there the magical community has become steadily weaker because of him and his fellow Professors.

“It is time for a change. I will take personal interest in seeing that all of your children learn from an early age the power of magic. No longer will our children need to wait to learn how to use magic. They need to start learning at an early age, so they can take their rightful place in the world.

“A thousand years ago, my ancestor Salazar Slytherin saw the future. He knew that magic was special and only the special should be allowed to learn it. It is time for me to make his dream a reality. Albus Dumbledore may have destroyed our beloved school, Hogwarts, but he will not stop me and my chosen teachers from developing our future into strong and smart rulers of this world.

“I realize that you may think this is all impossible. It is not! I have seen the future like my ancestor. I have seen the path we must take to wrest control of our world back from the Muggles. It will not be without sacrifice. Already, the Muggles have started attacking us. Five of my close friends and assistants are dead because of Muggles. They were murdered by the Muggles. The Muggles have noticed us, and they are jealous of us.

“We must strike back. We must strike back now! We cannot wait for another year or another month. The time to fight is now. First we take control of England and the British Isles. It should have been ours to rule over. Are we not the descendants of Merlin?

“Britain will not be the end. Our numbers will increase. Magical people from around the world will see us rise above the Muggles. They too will want what we have, and we will show them the way. We will teach them how to fight back against the evil Muggle nations.

“Gone are the days of the useless old fools that sat in the Wizengamot. Gone are the days of the weak and spineless Ministers and Ministresses of Magic. We only need one thing, and that is a strong leader. An intelligent leader who can see the future. That leader is me. As the King of the Magical community I will lead you, my people, forward on a great crusade to right wrongs that had been placed on us. To reclaim our birthright as the greatest and most powerful beings on the Earth.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Amelia Bones leaned out as far as she could to get a better look at Voldemort. She was sitting on a small two-foot-wide ledge high above the Atrium. She had climbed up here with Abigail to hear what Voldemort was going to say to the magical community. They were sitting in the ventilation system vent that was hidden behind a tall banner. All the years that she had entered the Ministry and looked up at this banner, she never realized what was hidden behind it. The vent she was sitting in could easily accommodate both her and Abigail sitting upright. It was not very comfortable up here, because Amelia never liked heights. She always hated riding a broom because of how high she would have to fly. Right now she was sitting precariously on a two-foot-wide ledge that was thirty feet above the Atrium floor, and it was a forty foot drop down the other side of the ventilation shaft.

She needed to lean out to get a better look at Voldemort. She only had one eye left, but luckily it was her good eye. She recognized his voice it was high-pitched for being a man’s voice. It was his face that she couldn’t recognize. She had seen him seven months ago when he attacked her family home and tried to kill her. He was, at that time, a ghastly vision with snow white skin, scarlet eyes, and a flat nose. The man that was talking was tall like Voldemort, but he was young and handsome with thick dark hair. He almost reminded Amelia of a tall Harry Potter.

“Madam Bones, be careful. It is a long way down,” whispered Abigail nervously.

“I know, my dear. Believe me I know,” she whispered in return. They may be well hidden, but she was afraid someone would hear them. The Atrium was strangely quiet after Voldemort announced he was now the King of Magic.

“He doesn’t want people to see what he has become with his use of Dark Magic,” she whispered aloud more to herself than to Abigail.

“Excuse me?”

“Voldemort has cast Glamor Charms on himself to hide what he truly looks like after a life of using Dark Magic.”

“As my subjects, you will be marked for all to see with a brand of two wands,” Voldemort said. “Do not look at this as a punishment or anything to be ashamed of, because we must know who are our allies. The time has come to band together as one. All who are with me, will have my protection. Anyone who doesn’t want to fight for our cause must be considered as part of the enemy. We can longer have a middle ground. You are either an asset to the cause for which we are striving or you are against us. Some of my assistants are now prepared to mark all who want to join us in creating our new society.”

“I am not getting branded with a Dark Mark,” shouted someone from the crowd.

Amelia twisted her head around to see if she could recognize the person who objected to being branded. Soon others were joining in protesting being marked. Voldemort’s assistants stepped in with wands raised. Amelia was able to recognize the assistants. She had arrested many of them or helped prosecute them for crimes. They had all been in Azkaban a few days ago. A furious battle broke out in the Atrium as more people joined in protesting being branded. The rebels had broken free of the crowd and were making their way towards the Floo grates and the Apparition area. It looked as if they were going to escape when the air turned frigid and a swarm of Dementors swept out of the Floos and immediately started kissing the rebels.

Screams could be heard all across the Atrium. At least Amelia thought they were coming from the people in the Atrium, they could have coming from her own thoughts. The rebels who hadn’t been kissed with the original wave of Dementors all laid down their wands and covered their faces as though that would stop the Dementors. A Dementor that had sucked the soul out its victim let the shell of the man flop to the floor and started moving towards another person.

A strange hissing and spitting type of a sound filled the Atrium. It caused her skin to crawl almost as much as the presence of the Dementors. She looked to see what it was. She saw Voldemort moving his mouth. He was speaking to the Dementors in Parsletongue. The Dementors seemed to be listening as they didn’t attack anyone else, but blocked the possible exits.

“I will not tolerate traitors. You see what will happen to all who do not accept me as their King and swear fealty to me,” said Voldemort. His voice was cold and frosty and matched the feelings that a Dementor brought out in a person. There was no compassion or warmth to his voice. It was cold razor sharp steel. “You can now choose your fate. Join me or them. Those who join me may leave and tell your neighbors what is expected of them. By tomorrow morning everyone will have to decide. Because after Noon tomorrow, any unmarked magical person will be brought in and persecuted as a traitor. If the Dementors don’t find you, my assistant Fenrir Greyback and his pack will. Do not think you can leave England. The borders have been sealed against magical transportation and the Muggle forms of transportation are not working now either. The Muggles are already cowering in fear of me. Join me or suffer the consequences.”

Amelia watched as he moved quickly from the raised platform. The Atrium was silent. No one spoke as they shuffled forward and presented their hands to have a brand placed on it. It looked as if Voldemort’s assistants had some type of a rubber ink stamp and were pressing it to the back of the people’s hands. There was a second person writing in a log book as each person was branded. She assumed they did that to record exactly how many people had actually joined them.

Each person with a branded hand was allowed past the Dementors. She assumed that no one would refuse in the face of certain death, or a fate worse than death.

She needed to get to some place where she could send a Patronus to Alastor, Arthur, or anyone. Arthur would be the most likely person still alive and not captured. She had never heard how badly Voldemort’s forces defeated the Order in the Atrium, but it must have been decisive. It was even a possibility that there aren’t more than a handful of Order members left in the world. How are they ever going to fight back against this newly appointed King of Magic.

When things seemed too bleak to comprehend, a sound reached her ears. It was the heart wrenching sound of children crying out to their parents. Amelia leaned out even farther than she felt comfortable or safe to see what was happening. Former prisoners of Azkaban were pulling the children in attendance away from their parents. They parents were helpless to do anything as they were surrounded. Among the children’s crying she could hear Voldemort’s cronies tell the parents that they would take good care of the children. His comments about teaching the children crystalized. He was going to try to turn the children into heartless demons’ like himself.

He had to be stopped. She didn’t know if it was possible, but she would not sit back and allow him to turn the world into a dark and deadly place.
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