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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Well, here it is the last chapter in this story. I must apologize for spending so long on this story as I had so many blocks slow me down. I would also like to thank everyone who is still reading the story and especially those who have been reviewing it.
Hope you enjoy reading it and please review.


It was September 1, 2420 at Hogwarts School Complex. Hogwarts was rebuilt after the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, destroyed it 425 years ago. The British magical community rebuilt it almost to the exact same dimensions as it had stood for a thousand years before. There were tall towers stretching up and pointing at the sky, and a great hall complete with a magical ceiling where everyone would dine. Candles still twinkled in the mullioned windows at night. It even had the central staircases with moving stairs.

On the grounds there was the omnipresent forbidden forest. It also was nearly destroyed along with the building, and it too had recovered. There were Centaurs and many other magical creatures running through it, causing it to still be off limits to all but the most adventurous rule-breaking students of Hogwarts. The Quidditch pitch where many matches were held each year towered over everything else on the grounds. So much of the school remained the same as it had for the last 1400 years, but much had also changed in the past 400 years.

There were four other buildings on the grounds. These buildings were modern looking with light brick and dark grey metal construction. They were long rectangles each one nearly as long as Hogwarts’ main building. These building were not for the young magical students. These buildings composed the most prestigious school of advanced Muggle/magical education. They were where Hogwarts University of Magical Technology was located.

This branch of Hogwarts was for those whom had already completed their secondary education and had passed the rigorous entrance exams. There were Muggle and Magical students and professors. Not all the students stayed at the university like the young students at the castle, but many commuted every day. Over the past 400 hundred years many things had changed.

After the Great Dark War, as the battle against Voldemort’s forces was called now in History of Magic. The Magical community could no longer remain hidden. The thing that most wizards and witches had feared never came to fruition. The Muggle community didn’t try to burn them at the stake. There were several problems that developed because of past prejudices and fears that both communities had of each other, but nothing to the scale that would lead to a total all out war between the two communities. It took nearly a hundred years for the tensions to go away as the first generation of people passed away and their children, who grew up with the knowledge of each other accepted each other.

Hugo Granger-Weasley, known today as H.G. Weasley after his favorite science fiction writer, was remembered as the person to move this transition along. He had created a spell where Muggles could control Levitated items. This eventually allowed Muggles to forgo transportation that relied on fossil fuels and use such things as brooms, magic carpets, and a variation of a skateboard. It was a spell he created for his Muggle grandfather, who was having problems carrying his golf bag for all eighteen holes.

The one building at Hogwarts University was dedicated to H.G. Weasley along with an international award given out annually to anyone that advances Muggle/Magical technology. The award has gone to people in many different fields from improved transportation, communications, and even medical.

Each community helped the other to advance. The magical community could help create things without relying on Muggle forms of power, while the Muggles advanced scientific and testing methods helped the Magical community advance faster than ever before.

The British community and Hogwarts was at the center of almost all the early advances in Magical/Muggle technology. It was why people from all over the world came to this remote place in Scotland to learn and study. Today was the start of the new year.

Gone was the old steam locomotive called the Hogwarts express. In its place was a scarlet and black bullet train that moved by means of a Levitation Charms. It still transported all the magical secondary students from London to the school every year. There are some traditions that have remained. The difference is that it only took two hours and it didn’t leave until late afternoon. This morning it was being used to transport University students. Who didn’t want to use other forms of transportation to come to the University. These commuters didn’t come from the station in Thestral drawn carriages, but on hoverboards and other modern forms of transportation or they walked, if they didn’t have an 8:00 AM class.

There was a long portico attached to each building. It was there for misty moisty mornings such as this one where people could Apparate without getting wet or landing in snow. A medium built man, who appeared to be in his mid-thirties, appeared there. He was wearing Professors robes, a requirement even in these modern times. His blond hair was cut short and his green eyes looked out over the Muggle section of the portico. He was the first male in his family to have blond hair, but his green eyes were something that hinted at his linage, James Sirius Potter III.

He smiled as he saw a fellow professor land his car some distance away. George Boeing was flying a prototype that James had helped develop. George was a Professor at the H.G. Weasley School of Magical Physics too, even though he was a Muggle.

James took off at a brisk walk to see George and see how he liked his vehicle. It had been over a year since he last spoke to him. George hadn’t contacted him about how he felt about the experimental car.

“George,” shouted James. “How are you, mate?”

“Wonderful, Professor Potter, welcome back. You want to see how your latest invention has been working?”

“I was curious. Any problems with it?”

George smiled at James before turning to the car. It was large enough to hold five people comfortably. He placed his hand on the driver’s side window and stared at the window. “Briefcase,” George ordered the car.

The car shimmered for a second before it started to fold up to the size of an average briefcase. In less than five seconds there was a brown briefcase sitting where the car had been.

“It’s brilliant, James,” gushed George. He picked up the briefcase and opened it bringing out his tablet and showing James that his lunch was still inside the case in perfect condition. “It even keeps my lunch cool for me. I tell you James you are in line for another H.G. Weasley award.”

George clapped James on the back and started walking towards the school.

James fell in step beside him. “I hardly count making a folding car that keeps your lunch preserved hardly earth-shattering magic.”

“It is if you are not magical,” said George. “There is no wasted space, and it serves a dual purpose. I’ve had it for over a year and haven’t had a bit of problem with it. I also like that I can lock out my teenage daughter from using it if I want. I can actually ground her.”

“I am glad you liked it. When you hadn’t messaged me with complaints I assumed it was performing as planned,” said James. He opened the door open for his friend.

“I am going to petition for you to get another award, if I can keep this car,” laughed George. “How did everything go with your project. Did you get all the power plants changed over?”

“There are about ten more to go. They are so old and dilapidated that they are going to get shut down after new ones get built to replace them. It looks like the world will no longer be using fossil fuels or uranium fuels in less than five years. We are now down to only one percent usage from its peak usage.”

“Planet Earth and its citizens thanks you,” said George. “All it took was some magic to final realize cold fusion”

James laughed at George’s over simplification. “It took a little more than a ‘little bit of magic’ to create cold fusion reactors.”

They stopped walking to look at the display case in the main lobby of the building. In the case was a holographic picture of Hugo Weasley and his first invention; the Levitating golf bag. The golf bag and his Grandfather’s clubs were in the display case and even after 400 years, it was still hovering.

“I heard H.G. Weasley is a distant relative of yours,” said George to James Potter.

“Yes, he is.”

“It must be something to be related to probably the most famous wizard since Merlin.”

“Eh, its not all that it’s cracked up to be,” replied James with a smile. To Muggles H.G. Weasley was the most famous wizard in recent history, but they don’t know the entire story. Many magical people have also forgotten, another critically important couple.

A flash to their right caught James’ attention. A young man flew by them on a hoverboard. James pulled his wand and stopped the man’s flight. Freezing him on the spot one foot off the ground.

“No flying inside of the building,” James said firmly.

“Ah come on Dude,” protested the student. “I’m running late.”

“Classes don’t start for another ten minutes. You can walk to any place in this building in that time,” said James. With two waves of his wand he confiscated the hoverboard and lowered the student gently to the ground.

“Damn, I need to go to the bathroom and see a couple of friends first. I need my board.”

“You can pick it up at security at the end of class. The loo is necessary, but you can message your friends and arrange a meeting later,” said James firmly as he magically sent the board to the security station in the building. “Now off you go.”

The student looked disgusted with him before turning and walking away.

“I wonder about these kids now days,” said George.

“I was the same way when I was in school,” whispered James. “I would Apparate right into class, until they set up wards to block me. I would then Apparate to a broom closet.” James started laughing. “One couples’ expression of shock on their faces, when I interrupted their morning snog in that broom closet. That was priceless. It’s off to class I go. Hope things are not too different after a year away.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

James Potter entered his classroom. He was teaching magical theory to first year Muggle students. Most everyone now had been exposed to magic and have some idea how it works. He needed to teach them how to manipulate and control it. This class was a mix of Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and basic magical theory. A few hundred years ago the idea of Muggles creating magic spells was laughed at and even thought to be blasphemous. Now it is taught and nurtured.

After calling roll with everyone except three people in attendance, he addressed the students “Good morning class, I am your Professor, James Potter III,” he said proudly. “How many of you have ever personally seen magic being performed, raise your hands please.”

A few students raised their hands.

“I am glad we have a few who have seen magic. What we are going to learn in this class is how magic works and how you can make it work for you.”

“How can we make magic work for us. We can’t cast spells?” asked a young lady on the right side of the room.

“None of you may be able to cast the spells, but you could work on constructing spells and write up various incantations to cast spells. Have any of you lot ever hear of M.O.M.?” He said the three letters rather than saying the word.

Everyone looked at each other except one boy in the very front of the class. His hand shot up immediately.”

“Yes,” James said without saying the boy’s name, because he didn’t know it yet.

“Is that Milk of Magnesia?” the boy said.

“No, M.O.M. in this class does not refer to Milk of Magnesia,” said James while suppressing a laugh. “M.O.M. stands for the three magical physicists, who collectively earned a H.G. Weasley award. Does anyone know what they did to earn them a Weasley?

He waited for several seconds. Before he spoke again. “M.O.M. is the acronym for the research group Mohammed, Oleson, and Martinez. They were all Muggles but put their heads together and wrote up a series of spells that allow us to use electricity in close proximity of the magic. Before they created these protective charms, intense uses of magic would block or interrupt electrical current. We can now use electricity in the same place as magic. If it were not for these Charms, you would not be able to use your tablets and would need to write everything down on paper.”

He smiled as the class gave a collective groan.

“I have sent everyone in this class a syllabus. If you have not opened it, I suggest you open it and look it over carefully. All assignments and tests are on the syllabus. There will be no excuses for not handing in assignments on time. You will also notice…,” James stopped talking as the door opened and three students walked in. The one he recognized as the student that had been riding the hoverboard in the halls earlier.

“Are you three supposed to be here?” he asked. He opened his tablet and pulled the student listing. He found the student profiles.

“I am Mike Finnegan, this is Marilyn O’Shea, and Bertie Grant,” said the student that James had stopped from riding the hoverboard in the halls earlier. “You can’t be Professor Potter, so this must not be Applied Magic 101.”

“I am Professor Potter, and this certainly is Applied Magic 101. Please find seats and open your tablets to the course syllabus.”

“But, my Gram went to Hogwarts with you,” said Mike, he jabbed his thumb over his shoulder indicating the school. “You can’t possibly be sixty years old.”

“Yes, in fact I am,” James said as he smiled. All the direct descendants of Ginny and Harry Potter aged well. It is not uncommon for magical people to live well into the hundreds, but his grandfather lived to be 180 and his father is still alive at 140. His mother had passed away last year. She was only 100 years old. He moved the fingers on his right hand feeling the Potter signet ring that his father had given him after his mother’s funeral.

“While you are finding your seat, I am going to discuss discipline in this class,” James said bringing his focus back to the class in front of him, “I will not be a disciplinarian to the point of deducting points from you. You do not even need to come to class, if you can pass this class without attending then don’t come to class.

“If you are running late or need to leave the classroom, enter and leave without disturbing the other students. If you start distracting the other students with your actions. I will expel you.” Several groans could be heard in the class.

“You are all paying for this time here. If you want to throw your money away that is your prerogative, do not make the other students waste their time and money by your actions.”

“Let us get back to the syllabus, all homework assignments are posted on the syllabus. You will notice that I have assigned you three chapters a night to read and research. I will assure you that this will be one of the most difficult classes you will have as you pursue your degree. Many of you who have never been around magical people will have difficulty. There will be help sessions with graduate students or myself every Wednesday evening and as finals approach we may add another session.

“I am going to tell you this. It will sound harsh, but it is the truth. Usually, only fifty percent of the initial class make through the two semesters of this class. This is the most failed class in the University. Some will say it because I am a git, which may be true. The reason this class is so difficult is because everything is purely theoretical in the class. None of you will be able to test the subject matter. During the second semester, I will bring seventh year students from Hogwarts for you to describe to them various spells. You must be able to describe to them what they must do to cast these spells, without the benefit of experiencing the feel of magic.”

“All right everyone. Close your syllabus and open your for the books on magical theory to the first chapter.” James turned his back to the class and started to write on the display and was checking that it was getting projected up on the white board. “Let us start at the beginning, how many ways can magic be applied to objects…,”

There was a loud pop and several people shouted or screamed. James pulled his wand and pointed it at the place where he heard the pop. His breath caught in his chest. There standing in his classroom was one of the last House Elves in this realm.

“Jaspar, what is wrong?”

“Lord Potter must come quickly,” Jaspar choked out. There were tears flowing from is large brown eye and down his wrinkled cheeks, and he was shaking with emotion. “Come now, there isn’t much time.” Jaspar reached out with his hand wanting James to take it.

James was momentarily frozen in place there was only one reason that Jaspar was here, and he wasn’t prepared to face it. They looked so healthy only two months ago when he saw them after returning from setting up the powerplants with cold fusion reactors. How could they have faded so quickly? The sound in the room finally broke through the fog in his mind. People were panicking. Most people had never seen a House Elf. Most of the House Elves had gone to Atlantis with Xenon nearly three hundred years ago. There were only a handful of them left on earth and they all served the Potters.

“Jaspar, I must contact someone to take my place here.”

James grabbed his phone off his desk and called the office. Hearing someone picking up at the other end, he started to talk. “Hello, this is James Potter in Applied Magic 101. There has been a family emergency, please send someone to oversee the class. I need to leave immediately.”

“I think Professor Ngyen is available. I will contact her.”

“Thank you,” James said and hung up.

He needed to leave, but he didn’t want to leave this class without getting their first lesson. He had taught Amanda Ngyen in another class for magical students. Picking up his tablet, he sent her the course syllabus and a quick note about the chapters that need covered. When he focused on his students again he saw that they were in a panic. They were all backing away from Jaspar in fear.

“Do not be afraid of Jaspar, he is a House Elf,” James informed the class.

“House Elves are legends the last one was seen 300 hundred years ago,” shouted Mike Finnegan. “How did he Apparate into the classroom. I thought it was blocked.”

“There are still a few of them left. Their magical abilities are different from humans.” he said calmly. He was almost amused at their reaction. He had to admit that he was surprised last year when he first met a House Elf. He too thought they had disappeared from the earth.

Amanda stepped into the classroom. She must have run here from some distance since she was breathing heavily. Her eyes took in the classroom and locked on Jaspar standing by him. Her arm twitched towards her wand. James stepped between her and Jaspar.

“Do not be afraid. He is a family friend,” he quickly said and raised his hand as though to block the spell. He couldn’t do wandless magic, but it showed that he was willing to defend Jaspar. “I must leave now. Please cover the first three chapters. I will be back…,” he hesitated because he wasn’t sure when he would be back. “I shall return when it is possible. I must go now.”

He reached out and grabbed Jaspar’s hand and almost pulled his hand away it was very cold. Without saying another word, he and Jaspar disappeared.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The first thing that James sensed when he reappeared was the salt air and the low thrum of the waves hitting the beach. They appeared on the western shores of Ireland. It was a remote location with only a few homes along a rocky shore overlooking the Northern Atlantic.

He looked inland and saw the cottage nestled among a copse of trees many of which were hundreds of years old. It was a small cottage barely forty feet square made of field stone. It had a second floor which was only a gabled bedroom with four windows facing each direction of the compass jutting out of the slate roof. There was also a covered front porch which faced the ocean. It was here that the residents would look out at the setting sun every solstice. Even though it wasn’t a solstice, they were sitting in their rocking chairs facing the ocean, Harry and Ginny Potter.

Last year when his father had relinquished control as the head of the Potter family, he had brought him out here to see them. The world thought they had died almost 300 years ago. His father had explained that Ginny Potter had been blessed by an Elf in their fight against the Voldemort with the gift of the Elves. She was almost immortal, and she was also soul bonded to Harry granting him extremely long life. They watched their friends die, while they barely aged.

Last year James couldn’t believe this couple was over four hundred years old. They looked younger than his father, their grandchild. His father was considered young looking for a man who was 140 years old. Now they looked ancient and frail. Their skin was pale and nearly translucent. Their faces were covered in wrinkles and their eyes looked tired and cloudy. Ginny’s brown eyes had lost their vibrance and Harry’s green no longer emitted raw power like they had when he first met them or even a month ago.

The House Elves were sitting around them, even looked older then he remembered.

“Harry had a turn for the worst last night,” said Ginny. Her voice was barely above a whisper.

“My beautiful wife has been keeping me alive,” he said and moved his gaze down to their clasped hands.

Ginny was gripping Harry’s hand with all her might. The tendons in her hand and forearm were as taught as guitar strings.

“We do not have long for this world James,” said Ginny. “I need you to do something for us. There is a book in the cottage. It is red leather and on the writing desk to the left. Please take it to the family vault to be included with the archives. It is our memoirs. Please hurry, we haven’t long.”

He had never seen anyone die before. Fear filled James. What should he do? These are the two most influential people in the magical and muggle world over the past 400 years. No! Longer than that they are on the same level as Merlin. What should he do for them to allow them to be properly honored. He couldn’t give them a great memorial everyone already thought they were dead. The injustice of their treatment by historians angered him. They are no more than an interesting chapter in history class to most people today.

“James, what are you waiting for?” asked Ginny.

He snapped out of his thoughts about his great-grandparents. “I’ll be back in a second.”

He ran into the cottage. The first thing he noticed was how cold and dark it felt. His memory of this place was the inside was warm and light, even though it was in the shade of trees. When he commented on it, his father had told him that the marble that made up the floor of the building was from the library in Alexandria and was originally from Atlantis. It was filled with magic.

Now the marble floor was cold and dark. Its magic had been drained.

He saw the writing table and the book that Ginny had wanted him to take the family archives. It was a large book bound with scarlet leather and trimmed in gold. He picked it up and opened it. His curiosity getting the best of him. It was hand written in small fine writing. He glanced over the forward. It was from Ginny to her descendants. This was a chronicle of their adventures since they had faked their deaths. He turned a couple of pages and glanced down over the table of contents. The book was separated into sections and each section was named for a dark wizard that had tried to come to power over the past several hundred years. Closing the book, he ran out to the porch.

Harry and Ginny were sitting in their rocking chair with their heads touching and their eyes were closed.

“No, please not yet, there are so many things I want to say,” he shouted.

They opened their eyes together and smiled a sad smile at him.

“We are not dead yet, blonde James,” said Harry. “What did you want to know?”

James was relieved and embarrassed by his reaction at thinking they were dead. He was at a lost for words. He wanted to know so much, but the only question he could form was a single word.


“That is a pretty general question. Could you be a little more specific? We haven’t much time,” said Ginny.

He laughed at his own question. “Why did you hide away? I assume that you didn’t just sit here on your front porch for the last 300 years. Why do you allow your legacy to be over shadowed by lesser wizards? All anyone ever talks about is Hugo and how he is the most influential wizard since Merlin.”

Harry and Ginny chuckled softly and looked at each other in such a loving way. It reminded him of his parents smiling to each other when he would ask a silly question when he was growing up.

“Fame isn’t all its cracked up to be, blonde James,” said Harry. “We have done many good things in our life, even after people thought we were dead. Doing good is always more rewarding than fame. The world is much better now than it was when we were young. I understand you have been doing your part in improving the world. I am proud of you for what you have done.”

A lump formed in James’ throat and his eyes started to water at Harry’s comment. “I haven’t done anything close to what you have done.”

“You have done something,” said Ginny. “Be proud of what you have done. We have been extremely lucky. There were many people who helped us and taught us. There was also the help we received from the Atlantian Elf, Xenon.”

Ginny smiled wistfully at Harry, who had closed his eyes again.

“He sacrificed his immortal life to save mine and Harry’s. In doing that he passed along some of the traits of the elves.” She reached up and pushed her long gray hair back exposing her pointed ear. “I had the opportunity to spend eternity in Atlantis, but I couldn’t leave Harry, because he couldn’t go. Our son Xenon also had received the power of the Elves, because I was carrying him at that time. He left and is living on Atlantis taking all but a few House Elves with him.”

“I remember Hugo. He was such a bright and inquisitive young lad. His Mother Hermione became my best friend and our unofficial librarian at the Potter Library. I translated all the scrolls from Atlantis and passed that information along to Hugo.”

“Then you are the one that brought all the change not him,” exclaimed James.

“I only translated the scrolls and Hugo, Hermione, and I worked out what it meant in this realm. The Elves from Atlantis were the ones with all the knowledge, James.” She looked at him shrewdly. “Are you disappointed because you can’t brag about being a direct descendant of Hugo Weasley?”

“No! I just want you to get the credit that the two of you deserve. The world needs to know about what you have done for them, even after your death. It looks as if you have been protecting the world against dark wizards without them even acknowledging your contributions.”

“We couldn’t really sit around and do nothing,” wheezed Harry.

Ginny gripped his hand tighter and grimaced, as though she was in pain. “I am not disappointed that the world doesn’t know more about us. I have my reward right here.” She picked up their clenched hands.

“I was the lucky one. I had the most beautiful woman in the history of the world love me,” said Harry. His voice was weak but the feelings behind it were so strong that when Harry worked to lean towards Ginny. She also leaned towards him so they could kiss.

James felt embarrassed to see them kiss. It was something so pure and so passionate that he felt watching it was wrong, so he turned away and looked out over the ocean. A cold wind blew over his shoulders and made his eyes water. He wiped at his eyes, before turning back around.

“No!” escaped his lips. Where Harry and Ginny Potter had been sitting was now their robes and dust. Even the House Elves had dissolved to dust. A profound feeling of loss came over him, and the world felt a little colder and darker. The cottage was no longer a warm and comfortable niche in the world. It was now just an old cabin in the woods.

Overwhelmed at their loss. James sat down and stared out over the ocean again while clutching the book to his chest. He had been here for one solstice as the island Atlantis had appeared above the horizon within the corona of the setting sun. Proof of the presence of Elves.

He wondered if their first son Xenon, who lived on Atlantis, knew that they had passed away.

He needed to tell his father. He would want to know. His father had been in contact with them for much of his life. First as grandparents, then as secret contact after their fake death.

Anger filled James as he thought about how the world missed out, by them removing themselves from society. Their knowledge, understanding and fairness was unfathomable. Just in the short time that he knew them, he saw it and felt better and more intelligent because of them.

“Why! Why hide yourself away from people who needed you?” he shouted to the waves. His grip increased on the book he held. The book they called him here to get before they passed away. Why would they do that? Why was it so important for him to get this book?

Embarrassment washed over him. He wanted them to be there for the world. They were there for the world. A passage from the introduction clicked in his memory. Opening the book, he scanned the first page for the passage.

To our beloved family, if you wonder why we faked our deaths and hide form society, it wasn’t because we no longer wanted to be a part of the world. It was for another reason entirely. We wanted others to have the opportunity to be leaders and help shape the world around them. As we watched James Sirius age, we realized that he could never become the person he was destined to be if we were still a presence. We went into retirement and hid from the world, to allow others to rise in prominence and shape the world around them as they saw fit.

We did not sit idly by and wait for death to claim us. We remained active, but always behind the scenes and far away from reporters. This book chronicles what we had done after our early death. Please read or reference it under the proper state of mind. We are, after all, just a couple of retirees enjoying our retirement, while catching the occasional Dark Wizard and their followers.

James closed the book and stared out at the ocean as its wave rolled in and crashed against the shore. There was something different now in the world, without Harry and Ginny Potter. It wasn’t just that they were his great grandparents or even because of the exciting things they had done.

It was because while they were alive, some of the ancient ways were still alive. They were the last two people who could preform wandless magic. Many have tried, but none have succeeded.

Magic may have advanced incredibly in the past four hundred years. It was because of Ginny Potter Translating ancient magical scrolls and teaching them to Hugo Weasley. Ginny Potter had advanced magical knowledge but had kept her part in it a secret.

It also marked the end of an era on earth; the end of the elves. The last House Elves left or died with Ginny and Harry.

James sat brooding about these things for some time as the sun started its descent to the horizon. He hadn’t moved from where he had been sitting and staring out at the ocean, while clutching the book to him as if was his security blanket. It finally occurred to him, the reason the world seems so different now was one of the great love stories was truly over. The love that Harry and Ginny Potter had for each other was so great that they defied death several times because of it.

Remembering what was written in the book that he was holding, he stood up. It was his time to make a difference in this world. He would do it the same way that his great-grandparents did, by loving others.


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