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Big Brother
By Pottermum

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Category: Post-Hogwarts
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Rating: PG
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Summary: James finds out that he's about to get a new sibling.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Apologies if anyone thinks that James or Al are speaking above their ages. All characters belong to JKR


“Why?” asked James Potter, three years old.

“Why what?” asked his dad, Harry Potter.

“Why do we gotta have another one. I just got used to Al,” said James.

Al looked up when he heard his name and gave a big smile to his dad and brother.

Harry chuckled. “The baby won't be here for another few months, so you'll have time to get used to the idea of another brother-”

“Huh!” huffed James, not impressed.

“-or sister,” finished Harry.

“Sister!” cried James, shocked.

“Sis-ter,” copied Al.

“Maybe,” said Harry, with a shrug. “We don't know yet.”

“I thought you knew everything, Daddy,” said James.

“Not this,” said Harry. “Mummy and I want to be surprised, so we'll find out when Mummy has the baby.”

“Where's baby?” asked Al.

“In Mummy's tummy,” said Harry.

“Again!” exclaimed James. “That's where Al was! How many has Mummy got in there?”

Harry chuckled.

“What's baby's name, Daddy?” asked Al.

“Mummy and I will decide on a boys name and a girls name, then when Mummy has the baby, we'll be all ready,” explained Harry, smiling.

“Boys name, boys name,” chanted James.

“Boys name,” copied Al.

“Well,we do have a girls name picked out already. If Mummy has a girl, she will be named Lily,” said Harry, proudly.

“We only have boys. There's me and Teddy, then we got Al. Are you sure we need another baby?” asked James, counting on his fingers.

“We don't need another baby, we want another baby,” corrected Harry.

“Boy baby,” said James.

“Little girls are nice. Rosie is sweet, so is Roxi, Molly and Lucy. You like playing with Vicki and Domi too,” reminded Harry, thinking of his nieces.

“They're Weasleys. Potters are boys,” reasoned James.

“I'm a Potter and I'm a girl,” called Ginny, coming in from the kitchen. She picked up Al and smooched his cheek. He giggled.

Ginny went past and ruffled James hair. She sat next to Harry on the couch, and kissed him on the lips.

“You're not a girl, you're Mummy,” corrected James.

Al slithered off Ginny's knee and lifted up her shirt. “Hello, baby,” he called, leaning his mouth against her tummy.

James stood up to have a look. “Can't you have a look inside Mummy, and make sure it's a brother, Daddy?” asked James.

“I like girls,” said Al, smiling up at his mum.

“What can sisters do?” asked James.

“Anything a brother can do,” said Ginny. “I was a sister to six brothers. Nothing made me madder than to be told I couldn't do something they were doing because I was a girl. I played Quidditch, I climbed trees and I skated on the pond. Ask your uncles.”

“Ask us what?” asked Ron, coming through the floo with Rose.

“Mummy's having a baby, and it might be a sister. I asked her what can sisters do and she said anything a brother can do. Is that true, Uncle Ron?” asked James.

Ron put Rose down, and she went to sit next to Al and Ginny on the couch.

“Well, you're Mum was as tough as any of us boys growing up. But there is one thing that sisters can't do, that brothers can,” said Ron.

“What?” asked Ginny, indignantly.

“They can't go into the mens room at the Quidditch games,” said Ron, triumphantly.

He looked around, expecting to be praised. Instead, he got dirty looks from his sister, a shake of his head from Harry and a puzzled look from James.

“That's it?” asked James.

Ron shrugged. “What can I say? I like my girls. I'm sure your Dad wants a little girl, too,” he said.

James looked at Harry. “Do you, Daddy? Do you want a little girl?” he asked.

Harry smiled, one arm around Ginny, and one hand resting on her rounded stomach. “I want another beautiful, healthy baby. It doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy. It's a Potter,” he said, kissing Ginny's forehead.

“It's okay, buddy. It will probably be a boy. Your Nana Molly had six boys before she had your Mum. Chances are, the same will happen with your Mum,” said Ron, patting James on the shoulder.

“My Mummy thinks our baby might be another girl,” said Rose, speaking up.

James looked affronted. Whatever his aunt could do, his mummy could do too.

“Well, I think our new baby is a girl, and we've already got a name, so there,” he said to his cousin.

“Our sister is Lily,” piped up Al.

“Now, kids, we don't know what the babies will be, so there's no point in arguing,” said Harry, chuckling.

“We're having a girl, aren't we Daddy,” said James.

“No, we're having a girl,” argued Rose. She looked at Ron. “Tell him, Daddy.”

“They might both be girls,” said Ron.

James and Rose looked at each other. “Well, our sister will be better than yours,” said James.

“Will not. My sister will be smarter than yours. My Mummy is already reading stories to her,” snapped Rose.

Al's head swung backwards and forwards between James and Rose.

James looked determined to beat Rose. “Well, my sister will be a better flyer than yours. She goes flying with my Mummy every day.”

“Kids, come on,” said Harry.

“My sister will be a Weasley,” said Rose.

“Mine will be a Potter,” snarled James.

“James, honey-” started Ginny.

“My sister is your cousin,” said Al, thoughtfully.

Both James and Rose opened their mouth to argue, but couldn't. They glared at each other.

“Your sister is our cousin,” said Al.

“That's right, Al,” grinned Ron.

“We gotta big family, don't we Mummy?” asked Al, happily

“Yes my darling, we do. And we love them all, boys and girls equally,” said Ginny firmly, looking at James and Rose.

“Come on Rosie, we have to go. I just came over to tell you that we won't be coming for tea. Hermione's too tired at night, she usually goes to bed about seven these days. This second pregnancy is really taking a toll on her,” said Ron, worriedly.

“Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?” asked Ginny, curiously.

“Dunno. Hermione thinks it's a girl, but I reckon it's a boy. I'll leave it up to Hermione, if she wants to find out, we will,” said Ron.

“My Daddy is gonna look inside Mummy and he'll find out what we're having, a brother or a sister,” said James, confidently.

Ron threw Harry a look, which made Harry blush. “I'm pretty sure that's how the baby got in there in the first place,” sniggered Ron.

James thought for a moment. “Oh, do you mean he was checking to see if there was room? Cos Al was in there last time, you know,” he confided to his uncle.

“Yeah mate, something like that. Okay then, we're off, come on Rosie. Bye Potters,” he called out.

He stepped into the floo, with Rosie in his arms, waving goodbye.

James turned to his parents. “Isn't there anything you can do to check if it's a brother or a sister?” he asked.

Al smiled at his parents. “I don't care. Love my brother or sister,” he said, toddling towards the toy box.

“Hey, I do, too,” said James. “Wait for me, Al.”

Harry and Ginny sighed. “One minute he wants a brother, the next he's fighting that his sister will be better than Rose's,” said Harry, putting his hand back on Ginny's tummy.

“He's nearly four. Short attention span, remember. At least there's only four months to go,” said Ginny, standing up and rubbing her back.

Harry stood up with her and massaged her back. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked, thinking about Ron's comments about Hermione.

Ginny turned and put her arms up and around Harry's neck. “I'm fine. But I think I'll take a leaf out of Hermione's book and go to bed early too.”

“Oh, okay,” said Harry, surprised.

“I'm sure you remember what happened in my second trimester with both James and Al's pregnancies, Harry,” she said, nibbling on his ear.

Harry gulped. Ginny's libido was at full peak during her second trimester, and Harry could barely keep up with her. Not that he was complaining!

If James thought it was strange that his mummy and daddy went to bed early that night, and for the next few nights, he didn't say anything. He just reminded his daddy that if he got the chance, to check if mummy was having a boy or a girl. He didn't understand why his daddy's face went red, or why his mummy laughed a lot.

A big brother just needed to know these things.

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