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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
It is Voldemort's last stand, but things do turn out the way the Order planned.


Voldemort stood in his throne room waiting. It was only a matter of time before Potter would be coming for him.

Last week Potter managed to capture Malfoy Manor. It was now inaccessible to Ministry workers. He can only assume that the Order had tortured information out of his followers. Potter would now think that the Ministry was weak and ready to fall.

He would be wrong. In the past week, he and Bellatrix and pushed all the new recruits to learn useful magic. They needed to be able to defend his Ministry from the invading Order members. Even if the Order fought their way through his fighters there had been traps laid at several locations that would kill large portions of them.

The most fortunate bit of information for him came in the way of an overheard conversation at a little used pub. The Order was planning on attacking today. It seemed that the Order had grown so arrogant that they were resuming their usual lifestyles. They seemed to think that Potter could protect them.

They were wrong. They were arrogant. He had ordered his Aurors and Hit-wizards not to attack but to listen and observe what these traitors were doing. It was because of this order that they had discovered the Potter’s plan to attack today, one hour before the start of a normal work day. They probably thought the Ministry would be empty and they could walk in and overthrow it.

Won’t they be surprised to find eighty fighters ready to die for their King in the Atrium and another twenty up here in his throne room. The only way Potter could access this room was by the lifts. They would all die as the doors opened. It almost wasn’t fair, but that was what made it so beautiful. Here he and his subjects could murder wave after wave of Order members. With any luck, this will be the Order of the Phoenix’s last day on this earth.

A rumble vibrated through the building. The battle must have begun. Several of his subjects nervously looked around.

“Do not worry,” he said calmly. “There will be plenty of people to kill. I am sure some will make it through the Atrium.”

Bellatrix let out her joyous laughter.

Time seemed to tick by after the initial blast. He waited as five minutes moved to ten, then to fifteen and then twenty. Many of the fighters in the throne room were starting to get impatient and getting out of their assigned locations.

“Everyone back in formation,” he hissed out. “The next person to step out of formation will die.”

“Evidently our forces in the Atrium are more formidable than I thought,” he said.

“Maybe the Order isn’t all that strong,” said Dawlish. “There might only be a few good fighters.”

“Yes, that may be true. We shall find the truth very soon.”

Time seemed to move along in a slow and silent march as he and the others tried to listen for sounds of battle. Certainly, there would be some indication of fighting. A blast or a scream filtering up through the lift shafts.

The lifts indicated that they were moving, as lights came to life above the doors. All three were moving towards their floor.

“Wait until the doors open a crack to cast the Killing Curse. You six take the left one, you six the center, and you six the right. Get ready to kill!” he hissed out the last sentence. It gave him such joy to think about killing his enemy.

The lifts dinged in unison and the doors started to open. Eighteen Killing Curses were cast almost in unison. The doors had barely cracked open a foot when the curses flew inside of them.

An enormous explosion rent the entire wall where the lifts were located. The concussion threw Voldemort backwards into the wall. There was dust and debris flying everywhere blocking his sight and choking him. His head was still swimming from the intensity of the impact when he heard the sound of spells being cast. These were not his fighters casting the spells. They were Stunning people. His fighters were trained to kill or torture.

With a flick of his wand, he cleared the dust from in front of him. He had cleared the dust only a few feet in front of him when his wand was wrenched out of his hand. He went to call his wand back to him, but something was blocking his magic. It was something he never felt before. A thick heavy invisible blanket settled over him and pushed him into the wall. He couldn’t fight it or cast any spells through it. When he was finally pushed against the wall and helpless, he could see what had happened.

The wall, where the three lifts had been, was destroyed. There were three gaping holes in the wall. The Order members were standing there with brooms at their feet. They must have used them to fly up the shaft after the explosion and attacked them. His entire force was sprawled across the floor of the throne room. Many of them had already been tied up. As he observed this more Order members were coming up the ruined lift shafts on brooms.

There standing directly in front of him was Harry Potter and his whore. Potter seemed to glare at him as if he could read his mind. With a simple wave of his hand the debris on the ground moved aside. He was clearing the floor to walk.

Voldemort was helpless to resist as the Muggle-loving brat and his blood-traitor whore walked up to him.

“You shall not touch the King of Magic! You unworthy scum,” screamed Bellatrix.

“Shut up, you bitch,” shouted an Order member. Someone hit her with a Stunner silencing his most faithful follower.

Bellatrix defending him pleased him. He was not afraid of Potter. ‘Let him cast the Killing Curse. I will come back greater than ever. He cannot cause me any pain that I could not return ten times over. I am the King of Magic, the most powerful wizard of all times.’ He shouted in his mind in defiance of the slow approaching wizard and witch, as his mouth was immobile.

They reached out with both of their hands and placed one on his head and one on his chest. A wave of pressure shot through him quickly followed by searing pain. It was a poor excuse for a Cruciatus Curse. A sign of how weak they were.

Soon the pain was over, but he felt odd. He seemed to be exhausted.

The Potters stepped back. He could see that the throne room was filled with Order members now all staring at him. When the Potters were about ten feet away from him. His magical restraints fell. It was so sudden that he fell on the ground onto all fours. He could hear laughter coming from the Order members.

Then someone did the thickest thing in the world. They dropped his wand down in front of him. Did they think he could not kill the Potters and get out of here? Did they not know who he was? Picking up the wand it felt strange in his hand like just piece of wood. That was their trick; give him a fake wand a simple piece of wood.

Looking up at the Potters, he rose to one knee before standing. “That was the poorest excuse for Cruciatus Curse I had ever felt.”

“It wasn’t a Cruciatus Curse, Tom,” said Harry Potter.

Rage swelled through Voldemort at that insolent swine calling him Tom. “Avada Kedavra” he shouted.

But nothing happened. There was no flash of green light from the end of his wand. It must be a fake. Dropping this stick, he cast his most powerful wandless spell. A Bludgeoning Curse so strong it would crush Potters skull.

Yet, he stood there unharmed. There was no indication that he was even touched by the spell.

“You are now a squib, Tom. Nothing more than a Muggle,” said Potter.

“A really ugly and mutilated Muggle; who will live forever in Azkaban,” said Ginny.

“No!” he screamed. “No one can take a person’s magic away. It is impossible.”

He tried to any type of spell he knew, but none of them worked. Everything was being blocked. He was getting more and more frustrated and the Order members around him were only laughing louder. He was helpless. They will certainly kill him. However, the idea of all the witches and wizards that had cowered before him seeing him helpless scared him.

“No, please have mercy. Kill me,” he begged of the Potters. “Don’t send me to Azkaban. Please Kill Me!”

A low rattling laugh sounded from a distant wall. Voldemort looked over and saw Rookwood chained to the floor. His mutilated body lying there. Staring at him.

“You are not so mighty now, O great King of Magic,” taunted Rookwood.

Indignation once again filled Voldemort. He was the most powerful and the most intelligent wizard of all time. Standing up he faced the Potters. “I will solve this spell you cast on me, and I will erase your family from the face of the earth. I am the most intelligent wizard of all time. No one else has become immortal.”

A great light filled the room, but it did not seem to hurt his eyes. It seemed to cause pain deep in his soul.

“No, you are not immortal, only evil,” said a sweet and soft female voice.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny felt a wave of powerful magic fill the room as Voldemort ranted in front of them. It was different form any magic she had ever felt before. It was extremely powerful, but it did not feel evil. It felt warm and made her feel more alive and powerful than she had ever felt before.

Harry do you feel that?

Yes, what is causing it? It doesn’t feel dangerous or in any way dark.

The room was bathed in brilliant light. Ginny’s magical core seemed to explode with energy and, if one would dare say it, excitement. The magical presence brought back memories that had been long buried from Xenon’s memories. His mother, the Queen of the Atlantian Elves, had entered the room.

Everything around the Queen of the Elves glowed with intense silver light. The light was so strong that it bent the room to allow her to enter. She stepped gracefully through the opening accompanied by a male elf, her husband the King of the Elves. Xenon’s memories flowed back into Ginny’s mind with the appearance of his parents. It had been thousands of years since he had last seen her, but she still looked the same, except her eyes looked sadder.

Ginny though was seeing her for the first time. Xenon’s mother was taller than she imagined. She would have towered over Bill and her father, who were both very tall for men. Her face was long and triangular shaped, yet it was beautiful. Her eyes were large and bright blue. Her ears were pointed, and they stuck out through her hair. Her arms and legs were long and lithe. Despite their thin appearance Ginny could tell they were strong. Her hands and feet were also long and graceful. Xenon’s father was almost identical in appearance. He had no facial hair, but he was easily distinguishable as a man. Their fair skin seemed to glow with the same light as what had filled the room.

“No, you are not immortal, only evil,” she said to Voldemort.

Voldemort’s facial expression seemed to be frozen in place for only a second, before he responded with a sneer. “I will never die.”

There was another shift in the room. This time it was a dark evil magic that filled the room with a frigid feeling like a dementor. Magic that caused Ginny and Harry pain. She felt Harry panic through their bond, as the dark magic pushed into the room shoving the silvery glow from Xenon mother’s magic back closer to her.

I felt this when I was between life and the afterlife. It’s the darkness that took Voldemort’s splinter of soul.

A spot in the room on the other side of Voldemort shimmered black and started to shift bending the room around it. Out of it stepped an elf unlike any Ginny had seen in Xenon’s memories.

It was as tall and lithe as the other elves, but its skin was dark; shifting from ebony black to pewter grey like clouds moving across a starless sky. Its hair was also black. Its eyes were the worse. They appeared to glow black and there were no whites to its eyes. Ginny assumed it was male it dressed like what the other male elf wore. Another elf stepped out of the void behind the first its appearance was almost identical, except it was female.

The tension between Xenon’s mother and this other elf was causing the magic in the room to pulse. It hurt Ginny with each throb of dark magic, but it was always countered with a pulse of light from the Atlantean elves. Time seemed to stop as those two faced off. Ginny felt her own magical powers being overwhelmed by the presence of the two elves.

“Bahram,” said the Queen of the elves.

“Panteha,” said the dark elf. “How long has it been.”

“It has been 10 millennia, since you have been banished,” said Panteha, the Queen of the elves.

“You allowed me the access back to this realm, by returning yourself. You set the magic barriers up all those years ago to keep me away from these things. Why would you allow my subjects free reign over the earth, by returning like this?”

“I am not granting access for you to come back and reign terror on humans again, Bahram. I will be leaving soon, and you too shall need to leave.”

“Why do you concern yourself with these humans?”

“I will not allow you to use them for your blood lust Bahram,” she shouted. “They have the right to decide their fate on their own.”

“Hah, they are even more blood thirsty than I am. Have you not been watching what they have done over the years?”

“I have watched and seen your influence on these humans….”

“How can I influence these humans, when I have been banished to the abyss?”

“I can see and feel your influence upon them. How you speak to them through their dreams and influence their anger. I see your influence in this wretched human-being here and other dark wizards in the past. You tried to spread your dark thoughts through the magical community by leaving dark magical objects for them to find,” she shouted at the dark elf.

“My son had to sacrifice his life to stop your dark thoughts and influence. When I leave here, I shall close that access to you, so you shall never try to raise another dark lord again.”

“Ah, Panteha, I see you haven’t stopped being a hypocrite,” Bahram laughed. “Your son’s presence allowed me access to these humans. You allowed the tear in the fabric of your own magic by watching over these humans. We are gods to them. We should be acting as gods to them, instead hiding from them.”

“You only want in this realm to help to destroy them and grow you power from their pain. I am tired of this debate. It is finished,” she spoke with authority.

Bahram tried to open his mouth, but no sounds came out. He seemed to get angrier as he realized he had been overpowered.

“I do not have time for this useless banter,” Panteha said to Ginny. “10 millennia ago we fought each other over the right to control the earth realm. Many elves were lost in the battles. The worst thing was the pure elves couldn’t kill or they would end up like Bahram. Killing causes a permanent transformation to a dark elf. Bahram killed our parents to become the ruler of all the elves. It changed him. I had no other choice than to banish him to the abyss. It cost our community dearly. The only way to banish him was to separate the pure elves from the world. The further we are away from the realm of humans the safer you shall be from Bahram and his evil.

“I did not remove us far enough from your realm. When I return to Atlantis, I will remove the island even further from this realm. It will make you humans safer from Bahram. We will never be able to help you again. Please use Xenon’s sacrifice to teach your future generations how to live peacefully with each other.”

Ginny was nervous to answer. How could she teach future generations to live peacefully?

“I have the power of divination. I have seen many paths you and your soul mate could have taken. You both have chosen wisely up to this point. You will have many important decisions to make in the near and distant future Ginevra Potter.”

Panteha stopped talking and looked at Harry. “You have a strong bond. The strongest I have ever felt among humans. Once we move further away from your realm, there will never be another love bond among humans. Use it well.”

“Why us?” Ginny asked. “Why did you cause this love bond to form and your son to sacrifice himself to save Harry?”

“I only told Xenon to find a young couple with a strong love bond. The love bond was formed by the two of you. The reason why there won’t be any more love bonds is because the old magic is dying out. Soon all magic will be done with wands, and the old ways will be lost. Unfortunately, there will always be evil. Which brings me to him.” Panteha pointed to Voldemort who was standing still against the wall. His eyes moved but the rest of his body seemed to by Petrified.

Voldemort moved away from the wall. “Who are you?” he demanded of Panteha.

“I am Panteha, the Queen of the Elves of Atlantis,” she said proudly. “You are no King of Magic and you are not immortal, human.”

“I’ve….” He started to talk but Panteha cut him off.

“You have splintered your soul which is an abomination. Your soul may never pass in to the Abyss, but your body will not last forever. Your soul is doomed.”

“I will find another body. No one will ever find my last Horcrux,” laughed Voldemort.

There was a flash and Panteha was holding a white sphere. “You mean this Horcrux. I could sense where it was located all the way from Atlantis. You will never step in this realm again. My son sacrificed his immortality to stop you, and I will watch as your body decays, before I destroy the last fragment of your soul to send you to the abyss with the rest of your splintered soul.”

White light surrounded Voldemort, with a flash he disappeared. His disappearance seemed to break the spell over Bahram.

“If you take someone to your realm. I demand the right to take one to my realm,” he demanded. He started moving towards Harry.

As he moved towards Harry, Ginny felt pain through their bond. Bahram raised his hand and talons appeared from his fingertips. Ginny was frozen in place. She looked at Panteha for help but she stood there smiling like she knew something, but wasn’t saying anything. The pain from Harry was getting more intense as Bahram’s hand got closer to Harry.

When Bahram’s hand was only a few inches form Harry, Ginny noticed something. His skin was starting to smoke and bubble as though it was on fire. The stench of acrid smoke filled the room. Bahram pulled his hand back with a look of disgust.

“You shall only take one that that would be destined for your realm,” said Panteha. “I am not going to torture and punish Voldemort in my realm. Harry’s soul is still pure.”

Bahram seemed to radiate blackness around him as his anger grew. “You are stupid to care for these creatures. They will never survive another hundred years without your help.”

He turned and looked at Bellatrix Lestrange, who was splayed out on the floor. Ginny realized that everyone except Harry and she were frozen in place. All the Order members that he could see around the silver and black light was standing still, as if they had been petrified.

Bahram glared at Bellatrix. “You thought he was the Dark Lord, the King of Magic. He was nothing, I am the true Dark Lord.” He raised his right hand. He thrust his hand out and plunged the talons into Bellatrix’s chest. Smoke rose form her flesh and the area was again filled with acrid smoke. The Stunning Spell broke as she let out horrid shriek and her body shook with pain.

The air around Bahram turned dark and shimmered as he, Bellatrix, and the other dark elf disappeared.

“I must leave now, Ginevra,” said Panteha with a tear in her eye. “If I may ask a favor of you, on the solstices could you take your son to the beach and watch the sunset. Just before the sun sets, for the briefest of time you shall see Atlantis appear above the horizon. I will be able to glance at my son’s namesake. Remember, my son gave you a great gift. You must decide how to use it to the best of your abilities. There will be difficult decisions before you, but I feel that you shall make the proper ones.”

The Queen of the Elves touched Ginny’s cheek and warmth flowed through her. The air shimmered and Panteha disappeared.

Bloody Hell, Ginny.

I can’t believe what just happened, Harry. I knew they existed but….

“Harry, Ginny!” shouted Arthur. “What happened? Where is Voldemort?”

Ginny looked at her Father’s panicked expression. She realized that everyone else missed what had just happened.

“Voldemort has been banished to a realm where he will never return,” shouted Harry. “He will never reign terror on the magical and Muggle communities again.”

A cheer rose form all the Order members. Everyone was hugging and congratulating each other. The war was over. Harry walked over to her and kissed her gently. They had won, but she was feeling nervous about what Panteha had said to her that she had been given a great gift. Ever since Xenon had bonded with her, she had been feeling different than she ever felt before. After Harry finished the kiss, she ran her hands through her hair touching her ears. There was a small point evident at the top of them.

Her Father grabbed her in a fierce hug. “You did it. You and Harry have stopped him.”

Kingsley Shacklebolt approached them. “What do we do now,”

Harry turned to her. They had been planning on how to defeat Voldemort that they didn’t have any definitive plans on what to do when they defeat him. They had to set up a government and have trails for the people who had helped Voldemort. Many people had lost so much, both magical and Muggle.

“We, as the Order of Phoenix,” stated Harry firmly. “Need to contact the Muggle British and let them know the war is over, also contact Amelia Bones and the ICW. Then we will need to set up a government and start having trials and work to rebuild our society.”

“Do you want to be the new Minister?” asked Kingsley.

“NO!” said Harry and Ginny together. People around them laughed at their response.

“People would follow either of you,” said Kingsley. “I personally think you both would make wonderful leaders. You have so far.”

“Harry, Ginny,” her Father addressed them at the same time. “Magical society are going to look to you two to lead them, whether you are the Minister or not.”
“I would like the Order’s council decide on who and what we are going to do next,” said Harry. “I, we will publicly support the council’s plans. We do not know much about government, and I have a feeling that because of Voldemort’s attack on the Muggle world things will never be the same.”

“If you will excuse us,” said Ginny. “Harry and I have a baby to take care of. Dad, Kingsley, Remus, and Tonks do you mind taking care of things here?”

Ginny and Harry disappeared from the throng.
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