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A Lily in the Potter’s Garden
By Bee_Black

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Category: Post-DH/PM
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: Extreme Language
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 10
Summary: The Potters have a surprise with the new flower that is born in their garden.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
It's been a while I don't write and one of these days I woke up with this story in my mind and decided to share... Hope you like it. It's a fluffy fanfiction, but be careful... If yiu don't feel comfortable with birth scenes, don't read it. There is a description of a birth scene.


A Lily in the Potter’s Garden

By Bee Black

Ginny apparated home and sighed. The day had been intense. Apart from the tough training with the Harpies, she had learned some great news she had just found out a few moments ago.

Laughter came from the living room and Ginny smiled. Nothing like getting home after a long day and finding her three beautiful men playing together. She knew Harry was home already. One, because of the laughter and squeals of her sons and two, because today he had only had a meeting at the Ministry until 2 p.m.

She dropped her bag on the kitchen table and went to the living room where the three of them were playing on the floor. Ginny smiled. These boys were Harry’s soul… He loved them more than anything in the world and she was glad she was the one who had given him these gifts.She watched them playing for a few moments, then she felt that familiar tingle behind her neck and looked up to find her husband looking at her with an adoring smile on that handsome face of his. Ginny smiled at him and he said something to the boys, who looked up and jumped to their feet. Ginny only had time to kneel down and open her arms. Her two boys engulfed her in a huge hug.

‘Mummy!’ The five-year-old boy called James Sirius squealed, kissing her cheek. Albus Severus, the two-year-old and the spitting-image-of-his-father boy, hugged his mum tight around her neck, lying his head on her shoulder.

Ginny closed her eyes, inhaling her sons’ scents and smiling.

‘Oh, my boys… I missed you so much’, she said and kissed them both on their cheeks. ‘Were you two good to daddy?’

Both boys nodded.

‘Daddy pwayed with us’, Albus said, still hugged to his mother.

‘Really? And did you boys have fun?’

‘Yes… Now we are Aurors like dad and dad is the bad guy’, James said proudly, showing her his fake wand and Auror badge Harry had transfigured for the boys to play.

Ginny smiled and looked at her husband, an amused grin on her beautiful and jovial face.

‘Bad guy, huh?‘, she asked and Harry chuckled.

She kissed the boys one more time and got up, still with Albus clinging to her neck. James had run to his father and was now playing with the toy Sneakoscope. Harry got up from his spot on the floor and went to his wife, kissing her softly on the lips. They looked at each other, brown eyes meeting emerald ones and smiled.

‘Hi’, he said. ‘Missed you.’

‘Hi. Missed you too’, she replied still smiling.

‘Tough day?’

‘Sort of… But curious. You?’

‘Boring day… Being the youngest Head of Aurors has its disadvantages’, he said, but arched his left eyebrow. ‘But curious, you say? Why?’

Ginny just smiled at him, a smile he knew it meant “later”, and looked at the boys again, then at Harry.

‘Have you had dinner already?’

‘Yes, daddy made supper… It’s really good’, James piped out from the floor. Harry smiled at his oldest son. James loved everything Harry did, especially when he cooked because he allowed the boys to help, even though the kitchen was a mess later. But nothing a Scourgify spell would not solve.

‘Really? And what do we have then?’ Ginny asked, smiling at her son. ‘I’m famished!’

‘Pasta with tomato sauce’, said Harry. ‘The one you like.’

‘Oh… That’s wonderful, love! You've read my mind’, she said and kissed her husband on the lips again, then Albus on the forehead, dropping the boy on the floor. ‘Let me freshen up and I’ll be right back.’

‘Ok… Meanwhile, I’ll put these blokes to bed’, Harry said.

‘Ahhh!!!’, Albus and James said together, but Harry smiled and took them both, each in one arm. The boys squealed and laughed.

‘Tomorrow is Saturday and we have a long day ahead of us’, he said. ‘Now… Say goodnight to mummy and up to bed!’

‘Goodnight, mummy!’ The boys said together.

‘I’ll be there in a minute to kiss you both goodnight’, Ginny said and Harry smiled, climbing the stairs with their sons in his strong Auror arms.

Ginny smiled and grabbed her bag, going up after the boys.


‘So… How do you like it?’ Harry asked, handing his wife a glass of pumpkin juice.

‘It’s heaven, love. Thank you’, she said and he leaned on her, hugging her by her shoulders.

‘You don’t need to thank me’, he kissed her cheek and Ginny relaxed in his arms, taking a deep breath. ‘I haven’t forgotten about you having a curious day.’

She laughed and pulled him by his hand, making Harry sit on the chair next to hers. He tilted his head, an amused, but confused look in his emerald eyes.

‘Gwenog made us practice like crazy today, since the last game is in one week. At the end of the day, I was so tired that I had forgotten that the team healer was checking on us… I almost came straight home, but Matilda reminded me of it, so I took my shower and went to be checked.’

‘Is everything OK? Is your shoulder OK?’ He asked, concern in his voice.

‘Oh, yeah... The shoulder is fine, don’t worry’, she smiled. ‘But I’ve got some news’, she said and Harry arched his left eyebrow. ‘I’m three weeks pregnant, Harry!’

A smile sprawled at that beautiful face of his, reaching those brilliant emerald eyes Ginny loved so much. And as he had reacted at the first two times she had told him they were having a baby, Harry pulled her to his arms and twirled her around, making Ginny giggle.

Ginny hugged him and they kissed, then he looked at her big brown eyes.

‘You make me the happiest man alive, Ginny! A baby?’ He said, smiling.

Ginny nodded.

‘A baby’, she said and he kissed her lips again.

‘I love you so much!’

‘I love you too, love’, Ginny said and after a peck on the lips, Harry knelt down, putting his lips close to her still- flat belly and smiled.

‘You are very welcomed, little one… You’ll love to be part of this family. Not only the Potter family, because your brothers are going to love you so much, but the whole Weasley clan… Sundays at the Burrow, your grandparents' house, is the best thing in the world… Flying on the Orchard with your cousins and this amazing mum of yours’, he kissed her belly. ‘I love you so much already.’

Ginny smiled and ran her fingers over his jet black hair. Harry looked up and they smiled.

‘He or she loves you too… I can feel it’, she said and he got up, holding her face with his hands and kissing her again.

‘Thank you, Gin!’

‘For what, love?’

‘For waiting for me, for loving me and giving me… This’, he moved his hand around indicating everything they have.

‘It was nothing, Harry’, she said between his lips. ‘But I have one more thing to tell you…’

She smiled when he looked at her with his left eyebrow raised.

‘No… It’s just one baby! I promise you’, she said and he laughed. ‘But I’ve decided, Harry… I’m quitting the Harpies after the last game.’

Harry looked at her.

‘Are you sure?! You handle very well being a mum to the boys and a star Quidditch player. And I’m so proud of you.’

‘I know, but… I want to have more time with the boys and the new baby. I’m not saying I’m becoming a full-time mum… I want to keep working and I have some things in my mind already’, she said with a glint in her eyes and Harry smiled.

‘Care to share? I know this look…’

Ginny smiled.

‘Well… I overheard Gwenog talking to Tate… I didn’t mean to, but they were just next to me and it was impossible not to..’

‘Go on’, he encouraged her.

‘Fine… They were saying the Prophet is in need of a sports reporter… Don’t make this face, Potter! It’s not Rita Skeeter’s style. Granted, I’d have to travel to cover a few games and make a review about them… And I thought: why not a recently-retired Quidditch player like me?’

Harry laughed.

‘Well… If you want, go for it, love. Everything you do, you do it with passion. And I agree with you… Who better than a player?! I think you’d do brilliantly!’

She smiled.

‘Really?!’ She asked and when he nodded with a smirk, she jumped on his arms. Harry hugged her tight.

‘I’ll just miss going to your games and cheering for you…’

‘I’m going to miss the cheering too’, she looked at him mischievously. ‘But we can have our own game, so you can cheer as much as you wish, Mr. Potter!’

Harry laughed and kissed her.

‘C’mom… I’m finished here… Let’s celebrate the good news upstairs!’

Harry grinned and she held his hand, both running to the master bedroom.


‘That ’s it, luv… Just one more push!’, Harry says, kissing her wet forehead. Ginny grunted, but took a deep breath, pushing again.

The day had started really good, all the family was reunited at the Burrow for the traditional Sunday lunch. Just after lunch, which Ginny had barely touched, she felt her first real contraction, gasping out loud and calling the attention of her family. Her words were simple “I reckon I’m in labor!” to the family cause an uproar. The kids, James and Albus, together with their cousins, the almost three years old Rose and eight months old Hugo, stayed at the Burrow with Granddad Arthur and the rest of the family, and Harry, Ginny, Molly, Hermione, Ron and Fleur went to Ginny and Harry’s house where the baby was going to be born.

Ron did not actually know why he had gone again, but like the first two times, he was there for Harry and his sister, just like the couple had been there for him and Hermione when Rose and Huge were born.

‘Oh, Merlin… I can’t!’, Ginny said, closing her eyes.

‘Yes, you can, Ginny… You did it twice and the boys, especially Al, were bigger than this one. C’mom, baby, you can do it! — Harry said and she groaned.

‘Ginevra, this baby is coming. I know you are tired, it is hurting, but you have to keep pushing this baby out!’, Molly said firmly.

Ginny looked at her husband next to her and shifted her weight from one leg to the other. Harry smiled and kissed her head again.

‘Want me to support you, love?’, he asked gently and she shook her head.

‘No… I want you to take the baby out. This is our last one…’, she breathed hard, shaking her head and gasping when a contraction hit her again. ‘I want you to be part of it, not only as an observer, Harry… Oh, Merlin! It’s coming again… Ohhhh!’

Harry looked at Molly, Hermione and Fleur, and the three women nodded. He, then, kissed Ginny’s lips softly and went to stand next to Molly, who smiled at him. Hermione, as soon as he left Ginny’s side, took his place next to her sister-in-law and best friend, holding her hand.

Harry took a deep breath, then cleared his throat and looked at his beautiful and strong wife… If only she knew how scared he was, taking their baby from her was not his job… What if he did something wrong and hurt her and their baby? He looked at his mother-in-law one more time and she smiled at him, reassuring him she would be there next him, to guide and help him. He concentrated on his task ahead and looked at Ginny, this time feeling stronger and more confident.

‘Ok, Ginny… I can see the head! You are almost there, love. When you are ready.’, he said, taking the white cloth Molly was handing him to clean up the baby’s scalp. Ginny groaned again and pushed, the baby moving a few more inches.

‘The baby is almost here… Give me your hand, Ginny.’, Harry said and held her hand, guiding it to touch the baby’s head.

‘Oh, Harry... ’

‘I love you, baby! I’m so proud of you.’, he said, smiling.

‘I love you too, but… Ohhhh…’

‘Go ahead, Ginny… Push! I’m right here! We’re here for you.’, he said and she nodded, pushing again and gasping when the head slide out. ‘The baby is here, luv! Just one or two more pushes.’, he said excited.

‘Oh, Ginny.. She or he has red hair just like yours when you were born, dear.’, Molly said all emotional.

Ginny took another deep breath and pushed again, Harry helping with the head and a small pinky body slide in his hands. Ginny sighed relieved.

‘Merlin’s beard… It’s a girl!’, Harry announced, holding the baby girl, who opened her eyes. He smiled and kissed the baby’s head, his emerald eyes filled with tears. ‘Welcome, baby.’

Ginny sat down and Harry handed her the little girl. Hermione, Molly and Fleur beamed.

‘Oh, Harry… She’s so beautiful”’

‘She looks just like you when you were born, dear.’, her mother said, happily, tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘Really, mum?!’, Ginny asked without taking her eyes from her baby, her so wanted little girl.

‘Yes, she is beautiful’, Molly said proud of her only daughter and adopted son. ‘Harry, dear, let me take care of the rest while you enjoy your wife and daughter.’

Harry smiled, gratefully and joined his wife and new baby.

‘Congratulations, you two… She is amazing! I’ll let Ron come in… He’s anxious to meet the baby.’, Hermione said, smiling.

‘Zee is beautiful… Zat’s her name?’, Fleur asked.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other and Ginny smiled. Since the day she found out she was pregnant, she knew it was a girl. Call it Mother’s instincts, and although she and Harry had gone through few girl’s names, right now, looking at their new born daughter, she knew exactly how her name was going to be…

Harry looked at Fleur and smiled, apologetically.

‘We haven’t decided yet, we were…’, he trailed off by seeing her wife smiling and shaking her head.’ We did?!’

‘It’s Lily! Lily Luna Potter!’, Ginny announced, making her husband smile and seal this beautiful moment with a passionate kiss… Another beautiful red Lily in the Potter’s garden!

The end!
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