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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Hello everyone, sorry for the long dela between chapters, but I have had several technical and scheduling difficulties. This chapter and the next started out to be a single chapter, but as I wrote it it quickly became to long for a single chapter; indicated by the "Part 1"
There is something I should poitn out because of the actual time that has elapsed during the posting of this story. This chapter is occurring within three days of the chapter Britain Falls. It may seem like a life time ago that that particular chapter had been posted, but in the story's timeline it wasn't that long ago.
I would like to thank my Beta Leif for such a quick turnaround on this chapter.


Voldemort strode confidently out of the Atrium and towards his private lift. The sound of crying children being ripped from their mothers’ arms filled the air. The parents were all too scared to fight back, so they resorted to begging with his lieutenants to not take their children from them. The crying children and sobbing mothers filled the air with grief and fear, and he drank it all in. It was what he lived for. The cries of weak and desperate people. He will change them to a nation of strong people or he will destroy them.

“Master?” called someone from behind him. His servant’s raspy voice was easily recognized. “Master, please I need to talk to you.”

Voldemort stopped walking a few steps from his lift. He turned and looked down upon a kneeling Fenrir Greyback. “Not now! If you wish to speak to your King, one must schedule an appointment.!”

“Master, I …,” Greyback started to say something before being cut off.

“I am your King. You may now address me as your Highness or your Grace. I am going to my office. If you wish to come up there now, I shall see you. I only do this because of your loyal service to me.”

“Thank you your Highness,” Greyback growled out to him.

Voldemort ignored his kneeling servant and stepped into his private lift. Fenrir remained kneeling until the doors closed.

“Level One, Bella,” he said. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her comply. “Now that I am King, I need a Queen to rule beside me. You shall be that Queen. I trust none other to be beside me.”

He turned to look at her to gauge her response. She immediately bowed her head to him.

“I would be proud to be your Queen and give you an heir,” she said. “I am presently married, though, my Grace.”

“I shall annul the marriage between Rodolphus and yourself. If he ever returns, I shall give him a new wife. Does that please you, Bella?”

“Yes. Your Grace, it pleases my greatly,” she said excitedly.

“You will no longer need to bow to me, except when we are in public. I also do not need an heir. I am immortal. I plan to rule forever.”

He felt a twinge of disappointment coming from her, as the doors opened. He stepped out of the elevator with Bella following behind him. He didn’t have time to ask why she was disappointed because another lift opened to reveal Fenrir Greyback. Ignoring the werewolf, he walked up the dais to his throne. Once he seated himself upon his throne, he nodded for Fenrir to approach him. Bella had joined him standing at his right arm.

“Your Highness,” Fenrir Greyback said as he knelt in front of him. “I thought we could start tracking the traitors this morning?”

“Are you disappointed that I gave the citizens until tomorrow at noon?”

“Tonight is a full moon. I was hoping to be able to blood my pack while we were transformed. I have many new members that have never been hunting before. It would be good if they had an opportunity to participate in a hunt. If I don’t keep the pack together, I will have a difficult time organizing them tomorrow morning.”

Voldemort smiled at the werewolf. “I do have a perfect opportunity for you. McGonagall and several of the traitors from Hogwarts has led a group of Muggleborn, half-bloods, and blood traitor children from Hogwarts. I do not know which direction they went. You will need to move quickly, because I want this group dead by morning. Before you leave, you will stop by the Prophet and take a reporter with you. With a picture of their mutilated bodies in the morning paper, people will quickly come in and pledge their fealty to me.”

“Thank you, your Grace,” Fenrir said with a feral growl. He quickly stood up left the room.

Voldemort sat there and watched the werewolf leave. Greyback was practically salivating at the thoughts of attacking and killing children. The werewolves were a useful tool to ensure people stay in line, and he planned to use them often.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Gregory Bright stood leaning against the wall. He was exhausted. He had been working for nearly three days with only a few hours of rest. He looked across to Reg Cattermole. The fellow Order member looked near death. Gregory wondered if he looked the same. They were lucky that this job had finished up earlier than originally planned.

They had been working on opening up the Department of Mysteries for the past several hours. They had only moved a few feet down the collapsed hallway when they were met with the Unspeakables working their way out of the department.

The Unspeakables were talking with Rookwood, who had once been a coworker, until he was sent to Azkaban. They were looking at the hallway. They must have noticed that it was collapsed in such a way that it would be difficult to repair, as the Department of Magical Transportation had been destroyed. It didn’t take a genius to deduce that this sabotage was well planned and executed by more than one person. He knew that he didn’t have much time left before the Maintenance workers would be tortured to reveal who had planned the sabotage.

It wouldn’t matter which worker they would start torturing; they were all guilty. He had been one of the organizers to get them to fight against the Death Eaters. He was the one that talked the rest of them into working against Voldemort and his lackeys, but all the maintenance workers had joined in in some degree. It hadn’t been hard to convince them, because they had suffered under Lucius Malfoy and his pureblood agenda. Each one knew the risk, but each one had hoped that Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter would be victorious. Now they had to leave the Ministry and possibly the country as soon as they can collect their families.

“All of you will need to go home and collect your families,” said Rookwood. “The King of Magic…,”

“There’s no bloody King of Magic,” said an Unspeakable.

“Avada Kedavra,” shouted Rookwood. His wand was out and he had killed the Unspeakable in barely a blink of an eye. “The Dark Lord has declared himself the King of Magic. If you want to live, you will pledge yourself to his service before leaving here today, and bring your family in tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. If any of you don’t you will be hunted down and punished severely.”

Gregory wanted to pull his wand and kill him, but he wasn’t sure who else would defend the Death Eater. He had no choice. He along with all these maintenance workers must flee for their lives. He hoped that Madam Bones was well enough to help them. With her on their side he still felt as if they had a chance.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Fenrir Greyback landed in the middle of Hogsmeade and started walking towards The Three Broomsticks. The reporter from the Prophet appeared a few seconds later. He was a spineless git, who was accompanying them. Fenrir smiled at the memory of the git’s reaction when he was told he was to accompany the pack of werewolves on a hunt tonight, at least he didn’t soil his pants.

The person he was looking for was leaving the pub now. Jace Arkzen was the most trusted member of the pack. Jace was taller than he, but he was slighter built with black hair. They both had accepted their Lycanthropy as a blessing rather than a curse. It was all so simple and so many of their kind refuse to believe or accept it. Once you accept that you are a predator, the transformations are not as painful, and you also keep more of your mind while transformed. You retain many of the advantages while not transformed. He and Jace had abnormal strength, hearing and smell. They were the best trackers in the pack. Nature was designed with a balance between predators and food. They accepted their roles without question.

“Fenrir, the pack is eager and hungry,” said Jace. “I understand we are hunting for the Mudbloods that escaped Hogwarts.”

“There will be others with them, but the Mudbloods will be the easiest to track. Their stench should still be lingering. Are you ready to track?”

“Yeah, but who is that?” Jace pointed at the reporter. “A snack?”

“I am a re-re-reporter for the…,” the git stammered before Fenrir stopped his babbling.

“We can’t eat the git. The King wants this massacre to be reported in the morning paper. We will see how smart this git is, if he survives the night.”

“My name is…,”

“Git. Keep up, if you can’t run then watch us and Apparate to us,” he snarled at the reporter while baring his yellowed teeth. “I think we will start from here and loop around the grounds heading east then north. We have a lot of ground to cover before nightfall.”

Fenrir Greyback, Jace Arkzen, and the reporter took off running away from Hogsmeade. The two werewolves had their noses in the air sniffing for the scent of Mudbloods, with the reporter panting behind him.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Your Highness,” said Rookwood reverently as he knelt in front of Voldemort. “I have good news and some bad to tell you.”

“What is the bad news,” Voldemort hissed. He was tired of hearing how Dumbledore had been thwarting his every move, even from his grave.

“I think many members of the maintenance department were involved in the resistance,” Rookwood said without raising his head. “The destruction was too well planned. The Unspeakables are the brightest of our society, and yet it took them days to repair the hallway that was collapsed. The Magical Transportation Department’s destruction was also too well planned.”

“Find the sympathizers, Augustus,” he told one of his oldest and most faithful servants. “I want them executed in the Atrium, so all can see what happens when they oppose me.”

An argument could be heard from the area of the lifts. Voldemort looked up to see who was making so much noise. He didn’t recognize the voice. Rookwood and Bella pulled their wands.

“You must wait here,” shouted one of the guards.

“I must see him. It is urgent,” said a reedy voice from the other side of the barrier.

A guard stepped around the barrier and knelt before him. “Your Highness, a man from the Financial Department insists on seeing you.”

“Did he say why he needs to see me?”

“He just said it was urgent, Your Highness.”

“Send him in and it had better be important for his sake.”

The guard stood up and with his head still bowed and walked around the barrier. “Get in there and it had better be important.”

“I assure you it is very important,” said the reedy voice.

A short plump wizard wearing expensive robes walked around the barrier. He was standing up straight and stared his King in the face before lowering his head. “Your Highness,” he said.

“Why are you barging in here without an appointment?”

“I am Marion Selwyn from the Financial Department, your Highness. We have a problem. Gringotts has closed and we cannot access our accounts. We do not keep enough money at the Ministry to run it for even one day. You need to talk to the Goblins. We need access to the Ministry’s gold.”

Anger filled Voldemort. Had Macnair failed him too? “Where is Macnair?” he shouted. “He was supposed to have taken control of Gringotts.”

“I have not heard from him. I have been busy bringing order to the Ministry,” said Rookwood.

“I want Macnair found!” he shouted. “Get out of here, before I kill you.”

The plump wizard from the Financial Department stood up and ran away. Rookwood stood there defying his last order.

“I told you to leave, Augustus,” he hissed.

“I thought you may want to know that everything in the Department of Mysteries is where it should be,” Rookwood said before quickly leaving the area in front of the throne.

Voldemort exhaled slowly. It was a relief that the Horcrux was undisturbed. He was beginning to fear that Dumbledore had figured out that he had made Horcruxes to gain immortality. Evidently he had not figured that out. It wasn’t surprising. The old fool was too noble to even consider magic as dark as a Horcrux. That was his greatest weakness. He couldn’t think like one who thirsts for whatever power was available to them.

“Your Highness, I should go and see what is wrong at Gringotts. I need to ensure everything is in its proper place in my vault,” Bellatrix said.

“Yes, my Queen you should check on your vault.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Gregory Bright and Reg Cattermole stared at the place that they had left Amelia Bones. She was not there and they had no clue as to where she might have gone. She most certainly hadn’t been captured because that would have meant that the maintenance workers would have been questioned. She must have gone somewhere, but they had no idea which direction to start looking for her.

“Let’s go towards the Atrium. If she heard about Voldemort calling the citizens in to the Ministry, then she may have gone there,” Gregory whispered to Reg.

“You don’t think she might have tried to leave the Ministry?” asked Reg in hushed tones.

“I hope not. She was too injured to attempt that.”

“I don’t know, Madam Bones is one tough old bird,” said Reg. “Don’t tell her I said that, alright.”

“Yeah Reg, I won’t tell her,” Gregory had a hard time to keep from laughing at his friend’s comment.

“Because I already heard,” whispered Amelia Bones. She was limping back from the direction of the Atrium. “Don’t worry Reg. I have been called worse. Why are you two in here?”

“We have finished the cleanup of the Ministry,” Gregory told her. “We need to leave and go into hiding. I think Rookwood may have figured out that the maintenance workers were the resistance. The other workers went home to collect their families and go into hiding. We came to get you two and get out of here. Do you think Potter Manor will be safe?”

“I don’t think we have much of a choice right now. I will Patronus Arthur Weasley and let him know we are coming.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Fenrir and Jace had been running for nearly four hours. It was a pace that regular humans would never be able to keep up. Being werewolves, they could run for hours. Even with the extra endurance from their Lycanthropy they were getting tired. What was driving them on was the scent of Mudbloods. The scent was getting stronger with each stride. They were getting closer to their objective. However, they needed to get something to drink.

Fenrir picked up the scent of water, and something else. It was the scent of a dead human. The scent of death seemed to be coming from the same direction as the water. There was a line of trees up to the left. It looked like a natural location for a stream.

“You smell that?” asked Jace.

“The scent of water or the scent of a dead man?” said Fenrir.

“Both, I am getting thirsty and a little hungry.”

Fenrir smiled at Jace’s comment. “Yeah, I am hungry, but I am waiting for tonight’s feast.”

Jace laughed a growling laugh as they slowed their pace. The dead person was now directly in front of them. As they neared the trees, the reporter appeared behind them.

“Have you found them?”

“No, we are thirsty,” snapped Fenrir. This reporter bothered him. If the King hadn’t demanded his presence, he would be dead right now. He saw the body of a dead wizard in a thicket. He grabbed corpse’s left arm and pulled on it. He let out a low growl as the Dark Mark appeared.

“You know him?” asked Jace.

“I think his name is Mangus, or something like that.” Fenrir pulled the body a little further out of the thicket. “It looks like Muggles killed him. Look at the holes, from those bloody weapons they use.”

“What are you going to do with him?” asked the reporter.

“I was going to have a bite, but I would rather save my hunger for tonight,” said Jace glaring at the reporter. “You can have a bite if you want to.”

The reporter stared at the dead man and turned a slight shade of green. “No, I am not hungry. How long until you find the — the traitors?”

“I have no idea. They are not that far in front of us. That much I do know,” said Fenrir, and he knelt down over the small stream and started to lap up the water. Jace joined him. After they drank enough to hold them, he looked at the reporter. “Time to go.”

Fenrir never looked back to see if the reporter was following him. It was that git’s responsibility to keep up. A gentle breeze blew the scent of Mudbloods his direction. He could tell that there were girls in the group. He started salivating just thinking about tonight’s kill.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Arthur Weasley was pacing the floor in the map room. He was anxious because he hadn’t heard from Minerva and the children for two days. He knew they were traveling from Hogwarts, but he wasn’t sure where they were. He wanted to get them to safety, but he needed to have some indication of their location.

Harry, Ginny, and Molly had returned to Egypt this morning, so Ginny could study the scrolls of the Atlantean. Arthur didn’t know what he thought about that situation. He grew up in the magical community so what many Muggles would consider strange and amazing, he considered commonplace. What happened to his daughter was, to him, both amazing and strange. Starting with her bonding with Harry and their growth spurt of their preteen bodies so they could accommodate their new magical core. The powers that the two possess were fantastic even in the world of magic. Now the fact that a person from an ancient and extinct race had placed themselves in a magically sealed room so they could pass down information, knowledge, and magical power to Ginny was even more incredible. She can now read a language that has been dead to the world for over five thousand years. His understanding and beliefs had been pushed to their limits. He could also include Voldemort making so many Horcruxes to his list of things he never imagined seeing in his life.

A silvery light appeared before him, it morphed into a badger and started to talk.

“Arthur, I hope you are well. I survived, but have bad news to tell you. Voldemort has declared himself the King of Magic. Starting tomorrow at noon, he will send Greyback out to hunt down anyone who does not swear fealty to him. Don’t send me a Patronus. It will reveal my location.”

Arthur stood there stunned at the news. He shouldn’t be, because it was exactly the type of thing that Voldemort would do. He was happy to hear that Amelia had survived the battle, but the news about Greyback worried him. He needed to contact Harry and Ginny. They needed to locate the children and get them inside of the protections of Potter Manor.

His skin turned clammy with one thought. “When is the full moon?” he asked Mad-eye.

“Tonight, we need to get those kids to safety tonight,” shouted Moody. “Why hasn’t Minerva contacted us. I don’t want to send her a Patronus where it might reveal their position. It will be dark in almost two hours.”

Arthur looked out at the horizon beyond the estates grounds. The sun was slowly sinking into the west. They didn’t have much time to find them and bring the children here to safety.

“I think if they don’t contact us in the next hour, we should tell them to stay where they are tonight and we will locate them in the morning,” Arthur suggested to Alastor.

He also walked up beside Arthur and looked out the window. “There is no telling where they are. It could take us half the day tomorrow to find them. Hopefully, the Professor’s know some good wards and protective shields. Reports had been filtering in that Greyback recruited over fifty werewolves. Many of them he had changed only in the past few months. Those are the ones that are usually the most violent and uncontrollable.”

“Thank you for reminding me of that, Alastor,” said Arthur heavily. “My children are out there with a pack of fifty werewolves.”

“Yeah, but it is a big country. Chances are the pack won’t be within a hundred miles of your children.”

Alastor placed his hand on Arthur’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Arthur looked at his old friend. He knew it was a big country. “If it is such a big country than why does trouble always seem to find my family. Except for the twins, we don’t go looking for it.”

Moody laughed a rumbling laugh. “That’s why I am a bachelor.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Fenrir and Jace were walking on all fours while sniffing the ground. They had a good fresh scent and tracks to match. With each second they were getting closer to their prey. They needed to hurry and locate them because the sun was going down in about an hour. Once everyone transformed they would no longer be able to Apparate.

They had reached the top of a little hill and was starting down the other side into a small valley or dell. The tracks that they were following were leading straight to the low area of the dell. There was a small section of trees growing in an area where a stream seemed to originate. It looked like a perfect place to set up a camp for a group of traitors running from the King.

“Jace, I bet they are down there,” he said with a low growling whisper. “Let’s split up and check tracks around there. If we happen on a trail on the other of that patch of trees, we will just pick up the trail again.”

“If we don’t?” asked Jace.

“Then we will have them trapped. I will stay and keep a watch to ensure they don’t leave. You can go back and get the pack. Side-along four, then you can stay and they can go back and each can get four more. We should have all hundred here before sundown. Make sure they all Apparate on the other side of that hill we just came over. It should block the noise.”

Fenrir had just finished talking when the reporter appeared with a loud pop. Fenrir and Jace were on all fours in the high grass, so the reporter didn’t see him immediately.

“Hello…,” the reporter was only able to say one word, before Fenrir pounced on him.

Fenrir luckily was facing the direction and was close enough to this stupid git to reach him before he gave their location away. He had his hand clamped firmly over the reporter’s mouth and was laying on him. The reporter was a small boned man, he almost felt about the size of a girl.

“We are close,” growled Fenrir. He saw fear in the reporter’s face who was struggling to free his mouth of Fenrir’s hand. “You had better not have given away our location to the Mudbloods and Muggle lovers down there or I will eat you on the next full moon.” He saw the reporter’s eyes bulge out in fear. He knew the reporter had heard him correctly. “Good, now be quiet as we determine where they are at. Once we locate them, I would advise you to find a high tree and crawl up into it, or you might get eaten tonight.”

“Fenrir,” whispered Jace. “Did you see that?”

Fenrir let go of the reporter and turned to his fellow werewolf. “I didn’t see anything. What was it?”

“There was a silver streak that went straight to that bunch of trees.”

Fenrir crawled on the ground to look down into the trees. He couldn’t see anyone in there, but he was sure they were there. He could smell them and almost taste them. A silver streak sounded like someone was sending a Patronus. He heard the Order sends messages using Patronuses. It would make sense that they were communicating with each other. As he was staring at the trees another silver streak appeared this one went from the trees eastward. There was no doubt now where the children were.

“Go get the pack, Jace. It is almost time for a feast.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Minerva McGonagall stepped out of her tent looking for Pomona and Filius. She had to tell everyone they were staying here tonight. Most of the students were still in their tents. Two that were not were the Weasley twins. One of them looked at her and then whispered something in the ear of the other. They both broke out laughing while looking at her. She wanted to march over there and ask what they thought was so funny, but she had other things to do right now.

“Well, Minerva, that is certainly a change in your appearance,” said Pomona. “Letting your hair down?”

She realized that she had taken down her bun to sleep but didn’t put it up again before leaving the tent. With a quick swipe of her wand her hair wrapped and tied into her traditional bun. She realized what the twins were laughing about.

“I had an urgent message from Arthur Weasley. He wants us to stay where we are. They will find us tomorrow and transport us to Potter Manor,” she said to her friend. She lowered her voice. “Voldemort is supposed to send Fenrir Greyback and his pack out to hunt down people who oppose him.”

“Oh my,” said the Herbology Professor.

“Yes, I agree. I tried to tell them where we are, but who knows how long it will be before they find us. For now, we need to tell the children that we are staying here for the night. I need to find Filius to tell him to check our wards to ensure they are secure. Tonight is a full moon; we probably should not have planned to traveling this night anyway.”

“You certainly don’t think Greyback would be looking for us already?” Pomona asked.

“I would not be surprised. I doubt Voldemort would be too happy that we escaped him. He must certainly have realized that we are moving as a unit in this area. Let us hope that there are too many other things drawing his attention to be looking for us.”

The two Professors went about the camp informing every one of the change in plans. The House Elves started making a meal. Filius went around and checked his wards. Most of the students seemed happy with the news. Justin Finch-Fletchley was not happy. He wanted to call his parents, but that would have to wait. The House Elves had quickly cooked several chickens over an open fire and baked dozens of potatoes. They even had the pans with them to cook green beans. It was a perfect evening meal, but it felt strange eating this so soon after waking up. The sun was sinking behind the horizon bringing out the first stars of the night.

“Everyone, I have a few announcements to make,” Minerva stood up to address everyone. “We need to put the fires out tonight and keep the noise down. We must go unnoticed. I received a notice from the Order of the Phoenix that Voldemort has sent out patrols looking for people who would oppose him. The Order wants us to stay here for the night and they will find us tomorrow. After that we will decide on individual basis what will happen to each of you.”

The House Elves went around putting the fires out in the camp. As the fires were extinguished, the stars filled the night sky. It was a beautiful night, until the first howl. The moon was rising behind her. The howl though came from her left. Several of the students started to talk nervously.

“Hush, be quiet and maybe it won’t notice us,” she whispered to them.

The second howl was to her right and she snapped her head, to stare at where the howl came from. What was the possibility that there were two werewolves in one location? The third and fourth howl erased any doubt, as they came from different directions. They were now surrounded by werewolves. The students were now in a full panic. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. There were more howls coming around them.

“Merlin, how many are there,” Pomona shouted.

Hearing her friend and fellow Professor in a panic made her realize that she needed to take charge, but she was frozen in place. It didn’t matter how afraid she was, everyone needed her be strong for them. She looked around and saw people staring out at the horizon. Werewolves were rising up out of the fields surrounding them. They were silhouetted up against the bright starry sky. It was a sight that further struck fear in her and increased the panic and crying in the camp. The howls had increased as more werewolves transformed. She did not know there were this many werewolves in Britain. They were stretching showing their long arms and claws against the bright night sky. The sight of the werewolves walking down the hills towards them forced her to act. She sent off a Patronus to the Order, but it reflected off the wards.

“Filius, I need to send a Patronus,” she shouted.

“I can put an opening in the top of them. The werewolves can’t climb trees,” the Charms Professor shouted back to her. He waved his wand several times before pointing it at the wards directly above him. “You have your opening, Minerva.”

She sent her Patronus off again this time it went out through the opening. “Filius will the wards still hold them?”

“I do not know? The wards are mainly to hide us from enemies. It should hold them for some time, but we are not at Hogwarts.”

“It will have to hold,” she said to the Charms Professor. “Everyone, to the center of camp,” she shouted louder than she ever shouted before in her life. “We must all come to the center of the camp. House Elves, can you start fires around the camp, it may help protect us.”

Everyone seemed frozen in place. She could only assume it was out of fear. The House Elves were the first ones to move. They used their magic to move dead wood into small bonfires around the perimeter of the camp.

“Students, you need to move,” she shouted again. “Percy and Penelope, you need to help get things organized. Cedric, please help out. Move the youngest children to the center of the camp and the older abler ones surround them.”

The students she yelled at started to move and get other people organized. She was trying to think of different ways they could defend the children from getting bitten or worse when Miss Lovegood approached her.

“Professor McGonagall, shouldn’t we be making silver weapons to fight the werewolves?”

“I am afraid we don’t have any silver for weapons?”

“I have ten silver Sickles. I can make these into arrowheads,” the young Ravenclaw said. She was holding her hand out with ten Sickles in it.

Minerva was slightly embarrassed that she hadn’t thought of turning Sickles into weapons. “Everyone, if you have any Sickles bring them to me. We will need as many wooden sticks as we can gather.”

People turned to look at her with puzzled expressions on their faces. The older students were able to put everything together as realization showed on their faces. They were searching through their robes and asking other students for Sickles while others started picking up sticks.

There was a loud roar followed by a series of thuds. The firelight showed werewolves colliding with the wards. Thankfully, the magical shields were holding them out. The werewolves were unrelenting as they continued to smash against them. They clawed at the magical barrier and tried to bite their way through it. It seemed as though they were completely surrounded by werewolves. They were even clawing over each other sometimes one werewolf would stand on the back of the other.

The firelight glinted off their amber eyes and saliva covered yellowed fangs. Many of the younger children were now huddled together in the center of the camp whimpering and crying while holding each other. The older children had gathered handfuls of Sickles and armfuls of branches. They were looking at her expectantly. She must force down her fear of being ripped apart by werewolves and lead them against this ravenous pack.

“Percy, Penelope, Cedric, Fred and George, I know you are good at Transfiguration. I need these sticks extended and have a silver point put on the end. To make the point we will…,”

“You need to make the Sickle look like this,” said Luna. She had made a perfect arrow with a silver tip with two sharp barbs pointing backwards so it had three sharp points. I will show you how to make one. It only takes a second; well naturally it takes longer than that. It isn’t hard….”

Luna stopped because there was a loud vicious growling coming from the right. Minerva looked over and saw three of the werewolves fighting each other there was blood splattered up on the ward from the fighting werewolves.

Minerva had never seen anything so vicious in her life. Once again the fear of those claws and fangs, froze her in her place. She was clutching onto her wand praying that help would come or the wards would hold. Her hand was gripping so tight to her wand that her knuckles were white. She couldn’t let fear paralyze her. She had to lead these people she had to protect the children. She must do what was right.

“Children turn away from the wards,” she said with a shaky breath. She just hoped that she didn’t sound as frightened as she felt.

With the sound of the fighting werewolves behind her, she turned back to address her older students. To her surprise, Miss Lovegood had already showed them how to make arrows and spears with a silver tip on it, made from a Sickle. Percy made the point. Penelope was attaching the point on the spears that Fred, George, and Cedric were making out of sticks. They had already made ten spears and it looked as if they had Sickles to make another twenty.

Luna was slowly making arrows. She was forming the shaft, point, and the fletches one at a time. With each step, she would stop and hold the object in her upstretched palms and whisper something. She was slowly moving along, but she was making progress. She had already created a bow out of a fallen tree limb and a few strands of her own hair, and she had six arrows in her quiver.

Minerva looked over at Percy who had just created the last spear point. She inclined her head towards Luna; hoping that Percy would understand. He shook his head negatively and walked towards her.

“She insists on making the arrows her own way,” Percy whispered to her when he was close enough. “She is praying to Demeter the Greek Goddess of the hunt. Insists that in another lifetime she was a huntress with the God.” He rolled his eyes at her.

“Oh very well, hopefully she remembers how to use that bow if the Shields break?”

“Shouldn’t the werewolves have moved on?” asked Percy. “I always thought they were mindless creatures looking to attack something.”

Minerva looked at the Head Boy. “Normally, they are, but this is a pack. The Alpha male has them organized to keep them trying to fight through the wards. I am afraid that they will keep trying to get to us until they succeed or the sun comes up.”

“Any idea if we will be getting any help?” Percy asked her.

“I sent your Father a Patronus, but Scotland is a large place.”
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