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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Harry faces off with Albus Dumbledore.
I would like to thank Seekers_Destiny for Betaing this chapter.


Harry stood at the side of the room with Ginny by his side, as Ron Weasley described how he came upon Voldemort’s diary. It sounded innocent enough, but would anyone outside this room believe him. He had found it with his school things. It didn’t seem out of place since most everything he had was used. He didn’t even intend to use it as a diary. He was going to use it as a lesson planner. His friend Hermione Granger had suggested that he purchase one to help him get organized.

Harry smiled as Ron launched into an explanation of how wonderful Hermione was for helping him with his school work last year. When Fred and George sniggered, he glared at them.

“She is the reason why almost all the Gryffindors tested out as high as we did,” he said in defense of his admiration for Hermione.

“Yes, as a former Gryffindor myself, I was quite proud of the first years test results last year,” stated Albus Dumbledore. “What I am curious is how this book came to be amongst your school supplies.”

“I didn’t purchase it,” said Mrs. Weasley defensively.

“Then how did it…”

“Lucius,” stated Mr. Weasley. “It had to be Lucius Malfoy.” His face became pink at the statement.

“He might have access to Voldemort’s possessions, but why do you seem so certain that he placed it with Ronald’s school supplies, Arthur?”

“Because my husband had a Muggle duel with Lucius in the middle of Flourish and Blotts; they knocked over several display cases and managed to spill all of the children’s school supplies in the process,” said Mrs. Weasley icily. She cast a sideways glance at the twins who were trying not to laugh out loud.

“He may be the wealthiest wizard in England, but I won’t stand for him to publically berate my family and their friends,” countered Mr. Weasley.

“Thank you Arthur,” stated Albus Dumbledore. “I think I have heard enough. Why don’t you take Ron up to the infirmary so Madam Pomfrey can attend to him?”

“I am fine,” protested Ron.

“Now Ronald, I agree with the Headmaster,” said Mrs. Weasley as though she was talking to a five year old.

“Oh bother, I’ll go,” Ron huffed out as he stood up.

“I would like a chance to talk to Harry,” stated Albus Dumbledore. “Alone.”

Harry hesitated at the last comment. He looked over at Sirius, Remus, and Bill. He was concerned about being alone with the Headmaster.

“Remus and I will go visit an old friend,” said Sirius with a roguish smile.

Ginny kissed him on the cheek before leaving with the rest of her family. Sirius and Remus both walked past him and grabbed his shoulder in a show of confidence. Harry knew they had been preparing him for this moment and it was time for him to find out if he was ready.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Second week of training nearly two years earlier [ ][ ][ ][ ]

“That’s good Harry. Keep that feather at that exact height while we talk,” said Remus. “Do you know why we are doing this?”

Harry and Ginny had mastered the Levitation Charm the second day of training. Ever since, they were expected to hold the feather up without actually staring at it. They were told this was a way of developing discipline and concentration.

“This helps develop our focus and control over our magic,” he responded to Remus. He even looked away from the feather and at Remus who was seated to his right.

“Yes, it does, but there is more. Or I might say another step to this process,” said Sirius. He was sitting watching Ginny and her feather. “Have you ever heard of Occlumency?”

“Ocu- what?” asked Harry.

“What is that?” asked Ginny.

“Feathers, both of you,” admonished Remus. Their feathers had dipped almost to the table, as they had tried to remember hearing of Occlumency before.

“Occlumency is the art of shielding your mind from being invaded by another,” stated Sirius. “Voldemort is proficient at invading peoples’ minds and has used it to extract information out of people before.”

“He read their mind?” asked Harry. He broke his concentration while thinking about Voldemort being able to read his mind. No secret would be safe with him. No one would be safe if Voldemort could do that.

“You're right, Prongslet,” confirmed Sirius. “Albus Dumbledore can also perform Legilimancy. He performed it on your father. Harry your feather.”

Harry glanced over at the feather and had to refocus to make it float 12 inches above the table top. “When did he do that?”

“When your father told Dumbledore that they were changing the Secret Keeper, he didn’t tell Albus who it would be. The Headmaster extracted it from his thoughts.”

Harry noticed a flash of fire beside him as his anger came close to boiling over at Sirius’ comment about Albus Dumbledore. He turned to see Ginny’s feather smoldering and soot all over her face.

“I was sure Harry would be the one to explode over that information,” Sirius teased Ginny.

“It was him, I felt his magic move through me and incinerate the feather,” protested Ginny.

Bill, Remus, and Sirius all leaned forward to look at them.

“Has this happened before?” Bill asked.

“Not to this extreme, but yes it has,” answered Ginny.

“Cool,” shouted Sirius. “We teach one of them one subject the other one another and let them assimilate information at night,” he said while wiggling his eyebrows.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] present day [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry walked towards the desk that Albus Dumbledore sat behind. He was trying to calm his heart rate and focus his mind. He only wanted certain information available in his thoughts. He had learned that it was much easier to let someone see a little of your thoughts as opposed to block them out completely. Sitting down, he refused to raise his eyes; until he was sure he had everything compartmentalized.

“You can look at me Harry. I won’t bite,” said Dumbledore jovially. “I must say I was quite surprised and pleased that you were able to find the chamber in time to save Ron.”

“We work well as a team, sir,” said Harry. He was looking at the various pieces of parchment and the diary on the desk.

“Yes, you do,” agreed Albus Dumbledore, as he leaned back in his chair. “You never explained how you were able to get here so soon. I was under the impression that you were out of the county.”

“We were. Gringotts sent us the letter, by their own express system. We received it within two hours of you sending the owl.”

“How did you get the international Portkey made in such a short time period?”

“Does it matter?” replied Harry, irritated with this obsession with how they arrived at the gate. “Ron is fine and Voldemort has been stopped from forming his body again.”

“Yes, yes, I suppose that is the most important thing,” Albus Dumbledore said as he shifted in the chair and stared at Harry. “However pleased I am at you saving Ron, I am concerned about the education that you and Mrs. Potter are receiving.”

“We are doing quite well actually,” Harry said with pride.

“I would like to be sure that it is up to the standards set by the Ministry’s Board of Governors. Would you mind sitting end of year tests?”

“We have been discussing that over the last month and would like to take our OWLs,”

“OWLs ? Oh no Harry, those are fifth year level,” chuckled Albus Dumbledore.

“We are set to finish the fifth year’s entire curriculum this week.”

“That is incredible. I would like to talk to Bill before you take those tests.” Albus Dumbledore wrote something on a piece of parchment, before he looked up at Harry and continued talking. “Do you think the bond has helped you learn faster?”

Harry had relaxed in his presence, but he still felt the slight pressure of Legilimency in his mind. He quickly set up his compartments of thought before thinking about anything related to the question.

“I think the bond forcing us into physical adulthood has helped. We had too much magic for our young bodies to hold. I heard that when a wizard becomes an adult, their magic seems to increase also.”

“Yes, that is true, but is that the only reason why you are doing so well?”

Harry smiled at the Headmaster. He wanted Harry to think about other aspects of their soul bond. It would take more than that little trick to get over on Harry.

“Bill, Sirius, and Remus are excellent teachers. We also study and practice nearly twelve hours a day, sometimes even longer,” replied Harry. “Let’s wait until we get the OWLS results before we celebrate Ginny’s and my academic accomplishments.”

“Ah true, Harry,” laughed Albus Dumbledore. His eyes sparkled as he stared at Harry. “Even beyond your academics, there are things that you will need my help with.”

“Yes, I know,” Harry replied. His stomach was clenching up in a knot. He was getting ready to defy one of the most important wizards in the world.

“I am still not sure if I can trust you telling me the entire truth. It seems that you make a habit of telling people only what you want them to hear. We work as a team and share our thoughts and ideas with each other. Would you be able to do that?”

Albus Dumbledore sat up a bit straighter and his face hardened at Harry’s comment. “I can assure you that whatever I did was for the greater good,” he told Harry. His countenance seemed to change with the last statement, as if it haunted his memories. “I never intended to harm anyone.”

“I understand that, sir, but as far as trust and working together with others, can you do that? If you can’t then I shall keep my distance from you. I will still ask questions, and hope that you give me the information that we need.”

The room seemed to have become noticeably colder.

“I do not feel I have done anything but protect you the best I could,” said the Headmaster defiantly.

“But, was it the best for me? You wanted to keep me separated from Ginny after we had bonded. You also kept me from my grandparents after my parents were murdered. They could have protected me. We are using their protections and no one seems to be able to reach me, and I am not being berated and physically abused on a routine basis…,”

“Harry, I didn’t know. As I told you, I only placed you there because of your mother’s blood sacrifice. That protection would have extended beyond your Aunt’s home. It made it that Voldemort would not be able to harm you until you became an adult. Your bonding broke that enchantment. The reason I wanted to break your bond with Miss Weasley was to reinstate the protection that you mother had died to give you.”

Harry felt offended that he would make it appear that Harry was disrespecting his mother’s death by bonding with Ginny. He was quite sure that his mum would approve of Ginny and be happy he found someone to love.

“Do you think my mother would be happy that I was being called a freak and beaten so she can be honored?”

Albus Dumbledore again looked slightly embarrassed at Harry’s question.

“If you want me to trust your judgment then I will need to trust you. Trying to perform Legilimency on me while we are talking is not a way to make a person trust you. The next thing that you can do is tell me how many Horcruxes you think Voldemort made beside this diary.”

Albus Dumbledore’s eyebrows knitted up on his brow as he stared at Harry. It was obvious to Harry that he thought his attempt at invading Harry’s mind was so subtle that it would be unnoticed. He also seemed a bit shocked that Harry knew the diary was a Horcrux.

“Bill tested it in the chamber before destroying it. It was most definitely a Horcrux. Either Lucius Malfoy didn’t realize it was a Horcrux and handed it out or there were others made to keep Voldemort from dying. What are your theories on that, Mr. Dumbledore?”

Albus Dumbledore was quiet for several seconds, but it seemed like hours as he stared at the diary.

“I only kept things from you and controlled your life, because I wanted you to have normal childhood,” he said apologetically with his eyes downcast on the diary.

“My childhood was destroyed anyway. Voldemort made sure of that,” said Harry firmly.

The door to the office flung open and a tall man with black robes and long white-blonde hair strode defiantly in. There was wretched looking House Elf clinging to his left boot trying to polish it as he walked.

“I thought I had told you that you have been removed as the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore,” hissed the man.

Harry immediately disliked this man. He might have issues with Albus, but he still respected the man. This new person showed him only contempt.

“Ah, Lucius, I thought you would have heard the rest of the Governors had requested that I return when Ron Weasley was captured and taken into the Chamber of Secrets. It seems their desire to save him overrode the fear they had of you,” said Dumbledore coolly.

Lucius showed a touch of a smile for second, before responding. “Weasley you said; one of Arthur’s brood? It would be so terrible to have fewer Weasleys in this world.”

Harry had to control his anger. Even Uncle Vernon never made Harry as angry as what this pompous arse just did. He didn’t even care that Ron might have died. He quickly made the connection. This must be Lucius Malfoy, the person who slipped Ron the diary.

As Lucius talked, the house Elf was trying to get him presentable. While the House Elf was standing on Lucius’ shoulders straightening his hair, it looked down at the desk and saw the diary. The House Elf recognized it and started shaking with fear so violently that it fell off Lucius’ shoulder.

“Stupid creature,” shouted Lucius. He swung his heavy walking stick back and it collided with the side of the House Elf’s head. The House Elf collapsed on the floor behind Lucius. The git kept his eyes focused on Albus Dumbledore. “Well did you?” he asked with contempt.

“Did I what Lucius?”

“Did you save that Weasley?”

“Ron Weasley is safe and being examined by Madam Pomfrey as we speak. Slytherins’s monster has been destroyed.”

Lucius Malfoy seemed to be surprised by the last announcement. He stared at Albus Dumbledore in amazement. Harry could feel someone staring at him. He looked down at Malfoy’s House Elf. He was staring at Harry with tennis ball sized green eyes.

“I didn’t do it,” stated Albus Dumbledore. He looked at Harry.

“I did,” stated Harry. He hoped Albus Dumbledore wouldn’t announce who he was.

“Who might you be?” Lucius sneered down his nose at Harry.

“That’s Harry Potter, master,” squeaked the House Elf.

“Bond, James Bond,” Harry said trying not to laugh. It was something that he had done at times to determine if one was magical or Muggle. Muggles would react to the name and most would laugh. Magical people would accept the name without any reaction.

“Silence Dobby,” shouted Lucius. He swung his cane at Dobby again. The little creature was once again bludgeoned in the face.

“He couldn’t be Harry Potter. Potter is the same age as my son,” stated Lucius. “James Bond is that a Muggle name?”

“Yes, it is,” replied Harry cheerily. He wanted to hit Lucius Malfoy with every Curse he knew, and then beat him with his own cane. It wasn’t just because he was cruel to his House Elf, but he also tried to kill innocent students and possess Ginny’s brother.

“Very well, I see everything is in order here. I shall be leaving,” Lucius stated.

He turned on his heels and walked out the door. He was able to kick his House Elf once on his way out.

Harry stood up. He needed to do something. A plan quickly formed in his mind. He looked at the diary on the desk. “I need to borrow that,” he said before grabbing it off the desk.

He kicked off one of his boots and removed his sock. He folded the sock and with a mild Shrinking Charm was able to place it in the book so it couldn’t be seen as long as the book remained closed.

After putting his boot back on, he ran after Malfoy. He eventually caught up with him.

“Mr. Malfoy, you forgot something,” shouted Harry.

Lucius Malfoy stopped walking and turned to look at Harry. “I did?”

Harry ran up to him and shoved the book into his hands.

“You forgot Voldemort’s diary,” he said as he stepped back so Lucius couldn’t hand it to him. “After all you did place it with Ron Weasley’s school supplies.”

“I never saw this before,” Lucius protested.

“Your House Elf recognized it, so I say you also have seen it.”

Lucius sneered at Harry. “Why don’t you prove it, Mr. Bond?” He glared at the House Elf and slapped him across the face with the diary knocking him over and dropped it on the House Elf’s chest. Lucius turned and walked away from Harry. Dobby stood up to follow, while carrying the diary.

“Dobby, open the diary,” said Harry.

“Don’t address my servant,” ordered Lucius.

Dobby had frozen in his tracks. He looked at Harry like he had grown another head. Harry made a motion with his hands like someone opening a book. Dobby looked between Harry and his cruel master, with trembling fingers he opened the diary.

The House Elf stared at the book for a second before grabbing the sock out of it and screaming. “I is free!”

“You,” hissed Lucius, as he went to pull his wand.

Harry was faster. He had his wand pointed at Lucius’ face. “Go ahead; I will curse you to bits.”

Lucius stopped trying to pull his wand. He stepped back and stared at Harry’s wand and then at Harry’s face. “You have no idea who you are dealing with. You stupid fool.”

“I know you are a cruel and sadistic arse,” responded Harry.

“I am not through with you, Mr. Bond,” growled Lucius as he turned and walked away.

Harry watched Lucius Malfoy walk away. He had to try to calm himself down. Dobby, the exuberant House Elf gazed lovingly up at him with tear filled eyes. Replacing his wand, he smiled. “Everyone can come out now, it is all over.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny left Harry to meet with Professor Dumbledore and walked with her family to the infirmary. She was concerned for Harry. He wasn’t as adept at Occlumency as he was at other forms of magic. She tried to keep their connection open so she could sense what was happening. She was concentrating on Harry’s mental state so intently that she wasn’t paying attention to the people around her.

“Are you going to talk to us?” asked Fred.

Ginny was snapped out of her thoughts by the question. Fred and George were staring at her.

“Sorry, I was…,” she stopped to think what she could say. She didn’t want to tell them that she had a mental connection with Harry. “…deep in thought.”

“Yeah, we could tell,” said Fred,

“What do you think Professor Dumbledore wants to talk to Harry about?” asked George bluntly.

She chuckled at this brass. He would just come right out and ask a question most would try to talk around the subject before finally asking her.

“They are probably sharing recipes and debating whether Pumpkin juice or Butterbeer is better,” she cheekily replied to them.

The twins stopped and together they hugged her.

“It’s good to have you back Gin-Gin,” they said in perfect unison.

“How do you two do that?”

“Do what hug you?” asked George.

“You open your arms like this,” said Fred.

“And you close them around the person you want to hug,” said George as the twins hugged each other.

All the Weasley’s, including their mother, laughed at the twins’ antics. It was good to hear them all laughing again. It had seemed like a lifetime since Ginny had heard her family laugh as a group. They had reached the doors of the infirmary to find Madam Pomfrey standing there waiting for them.

“Let’s get you in and examine you, Mr. Weasley,” ordered the school nurse.

“I am fine,” whined Ron.

“I highly doubt it after all you have been through,” huffed Madam Pomfrey.

“Ronald, you do what Poppy tells you,” ordered their mum.

Ron mumbled under his breath as he walked towards a bed that the nurse had set aside for him. After Ron reached it, Madam Pomfrey stood and stared at everyone with crossed arms, as though she was challenge anyone to defy her. She allowed Ginny’s Mum to be beside Ron, as she set up a screen to block them from view.

Ginny stood there waiting to hear what was wrong with Ron. She tried to connect with Harry, while she waited for Ron to be examined. She could locate him, but she couldn’t make the connection. He must be using Occlumency on Professor Dumbledore. Not being able to connect with his feelings and emotions left her feeling a little isolated, but she wasn’t concerned, because she knew he would be doing that against the Headmaster.

“I say two days,” stated George.

“No, just overnight,” replied Fred.

“What are the two of you talking about now?” demanded Percy.

“We are betting on how many nights Ron will have to stay here. You know how Madam Pomfrey likes to keep people for days for only having a hangnail,” said George.

“Ron looks good, so I say overnight,” replied Fred.

“She always finds something. He probably is weak from not eating for five hours. I still say two days,” countered George. “Ginny, what do you think?”

“Ron is in good shape, so I guess overnight.”

“That’s my bet, you need to take another time,” demanded Fred.

“Alright then, I say he won’t stay at all.”

Fred and George laughed at her bet.

“We can eliminate her from the competition,” they said together.

“If Ginny says there is nothing wrong with him, then I agree,” said Bill. “You won’t let me pick the same time, so I will say twelve hours.”

“But twelve hours could be the same as overnight,” countered Fred.

“No it isn’t,” replied Bill. “In twelve hours it will be midnight. For Ron to stay overnight, he must wake up here tomorrow morning at or after dawn.”

“All right then, twelve hours it is,” agreed Fred.

Ginny looked around the infirmary. It was rather bleak looking with old metal beds. Even though it wasn’t fancy, it still looked clean and well maintained. There were several beds filled but the occupants were not moving. They may be the ones that have been petrified, because she couldn’t feel anything from them.

Ron’s voice from the other side of the screen caught Ginny’s attention. “I told you that I was fine.”

“Even though I didn’t find anything wrong with you, I still want you to stay here a while longer. If you are still fine tonight you can return to your room,” ordered Madam Pomfrey.

“With what you went through, you should be weak physically and magically,” she said almost as a question.

Ginny smiled at her comment. After she and Harry had bonded, they both developed different magical abilities. Harry was able to feel the presence of magic and manipulate it without a wand. She developed into an empath with the ability to heal without using spells.

When they were in the chamber, she could feel and actually see Ron’s magic and life being sucked out of him. It scared her terribly to know that her brother was being drained by someone else. It took powerful dark magic to do that, but it was by Lord Voldemort, thus logical.

Even now she can feel everyone in the room. Madam Pomfrey was confused why Ron wasn’t in worse shape. Her mother was worried about Ron and angry that this happened to him. Percy seemed to be agitated about something; he was probably irritated that rules had been broken. Her father was nervous about something, but knowing his son had been possessed by Voldemort would do that. Fred and George were both extremely curious, but she wasn’t sure about what. Her power didn’t allow her to intrude into someone thoughts, but she could understand there emotional state by their physical state.

The only person that she could read their thoughts was Harry. They both could sense when the other was feeling strong emotions, but Harry’s ability wasn’t as well defined as hers. She liked the arrangement where she could tell what he was thinking, but he only knew her emotional state. It kept her a bit of a mystery to him, and she liked that.

“Ginny, we were wondering if we could talk to you alone, before you disappear again?” asked Fred.

“Sure, it isn’t like I am planning on being completely out of touch. You can always owl me.”

George laughed at her. “No, dear sister you haven’t been out of touch. We can owl you but we have no idea where you are living, and no one, including the Ministry, can locate you. Dad tried for six months, but even the Auror department and International Cooperation department came up blank.”

“Sorry about that,” she replied unapologetically. “What do....”

Ginny had a surge of anger wash over her. She knew it wasn’t her emotions, but Harry’s. She couldn’t decipher anything else from him except her was very angry at someone and had let his Occlumency wards drop.

“Blimey, sis, you don’t need to get so angry at us,” exclaimed Fred and George.

“What,” said Ginny? She forgot that she was in the infirmary with her family. She was so focused on Harry. “I need to leave.”

“What is going on with Harry?” asked Bill.

“He’s angry,” she said over her shoulder as she ran out of the infirmary. She could hear her mother and father calling to her, but she wasn’t concerned about them right now. There were others running with her through the halls. She knew Bill would follow her, but she wasn’t sure who else would. The castle was so confusing to her, and when she reached where the hallway met a stairwell, she was confused. She was sure that they came down the hallway, but she could feel Harry down the stairwell.

“Ginny, wait! We can help,” shouted the twins at her.

She stood there staring at the stairwell and the hallway. “Isn’t Dumbledore’s office that way?” she asked pointing up the hallway.

“Yes, why do you ask?” questioned Bill.

“Because I feel that Harry is down there,” she said indicating the stairwell.

“We can find him,” the twins said in unison.

They pulled out a blank sheet of parchment. Fred pulled his wand, but someone reached out with their wand and touched the parchment.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” said Remus Lupin.

Sirius and Remus had appeared out of seemingly nowhere. They both smiled at Fred and George.

“I wondered how you were able to see Ron at the sink and not know where he went. Moony told me you reacted to my Marauders comment,” said Sirius.

Fred and George looked star struck at Remus and Sirius. “Who are you?”

“Padfoot, Prongs was Harry’s dad, and Wormtail…,” Sirius went from happy to looking angry in a flash. “…we don’t discuss the bloody traitor.”

“That’s all well and good, but where is Harry?” shouted Ginny.

“Sorry,” said Remus. “He is there and he seems to be…,” Remus looked at Sirius. “We need to get to him before he does something stupid.”

“Who? Who is he following?” shouted Ginny. Harry anger was getting the best of her and when she mixed in her impatience at everyone around her.

“Lucius Malfoy,” Remus, Sirius and the twins said in unison.

They took off running down the stairs. Ginny was in the middle of the group. They ran down two set of stairs before the third moved just before they stepped on it. Fred ran to the left down the hall. He suddenly stopped and lifted a tapestry. George led the way into the secret passage hidden behind the tapestry. They ran down the hidden stairs and emerged into another hall. Ginny was completely lost. Even Bill seemed a bit confused, but the other four seemed to know where they were going.

Suddenly Harry’s emotional state changed. He seemed to be calmer and more confident. “Wait, something has changed,” she said to them.

George looked at the map. “If we drop down another secret passage we will come out right beside them.”

“What are they doing?” she asked.

“Standing, not moving,” George replied.

“Harry has a plan. Let him complete it,” she ordered everyone.

They went behind another tapestry and started down the stairs. Sirius was in the lead and he stopped and was listening to what was going on in the hallway. Ginny nudged her way through everyone to be beside Sirius. She could hear the conversations on the other side of the tapestry.

“I is free!” shouted a House Elf.

“You,” hissed Lucius.

“Go ahead; I will curse you to bits.” Harry said.

Ginny could feel he was confident. Sirius stirred beside her, but she paced a hand on his arm to halt him.

“You have no idea who you are dealing with. You stupid fool,” shouted Lucius.

“I know you are a cruel and sadistic arse,” responded Harry.

“I am not through with you, Mr. Bond,” growled Lucius.

Ginny could hear Lucius Malfoy walk away. She smiled at Harry taking away the git’s House Elf. She looked over at Sirius. He was beaming with pride at Harry’s stunt.

“Everyone can come out now, it is all over,” Harry said.

Ginny burst through the tapestry it took her two steps to reach Harry and wrapped her arms around him. “You had me so worried.”

“Prongslet that was brilliant,” said Sirius. “However, if you plan on antagonizing the likes of Lucius Malfoy, we are going to have to step up your dueling classes.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lucius Malfoy walked through the doors of the magical creature department in the Ministry. He was irritated that some Muggle had tricked him out of a House Elf. It was a lousy worthless House Elf, and he could afford to replace it. It was that he was tricked by a Muggle born wizard. He was pureblood and superior by his bloodlines.

He looked at the secretary. “I want to speak to Macnair,” he demanded of the secretary.

“He is in his office, Mr. Malfoy,” she replied meekly.

Lucius walked past her without another glance at her. Macnair had told him that she was a Muggle born. She should have never been hired to that position. He quickly found Macnair’s office and walked in.

“Macnair, I need another House Elf,” stated Lucius.

The former Death Eater and associate of Lucius looked at him. “Another House Elf, Lucius, are you trying to have more than Hogwarts?”

“Never mind why I want another House Elf. I also want you to do something for me,” stated Lucius as he pulled out a small bag of gold and placed it on Macnair’s desk.

Macnair opened the bag and smiled at its contents. “I take it this isn’t Ministry business.”

“I need you to find out who James Bond is and where he can be found.”

“Bond, you say. Is that a Muggle name?”

“Yes, he is a wizard that needs to be taught his place in our world.” Lucius emphasized “our world.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lucius Malfoy Apparated outside of his estate. He could have used the Floo, but he enjoyed surveying everything his blood purity had brought him. The estate had a sprawling manicured garden maintained by four House Elves. He employed three to cook and maintain the manor house and he, Narcissa and Draco each had a servant.

He smiled as he walked across the garden to the large front door. Opening it, he stepped inside. When Frac the House Elf that was responsible for the house didn’t appear, he frowned.

“Frac,” called Lucius. The servant still didn’t appear.

“Lucius, is that you,” called Narcissa from the sitting room.

“Yes, where is that useless Elf, Frac,” shouted Lucius.

“I don’t know, but the fires are burning low. When you find him, make sure he attends to the fires,” shouted Narcissa.

“I am going to my den. I don’t want disturbed,” shouted Lucius back to his wife.

If she responded, he didn’t hear her. He stepped into his den and closed and magically locked the door. He noticed that his fireplace was cold. With the mood he was in, he might have to get another House Elf when he found Frac. He walked towards his liquor cabinet and shot a spell at the fireplace. He poured himself a firewhiskey and gulped down a large swallow. He needed something to calm his nerves.

Feeling the burn of the Firewhiskey, he turned to see the fireplace hadn’t ignited with his spell. He walked over to see what was wrong. The wood was missing from the hearth. Levitating some of the wood, he placed it on the grate. He went to flick his wand to start the fire, but something erupted from the fireplace and grabbed his arm.

A huge snake poured out of the fireplace. Its jaws were clamped around his wrist. The pressure and pain from the long fangs piercing through his wrist made him drop his wand. He was now helpless to stop the snake from crushing him to death as it flowed from the fireplace flue and wrapped itself around him.

The breath had been pushed from him by the snake’s strong coils. He felt a couple of his ribs snap from the pressure. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. He was going to die in his den crushed to death by a snake, the symbol of his house.

The snake released his wrist and moved to stare at him. Lucius stared at its yellow slit eyes. Then something strange happened, it must have been a hallucination from dying. The snakes face started to shift and its eyes became scarlet.

“Where is my diary, Lucius?” the voice of his dead master sounded in his head.

Lucius tried to focus through his clouded vision. He felt someone in his mind sorting through his thoughts. He could see the scene from Dumbledore’s office when he saw the destroyed diary on the desk.

“You fool,” hissed the voice in his head.

The snake constricted around him again breaking a few more ribs.

“You were sworn to serve me. You will serve me again or I will kill your precious family,” hissed the voice in his head.

The snake released him. The rush of air returning to his lungs caused him to cough. It was a rough and hacking cough. He looked over and saw the snake. Its head was not the head of a snake, but of a man. It looked similar to the Dark Lord’s.

“I need a body,” hissed the snake. “I have spent far too long in this form. I shall return to my former glory. You shall do my bidding and assist me in getting my body back. When I searched for immortality, I never imagined it would be as something slightly more than a ghost. I have finally learned what I must do to return. I cannot remain in this creature much longer before I destroy it, then I will be forced to find another host. You wanted to be a Death Eater to keep all your money and prestige away from the Muggles. It is time you paid your dues for that protection.”

“Who are you?” asked Lucius.

The snake reared up so it towered over Lucius. The misshapen head glared down at him with scarlet eyes. “I am your master. I am Lord Voldemort. You will do my bidding or I will use you and your precious family as my next hosts.”
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