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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
In war, there are many difficult decision that leaders must make. Harry must make one that is difficult for him, but not his enemy.
I am finally back writing again. I have several more chapters written after this one and the end is in sight. As a reminder, I put the conversation in bold when Harry and Ginny speak to each other with their bond.


Harry stared out the window at the tents arranged in his garden. It looked like an army had moved in. The sleeping tents were aligned in two rows of three with each one holding as many as four hundred camp beds. There were two rows of tents to the left and right of an even larger tent, the kitchen and dining tent. The white tents gleaming even though the sun was shaded by high grey clouds. It was a sign of a war. A war that started only seven days ago, it had torn the nation of magical and Muggle citizens apart.

So much had happened in the past seven days since they answered the call to stop Voldemort from overthrowing the Ministry. He had died that day. Even though it was only for a few minutes, he was still dead. An ancient elf had appeared from his isolation to save Harry and Ginny, by sacrificing himself.

He never understood how the elf knew that Ginny and he were in peril a thousand miles away. The elf knew and transferred his magical powers to Ginny so she could save Harry from death. Ginny gave birth to their child immediately after pulling Harry from the realm of death.

Xenon was name of the Atlantean Elf, and the name of their son. He was such a beautiful boy. Harry had experienced the strength and depth of power that comes with creating and fulfilling a Love Bond. It was a rush of magical power and passionate emotions, but it still doesn’t compare to the feeling of having a child. It wasn’t some great magical event that hadn’t occurred for 1700 years. It was something more tender and softer, but just as powerful and moving.

He often wondered about his parents sacrificing themselves for him, and if he could have the courage to do such a selfless thing. Now that he was holding Xenon in his arms, he realized that it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice. He would never say that his parents were not brave or that they didn’t sacrifice themselves. He now understood that to be a parent there is nothing more important than the safety of your child. He would not hesitate to die if he knew it would give Xenon a safer place to live.

He gently reached up and pulled back Xenon’s blanket so he could kiss the top of his head. His red hair glistened in the pale sunlight coming through the manor’s window. He didn’t even stir when Harry pressed his lips against the soft skin of his head.

Xenon was like most new-born babies. He ate. He slept and occasionally stretched and moved, but he mostly slept.

“I apologize for being late,” said Mad-Eye as he entered the Room. “I got hung up bringing the last batch of refugees. They kept bloody asking me why they should pledge that they won’t harm anyone.”

Harry turned to look at the old Auror. He had entered the room and plopped himself down into a chair around the meeting table. They needed to discuss capturing the sorcerers maintaining the flying barricade that Voldemort had put in place. Arthur was here along with Sirius, Bill, Remus and Mad-eye. One of the Order members that had been on the assignment to figure out how to break the barricade, Kingsley Shacklebolt was also sitting at the table. There were no Muggle authorities present since this mission wouldn’t include them. Harry would brief them of the timing of the attack, so they can plan to start the flights from the airports again.

Harry stood at the end of the long conference table. The only person missing was Madam Bones. He wasn’t sure if she would be able to make it out of the infirmary. Her condition was getting better, but she still had a long way to go until she was back to full health.

“Mr. Shacklebolt, would you please see if Madam Bones will be attending this meeting this morning.” Harry said as graciously as possible.

Xenon shifted in his arms, so Harry lifted him to hold him better. Harry could feel that Arthur was staring at him. He looked up and saw his father-in-law was smiling. Sirius and Remus, on the other hand, were trying to avoid Harry’s gaze they were looking anywhere except at him and his baby.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked them. Neither one responded or looked his way. Both sat there staring at the table. Remus seemed to look at him from the corner of his eye.

“I am talking to you and Sirius. What is bothering you? Are you upset because I am holding my child while we talk about defeating Voldemort? You can be assured that he won’t reveal any secrets.” He said with a chuckle trying to lighten the mood in the room.

Remus elbowed Sirius, but he didn’t’ respond to the gentle elbow in the ribs. Finally, Sirius looked up. He had a sad look on his face, and he still wouldn’t look Harry in the eyes.

“It isn’t what you think, Prongslet,” Sirius said with watery eyes. “You remind us of James. He would hold you the same way with same sappy look on his face.”

Everyone looked at Sirius with sympathy. Harry felt bad for his Father’s friends, but he also felt pride at acting the same as his Father. If Ginny’s ideas work out, they will be alive for their son to grow up in a world without Voldemort.

“Thank you, I take being compared to my father as a compliment.”

“He would be so proud of you, Harry,” said Remus.

“A little disappointed that you didn’t attend Hogwarts to play Quidditch and prank Slytherins, but he would be proud of you,” said Sirius with his trademark wolfish grin, even though there were tears in his eyes.

Kingsley Shacklebolt entered the room accompanied by Madam Bones. She was walking slowly. Most of her face was covered with gauze along with her right arm. He could see her grimacing with each step.

Arthur saw her and frowned. “Amelia, you are….”

“I am well enough to attend a meeting Arthur,” she said cutting him off. “Besides I will be needed to do more than just attend meetings soon enough.”

“Amelia, we have plenty of wands and fighters to fight against Voldemort and his forces,” responded Alastor.

Amelia seemed to hesitate for a second before continuing to the closest seat. Harry looked at Arthur and Alastor and noticed they seemed to be a little uncomfortable. There was something that they were not telling him. He looked around the room and tried to assess everyone’s emotions. He had some empathy ability, but not enough to discern what everyone was thinking.

“Let’s get this meeting started,” Harry said. “I hope my having Xenon isn’t too distracting, but It was my turn to watch him. If no one shouts too loud, he should sleep through everything.”

All eyes turned to Moody. “Why is everyone bloody looking at me.”

“Alastor, language,” admonished Amelia.

“What, the baby is asleep,” Alastor roughly whispered.

Harry chuckled along with everyone else. “The main reason we are here is to firm up the plans to capture the witches and wizards who are maintaining the blockade. Do we have the timing down as to when to start capturing them?”

“Yes, sir,” said Kingsley. “If we take the base at 14:45 hours, we will be able to capture the shift coming in from their rotation and the ones coming into start. That will take out two thirds of the flyers. There is a house across from their base that, after using Portkeys to transport the ones we’ve captured to Egypt, we could move to and wait for the third shift to come in and capture them.”

Harry felt tension raising around the room. He wasn’t sure why everyone was getting tense. “What is wrong?” he addressed everyone. “Is there something I don’t know about this operation?”

“We may not be able to Portkey everyone to Egypt, Harry,” said Arthur. “It seems that the international magical community will be declaring war against us.”

Arthur produced several magical newspapers. Harry couldn’t read the writing, but he was sure that one was French and another Egyptian. He didn’t recognize the rest the other languages. “Are they declaring war against us or Voldemort?”

“Both, Harry,” said Amelia. “They see no difference between us and Voldemort.”

“Harry,” said Arthur taking over for Amelia. “The attack on Parliament was videotaped and it is now being broadcast all over the world. Some of the attacks on the airplanes ware also taped and Muggles everywhere now realize that it wasn’t a normal attack. There are theories everywhere from some advanced weapons being illegally tested to Martians attacking. The issue is that the ICW is irate that this happened and they blame all the British for this breach of secrecy.

“They have issued a ban on all British nationals from traveling. Per a couple of these articles they are even considering raising a magical barrier around the islands. The flurry of Portkeys leaving the Britain to both France and Egypt raised concerns that we are entering those countries to form subversive groups to overthrow their governments. They have no idea that we are fighting the Dark Forces.

“We cannot use international Portkeys anymore. This one article…,” Arthur said pointing at the French newspaper. “…states that the French and Egyptian Ministries are going to send Hit-Wizards to any location that Portkeys land. I know your estates are unplottable and cannot be detected, but I would advise against using Portkeys to transport prisoners to Egypt. It may create even more anger towards us.”

Harry leaned back in his chair. He never thought about this aspect of the fight against Voldemort. It was probably naive that he thought they could stop Voldemort from causing so much damage in the Muggle world that it would go unnoticed by the ICW.

It was even more frustrating that the ICW was being so narrow minded about the situation. If every British citizen was now suspected of being a follower of Voldemort, they would all be in danger of being attacked even after the defeat Voldemort. How long will it take them to convince the International Community to believe that not all British citizens were followers of Voldemort.

“Harry, need to go to the ICW,” said Amelia Bones. “I can do more good there than staying here and trying to fight. I will try to make them understand that we are fighting against Voldemort. I think I can convince them of that fact. I just don’t know what we are going to do about the breach of the Secrecy clause. The international magical community cannot just go out and Obliviate the entire Muggle population. We may have to bear the brunt of Voldemort’s decisions and actions.”

She stopped talking and looked at everyone around the table. “I don’t think Witches and Wizards will ever be able to hide from the Muggles again. Personally, I am afraid what will happen when the Muggle community realizes that we exist. Reactions will vary from one individual to the next, just like what happened with the Queens guards. I am almost as afraid of that reaction as I am afraid of Voldemort. Our community has been hiding from the Muggle world for over a thousand years because we fear an all-out war with them. I hope we can avoid it, but I am not sure.”

“Madam Bones, not all Muggles are like…,” Harry said until being cut off by Arthur.

“Harry, it doesn’t matter what Muggles are like. Lack of knowledge or familiarity of each other could lead to discontent, fear, and violence. I don’t hate Muggles,” Arthur said. Everyone around the table chuckled. “I agree with Amelia. A hidden society that suddenly appears in the middle of all these other societies, things could become rather sticky very fast.”

Dark thoughts filled Harry’s mind. He might fight and sacrifice to destroy Voldemort only to find himself caught up in an even larger war. He thought after destroying Voldemort it would easy to move on, after all, the person responsible for the suffering was gone.

Harry, relax I can feel your anger and frustration all the way in Egypt. Yes, I realize what is bothering you. You can only tackle one problem at a time. Be careful how you proceed. Remember what we discussed last night about how this has all come about. There is a reason everything has happened to us.

“If you could take me to France, I will work my way to Paris and from there to the International Confederation of Wizards,” Amelia said.

Harry looked at her. “You are not well enough to travel.”

“Allow me to have one of the medical House Elves from France, and my sister-in-law and niece as traveling companions. My wounds are healing well enough for some traveling. I can’t fight. There is one more problem, I may need to reveal a little bit about the Potter network I may have to explain what has been happening.”

“No, you can’t do that,” barked Moody.

Xenon moved and let out a little squeak at the sound of his voice. Arthur and Amelia immediately shushed him.

“All right sorry,” whispered Moody. “This network may be the only thing that will keep us alive. The war hasn’t been won yet. We need every advantage we can get. Don’t forget that Voldemort may have followers or spies in other country’s Ministries.”

“I realize that Alastor,” whispered Amelia. “I cannot reveal where these places are because of the wards. I need to gain their trust by revealing some of the reasons for the flurry of Portkey activity.”

“Still do not reveal anything that could be critical to the completion of our mission,” Moody stressed with an exaggerated whisper.

“Excuse me,” said Kingsley Shacklebolt nervously. “I think we need to think about the operation we have planned for this afternoon. In just over four hours. We need to capture the people maintaining the blockade.”

Everyone in the room turned and stared at Kingsley. Harry tried to suppress the smile that wanted to form at seeing this young Auror look hesitatingly at his boss from work and the most revered Auror in the past fifty years, which he basically told to shut up. He met their gazes without flinching.

He then turned and looked directly at Harry. “My apologies, Mr. Potter. The time is right we are ready to go with this mission, but if we don’t have a way to hold the wizards and witches as they are captured, it will fail.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me, Kingsley, and my name is Harry. Egypt is the ideal location for holding prisoners…,”

“Don’t tell the ICW about that,” Moody whispered to Amelia.

“However,” Harry continued without acknowledging Moody’s whispered comment or Amelia’s scowl in return. “…the only way to get them there without Portkey’s is our transportation vault. It would be slow and we would need to keep the prisoners Stunned so they have no knowledge of it. I realize that we may need to reveal the presence of the transportation vault, but until we do, I want to keep it a secret.”

“I don’t like the idea of you needing to personally transport all the future prisoners to Egypt. We need you other places,” said Sirius. “Can’t you get the goblins to do the transportation for you.”

“I supposed I could…,” Harry started to talk, but Bill but him off.

“Don’t forget the goblins are waiting to have a debt settled,” Bill said ominously. “They will want that settled before they are willing to help any more than they already have.”

Harry remembered that Grins had demanded the heads of forty wizards and witches for the death of his bank tellers and clerks. It repulsed him to think that they could be so cruel and unforgiving. Goblins were not known for being forgiving. They were cold-hearted, calculating, and seemingly cruel. To them it is more important to adhere to the rules than to save a life or forgive a person’s previous transgression. He hated feeling helpless and caught in the middle of all of this, but that was precisely where he had to be.

“I have a suggestion,” said Sirius. He looked at Remus who seemed to understand what he was going to suggest and gave him a nod of approval. “Go ahead with the operation, but Portkey everyone to the vaults of Gringotts. Grins can glean his justice from the captives that we send him for assurance that they will transport our prisoners to Egypt.”

“You’re barkin’,” yelled Moody. Xenon again fussed in Harry’s arms. Moody waved off everyone who tried to shush him. “You can’t let goblins kill forty wizards at random. We would have another war on our hands after this is all over.”

“If Grins doesn’t get his justice, then we may have another messy war with the goblins on our hands,” Bill whispered furiously.

Everyone was talking to each other around the table, as Harry listened. Sirius, Remus, and Bill defended their idea. Moody, Amelia, Kingsley argued against it, while Arthur interjected his opinion. Harry could tell his father-in-law was bothered by what was suggested, just like he was

He looked up at the board and watched as little bits and pieces moved about the tracking board. He had been looking at those objects moving about the board representing Britain for several days. Voldemort killed and ordered people to be killed without hesitation. The people they are going to be capturing and sentencing to be executed had murdered innocent Muggles by destroying their planes. He was having problems with this decision. He knew he had to agree with something that made him sick thinking about, but he really had no other choice. What would happen to him and Ginny if he agreed to this?

Harry, I feel your concerns. I don’t believe this would be classified as you killing with your magic. We should be safe. You must tell them about that condition of our magical bond.

Harry looked back up at the map. He could hear the people quietly arguing about Sirius’s proposal. He was stuck. He would have to make the decision.

“We will send the captured wizards and witches to Grins for justice.” He waited to see everyone’s reaction. No one contradicted him or argued against it. “We will set a condition. He is to execute only those with Dark Marks. That includes anyone who is already being held in Egypt. If he can’t find forty people with Dark Marks, then we will talk about having trials to find others that are deserving of the punishment. I will contact Grins and make the arrangements. I will also make more Portkeys.”

“Get Gabriel to make the Portkeys,” said Alastor.

“He has no idea where make the destination. We are not sending them to the bank, but to the deepest areas of the vaults, which is almost six miles away from the bank. I will need to make them. I also want to ensure Grins that I won’t be giving away the exact location of his vaults so others can make Portkeys to get inside of the vaults.

“I will take you to France and have a medically trained House Elf accompany you while to travel through Europe,” he told Amelia.

“There is something else that I need to share with everyone present,” he said rather dramatically. “Ginny has been doing research in the library of the Atlantean. She has come across a troubling condition of our magic. Ever since that Elf transferred his magic to Ginny, her magic has become more like a House Elf’s. My magic has also been changing because of our soul bond. Because our magic is so alike an Elf’s, we cannot kill. It will change us for the worse. I am not sure what is entailed in this change. It was something that the Elves never wrote down, because so many of them were around when this had happened. It is only described as a terrible fate will befall upon any Elf that kills.

“Ginny is working on a way that we can defeat Voldemort without killing him. She has found writings that support her plans, but the Elves handled their magic differently. They didn’t use wands or as many spoken spells.”

“You don’t’ have to kill him,” said Alastor. “One of us can do it.”

“No! There is a reason that all this has happened. I feel that I must stop him.”

“You can’t do that if you can’t kill him,” said Moody with more force.

“We can’t kill him now. There is still another Horcrux out there,” said Remus. “If we kill him he will become a mean spirit and will reform at another time and place.”

Remus turned to Harry. “Can you tell us what you are planning to do?”

Harry stared at them for several seconds. “You are going to think I am crazy, but there is documentation of this being possible. Ginny and I think we can turn Voldemort into a Squib.”

There was an audible gasp in the room, before Moody started to laugh. His laugh started out rumbling and low for several seconds before it became loud and booming. “That would be perfect fate for him. Turn him into a squib, Brilliant!”

“How would you do this?” asked Amelia. “Is there a spell?”

“No, there isn’t a spell, and it is all theoretical at the time. What makes all Elves magical, but only some of the humans? Was a question that the Atlantean Elf had thought about for thousands of years. He had proposed a theory towards the end of his life. Ginny had read it and thinks we could make it work. The biggest problem is we must contain Voldemort for several seconds to block his magical core from recharging. If you block it from gaining magic. He can’t use magic. He would be a squib for the rest of his immortal life.”

“Have you considered using this on any of his other followers?” asked Alastor.

“We had thought about it, as opposed to ordering executions.” Harry said looking at each of them. He could tell their joy about hearing Voldemort would become a Squib. It would be a cruel fate for that to happen. Voldemort couldn’t or wouldn’t want to exist without using magic. Many of them are the same way. Now that it had been such a major portion of his life, he didn’t want to ever lose it.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny was sitting in the library reading scrolls written by the actual Xenon during his captivity. She wondered if all of this was correct that she had read. There were things that seemed on one level surprise her, but on a deeper level she had always wondered if magic like this was possible.

Most magic beings lived longer lives than their nonmagical counterparts, but the belief that magic can extend a person to infinity was amazing. She also realized that there were some metabolic differences between immortals and mortals.

A feeling of hunger swept over her as she stood by the desk in the library. It wasn’t her hunger sweeping over her, but her baby’s. Her body reacted to the sensation of her baby’s hunger. She had to get to him immediately. Reaching out with her feelings she could locate Xenon at the Manor.

She was going to tell Harry that she was coming to feed their baby, when she realized that Harry wasn’t at the manor. He was at Diagon Alley, most likely at Gringotts. Certainly, he would not be walking around in the day time. It didn’t matter what her husband was doing, she needed to feed Xenon.

She appeared beside her son in the map room. Her father was holding and rocking his grandson. The room seemed to be empty except for the three of them.

“Give me my baby it is second breakfast time.”

Her father smiled broadly at her. He rose out of his chair to allow her to sit down. There were plenty of other chairs located in the manor, but they were not as nice to sit and feed a baby. As soon as Xenon started to feed, Ginny relaxed and could again concentrate on Harry. He was nervous about something he had to do. She tried to work into his thoughts to find out what was bothering him so much.

Hey, I can sense you in my head. I need to stay calm for the next hour. I am going to meet with Grins and several of his Upper Echelon goblins. Wish me luck.

She looked at his surroundings though the bond. He was walking back the hallway in the destroyed bank to Grins office.

Good luck negotiating with the goblins. She whispered the encouragement though the bond.

I will be needing it to convince him to work with us.

Ginny let the connection fade. She was positive that Harry would be able to work things out with the Goblins. Right now, she wanted to focus on feeding her little baby.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry felt Ginny’s presence leave him as he approached Grins. His stomach was tied up in knots. He knew that Grins wouldn’t let him get harmed. The senior goblin didn’t care about anyone else.

“To what do I owe the pleasure, Lord Potter?” asked the Goblin.

“We need your help.”

“I will not help until punishment of forty wizards and witches has taken place,” Grins said with finality.

“I remember Lord Gringotts,” said Harry. “I will be delivering to you many people to be held at the retaining cell in Egypt. They will arrive Stunned. You can take forty of the people who have been branded with dark marks. Do not behead anyone without Dark Marks without my permission.”

He held up his hand to slightly placate Grins. “Everyone who in going to Egypt must first stop here. If they had a Dark Mark, you are free to execute them. If they are not so marked you must move them to Egypt to be held until the war is over, or until I can decide which ones will be handed over to you.

Grins Gringotts sat there silent for several seconds, putting everything he had been told to memory. “I will help you with the transportation of the captives. How much has Mr. Weasely told you about our society?”

“He has been tutoring me on the differences between our societies.”

“I doubt he has ever experienced Goblin justice,” Grins stated calmly. “When a member of our society is grievously harmed, restitution must be made. I do believe that there is an expression among humans that goes; ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Our justice system operates much the same way. A family member of the murdered goblins has the right in our society to exact justice for the one who harmed their family. We too have a court system. It is a tribunal and each accused will have their right to speak their mind before a judgement is decided.

“Our society holds combat in high honor. If one willingly submits to combat with another, and they die. Then there is no crime if they could defend themselves. The goblins that died never had a weapon or the ability to defend themselves. The families of the murdered goblins demand justice.

“You say that we can freely execute anyone bearing the dark mark. Why is that?”

Harry cleared his throat, before speaking. “They are followers of Voldemort. I should clarify. They are willing followers of him. No one can be given a dark mark against their will. The others may have been forced into action.”

“Very good, we shall look at people bearing dark marks as a member of the Dark Lord’s family. I feel that my society shall be pleased with those conditions. You see, Lord Potter, even though my family may be the leaders of goblin society we too must respect the rights of the goblins we lead.”

“There is one more thing,” Harry said nervously. “I would like to create Portkeys that would transport the Death Eaters directly to your caves. If we transport them to this building, Voldemort may try to attack it again. The Death Eaters may be able to follow the path of the Portkeys but they won’t know what depth into the earth it went. If they try to follow, they may appear in solid rock crushing themselves to death.”

“That would be a pity,” Grins smiled at his sardonic comment.

Harry smiled in return. He knew that if that happened people who had been forced to help may die. If it wiped out the rest of the Death Eaters though, he really wouldn’t care. They brought this on themselves.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny leaned back and smiled at the feelings coming from Harry. He had accomplished something and was happy. The goblins may demand a cruel price and call it justice, but it was understandable.

“Can you tell me about your plans to defeat Voldemort?” Her Father asked. “Harry said something about making him a Squib. How is that possible?”

“I have read some theories about why some of us are magical and why others are not magical. The Elves were curious about it because all of them are magical. There are no squibs in the Elvish society. They had been investigating what causes the differences between us. The Elf that sacrificed himself for Harry and I was a magical healer. He had magically healed both magical and nonmagical in Atlantis. He sensed a difference between them.

“It was he that was able to block all magic in Egypt. I have read about how he did it and I think we could apply it to a person to permanently block their magical core. Voldemort would never be able to cast a spell again.

“I would like to test it on something before we try the spell on Voldemort. I was thinking about a magical anchor for a shield, but I don’t want to cancel any of our wards. I don’t know where other ward stones would be.”

“We could talk to Bill about that, or…,” her Father stopped talking and looked to be in deep thought for several seconds. “I believe that the Ministry uses magical anchors like what you are talking about. They are magical objects that help them sense activities like underage magic and tracking Portkey’s. Maybe some of the refugees would know their whereabouts. It would even be helpful if the Ministry couldn’t track us anymore. Let me check with a couple of Ministry employee’s that I know.”

Ginny watched as her father stood and left the room. She had so many thoughts running through her head. Not only did she need to discover if this spell would work to stop Voldemort, they also needed to figure out how to disable him so they could lay their hands on him to cast it.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“…anyway, with my Dad being Muggle born, I really have no choice in the matter,” said Nymphadora Tonks, or Tonks as she wanted to be called. “I could hardly be a follower and not turn against my Mum and Dad. I am too loyal for that, after all, I was in Hufflepuff house for a reason.”

Remus smiled at the chatty witch. She was prattling along as if they were talking in a pub, when the situation couldn’t be any more different. They were in Cardiff Stunning Witches and Wizards as they arrived to take flight to keep the British airports locked down.

“So, you first met that scoundrel of a second cousin on the way to Hogwarts?” Tonks asked.

There was a sudden popping sound. In a flash the cute Auror Stunned both wizards before they could react. Remus quickly tied them up in ropes and Levitated them before they hit the floor.

“My you are good with your wand,” said Tonks roguishly.

Remus almost dropped the two wizards at her comment. He finished moving them to the next room that was almost full of Stunned Death Eaters. Kingsley and Sirius were waiting for the last two to come back from their rounds. He and Tonks had taken care of the ones coming in to start their rounds.

Tonks looked at her watch and put her finger across her lips to indicate that Remus needed to be quiet. It was time for the last couple to fly in from their rounds. Remus didn’t need to be reminded, because he wasn’t the one chatting nearly the entire time.

He was amazed at how funny and light hearted this witch was and yet she was also rather good at her job. A thought passed through his mind about asking her out for a pint when this is all over, but he quickly put it out of his mind. There is no way she would be interested in a werewolf.

The sound of people talking and a door opening could be heard in the next room. The conversation was cut short, as either Sirius or Kingsley Stunned them.

“That is all of them,” shouted Kingsley.

“In forty-five minutes, we have taken forty wands out of the fight. I would say that was a good day’s work, Boss,” shouted Tonks, as she walked to the other room.

Remus looked at everyone they had captured. Their clothes looked worn, as if, they hadn’t changed them since they started this embargo. He recognized several of the faces from previous skirmishes before Voldemort had overthrown the Ministry. They were now in the hands of Goblins. Many of them would not live to see the end of this war. In many ways, it bothered him that he was sending these people to their deaths, but they chose this path, and it is war.

Kingsley and Tonks placed the Portkeys on the Stunned Death Eaters and activated them. It only took about ten minutes to send them all to the Goblins.

“I wonder if Alastor is correct?” asked Kingsley. “If Voldemort will send out some his forces to investigate where the all the Portkeys landed.”

“If they do go, Moody will be ready for them,” said Tonks. “So, Remus, how about a pint to celebrate a good day’s work.”

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