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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
Harry and Ginny prepare to have an actual bonding ceremony at the Burrow. Somebody else has other plans.
A special thanks to my beta Leif.


Macnair appeared on the front path of Lucius Malfoy’s estate. He brought with him two large cages. Each cage held an anxious unicorn, and they rocked from the movement of the unicorns as Macnair Levitated them towards Lucius.

“Well, there you are, Lucius,” said the former Death Eater, Macnair. He dropped the cages down by the front steps of Lucius’s manor house. “I never figured you to want creatures like these on your property…,” Macnair stopped talking as a peacock squawked to his left. “I supposed if you have those noisy birds, you have the right to own unicorns.”

Lucius stared at Macnair. He did not trust the man. He may have been a former Death Eater too, but he never swore an allegiance to Lucius, just the Dark Lord. “Just leave them, and I will take care of them,” he said angrily.

“No, I can’t do that. The law states that I need to oversee them being released back into the wild or a proper habitat,” said a smiling Macnair.

“And you always do what the ministry tells you to do,” countered Lucius. He could tell that Macnair wanted to find out what he wanted with the unicorns.

“These are highly regarded and protected magical creatures, Lucius. Why, if you would leave them in their cages for very long, they will die”

“They are to remain in their cages for at least another two weeks. My son wants to make a present of them to his girlfriend on her birthday, which will be in two weeks,” Lucius calmly lied.

Macnair shifted from one foot to another and stared at Lucius. He scrubbed his face with his left hand before speaking again. “What are you up to Lucius? Don’t lie to me and say nothing, cause I know better. You have gone through four House Elves in the past two weeks without any explanation as to why. Now you want two unicorns. Not any unicorns, but two of the largest and healthiest ones we have.”

Macnair stepped closer to Lucius and lowered his voice so it was barely above a whisper. “My Mark has been burning during the same time period. I am guessing yours has too. What do you know, Lucius?”

“I know there are times when it is best not to say anything or act like anything is out of the ordinary. Certainly, you have learned the same lesson over the years. You have been well paid for you services. If there is anything else that I need from you, I shall contact you.”

Macnair stepped back and stared at Lucius for several seconds before speaking. “Aye, I have been paid for silence, and silence is what you will get from me. Don’t leave me on the sideline Lucius, too long have I groveled and held my tongue while the unworthy have taken up better positions in the Ministry than me. Too bloody long, it has been.”

Macnair turned to walk away but stopped. He reached in the pocket of his battered robes. He pulled out three books. They looked to be Muggle books, because their covers were simple parchment type material.

“I found James Bond for you. He is a fictional Muggle character; here you can read about him.” Macnair tossed the books at Lucius’s feet. “There is something else you should know. Harry Potter is back in England. He is marrying Arthur Weasley’s daughter in five days. That Blood Traitor has taken time off from his job and reserved a person from the magical bonds department to conduct the ceremony. The bugger of it is, Potter and Weasley’s daughter are already considered married by magical law. They soul bonded two years ago.”

“Why is that of importance to me?” questioned Lucius.

“I thought you would like to know that the ceremony will be at Weasley’s home. It would be the first time we would know exactly where that Potter brat was.”

Macnair didn’t wait for an answer or comment from Lucius. He walked away and disappeared when he stepped through Lucius’ wards.

Over the next thirty minutes, Lucius Levitated the cages down to the lower levels of his manor. He didn’t have a basement in his home. He had an actual dungeon with steel doors with bars on cells. The only light was from the small windows in the cells and the pitch torches, which left oily smudges on the low ceiling. In a dark and dank corner of an area, that could be used for anything from an office to a torture and interrogation area, laid a small shriveled up creature.

It would be too much to call it human, though it was the physical manifestation of his master, Lord Voldemort. It had four short and twisted limbs. The skin was scaly and discolored as opposed to being smooth and pink like a child’s. It was reptilian in appearance. The head had a skull of a human, but its face was flat like a snake’s. The limbs that might be called legs were not at the end of it’s so called torso. They were located several inches up from the end.

If its appearance was disgusting, the sight of it being live borne from a snake was even worse. Lucius remained a faithful servant this entire time even if he had been repulsed by what he saw. If everything goes well, when the Dark Lord returned to his former glory, Lucius shall be rewarded.

“I see you have the unicorns, Lucius,” hissed his master. “I will need to be fed soon. Nagini has gone off to find food. When she returns, you can milk her and extract some unicorn blood to feed me. It must be an even mixture of both.”

“Yes, master,” mumbled Lucius. “Master, will Nagini be feeding on the sheep I bought?”

“Yes, she won’t eat anymore of your House Elves. I guess those creatures are too valuable for my pet to eat.”

“People are starting to wonder what I am doing that I need so many House Elves in such a short time.”

“Fine Lucius, I will ensure Nagini doesn’t eat any more of your House Elves. Is something else bothering you, Lucius?”

Lucius hesitated before speaking. He wasn’t sure how his master would react to the news.

“Do not make me wait. I may not be strong now, but soon I shall have my former glory back, and I will not forget,” hissed the twisted person.

“People are noticing your return, master. They are starting to ask questions.”

“Good, very good, what have you told them?”

“I haven’t said anything. You said you didn’t want anyone to know you are here,” replied Lucius.

“You are correct. I want to be returned to my former glory before anyone else sees me. Everything is falling into place. Soon I will be able to finish what we started over twenty years ago. Soon Lucius, very soon I will return to you more powerful than you ever realized possible.

“I need two things before I can rise again,” stated Voldemort. “I need my wand and I need Harry Potter to complete everything.”

Lucius stared at his master’s shriveled form. He wasn’t sure he could find the wand, but he was positive that he could locate Potter. He only needed to get about ten to fifteen associates to carry out the plot.

“I happen to know where Potter will be in five days, master.”

“Excellent, then we must move forward rapidly.”

The little creature seemed to laugh with joy, but it was so deformed, that its appearance was rather disturbing to behold.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry pulled at the sleeves of his dress robes. He was all dressed up and had to wait for another hour and a half until he could see Ginny again. They are trying to treat this like a traditional wedding, with him not seeing her before she walked down the aisle. Ginny had insisted on the condition, because she didn’t want him to see her gown before the ceremony.

Realizing that he wasn’t going to get his sleeves to feel any better, Harry ran his hands through hair.

“Bloody Hell, Harry, you remind me of your father on his wedding day,” groaned Sirius.

“He had an excuse. Unlike you, he hadn’t been living with Lily for two years before marrying her,” said Remus with a teasing look in his eyes.

“It isn’t Ginny that is making me nervous. It’s her parents. I don’t think her Mum has forgiven me for suggesting House Elves cook the food for the wedding.”

“That will take some time Harry,” said Bill. “Didn’t Ginny tell you not to offer to pay for everything?”

“Yes, she did. I couldn’t help myself,” pleaded Harry. “Why should they struggle to pay for the wedding when I have more than enough money to pay for it?”

“Because it is their daughter and they have wanted to do this since she was born,” explained Bill. “You will understand when you and Ginny have children.”

Harry heart thudded and he felt light-headed at Bill’s statement. “Children?” squeaked Harry. He stared at Sirius and Remus as they nearly doubled over in laughter.

“You should have seen the look on your face, Harry,” choked out Sirius.

“I thought your eyes were going to pop out of your head,” laughed Remus.

“Aren't you planning on having a family, Harry?” questioned Bill. “If you are not, don’t tell Mum she will try to split you two up again.”

“Yeah, we plan on having a family. Well after everything has been taken care of,” said Harry. His words sort of faded out as he spoke. He didn’t want to leave any orphans in this world. If Voldemort killed him, then Ginny would soon die, leaving their children orphans.

He looked at Bill and thought about the Weasleys. Certainly they would care for and love his children. He couldn’t see them treating their grandchildren like he was treated at the Dursleys'. He searched to find something to stop him thinking about having a family. He wasn’t ready. He wouldn’t be turning thirteen until the end of the month. Ginny and he would have years together as soon as they stopped Voldemort.

“Are the wards working properly,” he asked Bill to change the subject away from families and children.

Bill smiled at him. He had a warm and friendly smile much like Ginny’s. “Yeah, they are working great. No one will be able to see the Burrow or any of us, until they pass through the wards. They will only be able to do that with the Headmaster’s help. I also used a couple of tricks I learned in Egypt. No one will be able to break them, unless they are familiar with hieroglyphics.”

“Hieroglyphics?” questioned Remus.

“Yes, I used hieroglyphics in the construction of the wards spells. It is rather tricky, but makes it damn near impossible to override, unless you have studied them.”

“Do you mix them with runes,” asked the studious Remus Lupin.

“I used them at some point of the construct…,” Bill stopped talking and turned towards the Burrow.

Everyone in their group turned towards the house at the same time. Mrs. Weasley’s voice echoed out of the strange building. “Ronald Bilius Weasley you get upstairs and get ready. Do you understand me?”

As her voice echoed around the large garden, the remaining Weasley boys ran out of the kitchen door like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Fred and George were the first followed quickly by Charlie. Percy was the last to escape the yelling inside of the house. Fred saw Harry and company and turned the column of retreating Weasleys towards them.

“What did little Ronnie do this time?” shouted Bill.

“Nothing,” replied Fred.

“He must have done something,” replied Bill. “Mum doesn’t shout like that over nothing.”

“She does when she wanted something done,” said George, as he walked slowly towards them.

“Can I please get the entire story, instead of trying to get it out those prats,” Bill said to Charlie and
Percy. The twins stuck out their tongues at Bill in response to his comment about them.

“Ron doesn’t want to get dressed. He is just sitting in the kitchen pouting,” said Charlie. He smiled at Sirius. “I think, he is still upset over keeping Scabbers all these years. You must admit it must have been quite a shock finding out your pet rat was actually a person, and he was running around under your robes.”

Harry smiled at the memory of capturing Peter Pettigrew.

Platform nine and three-quarters was an amazing bit of magic Harry thought, as he stared at the train platform hidden from Muggles. He had just walked through a brick wall in a Muggle train station to find himself standing on a full-sized train platform. They were there waiting for Ginny’s older brothers.

It was a magnificent place. He almost felt sorry that he didn’t attend Hogwarts because he missed the experience of catching the train. He remembered Sirius and Remus telling him how they met his father on their first train ride. They were fast friends from that day until his death.

The morbid thought made Harry slightly somber. He wanted to be happy, but the thought of his parents’ death prevented that.

He tried to focus on something else. So he stared down the tracks to see if the shiny crimson steam locomotive was getting ready to reenter the train station. He had heard so much about it from Sirius, Remus, Bill, and even Ginny. She never rode the train, but she used to come here to retrieve her brothers or send them off to school.

As he watched for the train, families kept appearing at the station. They were Apparating onto the platform or passing through the brick entrance. It did not take long for the platform to fill up with families.

He was there with Ginny’s parents. Sirius, Remus, Bill and Ginny were there too. They made a large group right in the middle of the platform. No one seemed to mind them, as people jostled for position, to either see the train coming or find their child after they get off the train.

“The train is coming,” shouted someone close to the tracks.

Its whistle blasted its imminent arrival. The building seemed to pulse with the thrum of its steam engines. It was an exciting and exhilarating experience. Harry only seemed to travel by Apparation or Portkey anymore. The idea of the slow paced travel of the train seemed exciting to him.

He felt Ginny budging up past him to get a look at the windows of the passing train cars. He saw her excited expression. He wondered to himself if she regretted not riding the train and going to Hogwarts.

“No, I don’t,” she said smiling at him.

“I keep forgetting you can do that,” he tried saying quietly above the noise of the platform. Whether Ginny heard he couldn’t be sure, but she smiled knowingly at him.

With a final blast of steam, the train stopped moving and students erupted from the doors of the cars. The first ones out of the doors quickly found their families and disappeared. The rest were taking their time. Percy was walking around looking official and trying to help students who looked lost or confused. The rest of the Weasleys had not appeared yet. The crowd was starting to thin out around them.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were anxiously staring at the train trying to find their other three children. Fred, George, and Ron finally emerged from the train along with about seven Gryffindors. They all seemed to be laughing about something. George led them over towards Harry and company while dragging their trunks behind them. They were twenty feet away when Mrs. Weasley broke and ran to them. She gave Ron, Fred and, George massive bone-crushing hugs. Fred and George tried to make a joke out being hugged by their Mum in public, but Ron looked mortified.

Harry could feel Ginny laughing to herself beside him. When he looked at her she nodded her head towards Ron and rolled her eyes. Her brother was drawing more attention by his reaction to his mum hugging him than what the hug drew. Nearly all the other students were being hugged and greeted by their parents in similar fashion.

“Ah, come on Ron, hug your Mum again,” teased Sirius. He let out one of his loud unique barking laughs.

Ron’s face twisted up in confusion for a second, before he started grabbing at his robes.

“Scabbers, what are you doing,” Ron shouted as he twisted and grabbed at something moving in his robes.

“Wow that moldy old rat actually is moving,” shouted Fred.

Ron kept twisting and trying to grab at the rat as it tried to escape his robes. He did manage to grab it, but it bit him and he dropped it. It fell onto the platform at Ron’s feet. Everything seemed to freeze for a second as the rat seemed to stare at Harry with fear, but then all hell broke loose.

“Wormtail,” shouted Remus and Sirius together. The rat squeaked and ran away from them. Suddenly there was a large black dog chasing the rat through the crowded platform with Remus following behind with his wand at the ready.

Harry was stunned for a second by what was happening. Once it registered with him that his parents’ betrayer had been discovered, he took off running after the three of them. He heard screams and shouts as Peter Pettigrew in the form of a rat, Wormtail, ran away from his former friend Sirius Black in his Animagus form of a black dog. To an observer it may even have appeared to be funny, but to Harry this was an opportunity to close a chapter of his life. After Sirius had been released from Azkaban, no one had been able to find Peter Pettigrew. Here he had been living as his Animagus form with the Weasleys.

The chase lasted only about a minute, but it seemed longer and drew the attention of the security. They wanted to know what was going on, but Harry and Remus were too busy to tell them. It all ended as quickly as it started. A young witch screamed and kicked Wormtail when he got close to her. He flew up in the air and Padfoot snatched him out of the air with his jaws.

With a wave of his wand, Remus turned Wormtail back into Peter Pettigrew. He also turned Padfoot back into Sirius. It was quite comical to see Sirius biting Peter’s side before he dropped him. Barely containing his smile, Remus turned to the security wizard on duty.

“I give you Peter Pettigrew. The Death Eater who betrayed James and Lily Potter,” he said with great satisfaction.

Peter looked up and stared gaped mouthed at Harry. Ginny had caught up to him and was standing right beside him.

“James, Lily?” Peter asked in disbelief.

“No, they are dead thanks to you,” growled Harry.

“Please, you don’t know…,” pleaded Peter, but he stopped talking when Sirius punched him in the jaw.

“That doesn’t come close to what you deserve,” said Sirius rubbing his hand. “But I leave the rest up to the Dementors of Azkaban.”

Percy apologizing for first taking Scabbers into the house snapped Harry out of his thoughts of the capture.

“I would like to apologize for keeping him too,” said Percy. “If I had known that he was a criminal hiding from Aurors, you could have been released from Azkaban earlier.”

“Don’t worry about it Percy,” said Sirius with half a laugh. “You didn’t know who it was. He was an unregistered Animagus.”

“Yes, that is why we have laws governing such things,” said Percy pompously. Fred and George rolled their eyes behind Percy’s back.

“I thought the laws were so you have something to do in the evenings, since you don’t have a personal life, Perce,” teased George.

Everyone laughed at George’s comment. Percy looked around at all the smiling faces and looked greatly affronted. Clearing his throat, he announced to everyone around him. “I am going to attend to my duties as an usher. Would anyone like to join me?”

“Go ahead, Perce, I’ll catch up in a jiffy,” said Charlie with a large smile on his face.

“If he didn’t have the Weasley hair and freckles, I would swear he wasn’t one of us,” laughed Charlie, after Percy had walked out of hearing range.

“Are you two always that mean to him?” asked Remus.

“We aren’t being mean…,” said Fred.

“We are just pointing out the obvious,” finished George.

“Talk about pointing out the obvious, look Mr. Happyface is coming our way,” laughed Fred.

Ron Weasley looked like he didn’t have a friend in the world. He was walking towards Harry with his hands buried deep in his pockets. His dress robes looked like they came from a museum. They were old, moldy, and covered with yellowing lace. He would take a few steps before kicking a stone along the way. It wasn’t long before he had come close enough to see everyone was staring at him.

He met everyone’s eyes then dropped his head and slouched even more. He mumbled something that Harry couldn’t understand, as he kicked at the ground. Ron looked like he didn’t know whether to cry or wind his watch. Harry felt for the boy. He remembered living through similar situations a few years ago. When Harry was made to feel useless by the Dursleys and everything he did was wrong. Ron was feeling the same way.

However, Ron’s brothers weren’t so easy going. They let him have it. It started out with his lovely dress robes. It turned to his overall appearance. He was slouching so much; that eventually his head would be down between his knees and he would have to walk backwards to see where he was going. He needed to lighten up and smile once in a while.

“You put these on and try to look bloody happy,” shouted Ron as he tugged at the ancient robes.

“Ron,” Harry said, but he stopped and looked at Bill. He wanted to buy Ron robes to wear today, but he didn’t want to offend him like he did his parents.

“What is it,” he answered meekly.

Bill seemed to know what he wanted and nodded his approval. “I would like to buy you new robes for today,” said Harry.

Ron’s expression brightened immediately, but then went glum again.

“You can’t bloody well do that with the wedding going on, now can ya’,” replied Ron grumpily.

“Dobby!” said Harry slightly louder than normal speech.

There was a loud crack and Dobby appeared in his latest wardrobe choice; small cowboy boots, with spurs, leather chaps, a pair of Bermuda shorts, a leather vest and a large ten gallon cowboy hat.

Nearly everyone else snorted with humor at seeing the strangely dressed House Elf. Harry was just glad Dobby listened to him and covered the speedo he had on yesterday with the Bermuda shorts.

“Dobby, I need you to go to Diagon Alley and get Ron new robes,” ordered Harry.

Harry had barely finished giving the command when Dobby started measuring Ron. He was walking around on Ron’s shoulders and making all types of measurements, while Ron was looking increasingly annoyed by Dobby’s actions. He opened his mouth to say something, but Dobby just disappeared off his back.

“Where did the little bugger go?” asked Ron, while twisting and turning to see his back.

“He went to Diagon Alley to get you a set of robes,” said Harry.

“Is he always so … so…,” stammered Ron.

“Yes,” said Bill, Harry, Sirius, and Remus in unison.

“He means well, but he’s way too enthusiastic,” explained Harry.

“I see Dad waving for us to go over and help usher people in,” said Charlie to the rest of the redheads in the group.

“I need to stay and wait for my new robes,” said Ron happily.

With a pop someone appeared to Ron’s left. It was Dobby carrying an armful of clothes all bundled together with string.

“I’s got your clothes, Wheezy,” said the excited little House Elf. He nodded his head so violently that his long pointy ears bounced up and down.

“I’ll take them to my room and change…,”

Ron never finished what he was saying because Dobby had grabbed his hand and Apparated him away. Harry supposed it was to his bedroom. Charlie, Fred, and George were all still standing there with their mouths open when Dobby and Ron disappeared.

“He is one excited little bugger,” said Sirius.

Everyone laughed at his comment. Charlie, Fred, and George asked Bill if he was helping with escorting guests to the marquee. He wanted to stay with Harry to help him meet members of the family. The small group hadn’t made it thirty feet, before Dobby appeared with Ron and his new dress robes.

Ron was beaming with an ear to ear smile. It was the first time Harry had ever seen him smiling like that. The robes were basic dress robes, but they were new and fit him.

“Thank you Mr. Potter,” said Ron.

“Mr. Potter?” questioned Harry. They were the same age even though they looked years apart. “Are you going to call your sister, Mrs. Potter?”

Ron looked shocked at the comment. Evidently, He never thought about Ginny becoming Mrs. Harry Potter before. “I — I guess I will have to call her that,” stammered Ron.

“No you won’t,” replied Harry forcefully. “We are just Harry and Ginny to you and the rest of your brothers.”

“Really,” asked Ron. “Cool.”

Ron walked off towards the entrance of the wards. He seemed to be walking a little straighter and had a bounce to his step.

“Thank you, Harry,” said Bill into Harry’s ear. “I am guessing that Mum and Dad couldn’t afford anything better for Ron. Being the oldest, I didn’t have to deal with so many second-hand and make do items. I think Ron might resent me for being older than him.”

“I can relate to only getting things that no one else wants,” said Harry sadly. The years at the Dursleys' were still vivid memories. Harry can understand why Ron felt so bad about the robes his parents had picked out. It was like him wearing Dudley’s hand me downs, even if they were several sizes too big.

“Oh Merlin, prepare yourself, Harry,” whispered Bill.

Harry looked at Arthur walking towards him with a grim look on his face. He was escorting some shriveled up woman who was hunched over. Even though the old woman looked so frail that she might break at anytime. Arthur’s posture indicated he was afraid of the woman.

“That’s my Aunt Muriel,” said Bill.

Harry heard stories about the miserable tightwad from Ginny. This hunched over little old lady could cast fear over all the male population in the Weasley family. Harry couldn’t see it. She actually looked like some sweet little grandmother.

“If she starts on you, don’t defend yourself, Harry,” said Bill. “It will only make it much worse. Once she has her anger up, it takes days for her to start being nice to anyone again.”

“Well that certainly sounds promising,” quipped Harry. Sirius and Remus also laughed. Harry had just realized that he spoke too loud, and Muriel was glaring at him.

“So this is the man that is marrying your eleven year old daughter?” the wizened old woman asked Arthur.

“Yes Aunt…,” responded Arthur.

“Well it is just wrong no eleven year old needs to get married anymore. She certainly isn’t with child is she?”

“No she…,” Arthur started to respond.

“What did you do, sell her to him? Are you really that desperate to get money…,”

“I certainly did not sell Ginny,” yelled Arthur cutting off Aunt Muriel. “If you would listen to what other people are telling you, you would know that Harry and Ginny are actually soul bonded. They are already married in the eyes of the Ministry. I had nothing to do with their bonding.”

“You can’t even control your own family, some father you are,” Muriel shot back at him.

They had reached Harry by this time. Arthur looked like he wanted to take Muriel on a broom and see if she could fly when shoved off a broom at 5000 feet above the ground.

“Harry,” said Arthur tightly. “This is Ginny’s great Aunt Muriel.

“Pleased to meet you,” Harry said as he took a slight bow.

“Are you really?” asked Muriel.

“I am pleased to get it out of the way,” he replied.

“You probably think I am some bitter older woman that isn’t happy with anything,” said Muriel while staring at Harry. He didn’t turn away from her gaze. “Well, I am. You would be too, if your spouse died and left you alone for nearly thirty years. I am a faithful wife. Thirty years is a long lonely time. Don’t leave Ginny like that.” She shouted the last line.

Harry stared at the wizened old woman in front of him. He didn’t want to think about what she just said. Any image of Aunt Muriel intimate with a man, was disturbing enough, he didn’t want to linger on the thoughts. Her message of leaving Ginny was wasted. If he ever died, so would Ginny within days or weeks.

“I promise you, I won’t leave her alone for thirty years,” replied Harry sadly. He couldn’t because his death would mean hers.

“Good,” she said to Harry with something of a smile.

“Arthur, take me to the loo,” she ordered Mr. Weasley. “My stewed prunes are starting to work.”

Everyone stayed silent until Muriel was out of earshot. Bill broke the silence. “Just think Harry that could be Ginny in about sixty years.”

He laughed at Bill’s comment. “That’s certainly something to look forward to.”

“Oh, this should be interesting,” said Sirius. He looked towards the group walking with Percy.

Percy was leading the way. One step behind him was an old wizard who looked as if he was having a difficult time walking. His face seemed disfigured and he walked with a large staff. With them was a tall black wizard with a gold earring and a shaved head. The last person was a young witch with mousy brown hair. The three guests were dressed in similar robes, and had an official look about them.

“Who are they?” he asked Sirius.

“Alastor Moody, who is also known as Mad-Eye Moody, an Auror I don’t know, and my cousin,” said Sirius.

Harry didn’t have time to respond, because the group was already at them.

Percy went to say something, but the old scarred wizard pushed past him. His face was terribly disfigured and his one eye appeared to be some type of a magical eye that was held in with a strap of leather. He stepped up and stared at Harry with both eyes.

“So you are Potter are you?” the man questioned Harry from inches away from his face. His actual eye stared at Harry’s eyes while his other eye roamed up and down Harry of its own will.

“Yes, I am Harry Potter. Who are you?”

“Alastor Moody,” he replied with a growl. “You look clean, but you shouldn’t be this old.”

“I am only twelve. It was the soul bond that changed my appearance.”

“Soul bond, I will be keeping my eye on you,” he said. “I understand you want Albus to start the Order back up. Why is that?”

“There are still Death Eaters out there, and I don’t believe Voldemort is gone, just hiding.” He noticed that they all seemed to flinch a little to hearing Voldemort’s name. Alastor Moody smiled at him with a twisted lopsided smile.

“Constant Vigilance,” he said, before hobbling off to talk to Arthur.

“Hi, I am Kingsley Shacklebolt,” the tall bald Auror stepped forward and shook Harry’s hand. “And this is…,”

“Nymphadora,” said Sirius.

The female Auror stepped forward and glared daggers at Sirius. “Call me Tonks! I hate that name.”

“My loving cousin,” Sirius said. “Her mother is the only family member I get along with.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Harry said extending his hand to her. Her expression softened as she turned to him.

“Pleased to meet you to, but we should be moving along. It looks like you have other guests arriving,” she said looking over her shoulder.

Harry looked up and stared at all the people coming through wards. There were several Professors and more students who were talking eagerly to the Weasley boys. They were all coming towards him. He knew he would have to greet them all to be social, but he never realized how many hands he would have to shake.

“Well, Harry good luck. I am going to go and see how your lovely bride is doing,” laughed Sirius, as he clapped his hand on Harry’s shoulder.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny smiled as she stared out her bedroom window. Harry always preferred small groups of people. She could tell his nervousness at having to greet so many strangers. He was doing his best to suppress his desire to take a bunk, for her sake. It was another thing that she loved about him.

This day was for her, it was all that she ever wanted growing up. Even though she always dreamed about marrying Harry Potter, she never truly thought it would happen. She grew up as the youngest child of a poor blood traitor family. She had been so teased when she was younger that they let her hair grow so people would know she was actually a girl.

The soul bond changed everything. If she didn’t still look so much like Bill then she would have believed that the magic of the bond had changed her true appearance.

“Ginny dear,” said her mother gently. “Let’s take a look at you.”

Ginny turned to look at her mum. She had just placed the tiara, which was borrowed from Aunt Muriel, on her head as her Mum attached the veil to the back of her long hair.

Her Mum started to cry when she saw Ginny. She had been dry eyed all morning, but now she decided to turn into a human hosepipe. She opened her arms to give Ginny one of her bone-crushing hugs.

“Molly control yourself. You will mess up her dress,” shouted Aunt Muriel. She had come upstairs with the tiara and wanted to see it on Ginny. The acerbic old woman looked at Ginny with a watery smile. “You look beautiful my dear. I know you are actually young, and in all my years I have never heard of magic doing what that soul bond did, but don’t forget to make that handsome husband of yours happy.”

Ginny blushed furiously at what her great Aunt had implied. It had been a delicate subject with them over the past two years. It wasn’t for a lack of desire on her part, but the strange situation of maturing faster than their years. They both were still not yet teenagers by years, even though many people would never believe it to meet them. When they were alone together or with their guardians, they both allowed themselves time to be children.

“Two things,” snapped Aunt Muriel, as she held up two boney fingers. “First, don’t blush like that. I can’t tell where your hair begins and your skin ends. Second, I am assuming you have waited until this ceremony to consummate this bond.”

“Aunt Muriel,” shouted her Mum. “There is no need to talk about that with Ginny. She is still actually eleven.”

“Aye she is, but she has a body of a twenty year-old, and her husband is also quite fit. So, it is a subject that needs to be talked about, so shush now. Well, my dear are you ready. I may not know about soul bonds, but I do know the regular bonds are strengthened when you consummate the marriage bond. Certainly you want to….”

“Yes, I do. We both do, but we are not ready yet.”

“Are you telling me that virile groom would be willing to wait?” questioned Aunt Muriel.

“Yes, I am positive. We will both know when the time is right,” she half explained to her Aunt. She couldn’t go into details of how she knows that Harry will wait. It would be revealing more about their magical bond than she cared to do at this time. There was also the subject of the prophecy and the complications if they had children.

“Well I must say you got yourself quite the catch,” said Aunt Muriel as she stood up. “I am happy for you, and I want the tiara back tomorrow, since you won’t be busy tonight.”

Ginny couldn’t help herself, she again blushed at her Aunt Muriel’s comment.

“Please dear stop blushing, it clashes terribly with your hair. I should get down to the marquee. It will take me a while as old as I am.”

Ginny smiled at her Aunt. She was more of a character than she ever imagined. A feeling washed over Ginny. She did not feel it before, because of the topic of conversation, but a nervous person was standing outside of her door, on the landing.

She pulled her wand and stared at the door with a hardened expression, waiting to see who was there. Her Mum and Aunt both stared at her sudden change, and went to say something until the person knocked on her bedroom door.

“Who is it?” She asked the person outside the door. Her senses were becoming keener now that she wasn’t thinking about her and Harry’s wedding day. She relaxed as she sensed Sirius outside the door.

“It’s just Sirius, Ginny. I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Men aren’t supposed to be here. This is women’s time,” shouted Aunt Muriel.

Ginny could sense his nervousness increasing. “Its fine Aunt Muriel, you may enter.”

“Your groom may be out there,” spat her Aunt.

“He isn’t. It is only Sirius.”

Her Aunt stared at her for a second. “Evidently, you haven’t told me everything about you that have changed. Very well, keep your Aunt in the dark, your generation shows no respect to us elders.”

Ginny couldn’t help but smile at her Aunt. In the past five minutes her relationship had changed forever, with Aunt Muriel.

Sirius opened the door and held it open as Aunt Muriel hobbled out. He stood there holding the door open as he stared at her, in her wedding gown.

“Sirius, close the door,” ordered her Mum.

“Yeah so sorry,” he apologized, before closing the door. “Ginny, I just wanted to tell you. Thank you, for making Harry happy. He is down there nervous as his father was when he got bonded to Lily. I never thought I would ever see two people more perfect for each other than them. Then you two met, bonded, and well you two are more perfect for each other. Having you there for Harry as he faces the future makes me feel better about the possibility of him winning, of all of us winning.”

Sirius stopped and stared at her then his feet. Ginny had never seen this man tongue tied or nervous before.

“Thank you, I appreciate all that you have done for us, too,” she told him. “You know there is probably a woman out there that would be perfect for you.”

Sirius’ attitude changed dramatically. He let out a loud barking laugh and smiled at her. “The problem, Ginny, is there are many woman out there that are perfect for me.”

“Hmmp, I don’t understand you at times Sirius Black,” complained her Mum.

Ginny laughed at the two of them. “Sirius, can you find Luna Lovegood and have her come up here?”

“I will track her down and send her up,” he replied with an exaggerated bow, before leaving the room.

“I don’t understand that man, and why do you keep someone like that around.” Her Mum continued to complain.

“Because he is loyal to me and Harry, and we can trust him with our lives.”

Her response silenced her Mum’s complaints. Ginny turned back around and looked out at the marquee in the back garden. It was white with flowers woven up and over the entrance. People were quickly filling up the chairs inside of it. She could see that some of her brothers had already abandoned their ushering duties and were sitting with their friends.

Everything looked perfect, the weather even cooperated. It was sunny but cool. Everything seemed to be running on time. She reached out with her empathy to find Harry, and see how he was feeling. She felt nervous anticipation. She wondered if his anticipation was for the wedding or for tonight. Aunt Muriel had her thinking about things that they hadn’t considered talking about for some time. She smiled as she could almost hear Harry repeat to himself. “Please don’t mess this up for Ginny. Please don’t mess this up for Ginny.”

There was a knock at the door.

“Hello pumpkin, look who I found,” her Father said, as he stepped through the door leading Luna Lovegood.

It was strange having a maid-of-honor that you haven’t seen in two years and looked as if she could be your child, but that is Ginny’s life now. She picked Luna, because they had met and played together several times when they were younger. Luna even stayed with her family after her mother died from one of her experiments.

“Don’t you look lovely,” said her dreamy eyed friend.

“Yes, you certainly do,” her Father said with a watery smile.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“You have the rings?”

“Yes Harry, for the fifth time in the last ten minutes, I have the rings,” responded Sirius with a groan. “I am sure the wards are still working well, but shouldn’t you be asking Bill about that soon. It has been at least sixty seconds.”

“I want this to be perfect for her,” he hissed under his breath. They were getting ready to move to the front of the marquee. “I stole her from her family. She lost her teenage years because of me. I want to give her everything that she missed, because of me.”

“I thought it took two to make a soul bond,” he replied calmly. “Evidently you have given her everything she wanted out of life already. The only thing that could possibly mess this day up is if you freak out because it isn’t perfect enough.”

Harry stared at Sirius for a second. He realized that his godfather was right. Ginny chose him as much as he chose her. They had a bond that hasn’t happened for seventeen hundred years. They must be doing something right.

“Hey, Harry, get moving,” whispered Bill. “Time to go to the front; the wards are just fine and everyone is through them.”

Sirius laughed at Bills comment. Harry wasn’t nervous anymore. He had said that this was all for Ginny, but he had always wanted a wedding very similar to this one. It didn’t matter to him that they had already bonded, or it was also a way of getting the Order of Phoenix reorganized. It was his public admission to how much he loved Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter.

He walked to the front of the marquee. The Ministry official was already standing there. He gave Harry an appraising look. There was someone playing an organ to some traditional tune, but Harry barely even noticed. He didn’t even care that everyone was staring at him. He was waiting on Ginny.

A small girl with long blonde-hair and large blue eyes stepped into the aisle. She was wearing a butter yellow dress. Harry vaguely remembered the conversation about how yellow was lucky at weddings.

Everyone turned, but Harry barely registered it, because Ginny was walking down the aisle on her father’s arm. She was so radiantly beautiful, that it took his breath away. He wasn’t nervous about messing anything up now. It didn’t matter. He was bonded to the most beautiful woman in the world.

She blushed slightly and smiled warmly at him. He realized that she just read his thoughts. It slightly annoyed him that she could read his mind, but he couldn’t read hers. However, if he can’t trust her with all his secrets, than whom could he trust? She looked at him with tears in her eyes. She heard what he thought. He had never admitted it or even thought it before, but it was true. He trusted her above everyone else in the world; he just hoped she also trusted him.

Harry sensed a wave of magic surge through the marquee. To everyone else it probably felt like a strong breeze, but he knew it wasn’t. They must have reached another level of being bonded. Ginny had finally walked up the aisle to reach him. He shook Arthur’s hand and took Ginny’s.

The presiding official started talking about how this was an extraordinary event. Harry thought it was an appropriate way of starting the ceremony, because Ginny was an extraordinary woman. He realized that he didn’t even think about her as a girl anymore. She was truly the most extraordinary woman in the world, and he was her husband.

The official was talking about their soul bond and how rare it was. Even though they were already magically bonded they wanted to have this ceremony to profess their love for each other in front of family and friends. Harry was getting nervous about talking. It broke his trance on Ginny’s beautiful face and her soft loving brown eyes.

If it had only been one, he may not have noticed it with everything else going on. There had been twenty or more distinct pops of Apparation. They were all outside of the Burrows wards. Everyone was here that was invited. These were uninvited guests. His thoughts left the ceremony and concentrated on the magical signatures that were coming from outside of the wards. They were trying to break through the wards.

“Harry, your vows,” whispered Sirius.

Harry heard him, but barely registered his words. Ginny was tugging on his hands. Her face was pale and she had fear in her eyes. “I sense them too. Harry, they have come to harm us.”

Ginny didn’t shout the sentence, but everyone heard it. People were looking on with strange expressions. Sirius, Remus, and Bill though reacted to it.

“What is going on,” demanded Sirius.

“Twenty people just Apparated on the other side of the wards,” said Harry.

“They are here to harm us,” added Ginny.

“Death Eaters?” asked Remus. A panic swept through the tent at his question.

“What’s this about Death Eaters?” shouted Alastor Moody.

Harry could see why they called him Mad-eye. His Magical eye was swirling around in the socket looking in all directions. He suddenly stiffened.

“Bloody Hell it is an army of them, they are outside of the wards, and they are Disillusioned. How did you…?”

“It doesn’t matter,” shouted Harry. He was furious that they would attack at his wedding. “Bill…?”

“No one can get through the wards. We will be safe in here,” Bill responded to his unasked question.

“I say we attack the ruddy bastards,” shouted Moody.

“We will do no such thing. We have the children to think of. We can’t start a war right now and have the children harmed,” screamed his mother-in-law.

“I agree with Molly,” said Albus Dumbldore. “We must think of the children.”

“We can take them, Albus. If we catch them by surprise we have enough talent here to take them,” argued Moody.

“Harry what do you think?” asked Albus Dumbledore.

Everyone turned and looked at him. “I would like to set some type of a trap for them for ruining this day, but I don’t want any of you harmed, even the adults.”

Albus smiled at Harry’s comment.

“Wait, I have a plan,” said Sirius grabbing Harry’s shoulder.

“Where are the Death Eaters now?”

Harry, Ginny, and Mad-eye all pointed towards the Burrow. “They are on the other side of it, moving to our left,” answered Harry.

“Bill, can you place a weak spot in the wards about there?” asked Sirius pointing at a spot away from Burrow.

“It might take a few minutes, why?” answered Bill.

“If we can let them enter there, we can set a trap for them,” said a smiling Sirius.

“I will not stand by and have the children harmed,” shouted Mrs. Weasley. “Professor Dumbledore say something.”

“What is your plan?” asked the Headmaster.

Sirius smiled as everyone stared at him. He turned to his fellow Marauder. “Remember what we did to Snivellus, when James promised Lily we wouldn’t curse him, unnecessarily?”

Remus looked at Sirius, and then looked around him and at the spot that Sirius had indicated. He smiled at his fellow Marauder. “It would be a much larger scale then we ever did before, but I think it would work. What will you do with the children?”

“We could put them in the Burrow,” said Sirius.

“Would you two tell us this brilliant plan, so we can decide if it is worthwhile or total codswallop,” demanded Moody.

Sirius smiled at everyone. “Certainly…”
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