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Harry Potter and Druidic Magic
By StarFeather

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Category: Alternate Universe, SIYE Challenges, Post-Hogwarts, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Sirius Black
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: Death, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: R
Reviews: 16

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The story begins from the time when Lily and James on the run from Voldemort. Half of the story will be categorized as AU. Chapter 4 and 5 were written for Magical Creatures Challenge 2017-3.
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Author's Notes:
Many thanks to melian for beta reading. I feel like continuing this story for now. Please leave your thoughts. This chapter and chapter 4 were written for Magical Creatures challenge.


Harry glanced back yawning when McGonagall called him. Since he heard Ginny was back safely to the girls’ dorm, he had been able to sleep, the first night in a long time. Still, he felt like he would like to be in bed for a few more hours before breakfast. McGonagall got closer like a tabby cat stealthily once she fixed her aim on him. Vaguely he wished he could transform into a cat. His father’s animagus form, a stag, wouldn’t move in that way. If Harry was an animagi, his would be supposed to be the same one as his father’s. He wondered if McGonagall had tried to be an Auror once in her younger days.

Her piercing eyes were set on his face, which told apparently he was the target.

“Potter, are you hiding something important?”

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he answered. “Me? Nothing, Professor.” Harry couldn’t guess what was going on.

“The Sorting Hat is missing. I reckon you or Longbottom are up to something. Tell all to me.” Her face got serious. She really looked worried.

“Was the sword stolen from your office again?” At McGonagall’s stern look, he regretted what he said.

“How did you know it might have been stolen before?” Her face got more perplexed. “Potter, did you direct Ginny Weasley to get the sword of Gryffindor at that time, last year?”

“No, Professor. How could I do that while hiding? I’ve just overheard some Gryffindor students tried from Professor Snape’s office last year.”

McGonagall kept staring hard at him and finally softened her face, “You are right. I believe in you. Anyway, we can’t sort new students without the Sorting Hat. If you get some information, let me know.” She patted him on the shoulder, “I’m glad to hear Ginevra Weasley is safe. I got a message from her as well. Though we have worried about her whereabouts, it is understandable that she wanted to do some research about a future Quidditch League. After the war, the sports section also need to be put safely back on its feet. Your girlfriend is an excellent Chaser. I don’t worry about her future career at all.” Smiling, she left.

McGonagall’s explanation about Ginny’s mission sounded plausible, but Harry couldn’t get it. She had one more year to graduate, he suspected she had something to tell him. When he entered the Great Hall in the morning, Ginny was chatting with George and Bill . The Great Hall was crowded with the students and the adults who had been helping with the castle’s reconstruction. 

“So what rumor did you hear, Ginny?” George asked, shoving bacon into his mouth.

“I heard the Holyhead Harpies will recruit some girls to fill up vacancies in the team. I asked Professor Slughorn to write a letter of recommendation to Gwenog. He told me he wanted crystallized pineapples for the reward, so I went looking for them out of Hogwarts. I’m sorry to let you worry about me, but I have been safe ... without being attacked by the remaining Death Eaters.” Her eyes twinkled mischievously, and she waved her hands as Harry got closer to her seat. “Morning, Harry!”

“How could you get out of the castle? I don’t think professors ignored a student who left without permission. It’s dangerous, Ginny.” Bill looked skeptical.

Harry nodded, sitting next to Ginny. “Bill is right. It’s reckless of you to leave here without telling that to teachers. At least you should have told me about it.” He stared at Ginny’s eyes, trying to figure out what she wasn’t telling him. He sensed she had been hiding something he couldn’t guess.

Ginny evaded his question and shrugged, “I have something to tell you. But not now. I promise I’ll tell you.”

“Mum has been angry since your missing was found. You might have received her Howler if you were here when the term started.” George put one more bacon on the plate.

“Yeah. I had a long lecture from Mum last night.” She got gloomy and bit into the toast she had been buttering without a word.

Harry started buttering his own toast. “So could you get crystallized pineapples?”

Ginny nodded. “Yes, I did. But I didn’t have enough money, so I gave up.”

“You gave up? I’ll pay for it.” Harry offered and cast a glance at her again. It was apparent that she was lying about something. She didn’t leave for searching crystallized pineapples. She must have been out there for another reason.

She whispered to him, “Come with me.” And she stood up suddenly and left.

“But I’m not done with my breakfast yet.” Grumbling, he grabbed his unfinished toast and followed her hastily to the entrance hearing George’s mumble to Bill from behind, “I reckon they had a quarrel, that was the reason why she left last week.”

“Wait, Ginny. Where are we going?” Harry halted her.

Swaying her ginger hair, she stared at him with her blazing look. “I heard a rumor that Dumbledore’s phoenix visits his tomb once a day. So I camped near it.”

“What?” Harry got dumbfounded with her words.

“Come on. I recorded his pattern. I got a Sorting Hat.” She turned to the entrance and walked down the hill to the Great Lake.

“What? McGonagall asked me if I stole it.” Harry hurried and caught up with her.

“We need it to lure him on. Do you remember how you called Fawkes in the Chamber of Secret?”

“I understand what you mean, but it’s impossible to lure him with the Sorting Hat!”

Ginny stopped and face him. “Why? Fawkes helped us. He brought the Sorting Hat to save you and me.”

“Because Dumbledore let him do that. I needed the sword of Gryffindor to beat Basilisk. Fawkes will help you when real loyalty is shown to Dumbledore.”

“That’s what I mean, Harry. We got a Sorting Hat and we will show our loyalty to his tomb. When Fawkes returns to us, your wound will be healed!” She blurted out. “What if the wound was cursed by Dark Magic? What if no healers can find a way to cure it?”

“What…Ginny, is that the real reason why you’ve been away?” Overwhelmed by her boldness, her intention to heal his wounds, he felt lost for words. He was very thankful for her care, but at the same time, her attempt sounded quite illogical. “You’d better give the Sorting Hat back to McGonagall.” He started thinking an excuse for it.

“No. I found Fawkes was fond of this.” Ginny pulled out the pointy black hat and rubbed the ragged surface of it fondly like it was her pet. “The Hat told me so. Fawkes and the Hat are friends.”

“Did it talk to you?” He stared at the Sorting Hat, remembering when he was sorted. The Sorting Hat had asked which house he preferred. “How could you notice it?”

“It was simple. I put it on my head. I asked it how to lure Fawkes. It told me they were friends. I put it by Dumbledore’s tomb as it said. I waited hiding in the bushes. It worked, Harry. Fawkes landed on the ground after he noticed the Hat! Come on, Harry. He prefers visiting Dumbledore’s tomb in the morning!” She turned and trotted down to the lake.

Harry jogged after her and soon got ahead of her. As he passed her, Ginny sped up to try to reach the goal first, a pier where some boats parked waiting. Harry won the impromtu race and got on a boat with peeling blue paint. He held out his right hand and pulled her on board. The boat moved slowly from side to side rippling the surface of water. Ginny grabbed the paddles faster than him saying, “No, you can’t. It will hurt your chest.” The determined look was just like her mother, Molly. His pride slightly hurt, he reluctantly let her row across the lake. Bending to the oars made her breasts bounce, and he couldn’t stop gazing at them so close up.

With a grin plastered across her face, she teased him, “Where are you looking at, Potter?”

Blinking, he uttered, “You’re not wearing a bra.”

“I skipped underwear.” She added the words to see his blushed face, “Oh, I meant my top. It is too tight around the chest given the situation I had to cover the Hat.”

Harry grinned comparing vulnerable Ginny, the first year and pale nearly dead in the Chamber of Secret, with the girl whose eyes were full of energy to achieve something for him. Then he asked, “Why are you so confident that Fawkes will come back again, Ginny?”

With sparks in her eyes, she answered, “Because you saved the world costing your own life. Because you were brave at the very end. Because you are the most loyal to Dumbledore.” And she started rowing again.

The foggy air was becoming clear as they got closer to the island where Dumbledore slept. When the boat got to the shore, Harry stood up and hopped out t and helped Ginny to anchor the boat. At the stone that marked where Dumbledore lay, she set the Sorting Hat by Dumbledore’s tomb. She beckoned him to hide in the bush near it. Being unsure about it, he followed her.

“Are you really sure of this?” When he opened his mouth, she shushed putting her index finger on her lips. He crouched down behind her back and breathed in flowery scent from her hair. Her soft ginger hair tickled his jaw.

“Look, Harry. The Hat will sing.”

“What?” Harry shifted his gaze from her to the Hat. It started repeating shrinking and stretching itself and he heard it hum merrily. “It’s the song when we were sorted.” The familiar lyrics were sung and he smiled at his dear old memory in his first year.

“The last time, it sang the one when I was sorted. It’s unbelievable it can memorize the songs and changes the verses each year,” she answered, smiling.

“Yeah…” He was listening to the song for a while and then recognized a dot was approaching towards the island from the cloudy sky above. It appeared to be a glowing red phoenix among the iridescent clouds. Fawkes sang back to the Sorting Hat and landed gently on the ground. At the same time, Harry felt vibration inside the pocket of his robes. His holly wand, the Phoenix feather core became resonant with its song. Unconsciously, he came out of the bush pulling his wand before Ginny stopped him. The wand bent like it bowed to Fawkes and he saw it emit light orange sparkles.

The Sorting Hat spoke.
“Wet the tip of your wand with tears of the Phoenix.”

Harry got closer to Fawkes and held his wand to its beak. The loyal magical bird shed tears and they wet the tip of his wand. Ginny came out of the bush and whispered to him from behind,

“Take off your clothes, Harry. It will heal the wound on the chest.” She took his wand and held it in her hand while he was taking off his robes.

Harry took off T-shirt and removed the bandage. He traced the big scar with the tip of his wand. The ugly welt turned into a scab as he felt a dull pain and finally it ceased aching. When he tried to peel off the scab on the chest, Ginny stopped him.

“Not now, Harry. You’d better wait till Madam Pomfrey checks it up.”

When the Sorting Hat finished the song, Fawkes soared into the sky and circled over their heads. Harry thanked him waving his hand, “Thank you, Fawkes!” Fawkes chirped singing and vanished in an instant.

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