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The Awaiting Reunion
By EchoLight9337

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
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Rating: G
Reviews: 9
Summary: The awaiting reunion of Harry and Ginny. What does Harry think he will do when he would see Ginny. Maybe the better question is: what will Ginny do?
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Author's Notes:
The first of the series- All was Well. Just a thought. Please review how you like it.


"Your face. I'm so not going to forget that look on your face. It was epic" Ron Weasley howled in laughter.

The Golden Trio, as named for the three young heroes of the Wizarding World within 24 hrs. of their victory against a dark wizard who called himself Lord Voldemort, were now sitting in a secluded corner of the Hospital Wing.

As soon as they left the Headmaster's… Headmistress' office, Harry used his family heirloom, an Invisibility Cloak to sneak into the Gryffindor boys' dormitory and sleep peacefully for the first time in months. After sleeping for almost 20 hrs., he took a much needed shower and breakfast only to be cornered by both Mrs. Weasley and Professor McGonagall.

"Seriously, Ronald, grow up. You have been laughing at this for the last 15 minutes.", huffed Hermione Granger, but cracked a smile herself. She was sitting next to him in a hospital bed watching their friend swallow half a dozen potions.

From Ron and Hermione, Harry learned that most of the people are staying at Hogwarts. Kingsley, who was named as the interim Minister of Magic, suggested everyone to remain at the castle until all the Death Eaters are captured. Thus, the injured were being treated at Hogwarts.

"Seriously, mate. You have defeated the most powerful dark wizard of the century and you are scared of my mum. I think I even saw him gulp in fear."

Harry just shook his head, not minding his friend's teasing. Even after all these years the concept of someone else taking care of him seemed … bizarre. Watching his friends smile and laugh carelessly, he realized it was over. No wars, no dark lords, just three eighteen year olds, free to do whatever they want.

"I didn't gulp, at all. And you are saying as if you are not scared of her. And you saw how both Mrs. Weasley and Professor McGonagall was looking at me." He defended himself. It was true. It wasn't easy to not be intimidated by the two witches. So when they demanded Harry to go to the Hospital Wing, he merely nodded and fled out of sight as quickly as possible, Ron and Hermione on tow.

"Wait till you see Ginny angry, mate. Now that I would call frightening."

Thanks, Ron. Like I wasn't worried enough. Harry thought bitterly. The last he had seen her was before he left to see Dumbledore's portrait. Harry had yet to see her and was dying of anxiety. He wanted to see her, hold her, hug her, kiss her. And he was worried that she wouldn't.

Just as cue, Ginny Weasley entered the Hospital Wing and walked straight towards him. This time Harry did gulp and stood up. She looked both scary and sexy. She stopped right in front of him and he noticed she didn't have her wand with her and sighed internally. At least he won't have bats attacking him. She stared at him and then asked in a whisper, "You okay?"

"Yeah. Madam Pomphrey just gave me the potions and I'm good to go." Harry replied just as breathily. She looked down and nodded, an unreadable expression on her face. All of a sudden, her hand flew out and slapped him. Even though the blow wasn't too hard, the shock of it made Harry stagger a step back. The whole Hospital Wing went silence, no one moved in shock. Ginny reached out and grabbed his collar and pulled him in towards her such that their noses almost touched.

"You listen to me and listen carefully, Potter." She hissed out. "When you wanted to leave me and everything behind to fight Voldemort, I agreed. I supported you. Even though everyone, even my mother was against the whole damned plan, I supported you. You weren't seventeen then, you weren't seventeen when saved me, you weren't seventeen when fought against dragons, acromantulas, sphinx and merpeople. And when I ever look up to you to stand with me, when I needed your support you agreed with my mum to lock me in a room while my whole family was fighting because I wasn't seventeen damn years old."

She released him and stepped back. Harry saw anger, frustration, hurt and even a hint of betrayal in her eyes and knew he messed up. It wasn't just a small deal to her. All her life her family thought of her as a little girl who couldn't fly or fight. For a strong and independent girl like Ginny, it was the most frustrating act. And now for Harry to behave the same way, she couldn't bear it.

"If you do that again, Harry Potter then I'll be damned if I ever talk to you." She warned and Harry knew it was true. Harry was in a bit of daze, from the slap and her close proximity. Clearly he wasn't thinking as he grabbed her waist and kissed her, hard. He poured out his frustration, plea, apology and love in the kiss. It was the second-most intense kiss of his life. They parted, panting and from the look of her face, Ginny agreed with him. He leaned into her, their foreheads touching.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I promise I won't hold you back, I promise I won't leave you behind. I swear I'll support you and be right there you. Please, just don't leave me. I can't bear losing you. I … I love you, gin."

If Ginny was shocked, she didn't show it. She just gave him her radiant smile and gave him a quick kiss and whispered "I love you" against his lips. Harry hugged her tight in his arms, his eyes tearing in emotion. He didn't remember when anyone said those words to him.

They knew they had yet to face the world, talk about the year apart, and mourn for the loved ones they lost. They had yet to explain her family who were gaping at them in shock about their relationship. But right at that moment, it was all they needed. No war, no dark lord, no separation, and all the time in universe.

All was well.
Reviews 9

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