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Mother's Day
By Pottermum

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Summary: The Potter family come together to celebrate Mother's Day.
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Author's Notes:
Another one in my Potter Family series. This one would be set the following March after 'Christmas with the Potters'.


Harry heard the floo activate, and called out to his wife. “Gin, someone is here,” he called from his study.

“Well, who is it?” asked Ginny, from upstairs.

“It's your favourite child,” said a voice from the lounge room.

Harry chuckled, wondering how Ginny would get out of this one. Of course, since it was a masculine voice, it eliminated Lily.

“Oh good, my favourite child has come to see his favourite parent. I'll be right down,” called Ginny. Harry could hear the amusement in her voice.

Harry locked his reports back in his briefcase, ready to take to work tomorrow. He headed out to the lounge, happily greeting James and his fiancee, Alice Longbottom. He hugged them both, and kissed Alice on the cheek.

“James, Ali, how are you?” greeted Ginny, coming down the stairs. Like Harry, she greeted them with a hug and a kiss.

“Damn Mum, I was sure you were going to call out that it was Al, when I said it was your favourite child,” laughed James.

“What makes you think Al is my favourite?” asked Ginny, curiously. “I mean, Lily is the only girl, she could be my favourite. You are our first born, so that makes you special to us. Al is the middle child, are you saying I treated him better because of that?”

“Actually, I was going to say because he looks so much like Dad,” teased James.

“He is a handsome devil,” agreed Harry, chuckling.

“Well, I'll never tell who's my favourite,” said Ginny, cuddling up to Harry's side. He kissed her cheek, and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Who's a handsome devil?” called Al, coming through the floo. Scorpius was close behind him.

“Speak of the devil and he will appear,” muttered James, causing Ali and Ginny to laugh.

“Happy Mother's Day, Mum,” said Al, kissing Ginny on the cheek. Scorpius greeted her too, presenting her with flowers and chocolates.

“Oh, thank you boys, the flowers will look lovely for the table centrepiece,” said Ginny, smelling the chrysanthemums.

“Happy Mother's Day, Mum,” said James, giving her another hug. Ali followed James. They presented Ginny with a bottle of perfume, and a bottle of her favourite champagne.

“Ooh lovely, I'm opening this for lunch,” said Ginny.

The floo activated and they all turned to stare as Lily tumbled out. She'd been crying, and she was still in her pyjamas. When she saw all her family staring at her, she snapped.


“Lil, are you all right?' asked Harry, worriedly.

Lily burst into tears. “Mum, Dad, I'm moving home. Liam and I are over!” she said, through her tears. She ran up the stairs to her old bedroom, and slammed the door.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other, and sighed. Liam and Lily had little spats all the time. Liam had just had his first successful season with the Chudley Cannons, and Lily was feeling insecure about the fan girls that followed Quidditch. She had thought moving in together would help, but with all the travelling and training that Liam did, Lily found herself spending more time alone, and this fuelled her insecurities further.

Ginny looked at the rest of the family. “Boys, why don't you go and start the barbecue. Ali, perhaps you could make a fresh salad for us. I'll run upstairs and check on Lil,” she said.

“Mum, you let us know if her hurt her,” said James, a fierce look on his face. Al stepped next to his brother, and nodded in agreement. Scorpius put his hand on Al's shoulder, in support.

“Go on now, I'll let you know what's going on. Go,” she said, shooing them out.

She turned to find Harry behind her. He put his hands on her waist. “What James said. You tell me, Gin,” he said quietly.

“I would, Harry. Of course, you'd all have to get behind me. Wasn't that our deal? Anybody hurts our kids, I get first shot. You get to finish the job, if there's anything left,” she said, kissing him softly.

Harry chuckled, then patted her butt. “Go help our daughter.”

Ginny went upstairs and knocked on Lily's door. “Lil, it's me, can I come in?” she called.

She heard a muffled noise, and decided to go in. Lily was in her bed, only her red hair visible. Ginny sat on the side of her bed, and rubbed what she hoped was Lily's back.

“Want to talk about it?” she asked.

“Liam's an ass!” came the response.

“Okay,” agreed Ginny.

Lily quickly pulled the covers back and looked at her mum. “I thought you liked Liam?” she asked.

“Not if he's hurt you,” said Ginny, calmly. Lily nodded, then started crying again.

“I think he's been cheating on me, Mum. I saw him last night with-with her. In a cafe. She was really pretty, and tall. She put her hands on him, and he held her hand. They were looking at something, in a magazine, I think. Then they got up and went into Muggle London. I went home to wait for him, and confront him. Only he didn't come home, Mum. I-I think he spent the night with her,” wailed Lily.

Ginny saw red, then tried to calm down. Years of dealing with James and Al's antics had taught her how to control her temper. She gathered Lily in her arms, stroking her hair. She grabbed some tissues off the table by the bed, and passed them to Lily.

“Lil, you need to speak to him, ask him what's going on. If it's true, then you're right, he's an ass, and he doesn't deserve you,” said Ginny.

“I did ask him, Mum. He came home this morning, reeking of alcohol. I asked her who she is, if he was cheating on me. He denied it, but said he couldn't tell me yet about what he was doing. I demanded he tell me, or we were over,” said Lily, tears welling up again.

“Well, what did he say to that?” asked Ginny.

“I didn't really give him the chance. He ran into his room, then the floo flared. It was his coach, fire calling to ask where he was. He was supposed to be at an early morning training session. I just flooed straight here,” cried Lily.

Ginny held her daughter till the tears ran out, then she suggested she go and have a shower. She sat in her daughter's bedroom, looking around as memories of Lily as a little girl overwhelmed her. She pulled out some fresh clothes for Lily and laid them on her bed.

She looked up as the door opened. Lily came in, wrapped in an old dressing gown she'd had since she was fifteen.

“Feel better?” asked Ginny. Lily nodded, and came to hug Ginny.

“Thanks, Mum,” said Lily.

“Get dressed, and come downstairs. Your dad and brothers are cooking a barbecue for lunch,” smiled Ginny.

Lily nodded, and Ginny left her.

She found Harry pacing at the bottom of the stairs. “Well?” he demanded. “Is she all right?”

Ginny sighed. “She thinks Liam is cheating on her, but -BUT,” she said, as Harry tried to interrupt in fury, “she doesn't know for sure. She needs to know, Harry, before we rush in.”

She put her arms around him, partly in comfort, but mainly to stop him from going to find Liam Finnegan.

They headed to the kitchen. Ali was cutting slices of home made bread, and had put together two salads. James, Al and Scorpius were just coming in with the meat on a platter. The smell wafted through the house, making everyone's mouth water.

“How's Lily?” asked Al and James, together.

“I'm fine,” said Lily, coming in to the kitchen. “Men are pigs, that is all I have to say,” This effectively cut off any further conversation about that.

“Uh, Lil. We're men!” chuckled James, gesturing to Al, Scorpius and Harry.

Lily scoffed. “No, you're not. You're my brothers, and my Dad. You don't count. Or you, Scor. I count you as a brother. And Teddy.”

“Gee, thanks Lil,” said Al.

“Lily, Lily are you here? LILY?” cried a voice from the lounge.

“It's Liam!” gasped Lily.

The men pushed in front of Lily and Ginny, and headed from the kitchen to the lounge. They surrounded Liam.

“Where's Lily, is she here?” cried a desperate Liam.

“Yes, I'm here,” said Lily. “Where else would I be?”

“Home. Our home. Please, Lil. Hear me out,” begged Liam.

“I think we all want to hear what you have to say, Finnegan,” said James, sternly.

Liam, however, only had eyes for Lily. “So, explain,” she said.

“Please come home, Lil. I love you, only you. There is no one else, could never be any one else,” he said.

“Who was she, Liam? The woman I saw you with last night.” asked Lily.

“WHAT?” cried Al and James, reaching for their wands. Ginny laid a hand on both of their arms, but kept her eyes on Harry, worried about what he would do.

“She's the press secretary for the Cannons,” said Liam.

“I saw her with her hands on you, on your arm. You were holding hands. I saw you Liam,” said Lily, starting to cry.

Ginny knew Liam better have a damn good explanation for that, or she didn't think she could hold all three of her men back from hurting Liam.

Liam was shaking his head. “No, Lil, you've got it wrong. Love, please, I swear. I haven't cheated on you. She just got engaged, and I was looking at her engagement ring. I-I told her I was looking for one. She took me to where she got her ring from. It was a place in Muggle London.”

Lily's jaw dropped opened. Ginny smiled, as she felt the tenseness of her son's bodies relax. Harry still remained alert.

“I went to see my dad last night, to tell him. We, er, got to drinking. To celebrate. I decided to sleep the night at his place,” continued Liam.

“Celebrate? Celebrate what?” asked James.

Liam got down on bended knee in front of Lily. She gasped. He pulled a small box from the Chudley Cannons jacket in his pocket. “Lily, my wonderful, crazy, Lily. I wanted to wait till your birthday, and I wanted to speak to your parents first. But now, in front of all your family, I'm telling you that I love you, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Lil, you are the best thing in my life. Will you marry me?”

Lily threw herself into Liam's arms. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I love you too, Liam,” she said, hugging him and kissing him. They ended up falling on the floor, amid tears and laughter.

The floo activated, and Teddy and a heavily pregnant Vicky stepped out. “What the hell?” asked Teddy, looking at Liam and Lily rolling around on the floor, while the rest of the family were standing around watching.

“We're engaged!” said Liam and Lily together. They laughed, and pulled themselves off the floor. Immediately the family all gathered around to congratulate them.

“Let's see the ring,” said Ginny.

“Oh my gosh, the ring. I haven't put it on your finger yet,” said Liam. He grabbed Lily's hand, and while looking into her eyes, he slid the ring on. They kissed, and turned back to their family. Lily held out her hand, and everyone oohed and aahed.

“Come on, lunch is probably cold by now. The champagne will go down a treat, though,” said Ginny.

“I put a warming charm on the meat, Ginny,” said Ali. Ginny put an arm around her and squeezed.

“Bless you, there's one clear headed person in the family,” she laughed. Ali and her headed to the kitchen. Everyone followed but Harry, Liam and Lily.

“Dad, look,” said Lily, holding out her hand. The ring sparkled in the light. Harry could tell it was quite an expensive ring.

“Harry, I'm sorry. I really wanted to speak to you and Ginny first. And I'm sorry for all this misunderstanding. I never want to hurt Lily. I give you my word on that,” said Liam.

Harry nodded. “I'm going to hold you to that, Liam. I understand that couples fight. Merlin knows, Gin and I have had our moments. My girls are everything to me, Liam. I would do anything for them, understand?”

“Yes sir,” gulped Liam.

“Oh Daddy, stop being so over protective. It's not like when you were young. We're not in a war, we're just engaged, and getting married,” laughed Lily.

Liam paled. “Married. We're getting married. Merlin-”

THUD Liam hit the floor.

“Liam!” cried Lily, kneeling down to her fiance.

“Ennervate,” cried Ginny, coming back to the lounge. “What did you do to him, Harry?”

Harry held his hands up in surrender. “Nothing, I swear. Lily just mentioned marriage, and he passed out.”

Liam sat up, dazed. “Lil? Did I dream it? You did say yes, didn't you?” he asked.

Lily giggled. “Yes, you wonderful man, I said yes. Are you okay? Do you think we should go home?” she asked.

Liam said huskily, “Yes, let's go home and celebrate, love.”

Harry coughed, reminding his new son-in-law-to-be that he was still there. Liam blushed. Ginny looked amused.

“Liam, didn't you have training today?” asked Lily, remembering his coach fire-calling earlier that morning.

Liam blushed. “I missed training. I went to my bedroom to get the ring, and I realised I left it at my dad's last night. So I flooed there, then went to training to explain. I was too late. I-I've been suspended for a game.”

“Oh, Liam. Come on, let's get you home. We'll have to fire call your dad, and your brother Brandon too,” said Lily.

“Give Seamus our best wishes. Tell him we'll be in touch soon. After all, we have an engagement party to plan,” said Ginny.

“Come on Mum and Dad, let's eat,” called Al.

Lily put her arm around Liam's waist, after kissing Harry and Ginny goodbye. They flooed home. Harry didn't want to think about their 'celebration'.

They finally sat down to eat. They laughed when Harry described Liam fainting. They discussed Ali and James's upcoming wedding, and Al enthusiastically told Harry about meeting the Muggle Prime Minister with Kingsley.

Ginny and Scorpius discussed his latest trip to Switzerland. Scorpius worked at the Department of International Magical Cooperation, in the trades department. He travelled a lot for his work, which he enjoyed.

Talk then turned to the impending birth of Teddy and Vicky's first child. They didn't know what they were having, although Vicky suspected a girl.

They were just having dessert, when the floo activated again, and Lily burst back in. “Oh Mum, I can't believe I nearly forgot. Happy Mother's Day,” she said, hugging Ginny hard.

“It's all right, love. It's not everyday you get engaged. Now, come and join us for dessert,” chuckled Ginny.

They all teased Lily about Liam as they had their dessert. She changed the subject, putting the spotlight back on Ginny.

“Come on Mum, tell us which one is your favourite,” teased James.

“You're all my favourite, for different reasons,” said Ginny.

“Which one of us worried you the most?” asked Al.

“Hmm, I know you want me to say James, and while it's true he got up to a lot of mischief when he was younger, I would say you, Al, because you always wanted to do things bigger and better than James.”

“Which one gave you the most teenage angst?” asked Lily.

“All of you!” laughed Ginny “Again, for so very different reasons.”

“Which one caused you the most tears?” asked James, chuckling.

Harry had been enjoying seeing Ginny being grilled by their children, but now he felt the mood change instantly.

Ginny said softly, “I've cried for all of you, many times. Tears of joy, tears of worry, tears of pride. But I cried the most for Teddy.”

“Me?” asked Teddy, incredulously. Ginny nodded.

“I first met your dad, Teddy, in my second year. I went to him and told him about what had happened to me in the Chamber of Secrets. He helped me, showed me some defensive spells I could use. More importantly, he listened to me. He didn't treat me like a silly little girl. I really respected him, even more so when I found out his connection to Harry.”

“I met Tonks when we went to stay at Grimmauld Place, over the summer holidays. I thought she was the coolest person I knew. We talked about boys, and clothes. I thought it was like having a big sister.”

Ginny was lost in her memories, and Teddy was unaware of tears welling in his eyes. Vicky held his hand, and Harry grabbed Ginny's.

“When I knew they had gotten married, and were expecting a baby, I was thrilled for them. Worried, yes, because of the war. But I almost clung to that one bit of good news, of hope that everything was going to be okay. Tonks was so happy to be expecting, and Remus, well, I don't think he had expected to have a child. You were so wanted, Teddy. Then, the unthinkable happened, and they were gone.”

Tears fell from Teddy's eyes. Everyone was mesmerised by Ginny's tale. She continued.

“Everything was crazy after the war. We had a new government, so much of our world was changing. For the better, I know. Hogwarts needed rebuilding. Families needed rebuilding. Ours was no different. We had to learn to live in a new world, without F-Fred. Without Remus and Tonks.
And it was hard. Damn hard some days, to even get out of bed. Two things got me through that time. My love and concern for Harry, and you, Teddy.”

“The Ministry was demanding so much of Harry. I knew he wanted to stay on top of everything, but he also needed time to recover, to heal. You helped with that, Teddy. You gave us a reason to get up everyday, to rebuild Hogwarts, to make our world better. For you, and the children to come.”

Ginny turned to face Teddy, and she used her free hand to grasp Teddy's free hand.

“Harry and I spent a lot of time with you. I remember the first time you called us Mum and Dad. We tried to explain that we weren't your parents, but you just got so confused. That was probably the first time I cried for you, since their funerals. Then, of course, we got married. Harry was busy at the Aurors, and I was busy playing Quidditch. We had discussed having kids; I knew Harry was keen. I wasn't sure how I could keep playing Quidditch and raise a baby. Harry said we'd find a way. I wasn't so sure.”

“Then it was Mother's Day. Harry and I both had the weekend off, and we were having a sleep in before going to the Burrow to celebrate. Then Andromeda fire called, saying Teddy had something for me. She sent you through, and you climbed into bed with us. You handed me a bouquet of flowers that you must have pulled from Andi's garden just before you came through; some still had their roots on.”

Everyone chuckled, but were very moved by Ginny's story. Harry put his arm around her shoulders. He knew what came next.

“You gave me a Mother's Day card. First one I ever got. You kissed me, and told that even though I wasn't your real mum, I was pretty close. You told me you loved me and Harry, and how smart his mum and dad must have been, that they chose the best people to be his godparents. You left then, to go home with Andi. I think I bawled the rest of the day. It made me stop and think. I loved playing Quidditch, but to have a baby, especially with the one you love, well, that truly is magic.”

“I told Harry I wanted to start trying for a baby straight away. We didn't expect to fall pregnant so quickly. I had a wonderful pregnancy; Harry was so supportive. Of course, he was over the moon, which made me happy.”

Ginny looked at Harry. He tried to lighten the mood. “Super sperm. Keep that in mind, James and Al, oh, not that you have to-damn” said Harry, embarrassed, looking at Al. Everyone laughed at Harry's gaffe. He buried his face on Ginny's shoulder. Scorpius patted him on his back.

“Teddy, you were so excited when we told you we were having a baby. You and Harry made all sorts of plans for what the three of you would do. Then one day, just before James was born, you were staying with us. Harry was at work, so it was just the two of us. I asked you if you wanted to feel him kicking. You said no, that you hated him. He was going to take us away from you. You thought we wouldn't want to spend time with you any more. James was going to be our real baby, we didn't need a pretend son any more. You told me you wanted to go back with Andromeda, and you left.”

“I cried and cried. I know you're not my biological son, but I love you as much as I love James, Al and Lily. How could I not? You are a part of Tonks and Remus, the only part I have left, except for my memories. Every special moment of your life, I have gone to their grave site and shared it with them. Harry teaching you to fly, getting your Hogwarts letter, what house you were sorted into. My suspicions that you liked Vicky, then when you finally got together. Your engagement, your wedding and now, you're about to have a baby. They know it all, Teddy. I've shared it all with them.”

“So, to answer your question, James, I have cried the most for Teddy,” finished Ginny. Harry handed her a tissue, and she dabbed her eyes.

“Merlin, I don't know what to say. Thank you Ginny. You have given me a gift today, more wonderful memories of my parents. I stand by what I said all those years ago. Making you my godparents was the best things my parents could have done for me. I love you, both of you. You have been there for me, any time I've needed you. Better yet, you have given me the great example of how a parent should be. I'm excited for our baby to be welcomed into our family,” said Teddy, eyes still moist.

“Okay, okay, let's lighten the mood a bit. Coffee, tea?” asked Harry, putting the kettle on and flicking his wand.

“No, actually, it's late, we really have to get going. We're going to Hannah and Neville's for tea,” said James. He pulled out Ali's chair for her. He clapped his dad on the back and went to his mum.

“You can tell me, Mum. I'm your favourite, aren't I?” he whispered as he hugged her.

“Of course you are, James,” whispered back Ginny.

James pulled back and sent a victorious look at his siblings. “Bye all. We'll be in touch soon. Not long to our wedding, you know,” he said.

Teddy and Vicky made plans to leave, too. As James and Ali headed for the floo, they said their goodbyes to everyone.

Ginny and Teddy had a special hug. “Thank you, Ginny. It's been a special day,” said Teddy.

“Your little one will be here in time for Father's Day. We'll have lots to celebrate,” said Ginny.

“I won't tell the others, you know, that I'm your favourite. It is me, isn't it?” whispered Teddy, grinning.

“Of course it is, Teddy,” whispered Ginny back. She walked them to the floo, then turned to see Al and Scorpius come out of the kitchen.

“Are you off too?” she asked. They nodded.

“We're going to see my Mum and Dad for tea. Happy Mother's Day, Ginny. By the way, I know Al's your favourite, but your secret is safe with me,” said Scorpius, kissing her cheek and talking softly.

“You are too clever, Scorpius. Now, give my best wishes to your parents. Bye!” she called.

“Bye Mum. Love you,” said Al. He gestured to the kitchen with a 'Ssh' sign, then pointed at himself, then made the number one sign with his finger. Ginny gave him the thumbs up. He winked at her, then flooed away.

Ginny shook her head, chuckling as she went back to the kitchen.

“Well, that could have been awkward. Everyone knows that a daughter is her mother's favourite, right Mum?” asked Lily, wiping down the kitchen counter.

“Of course it is, Lil. But let's not tell the boys, we'll keep it between us. Now, why don't you go home and be with your fiance. I'll floo over another day, we can make some plans for an engagement party,” said Ginny.

“Mum, you do like Liam, don't you? You called him an ass, earlier,” said Lily.

Harry coughed on his tea.

“No love, you called him an ass. I agreed with you,” said Ginny.

“Oh yeah. Anyway, here's your present. It's a voucher for a day spa. A Mother/Daughter special, for a special mother. I love you Mum,” said Lily, giving Ginny another hug.

“Love you too, Lil,” said Ginny.

They watched their daughter floo home to her fiance. Ginny turned and reached for Harry. He gathered her close.

“Emotional day,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Yeah,” agreed Ginny.

“Gin, you can tell me, which one of our kids is your favourite?” asked Harry, teasingly.

“Which one is yours?” shot back Ginny, smirking.

“I don't have favourites,” said Harry. “You're your Mum's favourite, you know. Lil's right, it's a mother/daughter thing.”

“Nah. Dad's, maybe. We all know you're Mum's favourite,” said Ginny, putting her arms around his waist.

Harry chuckled. “Did you really call Liam an ass?”

Ginny shook her head.

“Do you think he's the one for Lily?” asked Harry.

Ginny nodded.

“I know it seems like Lily calls the shots but Liam adores her. Yes, I think he's the one for her. And I'll finally get to see you in the role you were born for. Father of the Bride,” said Ginny, moving her arms to be around Harry's neck.

“Can you believe we'll be Nana and Grandpa to Teddy's kids? Merlin, it makes me feel old.” said Harry, groaning.

“Nah, we'll be hip, cool, young grandparents. We'll teach our grand kids to fly, we'll take them places, just like we did with ours. We'll show them this wonderful world. It's what you fought for, Harry,” said Ginny.

“You. I fought the war for you. Happy Mother's Day, my Ginny,” whispered Harry. And it was.

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