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A desire for power
By Baumi

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Harry potter has a twin. Daniel Potter is the boy-who-lived, he survived the killing curse due to his mother's blood protection. Harry got a fragment of Voldemort's soul. How will history change and how far is Harry willing to go in his desire for power? Tags: Dark!Harry Dark!Ginny Soulbond H/G
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Chapter 1

On the faithful Halloween night in 1981 the most powerful Dark Wizard in existence breached the door of a small house in Godric`s Hollow. He swiftly killed the defending father and the begging mother before proceeding to cast the killing curse on the older one of the two twins crying in the crib.

The curse cast at the young Daniel Potter rebound and destroyed Voldemorts body while giving the baby a bright red lightning shaped scar.

Daniel Potter, who will be known as the Boy-who-lived, held the blood sacrifice of his mother in his heart. No evil shall be able to touch him and the power of love will be his guide.

Voldmort’s soul however latched onto to nearest healthy living being. The dark soul fragment found a new home in the young boy named Harry Potter.

The twins, while identical looking, were quite different in personality. The older, scarred twin was always righteous and faithful. Bearing punishments without complaint, even if utterly unfair. He would rush to the defence of anyone, not thinking twice about how it would harm himself, his bravery got him many beatings but he would never back down. As soon as he saw injustice or someone endangered he tried to help, even if it meant taking the blame for something he didn`t do.

The younger twin soon learned to abuse his brother’s personality and blamed him regularly for his own misdoings. Luckily Daniel never held a grudge, he always seemed to be glad when he was able to protect his brother.

Neither of the twins had any friends, but while Daniel was often the target of bullying, Harry was just ignored. Harry learned early that Dudley was a powerful ally and helping him, by occasionally stealing some sweets or doing his homework would decrease his tormenting drastically. Blaming Daniel for any misdoings helped too. In addition to offering his services to Dudley, he started digging up dirt on all of his other classmates, soon he was able to blackmail most of them. He rarely got to use it, but he revealed in the feeling of power he had over them, even if it was just a tiny bit.

He never antagonized Dudley though, as his parents held far too much power over Harry to risk it.

The twins were not normal, many miracles happened around them. But unlike Daniel, Harry was not scared in using these powers for his own gain.

Once a tiny boy was running away from Dudley and his gang, the fool had dared to spend his money on an apple instead of giving it to Dudley. The kid was fast, therefore Harry got the task of catching him while the others watched laughing. Concentrating on the boy, Harry managed to get him to trip, delivering him then to Dudley was no problem and Harry managed to leave the school unhurt once more.

He learned early that talking to snakes was another unique ability of his. Harry spent many hours in a local zoo shop talking with them. The Dursleys never complained having him out of their sight. The chores were usually done by Daniel anyway.

While Harry was not living an easy live, he did all right. The only thing that was regularly hurt was his pride, when he had to do yet another job for Dudley.

Everything changed on their eleventh birthday, as an army of Owls started spamming the Privet Drive No. 4. Harry managed to nick a letter easily, when he read about the magical school descripted he couldn`t believe it. He finally had the explanation for his ability, he was not a normal human. He was a wizard, he was superior to his relatives, he would learn to harness and control his power and he would make everybody who wronged him pay!

Later a gigantic chap showed up and took them away from their disgusting relatives, into a world full of magic.

In Diagon Alley both brothers couldn`t stop staring at the odd shops. Harry wondered how his stupid brother could be so incredibly famous, but at the same time he was glad to avoid the attention until he had a better understanding on how the magical world worked.

Hagrid bought Harry and Daniel each an owl. A bright white snow owl named Hedwig for Harry and a brown barn owl for Daniel.

After the shopping trip, Hagrid wanted to bring them back to the Dursleys, but on one of the rare occasions that Harry and Daniel worked together they managed to persuade him to let them stay at the Leaky Cauldron. As usual when it came to talking, Harry did most of it while Daniel just nodded eagerly. Daniel was such a nice boy, always eager to do what he was told.

They had to promise not to enter Diagon Alley alone, but barely a minute after Hagrid left, Harry disappeared through the wall, leaving his brother behind.

He explored all the shops in Diagon Alley, on one occasion Harry even ventured into Knockturn Alley.

The weeks flew by and soon the twins made their way with rather odd looking luggage to Kings Cross.

On Kings Cross they soon realized, after an awkward encounter with the service, that there in fact was no platform 9 .

After walking around aimlessly between Platforms 9 and 10 Harry spotted an odd looking family of redheads. He casually walked over and asked a young girl: “Hey, do you know how to get to platform 9 ?” She replied with a giggle: “Sure, just walk through the wall.” Harry looked at her like she had grown another head for a second, just as he regained his ability to speak, one of the other redheads, probably her brother, turned to Harry and Daniel and said: “Hey mates, my name is Ron, Ron Weasley. Is this your first time going to Hogwarts? Mine too. Let’s walk through the wall together!”

Daniel jumped at the chance to make his first friend by stretching out his hand to Ron and saying: “Hey Ron, my name is Daniel Potter and that is my brother Harry. Pleased to meet you.” Turning to Harry “Come on, let’s go through!”

Rolling his eyes Harry followed them to the Platform.

On the platform they soon met the rest of the Weasley clan, who greeted them with excitement.

Harry turned to the youngest Girl again: “Hey, you haven’t told me your name, like my brother said, I am Harry.” The girl smiled a bit awkwardly and then said: “Hey, my name is Ginny.”

“Pleased to meet you Ginny, so are you coming to Hogwarts with us?”

Her face immediately fell: “No, I am too young. I will start attending next year. The house will be so empty this year” she sighed.

Harry, feeling uneasy with her obvious sadness said: “Well I have an owl and nobody to write to, so if you want, I can write you about school as often as you wish.”

Ginny squealed out in happiness “Would you really do that, my brothers also promised me to write, but they never did.”

Harry laughed: “Of course I will! Every day if you want!”

Just as Ginny wanted to reply her brother, Ron, cut in: “Hey Ginny stop annoying Harry, just bugger off and let him hang out with us. It’s obvious he doesn`t like you and just wants to be polite.”

Daniel, having a surprised face for a second, but trying to not jeopardize his chance of finally having a friend said something Harry would have never expected from him: “Yeah Harry, stop playing babysitter and join us on the train.”

Ginny looked like she had been punched in the stomach, she tried to walk away, but Harry held her and said firmly: “I really don’t like how you treat your sister Ron Weasley. And Daniel I really thought you knew better than to insult a beautiful young lady. Apart from that is she my very best friend!” Leaning towards Ginny`s ear he whispered: “I guess I forgot to mention that you are my only friend.”

Ginny blushed stronger than Harry thought is human possible but was very pleased with the happy look on her face.

The train made a loud sound indicating the departure of the train. Harry hastily grabbed his luggage, while sprinting towards the entrance, he said to Ginny: “I will send my first owl tonight!”

On the train, Harry didn’t feel like sitting with his brother and the rude redhead, so he looked for an empty compartment in the opposite direction of them.

Looking out of the window he saw a tiny redhead bolting after the train, waving frantically. Harry waved back laughing, it was his first day at the new school and he already made a friend. He swore to himself that from now on live would be good.

Reviews 53

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