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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
A couple weeks later finds Amelia and Harry not much further in their individual quests, even though things are looking up for the Order.


Amelia Bones sat in her room across the street from the International Confederation of Wizards waiting to be called into the main chamber again. Over the past two weeks she had been called into the chamber to answer questions concerning Harry, Ginny, and the Order of the Phoenix. Without the Daily Prophet, there was little news coming from Britain, except what could be gleaned from the Muggle news sources. If something happened that the Muggles noticed, the questioning was always much longer and more intense. Even on days that seemed relatively quiet, they still called her in to question her. The ICW still hadn’t lifted its edict of Britain being an “enemy state”, but the members’ questions seemed to have softened over the past two weeks.

She felt helpless sitting here with her niece and sister-in-law. She should be home fighting, but she had only regained the use of her wand hand in the past two days. Even though she could use it, it didn’t react and move as it once had. It may take some time for her to regain her fighting abilities. A small part of her wanted Voldemort to survive until she could help bring him down, but she knew that he needed to be destroyed as soon as possible.

The ICW placed her in a nice place. It was more than a room. It was more of a suite with three bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms. It had a common sitting room and a dining room. It was probably larger than most people’s homes back in Britain, but it was feeling cramped right now. Susan had become impatient with her confinement. She was a teenager now and wanted to go out and explore Europe. However, they were still prisoners and were not allowed to leave the premise without an armed escort.

There was a knock on the door to the apartment.

“I’ll get it,” shouted Susan. She ran to the door and flung it open before Amelia could stop her. It could have been a Death Eater who had tracked them down. “Oh, I suppose you want to talk to my Auntie.”

“Yes, Miss Bones, I do want to speak to your Aunt.” Said the unmistakable voice of Braxton Brace. “May I come in?”

Susan turned with a sigh and walked away from the door. “Yes, you may come in. It isn’t like I could stop you.”

“Susan!” shouted Amelia. “Don’t be rude to the guests.”

Susan ignored her and walked to her bedroom and slammed the door. Amelia was tempted to go in the room and drag her niece out by the ear and make her apologize for her behavior.

“All things considered, I think she is acting rather mature,” said Braxton. He was standing there holding a wet wide-brimmed wizard’s hat. It was rain-soaked along with him. “She is what 13 or 14 years old and she has red hair.”

“It doesn’t matter that she is 14,” said Amelia with a smile. “The red hair though can’t be helped.” She looked at Braxton and saw he was accompanied by a goblin.

“This goblin wants to attend today’s ICW meeting with you.”

Amelia assessed the situation. He didn’t sound agitated about the meeting. “What is it about?”

“Can’t you guess by now,” said Braxton with a sigh. Every meeting had been about when Voldemort will be defeated and what will be happening in Britain after his defeat. “This goblin wanted to give you something.

“Madam Bones,” said the goblin, as he bowed and presented her with a letter. It was thick parchment, rolled up, and sealed with a wax seal that had an ornate “P” pressed in it.

Amelia thanked the goblin and took the scroll from him she opened it up and quickly read through it. It was a brief update on activities by both Harry and Ginny. It wasn’t anything that she hadn’t figured out from over here. They had been attacking Voldemort’s forces and preparing to drag him out of hiding to stop him. Over the past two weeks there had been no casualties in the Order. She just wished she could say the same thing about Muggle Britain. It appears that at least one or two people die with every attack.

“Are you ready?” asked Braxton.

“I was thinking that either you were late today or I may not need to go to the ICW Chamber today.”

Braxton laughed at her comment. “What would we do if we didn’t have you to interrogate. Politics can be so dull and boring at times.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Rookwood laid on the floor of the throne chamber in the Ministry with his eyes closed. He never escaped the Ministry that night. He was delayed by four inexperienced Aurors. He was out of practice, because he should have killed them and Apparated away. He had only killed three of them when Bellatrix appeared. He was never a match for her. She captured him and drug him back here as a captive and chained him to the floor to be tortured whenever Bellatrix felt in the mood to inflict pain. She was always in the mood to inflict pain.

His left leg had been broken and reset several times so it now has three bends in it that should not be there. His right leg had not been broken, because it was the one that had a bolt driven through it and attached to the chain. He looked down at the stub of his right hand. Bellatrix had removed his fingers one knuckle at a time the first night he had been captured. He will never be able to hold a wand again. His left hand had not been mutilated, yet. It was only a matter of time before she starts removing his fingers from that hand.

He has begged for death every day that he had been held here. That first week he had begged to be killed two or three times a day. Bellatrix hadn’t tortured him as severally lately. He knew it wasn’t because she had an iota of mercy in that black heart of hers. The exact opposite was true. She didn’t want him to die. She wanted to be able to torture him for as long as possible, for that she needed him alive and responsive. That is why he still had his eyes closed, so she won’t realize he is awake and start torturing him again.

“I can hear your mind crying, Augustus,” hissed the King of Magic. “Do you think you can fool me? I suppose you do think you can fool me. That was why you tried to leave me and run to Potter.”

“I wasn’t…,” he tried to speak, but his voice was raspy and barely above a whisper.

“CRUCIO,” shouted Bellatrix.

Pain shot through Rookwood’s body. He shook and twisted on the floor. His raw throat exploded in pain with his screams.

“Enough Bella,” said the King of Magic. “We don’t want to give him release just yet. I am waiting for my plan to be carried out Augustus, or did you fail me with that too? You did Imperious a family and send them to the Order to kill Potter and his whore? Why haven’t they killed them yet?

“You will remain chained there until Potter dies or that entire family is found dead. If there is a God, you had better pray for one of those things to happen so you can be free of this pain.”

Rookwood opened his eyes and stared into the King of Magic’s mutilated face. He wore an eye patch over what was once his right eye. The eye socket was a burnt and mutilated ruin. The patch wasn’t large enough to cover all the burnt skin and there was even some bone showing from his cheek.

Rookwood couldn’t help himself. The thought appeared in his mind and he knew the King was using Leglimency on him. “I hope that hurt,” he thought.

There was a flash of rage across the King of Magic’s face, before his wand appeared. “CRUCIO!”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Amelia sat in her usual seat in the chamber of the ICW. She was in the center facing the bench of the council of International magic. There was the Grand Mugwump and several other officers, and today there was someone different. He looked younger and was dressed rather casually for these types of proceedings.

There was something else different today. The goblin sat beside her. Everyone in the court room looked at the goblin like they had never seen one before. Everyone, except the Grand Mugwump, who was staring down at a pile of parchment.

“Madam Bones,” said the Grand Mugwump without looking up at her. “I would like to start off today’s session by once again asking you if you have heard from Harry or Ginny Potter.”

“Yes, sir, I have.” She said blandly. They asked that every day and every day she said no. They must have expected to hear no again today because the Grand Mugwump started talking again. The recording secretary stopped him.

“She said yes, Grand Mugwump” said the recording secretary.

“Yes, I received a brief letter from him,” she repeated for the court.

The Grand Mugwump finally looked up at her. He looked confused that she had received a letter from Harry. He appeared to be more confused by the presence of the goblin in the court room.

“Where did that come from?” he demanded of the guards pointing at the goblin.

Amelia could feel the tension in the room increase tenfold. The goblin, Grins Gringott the third heir, didn’t’ seem to react openly to the comment.

“Grins Gringott the third heir is his proper name,” Amelia said calmly.

“I don’t care what he is called. I want to know why he is in a court for wizards only,” demanded the Grand Mugwump.

“He is here with me. We are allies in the fight against Voldemort,” she proclaimed for everyone in the court to hear. There was a small murmur go through the court room. It was barely perceptible, but Grins seemed to turn his head and gave her a small smile.

“I am the head of the Gringotts bank in France and Belgium, which is where this building resides, and the accounts for this institution are located in my branch,” said Grins the third with more than a vailed threat. “I am here on behalf of Lord Potter of the House of Potter.”

Upon calling Harry, Lord Potter, a murmur started in the chamber. Amelia knew what everyone was thinking.

“The Gringotts family refers to Lord Potter out of respect for him and his house. We do not look upon all magical families the same way. If you think that Harry Potter demands that we call him Lord, because he is like Tom Riddle, you are completely wrong.”

The young wizard leaned forward. “Why does the Gringotts family look so favorably upon the Potter family?”

“The Potter family has had close ties with the Gringotts family for over a thousand years. They are considered friends of the Goblin nation.”

“I find that fact very interesting,” said the Grand Mugwump. “Madam Bones, did you know about this relationship?”

“Only after meeting Harry Potter and joining the Order of the Phoenix did I learn about the relationship that the Potter family has with the goblins and House Elf communities. The Potter family has always been an important family in Britain. Even though they tend to be rather reclusive.”

“Very well,” said the Grand Mugwump. “I don’t think I ever met one of the Potters,”.

Amelia wondered about that statement. He was an older Spanish wizard. If she was to guess, he may be as old as Dumbledore. It was possible that they had crossed paths at some time.

“So, goblin,” said the Grand Mugwump brusquely. “Now that you have had your say….”

“I have not said what I came here to say,” Grins said calmly even though he cut off the Grand Mugwump.

“Very well, say it,” the Grand Mugwump ordered Grins.

“The Lord Potter has been in conversation with the British Muggle government. He has promised them a line of credit through the Gringotts bank of 10 billion euros to help rebuild the damage caused by this war. The Muggle government will receive this money without interest for ten years. It is Lord Potter’s intention to establish good relations with the Muggles.”

“10 BILLION EUROS,” shouted the young wizard on the council. “Your bank agreed to do this for Lord Potter? I find that impossible to believe.”

“So do I,” said the Grand Mugwump.

People were starting to talk out loud in the chamber. Amelia was shocked at the amount of money that was being offered the Muggle government. She couldn’t imagine the Gringotts family going along with this. How Harry could exert this much influence over the goblins?

“Order in the court,” shouted the Grand Mugwump. His magically enhanced voice echoed off the walls of the chamber. “I find it hard to believe that the Gringotts bank would agree to such a loan. I understand that you look upon the Potter family as ‘friends of the goblins’ but why would you agree to give Muggles so much money?”

The Goblin sat calmly and stared at the council. He even looked to smile a toothy smile, before talking. “I don’t think you fully understand. The Potter family and the Gringotts have had a long standing personal relationship for over a thousand years, because the Potters financed the bank and own all the buildings that the banks reside in. The Gringotts family and other goblins used the Potter family fortune to operate the bank. Even though the bank is called Gringotts, it is half owned by Lord Potter and his family. If he wishes to extend a line of credit to a Muggle government to reestablish a working relationship, he can do that. It is his money.”

The entire chamber was silent. Amelia was shocked. The idea that the Potter family had so much wealth and yet she can never remember them personally flaunting it.

“I have said what I came to say,” said Grins, as he stood up.

“I have a question. Why have the goblins never rebelled against the Potter family, particularly since they have so much to gain if the Potters would die?” asked the young wizard.

“Ancestors of Harry Potter risked their lives to save my ancestors during a goblin war a thousand years ago. They did so without asking anything of the Gringotts family. That puts myself and all the members of my family indebted to the Potter family. Goblins live by old magic. We could never betray that trust. For as long as the Potter family exists, the Gringotts will not raise a weapon to a human.”

“If the Potter family gets annihilated as what might happen. What happens then?” asked the Grand Mugwump.

“Have a good day, wizards,” said Grins as he bowed and left the silent chamber.

Amelia was surprised but not completely shocked at what she had heard. The relationship between the Gringotts family and the Potter family was too strong to exist without a magical bond of some type.
“Madam Bones, I can assume by your shocked expression that you didn’t realize the relationship between the Potters and the Gringotts was so close.” Said the Grand Mugwump.

“I knew it was a strong bond and a relationship that had a great deal of respect holding it together. I never knew about the wealth of the Potter family. Everyone in Britain knew they were wealthy, but I had no idea how wealthy they are.”

The letter in her hand brought her thoughts back to the present. “I have a letter from Harry Potter. Allow me to read from it.

We have sensors in place that will detect when magic is being used around Muggle locations. It helps us respond to random attacks. If someone even Apparates to a location without us knowing it. We will send a team out to defend against attacks. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent all Muggle injuries, but the Muggle authorities understand the situation. They are also helping us by stationing specially trained forces who are familiar with wizards and witches in critical locations. They have been starting to rebuild since the blockade had been destroyed.

It appears that the Order has been able to contain Voldemort’s forces, but we have not been able to remove him from his position. Until we defeat him, I am afraid the battles will go on.

The idea of storming the Ministry to defeat him has been discussed, but the losses that would result are unacceptable. If we can get him to leave the Ministry where we can defeat him, I believe the war would practically be over.

I realize that the entire world wants this conflict to end, but the death and mutilation of hundreds of members of the magical community does not seem worth the end of this conflict. We can essentially neutralize his attacks on the community until we finally defeat him and remove him from the Ministry.

Amelia looked up from the letter to the council. They all looked concerned. “I realize you want this messy war over, but I agree with Harry. It is unacceptable to lose so many lives unless there is no other option.”

The Grand Mugwump sighed before speaking. “I can appreciate Mr. Potter’s concern over the lives of his fellow compatriots, but this war must end. Each day this war goes on the more the magical community is exposed.”

The Recording Secretary spoke up. “How are the Muggle troops being trained without our society being exposed?”

“I imagine that the Order has trained a few of the Muggle security agents. That should keep the exposure of our society to a minimum,” Amelia responded hesitantly. She wasn’t sure how Harry has been able to train the Muggles so quickly.

“I doubt if the Order cares much about not exposing our society,” snapped the young wizard. “I have pictures here that show scenes that have been appearing over Britain for the past two weeks. These are Muggle photos so they do not move, but I assembled the photos so you can look through them and see what the Muggles have been seeing on no less than ten occasions in the past fourteen days. Last weekend there were six sightings.”

The Grand Mugwump Levitated a bound stack of pictures toward her. She realized he was looking at them at the start of the meeting. The stack dropped on her lap. She picked them up and started leafing through them. They started out as a Dark Mark glowing in a grey cloudy sky. The sight of seeing that sent chills up her spine. As she looked through the stack of pictures a scarlet and gold spectral Phoenix appeared in the sky and destroyed the Dark Mark. The last picture was the spectral Phoenix soaring in the sky with its wings spread wide.

She couldn’t help but smile at the pictures. Harry had created something that could destroy the fear of the Dark Mark. This must be eating at Voldemort. It amazed her that he hadn’t come out of hiding to destroy whoever is creating the Phoenix.

“Madam Bones, what do you have to say about this?” asked the Grand Mugwump.

“The first picture is the Dark Mark. It was created by Voldemort to strike fear in people who saw it. The Spectral Phoenix was created by Harry Potter to counteract the Dark Mark’s terror. He first created it after the Order destroyed the werewolf pack that was chasing after a group of Muggle born students.”

“Mr. Potter is showing complete disregard for the Statute of Secrecy,” yelled the Grand Mugwump.

Amelia sighed before speaking. She needed to get her emotions under control, because this organization’s obsession with the Statute of Secrecy was annoying her. “Grand Mugwump and members of the ICW, two weeks ago I was told that because of Voldemort’s attack on the Muggle British society Muggles throughout the world now knows about us. Yet, all everyone seems to be obsessed about is the Order of Phoenix keeping our society a secret. Shouldn’t we be concerned about reaching out to the Muggles and start discussions about moving forward. That appears to be what Harry has already done by offering money to the Muggle government to rebuild the country.”

She stared at their open mouths and stunned expressions before they all started shouting in their native language.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry walked across the garden of Potter Manor towards the new memorial park. It was a small place set to the south of the manor and tents that allowed family members and close friends mourn their dead loved ones. It had several temporary graves with small headstones, and ten urns of the ashes of the Inferi.

He was not coming here to mourn, but to talk to someone who was here. Remus Lupin would visit this place two or three times a day to talk to Sirius. There was news that Harry needed to tell him. He wasn’t sure how Remus would take it, but he needed to know anyway.

Harry stopped in his tracks as he saw that Remus wasn’t alone. Nymphadora Tonks was with him.

This could be just two people mourning a mutual friend, but it didn’t appear that way to Harry. Tonks was sitting too close to Remus and she was also holding his hand. Harry suddenly started to feel awkward about approaching him. The news could wait until they are done mourning. Remus’s response wouldn’t change anything. Harry couldn’t change the outcome if he truly wanted to anyway, so Remus just needed to hear and accept the news.

They look good together. Ginny said in Harry’s mind.

Yes, they do look good together, but I need to talk to them.

By all means, talk to them. Don’t let me stop you.
Ginny said in his mind.

Harry sighed at the conversation. He didn’t realize that he had made so much noise, because both Tonks and Remus looked around at him. Remus reacted first. He slid away for Tonks’ side, while Tonks had a hurt expression at his action and slide further from him.

“Lovely day,” Harry said in a way of a greeting. It was a stupid comment; the weather had turned sour in the past twelve hours. There was a constant light drizzle that felt like ice pellets.

“Your spot on, mate,” said Tonks with a smirk. “I don’t suppose you couldn’t ask for a cheerier day.”

Harry laughed at her comment and sat down on a bench closest to Remus. He couldn’t think of a gentle way of saying this, so he blurted it out.

“Wormtail has been captured again,” said Harry as calmly as possible. Remus looked at him. “He had a Charmed set of manacles locked on his ankles to block any further transformations. He is the fortieth Death Eater taken.”

Remus stared at Harry with a strange expression. It was as though he wasn’t sure if that was the truth. “Good, he deserves what he is getting. He made the choice to sacrifice the lives of his friends to save his own.”

Remus turned back and stared at Sirius’ grave for several seconds before speaking again. He didn’t turn his head to look at Harry. “Thank you for telling me that he had been captured. I was hoping that he wasn’t free. Did the raid go well?”

“Yes, it did,” replied Harry. “We captured another eight followers.”

“Only eight?” asked Remus.

“That was all. I am starting to wonder if he is running out of followers to send on his missions.”

“That would be nice to hear, unless he decides to escape. Have you been sending up the Phoenix?”

Harry nodded yes to Remus’s question. “We have been destroying every indication that he is in control, and he still won’t take the bait.”

Remus looked up at the distant horizon, while deep in thought. “I hope he doesn’t decide to flee. We may never find him again. Do you think he has retrieved his Horcrux and fled the area?” asked Remus.

“I can’t say yes or no,” said Harry. “I hope that he hasn’t. I can’t imagine trying to hunt him down. If he is hiding somewhere in the world.”

“You know that I will be there right bedside you for as long as you want me,” said Remus.

Harry smiled at his father’s friend, but no longer. Remus was his friend now. “I always heard my father had good sense in choosing his friends. Thank you,”

“Before the two of you start snogging, I’d like to come along,” interjected Tonks with her signature vibrancy.

Remus smiled at Harry. “She is good with a wand.”

“How would know?” asked Tonks with a wink.

Harry sniggered at Remus’ reaction. He was obviously embarrassed by her innuendo, but Harry had an idea that he was also curious. “If you can get away from the Auror Department, I would be pleased to have your assistance.”

“I will quit now,” she said.

“Don’t quit now,” said Harry. “He may still be holed up in the Ministry. We will need to reassess our situation. It may be time to storm the Ministry.”

“When are you going to call a meeting?” asked Remus.

“Tomorrow evening, we will try to kick around the idea of storming the Ministry. I don’t look to be doing that for at least another week. I need to get moving, and make the rounds for moral support.”

Harry stood up to leave the two of them alone to go back to whatever they were doing. Remus stood up and extended a hand to Tonks; helping her up off the stone bench. She gave him a warm appreciative smile.

“Mind if we walk with you?” asked Remus.

Harry nodded appreciatively to them. It wasn’t that he felt the need to have guards, but he enjoyed having someone to walk with him as he moved about the little settlement that was once his garden. They started walking towards the tents where the refugees were living. Harry would smile and say hello to people as he met them. Many would trade salutations, some would shy away from him, and a few more outgoing gregarious types would strike up conversations with them. They had walked around the tents and towards the manor house when they came upon a nervous man. He seemed out of sorts and muttering thing under his breath. Harry looked sideways to Remus and then Tonks. They seemed at a loss for words.

“You’re Mr. Robertson,” Harry said stepping forward. “You helped me locate the sensing stones that we turned on the Ministry. I remember seeing you, but I never got the chance to thank you.”

Harry stepped towards the nervous man, but stopped as the man’s eyes went wild and he pulled his wand on Harry.”
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