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Harry Potter, MI-13 Agent Extraordinare
By Milarqui

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Category: SIYE Challenges
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: *** Winner of Best Overall, Characterization, and The People’s Choice Award in the Harry Bond 007 Challenge ***
Harry Potter, MI-13 Agent, is tasked to infiltrate Draco Malfoy's ball when rumours of Death Eaters trying to resurrect Voldemort become known. For this task, he is partnered with fellow Agent Ginny Weasley.

Sparks will jump between them before the mission is through, though...
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Author's Notes:
The final chapter! Everything gets wrapped up, Ginny becomes the best Potter girl (or is it Harry that becomes the Ginny Weasley boy?) and a little cliffhanger for the end.

Enjoy, please!


4: Conclusion

Harry woke up. But this time, he was not alone.

He looked at his side, and saw a red-haired woman with bed hair, sleepy eyes and a soft smile.

“Good morning, Harry,” Ginny said.

“Hi, Ginny. Did you sleep well?”

“Oh, yes. You wore me out.”

After they put the Death Eaters in prison and wrote the reports, Harry and Ginny had gone to buy some fish and chips and gone to Harry's flat, where they had started watching several films. By the time the last one had ended, they were necking like teenagers in a date, and when Ginny straddled Harry to deepen the kiss, he had taken her to the bed, which they had proceeded to nearly destroy in a display of total lack of care for what others might think (if it were not for the fact that Harry's bedroom was completely soundproof, both the Muggle and Magical ways).

“You did the same for me.”

“Happy to be of service, then.” Ginny put a hand on his chest. “So, do you want go have some food, or do you think you are up to a little morning session?”

“Tough choice. Though, I think that some exercise before breakfast might be interesting.”

“Great.” Ginny kissed him and straddled him again, increasing the hold she had on him.

— Harry — Ginny —

“I see you have done a job much better than expected, Potter and Weasley,” M said, looking at the two. “Not only have you cut this on the nip, but also helped to find the last few Voldemort Horcruxes that still remained around.”

“What will happen to those Horcruxes?” Harry asked.

“They are being destroyed as we speak. They hope the destruction won't cause too much of an explosion, but just in case they are doing it in a special room.”

“What did Voldemort use as Horcruxes?”

“A book that apparently was his diary when he was a teenager, a tiara that once belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw, a locket and a ring that were owned by the last of the Slytherin line and a cup that had been used by Helga Hufflepuff. We think that he planned to make a sixth Horcrux with the murder of your parents, Harry, but obviously that did not happen. Voldemort's spirit has already been forced to go on to the next life.”

“So, no further threats on that front, right?”

“Correct. Though, now Malfoy and all of the others are raising hell over what they proclaim was an illegal arrest and demand their freedom. If any one of them gets out, then it would be like opening a can of worms.”

“They have no legal standing, M. Given the boatload of proof we have, they'd be lucky if they get out of prison on good behaviour before twenty years,” Ginny said.

“That's what we are counting on. You won't have to worry about this, our Legal Department can handle any lawyer that tries to do it. Now, I have another mission for you two. There's talk of a would-be Dark Lady in the Bahamas, and given your success at working together, I think you can do well with this.”

“The Bahamas?” Harry said, looking at Ginny. The idea of being able to see Ginny in a bikini was quite tempting. After all, it they were to remain somewhat inconspicuous, they could not do better than to enjoy some quality time in there. “If my partner has no problem with it, I'd say we accept.”

“Sure. Would love to visit there. And kick some asses, too,” Ginny replied.

“Good. Make sure to be here and ready before 1 PM tomorrow, you'll be picking an international Portkey that will drop you in the Andros International Apparition Point.”

“Of course. Do you mind if we leave now? That way, we can be sure that we will have everything we need,” Ginny asked.

“No problem. Take some time to rest as well, you have earned it.”

Harry and Ginny thanked M, and left the office, not without greeting Hermione on their way out.

“So, Miss Weasley, you ready for some debauchery, fun and arse-kicking in the Bahamas?” Harry asked with a grin.

“Of course, Mister Potter. I would love some of that debauchery and fun before we go to Bahamas, though.”

“Glad to be of service, then.”

As the lift doors closed, Harry grabbed Ginny's head and started snogging her.

— Harry — Ginny —

Two days later, Harry was sunbathing under the Bahamas' sun. His glasses had been replaced with contacts and sunglasses, and his normal clothes with shorts and a t-shirt that had been discarded, showing off his physique.

Next to him lied Ginny, wearing a skimpy bikini that made any man that passed by drool, especially as her skin slowly became more golden due to the effects of the sun.

“So, have you heard anything around about this Dark Lady?” Harry asked.

“Not too much. There's been a couple of unexplained assaults against prominent wizards that were found tied down to their beds, and so far no one's been able to understand what's going on with those men. My guess is that it was a Veela that attacked them.”

“A Veela? You sure about that, Miss Weasley?”

“Quite sure. I do have some experience on Veelas, you know.”

“Yeah, on the quarter-Veela that married your brother. That's not a lot of experience.”

“So, you think you have more experience.”

“Yeah. One of my first missions was to the Veela colony in Bulgaria. They had asked for MI-13 help because they were being attacked by a Dark Lord that thought he would be able to extract their essence and use it on himself to make men and women pliable to his will. It was quite an ugly affair. Also, I had to take a cold shower every night to manage to get through with the night, which was the big torture.”

“Oh, poor Harry, he had no one to help with his physiological needs,” Ginny replied, caressing his chest. “So, you never got around to sleep with them Veelas?”

“No. Sure, a couple of them tried to jump me, but I wasn't interested, even when they were doing their best to make me jump them.”

“Good answer, Potter.”

“Though, there is one Veela I did sleep with,” Harry said

“Yes?” Ginny asked, a small tone of anger in her voice.

“Yep. She is red-haired, has a few freckles in her face that make her very cute looking, and she is the best partner I've ever worked with at my job.”

“That answer was even better, Potter,” she replied, approaching him. “So, I am a Veela?”

“Oh, yes. A thoroughly dangerous Veela. I might have to check that more... deeply... tonight. To make sure that you have no untoward intentions towards other men.”

“I'll be glad to show you that I only have untoward intentions towards you, Harry Potter.”

“Great answer.” They kissed, and for a few seconds there was nothing else in the world but them. They would have to keep with their mission soon, but right then the only important thing was them.

And that suited them quite well.
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