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Bound by Blood
By BkRmGrl87

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Lily Potter
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: My (so far) last one-shot about Harry and his scars. Lily Potter II will get into some mischief.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.


Lily was curious. Dad’s study was just asking to be explored. She had definitely inherited that trait from him. It was the summer after her fifth year at Hogwarts, three days into the holidays and already she was bored of her family but most especially peeved with her brothers. James had already graduated, but he was in the middle of moving out — for the last two month - and didn’t seem to be any closer. Al wasn’t helping her mood either, with his lost puppy look he had whenever Lacy Jordan wasn’t attached to his lips. Eww…
Anything like kissing or snogging was not enjoyable to watch, especially if it had anything to do with any of her immediate family. Doubt eww. Not only was Al an embarrassment, but her parents were even worst. They could hardly keep their hands to themselves. They were too old for that kind of things. Ugh, definitely a triple eww.
Lily had had a boyfriend last year at school and she enjoyed kissing as much as any other girl, but things didn’t end well when Matthew Williams wanted more than she wanted to give. Not to mention she thought he was a royal git since he related how he didn’t consider the Holy Head Harpies a real Quidditch team because it was all just a bunch of girls on brooms. She’d have to ask Uncle George for a little something for dear Michael, to remind him of whom he had messed with and that girls were just as competent as boys. Better even.
Lifting the Invisibility Cloak from Al’s trunk had been too easy, so Lily covered herself and let herself into the study. Mum and Dad were on a date for the next hour or two, James was who knew where, and Al was probably writing Lacy for the thirteenth time since he had come home. So wearing the cloak might have been an overkill, but with fantastical stories from her uncles, her family seemed to have had all the adventures and she wanted one for herself. Plus, pulling one over her annoying brothers was always a bonus.
Silently chuckling, Lily made her way to the desk to see what might be of interest. Several wonderful ideas popped into her head. The most exciting one was something her cousin had come up with not very long ago. Rose Weasley had explained what a pensieve was and how it worked just a week ago, and Lily hoped that her dad had one.
Since he was an important member of the department of magical law, she hoped he might have put some memories from the war in it, or if she were lucky it would show her something of what his teenage years had been like. Her family never really talked about what the return and end of the Riddle’s War was like either. She knew, just like her brothers did, that their dad never talked about the war and he probably never would. Since she was here, she might as well have a look see. Now, where would he put it? Maybe in the bottom drawer here…?
After twenty minutes of careful searching, the study clock chimed the seventh time and went silent when she found her dad’s pensieve behind some large tomes her Aunt Hermione had given him two Christmases ago. Grinning like a mad woman, Lily settled the memory device gently her dad’s desk, pushing pictures her parents, family, and a loose newspaper clipping of a plump woman being arrested.
Taking a pause to stare at this odd occurrence, she read the clipping of a woman who was being taken to trial for helping with some sort of muggle-born committee. Weird. Dad usually didn’t keep any kind of clippings from the paper at the house, maybe she was a close friend that got drawn into the wrong side of the war? Perhaps she’d have to ask her Uncle Ron about it later. But that would be when she wasn’t here in her dad’s office with the cloak on and sneaking around.
Now that she had the pensieve she wasn’t sure she could go through with it. It was a very personal place to be. She would practically be in her dad’s mind. What if they had something to do with a case he was working on? What if he’d get in trouble with Minister Shacklebolt?
Curiosity killed the cat. Her Aunt Hermione’s voice chimed in on the matter.
Anything’s worth it if you’ve got enough nerves. Insisted a voice sounding suspiciously like Uncle George.
Nodding in agreement to the second voice, Lily stuffed the cloak into her pocket that held her wand and boldly lowered her face just over the gas-like liquid and felt the odd sensation of falling…
Darkness and shadows. Lily looked around her and it was night-time and she was outside, in a graveyard. It wasn’t in Godric’s Hollow like she had first initially thought when she saw the markers. She had been to visit her grandparents, her grandfather’s best friends, and Teddy’s mum’s graveyard many times in her life, and she knew almost immediately that this wasn’t the same one. It was darker and creepier, especially since it seemed to be very late at night. A muffled cry of pain behind her made her turn and instinctively feel for her wand.
Bound tightly to a tombstone sat a frightened, gagged, and immensely young looking Harry Potter. Jogging to his side, Lily took in his familiar features and hazarded a guess that he was just about her age, fourteen or maybe just turning fifteen, and things didn’t look good for him at all. A short, rat faced man was putting blood from a long opened wound on her dad’s forearm into a glass vial and walked away with it to a large cauldron as big as a man. What could he want with that?
Just watching this her heart was beating frantically against her ribcage, and she knew if the roles were switched she would have probably dropped off in a dead faint, or going into hysterics that would have meant getting a stunner at the very least. The blood oozed from the arm wound, and she wondered if there was a scar on her dad’s arm, she had never noticed.
So lost in this horrible memory, possibly a coming nightmare for her, she didn’t notice her silent pensieve companion. Harry Potter, Head Auror for the Ministry of Magic, was watching almost dispassionately as a murdering dark wizard was attacked by spectral ghostly figures as the memory came to a close. Shaking from both the memories and being caught red handed, Lily flinched as her Dad squeezed her shoulder and gently wrapped the other hand around her elbow and silently lifted her up and out of his pensieve.
Once again in her dad’s study, surrounded by familiar sights and sounds Lily was shaken out of her stupor and shifted from foot to foot, waiting for the fireworks to start. Although it wasn’t often directed at her, she knew her dad could have quite the temper, if provoked. What she wasn’t expecting was to hear her father sigh and make his way behind his desk and sit down heavily. Knowing she couldn’t ignore or get out of this one she sat on the chair facing his desk, but didn’t look up to meet her father’s gaze. She knew she looked guilty, how could she not?
She had never violated this kind of thing. Her father’s office wasn’t strictly off limits, but the Potter children knew it wasn’t a place to be if he wasn’t around to know what was going on in his part of the house. For all she knew, maybe he had set off an alarm to know if someone trespassed into it? Why hadn’t she…
‘I hope you know what you did was wrong, Lily Luna Potter.’ said her dad sternly.
But Lily could see the tense way his shoulders were set and the expression of great disappointment in his eyes. He had also called her by her full name too. Shamefaced she looked down again.
‘I know.’
‘Why…’ He started.
‘Did I do it?’ she looked up and saw him nod. ‘Because Rose was telling me about pensieves and since you knew Albus Dumbledore and are the Head of the Aurors I figured you had one. I was curious how it really worked and I thought I could find something about your past! You never talk of what your growing up years were like, and I’ve always wondered. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to see that memory, I know I shouldn’t have, and I know it was a very personal thing to do but…’ she cut off herself. She was rambling so she just left it open for her dad to lecture her about ownership and personal property, if he so chose.
‘How many memories did you see? Was it only that one I found you in? I hope you know the serious consequences there could have been if it had been a work related memory and not just a memory from my school days.’ Tiredness leaked almost physically from this admission.
Lily had thought of that, but had ignored her more sensible self for a few bits of ‘fun’. “Just that one…” she whispered.
Finally looking into her Dad’s eyes she saw the hurt and seriousness in them. She also saw how his trust in her had been broken between them and that hurt her too. But seeing the betrayal there made her heart seize and break into a million pieces. Suddenly her throat closed up and the sobs came.
‘I’m… hic … sorry! I knew… I knew I shouldn’t have. Your cases with work… you could have been… hic… in trouble with… hic… Shacklebolt!’ her voiced away died then. After a few minutes she felt her dad scoop her up and place her in his lap, and held her tightly.
It reminded her of a similar position when he had picked her up from the ground when she was five and had fallen from a tree in the park near their home. He had sat her on his lap then too, and murmured into her ear until she calmed down, and just like when she was five, when her tears dried up and she took her arms from around his neck he gave her that reassuring look and gently kissed the crown of her head.
‘I really am sorry Dad, I knew what I might have found, but you’ve never told me any school stories and I was just curious. Do you forgive me? I’ll accept my punishment, no matter what it is.’ Lily said sincerely as she wiped away her tears and blew her nose on a handkerchief her father offered her.
‘I know you are Lily, and for punishment you will have to have your broom taken for a week, and no floo calling for at least two weeks for the invasion of my privacy.’ he said calmly. “Plus, any chores your mother might have for you during the rest of the holidays.”
Lily nodded, she had expected something like that.
‘I’m sorry too.’
‘What?’ her head shot up so fast she nearly hit her father’s chin. ‘Why are you apologizing?’
Dad shook his head and had the oddest expression, almost a mix of resignation and embarrassment, perhaps. ‘I should have told you and your brothers more of my growing up, so then you might have not wandered so willingly into my past because you never knew what it was like for me back then. I wanted to keep you and your brothers from all of the horrible memories I had. Nor did I want all of the fame going to your heads or changing your perception of me because of it. It is also humbling to me because in my youth, several times in fact, I have chosen to look in pensieves and seen things I oughtn’t.’ he shuddered with those last words and Lily wondered what he had seen. Had it been worse than what she had just witnessed? Wow, those must be some awful memories then.
Not wanting to upset her dad more than she already had, delicately she asked something that had been burning in her mind since she saw the rat man take a knife to her dad in the graveyard.
‘Why did that… Lord Voldemort?’ he nodded yes. ‘Why did he have your blood taken and use it in that potion thing? I don’t understand.’ He paused, sighed and then began the story from before he was born that lead to what had happened to him in the graveyard so many years ago.

A/N: I know it seems like Harry is contradicting himself when he states he hasn’t told his children anything about his youth, since these one-shots are all happening within the same universe, but I think that it would make sense if Harry is only taking these specific moments to tell of his harrowing childhood. These experience aren’t being shared until they come to him personally and just ask him to tell of his story that he would rehash the whole story with his children in their own due time. Tell me what you think, does that make enough sense?
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