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Aether Continuum
By Zaphren

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Rating: R
Reviews: 50
Summary: Two mysterious beings that claim to be Nephalem send Harry's soul back in time to fix the mistakes of the powerful and save his world from more than just Voldemort. This is a change in the Time Travel trope where Harry originally never went to Hogwarts, where events spiraled out of control and Voldemort had risen with the Philosophers Stone and Diary Riddle forced another side to the conflict.
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Author's Notes:
OH SNAP! Itís here, the end of year 1! I feel like this took forever (checks when story was first posted) OhÖ Right itís almost been a year since I started. Not going to say much else except, Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed this and we still have the Epilogue for Year 1. Iíve already finished it, just need to fine tune it so expect it out during the week.


Chapter 10: Confrontation, Year 1

The third floor corridor on the right hand side had seen its share of students throughout the school year. Those who were looking for a secluded area to pass away the hours in each other’s embrace, and a few who were merely curious to see the exact reason it was out of bounds for the year.

Usually, the corridor was empty, much like it looked to be tonight. The suits of armor were gathering dust and a slight breeze indicated that a window in one of the empty classrooms was open. There was absolutely no indication that tonight would be any different, or bring about a great many changes into the lives of a certain few.

Movement at one end of the corridor, entering by the staircase from the second floor. The figure attempted to move quietly, and even with the dust his footsteps echoed loudly. The hunched form sidled up to the doorway that held the giant cerberus, in his hand was a wand as his eyes searched the corridor before slipping through..

A few minutes passed before movement disturbed the corridor once more. From the doorway across the hall, a young boy with round glasses and raven hair slipped out of his invisibility cloak. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, eyes blazing in a controlled fury. He too walked up to the doorway, sticking an envelope onto the door. The boy looked at the folded parchment for a few seconds before nodding, and he too entered.

Not quite twenty minutes had passed when footsteps once more sounded throughout the corridor. Two figures, appearing from the same staircase the first man had, moved their way toward the doorway that the two previous interlopers had gone through. The lanky redhead moved to open the door when the bushy haired girl touched his arm and pointing at the envelope. The letter was addressed to them, and the young girl pulled it off the door. Inside, they found two more envelopes. They read the parchment addressed to themselves, heads together.

As they read the letter, two more figures appeared. This time they sprang from the tapestry a classroom away. Once the newest members of the corridor noticed the other duo, they tapped the parchment in their hands and moved closer. The bushy haired girl glanced at them, then held out the two unopened envelopes. One was addressed to them, the other, their sister. The twins chuckled a bit near the beginning before their faces turned serious yet again. Once the group read their respective letters, the youngest redhead hung his head as the bushy haired girl hugged one of the twins and sobbed into the boys chest. Eventually they returned to the tapestry and made their way back to the Gryffindor common room.

******************************* **************************************** ***********************

The Letters:

Ron and Hermione,

I honestly hope you don’t have to read this, but during this past year I have learned that you won’t let evil have it’s way. That’s not a bad attitude to have, but your both only twelve years of age. The dark arts are an incredibly powerful thing, and if in the wrong hands, hard to stop. I know I threatened to have you both expelled if you attempted to follow. It’s not something I will ever be able to do, as I need the both of you. You two are my friends, and I would like to have you there for the rest of my life.

Now, if you are reading this, then that means I have followed Quirrell to where the Philosopher’s Stone is being held. I know you’ll have reservations about me doing this, especially since I am physically younger than you both and what I’ve said above, but my case is unique. Voldemort is going to be there and I have to stop him. It’s not because no one else will, but because I just happen to have been in the right place at the wrong time.

Ron, you’re a good bloke. You might have some issues, but we all have them and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You have taught me that loyalty and friendship can be some of the best things a person can have and I thank you for it.

Hermione, one day you’ll be one of the most brilliant witches in Britain. I have no doubt you’ll know more than I do sometime in the future, if not already. You probably doubt that, your modesty is a strong suit but in this case it does get in the way.

Give the other two letters to Fred and George. Their letter has instructions on what to do with the third in the case I don’t make it. It’s not that I don’t trust you two with it, but they surprisingly have a side that’s good at dealing with others in their grief. If I do make it, I doubt that I’ll survive a meeting with her anyway, as your sister has a nasty temper, Ron.

Finally, there’s a lot here that’s involved, and right now I’m not ready to get you two wrapped up into it. Maybe next year, or the year after I can start to bring you guys in, but now wasn’t the time.

Hope I make it,


******************** **************************************** **********************************

Fred and George,

If you’re reading this, I’ve followed Quirrell to stop him from taking the Philosopher’s Stone. Except that it’s not there. We pranked him and Voldemort into thinking we hid it in an object where they wouldn’t feel it’s magical signature. Now you may be asking why I followed, but I can’t let a self pronounced Dark Lord from walking right into the school, nor his followers from doing so.

You may be asking, why me? I’m younger than you two. Physically, yes I am, but it’s also very complicated. This does have to do why you two saw me at the school two years ago. I’d go into more, but I’m running out of time with these letters and I still have the one to write for your sister.

Now that we’re onto that topic. In the case of my death, I want you two to give her that letter. It explains everything that’s going on with me, but you can’t open the letter. It’s sealed to only react to her magical signature and would explode if you tried to rip it open, so don’t.

Hope we can do more pranks next year,


****************** **************************************** ************************************


Unfortunately if you’re reading this then I’ve gotten myself killed. Now you’ll have to find a way to bring me back so you can “murder me for doing something stupid” and getting the twins involved. Of course you’ll murder me anyway if I do survive. This is also my sixth iteration of this letter, can’t seem to find the right words. Doubt I still have to be honest.

Now, this part is hard for me to write and I also doubt you’ll believe what I’ve put down. I’m from the future, except that future was completely different. I didn’t go to Hogwarts, but instead was raised in America. Voldemort came back by getting the item being held here, which is the Philosopher’s Stone. The next school year, you were taken into the Chamber of Secrets. I’m hoping I can stop the first one tonight, but if I don’t then you need to know. I fear that all of this will happen again. I was sent back by some bloody ritual and leaving that world to perish. I hate myself for allowing that to happen but we had little choice. Voldemort had us backed up to a wall.

I’m begging you, please don’t go to Hogwarts next year, or if you do, then at least notify Dumbledore if you do come across anything that could find the Chamber.

Merlin, I hoped you would never have to read something like this.

Your friend,


*************** **************************************** ***************************************

Harry had just walked through the door leading from McGonagall’s transfiguration chess set. He felt lucky that Dumbledore had shown him how to bypass each trial, as Harry was utter rubbish at chess. He’d been beaten on multiple occasions by Ron and he really didn’t feel like having his head smashed in.
The new room he entered had a mountain troll, bigger than the one that had been brought into the castle on Halloween. Fortunately, this one had already been dealt with recently by Quirrell, and it lay on its back. It’s face had been caved in, with it’s creamy blood smearing the walls and floor. The odor nearly caused Harry to retch and he pushed forward to the next room.

The fires of the potion room sprang up, and Harry moved instantly to the vial containing the potion that would grant him safe passage through the flames leading to the Mirror. Instead of drinking it straight away, he thought about how to approach what he would most likely be against in the last room.

Harry was curious as to where Voldemort had been when he’d seen Quirrell enter the corridor above. Dumbledore in the past had said Voldemort had walked out of the corridor, leaving Quirrell dead on the floor. Could this be proof that they had changed enough to be in their favor?

Deciding that the only way to know what he would face was to continue forward, he grabbed the vial and downed the concoction within. As the potion washed through him, his blood felt like it was turning to ice and he shivered before stepping through the flames.

When Harry made it through the fire, he noticed Quirrell standing alone in front of the Mirror of Erised with one hand rubbing his chin. So engrossed in what he saw, he didn’t notice that a newcome had entered the room. Harry glanced around the room to make sure no one else was hidden in one of the dark corners.

Once he was sure they were the only two, he made his way closer. Deciding quickly that even if Quirrell knew of at least the prowess with magic that Harry had shown, that using his wand wouldn’t be how he’d deal with this unless left with no other choice.

Once he had moved within twelve paces of the man, his scar burst into flame and Quirrell turned around to face him. There was a quirky smile upon his face and he looked down at the younger boy with resignation in his eyes.

“My master wondered if you would show, Potter.” Gone was his stutter and he lightly touched the turban upon his head, glancing back at the Mirror before continuing. “I didn’t agree with him, but once again he has proven his greatness. Tell me, is this all that the fool Dumbledore sent against me or is Snape hiding in the shadows like the giant bat he is.”

Harry didn’t answer, the pain from the scar was preventing his thoughts from forming completely. Instead he grit his teeth and dragged himself forward. He only made it a few steps before Quirrell waved his wand, freezing Harry in place.

“Stay still, Potter. I need to think out this trick of Dumbledore’s.” The man turned back to the Mirror, a scowl on his face. He stared at it for a few moments before speaking again. “I see myself presenting the Stone to my master, but this blasted thing won’t give it to me. Why?”

It was then that a high and cold voice echoed in the room, one that Harry feared to his core hearing again. “The boy, he knows. Use him.” Quirrell turned back to Harry, waving his wand twice more. First, he was lifted up then moved in front of the Mirror, then was released from the spell that froze him. “Get the Stone from the Mirror.” The man snarled out.
Harry never looked at the mirror, for he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his composure. Instead, he smiled mischievously at the other man. “I would, except it’s not in there. Never has been to be honest.” Quirrell’s face paled instantly in fear, and tears began to form in the man’s eyes.

“No, this can’t be possible.”

“He lies! Let me speak with the boy, face to face.” Now that Harry was closer to Quirrell, he was able to pinpoint that the location of Voldemort’s voice was coming from the man beside him.

If possible, Quirrell looked even more fearful as he answered. “Master, you’re not strong enough.” Harry found himself backing away slowly, legs moving on their own, his hand ready to pull his wand out.

“I am strong enough to speak to an eleven year old child.” The elder man closed his eyes and breathed deeply, his hands fisted at his sides, before nodding to himself. He began to remove the turban that was wrapped upon his head, then turned his back on the young boy.

Harry gaped. On the back of the Defense professors head was the face of Voldemort, distorted from being in an unnatural position. Forgetting himself, Harry whipped his wand out and trained it directly at his adversary.

“We meet again, Harry Potter. It has been a long ten years for me. You, no doubt, mu-”

“Look, I really don’t want to have any kind of banter with you Voldy. So if you don’t mind I’d like to move on to the killing each other part.” Harry’s mind was screaming, and his scar felt ready to explode. The pain of it was enough that his arms shook, and he clenched his off hand in a futile attempt at stilling them.

Voldemort’s face contorted into rage for a moment before he laughed humorlessly. “I see the Great One and his companion’s touch on you. They always do choose the strongest.” His eyes narrowed as he looked closely at Harry. “You claim to have destroyed my Stone. I take it Dumbledore sought to trap me, and you are the bait to keep me here until he arrives. Kill him!

Harry sprang into action before his nemesis finished, knowing from his past that if they touched it would harm Voldemort. Before Quirrell could turn, the students arms were wrapped around the professors neck. The three of them began to scream, Harry in exasperation, Quirrell and Voldemort in pain. They struggled for what felt like hours, and Harry was beginning to lose consciousness when he heard a young girls voice scream his name.


Through the fog in his brain, he recognized that voice. He felt himself pulled from Quirrell and fell onto his back.“Ginny?” He asked, before the blackness took him.

******************************* **************************************** ***********************

Ginny Weasley’s year without any of her brothers at home had been close to paradise. She had privacy, the loo to herself, a friend that she didn’t have to share with her brothers, the loo to herself, another friend that wrote to her and trusted her, even if he had missed writing her for some months, and did she mention having the loo to herself?
The one thing that was surprising to her was how she missed her brothers. The Burrow was eerily quiet at times without them. She did miss being able to blame her brothers for pranks she pulled, though that wasn’t too much of an issue at the moment without them here.

Currently, she lay in bed, unable to sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed, but there was a feeling that someone needed her, and it filled her subconscious. Finally, she got up from her bed and decided that a glass of water would do her some good. She padded her way down to the kitchen in her nightdress, her mind fuzzed with sleep that she missed the figure in a dark robe standing just inside the doorway to the kitchen. Just as she was bringing the glass to drink when the robed man spoke.

“Ginevra.” She screamed, dropping the glass. She backed away from the figure, who was the tallest person she had ever seen, until she bumped into the sink. Her fear addled mind barely registered that the glass had never hit the floor.

“Who are you?” Why had she asked that? This person would probably murder her and her parents and she was asking it a question!? The figure lowered his hood with a black arm and clawed fingers, revealing an angular face with high cheekbones. Dark hair flowed down to his shoulders, but his most defining feature were his cat-like eyes. They glowed red, brightly into the night and nearly lit the room themselves.

“Those on this world know me as Shadow, a being called Nephalem.” The glass that Ginny had dropped earlier rose into the air in between the two, but Shadow’s unnatural and unblinking eyes never left hers. “I am risking much appearing to you, but Harry will need you before this night is finished. I will transport you to Hogwarts, but that is all I can do. Anymore and the dragons will find this world again.”

As the glass was set down on the counter next to her, Shadow glanced out the window behind her, causing Ginny sigh in relief. Those eyes of his were unnerving, like they saw your very soul. “We must leave, now. It may be already too late for him.”

He turned to leave, when she called out. “What about my parents?”

“We do not have time, Ginevra. Albus will no doubt contact them once he finds you there. We must go.” She suddenly found herself lifted into the air. Shadow showed no signs of having done anything, yet she noticed cracks appearing along the wooden floor of the kitchen. “Lars, now!” A blinding light shined over her, causing Ginny to close her eyes, and she heard a soft humming.

Only seconds had passed when the humming stopped, instead replaced by the sounds of a blood curdling scream. She flinched at the pain she heard in that scream, but when she opened her eyes she quickly moved into action. Harry was hanging limply, his arms around the neck of the man who was screaming.

“HARRY!” She pulled her friends arms off the man, who crumbled unmoving as a white wisp streaked off into the darkness.

“Ginny?” He mumbled. She frantically tried to get him to respond more, but he was unresponsive. She cried until tears would no longer form but Harry still would not wake.

Another person appeared from the flames, an elder man with a long white beard, spectacles, and purple robes hurried forward. His wand was at the ready, and he looked quizzically at the man that Harry had been struggling against. Once he caught sight of her, he froze. “Miss Weasley?”

*************************** **************************************** ***************************

Harry didn’t wake for three days, and during that time Ginny only left his side when the necessities of body forced her and when her parents came by to collect her she had changed out of her nightdress into clothes they had brought. She refused to leave the school while her friend was unconscious, and only after speaking with Dumbledore did they relent. Her brothers, Hermione Granger and a blonde girl she learned was Daphne Greengrass would stay with her whenever they weren’t in class. At first, she was reserved with the Slytherin, but the girl seemed to be relentless in becoming friends with Ginny.

Ginny had spoken to the headmaster about how she came to be at the school when Harry needed someone. Dumbledore looked troubled at who she said appeared before her but was also relieved that the man at least appeared to look out for Harry, even when he couldn’t directly. When asked who the Nephalem were, Dumbledore professed that he didn’t know enough about them to give any concise answers. He did warn her to keep an eye out for them, and to take anything they said with reserve.

She had been napping when Harry regained conscious, and Fred was the one to be by his bedside. After George woke her to inform her, she spied the other twin burning an envelope with the raven haired boy watching intently.

“What was that?” She asked? Ginny got up to move closer to Harry, who smiled up at her.

“Something that was unnecessary.” Harry said, then he looked apprehensive as he noticed her nearness. “I, er… I guess I have you to thank for me still being alive.”

The small girl placed her hands on her hips. “Yes.” Then she grabbed him into a bear hug. “But once you’re better I’m going to bloody murder you.”

Harry awkwardly placed a hand around her and patted her on the back. “Er… Right. Fred, George, think you two could save me?”

“You’re on your own, Potter! C’mon George, don’t want to be around when Ginny let’s her wrath out.” The two made a hasty exit from the room, both giving him a tiny salute.

***************************** **************************************** *************************
Ginny had agreed to leave for home the next day, and the end of year feast was only a few days after that. During those days, Harry answered the questions that Ron, Hermione and Daphne had asked him about his encounter with Voldemort, as well as pranked the entire faculty with Fred and George. He had also discussed with Dumbledore in regards to the Nephalems appearance with Ginny and if they would be around to for the next school year.

In regards to his three closest first year friends. It seemed that while he had been out cold in the hospital wing, Ron and Daphne had started to work out their differences. Those mainly being that she was in Slytherin, but as Harry and Ron left the train after the ride back to London, the redhead admitted that the girl wasn’t all that bad.

On the platform, Harry was greeted by Ginny. She smiled broadly at him, then smacked him upside the head. “If you ever do something stupid like that again, Potter, I’ll hex you into next week.”
End of Year 1
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