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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Harry and Ginny expand their abilities using the powers of the Love Bond. I can't believe I messed up the title. The Power of the Ove Bond has been changed.


Harry froze and stared at the wand shaking in Mr. Robertson’s hand. He could sense the magic being created in the wand, but there was also other magic present. There was the magic of his wards affecting Mr. Robertson, and another magic, dark magic, that was working on this man. Harry had sensed all this in barely two seconds.

Robertson must have been Imperioused to kill him. He was fighting against the curse, but he was having a difficult time fighting it. As he called on the Killiing Curse, his hand would start to turn gray as it turned to stone. As he fought against the Imperious Curse, his wand would lower and his hand would turn pink again.

A red spell hit Mr. Robertson sending him to the ground. Harry turned to see Tonks holding her wand. “I think he was going to curse you Harry. Why didn’t you do anything?”

“He was fighting the Imperious Curse,” said Harry staring at the man lying on the ground. “I could sense it. He must have been cursed before he came into the camp. I remember that he would tell Arthur where the stones were located, but he would never come to see me. He must have realized that he had been Imperioused.”

“What are we going to do with him?” asked Remus. “We can hardly let him remain here.”

“I am not sure,” said Harry. “I will go back to the manor. Can you two Ennervate and question him?”

“He may not know he had been Cursed,” said Tonks.

“Talk to him. Let me know what he says. I need to talk to Ginny.” Harry walked away from them. He wasn’t sure if they should try to use Mr. Robertson as a test subject. He was after all an innocent victim.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The King of Magic sat on his throne and glared at the worthless subjects before him. They were weak and stupid subjects. They were the reason that Potter had not been defeated yet. He had spent years planning this out. Even before that fateful night when his spell backfired on him. The only reason he had not overthrown the Ministry then was because of Dumbledore. He should have taken it then. He was the most powerful wizard of all time. No other wizard had defeated death.

He was immortal!

“Dawlish, how many wands do I have?”

“Forty-five, your majesty,” said Dawlish. “We have been losing about twenty a week on our raids.”

“Then stop the raids, you idiot. Train your fighters better. We need at least a hundred wands, if we are going to defeat the Potters. We can no longer concern ourselves with the Muggles. We need to defeat Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, before refocusing our war on the Muggles. Have them ready within a week.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Everyone around the table stared at Ginny and him. They were all skeptical at what they were going to attempt. He had spoken to Ginny about the possibility of removing an Imperious Curse without seriously harming a person’s mind or magic. It would be a more delicate procedure than just removing their entire magical core, as they planned to do to Voldemort.

Remus and Tonks interrogated the Robertsons. Quentin realized he had been Imperiused by someone, before he had even entered the manor’s grounds. He had never been an aggressive person, but when he had heard Harry’s name the desire to kill welled up inside him. His wife had the same feelings too. They had decided to try to work with the Ministry to avoid fighting, but they also had a strong feeling of wanting to go into hiding. Tonks spoke with their children and decided that neither of them had been Imperiused. They either had to lock up the Robertsons or eliminate the curse. If they were going to lock them up, it would be for life, because the Imperius Curse would last for forever.

“We can do this,” stated Ginny with confidence. “It would be best if they are asleep. A simple Sleeping Charm should work. It will be a delicate procedure and more difficult than removing all his magic. Harry will need to be careful what he removes and that he doesn’t remove more than that one spell.”

“Will it permanently damage them?” asked Arthur.

“I don’t think so,” said Ginny. “We will try our best not to damage their magical core.”

“Quentin is an important member of the Ministry. You can’t permanently damage his magic,” said Arthur.

“I discussed what Ginny and Harry were going to do with them,” said Remus. “The Robertsons are willing to have them remove the spell.”

“Do they understand there is possibility of losing their magic?” asked Arthur.

“Yes, they do,” said Remus. “They also understand that unless this Curse is removed they will always be a threat to the Potters. They are willing to risk losing their magic to be rid of this Curse.”

Harry watched Arthur stare down at his hands. He was nervous about the possibility of hurting an innocent person. The Robertsons were victims. Someone from the Ministry Cursed them, realizing that they would either kill him or be killed themselves.

“I will go and cast the Sleeping Spell,” said Remus standing up from the table and leaving the conference room.

“I would like to discuss what we are going to do about Voldemort,” said Kingsley. “Some of the prisoners have been asking us when we are going to attack the Ministry.”

“Can we trust what these people are saying,” asked Bill. “They may be trying to send us into a trap.”

“They could be lying to me,” said Kingsley calmly. “I don’t think they are. The Ministry forces are very thin. The last group we captured had been in the clerical pool before the overthrow. None of them had experience at fighting. They also said before we attack the Ministry. We need to free the children from Malfoy Manor. I guess Voldemort took them away from their parents, and they are being held at Malfoy Manor. They were sent there because Hogwarts was unavailable. Voldemort was going to give them a proper education.”

Professor McGonagall gasped, “Those poor children.”

“Many of those children are sons and daughters of Death Eaters,” said Kingsley.

“They are still children, Mr. Shacklebolt,” snapped Professor McGonagall.

“We must rescue the children,” said Arthur. “Harry…,”

“I agree,” said Harry. “What do we know about Malfoy Manor? What should we do with the children when we rescue them?”

“I would like to help with the planning,” spoke up Professor McGonagall.

“I will work on a plan to attack the Manor, with a minimum of human loss,” said Kingsley.

“Can you do this within a week?” asked Harry.

“I can’t guarantee that, Harry,” said Kingsley. “I won’t present you a plan until it has been thought through several different ways.”

“I understand. I don’t want to lose people because we didn’t take the time to think this through” said Harry. “I want this to end, but I also value people’s lives.”

He felt Ginny rub his arm. Looking at her, he saw her smiling at him before he felt her emotional approval in his mind. He noticed that Remus had reentered the room. Ginny turned to look at Remus too.

“They are ready,” Remus said calmly.

Harry looked at everyone around the table. They all knew where he and Ginny were going, and many didn’t approve. Arthur couldn’t look at them. He sat there and stared straight down at the table.

Harry offered Ginny his arm as they walked out of the conference room. They walked into the foyer and up the stairs to the bedroom where the Robertsons were sleeping under the influence of a Spell. They were lying face up on two beds their hands out to the side of them, so their hands were a foot apart. Their eyes were shut and the only indication they were alive was the slow rise and fall of their chests.

We will work on Quentin first. You go on the right side of him and be on the left. We must work as one to do this.

Harry looked up at her as he stepped between the beds and walked to Quentin’s head. He placed one hand on Quentin’s head and the other over his heart. Ginny did the same. They stood there over Quentin and stared in each other’s eyes for a second or two before closing them.

Harry felt Ginny’s presence flow into his mind. He could sense her ability to feel emotions and how to magically heal someone. Quentin Robertson appeared differently to him. With his eyes closed he could see or sense him in his mind. His skin, muscles, tendons and organs all appeared like a three-dimensional picture under his hands. Even the blood flowing through his veins appeared to him. Ginny pulled Harry deeper down inside of Quentin to the level of the cells. He could sense and see the individual blood cells pulsing trough the vessels.

Harry then saw something else beside the wizard’s metabolic construction. He started to see his magical core. It first appeared as a cloud of various colors with tendrils stretching out to all parts of his body. It seemed to run parallel to his nervous system. This time it was Harry pulling Ginny’s consciousness with him as he looked at Quentin’s magical core. The cloud appearance slowly disappeared as he focused closer on the magical core. There were hundreds of bubbles of various colors. They were not perfectly formed but flexed and shifted to fit with the bubbles of magic beside them. As they moved closer to them, they noticed that the bubbles were interconnected with ultrafine threads. These threads were multicolored and there appeared to be hundreds of them connected to each bubble. The immensity of the task before them, frustrated Harry and Ginny.

Harry, how are we going to find the Imperious Curse in here?

I am not sure. I can only hope that the color is related to the type of magic.

Things started to become clearer to him as he thought about how to distinguish Quentin’s magical core from the Imperious Curse. He noticed that there was only one thread that appeared to be black attached to these bubbles of magic. The black threads became more obvious after noticing the first one. As he started following them he noticed they were becoming more plentiful, and the magical core denser. They came to a point where the black threads started running from the other direction. The magical core was now so dense that it was impossible so see between the various bubbles.

Ginny, I think whoever cast the Imperious also Obliviated him. The Imperious Curse is buried deep in his magical core.

Harry, we are in his mind. We must be careful or we could destroy his mind. Can you just cut the threads and leave the curse?

We would be here for days. Let me reach deeper into his core and find the actual curse.

Harry, I can feel we are affecting him. If I call to you, you must stop or we could kill him.

Trust me Ginny.

I trust you.

Harry became even more sensitive to the magic in Quentin’s core. He could detect the dark Imperious Curse, or what he hoped was the Imperious Curse.

Harry, you need to be sure.

Trust me!

With the gentlest of pressure, he started to pull the black bubble of magic out of the center of the core. As it moved, he could feel Quentin’s body reacting and Ginny working to stabilizing him. He couldn’t move any faster than he was moving. He could sense through his connection to Ginny that if he did, he could possibly kill him. Slowly the dark bubble of magic moved out from Quentin’s magical core. As it freed itself, Harry relaxed his draw on it, only to see it move back into magical core. He again drew it out to him. He had to do something, because this was causing Quentin’s body a great deal of stress.

He formed a magical barrier around the Imperious Curse so it could not reenter the core. Focusing his magic on the curse, he drew it inside of his magical core. The bubble twisted and morphed into a variety of shapes almost as though it was fighting him. As it did this the threads started to retract back into the original bubble.

Quentin’s body started to shake. Ginny was trying to keep him calm and stable, but Harry could tell she was also worried about him.

The bubble finally disappeared from inside of Quentin. Harry could sense that he had contained it inside of him and was able to prevent the Unforgivable curse from entering Ginny’s magical core.

I need to back out of him. Will he be all right?

We need to move slowly. I will stabilize him. Harry, what are you going to do with the curse?

Treat it like a bad memory.

He moved away from the magical core and he moved back through Quentin’s body as he had entered with sensing the individual cells then his organs before he was outside of Quentin’s body. He opened his eyes to see Quentin breathing evenly on the bed. Ginny was staring at him with concern in her eyes. He just smiled at her.

With a flick of his wand he created a small glass vial. He grabbed the vial in his left hand and placed the wand tip to his temple. He pulled the Imperious Curse out of him. It hung like a black spider web to the end of his wand. With a snap of his wrist, he sent the curse into the vial.

“Did it work?” asked Remus.

His question snapped Ginny and Harry out of the moment.

“Yeah, it worked. It was a bit touch and go, but it worked,” said Harry. He held up the vial with the black mist inside.

“The two of you just stood there not moving with your eyes closed and your hands on Quentin for about two minutes.”

“Only two minutes, it seemed longer than that,” said Ginny.

“Do you feel strong enough to do the same with his wife?” she asked Harry.

“Yeah, should we wake him first and see if he is fine?”

Ginny thought for a moment before looking at Remus. “It was your spell. Do you mind cancelling it on him?”

Remus didn’t even move from his spot in the doorway. With a flick of his wand the sleeping spell was cancelled. Quentin Robertson woke up and stared at Harry and Ginny standing over him. There was a brief look of fear in his eyes, before he smiled.

“I don’t feel the compulsion to kill you,” he whispered. He turned to look at his wife still asleep. “Is she?”

“We wanted to check and make sure you are fine,” said Ginny. “Can you still preform magic?”

He looked a bit scared at her question. “I don’t know? I was never particularly strong without a wand.”

“Here,” said Remus as he left the doorway and handed Quentin his wand.

Quentin took hold of the wand and produced a simple Lumos. “Yes, I can still preform magic. How did you do it? Was it a simple Finite?”

“No, it wasn’t a simple Finite,” said Harry. “We had to go inside and remove the spell from your magical core. Whoever did this also Obliviated you so we had to do some searching.”

“That is fascinating,” gushed Quentin. “How were you able to do this, go inside of my magical core and determine what spell was the actual Imperious curse?”

Harry looked up at Ginny who smiled and shook her head. “It would take a great deal of time to explain it to you. At this moment, Harry and I would like to do the same for your wife.”

Quentin stood up and looked at them. “Can I watch you do this?”

“Yes, you may, but please no questions until we are done,” said Harry.

“Of course, I will stand over here.” Quentin moved over beside Remus and stared with wide-eyed fascination.

Harry and Ginny moved to be on the same sides of Mrs. Robertson as they had been on her husbands. Harry hesitated as he went to place his hand over Rebecca Robertson’s heart.

Relax, and just focus on what we are doing.

Harry smiled at Ginny, as he relaxed and placed his hand over Rebecca’s heart. He closed his eyes and felt his and Ginny’s magic meld to become one. The time and effort it took to remove the Imperious Curse was significantly less this time. He knew what he was looking for and how to remove it. In a minute, he and Ginny’s consciousness had entered the Rebecca’s magical core, extracted the curse and returned to their own bodies. He again created a vial and extracted the Imperious Curse from his magical core and placed it in the vial.

He looked at Remus, who without being told cancelled the Sleeping Charm on Mrs. Robertson. She awoke with a similar expression on her face that her husband had.

“Is it over?” she asked them.

“Do you feel the urge to kill them, dear?” asked Quentin.

“No,” she snapped at her husband with a roll of her eyes. “I can assume that you have been fixed too.”

“They removed the Imperious Curse. If that was what you wanted to know dear,” replied Quentin. “If that was what you intended.”

“It will do for now,” sighed Rebecca. “Am I clear to sit up?”

“Yes, do you want to test your magic?” asked Ginny.

Rebecca looked at her husband. “No, I can tell Quinten isn’t concerned, so I trust you.”

Ginny looked at Harry and smiled. He could feel that she was tired. Joining their magic together to eliminate the Imperious Curses had been very taxing. They needed to relax and have some ambrosia. It was a magical food that would quickly replenish their magical core. However, there was an overly excited Quentin Robertson that needed answers to how they removed the Imperious Curse. Harry looked over at him. He was nearly bouncing on his feet.

“Now, can you tell me how you were able to eliminate the Imperious Curse. It didn’t look as if you did anything but lay hands on my wife and you extracted the curse from your mind. How did that happen?”

Harry tried to think how to explain it so he could understand.

“We have a love bond. Our magic can connect along with our minds and thoughts,” said Ginny.

“Ginny’s strength is healing and magic associated with compassion and feelings,” Harry said.

“Harry’s magical strength is sensing magic and manipulating magic.”

“Our conscience can meld so that I can use Ginny’s healing ability to move through your bodies and magical cores where I can sense when we come in contact the Imperious Curse.”

“He was able to absorb it through our magical connection without it overpowering us. Harry then extracted it from his magical core.”

“How?” asked Quentin. “How could you enter our magical core without physically entering our body?”

“Magic, Mr. Robertson,” said Harry with a smirk.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Are you sure about this?” asked Remus.

There were forty Order members surrounding Malfoy Manor. They were waiting for Harry’s order to attack. A plan had been formulated over the past week. The Tonks family knew where the manor was located. Bill went out for three days to determine if the wards could be brought down without harming anyone. He came back surprised that the wards were so simple. He had even lowered them and replaced them twice without raising an alarm. It appeared that there were only about ten adults at the house.

What had them concerned was the lack of seeing children. They had identified several Slytherin students on the grounds, but they hadn’t seen students from the other houses. There was concern over whether the children could be held as hostages somewhere else. If they raided the manor, would the children be harmed?

“We were able to question some of the prisoners held in Egypt and they knew nothing about the children being held any other places,” said Kingsley. “We can only assume that the children are being held inside the main building. I am guessing they are being held as prisoners. Andromeda believes there are actual dungeons in the main house. She didn’t know how many people they can hold. I am concerned how these children are being treated. The children’s parents that are in there are ones that pledged fealty to Voldemort. I would have thought they would have been treated better.”

“We need to secure the children before we attack the Ministry,” said Harry. “We will go in and Stun everyone who raises a wand. We will sort things out later. I know it is a lousy plan, but it is best we have. We need to finish this war.”

No one questioned him. Harry could sense the end of the war coming. He and Ginny needed to defeat Voldemort so he can never harm anyone again. Harry was now confident that together he and Ginny could turn Voldemort into a squib.

“All right everyone,” whispered Harry.

He looked at Bill and nodded. Bill under the cover of Harry’s Invisibility Cloak strode out to the edge of the wards protecting Malfoy manor. A few seconds later there was a loud snap as the wards fell.

Harry Apparated to the front door of the manor house. There were pops of Order members Apparating all around the grounds. Ignoring the adults that were outside on the ground he pushed the front doors open and stepped inside of the manor house. There were four adults standing in the foyer. Two of them started to raise their wands, but were quickly Stunned by Remus and Tonks.

Ginny stepped into the foyer and around Harry. He could sense her reaching out and detecting people in the lower levels.

“There are almost a hundred children downstairs,” said Ginny. “We need to find the stairs to the lower level.”

Harry stepped forward towards the two adults that dropped their wands. “How do we get to the children downstairs?”

They didn’t say anything but one woman pointed toward one of the doors off the foyer.

“Tonks and I will go first,” said Remus. Tonks blasted the doors off their hinges and Remus jumped through followed by Kingsley, Tonks and Bill. There was the sound of spells being fired in the room, before Remus shouted out. “It’s clear and we found the door.”

Harry started towards the room, but Kingsley stepped out. “You two wait here. I will take a group down those stairs first. We are too close to lose you now.”

Harry was going to object, but he knew Kingsley was right. Ten Order members ran into the room. The sound of another door being blasted off its hinges followed. Harry stood there in the foyer trying to listen for sounds of a struggle coming from the other room, but it was nearly impossible to hear. The rest of the Order were bringing the children and adults in from outside. It looked as if the only resistance they met were the two witches in the foyer.

A light blond boy who was being brought in from the outside cried out for his mother. He ran to the woman who had pointed to room with the entrance to the dungeons. It was Andromeda Tonks, who had accompanied them on this mission, that alerted Harry to whom the woman was.

“Narcissa,” said Andromeda coolly. “It looks like you didn’t put up much of a fight.”

“He killed Lucius and ordered Draco tortured,” replied Narcissa Malfoy. “He does not care about blood purity if it gets in his way.”

“A person’s blood means nothing if their soul is evil,” said Andromeda.

Narcissa turned to Harry and gave him a curious stare. “Are you Harry Potter?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Kill him. You must kill him. We will never have peace until he and my sister Bellatrix are dead,” demanded Narcissa.

Harry was going to respond to her, but the children from the dungeon appeared out of the room and flooded into the foyer. The children looked thin and scared, but overall in good shape.

“We are taking these children back with us,” Harry said with some heat. The idea that they locked up children in a dungeon burnt deep. It reminded him of his time with the Dursley’s. “The rest of you shall remain here….”

“No!” screamed Narcissa. She fell on her knees to beg. “No, please do not leave us. He will kill us all. Please, I beg of you Master.”

Bile rose in Harry’s throat that she called him Master. He knew that there was a good chance that all these adults would be murdered or tortured without mercy. However, they chose Voldemort as their leader. They truly deserved whatever punishment they received.

Ginny placed a hand on his shoulder. Her touch calmed him and made him think more clearly. Many of these people may be bigots and arrogant, but they were still humans and deserved to be protected. He will probably need their help when the time comes to rebuild this society.

“Stand up, I am not your Master nor do I ever intend to be. We will take these children with us to feed them and give them a better place to live. Everyone who wasn’t in the dungeon will remain here. You will not be able to leave these grounds. There will be a Ward placed around these grounds that will not allow anyone to enter or exit. It will also cancel all communications with the outside world. Before I leave, you will tell me everything you know about the protections at the Ministry and if Voldemort is still there. If you break free of this place and I meet you in battle. I will show you no mercy.

“Is that understood?”

Narcissa Malfoy stood up slowly and stared at Harry for a second, before looking at Andromeda. Her face was wet with tears. “You are not going to punish us?”

“If I find out you tortured these children in your dungeon, you will pay for your crimes, but there will be a trial.”

“I do not know much of what has been happening in the Ministry. We have been forced to stay here ever since he declared himself the King of Magic. Occasionally, we hear things from people who bring us food. I will tell you everything that I know.”
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