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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
I have tried three different times to write something to introduce this chapter, but all I could come with is "here is the second part".
Many thanks to Leif for checking over this chapter.


Harry ran across the foyer of Potter Manor in England with Ginny, Molly, Bill, and Sirius. Remus had remained in Morocco in a cage and under the influence of Wolfsbane. He wondered if Voldemort planned his attack on the Ministry with the upcoming full moon in his plans. It just seemed too much of a coincidence that he had planned on having Greyback use his pack to hunt dissenters after he overthrew the Ministry. Voldemort had planned his overthrow and ultimate control of the Ministry well.

They entered the map room to see several people leaning over a table. Arthur raised his head to greet them, but his smile quickly faded to a frown.

“Who is watching Xenon?” he nearly shouted. “Ginny, you cannot go on this mission. It might take all night and into tomorrow. Molly….”

“Stop right there, Father,” said Ginny with a growl. “My baby is well taken care of and you need me on this mission. You know we are stronger with me than without me.”

“Molly,” Arthur said to his wife, obviously looking for support from her.

“Our grandchild is well taken care of, Arthur, and I already had this argument with her.”

Arthur stood there looking at his wife then Ginny before finally staring at Harry. Harry smiled at his father-in-law. “My son is well taken care of until morning.”

“Can we get on with the planning?” asked Moody.

“Yes, yes, everyone gather around the table,” said Arthur.

As Harry approached the table, he could feel Ginny’s feeling of contentment wash over him. They had already made plans for Xenon. He had to trust Ginny’s instincts as a mother and also her new found knowledge.

He looked at the table. It had been changed into a relief map of the area around Hogwarts. There was a wide arc highlighted in yellow and multiple locations marked with red dots.

“The yellow area is the estimated area that the students could be. They said they were traveling due east and they had traveled an estimated twenty-five miles between the two days. That would put them right there,” Moody pointed at an area in the approximate middle of the yellow arc.

“As you can see there are no red dots in that area. The red dots are areas that would match the description of where Minerva said they were camping.” Moody pointed to one of more than thirty dots contained in the yellow area.

“We will Apparate to this location.” He pointed at a point closest to Hogwarts. “Four of us will take to the air with brooms and these little devices.” He held up a small black box. It had a red button on it. “This device when activated will send out a signal to let us know exactly where they are.”

“It is a GPS system. It will give us an exact location by latitude and longitude which I will pick up using this.” He held up another box with a screen and multiple buttons on it.

“This is going to be tricky to find them. They will hopefully be warded so we may not be able to see them and it is in a remote location. You may have to listen for the growling and howling of wolves.”

“Harry and I need to be on two of those brooms,” said Ginny. “I can sense people and he can detect magic that few others can. We could detect the students without needing to see them.”

“I’ll take one of the brooms,” said Bill.

“Alright, Potters take the area right here. Bill you cover the area to the South and Sirius, cover the area to the North.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny and Harry had taken to the air only about five minutes ago. They were heading slightly north of due east to the first possible location that matched Professor McGonagall’s description. They were to follow a zig-zag pattern until they found a small farm that had two barns on its property. At that point they were to swing around to the west and follow a similar pattern until they reached the western border of the search area.

They had only been in the air for five minutes before Harry became impatient. He wanted this search to be over now.

“Relax, Love, one of us will find them,” she said to him through their bond.

Harry stared down at the instruments that had been attached to his broom. They were following the exact directions detailed by Moody and were going a little faster than he had demanded they should be flying. It felt like they were crawling just above the treetops.

“There is no telling how long their wards will holdout, Ginny. If we cannot reach them before the wards fall, the werewolves will rip them apart.”

“Professor McGonagall is resourceful and my brothers and their friends are with them. They will be able to hold out.”

Harry could feel the fear in her thoughts. He didn’t want to upset her, but he couldn’t hold the thought back. “How long will they be able to hold out? We must find them, and destroy Greyback’s pack once and for all. We can’t have him going around biting people to populate his personal army.”

“Harry, there is something I need to tell you,” her thoughts were full of concern. “We can’t kill now.”

“We never intentionally did.”

“We cannot kill even by accident. There is something I keep sensing in the memories of the Atlantean. Since he transferred some of his magic to me, my magic is more like his than mine. They could not take a life using their magic or they would become dark. Harry, your magic and mine are now bonded together. If you kill, it may affect me the same way.”

He kept flying trying to sort through everything she had just told him. He had no idea or time to even try to understand the ramifications of what the Atlantean had done. His concern right now was to protect the children from being ripped apart by werewolves. “What can we do with them?”

“Stun them, bind them and Portkey them back to Egypt to be held with the rest of the prisoners. Harry, please we must do this. I have a feeling that something terrible will happen to us if you or I kill any of these werewolves.”

“All right, we won’t kill the werewolves.” He held his thoughts and concerns inside of him for several minutes without conversing through their bond. Maybe Ginny hadn’t thought about their ultimate mission. How are they going to destroy Voldemort if they can’t kill him?

“I am working on a plan, Harry. You should have realized that you can’t hide your thoughts from me.”

“Blast it, we just passed the first point.” He nearly shouted. ,“Let’s loop back around….”

“Don’t bother, there isn’t anyone down there. The nearest person to us is in that farmhouse to our left.”

Harry glanced to his left and saw a dot of light against a distant hillside. It had to be nearly a mile away. “I hope the other two have better luck. We better move on.”

Turning his broom in the direction of the next location, they quietly flew over the treetops.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Headmistress, if it would please you, could you grant me some time?” asked the eldest House Elf.

Minerva barely heard it speaking as it kept its head down while speaking to her. She stared at it for several seconds trying to remember its name. “I have some time. What do you need to say?”

“I is wondering what we elves should do if the wards should fall?” he asked while wringing his hands.

Minerva blinked at it. Again, she was caught off guard by the question. Her ability to plan things had always relied upon a certain amount of routine. She had no idea how to answer the House Elf. This entire trip was outside of her field of expertise. “I would assume you would want to fall back with the rest of us and help defend against the werewolves.”

“Thank Professors, thank you, you are more gracious,” the House Elf said profusely while bowing to her.

“You didn’t think I would let all of you stand out there in front of us and take the brunt of the first wave of werewolves do you?”

The House Elf ducked his head again. “We would have stayed if yous had asked us to.”

Minerva was almost offended at the accusation. Then she thought about people like the Malfoy’s who wouldn’t hesitate to have the House Elves sacrifice themselves to protect them. “Please stand beside us and help fend off the werewolves.”

“Thank yous, Headmistress. Thank yous…,” The House Elf stopped talking then became very scared again. “Wes can’t kill, Headmistress. Oh, its is better for a House Elf to die on a battle field than to take another creatures life. It is a terrible thing Headmistress.”

Minerva was getting frustrated with the little Elf. “Go and tell the other Elves that they may join our ranks if the wards fail.”

Looking through the wards into the darkness she could see the werewolves attacking the wards. So far the wards have held, but for how long she wondered.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Arthur stood there and stared out into the night. Everyone else was sitting and waiting for a signal from one of the searchers. There had been no response so far. They had to find the children before Greyback and his pack get to them. He shuddered at the thoughts of all those children being savaged by werewolves.

He felt a hand on the small of his back. “It’s all right dear. We will find them, and they will be safe.”

“I wish I had your confidence Mollywobbles. Every minute we wait, is another minute the children don’t have.”

“I thought werewolves were rather mindless creatures,” said Clyde Ferndock. “They may have moved on to other victims.”

Arthur turned to look at the Squib crouched over a directional finder waiting for it to beep and reveal the location of the children. “I want my children to be safe, but I also want everyone magical or Muggle to be safe from them too.”

“That is a very noble way of thinking….” Clyde was cut off by Alastor jumping out of the conjured chair he just made.

“We have someone approaching from the North.”

“Is it Sirius?” asked Molly.

“I don’t know yet. Hold it,” he said quickly. His magical eye spun around to point the opposite direction. “We also have someone approaching us from the South.”

“Is it Bill?” shouted Molly.

“Just calm down woman,” he barked at her. “It may be Bill. We must get ready in case they are not who we think they are.”

“Voldemort’s spies?” questioned Molly. “Certainly not!”

“Constant Vigilance, Molly,” growled Moody.

“Don’t go blasting anyone out the sky without knowing which side they are on, especially my children.”

Sirius appeared first from the North. He sat his broom down and handed over the GPS signaling device. “The moon is bright enough to see that there weren’t any other locations that matched Minnie’s description.”

Within two minutes, Bill sat down. He also didn’t find any indication of other possible hiding locations.

“I think Bill and I should take these and go west for at least five miles before splitting up to search for them. We are what twenty miles from Hogwarts. I find it hard to believe that they were able to cover twenty miles in two days with all those children.”

“I don’t like it. We should all stick together,” stated Molly. She was standing there with her arms crossed glaring at Sirius.

Sirius went to open his mouth but a bright silver light made him stop talking. A badger Patronus appeared in front of Arthur. It spoke with Amelia’s voice.

“Arthur, I need to know if Potter Manor is safe. I need to know as soon as possible. I need to find a place of refuge for over fifty wizards and witches. Let me know.”

“Well, if anyone didn’t know where we are. They know now,” huffed Moody. “She couldn’t have sent it at a more inconvenient time.”

Arthur flicked his wand and sent off a return Patronus, before addressing Moody. “I may have been in bed asleep if it wasn’t for this hunt. I may have not even heard that Patronus. I wonder why she sent it so late.”

“You lot can stay here and debate why Madam Bones sent the Patronus. I am going to search to the west of here for the children,” said Sirius.

“I am going too,” said Bill.

“All right, we will fly two hundred yards apart and for five miles. At five miles, you go South and I will go North.”

“Good luck to you,” said Clyde.

“Send a Patronus if Harry and Ginny find them.”

“I’ll try not to startle you two,” said Moody with a malevolent smile.

They watched the two men disappear into the night sky. Arthur was feeling particularly nervous. He had always hated werewolves, particularly Fenrir Greyback. Many families had their lives torn apart because of him.

“What the…, they shouldn’t be back here so soon. They had twice as many locations to check on,” Moody said as his magical eye caught sight of Harry and Ginny returning.

Everyone watched as Harry and Ginny landed their brooms. Harry was the first to ask if the Bill and Sirius had found anyone. When they said no, he turned to look at Ginny. ”I say we check that location out.”

“Harry that is fifteen miles due East from here. They would have had to cover over fifteen miles a day while hiding from Death Eaters. That is nearly impossible to cover that much space in a large group.”

“I felt the presence of magic in an area where Muggles live. There is someone magical out there,” insisted Harry. “Did you sense anything, Ginny.”

Ginny tried to get out of the conversation, but she couldn’t lie, because Harry would catch her and make her to tell the truth. “There was someone out there, Harry. I couldn’t tell how many or even their emotional state they were so far away.”

“I say we go for it,” insisted Harry. “We won’t find them unless we expand our search area.”

“All right Harry, I hope we find them and not a large magical family that no one knows about,” sighed Ginny as she remounted her broom. “Upward and Onward,” she said before pushing off into the sky with Harry right beside her.

Molly looked up at them. “I hope they are successful.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Professor, you need to wake up. Professor, wake up please,” said a persistent voice.

Minerva opened her eyes to see Luna standing over top of her. Her expression was grave which startled Minerva since this girl always looked so dreamy eyed.

“What is wrong?”

“I think the werewolves have devised a different plan to break our wards,” she said. “I’ll wake the others.” Luna scurried off.

Minerva looked at her watch to see what time it was. It was a little past two in the morning. They only needed to hold off for three more hours and the full moon would be over. A loud thud brought her out of foggy thoughts. There was another thud followed by several more thuds. Squinting to see through the fire and into the shadows surrounding their camp she saw what was causing the thuds. The werewolves were hurtling large stones at the wards. Each one would collide with it with extreme force.

“Oh my, that isn’t good,” squeaked Professor Flitwick.

“How long will the wards hold up Filius?” she asked the Charms expert.

“I am amazed they have held up this long.”

“That was not reassuring, Filius.”

“It was truthful, Minerva.”

Amplifying her voice, she started shouting out orders. She had the House Elves all fall back to the central area of their camp. The Elves tossed all the remaining wood onto the fires turning them into raging infernos. She had as many students as possible holding spears. So many students were too young or afraid to hold the spears that there ended up being only about ten students wiling to use the spears.

“Remember, don’t let the werewolves break the tip off the spear. It will be useless,” shouted Luna.

Minerva looked at Luna standing on a stump surrounded by arrows that were stuck into the trunk. She didn’t remember there being that many silver sickles to make as many arrows as what she had surrounding her.

“I cut my sickles in half, the tips still have points, but they are much thinner now.,” she said to Minerva, as though Luna could read her mind.

There was a loud thud unlike any of the others that she was hearing. She looked in the direction of the sound and saw a large field stone laying between two of the bonfires.

“Merlin, the wards just broke,” whispered Filius.

It was as if the werewolves weren’t aware of the fact that the wards had fell. They sent several more stones through the area where the wards had been before there was a loud vicious growl from behind the pack. It was followed by several other growls and howls. The sounds must have been orders for the werewolves to attack.

“Circle the camp with fire Professors,” said Luna. She had an arrow nocked in the bow and three held between her teeth.

It took Minerva a few seconds to understand what the young girl was asking until it was almost too late. The werewolves ran through the section of ground that marked the wards boundary a few seconds ago. Minerva waved her wand in a circular motion causing the bonfires’ flames to swirl around and between the burning piles of wood creating a boundary of flames.

It may have been too late though as five werewolves had made it past the flames. There were running at full speed toward the children. Screams of fear filled the night. A few of those screams might even have been hers. She was too frightened to notice. The three werewolves in the lead quickly fell before they made it half the distance between the fire and the first line of defense. An arrow was sticking out of each of their chests. The other two went to the sides running as fast as they could. They ran even closer to the children. Minerva was helpless here; if she tried to stop the two werewolves, then the wall of flames would fall. If she didn’t stop the two werewolves, then some of the children might get hurt. Her conundrum was quickly over as Cedric and George drove their spears into the sides of the wolves.

The ring of fire was slowly burning itself out. Minerva’s spell casting arm was also getting tired. She won’t be able to keep the werewolves at bay much longer. Several more werewolves fought through the flames only to be shot with an arrow. Minerva’s arm was getting slower and the wall of flame was getting weaker, when a large group of werewolves forced themselves through it.

Luna again shot three or four of them in barely two seconds as they attacked the camp at a full out run. There were still six of them. The spears killed several more, before Professor Flitwick severed the heads of remaining two.

The howling increased along with the wailing of the young children surrounding her. The bonfires were almost gone now only charcoal and a few flames were left. The fanning of the flames had blocked the werewolves but also had made the fires burn more quickly. They would have to stand and fight now. There was nothing stopping the werewolves anymore.

And they came from all directions. She had never seen so many werewolves in all her years combined. Arrows were flying and stopping many of them in their tracks killing them instantly. The silver tipped spears were slowing them down giving her, Filius and several of the older students time to use Reducto Curses to remove the Werewolves heads, as that would also kill them. Pomona was holding onto the youngest children. She was to Apparate them away from here to protect them.

They were so close now that their musky scent nearly made Minerva gag. They stunk of sweat and saliva. Their yellow fangs flashed against the flames and spell fire. Their maniacal eyes added to the fear that they created. She saw no way out of here.

“Pomona, start taking the children away before it is too late,” she shouted to her friend.

She heard a pop pf Apparation and figured that it was Pomona leaving, but the second and third pop made her wonder what was happening. It wasn’t until the spell fire started dropping the werewolves from behind that she realized that the Order had found them. There were spells coming from the sky also as four people were flying over top of them firing spells at the werewolves to keep them away from the children.

“It’s the Potters,” said Pomona from somewhere to Minerva’s side. She looked around and saw Pomona and the young children looking up. When Minerva looked up she saw Harry and Ginny hovering side by side. They were firing off spells at a fantastic rate. They were able to keep the Werewolves backed away from the children on one half of the camp by themselves. Sirius and Bill were also hovering above them giving orders to the older children below to reinforce the side of the camp that Harry and Ginny wasn’t protecting.

It might have taken another half an hour to finish all of the werewolves. It seemed to take longer to Minerva. She was exhausted from the days of marching and spell casting had taken its toll on her. She was getting so light-headed that she stopped casting spells. She watched in amazement as Harry, Ginny, Sirius, and Bill were able to take command of the situation. They had arrived in time to save the children from harm. In the darkness other people were casting spells from behind the werewolves. Other Order members must be there. She was so happy and grateful for them all. Finally, she could start to relax the children will be safe.

A scream brought her out of her good thoughts. She turned to see who was screaming and ran towards the young woman. She saw Penelope Clearwater kneeling over someone while screaming for help. As Minerva approached her, she could see it was Percy Weasley on the ground and he was bleeding from the left side of his face and left shoulder.

“Help him Professor,” cried Penelope. “He shoved me out of the way.”

“That he did the great noble prat,” said Fred.

“You can’t call him that Fred, he was acting the hero. We will have to be nice to him, now.”

“Was he bitten?” she asked Penelope.

“No, he wasn’t but we better have Ginny look at that wound,” said Bill from above her. People were slowly closing in on them. Percy was on the ground trying to stop the flow of blood from his face.

“Hey, Gin-Gin, we need you over here. Percy is hurt,” shouted Bill.

Ginny seemed to drop straight down out of the air on her broom. She landed on both feet and gracefully stepped off her broom before kneeling by Percy. She waved her hand over his wounds. There were so many people talking that Minerva couldn’t hear what Ginny was saying.

“Silence,” she shouted. Everyone immediately stopped talking.

“That a girl Minnie, you still got it,” teased Sirius Black.

Minerva couldn’t help but smile at the young man’s cheek. “That meant you too Mr. Black.”

“Do you know which wolf it was?” Ginny asked Percy.

“It was that one,” he said pointing at a dead werewolf lying on the grass with an arrow sticking out of its eye. “He seemed to appear out of nowhere.”

“He came up through the grass. He was crawling low to keep from being seen,” said Luna. She was standing back on her stump in the middle of the camp. She still had one arrow knocked. “I’m sorry Percy and Penelope I couldn’t get a clean shot at him until he attacked you. I have been looking for him.”

“At least you got him before he bit Percy,” said Penelope.

“Percy, I am going to need to clean your wounds,” said Ginny sounding very grave. “I am going to need a couple of things first.” She turned and saw a couple of House Elves. She quickly spoke in some strange singsong voice that Minerva had never heard before. The two House Elves bowed wide-eyed at her before disappearing.

“What did you say to them sis?” asked Percy. “That didn’t sound like any language I’ve ever heard before.”

“Your sister full of surprises, Perce,” said Bill.

Molly Weasley came hustling into the circle of people. “Oh Percy,” she cried. She immediately went to hug Percy, but Ginny shouted at her.

“Mum! Let me clean his wounds first before you hug him.”

“But, he is bleeding Ginny. Why haven’t you stopped his bleeding?”

“His wounds need to be cleaned and immediately. I need to know if anyone else was injured by a werewolf. Ask around, if anyone was, please bring them to me.”

“Ginny, what aren’t you telling us?” asked Molly.

“Percy, I found traces of saliva on the werewolves claws. They may have been licking their paws to spread the Lycanthropy.”

The two House Elves reappeared holding a crystal flask half filled with a liquid that looked like it was water. Ginny took it from them and waved her hand over it. The liquid seemed to pulse with a blue light. “Excellent, thank you for getting this for me.”

The House Elves bowed to her and backed away. Minerva soon realized that all the House Elves were in this little grouping staring at Ginny. Ginny then did something strange. She held the flask up as though presenting it to the full moon and started to speak in that melodic language again. As she chanted, the liquid in the flask glowed bluer and bluer. It seemed to be taking the actual moonlight from the sky and capturing it in the liquid. After about a minute of her chanting, she lowered the flask and smiled at its contents.

“Percy, this will probably hurt, but it shall pull the Lycanthropy out of your blood.”

Ginny knelt down beside Percy and gently pulled away the bandage that he had pressed against his face. It was soaked red. Ginny lifted the flask and gently poured the blue glowing water onto Percy’s scratches. The water seemed to stick to his wound rather than running down over his clothes. Ginny kept moving the flask as she followed his cuts and scratches. The liquid clung to the damaged skin before disappearing into the scratches. They started glowing blue like the water Ginny had poured onto them. Percy let out a groan before he grimaced and let out a terrific scream. The liquid that that Ginny had poured onto his cuts was now spreading under his skin showing glowing blue veins as it spread up and down his arm and around his face. There was even a blue streak forming down his neck.

“Ginny,” Molly said staring at her.

“It is healing him, Mum. When it stops spreading I will extract it.”

Minerva stared at the spreading blue glow on Percy. When it appeared to have stopped, Ginny waved her hand and a large flask appeared in it. She gently placed the flask under the lowest cut on Percy’s arm and began to chant. The blue glow became increasingly smaller on Percy’s face and arm. Then a murky brown and green liquid started to seep out of the wound and it dripped at first then it literally poured out his body and into the flask. When finally, nothing else was coming out of Percy’s arm, Ginny sealed the flask before healing all of Percy’s scratches with just a wave of her hand.

Percy reached up and felt his face with his fingers. It was perfectly smooth. There was no sign of any scratches from the werewolves. “Am I going to have scars?” he asked.

“No Percy, you are all healed. There will be no indication that you were scratched by a werewolf,” Ginny said as she turned away from him.

Minerva smiled at Percy’s expression. It was obvious he was disappointed at not having scars to show people. Fred and George quickly figured it out and started taking the mickey out of him. She looked around the camp. It appeared that all the children were now safe. They just needed to get everyone back to Potter Manor.

“Stop what you are doing. Do not kill the werewolves that are tied up,” someone shouted from her right.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry had landed his broom and went after the young man who was attempting to cut the head off a tied up werewolf. “Stop what you are going. Don’t kill the werewolves that are tied up.”

The young man turned to him. Harry didn’t need Ginny’s powers of empathy to know this man was scared. He looked to take his fear out on defenseless creatures.

“If we don’t kill them they will hunt us down another day,” he said.

“All the werewolves that are not dead will be Portkeyed to a safe location. We will sort through them and figure out how many truly deranged werewolves there are,” Harry told the student.

“They are all deranged Professor. They are werewolves.”

“One of my best friends is a werewolf. He is not deranged because he takes Wolfsbane every month. Some of these creatures might also be victims. Fenrir Greyback has made it his mission in life to change as many people as he can. He is one werewolf that is truly evil.”

“Is he a large grey werewolf?” asked Luna from her stump. She was standing up there looking out over everyone’s heads with an arrow knocked on her bow.

“Yes, he is. He is also very tall and lanky.”

“He is the alpha male of this pack. I am watching for him. He needs to be eliminated, Harry.”

Harry stared at Ginny’s strange friend. She was standing there so relaxed looking for a werewolf to kill with her silver tipped arrow. He turned away and started to organize the werewolves. He was levitating the live ones and laying them side by side so he could hook a branch through there bindings and Portkey several of them at a time. He was finding as many dead werewolves as he was finding live ones. Many of them had been shot with an arrow. He looked back at Luna on her stump. She was staring out into the night searching for Greyback.

Harry had made an area large enough to line up the living werewolves. As he stared at them, he wondered how many had been bit recently by Greyback, and how many had felt they had no choice but to follow him.

“What are you thinking about?” Sirius, who was assisting him in organizing the werewolves, asked him.

“You were good friends to Remus. If it wasn’t for you and Dad. Remus may be in the pile somewhere, dead.”

“I would like to think that Remus would never have been in Greyback’s pack, but if things had been different…,” Sirius stared at the bodies laid out on the grass before them. “I don’t think Remus would have.”

“All I am hoping is that we can salvage one or two lives from this pack,” said Harry. “If we only save one life, it will have been worthwhile to not kill them. Two or more would just be topping on the cake.”

There was a twang of a bow string and a soft thud, that Harry could barely hear. The terrifying screams of pain from a wounded animal; turned Harry’s blood cold. Luna had a smile of satisfaction in her face. She looked so proud of hitting the werewolf stalking around in the high grass of the field.

“Fenrir Greyback, the Alpha Male of this pack, will be dead shortly,” Luna said with her singsong voice and she gently stepped down off the stump and walked away.

Greyback’s screams of agony lasted for another five minutes before he finally succumbed to the silver poisoning. Harry had heard it was supposed to be very painful way to die.

"Harry, I am taking several children back to Potter Manor. I will be leaving to get our baby after that. Are you going to stay here and transport the werewolves to Egypt?"

'Yes, Love. Give Xenon a kiss for me. I think I should stay in England for another day to help sort things out."

"Dad told me that Madam Bones is alive and bring some refugees to Potter Manor. Well, I am getting strange looks from people. I still can’t control my facial expressions when we converse like this."

"Love you, Ginny."

"Love you too, Harry."

Harry heard several pops of Apparation. The children will all be in Potter Manor and safe. What children the Order members couldn’t take the House Elves would transport.

The violet of the night sky was giving way to a softer blue with tinges of orange as the sun slowly started coming up. It will only be a matter of time before everyone here started to transform back to their human form.

Sirius was walking back towards the central camp floating the body of Fenrir Greyback ahead of him. The arrow was protruding from the small of his back. It probably took longer to kill him at that location. Truthfully, Harry didn’t care if it did hurt him more there than any other location. Greyback deserved all the pain that all his victims had felt over the years.

With a flick of his wrist, Sirius sent Greyback’s corpse flying onto a pile of werewolf corpses. “We really should get going. Do you want to burn all these bodies? We really should they will just rot and stink up the place.”

“That’s a nice cheery thought,” laughed Harry. “I am going to cast a preserving charm on them.”

“What? Why would you do that?”

Harry raised his wand so it pointed straight up at morning sky. “For years Voldemort has been spreading terror by using his Dark Mark. I think it is time we spread a little hope.”

A group of scarlet and gold sparks flew out of the end of his wand. They swirled around each other until finally forming a beautiful Phoenix of scarlet and gold. It glided around in the sky circling the pile of dead werewolves.

“He has his Dark Mark. We have the Phoenix,” said Harry. He bent over and started activating the Portkey’s that were attached to the werewolves, who were almost halfway transformed back to human form.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Blaine Bradshaw had his legs wrapped tightly around a tree limb. He needed both of his hands to write out his news article.

He had just watched Harry Potter himself create a magical entity. A Phoenix of scarlet and gold was circling in the sky marking the area that the Order of the Phoenix had massacred Voldemort’s werewolves. It had surprised him the Potter didn’t want all the werewolves eliminated. He actually seemed to care about their lives too.

The last of the live werewolves had just been Portkeyed away. Blaine couldn’t hear where they were going. Potter and Sirius Black also disappeared taking some supplies with them.

Blaine needed to finish this story and get it into the editor of the paper within the next hour so it could fill its spot on the front page.
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