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The Space Between
By YelloWitchGrl

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Category: Post-Hogwarts, Post-DH/AB, Post-DH/PM
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Tragedy
Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mental Abuse, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use, Rape, Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence, Violence/Physical Abuse
Rating: R
Reviews: 356
Summary: Harry and Ginny's lives have finally evened out. They've faced trauma, and loss, more than most have, but they've fought hard to find a normal.

If only things could stay that way... Old enemies find new ways to seek revenge.

This story is the sequel to Bound. It would be extremely helpful if you read that first.

Warnings are to be safe. It's probably overkill. Please message me if you have any questions or concerns.
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Author's Notes:
I know it's been two weeks! I'm sorry, I've been crazy busy with my other book. I did work some on this, but the other story snagged my focus.

Readers, I finished my second book!!!!! EEK! In 45 days I wrote 113,000 words.

But better still? I'm still completely stunned by this, it's so surreal! My first book is now up on amazon (presale until Jan 20th, 2016), and goes up on other platforms shortly. Go to my profile, find the links. Even if you don't buy... it's just been such a fun journey, and I appreciate everyone's kind words.

For those who do want to buy, it's a special presale price right now, and will go up as it gets closer to release, so if you were buying anyway (THANK YOU!) get it now. I'm pasting in the summary to the new story:
Mia Harper was not prepared for a solar flare to knock out the world's electricity. No one was, although Mia and her fifteen-month-old sister had a slight advantage: their father, a hardcore doomsday prepper, left them a safe haven to help them survive their new reality.

Andrew Greene is Mia's childhood friend. On track to graduate college at nineteen years old, his sharp mind gives him an edge against the competition.

How will the trio survive the harsh winters of Pennsylvania? How will they survive attacks from hungry wildlife? What will they do when faced with perhaps their greatest danger: the other survivors?

Can they live in this new world? Or will their Shelter turn into their grave site?


June 2007


“Hm?” He looked up from the report he’d been reading in bed, pushing his glasses further up his nose to see his wife walking back in from the bathroom. Her long red hair fell down her back in soft waves and her truly amazing breasts, thanks to Al refusing to wean, were hugged in one of his old t-shirts that came down to just below her knickers. A slow smile spread over his face as he watched her climb into bed next to him and he set the report off to the side.

Her eyes pulled him in, sinking him under the spell she always wove over him. Her face was alight with mischief and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He couldn’t dwell on it too long, though. Her soft lips were calling to be kissed. Before he could kiss her, she spoke. “I don’t want to take the potion tomorrow.”

His brain stuttered for a second, trying to place what potion she meant. Then it clicked. Harry schooled his featured as joy flooded him. He watched her expression and the unnamed emotion became clear. It was nerves. “So… let me get this straight…” he drawled out, saying each word as slowly as he could. “Either we’re going to have another baby or we’re never having sex again. That about it?”

Ginny bit her lip and this time it wasn’t the seduction that it normally was. “That’s about it.”

Harry nodded slowly, pretending to think about it. When her bottom lip began to quiver he gave it up and pulled her down for a kiss, startling a gasp from her. “I guess we’re having another baby,” he breathed against her mouth before deepening the kiss.

“You’re okay with this?” She asked, forcing him back a bit.

He grinned and pulled her in again. “Well, I was hoping you’d forget to take the potion again, but I guess we can do it this way.” Harry laughed and ducked the pillow that came flying towards his head.


April 2008

Ginny groaned and swayed as she waddled around their bedroom at two in the morning. “I can’t have her now, Harry! It’s too early. Both the boys were weeks late.”

Harry watched his watch counting the minutes between the contractions. “Martha will be here soon. Maybe she’ll stop the labor.”

“Owwwww, bloody hell,” Ginny ground out as she came over to lean against him.

Harry stood and helped her to sway her hips. “She’ll be okay, Gin,” Harry promised, trying to reassure himself as much as his wife. “I know it’s early, but you’re still thirty five weeks along.”

“What if she isn’t?” Ginny cried out as another wave hit her.

Harry checked his watch and started to panic. The contractions were getting really close now. She never had very long labors but at less than forty five minutes this was going to a record. “She will be!” Harry told her firmly. “Do you want to get in the tub?”

“No!” Ginny shouted as she knelt down and put her head on the bed. “Oh fuck this hurts! Why do I always forget how much this hurts?”

Survival of the species, Harry thought, but knew better than to say it. He’d been married for almost ten years now; he wasn’t stupid. There was a call from downstairs and Harry heard Martha making her way up to them. “Ginny,” Martha said coming to kneel down next to her, putting her hand on Ginny’s lower back, starting to kneed her knuckled into her to help relieve some of the pain. “Are you ready to have this baby?”

“Nooo,” Ginny moaned as another wave hit. “It’s too early.”

“We saw her practicing breathing last week when we took a look at her,” Martha reminded her calmly. “She’s telling you she’s ready to come.”

“I want to get in the tub,” Ginny moaned and Harry hopped up, thankful for something to do.

Just as he finished tapping the bath Molly poked her head in. Her hair was liberally streaked with silver now, but her eyes were bright with excitement at her youngest grandchild’s imminent arrival. “Is the bath ready?” She asked.

Harry nodded. “Did you check on the boys?”

“Yes, and they’re still out,” Molly said and winced as Ginny let out an ear piercing shriek. “It’s always amazed me what kids will sleep through.”

Harry walked back in to his bedroom and found Ginny stripped out of her nightgown. “You,” she growled at him. “Get changed!”

It was always like this when she was in labor, but he didn’t take it personally. She was so tough that he knew she had to be in a lot of pain to be crying out and cursing like she was. He’d seen her arm shattered with a Bludger and she didn’t do more than wince and swear at the ref when he said that she had to leave the pitch.

The women left and Harry quickly got into his swim trunks to join her in the tub.

“Oh fuuuck, ouch, damn it!” Ginny said twisting in the water as Harry settled in to help her in any way he could.

“You’re in transition,” Martha told her calmly. “Ginny you’re so close, just minutes. I know it hurts, but you are doing great.”

Ginny awkwardly sat back, resting against Harry with her legs propped up on the bath’s tile wall. “Ohhhhhh!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” She screamed. “Pushing!”

“I see her head,” Martha coached. “Ginny, reach down and get her.”

Ginny reached down and seconds later Harry saw a tiny red head pop out into the bath water, followed immediately by her body. Ginny grasped her under the arms and pulled their daughter up on to her bare chest. Ginny burst into tears and Harry had a few of his own running down his cheeks as well as he wrapped his arms around his wife and daughter:

his daughter who was screaming her head off.

Harry sent thanks up to whoever was listening that she was alive and healthy.

“Shh Lily,” Ginny crooned through her tears as she cupped their child to her breast. “Shh, Mummy has you darling. It’s okay.”

“Oh, Ginny,” Molly cried. “You did it, sweetheart.”

Ginny beamed and turned her sweaty face around to Harry’s for a kiss. “She’s okay.”

“Yeah,” Harry said, too choked up to say more.

A few minutes later Ginny was settled back in bed, cleaned up and with a sleeping Lily in her arms. “She’s so small,” Ginny said running a finger down the baby’s perfect cheek. “The boys were huge.”

“She’s five pounds, two ounces, but with a very healthy set of lungs,” Martha promised. “She was ready to come.”

Harry reached out his arms and took his tiny daughter to cradle her against his chest, forcibly reminded of having done this many years before with Hope. Then he’d only needed one hand to hold his daughter. This time he needed both arms and there was only joy with a tiny bit of longing for what could have been. Harry kissed her soft, red hair and told her that he loved her. She yawned her pretty little mouth and turned her face into him.

“I’ve sent word to the family,” Molly said, coming back in carrying a very sleep three-and-a-half-year-old James on her hip. “I also found someone sitting in the hall.”

James looked at his parents. “Did da baby come out?”

Ginny held out his arms for him and he clambered up onto the bed and into her lap. “Yes, do you want to see her?”

“Mmm,” James said noncommittally as he snuggled into his mother’s warm embrace.

Harry brought the baby over and sat down on the edge of the bed to show James his baby sister.

James frowned at her. “She’s all wed.”

Harry chuckled. “You were all red, too, when you were this small.”

James peered around the blanket further and Harry knew he was studying this new creature with interest. “Babies smell.”

“So did you,” Harry informed him very seriously. “You had the worst nappies.”

James grinned proudly at that, his bright brown eyes shining.

Lily started to mew and tried to latch on to her blanket. “Time to nurse,” Harry said, passing her over to Ginny.

“Daddy,” James said holding out his arms.

Harry picked up his sturdy little boy and held him close. “I love you, James. You’re a good big brother.”

James nodded, knowing it already. “I wuv you, Daddy.”

Harry kissed him. “It’s still night time, though. Back to bed with you.”

“Aww,” James whined, but without real heat. His head was heavy on Harry’s shoulder as he carried him down the hallway to his bedroom. After tucking him in, Harry went over to Al’s room to see make sure his middle child was still asleep.

He wasn’t. Al was sitting up in bed, his thumb firmly in his mouth, his stuffed bear clutched tight in his other arm. At two, Al didn’t say much. He mostly let James talk while he watched. Where James would go out exploring, Al tended to hang back and wait. “Hey, Al,” Harry said, walking over to scoop his youngest son into his arms. “Do you want to go see the new baby?”

Al nodded against him and Harry carried him back down the hall. He entered his room and found Ginny alone with the baby and Lily already nursing. Harry came over and crouched down so that Al could get a good look at his baby sister.

Al leaned his dark head in and looked at her. Then he held out his bear for Lily and dropped it on her. She didn’t notice, too intent on her meal to appreciate the generous gift. “Bear,” he told Lily pulling his thumb from his mouth long enough to utter the single word.

Harry and Ginny exchanged startled looked. Bear was Al’s favorite. “You want Lily to have your bear?” Ginny asked gently.

Al nodded, thumb still in his mouth.

“Are you sure?” Harry asked, boosting him around so he could see his son’s small face.

Al nodded again, green eyes meeting green.

“You can change your mind later if you want to,” Ginny told him, holding out her free arm.

Harry carefully put Al next to Ginny and he lay still against her, watching Lily nurse. James would just as likely have hopped down in a flash, but Al was a cuddler and he always had been.

Al reached out a single pudgy finger and touched Lily’s hand gently. “Wiwy.”

Ginny kissed his cheek. “That’s right. Now you’re the big brother, Al.”

Al looked so serious for a moment that Harry thought he might cry, but then he smiled a radiant smile and looked at Harry who felt his heart soar at the joy he saw on his child’s face. “Wuv Wiwy,” he said around his thumb.

“Me too, Al,” Harry promised as he ran a hand through Al’s messy black hair. “I love you too,” he told his son so proud of him for sharing his bear. He’d said it to James, and Al needed to hear it too. “You’re a good big brother.”

Al smiled at him again, but more shyly. Then he carefully climbed over and kissed Lily’s cheek.

Molly, who had just walked back in the room with Martha, burst into tears. Al looked over at his Gran confused but she scooped him up and hugged him tight. “You are the sweetest boy, Albus!”

A moment later Al reached out for Harry and he took his son back down to his bed.

When he got back it was to find Ginny burping Lily. Harry carefully took her and started to pat her back gently as he swayed. After the weight of the boys, Lily felt so tiny in his arms.

He looked at Ginny and she smiled sleepily at him, love, joy and happiness shining from her.

This was more than enough.


Ten-year-old Teddy stood staring at the clock, willing it to be eight o’clock. He stomped around his kitchen impatiently, huffing out a breath.

“Calm down, Teddy,” his Grandma said from the table, sipping her tea. “Why are you so nervous?”

“I’m not nervous,” Teddy lied running a hand through his hair, which was dirty blond today. “I just want to go!”

“They might still be asleep,” Grandma reminded him, smiling at him over her paper. “Having a baby in the middle of the night is exhausting.”

Teddy shook his head. “James is up at six every morning.”

Smiling knowingly, his grandmother stood and walked over to where he was. He was now almost as tall as her. He’d shot up a lot in the last year. She put her hands on his cheeks. “It will be fine.”

“I know,” Teddy said embarrassed. “I just want to meet her.”

“All right,” she said, kissing his cheek. “You go then. Give the baby a kiss from me.”

Excited, he nodded and ran for the Floo powder. “I will! Bye!” He took out a pinch, threw it in the fireplace and said, “Ivy Run!”

Seconds later he spun to a stop in the sitting room of his godfather’s house. He straightened and then was knocked sideways at the knees by a dark haired blur that yelled, “Teddy!”

Teddy hefted James up for a quick hug. “Hey.”

James bounced down out of his arms and ran yelling to the kitchen. “Teddy’s here, Daddy!”

Teddy made his way around the toy dragons and the train set and walked into the kitchen to find his godfather making crepes. Harry grinned at him. “I expected you hours ago.”

“Grandma made me wait,” Teddy explained, trying not to fidget. Something tugged at his pant leg and he looked down to see that Al had toddled over, his thumb in his mouth. Al held up his arms and Teddy picked him up. “Hi, Al.” Al put his head on his shoulder and Teddy pulled out a chair and sat with him in his lap.

James sat next to him, practically bouncing out of his seat. “Da baby came out of Mummy’s belly.”

“I know,” Teddy said grinning.

James wrinkled his nose. “She smells.”

Teddy saw Harry roll his eyes and he laughed. “You smelled worse.”

“Yeah?” James asked hopefully.

“Oh yeah,” Teddy assured him seriously. “Your nappies made me gag.”

James giggled and dived for the plate of crepes as soon as Harry set them on the table. “One at a time James,” Harry told him firmly and huffing, James just grabbed one.

Harry took Al and strapped him into his high chair before giving him a crepe. “Are you hungry?” he asked Teddy.

Teddy just shook his head. His stomach was in knots.

“Go on up,” Harry told him, nodding towards the stairs. “Ginny’s awake.”

Teddy stood awkwardly and Harry came over, seeming to sense his hesitation. He hugged him hard, holding him in close. Harry was still a head taller than him and his arms always felt absolutely strong and secure like he was being enveloped by him. Ruffling his hair, Harry prodded him to the stairs. “Go on, Ginny wants to see you.”

Teddy walked slowly up the stairs, remembering vividly when James had been born. When he’d first heard that Ginny was having him, he’d been scared that things were going to change for him. He had his Grandma and she was great, but since before he could remember Harry and Ginny had been the closest thing to a mum and dad that he’d ever have. They told him stories about his real parents, and he looked at pictures of them all the time, but it wasn’t the same. They weren’t here to hug him or listen to him or play with him. They didn’t get to say that they loved him and that they were proud of him.

Teddy was proud of them, though. He knew that they died for a really good cause and it hurt to know that he’d never get to know them, but Harry had told him about himself and how he didn’t have his parents either when he was growing up. That had helped.

He walked past a picture on the wall that was taken the Christmas before. Teddy was sitting by the tree holding Al in his lap while James ran in circles around the frame. He stopped at the door to Harry and Ginny’s room, hesitating.

Nothing had changed for him when James was born. Harry and Ginny had still loved him the same, and treated him the same. He didn’t know why this time he was so nervous. He knocked and heard Ginny say, “Come in.”

Teddy pushed open the door and looked at her brilliant smile, the one she always had for him, and felt the fist around his gut unclench. She held out her free hand and he rushed over, into her arms. He breathed in her flowery smell that always meant he was safe and loved and he hugged her, trying not to knock into the baby who was sleeping there.

“Come here,” Ginny said, patting the spot next to her on the bed.

Teddy went around the bed and crawled over next to her. He looked down at Lily and was amazed at how tiny she was. “Can I hold her?”

“You bet,” Ginny said and she helped him cradle the baby. “You’re late this morning.”

“Grandma,” Teddy said, and knew she’d understand because that’s just how Ginny was. He looked back down at Lily’s cute face. “She’s so little and her hair is red.”

“Yeah, it looks like Harry got his wish,” Ginny agreed touching the baby’s soft downy head. “She was a few weeks early.”

Teddy nodded and lifted her up to kiss her baby soft skin. “That’s from Grandma Andromeda.”

“So how does it feel to be a god-brother again?” Ginny asked, elbowing him gently in the ribs. “I hear little sisters are just dreadful.”

Teddy laughed, knowing that’s exactly what her brothers said about her all the time, especially when they were playing games. “I think she’s brilliant.”

Harry walked in, a fine mist of flour clung to his blue t-shirt. “They’re eating like pigs, oinks included, but thankfully your mum just got back so she’ll keep them in line.” He came over and sat on the other side of Teddy. He wrapped his arm around his godson’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “So should we keep her?”

“Yep,” Teddy told him, soaking in the warmth of two the people who loved him most in this world besides his grandma.

“I’m thinking so, too,” Harry said. “You want to spend the night tonight?”

Teddy nodded. Lily stretched in his arms and let out a loud, long, wet fart without even waking up. They all laughed. “James definitely smelled worse,” Teddy said.

“Too right he did,” Harry said, picking up the baby to go change her nappy.

Ginny pulled Teddy in close until his head was on her shoulder and he relaxed into her arms. It was something he’d been doing for as long as he could remember, except now he was taller than her. He didn’t want things to change just because he was getting bigger.

“You’re an amazing kid, you know that, right?” Ginny whispered into his ear.

Teddy shrugged, feeling his cheeks flush. “I guess.”

“You are,” she told him, firmly staring into his eyes in a way that always made him feel like she understood him. “I love you and I’m so glad I have you in my life.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered back feeling his insides squirm with joy. He held on, enjoying this moment with her. Nothing had changed. All was well.
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