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A Twisted Toad
By BkRmGrl87

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Ron Weasley
Genres: Drama, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 2
Summary: Harry has James with him at the office for a "take your child to work day" and he get's more than he's bargained for.
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Author's Notes:
This is the second installment to my scars series. Sorry, it's shorter like the first, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. You don't have to read "A Marked Man" to enjoy this story. The first two of the series are ok, and Albus's turn is good, but my favorite is the last one. But you, dear reader, will have to be your own judge.


"Daddy, what’s that?” an innocent voice asked. Harry looked down as he felt a poke on his right hand that had been writing a report from his latest mission. James, who had recently just turned six years old, was staring curiously at a scar he had never seemed to notice before. Harry glanced at the barely legible words carved into his hand, “I must not tell lies.” “That is a scar I got in my youth.” he said simply. James had an annoyed expression on his face at the short answer. It looked so much like Ginny’s look reserved for Harry that he had to stifle a laugh. She too didn’t like when he skirted around a full answer with just the barest of details. “I know that Daddy, but what’s it say?” In a quiet whisper, Harry said, “Can you keep a secret?”
A look of pure excitement bubbled onto James’ face. Harry chuckled. James couldn’t keep the tone quiet, though he looked eager to please his father so that Harry would be more likely to tell this “secret” of his. Harry didn’t much like to talk about his more disturbing school experiences, especially to his young son, but he knew he wouldn’t have any peace otherwise.
“Yes, Daddy, yes! Please, please, please tell me! Please? I won’t say anything! Promise!” Harry pulled James onto his lap, as they sat in his small office at the Ministry. It was another, take your son to the ministry day, since Ginny had needed to personally drop off an article at the Prophet, so she had taken their other children to visit the Burrow with their cousins, Rose and Hugo, in the vigilant care of Molly Weasley. James, being the eldest, had been able to job shadow his father instead. Ron’s office sat adjacent to his cubical, but with privacy charms installed, one rarely overheard conversations in the next stall over.
“It says “I must not tell lies.”” Harry just knew he was opening a full can of worms with this. “I got this particular scar when I was fifteen at Hogwarts. Hogwarts. The best place besides the Burrow, in my opinion. Have I ever told you the time when your Uncle Ron decided to eat a box of chocolate caul…”
“Dad, I want to know what those funny scars means.” James wasn’t to be distracted. Another trait he apparently received from Ginny. Well then.
“Okay,” Harry conceded. “When I got these funny scars, thought it wasn’t so much a laughing matter then, it was in a detention from a Professor who thought I was lying about a bad man coming back when he had disappeared for a long time. Because I was telling the truth the bad lady was mad at me and wanted to punish me and had me write “I must not tell lies” with a special quill of hers. I won’t go into the mechanics of it, but I’ll just say that it was a special quill that put the lines I wrote on parchment, on the back of my hand instead. As you can see I still have the scars from those detentions. The End.”
“But how come Granny Weasley can’t fix it? I had a cut on my knee last week and it bled a whole bucket of blood when I fell when I was running around the back of the Burrow chasing the chickens. Have you see the chickens! They’re laying eggs this year Granny said! I bet she would fix your hand for you if you asked her nicely, Daddy. Especially if you give her a big hug before and tell her she’s the bestest ever, ‘cause she is, and ask her "please". Oh, and if you tell her something nice about how she fixes stuff I bet she could help you git rid of those words. She loves to help me when I get hurt.”
Harry down at his oldest and most verbose son. James, with his dark and messy hair — a continual Potter trait - and those trusting brown eyes he had also inherited from his mother. There wasn’t anything he could ever deny his son. Those trusting eyes, knowing that his grandmother could fix any sort of injury a rough and tumble boy like James could have. Harry briefly pressed his lips to the top of the boy’s head and gently said, “That’s a good idea, son. Next time I see her I’ll be sure to ask.”
“I wanna go see Uncle Ron! He said he had a cool invention he was workin’ with Uncle George so they could sell in the shop soon!”
Off the boy went, directly into the correct cubical, and straight into the watchful care of Uncle Ron. Harry glanced down at his fist again. James didn’t need to know that it was quite impossible to fix a scar gained so many years before. Not only that but with the detentions such a distant memory now, it hardly mattered to Harry anymore. Sure, the toad had made her mark on him, but he felt that he had moved passed that dark time in his life and he was completely content in life.
He had a brilliant family that had taken him in without a thought, four wonderful children (since Teddy Lupin was raised and treated as one of his own children), and a beautiful wife that only seemed to get more beautiful every year. Especially since he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes or hands away from her magnificent body. But if last night was any indication, she didn’t seem to mind.
Harry was startled from his daydreams when a familiar voice purred softly from the doorway, “Now, now Mr. Potter. Wipe that drool off your chin this minute. One might think you’re getting old — drooling at your age? What could have prompted such a thing?”
Harry’s eyes zoomed quickly over the amazing visage that was his wife, Ginny Potter née Weasley. He quirked an eyebrow at her.
“I was not drooling, for your information. I was just reliving a happy memory from last night. I didn’t think you assumed I was acting anything close to what one would consider old then. Or would you like another demonstration?”
Ginny walked into the office confidently, sat onto his lap, wrapped her slender arms around his neck. She leaned in and quietly whispered just the kind of demonstration he’d have to do in order to convince her he wasn’t as old as the drool seemed to indicate.
Harry pulled her into a passionate kiss until they were awakened to their surroundings by a deep voice saying, “Oi! Would you cut that out already? Isn’t it bad enough you subject me and your poor children to this every Sunday dinner at the Burrow? Please, your very young son is getting quite the eye full and I want no part in seeing this either!”
The voice, Harry quickly recognized, was of his Auror partner and first friend, Ron Weasley.
Harry smiled deviously.
“Well that’s only payback for the eyeful I had to see when I was trying to have a kip one lazy afternoon at the Burrow when we were twenty and Hermione was twen…”
Ron’s ears quickly burned red and Ginny laughed deeply as she left Harry’s lap in order to take their son from Ron.
“Oi! Ok, ok! I get the picture. Keep it down, will you? Merlin’s beard. Do you have to bring that up every time? It was once, many years ago!” Ron grumbled, clearly embarrassed and aggravated.
Harry opened his mouth to respond, but Ginny cut across his smart remark as she headed for the doorway and past Ron.
“Well, boys, we’ll be off. Would you like to see Granny Weasley, Jamie? Then we can see if we can’t find a biscuit for you. Bye Ron. Later, lover boy, I’ll want that demonstration later.” She said with a saucy wink.
“Lalalala…. I can’t hear you!” said Ron, putting his hands over his ears.
Ginny laughed again and said, “Stop being such a baby, Ron. We’ve only been married for more than ten years and then some. Surely you’ve become used to the idea by now?”
“Just because I recognize the fact you two are married doesn’t mean I want to see, hear, or know any more about your marriage than that!”
With another wave and a quick hug and kiss from James, Harry watched as Ginny left hand in hand with their son. His eyes followed them as they disappeared down the hallway chattering the whole way until he couldn’t see or hear them anymore.
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