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Harry Potter and Druidic Magic
By StarFeather

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Category: Alternate Universe, SIYE Challenges, Post-Hogwarts, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Sirius Black
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: Death, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: R
Reviews: 16

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The story begins from the time when Lily and James on the run from Voldemort. Half of the story will be categorized as AU. Chapter 4 and 5 were written for Magical Creatures Challenge 2017-3.
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Author's Notes:
This story was written for these three story challenges: MargaretLane's The 1916 Centenary Quotes Challenge, cherry_pop94's Inspired by the Masterpieces Challenge, and Gryffin_Duck's The Dowager Countess Quote Challenge.

Nature descriptions of this story based on the art works by Gerard Dillon (Irish artist).

*Thanks to Paula for giving me the idea of catching fish.

**Countess Violet Crawley’s (Downton Abbey) quote.

Many thanks to my brilliant beta, Bardic Magic. And thank you again to Margaret, she gave me advice on the Travelling Community in Ireland at that time.


A Currach on the Shore

"Your regime has been one of the worst and blackest chapters
in the history of the mis-government of the country.” - Bishop Thomas O'Dwyer.

A boy with freckles was milking a goat in the farmyard where two local men were making hay stacks. Intermittent rain had wet the land, but a breeze was now drying washing hung on a hill which looked down at the shore. The red haired woman he loved the most trotted down the hill with her inherent curiosity; her little white feet made a beautiful contrast against the emerald green land. He followed after her.

“Wait, Lily. Watch out. The muggles will find you.”

But she didn’t stop until she reached the currach on the shore, which was in the middle of being tarred. She heard voices nearby: an old tinker was fixing a pan and two kids were playing with empty bottles of whiskey by the bonfire where the tar was being heated. She noticed one of the children could produce small fireworks with her magical energy. Orange and light green sparks flew from the bottles. The girl must have the same ability. She approached them and talked to the little girl with rumpled red hair.

“Hello. Do you like fireworks?”

Perplexed, the girl hid behind her brother whose hair was as jet-black as James. He asked in his innocent voice, “Who are you?”

“I’m …” she glanced back to James. He shook his head lightly. “I’m Petunia. I like fireworks and flowers. I’ll show you if you want.” She smiled at them and shoved her left hand in the pocket of her long calico skirt. She pulled out a sky-blue Forget-me-not and held it out to the little girl.

When the tiny hand reached it, the five-petals started spinning slowly on her palm. She made a joyful cry and asked Lily, “How did you do that?”

“In the same way as you did with the bottles.” She smiled at the little girl.

The girl smiled back and stared at the petals on her palm fondly. James took a step closer to Lily and said,

“Let’s go. It’s getting colder, my love.”

“Where will we stay the night? I’m not sure if any Muggle hotels or cottages are safe.” She whispered back.

“I reached an agreement with the guy.” James nodded towards the gypsy man, who was staring at them, smoking. He seemed to be the children’s father. “A wagon. I’ll enchant it into a nice cottage.”

Lily cried joyfully and asked him, “Can we camp? By the shore?” She almost started dancing.

James couldn’t stop smiling, “I’ve never expected that you would be so happy.” He guessed the long fugitive life had affected her mentally. Then he got gloomy, thinking where to run away next. Godric’s Hollow would be their last place to hide from Voldemort. They were going to have a baby in a month. He had to choose the Secret Keeper carefully. He said, “Tonight here and tomorrow, we’ll go back to Scotland. I just remember McGonagall has a friend there. The family will give us a place to hide away.”

But Lily didn’t listen to his remark. She went tripping up the slope to the wagon and inspected inside of it. She called him, “James, come here! Can we transform it into a nicer bed room?”

“Okay. I’m coming.” He pushed aside his worry and climbed the wagon.

She was engaged in casting spells on the junk in the wagon enthusiastically. James just marveled at her magic. An old kettle was turned into a portable cooking stove and he could see a pot sat on it. The rags transformed to blankets and were waiting for them.

“Good job. Now we need fish to cook. Let’s go back to the shore. We may be able to get shellfish or lobster.” James took off his glasses and smiled at her. “Wait here. I’ll come back soon.”

“Wait. I’m coming.” Lily tied her hair back and said before James protested, “I know what you’re going to say. I reckon you will use the coracle. I want to see you fish. I’m okay. I know about myself. I’m sure.”

James barely kept calm, but he couldn’t stop saying, “Lily, I doubt staying like this is a right choice. We’re going to have a baby. We should move to a better place for you and our baby who will be born.”

Lily had already started stepping down to the ground from the wagon. She turned to him, “Come on, James. I’m okay. Our baby boy needs fresh air, too.”

“Our baby will be a boy? How did you know?” James was surprised.

“I feel it. Our baby is a boy. Come on James, we’ll be all right. We are safe here.” Lily smiled at her husband and held out her hand to him.

“Alright. Let’s go.” He grasped her hand and they walked down to the shore.

They saw the tiny boat, called a currach, on the shore. It floated on the water on which the moon light flickered. James made sure nobody was around and beckoned Lily to get in.

“Can you row a boat?” Lily asked James. The small boat bobbed on the waves when their shoes landed on it.

“Sure.” James grinned and started pulling an oar. “Kingsley forced me and Sirius to join the boat race in Muggle London. Our team won.” As soon as he began pulling an oar, the boat became stable. He stopped rowing and pulled his wand out. “Accio fish!” But it didn’t work at all.

Lily giggled hard at his puzzled look and pulled out her wand. She concentrated on casting a spell and pointed it to the surface of the seawater. “Laques.” Instantly, a translucent threaded net* emerged on the water. She smiled when she saw the silver fin flip in the net.

“Lily, I didn’t know you can fish. How do you know the spell?” He was amazed at the sight of a big lobster whose claw shined under the moonlight.

“Professor Slughorn taught me how to catch blue mussels. Accio doesn’t work for shellfishes in the Great Lake at Hogwarts. You can use ‘accio’ by the river, but it doesn’t work for a big lake or the ocean. I think we got them, too. There!” Lily muttered, “Accio mussels!” They jumped up from the net and landed on the bottom of the boat. “Let’s share them with the gypsy family.” She transformed the net into a bucket and handed it to James. 

The family let out a joyful cry at the haul of fish. The father grinned wide and said, “The old wagon was worth a quantity of fish. You paid us more than I expected.”

“My wife is a skillful fisherwoman.” James winked at Lily.

“Sure thing. You caught a fabulous lady. What’s your name? I’m Frank. This is Mary. And her brother, Harry.” He took his red haired daughter up on his lap.

The little girl smiled at Lily. Lily smiled back and said, “I’m Petunia. My husband is…” she cast a questioning look at James.

“Edward. Thank you for giving us the camp wagon.” He helped Frank with putting wood on a fire. The breeze blew softly from the land to the shore. Pastel colored hues melted above the horizon and the purple dark sky dominated the seashore. When the fire was settled, he sat down on the drift wood on the sand. He noticed the boy stare at him. James smiled and beckoned him to be near the spot where he sat. The boy, named Harry smiled shyly and went near him. James grinned at him and rumpled his jet-black hair and said, “You are a good boy, Harry!”

“Agatha died soon after Mary was born. Harry took care of her while I went to do a tinker job. He’s a good laddie.” Frank smiled at his son satisfied and handed a worn-out pot to Lily.

“Yes, he is. I hope our baby will be like your son. Harry, you’re brave.” Lily beamed at Harry, who sat closely to James, and started cooking fish.

James sensed Lily had used the magic. He was impressed by the way she did without being noticed by Frank. She flipped her wand, putting twigs into the fire. He guessed Frank believed that she was just taking care of a wood fire. Soon the smell of bouillabaisse wafted from the pot.

“There. I’m done! Where are bowls?” Lily asked Frank.

Frank let Mary off his lap and grabbed aluminum bowls. Lily took them one by one and began talking about Mary’s school. “Frank, your daughter will get a letter from a Scottish school soon. You don’t have to worry about it at all. They’ll take care of everything for her.”

James reproached her meddling. “Li…Petunia, don’t. We can’t say the school is safe for her.”

“The school is protected. She needs education, Jam…Edward.” Lily stopped serving bouillabaisse and turned to James.

“The circumstance has changed. We shouldn’t recommend our old school. The place isn’t safe for young people.”

“Oi, don’t start a quarrel in front of the children.” Frank stared at Lily, and continued, “Why would she want to go to a real school? She isn’t a doctor’s daughter,**” He replied.

“He’s right, you see?” James nodded showing his approval.

“But…” Lily tried to retort, but James put his index finger on her lip,

“No buts. I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

oOo oOo oOo oOo

James squeezed Lily’s hand, “You don’t have to worry about the girl. Dumbledore will send her a letter. They will care for the Muggle-borns. All we need is to run away from Vol…” he looked around and continued, “Anyway, why did you worry about explaining everything to the gypsy father?”

“James, you don’t get it. You are from an old Pure-Blood family. When I heard from Severus what I was, though I couldn’t believe the whole story he told me, I had a silver lining. I was very relieved to know I wasn’t a freak.”

James apparently looked offended to hear the name of his nemesis. He stopped on the sand, released his hand from hers and looked up at the big full moon which was watching the young couple. He mumbled, “Did you regret that we got together?”

“No, James! Why do you say such a stupid thing?”

“Every time you say the name, I feel jealous of him.” The hazel eyes bored into the green ones for a while. Then he grinned, pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her. “Did I say you are beautiful?” He kissed her. He felt her lips smile against his. He loved her brightness with all his might. He didn’t want to end the moment. : the salty scent, a silver full moon and the beautiful green eyes. The world existed only for the two at the moment. James sat down on the sand and urged Lily to do the same.

Lily sat down next to him and leaned against his shoulder. “Did I say I love you?” She was so happy that she didn’t notice a hooded man was watching them behind the big rock.

Severus Snape couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was right in front of him. She was so close to him that he could reach for her if he moved forward one more step. He might be able to take her by force from James Potter, but he didn’t. He told himself to protect her and her baby in his mind. He would be able to get her back after the baby was born. The Dark Lord promised to give her to him after he killed Potter and the baby. All he had to do was inform the Dark Lord of their hiding place. But he rethought the first plan when he saw her touch her belly fondly next to her husband. He was not ready to tip the Dark Lord off. He went back to the guest house and contacted Lord Voldemort via Floo Network. He lied, “I couldn’t find them, my Lord.”

But his Lord wasn’t such a git. “Severus, how weak you are. I know you found them. I’ll train you in Occlumency after I killed them.” He gave him a creepy smile in the green flame

Severus protested desperately, but Voldemort didn’t accept his compromise. He was driven to despair, felt like the rug was pulled out from under him. He didn’t want to lose her. Not the unborn child, either.

oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

Lily was awakened by a familiar voice, “Severus?” She saw a silver doe was standing by the bed.

The doe told her in a low voice, “He’s coming with the great snake. I sent the owl to Dumbledore. Run!” And it vanished.

James was stirred, “Lily? Who were you talking with?”

“I don’t know. Someone sent us a warning. We have to leave here. You Know Who is coming.” She couldn’t believe what she saw. Was Severus Snape’s Patronus the same as hers?

James didn’t ask anything more. He pulled his wand, shoved things in the backpack and checked his Invisibility Cloak in his pocket. Lily admired his ability to gear himself into the circumstance without questioning her. They got out of the wagon and hurried to the top of a hill where nobody would witness them use a portkey. On their way there, they sensed a dark cloud shadow their destination. Lily screamed silently at Voldemort who descended from the cloud with his great snake above them. James acted quickly; he pulled his Invisibility Cloak, covered Lily with it and he whispered, “Go back to Frank.”

Lily got what he said, climbed down carefully in haste without glancing back. She had no plan, but she didn’t think her husband could hold out against Voldemort alone. Even a muggle man might help them. She was going to protect Mary and Harry while they fought back Voldemort. If Severus was right, Dumbledore would give them help soon. Until then she had to hold on. When she returned back to the old camp wagon, Mary bounced towards her.

“Petunia, why is your shoulder missing?” She giggled at the sight of Lily.

“Oh, it’s magic.” She removed the Invisibility Cloak, folded it and shoved it into her pocket. “Mary, call your dad. Edward is fighting against a bad man on a hill.”

Mary ran away to fetch Frank and soon they came to Lily. Harry dashed across the sand to the top of the hill where James was fighting back. Voldemort was sneering at the sight of his sneak’s attack. The great snake struck James with her tail and was going to bite him. Then she saw the muggle boy run up the hill. Lily shouted,

“No, Harry, come back.” It was utterly an unexpected turn. She saw the boy lunge at the legs of Voldemort. The great snake gave up James and crawled back to rescue her master. Lily cast the Shielding Charm over him before Voldemort could stand up again and threw the Killing Curse at him with rage. Then she heard music coming from above. A swan-sized crimson bird glided by and started attacking at the great snake. The phoenix dove and pecked the hard skin of the snake with his long sharp beak; Voldemort roared at the phoenix, and shot the Killing Curse. James ran up to Lily, dragging Harry. Frank stood there stunned, holding up his daughter in his arms.

“He is a wizard, then. And you.” Frank asked James.

James nodded and spoke fast, “Yes. You and your family are in danger. I’m sorry, but this place is no longer safe. I’ll take you, three to a better place. Hold this boot.” He held out the ragged boot.

Frank hesitated for a while. Lily pressed,

“We have no choice. He’ll kill us all.”

Frank still hesitated, but Harry, on the contrary, grabbed the boot next to James and urged his father, “Dad, we have no time! Hurry!”

Finally Frank grabbed the boot, and the activated portkey carried them all to Scotland.

oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

At the foot of a foggy highland, they landed slowly. James stood firm to support the weights of Lily and Harry. Frank fell on his bottom and barely kept holding Mary in his arms. Mary looked around with an amused look and pointed at the cottage in front of them. McCormack’s cottage stood there, which gave them comfort after lives had been in such peril. The McCormacks welcomed them warm-heartedly. Catriona, who was once a famous Quidditch player, had a daughter, Meaghan who was a rookie of the Scottish Quidditch team, Pride of Portree and a ten years old boy, Kirley. Their cottage had four rooms, two upstairs and two down. They gave James and Lily one guest room upstairs and the square living room for Frank’s family to stay temporarily.
James thanked them,

“Thank you, Mrs. McCormack. I’m sorry that we intruded on your cottage in such great numbers and so suddenly.” He made an apologetic face.

“Oh, it’s alright. We’ve heard from Minerva about you, two. And you will have a baby, soon? No other events will please us as much as the happy news.” Catriona beamed at them. “We’ll be happy to be with you, a big company. What’s your family name, Mr…?” She asked Frank.

“Frank O’Shanahan. Do you need mending cook wares? I can fix anything.”

“Well, we can fix them by ourselves, thank you.”

“Oh, of course, you can. I forgot you were witches.” Frank mumbled staring at a polished floor.

James and Frank’s son, Harry deepened the bond with each other since they fought back against Voldemort together. Though Harry wasn’t a wizard, he listened to James’ story about Hogwarts where his sister, Mary would stay for seven years, with shinning eyes. The McCormacks loved Mary instantly just like Lily. Kirley, and Meagan taught Mary how to play the piano and Lily joined them with singing. James asked Frank, who seemed to be bored of doing nothing, to join him fly fishing, but he refused.

“Why do you have to fish without using magic? Don’t worry about me just because I am not a wizard.”

James didn’t know how to answer. He got worried with Frank’s sullen mood. One morning, James talked to Frank when he went out of the cottage to smoke.

“Hey, what are you thinking, Frank?”

“I can’t stay here any longer. Let us go back to Ireland. There is no job for me here.”

James was ready for the answer. His hunch turned to be right. He couldn’t force them into a fugitive life. He said,

“Alright, I’ll tell Dumbledore. He’ll find a better place to live for you and your family.”

As soon as James talked with Dumbledore via Floo Network from the hearth of McCormacks, Dumbledore began setting a safe place in Ireland for Frank and his family. Dumbledore in the green flame said to James,

“Voldemort’s regime has been one of the worst and blackest chapters in the history of the mis-government of the country. More Muggles, wizards and witches will suffer great losses in the near future. We have to keep fighting. I’m sorry for you, too, James. Do you and Lily have the next hiding place in your mind? If my secret double agent is right, Voldemort will find McCormack’s.”

“Yes, I have. We will leave soon after you send Frank and his family to Ireland.” James wished the next hiding place would be the last. He had fought back against Voldemort to protect his family three times. He wanted to end this endless war game.

“You had better use Fidelius Charm. I’ll be your Secret Keeper, James.”

“Thank you, professor. I’ll talk with Sirius about it.”

“Good. Floo me anytime. Don’t use the owl. They will censor it.”

oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

James and Lily were standing on the top of a hill after sunset. Frank, Mary and Harry had gone to Ireland. Tears were spilling from Lily’s eyes. She muttered,

“I miss them. We became good friends. They cared for us and we cared for them. How many times will we have to repeat this unbearable life?”

James hugged Lily close and said, “We will meet them again.”

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