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Love Enough for Both
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: General
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 354
Summary: Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
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Author's Notes:
The Order of Phoenix set a trap for the Death Eaters. Even though everything went well there was still something unexpected happen. No one realized what was wrong except for Ginny.
I should update everyone on the timeline. I keep tossing ages and years around without writing the dates. Harry and Ginny bonded on July 31, 1991, since that was the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley.
They matured over night and went into hiding from everyone the next day August 1, 1991. They returned almost two years later, June 1993. They took their OWL's, picked went to Platform nine and three-quarters to pick up Ron, and discovered Wormtail in the month of June. They are getting married early July 1993.


The Floo flashed green at the same time as another person knocked on the door of Lucius’ manor house. He watched Goyle step out of the Floo, while cleaning ash off his black hooded cloak. Severus Snape entered from the foyer. Almost all of the Dark Lord's most trusted followers not in Azkaban were here. Lucius was not foolish enough to believe they came here because he asked them, or that they were here to drink his wine and eat his food. They were here because they would all get a chance to avenge the Dark Lord by destroying Harry Potter.

They would not get the opportunity to kill Potter. The Dark Lord wanted him alive. How he planned to use Potter didn’t matter to Lucius. What mattered was him supplying his master with everything he needed. Potter wasn’t the problem. His master’s wand had needed to be found, and he had not known how to locate it.

Knowing the Dark Lord met his demise at the Potters’ in Godric’s Hollow, he went there first. To his amazement, the wand was lying in a tangle of weeds. How could the wand of the most powerful wizard in the world lay unnoticed for eleven years? The task he feared that he would not complete was over. The Dark Lord was pleased when presented with his long lost wand. The wand even shot out red sparks when it touched his master’s deformed hand.

It was time for Lucius to complete his master’s second command. He needed to bring him Harry Potter.

Everyone was here except one person. It just happened to be the most important person. Judson constructed Wards for the Ministry. He could take down any protective Ward except for the Wards at Hogwarts. Those were not cast with Ministry approved spells. If everything goes well, they would be inside the wards and have Potter before anyone would know they were there. When they were done no one would ever realize what hit them, because they would all be dead.

“When are we leaving Lucius?” asked the dull Crabbe.

“Not everyone is here. It also isn’t time to leave. The ceremony isn’t to begin until three o’clock. It is only fifty past two.”

“Shouldn’t we get there early?” Crabbe asked.

Lucius resisted the urge to make a biting quip at Crabbe. He chose to try to ignore the stupid question and try to answer in an almost civil manner. “We are not going there to get a seat. We will wait until the bonding is well on its way and we will break through the Wards and capture Potter. Everyone else at the wedding must die. We cannot leave anyone that could be a witness.”

“I thought you said we are going to destroy Potter,” asked Fenrir Greyback.

“We will, but first I must extract information from him.” Lucius drawled. “Then you can have him for your fun.”

“What type of information?” asked Severus Snape.

Lucius looked at all the Death Eaters staring at him. “I believe he can lead us to our Master.”

“How?” asked several members. Severus did not speak but stared at him with those cold black eyes.

“Only that Potter brat knows what happened that night,” stated Lucius forcefully. “I will extract it from him.”

“That could leave him as useless, a moldy turnip,” stated Macnair.

“Some sacrifices must be made, to return the Dark Lord to us,” laughed Lucius.

The Carrows made their usual guffawing sounds of laughter at his comment. He carefully watched everyone’s reactions. He could tell they were impressed by what he said. They all seemed pleased at the overall plan, now he needed Judson to show up.

“How many will be at the wedding?” asked Yaxley.

“Probably all of Arthur Weasley’s brood, Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin will be there,” Lucius answered. He looked at Severus Snape. “Will any of the Order of the Phoenix be there?”

“Dumbledore disbanded that organization years ago,” he replied coolly.

“Will Dumbledore be there?” Lucius was most concerned about the Headmaster.

“He and Potter are not exactly seeing eye to eye these days.”

“Very good,” said Lucius, as a broad smile appeared on his lips. “We will have no opposition that could possibly match us. This should be very easy.”

“To the Dark Lord,” shouted Amycus Carrow raising his wine glass. Soon everyone else was cheering for the Dark Lord and drinking to him.

Lucius said his obligatory cheer for his fallen Lord. He was starting to get worried. If he doesn’t see Judson soon he will need to find another to break the wards. He looked around the room and was not sure who to ask. There were many powerful wizards and witches, but taking down someone’s Ward was something altogether different.

His large clock chimed three in the foyer. He needed to get his team together, ready, and to the Weasleys' within fifteen minutes. He looked over at Severus Snape. If Judson didn’t appear in two minutes it would be Severus’ responsibility to bring down the wards.

“Severus,” called Lucius to the Head of Slytherin House.

Severus slowly walked towards him. “Yes.”

Lucius became agitated at Snape’s one word response. He didn’t want anyone see how frustrated he was at Severus.

“If Judson doesn’t appear in thirty seconds, you will be responsible for breaking through the wards,” Lucius informed Snape.

“If I can’t break them?” answered Severus in a haughty fashion.

“You will break them or die trying,” whispered Lucius venomously.

Snape stood up a little straighter and glared at him, but their conversation was cut short as the Floo flared to life. Judson stepped out and brushed the soot from his robes.

“It’s about time you arrived. I was about to offer your job to someone else,” snapped Lucius.

“They would never perform it as well as I,” Judson said haughtily. “I am on my lunch break. If we stick to the plan you told me Lucius, we can do this and I can return to the Ministry without raising suspicion.”

Lucius appreciated Judson’s answer. He was thinking like a true Slytherin. He wanted to ensure he could not be implicated in the murders of the Weasleys.

“It is time to leave,” Lucius informed his troops. “Please pick up an Invisibility Cloak on the way out and wait for me outside on the walk.

Lucius watched as each person picked up an Invisibility Cloak. He had purchased them so no one would give away their location by having their Disillusionment Charm fail. After the last cloak was grabbed, Lucius picked up his own Cloak. It had been separated from the others. It was made from a higher quality of fabric.

The Death Eaters were milling around on his front walk. They were all anxious to finish this task.

“Judson, Amycus, Alecto, and I will be in the first group. Everyone else cast a tracing Charm on us before we leave. You will all be able to Apparate to the same spot. Please don’t all Apparate at the same time. We do not need some bloody disaster on our hands when we all try to occupy the same space.

“Remember to wear your Cloaks when you are Apparating. They may be able to see us through the wards. When we get there, we will all remain silent and wait for Judson to break the wards. We will then proceed to walk together in a line to the wedding party. Everyone will have to wait until I Stun Potter, then you may kill — no — you shall kill the others. Do it quickly and we all can return to our predestined locations before anyone realizes what happened.

“Any questions?” Lucius asked the assembled Death Eaters.

“Yeh, can we torture them first?” asked Alecto Carrow.

“No, they must all die quickly. If we linger then the use of all those Unforgivables will trigger alarms in the Ministry.”

“Bloody Hell, you take all the fun out of this,” complained Alecto.

“If we do this correctly, your fun will come,” replied Lucius. “Everyone get ready. We need to leave in one minute.”

Lucius threw the cloak over him and reached out with his hand for Judson. Judson grabbed his hand then Amycus grabbed his and Alecto grabbed her brother's. Lucius could hear the others covering themselves with cloaks and cast the Tracking Charms. It was time. Lucius took a deep breath and turned with great determination.

The sensation of being released from Apparation was normally a pleasing one, but today it wasn’t. There was no Burrow in front of him. It appeared to be a large open meadow.

“We went to the wrong place,” someone muttered in one of the groups behind him.

“Silence,” he hissed under his breath.

He felt Judson’s arm flailing under the Invisibility Cloak. He didn’t need to see him to understand he was stumped about something. “What is it?”

“The Wards are different. They are not all in Runes,” whispered Judson. “I need room to move. I need to take off my cloak.”

“No,” hissed Lucius.

“Then someone hold it up so I can freely move my arms,” pleaded Judson.

“Amycus, Alecto, you heard what he said lift the cloak up to allow him to solve these wards, but keep it between him and the Weasleys'.”

“Where is that?” asked Alecto.

“You see the walk that suddenly disappears into the meadow,” hissed Lucius.

“Yep,” responded both of the Carrows much too loudly.

“That leads towards their house.”

Lucius sighed in relief as the Carrows lifted the cloak and held it the proper way.

Judson stood behind his Cloak waving his arms and making Runes appear, shimmer, and then disappear again. Lucius was silently counting down the seconds till they could attack Potter and the blood-traitors. If Judson does not break those wards in the next five minutes, they would need to try blunt force.

“Should we try another spot?” asked Severus Snape.

Lucius didn’t need to see him to know his voice.

“Look down, the footprints in the grass lead that way,” drawled Snape.

He took the Potionmaster’s advice. The grass where they were standing was trampled down as though everyone walked to their right. It had been the second location to enter the wards. The marquee, as of yesterday when he was here, was located so everyone would be facing the opposite direction.

“Judson?” he asked without clarifying.

“Hopefully we may find a doorway or weak spot in the Wards,” said Judson slightly out of breath.

“Let’s move,” ordered Lucius. “If we don’t get in there before the ceremony is over, we will have a fight on our hands.”

The group moved clumsily along the boundaries of the Ward. He was impressed with the strength of the Ward. He wished he could have a similar one cast on his manor house. Judson stopped walking. The Carrows almost exposed him as they kept walking.

“A doorway; look at the grass,” Judson said.

Lucius looked down and saw what Judson had seen. The footprints all turned towards the Ward. He could even see something in the ward. It appeared to be a large white marquee with people standing in it. After a couple of incantations from Judson, the marquee and people came into plain view.

“We are in,” whispered Judson after finding the right rune combination.

“Everyone move slowly and silently,” ordered Lucius.

He stepped through the opening in the Ward. The entire Burrow with its rustic impoverished look came into clear view. Straight in front of him was the hero, Harry Potter, or should he say James Bond. This was looking so easy. Everyone was turned away from them. He could feel the movement of people to each side of him, as they slowly and silently walked through the unkempt garden. He was amazed they hadn’t flushed any gnomes or stepped on something to announce their presence. They walked in a line until they were almost twenty feet from the Marquee entrance. There was only Potter, his bride, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and eight of the Weasley brood.

He stopped and could sense everyone else stopping. He hoped that everyone felt his arm coming up. He could not see the tip of his wand, but he knew where it was aiming.

“Stupefy!” shouted Lucius.

The red beam collided with the side of Potter’s head. Green beams of light filled the air as everyone shouted out the Killing Curse.

It took him a second to realize that no one had fallen, and the Marquee was on fire. With a flick of his wrist Lucius erected a Shield, because the air was filled with spells coming at them from all sides.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry stared straight at Ginny with great difficulty. It was not her looks that were causing him problems. It was that he knew there were Death Eaters walking inside of the wards. He couldn’t see where exactly they were at or what their intentions were.

“It's alright, Harry,” whispered Ginny to him. “They are all focused on capturing your holographic image and killing ours,” she said through smiling lips.

He couldn’t figure out how she could do that. Her lips barely moved, but he could hear her clearly. He wanted to see if everything was going well for Professor Dumbledore. The Headmaster was casting the holographic image of them reciting their bonding vows to each other. It was so simple. All one needed to do was stare at something then perform a simple incantation and whatever the caster sees will be projected. The most difficult part of the spell was not breaking eye contact or blinking. The spell would project whatever the caster was seeing so if he would blink the image would also blink out.

The approaching Death Eaters seemed to believe what they saw was real. The projection was so perfect that they approached within fifteen feet of the marquee. Harry glanced at Professor Dumbledore. He was staring at Harry and the group of attendants while pointing his wand at an opening in the side of the marquee. The Headmaster projected the image of them in the appropriate location in the marquee.

Harry said his lines of the bonding aloud so the Death Eaters could hear them. It amazed him that they didn’t realize the sound wasn’t coming from the same place as the images they were seeing.

It took all his will not to flinch or react when he felt the Death Eaters drawing on their hatred to cast the killing curses. He didn’t even initially react when the marquee exploded into flames from all the deadly curses colliding with its fabric.

The fight was on and he didn’t need to stay still any longer. He saw Professor Dumbledore had turned and rounded the corner of the Burrow. Sirius and Remus were on his heels. Harry pulled his wand followed them. Ginny was close behind him along with Bill.

He was disappointed to see all the Death Eaters lying on the ground of the Burrow Stunned. Many of them had Invisibility Cloaks beside them on the ground.

“No one lower your wands,” shouted Mad-eye Moody. “Homenum Revelio,” he shouted. A red arc moved outward from him. As it hit each person, it bent to reveal them. The arc moved out to the wards without revealing anyone that was not visible.

“It looks safe,” said Moody. “What do you want to do with these scum?”

“Let’s see who they are?” asked Mr. Weasley.

Kingsley Shacklebolt was the closest to a Death Eater. He pulled his hood up. “They are not wearing masks,” he exclaimed. “Are they Death Eaters?”

“Check the left forearms,” said Professor Dumbledore to the Auror. He turned and looked at Harry. “What do you think about Alastor’s question?”

What did he want to do to these people who would come and try to kill Ginny and his closest friends? He thought Azkaban would be too good for them. However, he now had a chance to find out who his enemies were and use them to locate Voldemort.

“Is that Judson?” asked Mr Weasley.

“Yeah it is,” replied Tonks. “Bloody hell, Kingsley, look!” she shouted pointing at someone lying on the ground.

“It —it's Savage,” she said.

“An Auror,” spat Kingsley. “We should send all of these slimes to Azkaban. We can use their wands as evidence that they cast Unforgivables.”

“Oh look, its Snivellus,” shouted Sirius. “What a surprise.”

“What do you want to do Albus? If we are going to put a trace on this bunch we need get on with it,” shouted Mad-eye.

“Can you put a trace on them?” asked Harry.

“Yeah, but I will be needing nonmagical objects to attach the trace to, and also a large map to allow the tracing object to show us where they are at. If we are going to do that then we need to get on with it.”

“If we track these slimes, we may be able to find the rest of them,” stated Harry. Everyone else thought he was talking about Death Eaters. He actually saw it as a possibility to locate the Horcruxes.

“I need non magical objects, and it would be best if they are different,” demanded Mad-eye.

“I have those,” said Mr. Weasley. He waved his wand and the door to his workshop flew open and objects that looked like a swarm of bees flew out toward them. As they came closer, Harry could see that the objects were all things related to Muggle electrical systems. There were batteries, plugs of various styles, a few small radios, outlets, switches, and an assortment of pieces that Harry recognized as internal circuits to radios and television.


“That’s Tonks,” shouted the female Auror at Mad-eye.

“Whatever, write down who I attach the trace to the object. You were raised like a muggle so you know what these are.”

“I can help,” said a small female voice.

“Miss Granger, you are to be inside of the Burrow,” said the Headmaster sternly to the bushy-haired witch.

“I need to get this done fast. If you can help, then grab a quill and a piece of parchment.”

Hermione Granger seemed to produce a quill, a roll of parchment, and even an ink bottle out of her handbag. She wrote down each object as Mad-eye would cast a spell that bound the Death Eater to the object. It only took five minutes to put the trace on the Death Eaters, but it seemed to take forever. While Mad-eye was placing the trace on them, Professor Dumbledore went around and modified their memories.

“They won’t remember being Stunned. They will just think they were in a prolonged battle and were able to escape.”

Moody finished putting the trace on all of them. He handed the last object, a sparkplug to Hermione, who quickly recorded that the sparkplug was for Gregory Goyle Sr.

“You get yourself inside and keep your head down Miss. Things are going to get rather sticky out here,” Moody ordered her.

Hermione Granger looked around and stared at Ron.

“I want my children inside also,” demanded Mrs. Weasley. She started ushering Ron, Fred, George, and she went for Ginny, but was rebuffed.

“I am going to leave a few marks on these scumbags for messing with my wedding day,” Ginny said heatedly.

“Poor sods,” quipped Fred and George together as their Mother spirited them away.

“Everyone take the places before they were Stunned,” shouted Moody. “Albus, we are going to need to Ennervate them all at once.”

“Harry, you do it,” said Bill. He looked at Ginny, then at their hands. “Let them see,” he added softer.

Ginny grabbed his hand. The feeling of her beside him always gave him strength, but physical contact with her seemed to make his magic surge to unbelievable levels. He quickly turned and with a sweeping motion over the Stunned Death Eaters, he shouted, “ENNERVATE!”

The Death Eaters all rose at the same time and started to fire Curses at the Order members. The Order was ready. An intense battle erupted within a second. The Death Eaters were using Unforgivables, but the Order was able to avoid the deadly Curses and return fire.

“Bill, close the Wards,” shouted Albus Dumbledore.

The Death Eaters all started running towards the opening in Wards, while firing deadly curses at the Order members. Harry was firing of the Furunculous hex with the intent on making the Death Eaters suffer in pain for some time. Ginny kept hitting them with her Bat-Bogey Hex. Several Death Eaters were wildly casting hexes while trying to fight off bogeys in the shape of bats flapping about their face.

In all the confusion of the battle, Harry did not notice one of the Death Eaters breaking from the rest. Ginny’s Bludgeoning Curse made him aware of the threat. The Death Eater that he remembered was Fenrir Greyback had turned and charged the Burrow. He had leapt towards one of the windows when Ginny hit him in the side with the Curse. He flew several yards before rolling to a stop. He could only get up and limp away holding his chest.

As the last Death Eater ran through the wards, Bill resealed them. Harry could feel them all Apparate away. He looked at Ginny.

“They are all gone,” she told them.

“Everyone be prepared, I am going to check to see if they all left,” shouted Mad-eye.

“Ginny said they were gone, and they all Apparated away,” Harry said.

Mad-eye looked at him and came walking towards him with that magical eye boring into Harry. It occasionally would jump to Ginny.

“I would like to know more about you two. How did you know they were here? That spell to revive them was bloody powerful, too powerful for the average wizard. Hell, the only one I thought could cast a spell like that would be Albus.”

“We can do those things, because of our soul bond,” replied Harry.

“Is that all you’re going to tell us?” he responded. He stepped closer to Harry and spoke so softly that no one but Harry and Ginny would be able to hear “I am good at sensing when someone is lying and I feel you are not telling me everything.”

“That is all you need to know,” replied Harry.

“Until we can trust you,” added Ginny.

“All right, I can accept that, you two are being cautious,” said Mad-eye.

“Mr. Moody, Mr. Moody,” shouted Hermione Granger. She was carrying the bag that held all of the pieces that had been used to trace the Death Eaters. They were bouncing around inside of the bag making it jump, twist, and turn in her hand.

“I need a place where I can make a map,” said Moody loudly so everyone could hear. “It would help if we could make it our headquarters. It looks like we are in another war.”

“Use my house,” said Sirius. “I would be honored if we would fill the house up with people tracking down and arresting Death Eaters. It would make the memories of my parents much more pleasant.”

Tonks let out a loud laugh at Sirius’ comment. “You are going to make your parents roll over in their graves.”

Sirius’ laugh was louder. “That’s the point cousin.”

“Alastor, Sirius, Kingsley, Tonks, and Remus,” said Professor Dumbledore. “Why don’t you go and set up the map but first find out if it will be safe there. We will wait for your return.”

“Can we get out?” Moody asked Bill.

“As long as you don’t have a Dark Mark,” Bill replied quickly.

Harry stood and watched as they all left and Apparated away after stepping through the Wards. He looked around the Burrow’s garden. There were scorch marks from spells and areas that had exploded from the Killing Curses.

He turned to look at the marquee. It was in flames. All the decorations and the chairs were on fire. His in-laws just stood there and watched it burn. Even if the fire was put out now, everything would be a total loss. The damage from the Killing Curses was irreversible.

The friends of Ginny’s brothers had left the Burrow with Mrs. Weasley and Aunt Muriel. They were all looking at the scene of the battle with a blank look on their faces, except Hermione Granger. She seemed genuinely curious about everything.

“Excuse me, Mr. Potter,” she said trying to get Harry’s attention.

“It’s Harry,” he replied smiling at her.

“How did you revive all twenty Death Eaters at once? How did you know they were here? It seemed as though you could sense them even though you couldn’t see them. Does this have anything to do with your soul bond?”

“Blimey, Hermione,” exclaimed Ron. He had been silent just staring at everything. “He just had twenty Death Eaters attack him at his wedding. They tried to kill….” Ron stopped talking and looked as if he was going to faint. “They were planning on killing me. Without any reason, they were going to kill me.”

“You were safe little brother,” assured Bill. “They would have never made it through my Wards unless I let them.”

“Safe, they came here to kill an entire family,” shouted a heavy set Gryffindor. Harry thought he was the captain of the Quidditch team. “This was supposed to be over. You were supposed to have ended it when you defeated you-know-who years ago. I could have lost my beaters today… Ouch!”

“You arrogant arse,” shouted the dark skinned Chaser, as she slapped the captain about his head. “How dare you think about Quidditch at a time like this?”

“It wouldn’t have mattered Oliver,” said Charlie Weasley. “If Harry hadn’t noticed them, you would be dead too.”

Everyone seemed to stop talking at that statement.

“How did you notice them?” asked Charlie.

“I can sense magic, and it is a result of my bond with Ginny,” Harry said to everyone staring at him. “I sensed them Apparating. If they had walked out of the woods, I would have never known they were there.”

“Did you know they were going to come after you?” asked Charlie.

“Are you accusing Harry of endangering everyone here?” asked Ginny.

“Well it seems rather suspicious that he wants to reform the Order of Phoenix and Death Eaters attack for the first time in….” Charlie never finished his statement as bat shaped bogeys flew out of his nose and attacked him.

Harry turned and was pleased to see that Ginny hadn’t even drawn her wand.

“Getemoffme,” shouted Charlie.

“Apologize to Harry,” demanded Ginny.


“Apologize and I will.”

“I apologize. I’m sorry,” shouted Charlie. The bat bogeys disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

“I assure you that I do not want to put anyone in danger,” said Harry forcefully. “That is why we need to reform the Order of the Phoenix.”

“What’s the Order of the Phoenix?” asked George.

“It was an organization to fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters during the last war,” said Professor Dumbledore.

“Sign me up,” said George.

“Me too,” added Fred.

“NO!” shouted Mrs. Weasley. “Not the children. No Albus we can’t put the children in harm’s way. I already lost two brothers because they belonged to the Order.”

“I do not intend to allow children to fight Death Eaters, Molly,” said Albus calmly.

“But we want to help,” stated Hermione Granger. “Besides, after what we just saw, it won’t matter what you want. We will be in harm’s way if the Death Eaters decide it.”

“Enough of this talk,” shouted Mrs. Weasley. “Let’s eat. There is plenty of food for everyone and it would be a shame to see it go to waste. Everyone, go into the kitchen and get a plate and fill it up. You can sit anywhere.”

Ron quickly jumped to the head of the line. As the line was forming, Bill, Remus, Sirius, and Tonks returned.

“Where’s Alastor and Kingsley?” asked Professor Dumbledore.

“They are watching the map,” said Remus. “Everything is working great.”

“The house is a bloody mess and infested with Doxies, but we can use it for Headquarters,” said Sirius. “Alastor recommends that you place a Fidelius Charm on it, Professor.”

“I can do that,” replied the Headmaster.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lord Voldemort leaned against Nagini in the dark corner of Lucius’s dungeon. It was a terrible existence for the greatest wizard of all time, but it was better than anything he had experienced in the past eleven years.

Two years ago he had possessed a wizard and almost stole the Philosophers Stone from its hiding place in Gringotts. If that goblin had not driven by at the wrong time, he would already be regenerated. Drinking the elixir of life would have returned him his body, but he would need to drink it every day to maintain his existence.

That failure forced him to think of another way; a permanent way to restore himself to his former glory. He had come up with a method. To ensure its success he needed a few drops of Harry Potter’s blood. With that and several other crucial ingredients, he would be flesh again, and he wouldn’t need to drink an elixir every day.

He could hear the metal door that separated the dungeons from the rest of the house shut. Lucius should be back with Potter. Soon he would be fully revived. The anticipation of regaining his body made him roll his wand in his deformed hands. They were small and twisted, but he could still hold his glorious wand.

The footsteps were getting closer, but it sounded like only one set. Lucius had better not fail him. He may have returned the wand to him, but he needed Potter also. Without Potter, he would not be able to regain his body, without a fatal flaw. Potter would once again be able to defeat him.

Lucius Malfoy stepped into his view. He was alone. Kneeling down in front of him, he spoke, “Master, I could not capture Potter. They had a trap set for us.”

“A trap? What type of a trap?”

“They lured us in thinking we were sneaking up on the wedding. I am not sure how, but they knew we were coming. We were surrounded. We fought valiantly but were not able to capture Potter.”

“Who surrounded you?”

“It was Professor Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix, master.”

“I thought Severus said they had been disbanded?” questioned Voldemort.

“Yes, master he said that, and he assured me that Professor Dumbledore wouldn’t be there.”

Voldemort felt the smooth wood of his wand. “I shall have a talk with Severus at a later date. You said you fought valiantly. How many did you kill?”

He saw Lucius squirm a little. “None, master.”

“How many of my loyal servants died trying to obtain the one thing I desired over everything else?”

“None master,” said Lucius.

Voldemort could sense Lucius’ anxiety as he knew what it meant to fail. To his credit, Lucius didn’t try to flee or beg for forgiveness.

“I did not ask that you try to capture Potter. I wanted you to capture him without any witnesses to confirm it was Death Eaters that captured him.” His anger was building. Years of exile without being able to use his wand was fueling his anger. “If Dumbledore has the Order reorganized then they know I am coming back. This will make my task even more difficult.

“You have failed me, Lucius,” he hissed out. “You must be punished. Crucio!

The feel of the magic coursing through his wand created an exhilarating feeling like none other. Watching Lucius twist and scream in agony only made the experience even better.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

White hot pain coursed through Harry’s head. It hit him so suddenly that he couldn’t do anything but fall to the floor. The intense pain was blocking out everything around him and was making him sick. If it didn’t stop soon he would be losing his dinner.

Soft cooling comfort came from Ginny’s touch and her voice. He could hear her through the pain and her comfort lessened it so he could gain control of his body again. He opened his eyes and saw the entire room staring at him. They had worried looks on their faces, most seemed to relax as he sat up with Ginny’s assistance.

“What hit me?” he asked no one in particular.

“Nothing hit you mate,” said Sirius. “You just let out a scream and fell to the ground and started thrashing about while holding your head.”

Harry looked at Sirius with disbelief. Certainly something had hit him, a piece of the cracked plaster on the ceiling had fallen, or a light, but as he looked around there was no evidence of anything like that happening.

“What caused the pain?” he asked, this time he directed the question to Ginny. She had the ability to sense when people are in pain and help heal them. She had just done it for him. She would know.

She didn’t say anything. If anything she looked rather peaky. Of course she can feel all his emotions and hear all his thoughts she must also have felt the terrible pain.

“Did it hurt you too?” he asked her.

She gave him a quick glance before turning away. “Yeah, I felt it too.”

He tried to sit up, but Ginny placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him sitting on the floor. “Perhaps, we should go home?”

Harry looked around him at Grimmauld Place the new headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. It was everything that Sirius had said about it, and even worse. Harry had thought that Sirius had exaggerated slightly when describing his parents and their love for the Dark Arts. It was all true. It wasn’t the evidence of Dark Magic in nearly every room that made it so terrible. It was not also the dirty unkempt appearance of the house. It wasn’t the life sized portrait of Sirius’ mother, who hurled insults at everyone as they walked up the stairs.

It was the House Elf heads in the stairwell. Sirius said that it was a Black family tradition to cut off the head of an aged House Elf and mount it on the wall. Harry had never heard of anything so barbaric. House Elves were intelligent and sensitive creatures. After seeing the heads on the wall, Harry understood why Sirius treated House Elves the way he did, like some beast of burden. Hopefully, the heads will be one of the first things to be removed from the house.

Alastor Moody and Professor Dumbledore started arguing again. They had been discussing using underage witches and wizards to watch the map for the Order. Professor Dumbledore was reluctant. It seemed he feared Mrs. Weasley’s wrath.

Harry stared up at the map that had the tracing objects attached to it. It was a large piece of glass that had the map of the British Isles etched on it. It had words of each European country and United Stated printed on it. If a Death Eater goes to one of those countries, the Order will know it.

It took him several minutes to realize where they obtained the glass from. They had removed the large picture window from the first floor and etched the map on it. The glass worked perfectly, because people could watch the map from both sides now.

Harry stood up. He felt Ginny’s hand on his arm. She looked so worried that it made him concerned about what happened to cause him such pain.

“If we are going to leave, then I will need to stand up,” he told her.

“Yes, of course,” she said distractedly. “Bill, Sirius, Remus, we need to leave.” She said with authority.

Harry saw them give her a strange look. Evidently, they were not ready to leave.

“Now, please!” she said even more emphatically.

Harry walked along as they left Sirius’ family home and Apparated to Gringotts. They went through the usual security and when they stepped into the special vault to transport them to one of his homes. Ginny insisted on Morocco.

This surprised Harry, because they had originally planned on spending the night in England. No one argued with her. It seemed to be something she inherited from her mother.

An hour later, Harry had been placed in his bed with a pot of tea and a small bowl of chocolates. He was feeling fine, but he wasn’t going to turn down the special treatment. The only thing that was bothering him was the way the Ginny was acting. He wished he could read her mind like she could his. Usually by this time, Ginny told him what he needed to know so he would stop worrying about her. Tonight she was different.

She stepped out of the bathroom with only a white cotton nightgown on. He stared at her. It was his favorite nightgown. It was simple but it seemed to make her all the more beautiful to him. It was low cut and usually one strap hung down off a shoulder. It only came to mid-thigh, and it seemed to cling to her curves.

The lights in the room dimmed without her using her wand.

The tea cup was now shaking in Harry’s hand. Seeing her like this made him want to do things that they promised not to do until Voldemort was finished.

“Chocolate,” he said offering her the bowl.

“No, I don’t need those. All I need is right here,” she said seductively as she slid up beside him.

Harry moved away from her. His heart was beating wildly. The very touch of her was causing him to doubt his resolve. “Ginny, we are supposed to wait until Voldemort is finished. If we have any children then they will be left orphans.”

“My parents will take care of them. Certainly we can find someone to protect them.”

“The war may drag on for years. Do you want to raise children during a war that we will be the center of?”

“I want to have your children, Harry. I want a boy and a girl. I want the Potter family to survive.”

Harry was a bit surprised by her last statement. “You seem to think I will die. We will die.”

“I accept it as a possibility. If we hadn’t been prepared to ambush the Death Eaters, I may already be dead, and so would you. Everyone thinks about you defeating Voldemort, but there is so much more that you are responsible for. Your family has actually been keeping the peace with the goblins and House Elves for hundreds of years. If we don’t have any children, then what will happen with that relationship?”

He looked at her. She was right. He never realized that the Potter family had so much responsibility in the magical community. They helped keep the peace with the Goblins through Gingotts and also support of House Elves.

“We are too young,” he pleaded with her. “You are still only eleven. I am only twelve.”

Ginny gave him a sly grin. A very sexy sly grin and moved closer to him. “Do I look like I am only eleven?” she whispered in his ear.

He knew at that point he had lost his argument, and he didn’t care one little bit.
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