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Summary: Harry and Ginny never got together during HBP instead grew a solid friendship. Ginny, however, hasn't moved on even when she's sure he does't feel the same way about her and never will. What happens when Ginny decides to take matters into her own hands? Eventually HG.
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Author's Notes:
This story has been on my mind for a long time, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt anyone to give it a shot. It's my first attempt at fanfiction, so it would be great to have some feedback.


Chapter 1
It was a cool and breezy May, Saturday afternoon at Ottery St. Catchpole. The sun had yet to set leaving a mix of colors in the clear sky, and all the Weasley family members and their close friends were scattered inside and outside the Burrow.

Molly Weasley along with Nymphadora Tonks were in the kitchen busily cooking everyone a huge feast and chattering happily about their families.

In the living room was Arthur Weasley excitedly interrogating Mr. and Mrs. Granger about everything Muggle-related not unlike he had been doing on every single opportunity he could find. Bill and his wife Fleur Delacoure, Percy and his wife Penelope Clearwater, and Charlie were sitting on the other side of the room talking about their jobs and their families as well. Upstairs, in what used to be Fred and George’s room, were Victoir and Dominique, Bill and Fleur’s three and one year olds; Molly Jr., Percy and Penelope’s two year old; Fred Jr., George and Angelina Johnson’s two year old; George Jr., Fred and Alicia Spinet’s two year old; along with Teddy Lupin, Tonks’s only child, were tucked in the magically multiplied cribs and beds taking their afternoon naps.

In the backyard, there was a very vicious Quiditch match that was scheduled to begin in about half an hour, and the tension between the two teams was as if they were competing for the Quiditch World Cup.
Each team was made up of a beater, a keeper, a chaser, and a seeker. The first team was made up of Lee Jordan as keeper, Fred Weasley as beater, Alicia Spinet as chaser, and Harry Potter as seeker; the whole team was present and discussing their game techniques for the hundredth time which wasn’t really necessary given that this would be the thousandth time they were having a Quiditch match. Harry Potter seemed to be the only person on the team who didn’t seem to have all his concentration on the game that was going to take place seeing that he was occasionally sending quick glances towards his girlfriend Amber Hastings who was sitting under a tree peacefully reading a book, responding to Harry with her discreet yet beautiful smiles which just made his insides melt.
The other team however was a little bit more relaxed, Ron Weasley, the keeper, was sitting next to his girlfriend Hermione Granger and was awfully distracted on how the sun was being reflected by her eyes making her as beautiful as ever; and George Weasley and Angelina Johnson, the respective beater and chaser, were checking if their children, nephews, and nieces were still quietly enjoying their little nap. Consequently, none of the team members noticed that their seeker was missing.

Ginny Weasley was sitting by the pond next to her house like she had always done whenever she felt like being alone. The water was not warm enough for Ginny to swim in, yet it was just about the perfect temperature to be able to slightly dip her toes in the clear and dazzling liquid. With the cool breeze beautifully messing her gorgeous red hair and the sun giving a particular glimmer in her deep chocolate brown eyes, the whole scene looked stunning for the passerby.
Ginny, on the other hand, didn’t feel beautiful at all. Actually, she felt like the most pathetic person on earth at that moment. While all the current people inside and outside of the Burrow were enjoying this cool and breezy Sunday afternoon, Ginny just couldn’t stand anybody at the moment and just felt like staying away from all the noise and the talking and the laughing and the bickering. She felt like curling up in a deep hole and never getting out. She was grasping the moist grass under her clenched fists while blinking away all the unshed tears of anger and sorrow that she had kept stored in her for some time now. In that moment, she considered herself a big fat mess of feelings. So, she let everything she was feeling in as she let down the walls that she had built up so long ago. She let all the pain she was feeling pour out of her.

Ginny wanted to blame him for everything she was feeling but she knew deep down that it wasn’t his fault at all. She let out an angry groan at her realization. Maybe it wasn’t his fault, but everything always led up to him. He was the reason she couldn’t feel as happy as everyone else did on an occasion such as today’s reunion which happened at least once or twice every single month. He was the reason she couldn’t move on with her life like everyone was doing. But he didn’t know it, so she couldn’t blame him.
Ginny could only blame herself for the way she felt. The way she had convinced almost everybody she hadn’t felt since her third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In Ginny’s defense, she had tried on several times to put as much distance between both of them as she could, but given he practically lived in her family’s home, the Burrow the same place she had lived since she was born, that wasn’t very easy to do. She was stuck with him, and he didn’t even know it. She knew she was kidding herself if she thought she could ignore and simply get over the raven-haired guy and avoid his gorgeous emerald green eyes. She was so angry at herself for being so helpless and weak against him. However, she couldn’t beat herself up for it because he wasn’t a normal guy, and that wasn’t just because he was “The Boy Who Lived” nor because he was the chosen one who had defeated the Dark Lord on numerous occasions including the final battle where he had permanently defeated Voldemort three years ago. She felt the way she felt about the guy underneath, and not the portrait of the hero that the Wizarding World had painted over the face of the emotionally scarred boy. She fell for the brave, courageous, loving, and caring person underneath it all.

Ginny Weasley was in love with Harry Potter, “The Boy Who Was Too Blind to See the Way She Felt about Him”.
But she couldn’t blame him for not thinking of her as more than one of his friends. She was actually grateful that he didn’t think of her as Ron’s little sister anymore and realized that she was her own person not only the youngest and only female of the Weasley kids. Up until Harry’s forth year, she was the little girl who had a hero crush on him and squealed turning bright red while doing clumsy things whenever he was around, the little girl that he had rescued from the claws of Tom Riddle and the Chamber of Secrets all those years

He never thought about her as more than that until he saw her potential during his brief time mentoring in the DA (Dumbledore’s Army) where she had shown how skilled she was in everything she did. During that whole year he was starting to get to know her better and was starting to see her in a whole new perspective. He started being more protective of her and started caring for her as he did for Hermione; which was saying something since she was basically his sister in all but blood. And after the incident in the department of mysteries during which Harry and Ginny along with four of their close friends had battled against Death Eaters, Harry and Ginny have been developing a friendship.

Ginny, on the other hand, realized something different during that particular year. Her behavior around Harry had changed during her third year. She had given up on him completely and therefor convinced herself that she had gotten over her childish hero-crush on Harry. She had started feeling quite comfortable around him and started being herself instead of blushing bright red every time he was around, not that he had noticed. So she didn’t have any problem being around Harry during the numerous DA meetings in the Room of Requirements and had been quite amused at the way he was always astonished and left breathless when he witnessed her casting defensive spells as well as other curses and hexes. Ginny being so proud of herself had even told Hermione she was officially over Harry Potter actually believing it herself. {Seeing as Hermione was originally the one who had told her that it was time to move on and see other people, Ginny knew that the older girl would be proud to hear that she had finally gotten over The-Boy-Who-Lived.

On the eve of the last D.A. meeting before the Christmas holidays, however, she realized that she had indeed made her conclusions too soon. The meeting was like any other, they started with the Impediment Jinx for a few minutes and then kept on going over things they had gotten over so far. Ginny did notice how Harry kept on walking past Cho while she beamed at him, and she couldn’t help rolling her eyes but that was normal. They were just so fluffy it made her sick, and she could see her feelings mirrored on the faces of many other D.A. members. What really destabilized her resolve was later that night, when Harry came into the Gryffindor common room a half hour later than everybody else. She didn’t think much about it first despite his enamored expression, but after overhearing bits and pieces of his conversation with Ron and Hermione, she quietly made her way upstairs careful as to not being noticed but not missing the sorrowful glance Hermione sent her way. In her defense, she didn’t spend the night crying into her pillow, wishing she could be in Cho’s place. She still had her pride and dignity after all. She just accepted the fact that, eventually, she had to get over him and find closure.
Hermione had tried several times since then to make Ginny confess her feelings to Harry in a way to do just that, but even the bravest Gryffindor didn’t have the courage it took to take that kind of step; especially when the person you wanted to declare your undying flame to was always in the middle of complicated situations.

For instance, the loss of his godfather Sirius Black which was a complete loss for Ginny since she had grown to care deeply for the man, or for example the fact that they rarely saw each other during her fifth year during which she was studying for her O.W.L.S. and he was spending a lot of his time in Dumbledore’s company doing Merlin-knows-what and later that same year mourning the loss of his mentor, as well as her sixth year at Hogwarts which was in mid-war when Harry was searching for Voldemort’s horcruxes with Ron and Hermione, as she had found out later during the war when Harry along with his two companions had shown up at Hogwarts to find the last of the horcruxes which lead to having the final battle on the grounds of Hogwarts while facing so many losses. The period after the battle had been a time of grief and Ginny hadn’t had the intention of adding another burden on Harry’s shoulders at the time. Plus, by that time her feelings weren’t a burden to her as much as they were something she just had gotten used to, and they were the least of her worries for that period of time.

Today it had been almost three years since the final battle and everything had been okay since then. Ginny was working as an intern at the Ministry while Harry was a junior Auror in training alongside Ron having almost completed their training programs. Ginny would spend her free time spoiling her nieces and nephews, while Harry did the same thing and at the same time managed to always stop by for occasional visits at the Burrow where he and Ginny would sit quietly at the same spot Ginny was right now and relax.
However, lately his visits were getting less and less and he was spending most of his free time with Amber. Harry and Amber had met each other in The Leaky Cauldron once and had been inseparable ever since. Ginny had gotten to know Amber and she had turned out to be a very sweet person, so Ginny couldn’t despise her like she wanted to the first time she lay her eyes on the pretty girl. There was only one thing of Amber’s that Ginny envied, Amber had Ginny’s deepest of desires; she had Harry.

Ginny was so deep in her thoughts she didn’t notice the sad smile that spread on her face, nor the tears that started once again rolling down her cheeks. Before she knew it she was curled up on the grass and was using the sheet she was on to cover herself. As soon as her eyes slammed shut, she started dreaming about a certain raven haired boy.
When Ginny woke up, she was startled to see Charlie, Bill, Ron and her parents looking straight at her. It was already dark so Ginny could barely make out the expressions on their faces. She saw a bit of relief spread over her mother’s features but was quickly replaced with worry. Ginny realized that her mother must have noticed her tear strained face along with her puffy red eyes. She sent a quick glance towards her brothers and her fathers and saw the same expression of worry on their faces. She didn’t want to talk about anything, so she just looked straight through them to watch the dark sky now filled with stars and the moon. She could hear very distinct laughter coming from the Burrow but other than that the only sound heard was the chirping of crickets and rustling of leaves and the occasional hoot of an owl.

Ginny decided to break the uncomfortable silence and said, “Beautiful night, isn’t it?” without looking at anyone in particular, just vaguely looking at the pond. Her mother couldn’t stand it anymore and just blurted what everyone there was dying to ask:

“Ginny, are you okay? We have been searching for you for hours, we thought something might have happened to you!”

“Yeah mum, I’m okay I was just a little tired and fell asleep earlier.”

“Ginny, you are obviously not okay”, blurted out Ron. “We have been worried sick! You just disappear like that, and we find you two hours later asleep under a tree, looking like you have been crying your eyes out! How do you expect us to believe that you are okay?!”

Ginny looked at her brother for a long time trying to figure out what she was supposed to say next, but she was lost for words. She wasn’t mad at him for being worried nor for indicating that she had been crying since she thought it would be quite obvious. But, she didn’t know how she could respond to that in a way that wouldn’t make her family more worried than they already were. She was about to say that she didn’t want to talk about anything at the moment, when she and her family saw the figure of a person approaching.

“Saved by the bell” Ginny thought to herself. She turned around to wipe the signs of tears off her face since she wasn’t prepared to have to explain herself to yet another person.

She wasn’t surprised to see Harry coming their way since he was one of the very few people who actually knew the existence of this particular spot, but that didn’t mean she was happy to see him. Yet she didn’t see Amber at his side like she usually did so his presence was a little more bearable. She sank back down in her previous sleeping place and let out a frustrated and angry sigh which made everyone else turn their attention from the new presence and all back to her again.

“Nice to see you too Gin,” he said in a mock tone, “so I see you have been hiding here for the past two hours? And may I ask why you were here in the first place?

First of all Harry”, Ginny said in a dead serious tone, “I wasn’t hiding I was just sitting by the pond and fell asleep. Second of all, even if I was hiding it would be none of your business, so no you may not ask why I was here in the first place,” she continued in a voice she realized was a little too harsh.

“Okay, okay forget I even asked”, Harry retorted defensively.

Everyone there was looking at them with their breaths held. They weren’t in the mood at all for another of Harry and Ginny’s infamous fights. You see, they were the best of friends and all, but they were always bickering like an old married couple. The Weasleys were quite grateful that Harry had ended the argument before it had gotten too far. Harry noticed how everyone had let out a breath they were holding and decided to lighten up the situation. “Can we go back in now? It is getting rather chilly and I don’t reckon any of you would like to catch a cold, now do you?” He said in his best impression of Molly Weasley. Everyone chuckled at that, even Ginny managed a slight smile.

Harry watched Molly and Arthur head back towards the Burrow followed by Charlie and Bill. He was about to follow them along with Ron when he noticed that Ginny was still sitting under the tree that he had gotten familiar with, not making any move to get up. He told Ron that he would catch up with him in a minute motioning towards Ginny. Ron just nodded lazily and told him to be careful with her because he was almost certain that she had cried herself to sleep. Harry nodded to Ron and started to make his way back to Ginny, slightly worried as to why his usually cheerful friend seemed and even looked really down. He noticed the way all color had gone from her face, and her eyes were swollen and red and all dried out. He couldn’t see the twinkle in her eyes he usually saw when he looked at her.
Ron was right, he thought to himself, Ginny had obviously been crying but he was too blind to notice it when he first saw her, and instead of comforting he had provoked her.

He went and sat next to her under the tree in his usual spot. Ginny unconsciously laid her head on his shoulders like she always did and let out a long sigh. They had developed some sort of silent agreement the first time they had sat there about four years ago and ever since then they had known exactly what the other needed at the moment. Harry knew that Ginny didn’t want to talk at all so he wrapped her in an awkward, yet warm hug hoping that it would her feel a little better.

When Ginny felt Harry’s arm being wrapped around her, she felt butterflies in her stomach. She had missed his warm embrace, and being back in his arms reminded her of everything she couldn’t have. She felt tears forming in her eyes, but she instantly blinked them back because she knew how uncomfortable Harry could get around tearful women.

‘Get a grip on yourself woman. You are turning into a drama queen, this isn’t you!’ she mentally berated herself.
They both stayed that way for what seemed like hours, months, even years. Ginny didn’t want to let go, she wanted to stay in his arms forever but she knew that she couldn’t, and eventually she let go. They looked into each other’s eyes, chocolate brown meeting emerald green, and a small smile spread on Ginny’s lips. Harry returned her smile with a bigger one making his eyes twinkle with the night stars and making Ginny’s insides melt.

“Better?” Asked Harry in a concerned tone.

“Yep.” Said Ginny truthfully.

“Do you want to talk about it now?”


“Fine, but you know where to find me when you eventually want to tell me what was bothering you so much that you let those walls of yours down.” Said Harry in a very serious tone.

Ginny was speechless, she knew that Harry could understand her like no one else could, but she didn’t know that he could see through her. That thought scared her, she hid a lot of things behind those “walls of hers” as Harry had called them. Harry seeing her shocked face let out a laugh: “Why so surprised Miss Weasley, didn’t think you could fool me did you? I can look past those fake smiles you always keep on putting on. You can’t fool me dear, I know you even better than you know yourself. The only thing I cannot seem to figure out is what those feelings are, and why you put all this effort in keeping them hidden away from everyone. There is something you aren’t telling me.”

“Oh please, Mr. Potter, don’t go on flattering yourself. You wouldn’t be able to look through me, as you so confidently stated, if I didn’t let you. And as for those feelings you cannot seem to figure out”, she added in perfect impression of his voice which made him laugh, “that will stay that way until I decide otherwise. So I reckon it would be much simpler for both of us if you simply gave up.”
“I am absolutely hurt Miss Weasley. Do you expect The Boy Who Lived to give up on a task? I, The Chosen One, the defeater of the Dark Lord, the hero of so many, including you I might add, have never and never will give up on anything. I vow to you that someday I’ll be able to look behind these walls.”

Ginny couldn’t hold herself anymore, she burst out laughing and had to clutch her stomach not too fall. Harry having noticed the tone he had taken while talking joined her laughter. Eventually they were both lying on the moist grass barely a meter away from each other. They stayed that way for quite a while until Harry broke the silence and said: “I wasn’t kidding, you know, I will do whatever it is humanely possible to find out what you are trying to hide and why it’s hurting you so bloody much. You are quite a challenge Weasley.”
“I am most definitely flattered, Potter, that you would want to commit to such a thing, out of all people you would consider plain old Ginny a challenge. But go on, humor me; I would love to see you try.”

“Challenge accepted. Now, we really need to head back to the Burrow, I am absolutely starved, and I certainly hope you didn’t forget that I had an announcement to make?”

With that they both got up from under the tree and started making their way towards the Burrow in a comfortable silence. All the things Ginny had been thinking about a few hours ago were long gone, and she was just enjoying Harry’s company. She wasn’t worried that Harry had committed himself to know what the feelings she was trying so hard to keep out were, since she had done such a good job hiding them for the past five years or so. She was just enjoying her best friend’s company and had left all her worries behind.

After walking for fifteen minutes they arrived to the Burrow where everyone was sitting in the backyard waiting for supper to be served. At one end of the table was Arthur Weasley on his right were Mr. Granger, Mrs. Granger, Bill, Fleur, Fred, Alicia, Ron and Hermione and an empty seat next to her. On Arthur’s left were Molly, Tonks, Charlie, Percy, Penelope, George, Angelina, and Amber, the empty seat next to her being the seat opposite to Arthur was empty as well. The children, now wide awake, were sitting on a miniature table nearby.

Harry and Ginny made their way to their usual seats, their presence going unnoticed because every single person on the table was having a conversation with another one. Amber didn’t even notice when Harry placed a soft kiss on her cheek before taking his seat. Harry and Ginny exchanged amused glances not knowing what to do next. They were interrupted from their thoughts when Molly Weasley cleared her throat making everyone turn his or her attention to her: “Seeing as everyone has finally decided to join us, she said shooting glances towards Harry and Ginny, I think supper can be served.” She waved her wand and instantly about a dozen dishes came flying in from the Burrow. As soon as the dishes had been set perfectly on the table, a mix of wonderful smells started to fill the air.

Everyone at the table started to serve him or herself with quite generous servings of food. Soon all that could be heard was the clatter of forks and plates and some distinct conversations. Occasionally, someone, mostly one of the Weasleys, would compliment Molly on her exquisite cooking with a mouthful of food which would make everyone chuckle.

The dishes in the middle were getting empty quite quickly, and soon everyone was full. Ginny felt a cold breeze make her body shiver and discreetly slipped from her chair to head to her room and grab a jacket.

She went into the Burrow and up to her room, opened her closet, grabbed the first hoody she could get her hands on and was making her way back to the door when something on the table next to her window caught her eye. She made her way over there and took the picture delicately from its place.

It was a beautiful photo of her and Harry sitting under a tree next to the Black Lake at Hogwarts very similar to the one they had previously been sitting under. The picture was taken by Colin Creevey during Ginny’s sixth year, he had assured her that he hadn’t been stalking them at the time. He had told her that he had been taking pictures of the Black Lake for some assignment and he had seen them so peacefully sitting under the tree in such a beautiful scenery and couldn’t resist snapping the picture. She had to admit that he had a point, the picture was gorgeous.

Harry had been having a rough time mourning Sirius so he had gotten up early that day to clear his mind. He headed down to his favorite spot under a huge tree next to the Black Lake when he had seen a familiar red-headed witch sitting in his usual place with her eyes closed. He had gotten quite used to Ginny’s comforting company so he hadn’t thought twice about joining her. He quietly sat next to her and she automatically scooted closer to him as if knowing that it was him. She had put her head on his shoulder which he had responded to by wrapping an arm around her and ruffling her hair affectionately.
A breeze had wend out of nowhere making their hair dance in the wind as well as the autumn colored leaves of the trees, contrasting the color of the fresh green grass. The sun was just rising so the sky was a mix of red yellow and orange. The lake was as clear and blue as ever.
The picture altogether was a beautiful and delicate mix of colors.

That perfect moment. Ginny smiled at the memory. She looked out of her window which was just above the backyard where everybody was sitting. She let her eyes wonder off to where Harry was and saw him talking in what seemed to be a whispered tone with Amber.

Then he got up cleared his voice so that everybody would turn his attention to him and said:
“As most of you know, I have an announcement to make. I wanted you all to hear this from me and not read it from the Daily Prophet as I’m sure that what I’m going to tell you will soon be public knowledge seeing as the press can’t seem to get bored with the subject of my personal life”. At this most of the people at the table let out knowing laughs, even Ginny let out a chuckle. “So, without any further ado…”
He motioned for Amber to get up and held her hand in his, they both nodded simultaneously and instant smiles spread on their faces. Everybody was getting quite intrigued and Harry could see the impatience in their expressions. He was about to open his mouth to talk when Amber interrupted him:

“Oh Harry would you please wait a minute, Ginny isn’t here and you did say you wanted everyone present for the announcement.”

“I’m up here, you two.” Ginny called out from her window with an amused look on her face making everyone turn their gazes away from the couple and towards the Burrow. “Go on now we are getting quite impatient”, she added with a laugh.

“OK fine, let’s get this over with”, whispered Harry to himself then he cleared his throat making everyone return his/her attention back to him. He gave Amber’s hand a final squeeze and said: “We’re engaged.”

Cries of joys were heard from all over the table and instantly people started congratulating the young couple. Even the children who didn’t understand anything that was going on started to laugh. Most of the women had tears in their eyes and were overwhelming the couple in big hugs, and the men were patting Harry on the back with the exception of Fred and George who were wiping fake tears from their eyes: “Our little Harrykins is all grown up. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into Gred”, said George enveloping Harry and his twin brother into a hug. “I’m afraid he doesn’t Forge, call it off while you can Harrykins it’s not too late you know”, continued Fred in the same mock tone.” Harry let out a bark of laughter at the twin’s comments.

Over all the commotion, no one had noticed the sound of glass shattering from the upstairs bedroom; nor the sound of muffled crying. Ginny had still been holding the now broken picture and had dropped it in the shock of Harry’s announcement. She didn’t want to believe what she had just heard, yet she knew it was true and there was nothing she could do about it. She let her tears pour freely down her face. It didn’t matter anymore to look strong. She lost him. He wasn’t even hers to begin with. She picked up the picture from underneath the shattered glass and made her way towards her bed. She threw herself on her bed without bothering to kick the heels off her feet. She pressed the picture against herself hanging onto it as if someone was on his way to try and rip it away from her. Her muffled cries where starting to become loud sobs so she cast a silencing charm on the walls of her room not to let the sound of her sobs reach the backyard where everybody was currently celebrating. She was all alone and she couldn’t even go find comfort in Harry’s arms.
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